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Janice skipped towards her interview with the owner of the Café-Group, hopes high. She had passed the preliminary interviews with the Personnel Manager and had made the short list. She knew they were looking for several people to start work in the new shop and she had an excellent resume. She was optimistic about this job. Better pay and nearer to home.

She was even more optimistic when the interview with the owner was nearly complete. As far as she could tell, everything was fine. That was when the owner dropped the potential job killer on her.

“As I’m sure you’re aware,” the owner told Janice, “some customers consider waitresses and floor staff potential sexual partners, and will often lean on them a little to persuade them. I want you to understand that it is strict company policy that staff are not coerced into having sex with customers. As a company, however, we fully understand that boys will be boys and girls will be girls and that they do like to get together.

If a customer approaches you for sex, paid or voluntary, it is a matter strictly between you and the customer.”

Holding up a hand to stop her when she went to protest that she would never dream of having sex with a customer, the owner continued.

“You say that now, but there comes the time when that cute guy comes in and gives you the eye and makes a little suggestion, and you really wouldn’t mind a little extra pocket money that week. It happens. We understand that. If at any time you agree to sleep with a customer, that is strictly between you and the customer. The company will not take a cut of any money you make in this manner. This type of earning is not considered to be a tip that has to be pooled and shared but is yours.

However, as I’m sure you will be willing to acknowledge, the company has standards that must be maintained. When we put you out on the floor you will represent us and any dealing you have with the customers reflect on us. We need to be sure that you will meet our standards in all ways.

Your resume and references are excellent and the Personnel Manager considers you to be just the person we want to employ. However, as I said, I need to be satisfied that all your dealings with potential customers are satisfactory.”

The owner paused at that point, leaving Janice a little bemused. Just what the hell was he driving at? Then he continued, and everything became clear. Horribly clear.

“Now I quite understand that potential employees are hardly likely to be able to produce testimonials as to their sexual expertise, so the company has instituted a policy whereby I test them out before we actually engage them. I prefer to do it in a typical situation, say where a customer has you alone and is taking advantage.

If you don’t mind, I’d like you to bend forward over the desk. I’ll take it from there.”

Janice stared at him, appalled. He was effectively saying that if she didn’t have sex with him she didn’t get the job. Protesting wouldn’t do any good. He didn’t have to hire her after all. And he could always say she misunderstood if she tried to lodge a formal complaint, and how could she prove otherwise?

The owner, damn his eyes, was politely sitting there waiting for her to make up her mind. Silently she groaned. The job was too damn good to turn it down. What did it really matter if she had to let the owner have sex with her? Quietly conceding the victory to him, she leant over, bracing her hands upon the desk.

The owner didn’t act at all victorious. Indeed he seemed quite polite as he came around the desk and took up a position behind her.

Janice’s neat little skirt presented no obstacle at all to the owner, as he just lifted it up, tucking it into itself around her waist. Her panty hose were rolled down smoothly, and then a hand gently squeezed her through her panties.

“That’s interesting,” came the polite voice from behind her. “You’re already warm here, and is it my imagination or are you also damp?”

Janice bit her lip to prevent herself replying. Telling the owner what she thought of him would not enhance her employment prospects, and what was worse, he was right. Somehow the knowledge that she was going to be taken by a complete stranger was exciting her, damn him.

Fingers continued to stroke her through her panties, while the owner invited her to undo her blouse.

“It’s a very nice blouse, isn’t it and I’m sure you’d just as soon I didn’t get my grubby hands all over it. You just undo it and then unclip your bra and I’ll take it from there.”

Cursing him beneath her breath, Janice did as suggested. As soon as her hand were back down on the desk, a pair of hands pushed her bra aside and took possession of her dangling globes.

Janice quickly found her breasts being expertly manipulated. While she didn’t appreciate the way he was coercing her into having sex, she had to reluctantly admire his expertise. Like it or not, a level of excitement was quickly being raised within her.

Her panties went south, and both her excitement and her nervousness rose. It was going to happen now, she just knew it. This son-of-a-bitch was going to take her in the name of company policy. If it had been happening to anyone else she’d have laughed.

