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Spring Break “Shifting”

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Standing in front of the large, automated doors of the college library, Jacob Michaels, 23, released a heavy sigh. His mind was still in a whirl, trying to comprehend exactly why he was here. He worked at the college library as a student aide on regular school days, but this was his Spring Break! School was closed and so was the library. But he was forced to be here; told at the last minute that he had to work this week, the week of his only vacation for months to come, with one of the librarians to help make the shelves orderly and nice for the returning students.

Lowering his head a little in distress, Jacob could only run his hands through his short cut hair as he stared at himself in the reflection of sliding glass doors.

Jacob stood at about 5’11 with a healthy looking, caramel colored skin, and a thin, yet toned body. His dark hair looked disheveled as he ran his hands through the dark strands, trying to slick it back but ultimately giving up. The dark brown of his irises roamed over his dull image as he grabbed the bottom of his black t-shirt and tugged it down to smooth out the wrinkles. Then, as he stuffed his hands into his faded blue jeans, Jacob took in a steady breath.

“Okay, I guess I might as well get this hell over with.” Rolling his eyes a bit, he stepped forward and headed through the doors once they slid open for him.

His mind wandered as he listened to the echo of his heavy footsteps throughout the hall that led to the very front door of the library itself. It was so cold and empty in this lonely building that itself seemed almost spooky. Shadows clung tightly onto the architectural corners, shrouding the entire hall in a mask of blackness that chilled him down to his very fiber. Keeping his eyes focused ahead at the next pair of glass doors that led to the library, he couldn’t help but think that he’d give anything to not be here.

Though Jacob didn’t do much, nor did he have a girlfriend, or a vacation spot to flee too, he knew that anything was better than being here.

“Great, just great,” he mutters as he stops in front of the locked doors. The glass, covered by posters and advertisements for classes, prevented him from seeing if anyone was inside. “I can’t get in.” Sighing he balls his hand into a fist and knocks loudly on the door. With another disgruntled sound, he stuffs his hands back into his pockets and steps back, waiting for the door to open. “Damn it. Whichever librarian I’m working with this week better be here.”

The silence was deafening in the empty hallway but thankfully he didn’t have to wait for too long. Before he knew it, the sound of the door being opened drew his attention forward. Stepping back a little as saw the tan shaded hand push the door open, the bored look that drifted in front of his eyes started to melt away. He then found himself staring at the woman who was standing there, holding the door open.

Monica Alvarez, 32 and a new librarian to the college library by only five months, she stood shorter than him at 5’8 with a curvy frame that immediately caused him to pause and observe. Her long, dark brown hair hung down to the middle of her shoulder blades and framed either side of her round face. Her hazel eyes, covered by thin wire-frame glasses, darted over his expression as her pink lips stretched into a kindly smile.

Watching her as she opened the door wider, Jacob noted her round, C cup breasts as they strained against the buttons of her black sweater, as well as the roundness of her hips, clad in dark blue jeans. He’d seen her many times since she first came to the library and he couldn’t tell why he was so attracted to her. She was older, and with a family that she’s mentioned before, but whenever he saw her walk through the aisles of books, he couldn’t help but watch as she sauntered by with this air of sexuality and confidence that he just found appealling.

“Uh, Jacob?”

He shook his head from his musings as her honey-like voice pierced the haze in his mind. A flush came to his cheeks quickly as he hoped that she hadn’t caught him staring for too long. To try and cover for it, Jacob faked a cough and cleared his throat before he turned his attention towards her face. Flashing her a quick smile, Jacob pulled his hand out of his pocket and waved. “Hey, Monica.”

She smiled as she stepped aside and waved for him to walk in. “Good morning Jacob. Come on in, it’s just you and me in the library this week. Everyone else is on Spring Recess. I guess we’re the unlucky ones huh?” She said with a laugh and fixed the glasses on the bridge of her nose.

“Yeah. I was looking forward to getting some sleep this week.” He responded and walked past her. His nostrils were suddenly assaulted with the scent of jasmine. It was a scent he noticed many times when they happened to pass by each other. “So, um, what’re we going to be doing today?”

