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So… Close

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… You’re kidding me.

… Nope, dead serious.

… So . . . I’ve been flirting with a girl for . . . like . . . 45 minutes and she could drive here

in under an hour.

… Yup. How about that?

… Gee. What are the odds. I mean, the World Wide Web implies . . . wide . . . world.

… Well, we did establish even before we started privating that we were in the same


… Yeah, but, . . . two towns over?

… Mmm. Gets the blood flowing, doesn’t it? Think. Those bras and panties we’ve been

describing. If we wanted to, we could be looking at them.

… Touching them, even.

… Removing them.

… – – –

… – – –

… Well . . .

… Yeah, well. What’s it gonna be? Feeling adventurous?

… Actually, yeah. Yeah, I am. But . . .

… But?

… Yeah, but. But, this is just the sort of thing you’re not supposed to do on line. You

could be anyone. You are a girl, right?

… Yes, I am a girl. A woman, actually. And, you’re right, this isn’t the prescribed behavior,

but, you’re not the only one going out on a limb here. My heart is racing, by the way.

… Mine is like a sledge hammer. Oh, screw it. Your place or mine?

… Cool. Well, mine’s kind of a mess.

… Settled. I just cleaned this morning. It’s 1:10. Shall we say 2:00?

… Make it 2:30. I need to make myself pretty. Prettier.

… Speaking of that . . . I was being honest when I described myself.

… So was I. No reason to fabricate. That’s just stupid.

… Okay. I’ll give you my address and phone, if you get lost. I’m really . . . excited.

… Me, too. Extremely. Oh, hey . . .

… Hey, what?

… Well, I was just thinking. When I arrive, let’s kiss. Right away. You know, get the

awkwardness out of the way.

… Yeah. Okay.

Eileen stood up, turned from her laptop, and began to tremble. What had she just done? And where did that confidence come from, that chutzpah? She knew better. She knew she was the world’s least confident, shyest person, so this meeting was an impossibility. It couldn’t happen.

But it was going to. And what’s more, she wanted it to. This was something she had thought about for years, something she wanted to explore. And now that the opportunity was within reach, she was not going to let it slip away. So, she took a few deep breaths and started thinking about how best to use the hour and a quarter that she had.

She gave her place one more quick circuit of a check to see that it was, indeed, presentable and found it pleasing. She had a nice bottle of white chilling, along with some beers and knew she could throw some snacks together if need be. She went into her bedroom and started to choose something to wear but stopped and looked at her bed, wondering what, if anything, was about to happen there.

This was new and uncharted territory for her and she had finally gone looking for it in a chat room. A normal chat room (That just might be an oxymoron, she thought) with woman just riffing about any topic that came to mind. She and Sarah (with an –h, she had stated) had found each other in the course of the group chat and had gone off on their own verbal diagonal. It had been Sarah who had suggested that they leave the group and chat on their own, in private. Eileen had been delighted. The talk was easy, free-wheeling, and fun.

It had taken some time to broach the topic of sex. When it arrived, it had started with men — discourses on guys the two of them had dated, liked, slept with, loved, and been burned by. Eileen might have embellished the limited experiences she had had with guys but she wanted to hang in the same league as Sarah. In truth, her shyness had tended to drive men away, particularly when things were approaching intimacy. Just three times had a relationship gotten to an actual sexual level and, in truth, none of the experiences had been earth-shaking for Eileen. It was enough to make her wonder if she should be looking elsewhere.

In their chat, Eileen eventually had dropped in a query concerning women as casually as she could. Like, had Sarah ever? Sarah had paused before answering and finally responded with what was probably the best answer she could have, from Eileen’s point of view. “No. Not yet.”

Thus began the fifteen minutes of flirting and both women knew where things were headed. They had happened onto the perfect storm. Two like-minded, similar-aged, well educated humans of the same sex, both exceedingly curious to see what all the fuss was about. The fact that they were in such close physical proximity just greased the wheels, so to speak. Instead of a leisurely, internet ‘courtship’, here was a chance to let it fly. Boom!

Of course, cyber-chemistry is one thing, thought Eileen. This could be a disaster. What if it’s just obvious there’s nothing going on? What if she freaked at the very thought and dissolved into a panic attack? Would she have the strength — and tact — to properly call things off? Well, that would be seen to, soon enough. For now, Eileen had to get herself ready.

