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Sorority Scavenger Hunt

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I was spending another Friday night behind the video store counter. My good for nothing co-worker Jason was passing the time text messaging his girlfriend, basically the only thing he did at work. I once asked him how many text messages that day while working and he told me around hundred as if it was nothing.

Our store is destined to go out of business. We’re the only non-franchise store in the area, which is basically the only reason why we get any business. The store has been open for close to twenty years and a handful of customers remained loyal despite our poor selection. There is a chain store, in fact two chain stores down the street from us, so our business is limited.

Well with one exception of course; we are the only rental place in the area with an adult section. This ensures that we got some business from an assortment of shady looking people, including the occasional strait laced middle aged man. The kind of family man who is so nervous about being seen renting smut that he stalks around the store until no one is at the rental counter before checking out. There’s also the frat guys from the nearby college, who quite the opposite from the middle age man, come in groups and spend thirty minutes just looking at the video boxes while laughing hysterically at the different titles.

This night was no different than any other. In a small town like ours not too much goes on once it hits ten p.m. A couple of minutes before eleven I was about to lock the door when a SUV raced up to the front of the store. A group of young college girls jumped out and headed our way. The closed sign was already up causing some of the girls to exclaim “shit!” as they raced up.

A tall brunette pushed open the door anyways, “Hi,” she said brightly with a broad smile, “we’re all pledges from Delta Phi Epsilon and we’re on a scavenger hunt. We really need to get a couple of things from your store for our list. Is it alright if we come in?”

“Sure, no problem,” I immediately said, flashing a cheesy smile of my own. There was no way I was going to say no to that pretty face.

“Thank you so much!” exclaimed the brunette as the rest of her friend came in. There were six of them total another brunette with short hair, a short, cherubic blonde with a massive chest, another blonde with model like features, a slim and sexy Asian, and a curvy Latina. All of them were cute, so naturally I blushed like a moron as each passed saying hello.

“You’re pretty cute,” said the short blonde as she walked by. From their flushed faces I could tell that they had been drinking. “What’s your name?” she asked only slightly slurring her words.

“Thanks, I’m Lance. Your not too bad looking yourself,” I replied trying to be somewhat cool.

“Thanks Lance I’m Yvette. How old are you?”

“Twenty-five,” I replied. I noticed Jason emerge from the back. His eyes nearly shot out of their sockets when he saw our new patrons.

“What are doing working here?” she asked bluntly. Anyone else asked that question I would have told them where to shove it, but I made an exception for her.

“Just trying to support myself while I establish myself as a photographer,” I answered a question I had asked myself hundreds of times.

“Ohh you’re a photographer. Would you take my picture?” she playfully asked.

“Anytime,” I answered.

“Yvette! Stop flirting with him and come over here,” yelled the tall brunette. Evidently she was the leader.

“Mellissa!” she shouted back as she walked towards her friends.

Jason walked up and gave me a look asking what was going on. “I know you want to meet up with your girlfriend, Jason. You can leave if you want to,” I told him when he was next to me.

“Shhh..” he put a finger to his lips, “No, I’ll stick around,” she said loudly aiming for more than my ears. By landing one girlfriend, an average looking boor, he thought himself some kind of Don Juan. He was always trying to flirt with the customers. It would have been annoying if it wasn’t so funny.

“Hey Lance! Come back and help us,” shouted Yvette. I walked back to the group of girls circled around Mellissa holding a white piece of paper.

“Can you help us, we need to find a couple of things?”

“Like what?” I asked. The girls collectively giggled.

“We need to rent porn,” Yvette said bluntly. The brunette with short hair bust out in nervous laughter. “Rachel, get a hold of yourself, its just porn,” admonished Yvette.

“Well not everyone watches porn all the time like you, Yvette,” shot out the curvy Latina.

“Maria, I know you’ve watched porn before. Richard said the two of you watched it all the time while you were dating,” fired back Yvette.

“I can’t believe he told. It was one time!” exclaimed Maria.

“Don’t lie Maria, you told me it was more than one time,” added the sexy Asian.

“Beth!” exclaimed Maria.

“Girls!” shouted Melissa bringing order back to the group.