Monica closed the door with an audible slam to make sure that it locked before she turned around and brushed her hands down the sides of her sweater. The material stretched, accenting her breasts momentarily before the fabric bounced back into its normal shape. “Oh, we should get started doing some shifting today. The reference area of books is really crowded. We need to make space.”

“Oh, all right.” Jacob responded and groaned inwardly. He hated working on shifting since it was such tedious work. But he knew better than to question his bosses. “Okay, I’ll go sign in real quick and we can get started.”

“Great.” Monica replied with her usual zest. “I’ll wait for you over in the shelves.”

Jacob nodded as he stopped to watch her walk away. He couldn’t help it and was thankful that no one else was here to witness this. His eyes seemed to take on a life of their own as they slowly moved downward, following the curve at the small of her back and further down until he was staring at her round ass. The jeans she wore seemed to display those fine cheeks perfectly and Jacob found himself wishing that the edge of her jeans would slowly tumble off her hips to reveal what was hidden beneath them. Many times Jacob found himself watching her from a distance as she bent over to grab a book or two from a bottom shelf, or glancing as he passed by her desk at the small bit of cleavage that she teasingly showed off when she wore her low cut, dress shirts.

Jacob had to take a deep breath as he watched her finally disappear around the corner that led to the reference area. Turning around and heading towards the worker’s timecards, he could only close his eyes and pray that the tightening he was feeling in his pants would ease up by the time he got over there.


“Come on Jacob, push harder!” Monica’s voice resounded through the empty library in a grunt.

Jacob’s voice followed a shuddering sigh. “I’m…trying. But I’m exhausted, Monica. I’m not a machine.”

“Oh quit complaining!”

“I think it’s too big. Let go and let me do it; you’re going to hurt yourself.” Jacob tried to say but it sounded more like a groan.

“Ooo, big man huh? Just come on. My hands are aching from pulling. We’re almost done.”

“We really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Fine,” Monica muttered with a sigh, “just sit back and let me do all the work.”

“Hey, I didn’t say that.” Jacob retorted before he finally sighed. “Okay, okay. One more push all right? In three…two…one…now!”

With a final grunt, both Monica and Jacob managed to push a heavy, metal file cabinet into its new spot, trying to make room for another row of 3 ft. tall bookshelves that were going to be installed after Spring Break was up. Once that satisfying clatter of its sturdy aluminum frame echoed from within it left their minds, both these two hard workers leaned against the body of it to breath for a moment. Two hours had passed since they first started working and already they were beginning to feel the effects of such a strenuous day.

Jacob breathed heavily as he turned around and leaned his back against the cabinet, starting to rub his sore biceps. Smudges of black rubbed off on his skin as he forgot how dusty the shelves were and he quickly stopped. Running the back of his hand over his sweaty brow, he turned his head to the side and stopped as he watched Monica.

She was resting her back against the cabinet too, taking deep breathes to try and calm down her beating heart. The dots of perspiration dotted all over her face, down the length of neck and even under the collar of her sweater. Her chest expanded with each greedy breath she took, thus pushing her breasts tighter against her straining sweater. Jacob couldn’t help staring at this and even held his breath as she reached down to brush her hands down her full, curvy hips. It was hard, but after a few seconds he managed to peel his eyes away from her and turned to look down at the light brown carpet at his feet. But as he did, he felt embarrassment flood his cheeks.

He had a hard-on! Staring at Monica while she was all sweaty and groaning must’ve turned him on more than he thought. Jacob inwardly cursed himself as he tried to turn his waist sideways in an attempt to hide the bulge. The last thing he needed was for this sexy librarian to catch onto what his libido was doing to him in the middle of work.

“See?” Monica said with a satisfied grin and smiled at him. “I told you, it could be done.”

Jacob smirked, still trying to keep his crotch out of side, and shook his head. “I didn’t say it couldn’t be done. I said that we shouldn’t be doing it.”

Laughing and nodding her head, she sighed heavily as she held up her palms and stared at the black dust that was caked on. “Eww, I’m going to wash my hands.”

“All right.” he replied and pushed himself flat against the 3 ft. tall bookshelf to let her pass by him. The other end of the shelves ended in a wall so the only way past was by him.

