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St. Valentines Day

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Every Friday evening we at my work place have some sort of celebration. Usually it is just a meal or something and on the odd occasion we hire a restaurant and have our own ‘knee’s up’ so to speak.

Most of those at work have partners and usually l am the odd one out, but that doesn’t usually bother me, however, one such occasion was around saint valentines night and our restaurant was made out in that theme.

Knowing that in advance I needed a guy to take with me and my only reliable contacts were all busy this particular evening, so I did something l never thought I would have to, that was to scale the yellow pages for an escort.

Meeting Mark at a bar close by the restaurant I was soon to find out that he wasn’t going to be like my usual dates on such occasions. For the get together I like to dress smart rather than sexy and felt so in a small beaded number that was high enough up my legs and low enough around my cleavage as to hopefully be stared at by the men (and woman) there, but not for that obvious reason. However, Mark had come, although smart, well a pair of shimmering black leather trousers that were tight enough to prove to he world that he was gorgeously well hung as we say. Also the hairs on his chest were showing through his almost transparent silky loose shirt.

But he was a tanned hunky dream of a man and although I knew I would get daggers thrown at me as we made our entrance, the audience we were joining were all friends and I am sure they would see the funny side of it all.

Deliberately, I held Mark back till we were late and knowing that when we eventually walked into the restaurant eyes and daggers flew into our direction, and over drinks the woman thought it amusing, but the men there wasn’t so amused as quickly Mark became the ‘king of the ball’.

Surprisingly, Mark was very well mannered at such a posh do, and held his own in conversation and his mannerism. Afterwards however, I lost him to my girlfriends as the old doctors were picking on me to dance knowing that Mark was getting all the attention from the wives and girlfriend’s. At last a slow romantic dance came on the juke box and Mark pulled hold of me and with my arms wrapped around my lovers neck felt his hands nestle cheekily onto my bum cheeks and push my groin tightly into his. “Have l done that Mark, or was it one of the others?” Knowing exactly what l was referring to my legs almost buckled as his hot breath exhaled onto my neck and he whispered… “All you Pat, all you”.

The song ended all to quickly and although I knew I was getting jealous eyes raining down on me. Mark had completely seduced me in that short record and all of a sudden I just wanted this party to end. It didn’t of course and I was frustrated as hands from somewhere took my partner away from me. Every time our eyes met on the dance floor his lovely piercing eyes melted me and I just wonder what the guy dancing with me must have felt as my breathing stopped and l imagined my dance partner to be him.

Was midnight, l had only bought Mark till then and think I would have paid him extra money if at this time he would have bid me farewell. I needn’t have worried though, was the last dance and for only the second time that evening I got to dance with Mark. “My flat or yours Pat”, was all Mark said to me as if it was a formality, it was and l shrugged my shoulders in a couldn’t care less attitude. It was to be his, and with every woman in there kissing us with envious looks on their faces we said our goodbyes and left.

The car ride home was strange, knowing I was going to have this hunk of a man inside me, a man I knew nothing off and didn’t care, I was going to a flat that I didn’t know where either. Hardly a word was spoken, usually full of conversation I seemed to have only one thing spinning around in my mind. At last his car came to a stand still and as he ushered me out of his car, the coldness of the night air and sudden silence around me excited me, as I was holding onto Mark’s arm, my head resting on his now cool arm.

Fixing me a drink at his bachelor pad apartment, looking around I was eyeing up the situation. I remember thinking that everything in the small flat was made for sex. Looking over to the bed, it was surrounded in black silky satin sheets, a small light was directing down onto the bed, just enough to see what was happening, but dark enough so as not to need turning off. My head was spinning as Mark clicked on his remote control and as if by magic that same record we were dancing to earlier suddenly filled the room and that was a cue for us both to put our drinks down and continue where we left off on the dance floor. This time however there was no one there to take my place and as if by accident we ended the dance at the foot of the bed in the semi darkness.

Think it was the first time also that we kissed, gently and with our arms around each other, Mark’s kiss was as magnetic as his personality as I heard and felt my zip being lowered and lowering my arms from his neck shook to let it fall to the floor. Easy, I might seem, but this was one time I wasn’t going to let pass by and we stood facing each other as my long painted fingers fumbled at the buttons of his shirt. Undone, it was soon running down his arms and as our naked bodies met for the first time we kissed as I let his shirt fall onto my wasted dress.

I needed to see him naked, curiosity had been with me all night wondering about the size of him and without any objection from Mark I kissed down his body licking at the saltiness of it, as eventually I was on my knees and his mighty erection was now straining at the leather of his trousers. Our eyes were locked together as I fumbled with the buckle of his belt, eventually that was loosened and the tightness produced by his erection made it obvious I needed help with his leather trousers. Smiling, Mark realised this and from resting his hands in my hair proceeded to undo the button and zip of his trousers. Pushing his hand away then I clumsily reached inside and felt his hard erection for the first time. It was powerful, the whole of my hand encircled it and I remember thinking at the time that my hands wouldn’t reach the circumference of his powerful tool. Eventually it was out, standing proudly looking at me in the eye, taking my hands away l lowered his tight trousers to his ankles and it seemed so natural to open my mouth wide and take his erection deep inside me. Feeling Mark’s hands in my hair suddenly grip my head only helped to relax my situation I was in, and taking him in deeply now, again produced the same reaction from Mark as he again gripped firmly onto my head, all the while fumbling with his clothing and eventually had freed him of the bundle of clothes around his ankles.