I enjoyed watching the girls bicker before I answered Yvette’s original question, “The adult section is back there in the corner through those wooden doors. You’re all 18 right?” I added jokingly.

“Yes!” the girls shouted in unison.

“Lizzy, just turned 18 last week,” Beth said pointing at the beautiful blonde with mesmerizing blue eyes. She blushed shyly as all the girls giggled.

“Well, Congratulations! You’re old enough to look at porn too,” I joked causing her to turn an even brighter shade of red.

The girls bustled over through the salon style doors and into the adult section. Almost immediately the girls burst into silly laughter.

“Which one should we pick?” I heard Beth exclaim.

“I don’t know which one is your favorite, Maria?” Yvette taunted her friend.

“Look at the size of his thing!” shouted out an evidently surprised Lizzy.

“I’ve never seen anything that big!” exclaimed Rachel. Jason and I shared a laugh as we listened to the intoxicated girls.

“I bet even Yvette hasn’t seen one that big,” shouted out Maria.

“I heard Luke was pretty big,” rang out Beth’s voice.

“You slept with Luke?” asked Melissa.

“Just once,” answered back Yvette, not shy about it in the least.

“You ho!” answered back Melissa.

“It was just one time, and I can tell you he was no where near as big as that guy,” laughed Yvette. “I have an idea. Hey Lance!” she shouted out.

“Yeah,” I called back.

“Come here,” she requested.

I complied with her demand and headed back through the salon doors, “What can I do for you girls?”

“I like the sound of that,” Yvette snickered, “Which one should we get?”

“What are you looking for?”

“What’s your favorite?” Yvette asked back putting me on the spot.

I thought about it for a second, my initial reaction was to deny ever watching any, but then I saw a cover that was perfect, “This one might work for you,” I said while grabbing the box and handing it to Yvette.

“Slutty Sorority Sisters 3,” she read out loud, causing the girls around her to giggle.

“Cute,” Yvette responded, “What’s it about?” she asked trying again to put me on the spot.

“Its about a group of pledges who are willing to do anything to join a sorority,” I replied.

“Is it based on your life story, Yvette?” shot out Maria evidently still trying to get back at Yvette for the early comment.

“I don’t know, but I’m sure since you’ve probably already seen it you can tell us about it,” snapped back Yvette.

“Well, I guess we have it,” announced Melissa trying to move on.

“C’mon on lets go, we only have a couple more hours to find everything,” enthusiastically announced Beth.

“Wait, maybe Lance can help us with a couple more,” said Yvette.

“Like what?” asked Melissa.

“How about number six?” Yvette pointed at a line on the sheet of paper.

“We were supposed to do that with Lizzy’s gay friend,” blurted out Rachel with some concern.

“Who cares, this way will be quicker,” retorted Yvette.

“She’s right, and who cares its not a big deal,” added Melissa effectively ending the debate.

“I’m going to need another drink,” Lizzy blurted out wearily.

“Well get the bottle from the car, and bring the camera,” instructed Melissa. Once Lizzy left for the van the girls attention turned back to me.

“Hey Lance,” playfully called Yvette, “we need you to do another favor for us,” she asked.

“A favor for him,” remarked Maria.

“Anything for you ladies,” I answered back in the same playful spirit.

“We need you to take a picture with all of us topless,” Yvette calmly said, although the girls around her all blushed to a different degree.

“I think I can handle that,” I said not trying to hide my pleasure at hearing the task.

“But who is going to take the picture?” asked Rachel.

“Doesn’t the camera have a timer?” responded Melissa.

“I’ll take the picture,” suddenly piped in Jason appearing out of nowhere.

“See problem solved,” enthusiastically announced Yvette as she lifted her shirt up and over her head.

“Yvette!” cried out the girls.

“What?” Yvette responded trying to act nonchalant, but obviously eager to display her tits. She had her bra unhooked and off her body before Lizzy even arrived with the camera.

I tried not to stare, but it was hard not to. She had large voluminous breasts. Her hands could barely cup them. And they still had barely sagged despite their size. You could tell the pride she felt in them by the way she cupped them together, pointing the large areolas towards me, as if setting her sights.