He could still feel that tightening in his jeans and as he felt Monica start to skirt past him. He prayed over and over again that she wouldn’t feel it; that she would move too fast to sense anything at all. But it was then that he noticed just how small of a walking space between these shelves was. As soon as Jacob felt the smooth curve of her jean-clad ass rub against his hardening bulge, all breath stopped flowing into his lungs. His brain seemed to stop all reactions and the only sensation he could feel was of the growing warmth and hardness that emanated from between his legs.

Once she finally passed by, Jacob paused and slowly turned his head to watch her go. She didn’t stop once and only kept trying to clap her hands to knock the dust off. Taking in a shaky breath, he suddenly felt his entire body go limp–well almost all his body. His hands on his knees, his mind went frantic as he ran through what happened scene for scene. Did he just imagine that her gorgeous butt rubbed against his straining cock when she passed? Or did it really happen and she just didn’t seem to notice?

Trying to shake the thoughts away, Jacob sighed as he found the will in his legs to move and pushed himself off the file cabinet. Looking down at his dirty hands, he decided that they needed a cleaning too. Immediately he walked out of the long row of books and headed towards the back sink. There, he surprisingly didn’t find Monica but only deducted that she probably went across the hall to use the ladies room instead. So in silence, and with the thoughts of that encounter still playing in his mind, he washed his hands thoroughly and even splashed some water on his face. He could feel the blush rising and knew that he must’ve looked beet red by now.

Jacob was still quiet as he stared at himself in the mirror and ripped a paper towel from the dispenser. He wanted to laugh now at how idiotic he was acting. She obviously hadn’t had felt it. If she did, she would’ve at least paused or shot him an angry glance or something. She wouldn’t have just continued on her merry way. So with a smirk at his stupidity, he dabbed the paper towel across his face and smooth his dark hair back.

“Nothing happened, Jacob.” He whispered to himself. “She didn’t feel a thing.”

Though relieved that he was spared this kind of embarrassment, as he walked back towards the bookshelves around the corner, he couldn’t help but feel a tiny twinge of disappointment. It would’ve been a little exciting for himself to finally be able to express how sexy he thought she was. But would she take it as a compliment? Or would he just be another case thrown in front of a court because of sexual harassment? Though nothing happened, Jacob couldn’t help but wonder at what her reaction might’ve been.

Seeing her not back yet, Jacob walked to the place they left off on and stared down at the series of heavy, encyclopedias that needed to be moved to another shelf. His hands were still aching from moving that damn file cabinet, but he knew the work had to be done. Jacob moved onto his knees in front of the small shelf and started to look over the books to make sure that they were in order and ready to be moved. Hearing the soft footfalls of Monica off to the side, he didn’t bother to look up as he spoke.

“Hey Monica, are you sure it’s the entire ‘A’ section that has to be moved?” He asked as he started to move to his feet, still staring at the bookshelf. “Because I’m taking a closer look and these encyclopedia series aren’t going to gro-…” He found that his throat refused to work in mid-sentence as he turned around to look at her.

Monica Alvarez, 32 and a new librarian to the college library by only five months, stood in the book aisle, across from him. The black sweater he saw her in all morning was gone from her body. Now she was dressed in her sky blue, dress shirt unbuttoned, that offered him a view of her tanned skin that ran down from the nap of her neck, all the way to her exposed navel. Teasing him also was the sight of her lacy, dark blue bra that held her ample breasts at bay. Her breathing was slow and rhythmic as she stepped closer to a paralyzed Jacob, gently pulling off her glasses and setting them aside.

Her fingers gently ran along the top of the bookshelf as she stepped closer, a seducing smile on her face. “What’s wrong Jacob?”

Still caught in the feeling of stasis that overtook him, Jacob found that all the muscles in his body had atrophied. There was no decorum anymore to try and hide his leering eyes or the hardness that swelled behind the fabric of his jeans. All he found that he could do, was stand there, speechless, and watched the advancing, slowly undressing woman before his eyes.

Stopping directly in front of him, Monica smiled as she looked at him. Her soft, pink tongue darting out to lightly lick her lips, she smiled as she placed the palm of her hand against his chest. “You know Jacob, I’ve been noticing you for the past couple of months now. I know you like to stare at me. When I’m bending over, or whenever I pass by you.”