A short distance away, Sarah was already well underway. A nearly scalding shower, featuring a thorough scrubbing of her medium length dark brown hair, had her feeling fresh and more than a little tingly. She applied her favorite scent — judiciously, didn’t want to blow the poor girl away — and stepped into her prettiest pair of undergarments. Worn but once, bought on a trip to Montreal, the bra and panties were sheer, silky, and incredibly demur. God, how she loved them! She decided to go with casual tan slacks, a medium brown turtleneck, and a loose Irish knit pullover. The effect she wanted was effortless elegance. A check in the mirror brought forth a satisfied nod. It worked. She decided to bring a bottle of Prosecco that had been chilling in her fridge. Perhaps a toast to start the meeting would be a nice touch. With the bottle under her arm, Eileen’s address in hand, she was off.

By now, Eileen had also showered and, looking at the clock, realized she had to stop dithering over her choice of apparel. Then, inspiration. She pulled out a loose, long peasant dress, all in dark blues and blacks, with muted streaks of magenta and yellow. It swayed a bit as Eileen moved and covered what she thought to be the sins of an extra pound or five she could do without. She went conservative underneath the dress, choosing a plain, but flattering, smoky-gray strapless bra and slightly darker boy-cut panties. Stockings or pantyhose would just be an encumbrance, she thought. The darkness of the dress provided lovely contrast to Eileen’s shoulder length dark blonde hair. Like her ever-approaching guest to be, Eileen was pleased with her appearance. She forced herself to sit for a moment, then she walked to her front room window so she could catch a view of Sarah when she arrived. Wouldn’t hurt, she thought.

Sarah inched her way through the moderate Saturday traffic and realized she was within five minutes of her destination. She was nervous and excited and turned on, all at once. Eileen and she had hit it off immediately on line and Sarah had really good feelings that this might work out. At the least, this one afternoon could satisfy a tickle that had existed for quite some time. She hadn’t been totally honest when Eileen asked about her experiences with women, but it hadn’t been much and had occurred far back enough that it was a faint, but pleasant memory. Sarah was ready for more.

The car, a modest steel blue sedan, pulled into the one available space across the street from Eileen’s house. As she watched from a discreetly parted curtain, Eileen saw the young woman climb out of her seat, stand with her back to the car, and look toward her. How pretty, she thought. And she’s coming to be with me. Sarah thought she saw an image behind a second-floor window but couldn’t be sure. Taking a deep breath, she looked both ways and crossed to her destination.

Eileen forced herself to count to five before answering the doorbell’s ring. She swung the door open and hostess and guest exchanged their first glances.

“Hi, come on in,” said Eileen, with the slightest nervous catch in her throat.

Sarah crossed the threshold and turned to face Eileen, separated by a few feet. Both women smiled and it was Sarah who opened her arms and made the first approach. “I believe I remember suggesting something,” she said softly and Eileen was nodding with a smile as their faces closed and their lips met.

Both Eileen and Sarah were bombarded with random thoughts as the kiss happened. They were struck by their similar heights, by the mingled fragrances, by the softness of the other woman’s lips, and by the wonderfully pleasant feeling that each was sharing. Lips parted slightly, a fleeting encounter between tongue tips, and then it was over.

“That was a really fine idea,” purred Eileen. “Welcome to my home. Come.” She led Sarah into her cozy living room.

“This is lovely,” said Sarah, and she meant it. “Do you own it?”

“Thanks. No, I rent it from my aunt and uncle. I’d love to buy a house but it’s going to be a while. I’m still paying college loans and will be for quite some time.”

As they chatted, trying to get comfortable in the somewhat nervous atmosphere, both were happy to note something that they couldn’t tactfully voice. Each found the other to be attractive – pretty even. But, not so stunning that they had to feel worried that they might be a disappointment to the other. In other words, they were a really good match. Two nice-looking girls, period. Sarah had the off-beat recollection of playing tennis with players both a lot better and a lot worse at the game than she was. It had been no fun for anyone involved. This looked far more promising.

Eileen gratefully accepted the Prosecco and suggested opening it so they could share a toast. They sat in two living room chairs arranged in a right angle and touched the fluted glasses with a clink.

“To chat rooms,” began Sarah.

“To good fortune in our chat room,” replied Eileen, and they sipped.

“To proximity and coincidence.”

“Yes! And to new experience.” Another sip. “You kiss really nicely.”

“Thank you. So do you.” Sarah put her glass down and leaned across the space to help herself to another of those kisses. This one lasted a bit longer and grew deeper and more liquid in nature as it went on. Hands remained uninvolved.