She grew tense with expectation as she felt him carefully parting her lips, feeling movement brushing her lips where he held them apart. Then he eased his way into her.

“BLOODY HELL!” she shrieked. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Don’t be such a baby,” came the scornful retort. “It’s not that large.”

“Holy Christ, take it out,” she said, almost weeping. “You’re going to fucking spilt me in half.”

“Just relax,” she was told. “You’ll adjust. Take your time and you’ll find yourself stretching and accommodating me easily. I won’t actually push in until you seem a bit more ready.”

“Push in?” thought Janice with shock. “He couldn’t. Something would have to give and I suspect that it will be my pussy.”

She leaned heavily on her hands, her full attention on this thing that had invaded her. Thankfully, she found the owner was content to just stand there for the time being, while she found herself moving slightly, adjusting to the size of the weapon that he had speared into her.

Soon she found herself waiting, acutely apprehensive, but finding she could manage the intruder.

Feeling her relaxation the owner squeezed her breasts, whispered “and again we go” and pressed further into her.

“Fucking hell,’ shrieked Janice, unable to help herself. “What are you doing to me?”

She found herself trembling again, her legs feeling weak. She was prepared to swear that the only reason she was still upright was that she was perched on a flagpole and couldn’t fall down.

Again the owner soothed her, seeming content to wait while she adjusted, which Janice found she did with surprising speed. That initial entry had apparently warned her body of what was to come and it was adjusting accordingly.

“Try to cut down of the swearing when a customer takes you,” she was advised. “It could upset the entire café if you were to shriek like that while some enterprising customer was taking advantage of you in the kitchen.”

Fuming, Janice swore to herself she wouldn’t make a sound when next he pushed into her. He wanted silence? He’d get silence.

Again, the squeeze on her breasts warned her that she was about to have the owner push in deeper. Desperately Janice bit her lip. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of hearing her yell.

“Bloody hell!” she shrieked, unable to control herself. “Just how fucking big are you?”

Janice could hear the owner laughing.

“You’re flattering,” he said, “but I’m sure I’m not that big. Anyway, I’m in now and when you stop trembling I’ll get down to work.”

Stop trembling, thought Janice. I’ll be walking on trembling legs for a week after this. She could feel herself subtly shifting position, knowing that he was now fully in her and the rest should be fairly straightforward.

A squeeze of her breasts and an urgent press inside her, but one she could handle without screaming, thank god. Another squeeze of her breast and she could now feel him dragging his erection slowly out. Back it came, slipping smoothly back into place, not terrifying her now, but a familiar fullness that was stirring up interesting things inside her.

Seeming satisfied that Janice was now able to handle him, the owner set to work, pumping vigorously into her. Janice found herself able to reciprocate, lifting her bottom to meet him, and actually finding that she was enjoying the action.

Soon the pair of them had a nice rhythm going, and Janice found herself being lifted steadily towards a climax. The owner was hammering hard against her, and her excitement was building. It wouldn’t be long now, she could feel it hovering. The owner was coming too, she could just sense it, and she was gasping and squealing, eager to complete this strange test.

The owner stopped and moved around to his side of the desk, doing up his fly as he went.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to actually come inside you,” he said. “We wouldn’t want to get you pregnant after all, and I have some other applicants I’ll need to test later. If you care to pull your panties up and head down to see the Personnel Manager he’ll have a contract for you to sign and details about pay, starting day and work hours and all that sort of thing. Thank you for coming in.”

Stunned, Janice found herself eased out of the office, still buttoning her blouse. The bastard had taken her right to the edge and then pulled out, leaving her there. She was stunned, and she knew her legs were trembling slightly as she walked. She would, she decided, stand on the train on the way home. If she sat she was very much afraid that she’d orgasm at the first vibration to touch her.

A productive visit to see the Personnel Manager and Janice was ready to head for home. She heard someone speaking as she passed the owner’s office.

“What the fuck are you sticking into me, you pervert?” shrieked a voice. “I thought you just wanted to have some sex?”

She nodded to herself. Another candidate taking her test. She wasn’t going to pass if she started calling the owner names.

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