“I-I’m sorry, really.” Jacob stammered to say as he found himself trapped. A small wave of panic was overcoming him because he just didn’t know how to react to this. Was he in trouble? Was Monica trying to trap him so she’ll have sufficient evidence to take to the school board? Or…was this for real? Summoning his stammering voice, he tried to continue with his apology. “R-Really Monica. I didn’t mean to offend you, it’s just-…”

He was stopped in mid-sentence again as he felt Monica’s warm body begin to press closer against his. Her gentle hands ran along his chest slowly and then closer to the edge of his jeans. Feeling this close to her caused a shiver to run up Jacob’s spine as he found himself being calmly pressed back against the small bookshelf. His eyes darting down, he looked at Monica’s round face as she leaned up and whispered.

“It’s okay Jacob. I like men who appreciate a woman’s body.” Her warm breath tickled his ear as she edged closer and brushed her lips against the lobe. “And I can tell, you’ll really know how to appreciate my body.”

Jacob’s mind reeled once he felt her warm hands move in, under his shirt, and slowly up to his chest again. The unintentional groan that fell from his mouth only seemed to spur Monica on as she pressed her lips over and over again down the length of his neck until she reached the collar of his shirt. Then she leaned up and brushed them so gently, so sensually against his lips that he was sure his knees were going to buckle.

But as he felt her soothing caresses and her sweet lips against his goosebumping skin, a burning started to grow in the pit of his stomach. This fire reached up, coursing throughout his entire body: into every limb, every finger, and every strand of his hair. Deep down his conscious mind was trying to tell him that this was wrong, that this woman was married and his boss. But as he felt her start to pull his t-shirt up, Jacob felt his willpower to resist fade away.

“M-Monica…I…I don’t know,” he whispered but making no attempts to stop her. He carefully slipped his itchy feeling shirt off his body and set it aside.

The dark brown of his nipples hardened until cool air of the air-conditioned library, but the chill didn’t last for long. Monica was smiling as she looked at his toned chest and stomach. Leaning forward, she slowly ran her fingers across his shoulders and then down to the edge of his jeans again. Without saying another word, she started to kiss along his chest. Her tongue slipped teasingly over one of his hard nipples, causing a shudder to roll all along Jacob’s body. With that coy smile on her face, she began run her lips lower and lower on his tensing up form.

His head rolling back, Jacob had to seize the very edge of the small bookshelf to keep himself standing. Monica was an expert as she moved down in such a teasingly, slow-paced manner which just seemed to inflame his desire. His cock was straining so hard against his jeans that he thought he would burst a seam. But she would soon relieve him of those fears.

Her fingers hooked along the rim of his jeans, she looked up, from on her knees, and smiled up at him. “Mmm, is this what I felt earlier?”

Meekly Jacob nodded his head as he gripped the bookcase tighter, causing his knuckles to turn white. “Oh…shit,” he whispered as he felt her warm breath against his exposed navel. “God, Monica, a-are you…?”

But all his resistance was finally sapped up and evaporated when he heard the unzipping of his jeans and felt Monica’s gentle hand as she reached in. As soon as her fingertips brushed against his restrained dick, Jacob let out a low, shuddering breath and arched his back a little. Before he knew it, the button was undone and his jeans were now crumpled on the floor around his ankles. Standing there, leaning against the 3 ft. tall bookshelf, in only his blue and black striped boxers must look comical, but his lust was too inflamed to care.

Feeling his boxers being drawn down and slipped off of his legs, along with his jeans, he started to breathe more harshly. His tanned skin dotted with more perspiration from all the heat he felt emanating from her kneeling body. Monica only let out a small coo of pleasure as she looked at the hardened, 7 1/2 inch, manhood that was pointed at her face. Reaching up gently, her thin fingers wrapped around the shaft as she leaned closer and pressed her pink lips against right on the top of the crown.