“Am I really your first girl?” Eileen asked, breathily. “You’re so good at this.”

Sarah decided to share a bit. “Well, I have kissed a girl before. My college roommate and I got drunk one night and she grabbed me and kissed me. I was drunk enough to kiss her back but that was it.” That wasn’t it. It had gone on for the better part of an hour and had led to some pretty liberal exploration of young bodies but Sarah decided that could stay locked away. It had stayed active in her memory for the past eight years and was one reason she had gone looking for the situation in which she found herself now. This time, she planned to have her wits about her, so after one more sip of the sparkly Italian white, she put the glass down. “What about you, Eileen. Never? Really?”

“No, I swear.” Eileen blushed. “I’m not a prude, really. I just . . .” She didn’t know what to say. How to express the fact that she had wanted this experience for years, had always harbored a desire to know what a woman’s touch was like? Now, at 26, opportunity had knocked and she wanted to make the lack of experience something in the past tense. “I’m just hoping we can maybe explore, and learn, together. If you still want to.”

By way of answering, Sarah stood and extended her hand. “Why don’t you take me on a house tour? I don’t need to see all the rooms.” Eileen understood perfectly and stood as well. She leaned in for another kiss and, this time, hooked her arm around Sarah’s neck and softly took it in her hand, leaning into her as the kiss deepened. Their bodies now touched for the first time and Eileen was struck at the uniqueness of feeling the imprint of another woman’s breasts on hers. Sarah’s hands had met in the small of Eileen’s back and were gently urging her closer. After minutes of grinding against one another, the two women moved hand in hand from the living room.

“Well, that’s my kitchen,” noted Eileen, in a distinctly shaky voice, as they moved toward the central staircase. “It’s small but functional.”

“Very nice. I like the counter tops.” Truly, Sarah couldn’t have cared less about the kitchen and she subtly urged her tour guide toward the stairs. Up they climbed.

Eileen motioned to a room to the right of the stair top and explained, “That’s my spare bedroom. I pretty much use it as a closet and computer room.”

“Is that where you were when we chatted?”

“Yes. Maybe I should install a commemorative plaque,” Eileen answered with mock gravitas.

“No, I think if there’s going to be a plaque, it’ll be elsewhere,” responded Sarah, coyly. “Let me guess. Master bedroom over yonder?”

It was indeed Eileen’s bedroom and she nodded as she opened the door to it. She didn’t feel any response was necessary and, besides, she found herself having difficulty articulating cogent thoughts. Hand in hand, the two women, practically throbbing in anticipation, crossed into the room.

It was a pretty, bright room, Sarah noted, tastefully decorated in an understated, modern style. The furnishings were Nordic in appearance and she guessed someone had made several trips to Ikea. The platform-style bed was low and large, likely queen size. It was topped with a rustic quilt in muted shades of rust and dark brown. In all, it was extremely inviting and Sarah told her hostess so. Eileen smiled in thanks and the two stood facing each other – for a moment, not quite knowing how to move forward.

Eileen spoke first. “This seems really odd. I didn’t know you a few hours ago, but here we are . . . in my bedroom . . . and I’m comfortable with this whole thing. I just don’t know how . . . skilled I’m going to be.” She had actually surprised herself by being so forthright and verbal. This constituted a major victory over her innate shyness.

Sarah reached out and took both of Eileen’s hands in hers. “Eileen. If it makes you feel any better, I promise, I’m nervous, too. But, I knew as soon as I walked in the front door that this was right. You’re everything I could ask for and I think we just need to relax and enjoy. That’s all, just enjoy. Nothing we’re going to do is going to hurt us. Let’s just . . . savor.” With that, she moved forward and freed her hands so that she could place them on Eileen’s shoulders. She initiated a kiss and, as it took place, Sarah was able to work her fingertips under the elasticized neckline of Eileen’s dress until her shoulders were bare. She rubbed into her partner’s delicate skin in a rhythm that peaked and ebbed with the thrusts of the kiss. Eileen heard soft moans and realized that she was the one making the sounds. It just felt so good. So soft and smooth and, frankly, delicious. She’d never received feminine kisses before and she was loving them in every way.

The women eventually found themselves sitting on the edge of the bed, Eileen’s hands pushing against Sarah’s thighs, Sarah’s still working on those gorgeous shoulders. They broke for a needed breath of air and eyes locked, full of heat. “This dress is driving me crazy,” muttered Sarah. “It’s just begging me to get it out of the way.”

