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Sophie’s Room

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I had been employed at my new company for just about nine months. Twenty-two, having just gotten out of college, and not finding a job in my field of study, computer software design, I was very glad to be working anywhere. It’s a pretty big operation, three large buildings covering twenty acres of property. Manufacturing, that’s where I work, R&D, and executive offices are all located here. It employs a huge number of people, and obviously, there is no way to know everyone who might be a co-worker. Therefore, the company holds a large, dinner-dance, once a year for its employees.

They call it their “Get Acquainted-Get Together” dinner. It’s held at a resort-hotel, located in a neighboring city. Some people rent a room for the night so they won’t have to drive home after. All new employees, one being myself, are not required but highly advised to attend. A large number of the tenured employees also make an appearance, saying that they have a great time, plus it’s free. I’m not really a jacket and tie person, but, if I wanted to keep this job, I knew I had better go. My social life was at a stand still at that time too, so I really had no reason not to attend.

When I arrived at the banquet hall, I was given a tag, stating my name and where I worked, and instructed that I couldn’t sit at a table with anyone that I knew. The object of the night was to meet fellow employees that you didn’t know. I arrived early and the huge hall was not quite full yet. It took me only a few seconds to find a seat at a table where I didn’t know anyone. There were two married couples, three empty seats, and myself. Another couple soon joined us, leaving one chair next to me. The noise in the hall grew, as more and more employees arrived, filling most of the tables. I thought that this might be the final total at ours until I felt a hand touch my shoulder and a woman’s voice speak loudly into my ear.

“Is this seat taken?” the voice asked over the din of the room.

“No, it’s all yours” I said, as I turned to see to whom I was speaking.

She was a middle-aged woman, somewhere in her forties. She was wearing an attractive dress with thin spaghetti straps barely holding it up; an ample pair of well-formed tits did most of that work. The dress came down to just above her knees. It seemed a little snug around her waist and butt, a slight bulge showed where a pot was beginning to develop just below her stomach. She probably hadn’t worn it in some time, the added inches on her body showing its effect. Nonetheless, she still didn’t look half bad stuffed inside of it. A pair of dark colored stockings covered her short, but shapely legs; her feet were tucked inside a stylish pair of high-heels. Her dyed blond hair had obviously been prepared at her local beauty shop earlier that day. Her face was made up maybe just a little too much, and it didn’t hide the fine lines that appear with age. For some reason however, I found myself attracted to her. As she pulled the chair out and sat down, I read the nametag that was stuck to the side of her left breast. Her name was Sophie Stykowski and she worked in management.

“Good evening Sophie,” I said with a smile. “I was wondering if anyone was going to have the courage to sit next to me.”

“Good evening,” she said politely. “You don’t look like a dangerous type Mr.…. I’m sorry but I don’t see your nametag.”

“Oh. It’s on my jacket,” I answered. I had taken it off because I was getting a little warm inside the hall. “Here it is,” I said, as I took my jacket from the back of my chair and showed her my tag.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Steven Potter,” she said with a pleasant smile.

She held out her right hand and gave me a firm handshake. She then introduced herself to the rest of the people at the table and made herself comfortable. The eight of us chatted, telling everyone a little bit about ourselves. It turned out that Sophie had worked at the company for twenty-four years; she had started there when she was twenty-one. She was a secretary to one of the more important executives there.

“What made you want to come to this function,” I asked, as the others at our table talked about something else.

“Well,” she said, taking a deep breath that seemed to make her tits double in size. “I used to come regularly with my husband when I first started working here. I always had a good time. In fact, I got my present job by meeting my boss at this dinner-dance. Anyways, after my two boys came along, I really haven’t had the time to attend. I mentioned it to my husband how much I miss the affair and that it was taking place. Our sons are old enough now to take care of themselves, so he insisted that I come.”

“Why isn’t he here with you?” I asked without really thinking.

“Well…we…” she said with obvious difficulty.