“Oh…fuck.” Jacob shook as he felt her proceed to run her moist lips down the entire length of his now seized cock. Her tongue was gentle as she licked along its underside and even around the very ridge of his cockhead, which made him gasp and seize the edge of the bookcase tighter. Then the sensation of her rounded lips closing around his dick made him shut his eyes tighter and lean his head back.

Monica was in complete control as she gripped Jacob’s penis and started to slowly bob her head up and down on it, while at the same time her hand stroked its base. Her tongue tickled the underside of his manhood every time she took it into her mouth and squeezed at exactly the right moments. The exact pressure and suction she put his cock through just drove Jacob utterly mad. He wasn’t sure where she acquired this skill from but she was most definitely a master of the technique.

Jacob only released short gasps as he finally brought his head down to look at Monica while she paid homage to his cock. Seeing her down on her knees, with her lips wrapped tightly around his dick, and her head moving too and fro while she sucked seemed so surreal to him. This was what he always wanted to do with her and here they were! It seemed almost dream-like but as soon as he felt her free hand reach under and started to jostle and gentle tug on his balls, he knew that it wasn’t. There was no way that a dream could be filled with this many sensations.

A low growl emitted from his throat as he reached down and began to run his fingers through her bouncing hair. This affected Monica pleasantly as she edged herself closer and started to actually deep throat his cock. Shaking as he felt the warmness of her throat, Jacob soon found himself holding onto the back of her head, keeping her at a steady, pleasure inducing pace while he slowly began to thrust his hips forward to meet her mouth. Monica didn’t gag in the least as she accustomed herself to his length and merely swallowed his cock deeper whenever their thrusts forward would meet.

The fire in him was building momentum and he knew that at any second he was going to cum and while he would’ve loved to have cum in her mouth and watch her swallow every drop of his seed, he didn’t want it to end like that. So gently, as his hand cupped the back of her head, he began to pull her head away from his meat, shaking as she still stroked it.

“Oohh, n-no,” he protested and carefully reached down to stop her hand. She had gotten him so close to the brink that the very brush of the air around them felt like it would make him explode.

Monica smiled wide as she seductively licked pre-cum off of her fingertips and leaned back, still on her knees. “What’s wrong Jacob? I like the taste of your cock.”

He smirked and smiled a bit breathlessly. He never really imagined her talking like this so he could only shake his head in amazement. But after taking a few calming breathes, he leaned down and offered his hand to her. “I think it’s time that I return the favor.”

The fire behind her eyes was growing in intensity as she gently moved onto her bare feet and stood in before him. Jacob took a moment to observe, to take her in body, which she was willingly offering to him. His wildest dream comes true. Stepping towards her, he slipped his hands into her open shirt and started to caress her bare shoulders as he leaned down to kiss her collar bone. Hearing her gentle moans made him determined to keep going. He wanted to hear every sound of pleasure she could utter now.

Carefully he pulled open her unbuttoned shirt and let it fall silently to the ground. While he kissed up and down her neck, Monica reached down and unbuttoned her own jeans, which she let descend to the ground and calmly kicked them away. To Jacob’s surprise, she was only wearing a skimpy thong of blue lace that matched her bra. So placing his hands on her waist, Jacob pressed his lips against hers and began to kiss her passionately as his hands roamed lower down the sides of her body. First at her waist, he moved down, past her hips and then ran them around the squeeze her ass.

Monica pressed herself tighter to his body, groaning into his ear as she started to grind against him. “Yessss, yes, Jacob,” she purred erratically.

His hard-on becoming apparent again, Jacob took his cue and undid the back clasps of her bra and stepped back as he pulled her bountiful breasts free from their shackles. Staring at those deep brown areoles, he immediately felt the savoring in his mouth for them. So as he leaned down and carefully cupped his hand against her breast. He gently lifted it and brushed his tongue along the bullet hard nipple that jutted out. With his other hand squeezing her ass, Jacob brought her tight against his body as he began to suck and nibble on her nipple, all the while he also caressed her goosebumping tit.

Monica melted as she yielded to him and started to grind up against his body more intensly. Her hands reached down, holding him by his ass closer against her, his hard cock rubbing against her soaking, panty covered pussy. Their groans filled the air as Jacob switched to her other nipple, nipping at it with his teeth and lashing it over and over with his tongue.