“Please do,” Eileen whispered. “Hurry.” She stood and positioned her arms at her sides. Sarah rose just enough to bring her head to Eileen’s neck level and slowly pulled with both hands. The elastic of the top was loose enough that Sarah was able to stretch it out beyond the end of Eileen’s shoulders. She then slowly began sliding the dress lower, pulling it toward her to clear the bra that was mere inches in front of Sarah’s face. She continued pulling, oh so slowly. Was that Eileen’s heart, or hers, she could hear pounding as she moved south? Sarah spread the wonderfully generous elastic hem wide enough to clear Eileen’s hips. Sarah lowered herself in tandem with the downward movement of her arms until she was kneeling in front of Eileen, a collection of dress material pooled around the young woman’s ankles. Eileen stepped away from the dress and casually pushed it aside with her foot. She found herself standing, clad only in bra and panties, in front of a fully clothed Sarah whose nose was practically poking her in the navel.

Sarah ran her hands up the outsides of Eileen’s legs. “You’re so pretty,” she cooed. She could feel goose bumps rise on Eileen’s legs. Sarah turned her head so that the side of her face rested on Eileen’s tummy and she enclosed her lower body in a soft embrace. Eileen was softly stroking Sarah’s hair and feeling there was no reason to hurry that which was feeling quite perfect. Finally, though, Sarah stood and said, “It appears I’m really overdressed. Help me?”

Eileen needed little urging. She pulled the sweater over Sarah’s head and assisted as she wiggled out of the turtleneck. Eileen’s eyes widened at the sight of Sarah’s beautiful little bra and she hurriedly helped work the slacks from her legs. The matching panties made quite a picture and Eileen couldn’t help but step back to admire the garments. “Oh my gosh. Those are just gorgeous, Sarah! Where did you get them?”

Sarah played model, doing a languid 360, revealing the ultra-sheer nature of the set. Her nipples were quite visible through the gossamer fabric and a the inverse triangle at the juncture of her legs was only partly concealed by the panties. She answered, “They’re Parisian but I got them in a boutique in Montreal. A real splurge but, for this moment, utterly worth it. Agree?”

Eileen nodded. “Oh, yes. We just need to make sure they don’t get hurt.”

Sarah laughed. “Well, that’s up to you. Be gentle.” She then felt compelled to note, “Eileen. You look wonderful. Your body . . .” For, indeed, she did. Her figure was more rounded than Sarah’s but to call her Rubenesque would be a stretch. Curvy, in the best way, was more like it. Sarah found her eyes riveted to Eileen’s chest, breasts full and round and begging to be freed and caressed.

The two young women then fell back to the bed and embraced. Kisses now took on more urgency. Eileen knew she was fully intent of going through with this now. Any shyness or nerves had melted away in the presence of this sweet, sensitive woman who had done so much to make Eileen feel relaxed. Lying side by side with Sarah felt like the most natural thing in the world. Stretched out, on their sides, facing each other, they took their time exploring the curves and swells at arms’ reach. Eileen observed, as she ran her finger down the length of Sarah’s leg, “You’re so hot. I mean, literally. It feels like you’re on fire. Feel how cold I am.”

“Hmm. Yes, you are. What can I do to change that?” Sarah sat forward and put her open mouth on Eileen’s outer thigh. She exhaled a hot breath and looked up to see if she had earned a reaction. Eileen quivered and sighed, “Oh please, don’t stop.” Sarah gladly obliged and began covering her bedmate in kisses — up and down her legs and then on her stomach. Eileen lay back and luxuriated in the heavenly feeling of being vanquished. It was when Sarah sat up and straddled her midsection that Eileen began to feel the first bit of trepidation. Now what, she thought?

Sarah sensed her anxiety and calmed her with a smile and, “Don’t worry, sweetie. Nothing but good, I promise.” A kiss on the lips, followed by a trail of kisses down Eileen’s neck and onto her upper chest led Sarah to the valley between Eileen’s breasts, which were still enclosed in the bra. Sarah sat up and looked Eileen in the eye as she gently urged her forward by her shoulders and reached behind her. Eileen offered no resistance and inhaled deeply as she heard the two muffled snapping sounds from behind her. She sat still as Sarah brought the two sides of material forward and let them drop away, allowing Eileen’s breasts to spill out of their constraints. Sarah gazed lustily at the treasures on display and used her hands to cup them on their undersides. Eileen thought her heart would explode.