“Hey,” I said, trying to be apologetic, knowing that I had just touched onto something uncomfortable for her. “You don’t have to explain anything to me. I hope that I didn’t upset you. I was only trying to make conversation. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” she said smiling. “It’s nothing. Sometimes my husband and I just don’t see eye to eye. He had a big business deal that he’s been working on and he insisted that it needed to be finished. At least this one wasn’t out of town. In fact, he’s had a lot of out of town deals lately. Thankfully, this time he was able to stay home with the kids and do his work, while I got out of the house. He even told me to stay overnight at the hotel so I could party as much as I wanted to and he wouldn’t have to worry about me driving home.”

“Well,” I said, as I got up from my seat. “If you’re going to party, can I get you a drink?”

“That sounds like a great idea,” she said smiling. “I’ll come with you.”

She got up from the table, and as she did, I saw that in spite of what I had thought were faults that her figure had developed; she did have an attractive body. She wouldn’t get a part on Bay Watch, running around in a skimpy bikini, but she could pass for one of those successful weight watcher ads you see in magazines. I put my hand on her bare shoulder as I guided her through the maze of tables and people, the scent of her light perfume making me want to get closer to her. At one point she stopped suddenly, as another person cut in front of her. I couldn’t help from bumping into her, my crotch hitting her soft ass. We stayed pressed against one another, only for a second or two, but the effect on me was immediate. I felt my cock become stimulated instantly. In a heartbeat, I felt it begin to enlarge as blood began to rush into it. My shaft lengthened and the head of my cock enlarged from the thrill of being in contact with Sophie’s soft ass. Thankfully, she moved away from me before she could feel my hardening cock begin to push its way into the left cheek of her ass. We finally reached the bar and ordered our drinks; Sophie had champagne, I had a beer. As we made our way back to our table, Sophie stopped to chat with quite a few people, some of them obviously very important people in the company. She introduced me to all of them as if I were a very good friend of hers. When we got back to our table, I thanked her for being so gracious when it came to introducing me to her associates in the company.

“Oh, think nothing of it Steve,” she said, as she took a big swallow of her champagne and smiled at me. “You’re my date for tonight, since hubby didn’t want to make it.”

She sounded a little bitter about the fact that her husband didn’t come, but I could also tell that she wasn’t going to let it stop her from having a good time at this event. When she finished her glass, she asked me if I wouldn’t mind getting her a second. As I made my way back to the bar, I wondered how far I could get with Sophie if I really tried. Sure she was older, married, and had a couple of kids, but she wasn’t bad looking. She had a cute face, a nice set of tits, a good-looking pair of legs, and a soft ass. I knew that my cock wouldn’t mind plowing her from the way it expanded so quickly before. All I had to do was turn on the charm, let her feel really comfortable with me, and get her a few more drinks to lower her inhibitions. Why not give it a try? It couldn’t hurt and it would probably be fun. I asked for two glasses of champagne instead of one.

The eight of us continued to have a good time, despite the required torture of listening to company propaganda from speakers. We enjoyed each other’s company, ate a very good meal, and drank quite a bit. We weren’t the loudest table, but we did make some noise, Sophie not holding back at all, what with the amount of champagne she had consumed. Finally, the band began to play.

“Shall we dance Sophie?” I asked with a smile.

“I’d love to Steve,” she said in a gitty voice. “I haven’t danced with a man in a long time.”

She held out her hand and I took it firmly in mine. I put my arm around her and held her close to me as I led her out to the dance floor. The band started with a rock and roll set, not aiding me at all in my goal of getting, and staying close to Sophie’s body. I did however enjoy the sight of Sophie’s body bouncing and gyrating in front of me. Her tits pitched back and forth, up and down, as Sophie loosened up in front of my eyes. She tossed her head and laughed with delight, as she seemed to enjoy herself more and more as the music played. The band finally finished its first set and we both sat back down, sweat covering our bodies.

“I haven’t had this much fun in a long time Steve,” she said, as she finished her sixth glass of champagne.

“Neither have I Sophie,” I said, wiping sweat from my brow. “You sure can move out there. When I first saw you, I didn’t think you had it in you. Especially after you said you had two kids. I can see that your still a wild woman deep down inside.”

“I don’t get much opportunity to show off anymore,” she said smiling. “I used to be a wild thing, as you say, but my husband changed all of that,” she continued, with a slight down shift in her attitude coming through. “But,” she said, excitement immediately coming back to her voice, “He’s not here tonight, you are, and Sophie is going to have a good time.”