“Oh fuck, yes, like that!” Monica said in a harsh whisper and clung onto him. “Yes baby, suck it like that.”

Jacob obligated as his ran his moist tongue along her nipples again before he finally broke away and started to kiss his way down her body. Monica shuddered as she leaned back against the bookshelf, her chest heaving from such an excursion. His hands moving over to her hips, Jacob squeezed them gently as he knelt down in front of her and kissed her navel. Subtly he hooked his fingers into the edges of her panties and proceeded to pull them down. The warm scent of her dripping pussy called to him as he watched it, also pulling her panties off of her legs.

Biting her bottom lip to keep from groaning too loud, Monica rolled her head to the side in pleasure and closed her eyes tightly as he felt his warm breath on her pussy lips. “Ugh, d-don’t tease me. Please, please…don’t keep me waiting.”

With a smirk on his lips, Jacob leaned forward and planted a tender kiss on her inner thigh, below her cunt. Slowly he began to move his kisses up, hearing her rises moans as he did so. But right before he would’ve kissed those wet lips; he turns his head and begins to kiss her other inner thigh. Monica groaned with a mixture of frustration and desire as her hands blindly reached down and grabbed the back of his head.

“Oh fuck,” she said in a shaky breath, between tightly clenched teeth. “Eat my pussy Jacob. Please!”

His hands running up and down her thighs, Jacob leaned up closer to her cunt, breathing gently on it as he inhaled the scent. The seconds must’ve been agony for Monica since she seemed to almost whimper, her fingers tightening around his short hair. Then, when he felt she had waited enough, he pursed his lips and gave it the gentlest of kisses. Monica’s whole body when rigid in his hands as he held on and kissed it again and again until finally his tongue reached out to run along the slit.

She lurched forward a bit in a groan as she held on tightly to his hair with both hands now, holding his face against her mound. Her whole body shuddered as she felt his tongue slowly work its way inside of her pussy, licking out her flowing juices. Tucking one of her legs over his shoulder, Monica leaned back again, against the shelf, and began to cry out in pleasure as his hands began to squeeze her thighs tightly.

“Ooooh fuck! Ooooh fuck, yes!” she stammered as she her breathing grew more frantic and hard.

Jacob, pleased that he was affecting her like this, slowly pulled his mouth away from her pussy and began to gently work a finger inside her. Her body again went stiff as she gasped as the feeling, but she didn’t protest, so he pushed his finger in deeper. Once he held it there for few seconds, he then leaned up and began to lash his tongue over her now very sensitive clit.

Monica stifled her cries by tightly clenching her teeth, shaking as he licked and played with her clit and began to fuck her pussy with his finger. With every sharp breath she took, she was getting closer and closer to the edge. Her entire body a lit, she gripped his disheveled hair tighter and kept his face steady while letting him finger her mound.

“OH FUCK!!!” Her pleasurable cries growing higher and higher in pitch, Monica’s body began to tremble at his manipulation of her soaking cunt. “I’m gunna…I’m gunna cum! You’re gunna make me cum!”

Prying his mouth away from her clit, Jacob slipped a second finger into her and started to thrust in a little faster. Both his fingers now glistening wet, he waited until her body was close to its last tremble before he leaned up and flicked her clit with his tongue.


It was then that a dam seemed to have broken inside her. Her body going completely stiff, Monica threw her head back and cried out as her orgasm erupted throughout her entire body. Trembling, her skin goosebumped, Monica couldn’t stop shaking and crying out in pleasure as he kept fingering her pulsating pussy. Her legs feeling like they would go numb, Monica leaned heavily back against the bookshelf, trying to take her breath.

Jacob finally pulled his soaking fingers out of her pussy and placed them into his mouth, sucking them dry. Standing up, he smiled as he leaned forward and began to kiss her along her sweaty neck, his hands roaming around her thighs again. His hard cock poke against her stomach as he pressed himself against her. The sound of her cumming had driven his own passion wild.

Taking a shaky breath, Monica smiled weakly as she reached down and took a firm hold of his cock, squeezing it in her palm. “Mmm, I…think I can guess what you want to do with this.”