While, I tried not to stare, Jason freely expressed his appraisal, “Damn girl, those are huge!” he exclaimed like the fool that he is. All of the girls, except for Yvette who from the grin on her face seemed to appreciate the comment, gave him a look of disgust.

Lizzy came in with the camera and a bottle of vodka. She gave a double take when she saw Yvette, shook her head and immediately went to pour herself a shot. The other girls quickly joined her.

Once everyone took a nip of liquid courage, the rest of the tops came off. Most of the girls crossed their arms to hide themselves, too shy to expose their breasts quite yet, but Melissa with the same confidence that she seemed to do everything acted as naturally as if she was in the girl’s locker room. She had a nice set of perky round breast. No where near as large as Yvette, but of definite quality.

“Okay Lance get over here,” ordered Yvette. The girls surrounded me. I kept my eyes set forward, but couldn’t help but take glances out of the corner of my eye.

“Wait!” suddenly exclaimed Yvette, “This isn’t right. We have our tops off, but Lance still has his shirt on,” the other girls expressed their agreement with a few, “That’s right, take it off!”

“I don’t think that was part of the deal,” I replied back.

But the idea now planted the girls weren’t going to drop it, “Take it off!” yelled Beth somewhat surprisingly, evidently the shots of vodka had caught up with her.

Realizing any further argument I mocked resignation and took my shirt off in one quick motion.

“Woooo! Sexy,” cried the girls causing me to blush this time. I’m no body builder, but I work out regularly so I take some pride in my toned body, pride which only shot through the roof with the girl’s exclamations.

“Look at you,” appraised Yvette her hand generously rubbing my back.

“Okay, settle down girls,” reminded Melissa. I noticed that the removal of my shirt had loosened up the girls as well. Now only Lizzy was desperately covering her chest with her hands. My eyes were immediately drawn to Rachel’s very long, and very erect nipples.

Yvette must have notice them catch my eye, because she suddenly let out, “Rachel! Look at your nipples,” this caused everyone to turn and put the spot light on Rachel, who immediately turned beet red.

“What?” she answered confused.

“Look how long your nipples are,” explained Beth while reaching out and touching them causing all the girls to giggle.

“Do you guys think they look weird?” asked a suddenly self conscious Rachel.

“No, don’t be silly. They look fantastic, right Lance?” Yvette asked.

“I love a girl with long nips, lets me know when I’m doing something right,” I answered half joking causing all the girls including Rachel to laugh.

“See,” reassured Yvette, who as if to further assay any self consciousness bent down and sucked one of Rachel’s nipples.

“Yvette!” screamed the other girls. Rachel had an expression on her face like she didn’t know what to do.

“What? I’m just letting Rachel know she shouldn’t be ashamed,” Yvette answered their call with a mischievous smile.

“Girls! Lets do this,” Melissa again reminded the group about the task at hand.

“You’re no fun,” Yvette snapped back.

“While maybe Lance we give you something to suck on later, but right now we have to get this done.” fired back Melissa.

“Ohhhhhh!” exclaimed the other girls. But Yvette seemed unfazed, in fact she even gave me a look letting me know that Melissa’s joke was a definite possibility.

The girls huddled around me for the picture. I knew some were only pressing their bare breast against me to hide from the camera’s sight, but I appreciated it none the less. Jason snapped the picture and the girls reviewed it on the LCD. Satisfied with the result some of the girls began to grab their things so they could leave.

“Alright girls, only a couple of more things,” Melissa again played team leader.

“Wait maybe we can find one more thing here,” Yvette suddenly said.

“Like what?” Melissa answered back

“How about that one,” Yvette responded pointing at the sheet of paper.

“Oh no!” cried Rachel loudly, “Don’t even say what I know you are thinking!”

“What? It would save time,” Yvette said as if Rachel’s objection was groundless.

“We already discussed that one. We all agreed we could easily find one in the dorms,” countered Melissa.

“But what fun would that be?” asked Yvette.

“You can have fun on your own time,” retorted Melissa.

“I think we should do it,” suddenly blurted out Beth who I noticed take another shot of vodka after the picture. She was also along with Yvette and Melissa one of the few girls still with her shirt off.

“Beth!” responded Rachel in shock.

“What its not like we have to do anything. We can just have one of them do it.” Beth explained.