Sophie slid her chair next to mine and shifted her body as close to me as she could, putting her arm over my shoulder. Her hip pressed hard against mine. I could feel the warmth of her heated body raise the air temperature around us. I felt my cock begin to harden, and I hoped that I could get further with Sophie than what she had ever imagined. The band finally returned and began to prepare another set. Sophie had me by the hand and headed for the dance floor before they even started to play. She was all set to rock and roll again, when the band surprised her with a slow dance. I smiled and held out my arms, beckoning Sophie to me. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, and in the middle of a crowded dance floor, Sophie came to me. She tried to keep a bit of distance between us, but the tight quarters made it impossible. Somewhat reluctantly, Sophie pressed her body next to mine.

“I promise I won’t bite Sophie,” I said softly into her ear.

“It’s not you Steve,” she said quietly. “It’s me. I shouldn’t feel the way I do.”

I knew that Sophie was enjoying her time with me, and feeling guilty about it. I was also sure that she was as turned on as I was, as our body’s moved as one. My cock grew as hard as it ever had as our bodies were forced together by the crowd. The head of my cock pushed between her legs, and Sophie surprisingly pushed back. Not once did she attempt to pull away. I felt my heart pound inside of my chest as I danced with this married mother of two. I heard Sophie’s breathing become deeper and faster as we seemed to float across the floor, the rest of the people becoming nonexistent. I felt Sophie’s arms hold me tighter as she sent me a message that she didn’t want this evening to end. I let my hands slide down her back until they rested at the top of her ass. When I knew that I wouldn’t be seen, I let my right hand cover her left cheek and squeezed it as hard as I could. I heard a soft moan come from Sophie’s chest as she pushed her crotch into my hard cock once again. I felt that I could cum right then if I wanted to. I brought my head back and looked down at Sophie. She looked back at me, her eyes telling me that she wasn’t sure that what was happening between the two of us was right. However, her body told me that she wanted to go further. The music finally ended, and as the people stood standing, waiting for the next song to begin, I leaned down and gave Sophie a soft kiss on her lips. She didn’t back away, but she didn’t return my kiss. When I pulled away, I saw that her eyes were closed. She finally opened them and looked at me.

“I have to go to the ladies room,” she said quickly, and she turned and hurried from me, as the band began to play another song.

I stood by myself among the dancing people, not really knowing what had happened to Sophie. I wondered if I had just blown everything and sent her running for the hills. Maybe too much champagne and too much dancing had made her sick? I decided to go back to our table, making a detour to the men’s room and the bar, before I went back to sit. When I got back, I asked one of the other couples sitting with us about Sophie.

“Did Sophie come back?” I asked. “We were dancing when she said she had to go to the ladies room. I don’t know if she had to go, you know what I mean, or if she wasn’t feeling well.”

“Yeah,” said the woman loudly over the music. “She came back while you were gone getting another beer. She said that she didn’t feel well. Said it was probably the drinks. She said to tell you that she had a great time but that she had to run. She said she was sorry she couldn’t tell you in person. She really didn’t look sick, more uncomfortable, you know what I mean?”

“I guess so,” I said, feeling very disappointed.

I sat feeling sorry for myself for loosing my chance with Sophie, and feeling a little guilty for most likely upsetting her on her first night out in a long time. I sat, not saying anything as I took a swallow of beer. As another one of our couples came back to the table, the woman held up a pocket book she found on the floor.

“Does this belong to anyone?” she asked.

“That’s Sophie’s,” I said, immediately recognizing it.

“Why don’t you take it back to her,” suggested the first woman. “At least you could find out what happened to her.”

“Maybe I can catch her before she leaves,” I said.

I knew she was staying at the hotel, but they didn’t. I quickly grabbed my jacket and took Sophie’s pocket book. I said good-bye to the people at the table and made my way out of the hall. I needed to see Sophie. I had to find out if I had upset her, and I wanted to know if I still had a chance to accomplish what I had started out trying to do once we met. If Sophie would agree, I knew that I would have the greatest time I had ever had with a woman. She had kindled a fire in me that had never entered my mind. I wanted to know what it would be like to fuck a married mother. Just thinking about it as I walked through the parking lot to the hotel made me want her even more. A hard-on grew in seconds inside of my pants as I walked across the parking lot towards the building where Sophie was going to sleep tonight. I was determined to do whatever it would take to get in bed with Sophie and to put my cock inside of her.