It was me who was over dressed now as Mark pulled my face away from my lovely sex toy as the light bounced on it, showing my spent saliva glistening on his proud manhood. “MMmm, this is your treat Pat”, Mark tells me, helping me up off my knees. “But that felt so good Mark”. Not answering but again we hug and as our lips meet again, this time a little more frantic as Mark laid me down gently onto the black satin sheets and he was soon on top of me and while our tongue’s entwined I felt Mark’s hands caressing at my excited and hot body. Working his way downwards Mark soon had my erect nipples in his mouth and feeling’s of utter pleasure were tingling through my body as his strong hands searched around my groin and hips and a catch of breath from me told him that his hand that were now searching underneath my panty line was telling him to continue on further..

Gradually I felt my now wet panties being rolled down my legs and lifting my hips of the bed Mark, with his rough shaven face that was now licking and kissing at the area that had moments earlier been covered with my black silky panties. Almost roughly I felt Mark pulling my legs apart and quickly I relaxed my muscles and almost immediately felt his tongue licking at my wetness and his hands were soon hooking my thighs around his shoulders.

“MMmmm…” that felt electrifying, almost unable to contain myself as he opened me wide and my breathing became erratic as Mark was licking deep inside me. Every now and again he would make me jump as his tongue flickered on to my clit and because I felt so aroused it must have been as hard as my already erect nipples. As I squeezed on one and with my other hand hooked around Mark’s neck I was grinding my hips into him and felt my head spinning and my mouth drying as unhurriedly Mark knew l belonged to him and I felt both his hands now open me up fully and his lips bare down on my excited clitoris and could hear him sucking on it as well as feeling it sending shivers throughout my body. Wanting that feeling to last for ever l tried in vain to push Mark from me, but to no avail and struggling, surrendered my orgasm to him.

His face stayed by my wetness for ever, I was laying flat, my legs aching after squeezing the life out of him and my hands now resting on the satin sheets, completely in love with the world.

Another gentle kiss , hitting home again on my clit sent shivers through me again, and not even thinking he would repeat the situation I was suddenly moaning and groaning and making no attempt to stop him this time and laid back in complete contentment as Mark’s expert tongue and lips quickly got me to the verge of my second climax.

Stopping me there this time as he sensed by my breathing, and waiting for me to relax again before continuing. Haven’t a clue how long he kept me high in that state, seemed for ever and given my wish, wouldn’t have excepted that. But Mark eventually had other ideas and for the first time in ages saw his face appear from between my legs.

This was the first time in years that l had really felt satisfied and this man was doing all the satisfying, but I wasn’t complaining one little bit. Then to my surprise, still l wanted to feel his man hood, he asked me whether l remembered what his other profession was, looking puzzled l suddenly remembered he was a masseur and nodding he asked whether l wanted his sexual version. Knowing it was to involve his mighty erection l quickly agreed to it.

Pulling me up from the bed I was suddenly standing, l staggered unaware that my legs had been tense from the feeling’s Mark had given out to me earlier, but felt safe under the protective wings of Mark.

Taking me over to a small dining table he lifted me up onto it, and l was suddenly amused, sitting on it with my arms intertwined around my legs wondering what treats await me now.

Wasn’t to wait many seconds either, Mark positioning me in such a way that l had a pillow under my head and my legs were half hanging off the end of this small table.

Almost by magic, he slid the whole of me towards him and again lifting my legs up above him they were nicely positioned for him to enter me whenever he pleased. But l wasn’t to be that lucky, instead he reached over and produced a bottle, which turned out to be scented oils and poured lots of it over my body. Putting the bottle down he came closer to me and l saw his erection for the first time agonisingly close to me, it was resting on my shaved mound as he proceeded to work in the oils to my already over heated body. Knowing I was to have that lovely heavy erection inside me at any moment heightened the excitement Mark was already producing as his magical hands worked my body so well. Unable to relax me though, think Mark soon realised that. Suddenly his oily hands took hold of each of my stockined legs, opened them wide and with a crafty movement from him I suddenly felt his erection pushing at my over eager pussy lips. I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if ‘she’ opened herself fully and engulfed it without either of us helping, but in no time and although very hard and very big I could feel him deep inside me as he carried on massaging my body.

Every now and again I saw his face change expressions and he pushed himself deep inside me and felt his hairs tickling against my shaved and by now very tender lips, my muscles holding on and clinging to his hardness as l felt him slowly withdraw and felt my wet lips kiss Mark’s erection as it left me. With his hands still on my legs, l was looking up into paradise and l felt his hard tip probing at my opening once more. Always begging him to enter me he never failed either, and my breath was pushed from my lungs while he was deep inside me. I can’t remember such an expert as Mark inside me and each time, or so it seemed, he wanted to, pushed himself deeply into me and the feeling’s were becoming so intense and as if my vaginal muscles were pleading with him, they engulfed him wishing he wouldn’t tease the way he was.

He was getting me off at will now, I felt almost embarrassed at the ease l was climaxing, not once, not twice, but it seemed I was at his will to come whenever he wanted me to.

I think and hope to this day that Mark decided enough was enough for me, my orgasm’s were so intense, and coming at such regular intervals that suddenly I felt his rhythm increase and for the first time that evening I think he lost control and all of a sudden he was fucking me and I was able to see pure passion on his face and although I knew I was having my umpteenth orgasm I was so pleased to see his face and body tense and tighten, and it was the most wonderful feeling to date as he pushed every inch he had to offer into me and to feel his hot love juice explode into me was a feeling that will live with me for ever….

I was spent, Mark’s erection wasn’t and although he had come deeply and powerfully into me he still tried to ride me, a fruitless task though, and I was almost glad when he realised that also, and was relieved to feel his hardness leave me and feeling my openness expel all of our mixed juices made me feel so nice, a feeling that can not be equaled..

Probably ‘lame’ and unable to walk, Mark hooked his arms around my neck and legs and carried me to the bed.

We could have carried on then, I don’t know, but in the satisfaction states Mark scored a big ten…..

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