Melissa paused like she was contemplating it, “Okay, what the hell,” she finally said. Then turning to me she asked, “We need one more thing. See we need…” she started as if unsure how to phrase the question, “for someone to supply us with a used condom. So unless you guys happen to have one laying around, could you…”

Before she could even finish asking Jason piped in, “I’ll do it right now. I even have a condom right here.”

All the girls turned and looked at him with a look short of disgust. It was an awkward moment before Melissa finally said, “Umm…sure. One is good as another I guess.”

Excitedly Jason began to unbutton his pants. “What are you doing?” exclaimed a couple of the girls.

“What?” he asked incredulous, “I’m not going just do it in the back by myself. I need something to look at.” he added sleazily looking at Yvette’s tits.

“Eww!” responded some of the girls.

“Well, maybe we should all head back. Someone could walk by the store,” I added sensibly. So we all headed into the back. It was a tad grimy, but there was a couch and a couple of chairs.

“Okay, stud, lets get this over with,” Melissa ordered.

With a huge grin on his face Jason undid his pants and pulled his already stiff cock out of the slit in his boxers. “Not too bad,” remarked Yvette. I was actually impressed myself. Jason was definitely bigger than me. A fact that judging from the arrogant smile on his face pleased him greatly. He had always claimed to be nine inches, but like everything with Jason I had trouble believing him.

“Wow, that’s big,” Maria let out. I looked around and saw that the other girls nodded their heads. I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

Jason stood there with his cock pointing out as if he was waiting for something to happen.

“Okay, we all got a good look. Put the condom on and get the job done,” reminded Melissa.

“No one is going to help me?” asked Jason causing the girls to groan.

“Yvette!” Maria joked.

“Who do you think I am?” Yvette answered back actually sounding like she was offended by the remark.

“Unbelievable!” Melissa exclaimed. “You need some help, big boy? I’ll help you,” she said angrily. Not wasting anytime she walked over to Jason and dropped down to her knees. Jason’s smile grew even larger as Melissa took the condom and tore open the package.

“How about a little warm up?” Jason asked, “A rubber takes away all the feeling.”

“I’m sure you can get it to work,” answered back Melissa dismissively.

“It might take awhile. I know you girls are in a hurry,” continued Jason persistently.

That comment even made Melissa smile despite herself, “Fine, you need a little warm up, I’ll give you a warm up.” She reached up and grasped his erection with her right hand. He was long, but not especially thick, she was able to easily from a ring around the base of his cock. From the way that she was gazing upon it, she actually seemed to be getting into the act.

“That’s it, baby. Umm. that feels good,” Jason said as she started to gently pump his cock. “It’s a little dry. Maybe you could give it a little moisture,” he continued pushing trying to see how far she would go.

Melissa looked up defiantly at him. I couldn’t help but think that if he didn’t keep opening his big mouth, she might have given him what he wanted without asking. Instead in obliging his request she crudely spit on his cock a couple of times then rubbed it down his length roughly.

“Show him girl!” encouraged Yvette. All the girls were staring at the scene before them, some with mouths opened wide in disbelief.

“Yeah baby,” groaned Jason, evidently he liked the rough treatment. Evidently a little too much; Melissa twisted her hand around the head of his cock and suddenly I saw a look of panic in his eyes.

“Wait, slow…” he tried to get out but it was too late, a stream of white cum burst from his cock hitting Melissa right on the cheek.

“Shit!” she exclaimed why trying point his spewing cock away, but this only resulted with him spraying her hair. “Oh my god!” she screamed as the girls shrieked with both shock and amusement. “Holy shit! Sorry. I didn’t know…” Jason frantically tried to apologize. Melissa, obviously enraged, quickly jumped up and hurried to the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

“Get a little too warmed up there?” Maria taunted him causing the rest of the girls and myself to howl with laughter.

Jason was so red he was almost purple. He pulled up his pants and as fast as he could ran out of the backroom.

“Thanks for your help!” yelled Maria unable to resist taking one last shot at the poor guy.

Once everyone stopped laughing, at least a minute later, Maria matter of factly turned to me and said, “Okay Lance, looks like its your turn.”