I walked up to the front desk, using Sophie’s pocket book to hide the bulge in my pants. When I got to the front desk, an attractive young girl came to assist me.

“Yes sir, what can I do for you,” she asked.

“Good evening,” I said, in my most pleasant tone of voice. “My name is Steven Potter. I wonder if you could help me. My good friend, a Mrs. Sophie Stykowski, left her pocket book at the dinner we’re having in your hall. I was wondering if you could tell me what room she’s in so I could bring it to her?”

“Well,” she said, “The hotel policy is to not give out room numbers of guests unless instructed to by the guest. You could leave the pocket book with me, or I could ring her room to see if she wouldn’t mind you coming up. Would you like me to do that?”

Not having much of a choice, I decided to let her call Sophie. This would be the quickest way to find out if I still had a chance to sleep with Sophie tonight. She punched in Sophie’s number, and I listened to the front desk clerk talk.

“Mrs. Stykowski?” she said. “There is a gentleman down here at the front desk and he says that he has your purse which you left at our hall. Would you want me to give him your room number so that he can return it, or would you rather he leave it here with me? His name is Steven Potter… Okay. I’ll give him your answer. Good night.”

She hung up the phone as I waited as patiently as I could for her answer.

“Mrs. Stykowski is in room 313,” she said to my delight. “The elevators are down that hallway.”

I walked, no ran, down the hall as quickly as I could, pushing the button for the elevator numerous times. My heart pounded as I waited forever for the doors to open. I still had a chance. If I played my cards right, Sophie could be mine tonight. The doors opened and I squeezed my way through the people getting off and hit the #3 before they were all out. The doors began to close just as the last person exited. I took a few deep breaths and tried to calm myself.

“Don’t blow it Steve,” I thought. “Just let it happen. Don’t force it.”

The doors opened on the third floor and I stepped into the hall. The arrow on the plaque on the wall showed that her room was to my right. Slowly, I began to walk towards Sophie’s room. My heart was pounding so hard; I thought that I could here it echoing down the hall. Finally, I stood in front of her door, the number 313 in large brass figures on it. I took a deep breath and held it, as I knocked softly on her door. Seconds passed.

“Who is it?” asked the familiar voice of Sophie from within.

“It’s me Sophie, Steve,” I said through a very dry throat. “You left your pocket book at the hall. I brought it for you.”

I heard the latch of the lock thrown from inside, and the door opened only as wide as the security chain would allow. I saw Sophie’s face appear through the tiny opening. She looked different now. Her hair had been combed out; the make-up on her face was gone. A terry cloth robe, covering a very plain, satiny-pink nightgown, had replaced the sexy dress. Her high-heels had been replaced with slippers. My princess had turned into a commoner, but still I was attracted to her.

“Hello Sophie,” I said with a smile, and then silence filled the air.

“You forgot this,” I continued, holding her purse up so she could see it. “Could I come in?”

“I don’t think you should Steve,” she said quietly.

“I promise I wont do anything Sophie,” I pleaded. “If I did anything to hurt you, I’m sorry. Please let me in so I can explain.”

“It’s not you Steve. I told you, it’s me,” she said in a soft voice. “Thank you for bringing me my purse, but I think you should go. Leave it at the door, would you?”

The door slowly closed, but I knew that Sophie was watching through the security hole. I placed her purse on the ground and slowly walked back to the elevators, my chances with Sophie seemingly out the window. I heard her door open, and by the time I turned around, the purse was gone and the door was closed. I continued to the elevator in a trance. I pushed the button and waited. I watched as the doors opened, and then closed, the elevator continuing without me.

“No,” I said to myself. “This isn’t how tonight is going to end.”

I returned to Sophie’s room and knocked. I knew that she was just on the other side of the door.

“Open up Sophie,” I said somewhat demandingly. “We have to talk.”