“I’m not surprised.” Jacob replied and started to softly kiss her lips. Just feeling her fingers wrapped around his penis made him want to have her all the more.

A coy smile on her face, Monica gently placed her hands against his chest and moved him back a little. Locking her eyes with him, she nibbled on the corner of her lip before she slowly turned around, showing her ass off to him. Reaching behind, she playfully ran her palm against her ass cheek and watched his eyes follow her hand.

“Is this what you’ve been imagining whenever you watch me bend over Jacob? Have you been waiting to see my bare ass?” She grinned as she slowly turned her head around, flicking her dark hair onto her back.

“Oh yes.” Jacob uttered as he stepped forward, a firm hold on his dick. “I’ve been imagining it for a long time now.” Gently he ran the sensitive head up and down her moist slit, but he didn’t enter her just yet. He watched as she trembled with anticipation, breathing growing hard again at the idea of having him inside her. “God you have a beautiful ass.”

Monica let out a small laugh as she looked over her shoulder at him. Her eyes burning into his, she spoke in a low, tantalizing voice. “Prove how beautiful it is to you.”

With a deep breath, Jacob held onto his dick still and aimed it directly centered to her pussy lips. Slowly he began to push the head of his penis in, moving it past those soaking lips and into the warmness inside. And with a quick, sudden thrust, he plunged his cock deeper into her dripping canal. The feeling of that tightness, wrapped around his hard dick caused another shudder to roll throughout his body. Monica cried of pleasure and lowered her head against the top of the bookshelf, her hands clinging onto the edges of it.

His cock all the way in her body, Jacob moaned along with her as he tried to keep still for a few moments. He wanted to just savor the feeling of that connection, the coming together of two pieces of an instinctual puzzle that had existed since the beginning of human kind. The heat that radiated off their bodies became on fusion as he reached down, running his hands up and down her bare back before his fingers soon found their way back to her round ass; the ass he’d been wanting to caress and touch since he’d first met her all those months ago.

As Jacob listened to her heavy panting, he took a firm hold of her hips and finally started to pull out of her. Monica groaned the entire time until she felt his sudden thrust back into her waiting pussy. Then he did another slow withdrawal and just like before, forced his cock all the way back inside. The sounds of their soaking members squishing and slapping against one another echoed through the large, empty library. If any one had been here, they could’ve heard this sound all the way to the other side.

But these two no longer cared about how much noise they made. Lust and pure passion were beginning to take over as Jacob thrusts, as hard as he can, from behind, slapping his balls against her cun. All the while Monica pushes her ass just as intensely back against his invading cock. Their pleasurable moans and animalistic grunts filled their ears as their two bodies met again and again and again. Their skin tingling from a current of sexually generated electricity, both felt as if their entire bodies were going to burst into pure, uncontained energy.

Clinging onto the bookshelf, Monica grunts and grinds her teeth as she slams her ass back into his thrusts. “Oh fuck yeah! Yeah! You like pounding the books don’t you, Jacob?”

“Oooh god yes!!” Jacob growls as he tightens his grip around her waist and pumps into her as hard as piston. “I love it!” He can feel the tingling fire started to coarse up the length of his dick. Reaching over he grabs a handful of her hair and gently pulls her towards him, making her arch her back.

Monica groans only grow more pleasurable as she finally let go of the bookcase and reached around to hold onto his ass. “Fuck my pussy Jacob! Fuck it hard!!”

“I love fucking your cunt!” He shudders and keeps pounding into her soaking wet mound, the slippery sound only making his senses go even wilder.

Feeling that they were both very close to the brink, Jacob finally pulled out and quickly turned Monica around towards him. His lips wrapped against his as he kissed her deeply, his tongue playing and rolling along with hers as the two of them slowly lowered themselves onto the carpeted floor. Both sitting on their knees, their lips moved over each other’s until Monica finally pushed him down onto his back. Immediately she straddled his waist and reached around to take a firm hold of his ready to explode cock. Moving herself into position, Monica made sure his cock was aligned with her cunt before she slowly started to lower herself down upon it.