Now on the spot I instantly became nervous. Maria handed me the already opened condom wrapper and suddenly I could feel all eyes on me.

“Don’t be nervous,” called out Beth. I kind of just stood there with the condom in my hand.

“Look I don’t even think he is hard,” pointed out Rachel causing me to realize that I wasn’t hard despite being in a room with drunk half naked girls.

“Great! One guy can’t last longer then a second and the other can’t get it up. Why don’t you help him out Yvette? You know you’ve been waiting to,” Maria called out.

“Why don’t you shut up, Maria,” yelled back Yvette.

“I’ll do it,” suddenly submitted Beth’s perky voice.

“Beth!” reacted Yvette.

“Go Beth! I’ll even help you,” added Maria.

“Maria!” again reacted Yvette out of what seemed to be more jealousy then surprise.

“Sit down on the couch, Lance,” Beth’s bubbly voice ordered. I followed her direction nervously. I began to unbutton my pants, but Beth placed her delicate hand on mine to stop me, “Don’t worry, we’ll do all the work,” she said in a seductively cheery voice.

Maria joined Beth on her knees before me. She whipped off her top and I was confronted with the image of two sets of young perky breast in front of me. I could already feel my cock grow hard as the nervousness faded away.

The girls looked genuinely excited, a perception that only fed my arousal. They giggled as Beth unbuttoned my pants and undid the zipper. Maria tugged my jeans off and Beth just as rapidly drew my boxers down to my ankles.

“Looks like someone isn’t so shy anymore,” Beth remarked like she was teasing a child as she stared at more erect cock.

“Nice and thick,” Maria cooed supplying me with a little bit of ego, sadly needed after being exposed to the monster between Jason’s legs.

“Yeah, I like it,” Beth stated simply while lightly petting it.

“I think we should play with it a little before we put the condom on,” said Maria taking my cock firmly in her hand.

“So do I,” Beth purred, “But Lance you have to be good about it. We don’t want a repeat of your friend,” she lectured me.

“I’ll try,” I replied, “Though you girls are already making it pretty hard.”

“I can see that,” Maria joked making Beth laugh.

Maria finally ended the anticipation by gently kissing the head of my cock. It instantly flinched with the touch making the girls giggle some more, “It likes that,” observed Beth. She ran her tongue lightly up the underside causing another twitch. Then both girls licked the head at the same time like they were sharing a scoop of ice cream. Maria took the next step and engulfed the head with her mouth, swirling her tongue around, hitting the sweet spot on the underside causing me to take a deep breath.

“You like that don’t you?” asked Beth. Maria removed her juicy lips and Beth slid her thin lips down my cock. I could tell that Beth was less experience by the force of her movements, but as a contrast to Maria’s languorous motions Beth’s efforts were just as exciting.

When they switched again Maria slid her lips even further down my cock almost to the base as if showing Beth how to do it. She brought her lips back up and sucked on the head while pumping my shaft with her right hand. The sensation was amazing. Beth replicated Maria’s act throwing in her own twist by wantonly licking the head to finish, staring directly up at me making sure I was enjoying the show.

The girls again shared my cock at the same time, their tongues intertwining as they explored each spot. They giggled each time their tongues touched until getting carried away in the eroticism of the moment they abandoned my cock to share a sensuous open lipped kiss. The level of enjoyment evident in their faces only turned me on more. The girls watching hollered and cheered them on as their kiss grew deeper and deeper until Beth was fondling Maria’s round breast.

“Almost forgot about you for a second,” Maria commented when she broke the kiss turning her attention and mouth back to me. Beth gazed upon her with a clearly lustful glint in her eyes as her hand snuck down under her waistband and into her panties. I could see the slight movement of her hand as she fingered herself. She caught me looking, smiled and removed her hand from down below.

By now Maria was completely into the act, eyes closed, mouth sliding my cock in and out, so Beth decided to let her mouth play lower, flicking my balls with her light tongue.

I looked up and around the room. Melissa had returned, but had a somewhat sour look on her face. Yvette was watching intently looking very much like she wanted to be involved. Lizzy was sitting in the corner looking very uncomfortable, but Rachel, much to my surprise had her hand down her pants. When she noticed my gaze her face turned bright red. I motioned her to come over and again against my expectations she complied walking tentatively over to me.