I heard the door unlock and the security chain fall from its resting place. The handle turned and the door slowly opened. Sophie stood in front of me; a lonely and confused look covered her face. She took a step back as I entered her room and closed the door behind me. I stepped towards her and put my hands on her shoulders. We stared into each other’s eyes, not saying a word. The glamorous woman that I had danced and laughed with earlier was gone. A very simple looking woman stood before me now. I saw the pain in her eyes from the neglect her husband had put her through, but I also saw the opportunity to get into bed with her. I brought my face to hers and kissed her. A moan of pleasure escaped from her chest as she kissed me back, and then, suddenly, I felt her hands on my shoulders as she tried to push me away. I continued to kiss her as she struggled to separate us. Finally, our lips parted as she turned her face from mine. She was breathing heavily from the passion she felt and the effort she put out to break away from me.

“We shouldn’t…I can’t do this Steve,” she said looking away from my eyes. “You have to go. I’m married. I have two sons. I’m older than you. Look at me. I’m not even attractive anymore. I’m fat. I don’t even know why I came to this stupid dinner. I should be home with my kids….”

“And your husband?” I asked.

“Now’s my chance to convince her to sleep with me,” I thought. “Say whatever it takes, Steve, and she’ll spread those legs so wide for you, you’ll think she’s double jointed.”

“Sophie,” I said, trying to look as compassionate as I could. “He doesn’t even know you exist anymore; at least not for the right reasons. You’re there for him only when he needs you. That’s all. And who ever told you that you aren’t attractive. You’re pretty Sophie. To me you’re sexy. You know what you did to me on the dance floor. That wasn’t your imagination poking you between the legs. That was my cock and you made it hard, no one else. And don’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy it You need me as much as I want you Sophie. You wouldn’t have let me in this room if you didn’t. Think. You know I’m right. You have tonight Sophie and who knows when another might come along. Don’t let it pass you by. No one will know, and no one is going to get hurt. I want you Sophie. I want you real bad. And I know you want me too. Go ahead. See if you can convince yourself that you don’t want my hard cock inside of you. It’s your decision. If you want me to go, I will. But believe me, I want to spend this night with you. And you want to spend it with me.”

Sophie stood and listened without doing or saying anything, letting what I said sink in. Finally, she walked around me and reached for the door. She grabbed for the handle and began to open it. I reached around her and slammed the door shut. Slowly, I locked the door and put the chain in place. She then turned to look at me, an expression of disbelief on her face. She opened her mouth to speak, but I quickly covered her mouth with mine. I pushed my tongue through her soft lips. I felt the warm, wet, insides of her mouth. She let out a muffled cry of refusal, but I wouldn’t let that stop my intention of making Sophie kiss me back. She tried to push me away, but I held her tight. She struggled for as long as she could, and then, finally, Sophie’s body began to react, not her brain. Slowly, her mouth and her tongue began to join mine in a wild dance of their own. Her arms, which had been trying to push me away, now slowly wrapped around me and began to hold me tightly. Her moans of rejection, turned into moans of pleasure. She was now becoming the aggressor. She began to kiss like a wild woman, trying to reclaim the lost years of passion she had endured through her marriage. Our hands began to roam over each other’s body. I felt her pendulous tits as I put my hand inside of her robe. I was fascinated by how large and heavy and soft they felt through her slippery nightgown. Her hard nipples felt so out of place on this huge mass of flesh. Sophie, too, put her hands inside of my shirt, popping off two of its buttons, so that she could touch the warm body that longed for hers. Quickly, I let my right hand drop to Sophie’s crotch. Frantically, I pulled her nightgown up with my fingers until I felt the hairs between her legs. I moaned with delight as I cupped Sophie’s pussy in my hand. I searched with my fingers until I felt the lips of her cunt. I pushed them apart and slipped my finger inside of her. Immediately I felt the warmth and wetness of her hole. Not once did she object or try to stop me, as she too let her hands roam. Sophie dropped both of her hands between my legs and clumsily unzipped my pants. She dug feverishly until she found my cock. She held onto it tightly as she pulled it from its den; her grip was so strong that I thought she was going to rip it off of my body and shove it into her cunt. I knew that there would be no time for foreplay. The two of us were past that stage. We needed to fuck now.