Jacob’s breath caught in his throat as he reached down and squeezed her hips, holding her tightly in spot. His cock immediately found it’s way through those submitting pink lips and into the warm of her pussy again. Looking up, he saw Monica just hold herself still momentarily before she opened her eyes to look down into his. A smile played across her mouth as she nibbled on her soft, pink lip and started to slowly buck up and down on his hardened member.

Their moans once more rolling up into the air, Jacob held on tight to Monica’s hips as she bounced over and over again on his twitching cock. He could feel her pussy already starting to spasm around his dick and as he looked up, he watched those beautiful breasts as they bounced along with her. Reaching up, Jacob begins to caress and cup each one as his thumbs run over her sensitively hard nipples. Hearing her shuddering cries of joy, he grins as he gently begins to pinch them and pulls her down towards his waiting mouth. Monica complied and lowered herself while she still rode his thick cock like an expert bull rider.

His mouth wrapping around one of those hard nubs, Jacob licked and nibbled on it, causing her body to spasm more wildly on top of his.

Monica eyelids tightened as she groaned and breathed heavily over him. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Yes! Fuck, I love your cock Jacob!!! I love riding your fucking cock!!!”

“Yes baby! Ride that cock!” Jacob muttered as he lay back, feeling the fire just about ready to release itself. His head rolling back and his eyes tightly closed, he reached up and pinched and rolled her nipples between his fingers. “Come on Monica! Cum for me baby! I want to feel your hot cum!!!”

“It’s coming!! I can feel it!!” Monica’s shrill cries wafted up high, as her body grew more and more tense under these actions. Then she suddenly slammed herself down hard on his cock and threw her head back into the air, her mouth opened wide as she shouted. “I’m cumming!! I’m cumming Jacob! Oh yes! Yes! YESSSSS!!!!”

Both of their bodies erupted every last drop their energy at the same time. As Monica’s hot juices flowed down, running down and coating Jacob’s cock, he felt the same twinge and released the hot geyser that was aching to break free from his body. The two of them came and their bodies shuddered hard. The smallest breath and the tiniest scrape against the carpet or touch of flesh would send their bodies into spasms all over again. With only their labored breathing to occupy them, they knew that they had spent practically everything their bodies could produce in a single, thunderous roar.

As Monica’s body finally started to relax and regain its strength, she calmly laid down, feeling his softening dick inside of her still pulsating cunt. With a satisfied breath and a moan, Monica laid her head against his bare, sweaty shoulder and just remained still, her fingers making tiny circles on his tingling flesh.

Jacob took a deep breath as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and slowly turned his head to face her. A smile came to his lips as he looked into her hazel eyes, imagining what this scene must’ve looked like. Two naked people, a student and a sexy librarian, laying down into the middle of a row of books with droplets of their sweat and sexual juices probably everywhere. But he didn’t care at that moment. Tenderly running his hand up and down her back, he looked down to Monica as she lifted her eyes to gaze at him.

With a shuddering sigh, she gently leaned up to kiss his chin. “That was wonderful Jacob. I’ve needed that for a long time now. My husband, he…he just doesn’t care anymore. He’s so busy with work now that I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to…feel this satisfied. Especially now that I’m working so much too.”

Jacob felt his pride swell up as he gently gave her a reassuring, one armed hug and with a gleam in his eye, he whispered for her to lean up. Once she did, he pressed his lips gently against hers. They kissed lovely as he reached over with his free hand and stroked her flushed cheek. The two remained like this for a few minutes, kissing and caressing one another until Jacob finally leaned up and kissed her shoulder.

With a deep breath, Jacob smiled slyly and looked into her playful eyes. “Well, you can always look on the bright side of working so much.”

Monica couldn’t help the wide smile that came over her lips and continued to make little circles with her fingertip against his chest. “Really? And what ‘bright side’ is that?”

Running his fingers tenderly through her hair, Jacob shrugged his shoulders and gave her smile, which she returned. “That we still have a four more days left of Spring Break to work through alone.”

Monica laughed loudly and as she showed off her pearly white teeth. Her body still sweaty, she leaned down kissed his neck, up his earlobe and whispered in an arousing purr, “So…feel like doing some more…’shifting’?”

Cupping her face gently between his hands, Michael beamed and nodded. “Just try and stop me.”

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