I beckoned her down to me and we exchanged a nice wet kiss, “Go Rachel!” I heard Beth say from below. I could even hear Melissa cheer as we continued to kiss. I patted the cushion next to me and Rachel sat down. I tried to push her pants down, but without getting up I was unable to. But Rachel took the initiative and slid her pants down herself.

I stroked her thigh before sneaking a hand down the front of her panties. She was so wet already, my finger entered her with only a little bit of pressure. She kissed my neck as I slowly delved deeper, “Yes,” she moaned in my ear as I massaged the inner walls.

She removed her shirt and leaned over me so I could suck on her turgid long nipples. I twirled my tongue around them before lightly biting causing her to fling her head back in pleasure. She pressed her hand against mine trying to get my finger further inside of her, but her panties restricted my hand’s movement. Not one to late a small detail get in her way, Rachel lifted up her hips and removed her pink panties. She spread her legs wide giving me full access to her wet pussy.

I guided my finger deeper inside of her rubbing a spot which made her back arch. Realizing that she was ready for more than slight caresses I began stroking her clit. She moaned with each breathe she took.

Her excitement only heightened mine. Feeling my own climax approaching I looked down at Maria and Beth. Beth’s attention was focused in between Rachel’s thighs as she had her own hand in her panties. Maria was still focused on me. She smiled when our eyes met.

The sensation grew so powerful that I knew I was only seconds from losing any control, “Better put on the condom now,” I said with a hint of urgency.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Yvette standing not too far from us, “We’ve only just started with you.”

The girls looked at her and grinned. Knowing I was close the girls re-intensified their effort, both girls taking turns sucking the head and pumping the shaft.

“That is incredible,” I announced letting them know I was about to come.

“Just let it go,” encouraged Beth. Following her instruction I stopped holding back and let my climax envelope all my senses. I erupted inside Maria’s mouth, but she seemed prepared sucking it in with ease. She withdrew her mouth so that Beth could have a taste, as the last spasms of my cock took place in Beth’s warm mouth.

My own satisfaction achieved I turned my attention back to Rachel, who was patiently waiting for me to finish what I started. I pulled her up toward me and positioned her above me so that my face was on level with her visibly wet pussy. A sweet perfume wafted up my nose as I licked between her slit causing her body to shudder.

“That’s not fair. We did the dirty work and she gets all the benefits,” pouted Maria as my tongue delved deeper insider tasting her sex’s nectar.

“We could help ourselves,” suggested Beth a little hesitantly.

“Who is this girl?” remarked Yvette surprised by the extent of Beth’s adventurous nature.

“I don’t know, but I like her,” replied Maria. I could hear the two of them begin to kiss, their lips wetly smacking together. I regretted the position I had placed myself in, would have loved to have seen those two explore each other’s body.

But I wasn’t so distracted that I forgot the task before me. Rachel was already so wet that her juices began running down my chin. As my tongue delved deeper I could feel the muscles of her thigh twitch. She pressed her pussy against my face and moaned her pleasure.

“Fuck, yes!” she blurted out when I grazed her clit with the tip of my tongue. I flicked it again adding more and more pressure causing her to suck in air as the sensation began to overwhelm her. I finally relented and explored lower, but almost immediately Rachel protested, “Don’t stop keep going,” she begged, and not one to deny a lady I resumed attending to her clit.

Suddenly I felt a stimulating sensation of my own, someone placed my limp cock in their warm mouth and was sucking life back into it. It didn’t take long before my cock sprang back to life. Although I had a strong idea of whose mouth it was on my sex, but I knew how close Rachel was to the brink, so I staved off my curiosity and simply took pleasure in that small mystery.

I snuck a finger inside of Rachel and rubbed another sensitive spot deep inside her while I lapped away at her clit, “Oh my god!” she exclaimed as I ratcheted up the pleasure, “That feels so…goooood!” she finally let out as her body shook as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

She fell to the left of me looking down in surprise at Yvette sucking my hard cock. “Thank you,” she said gratefully before leaning over and kissing my lips, tasting her own juices still wet on my skin.