“We’ve got to get to the bed Sophie,” I gasped out. “I’ve got to fuck you now.”

Sophie moaned as she kissed me once more before she let go of her grip on my cock and quickly moved to the bedroom. She had her robe and nightgown off in seconds. I watched as the cheeks of her ass bounced in front of me as she made her way through the doorway. They sagged slightly, age and lack of exercise taking their toll.

“A few poundings from good old Steve could take care of that problem,” I said to myself.

I was pulling my pants down as Sophie climbed onto the bed. She pushed the sheet down recklessly and fell down onto her back with her legs spread waiting for me.

“Hurry Steve before I change my mind,” she said begging. “Don’t give me time to think anymore about this. I want to fuck you. I need to fuck you. Get on top of me before it’s too late.”

I threw my pants into the corner and quickly put myself between Sophie’s legs. I bent down and kissed her again. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue deep inside of mine. She put her arms around me and brought my body down on top of hers. I felt her tits squash beneath my weight. As I lay on top of her, her soft warm body acted as my pillow. I was amazed at how comfortable it felt to be on top of this slightly out of shape, older body. I pushed my hips into hers, feeling the thick forest of hair she had growing over her cunt. Sophie pushed back with hers.

“She hasn’t forgotten how to fuck,” I thought.

I lifted my body off of her as I prepared to fuck my newest girl, a married mother of two. I gazed down at her white tits, the blue lines of the veins just below the surface of the skin reminding me of a road map; her dark brown nipples as hard as rocks. I quickly dove down and took one into my mouth. Sophie’s back arched as she gasped for air. She held my head to her chest as I stimulated her nipple, probably for the first time since she had suckled her youngest son. I did the same for the other as she became totally immersed with what she felt.

“Fuck me Steve,” she whispered, as my head lay on her chest. “Fuck me now.”

I took my lips from her nipples and pushed Sophie’s legs as far apart as I could, as I readied myself to enter her cunt. I held my hard cock in my hand as I bent over her body. I touched the head of my cock to the lips of her cunt and Sophie immediately lifted her hips. I could tell that it wouldn’t take long for Sophie to cum. I wondered how long it had been since she had had an orgasm from having sex. I was positive that for probably the last fifteen years, they had all been by her own hand. I rubbed my cock slowly over the opening that had grown between the lips of Sophie’s cunt. Sophie was wet, but not as wet as a younger, or at least, a more sexually active woman. I let go of my cock and tried to enter Sophie’s hole. I pushed as hard as I dared, but got nowhere. I couldn’t even get the head of my cock into her.

“Relax Sophie,” I said softly. “Don’t be afraid. Just let it happen. Let me make love to you Sophie. Let Steve make love to you.”

I bent down and kissed Sophie softly on the lips. She closed her eyes and opened her legs even more. I placed my hands at her sides and attempted to enter her once more. This time, I could feel a difference in her cunt. It felt softer as I slowly pushed my cock between her legs. I saw Sophie wince as the head of my cock set foot inside her cunt. A soft groan of pain came from her throat. She panted as if she was giving birth. I let my cock rest there until her breathing slowed and I felt the muscles of her cunt relax. Slowly, I withdrew the head of my cock and pushed it into her again. I repeated this several times until I began to feel more of Sophie’s fluids begin to coat my cock. Lack of use had done damage to Sophie. I would take care of that problem right now. I felt Sophie’s cunt become wetter with each stroke of my cock into her. Even still, she felt as tight as a teenager. A few more spankings, like the one I was about to give to her with my cock, would loosen up the tight cunt of hers. Slowly, I pushed my cock deeper and deeper. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, my entire shaft was inside of Sophie. I saw a smile come over her face as she realized what she had done. She had gotten a man between her legs once again, and he had driven his cock as far as he could into her.

“It’s time to go all the way Sophie,” I said. “No point in stopping now.”

“Don’t you dare stop Steve,” she said with obvious pleasure and desperation. “Fuck me. Fuck me good.”