“Oh, so perfect,” said Sarah, as she massaged, bringing her thumbs up to rub the rosy nipples. Eileen’s head rolled from side to side as she realized she had never been so turned on in her life. It got better, significantly better, when Sarah lowered her mouth to her left breast and began to gently suck and tweak on the very erect tip. Eileen’s legs were now making involuntary scissors-like movements and her fingernails were digging into the mattress. She was being taken somewhere else, somewhere she never wanted to leave.

Sarah went back and forth, giving equal attention to Eileen’s breasts. She couldn’t get enough and would tweak one nipple while sucking the other. She knew what a reaction she was getting and loved what she was doing to her willing partner. It was time, she realized, to share the sensation.

So, Sarah sat up and, again maintaining a most sensual eye contact, undid her own bra and allowed it to flutter to the bed. Her breasts were considerably smaller than Eileen’s but fit her frame perfectly. She sat over Eileen and, taking the two mounds in her hands, asked, “Like them?” Eileen nodded feverishly and Sarah sat forward, offering them to her. A tentative reach of her right hand and Eileen was in contact with another woman’s breast for the first time. She caressed it as Sarah softly cooed. And then she kissed it. And sucked it. And surrounded it with every form of attention she could. And then the other one, all the time asking herself, “What took me so long? My, God, this is fantastic!” This tribute went on for rapturous minutes.

Just one thing remained in the way – one more material boundary in the form of two pairs of panties guarding the most private of feminine regions. Sarah was ready to cross that line and put it to Eileen in the form of a question. “Are you ready, Eileen? Ready and willing to move on?” Eileen gave an action answer, lifting her hips from the bed and sliding her hands under the hem of her panties. She pulled them down quickly, realizing a slow approach might lead to second thoughts. When the panties were gone, she lay there, totally exposed, and surprisingly comfortable under Sarah’s examination. Her wiry dark-brown pubic hair was trimmed neatly to a small triangle above her pussy lips and seemed to point the way to Sarah’s target area.

Sarah didn’t say a word. She simply mimicked the action and joined Eileen in total nakedness. Sarah turned so that the two women’s bodies were reversed and each had a view of the other. Eileen took advantage of the situation and studied the clean shaven Sarah, all the while wanting to explore what she could now see. But, Sarah had other ideas first.

“Touch yourself, Eileen. Show me how you like it. I’ll do the same.” With that, she brought her right hand to her lips and immersed three fingertips in her mouth. Slowly, she opened her legs just enough to reveal the pink cleft which parted invitingly and touched her fingers to it. Her head went back for a moment and a soft murmur escaped her lips. It was the single sexiest thing Eileen had ever witnessed. She was so taken by it she didn’t even realize that her own hand had made a similar journey. No saliva was needed as Eileen’s finger slipped effortlessly into her oh-so-moist center. A guttural, “Ohhhhhh,” was all she could say and she knew that an orgasm would be the easiest thing to achieve. But, why hurry? Instead, why not just look at Sarah and revel in the beauty of this moment? It really was quite a sight, the mirror image of two beautiful young bodies being self-pleasured while on display for a willing partner. As they continued their actions, Sarah moved forward to kiss Eileen’s knee and the erotic level just heightened. Her eyes closed, Eileen gave in to the rolling waves of pleasure. Those eyes opened, however, when she realized the finger that was pleasuring her labial lips was no longer alone. It had been joined by one of Sarah’s and, indeed, was being pushed aside as the insistent new digit sought, and found, the little nub that was the center of Eileen’s sexual core.

“She’s touching me,” thought Eileen. “Her finger is inside me. Oh. Ohhh, it feels so good.” Sarah’s touch was gentle and rhythmic, slowly moving in and out and widening from side to side. She put special emphasis on finding and caressing Eileen’s clit, using tiny circular thrusts on the highly sensitive nub.

Sarah knew she was in control of the situation and should take the lead. So she sat up and urged Eileen to lie flat. “Let me do you.” It was a simple request, maybe a bit coarse, but Eileen was happy to comply. She lay back on her pillow and stared at the stunning sight of this woman — whom she had not known four hours ago — kneeling above her, totally ready and planning to service her sexually.