I took in the now wild scene around me. Beth and Maria were furiously lapping away at each other’s sex spread out on the floor. Melissa was openly fingering herself as she watched the action from a chair near the office desk. Even Lizzy was rubbing her nipples wantonly as she watched the two girls on the floor and Yvette slowly pump my dick in and out of her mouth.

She looked up at me and mischievously smiled, “Looks like you have a quite a talent,” she said looking first at me then at Rachel slouched in the cushion next to me. “What about me? How am I treating you?” she asked while stroking my cock.

“Pretty damn good,” I answered back.

“Oh yeah,” she answered back obviously pleased with my response, “How about now?” she asked sliding her body up and wedging my stiff cock between her bilious breast.

“Even better,” I replied.

“What can I do to make you feel the best?” she playfully asked dipping her head down to such the tip of my cock.

“You could take those pants off and jump on top,” I brazenly asked, feeling like I could request anything from these girls.

“Oh yeah, but I don’t know if you are quite ready for me yet.”

“I’m more than ready.”

She rose up and leaned close to my ear, “How about you have one more snack before you feast on me,” she said cryptically. She turned her head and called out, “Hey Lizzy, get over here girl!”

Lizzy instantly turned red looking like she didn’t why Yvette was suddenly shining the light on her. “Don’t be shy, get over here,” she repeated her order.

“Leave her alone, I thought you were going to show me what’s what,” I said wanting to avoid a possibly awkward situation.

“Hold your horses, I have to see whether you know what you’re doing first,” she teasingly said. She leaned over again and whispered in my ear, “But you better save some for me,” before turning back to Lizzy who nervously walked over.

“Lizzy, how many times have you had sex?”

“Well, Carl and I had sex a bunch of times in high school,”

“And did Carl ever make you cum?”

“Well, no, I mean I don’t think so,”

“That means no, well, Lance here is going to give you that first orgasm sweetie. Would you like that?”

“I guess,”

“You know you shouldn’t do this if you don’t want to,” I said trying to give the poor girl a way out, “Do you want to?”

“Well, kind of,” she shyly answered.

“How about we start with a kiss?” I offered trying to coax her out of her shell.

“Okay,” she said in the same sweetly naïve way. I realized by the way that she glanced down at my erect cock pointing right at her, that my lack of clothes was making her uneasy so I placed a pillow on my lap and sat up to kiss her.

She finally leaned down and we exchanged a gentle peck on the lips, then another, and then another. I was careful not to be too forceful, I wanted her to feel comfortable.

“We aren’t playing spin the bottle here, come on Lizzy, stop acting so innocent” pushed Yvette.

Responding to Yvette’s admonishments Lizzy surprised me with a fierce open mouthed kiss, her tongue forcefully darting into my mouth.

“That’s it girl!” cheered Yvette.

As if Yvette’s words had released some primal instinct inside of her, Lizzy brazenly pulled off her top. I pulled her close to me so that I could suck her already hard nipples. She pulled away from me and undid her jeans. With her hands on the hem of her pants she paused as if another wave of doubt sprung inside her head.

But Yvette was there to make the decision for her. Yvette quickly pulled down her pants along with her panties leaving Lizzy completely naked in front of me. Fully exposed she shyly covered her sex with her hand. I knew she felt awkward, especially since all the girls had now circled around us, including Beth and Maria naked themselves.

“Come here,” I said in a soft voice looking her straight in the eye trying to get her to ignore the rest of the people in the room and just focus on me.

I gently put a hand on her hips when she stepped in front of me, maintaining eye contact as my hands lightly stroked the sides of her body. Still looking into those beautiful blue eyes I lightly pushed her hand away from her sex and placed a few fingers on her mound.

Despite her timidness she was wet, my finger slid easily into her slick slit. I began to carefully massage her inner lips, but to my surprise she grabbed my hand and led it away. I looked up at her to see what was wrong, but instead of rebuff I saw an eager expression. She kissed me and pushed the pillow off of my lap. No barrier between us, she straddled me and closing her eyes she guided herself on to my stiff cock.

“Wooo!” cheered the girls surrounding us as Lizzy eased down until my entire sex was inside of her. To say that it was the oddest situation in my life would be an understatement. The noise from the girl’s behind her jarred her and again Lizzy looked uncomfortable, even I was getting nervous with the set of five eyes staring intently upon me.