With that said, I began to fuck Sophie in earnest. I pulled the entire length of my cock out of her cunt and then plunged it back inside of her. Again and again I lifted my hips, using more and more force as I came down into her. Sophie quickly joined my rhythm, bringing her hips up to meet mine. Soon I was slamming as hard as I could into her. Sophie never objected even though I was sure that she had to be feeling some pain. Maybe she thought that she deserved to be punished for denying herself the pleasure of having a man’s cock inside of her body. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the beating I was giving to her cunt with my cock. Faster and faster we went, sweat building on our bodies. The grunts, which Sophie had been eliciting as we fucked subsided, as they were gradually transformed into moans of building pleasure. I felt her hips widen in preparation of her long awaited orgasm. I, too, felt the excitement of what was about to happen. I was going to bring this married woman to orgasm. I was fucking this mother of two teenage sons as if she was a teenage virgin. I ‘m not sure which one of us came first, but I do remember what seemed to be a blinding flash of light as my cock lurched into action. All of a sudden I felt cum explode out of my cock and deep inside Sophie’s cunt. At exactly the same time, I heard a cry, which verged on the border of a scream, be released from Sophie’s throat. She seemed to be possessed as her orgasm made her body writhe beneath me. Sophie’s eyes closed as another load of cum streamed out of my cock and into her now, very slippery cunt. She pitched her hips up towards the head of the bed as she wrapped her legs tightly around me. I ground my crotch as hard as I could into hers. She rocked her hips back and forth as another wave from her orgasm coursed through her body. I felt my cock throb inside of her as it deposited another load of cum into her long neglected, hot cunt. I held this married mother in my arms as tightly as I dared. She had just gone to the top of my list, as one of the best fucks I had ever had. Our bodies continued to pulsate as one, long after the last bit of orgasm had left us. Sophie held onto me as if she would never let go. The minutes passed quietly as she relived what had just happened between her legs. Finally, I felt her grip on me lesson. She let her arms fall to the bed and her legs unfolded from around me. I brought my lips to hers and kissed her. Sophie pushed her tongue into my mouth and moaned. It knew that she would want to fuck me again, but she would have to wait a little while. My cock was still hard when I finally took it out of her, allowing my cum to spill from her. I rolled off of her and onto my back. Slowly, my still pulsating cock deflated. Sophie reached for my hand and squeezed it tightly.

“Thank you Steve,” she said softly. “Thank you for a wonderful evening. I haven’t had sex like this for a very long time. I’ve missed it so much.”

“There’s no reason for you to miss it anymore Sophie,” I said. “As long as I’m around, and as long as you still want to do it with me, you can have all the sex you can handle.”

“Stay with me tonight Steve,” she begged. “Don’t leave me alone. I’ve slept by myself for too long.”

“I had no intentions of leaving you tonight Sophie,” I said. “I may not be able to replace all the fucking you’ve missed for the past fifteen years, but I can try.”

Sophie rolled over and kissed me passionately again. We showered and slept naked together in the other bed. She woke me once in the middle of the night to have sex. I fucked her for a third time in the morning. Sophie was determined to make up for lost time.

The night with Sophie that I’ve just told you about happened four years ago. I got a job in the company’s computer software design division three months after meeting one of the gentlemen Sophie had introduced me to at that first dinner-dance. I see Sophie once in a while at work; her office is in the building next to mine. If I don’t see her, I’ll give her a call at her office. A few times we’ve had lunch together at the company cafeteria. She’s lost a few pounds and she’s toned her body up quite a bit. She even joined the company’s fitness center. The both of us have gone to every one of the company dinner-dances since then. We can’t sit at each other’s table, but we do have a dance or two.

There is something that I have done once a month since that night. Some would say I’m silly, others would say I’m crazy. I go back to the resort-hotel where I first met Sophie. I go to the hall and remember our first meeting, our first dance, and our first kiss. I take that walk through the parking lot to the hotel, as I did on that night. I still get a hard-on before I reach the reception desk. I walk to the elevators and take that short ride up to the third floor. I slowly walk and stand in front of the room that has the number 313 on the door, Sophie’s room. The door is always open and Sophie is always waiting in bed for me. You know, fifteen years of fucking isn’t made up for in one night.

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