Of course the feel of my cock squeezing against the warm walls of her tight pussy helped overcome that bout of shyness. Lizzy was barely moving on top of me, so I took control and placed my hands on her hips. I began lifting her gingerly up and down, until she caught on to the motion and began moving without my touch guiding her.

“Work those hips!” urged Yvette, causing Lizzy’s face again to flush, but she maintained her motion and steadily I could see her begin to focus on the sensations of her own body, rather than the sounds coming from behind her.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she developed her own rocking motion. I sat back and watched her content to see her enjoying herself so much. She began panting, her face transformed with each movement up and down. I could really feel her pussy hug my cock.

“She’s feeling it now!” exclaimed Yvette, but Lizzy didn’t even appear to hear her. She bit her lip as she slid me in and out, over and over. I placed my hands on her tight round ass and squeezed, my concern for her pleasure slipping away with the rising sensation coursing through my body.

Perspiration began to form on her chest as she thrust her hips harder and harder like a galloping race horse striving towards the finish line. I sent her over the top by sneaking a single finger down to her clit and gently rubbing it as my cock filled her sex.

She flung her head back and sighed, “Oh my god!” as I felt her pussy begin to convulse. She collapsed down upon me, her hot breath hitting the side of my neck. The girls cheered behind her like it was a football game.

“My turn!” gleefully exclaimed Yvette startling Lizzy out of her post-coital haze. She kissed me quickly on the lips before sliding my cock out of her. Once off of me a bit of her shyness returned as she quickly grabbed her panties and clothes and put them back on.

It took Yvette no time out all to remove the rest of her clothing. She grabbed the condom that was laying at the foot of the couch and before I knew it she had it rolled down my slick cock.

“I guess I don’t have to ask if you’re ready,” I said.

“I just had to make sure that you were capable of handling me,” she audaciously replied.

“Well then show us how much of a sex goddess you are,” challenged Melissa.

“I’ll show you,” shot back Yvette. With a devilish grin on her face she slowly sat down on my lap with her back turned to me, guiding my cock into her wet pussy. I knew that she wanted the spotlight so I sat comfortably back and allowed her to do all the work.

She was talented, that’s for sure. Her hips rhythmically wound first slow then fast as she worked my thick cock inside of her. She theatrically moaned for the members of her audience, who playfully expressed outrage at her wantonness.

I cupped her soft billowy breast and pulled her towards me making her back arch as she maintained her rhythm. We kissed lustily, her tongue shooting into my mouth as I tweaked her large nipples.

She bent forward so that she could lift her ass up higher, slamming down onto my lap. I squeezed her voluptuous ass with my hands trying to gain some control, but she wasn’t going to be restrained by such a simple act. So I rose up from the couch pushing her forward onto the floor and withdrawing my cock from her pussy.

I threw a cushion down for her to lay her head and quickly positioned myself behind her. She acquiesced to me taking the lead, jutting up her round rear so that I could easily stroke my cock inside of her. Now I was the one slamming into her. But not to be outdone with her head buried in the cushion she forcefully pushed back our skin slapping together.

“Oh fuck yes! fuck yes!” she moaned. Whether it was for show or for real, it succeeded in sending me into overdrive. I bit my lip and tried to hold off I wanted to make her cum so badly.

At last in a quivering voice she announced, “I’m cummiinnnggg!” and on cue her body stiffened, her pussy clenching tightly around my cock sparking my own eruption.

“Well I guess we can scratch off “used condom” from our list,” remarked Melissa to a chorus of laughter.

Both Yvette and I were slick from sweat. I sat back on to the couch exhausted as the girls gathered their things. As if me being naked while they dressed was suddenly indecent Melissa threw the couch cushion on to me to cover me up.

I could sense a creeping feeling of embarrassment coming from some of the girls, as reality reemerged. But they were still giggling as they left the room. Yvette was the last to leave giving me a long kiss before doing so, “I’ll see you later,” she said before leaving the room.

Melissa thanked me from the doorway and within minutes the bell on the door gave its final ring and I was left alone, to ponder exactly just what had occurred. Definitely not just another night behind the video counter on a Friday night

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