Sarah looked back at Eileen, loving what she saw. She took hold of Eileen’s left knee and gently pulled it outward. This gave her room to crawl between Eileen’s legs. She stared down at a very excited young woman, her body writhing, eyes half-lidded in outright lust. Eileen opened her legs wider, inviting Sarah to do with her what she would. Sarah kneeled and leaned forward, bringing her hand up to Eileen’s pussy lips. She gently rubbed around them — teasing, coming ever so close — but always pulling back just enough. When she did strike, it was sudden and firm, two fingers finding the slit and pushing into the sodden wetness. Eileen gasped and instinctively tightened on the digits, rhythmically riding them up and down. Sarah came closer and soon her head was right above the spot. She knew what she wanted to do and trusted that Eileen wouldn’t object. So, she slid her fingers out and used both thumbs to press into the lips, spreading them, before bringing her mouth to the scene.

Eileen gasped and lifted her head from the pillow. Oh what a sight she beheld! She was receiving oral sex. From a woman. And, she couldn’t believe it. And, she was loving it. The sight of Sarah, engrossed in her task, licking away, was stunning. Her eyes were looking up at Eileen’s face and the expression was one of supreme focus. Her tongue was making slow lapping strokes the length of her slit, always making contact with her clit as she completed the move. Eileen could feel that Sarah was doing this for her, to allow her to experience a wonderful first time. And, oh how she was succeeding. Eileen wondered if she’d be able to repay her in kind but pushed that thought away. For now, she decided just to enjoy, to luxuriate in this throbbing, thrilling madness.

Sarah, meanwhile, was loving her role. The taste of a woman — at least this woman — was intoxicating. And, so moist. She just wanted to keep on licking up the juices and increase Eileen’s pleasure. At one point, she decided to add a finger to the mix, thrusting it slowly in and out while using her mouth above it on the pearl that had seemingly doubled in size. The effect was immediate. Eileen’s soft whimpers grew louder and her bottom lifted from the bed, her pussy pushing into Sarah, begging for more.

“Oh, God, oh Sarah, oh my God! This . . . is . . . incredible. Don’t stop, don’t ever stop.” Sarah somehow managed to smile with her tongue inside Eileen and thought that it would take an army to get her to stop. And then, the moment was at hand. Eileen’s breathing changed, turning into short gasps, and guttural moans became heightened. “Oh, now,” she sighed, and fingers and tongue did their job, increasing the rate and thrusting against the pounding they were receiving from a woman in the throes of an earth-shattering orgasm. Eileen grabbed the side of her pillow and covered her face, screaming into it as she came, exploding in a daze of colors and lightning bolts. On and on it went, as she rubbed herself into Sarah’s face, wanting to ride the crest as long as she could. Finally, she stopped dead and fell backward, releasing her joy-giver from her clutches. Her chest heaving, Eileen lay back and gasped for air.

Sarah couldn’t help thinking, “Not bad, kiddo. I think you did it right,” as she ran her hand across her mouth, a mouth coated with Eileen’s juices. Her jaw was a bit sore but, as she worked it back and forth, she knew it had been worth it. She crawled up the bed and gave Eileen the most proper kiss imaginable on her cheek and lay down beside her. Repayment could wait. They both needed a moment.

Surprisingly, it was Eileen who stirred first. “Okay,” she said, half gasping, “it’s official. You lied to me. No one could be that skilled on their first time. You’re amazing.”

Sarah smiled. “Well, if it was your first time, how would you know whether I was good or not?” She paused and then shook her head, adding, “All right. You got me. I told you about my roommate. Well, it didn’t stop with the kissing. We got pretty hot and heavy. But, really, I don’t remember much. It was years ago and I was plenty toasted.”

“Then, how did you know? I mean . . . you pushed all my right buttons. Literally.”

“Eileen, be honest. Haven’t you ever checked out things on line? I refer to those little films that I prefer to call erotica. I hate the word porn! You can learn a lot about techniques, including girls with girls.”

Eileen looked shocked. “Omigod, no! I’d be afraid I’d get caught by some national porn board or my computer would explode or something! I couldn’t.” She calmed down a bit and smiled, saying, “I’m kind of glad you’re so brave, though. Problem is, there’s no way I can match what you just did.”

Sarah propped herself up on her elbow, looked into Eileen’s eyes and said, “Whatever you’re comfortable with, sweetie. I was just happy to make you happy.”

Eileen sat up, faced Sarah, and took her by the shoulders. “Happy? My, what an understatement. Well, ready or not, here I come.” She leaned in and kissed Sarah, noticing immediately that her own scent remained on the other woman’s lips and, more so, on her tongue. Eileen wasn’t put off by it but, instead, was determined to see if Sarah’s womanly scent was the same.

She stayed on that mouth for a bit, hating to say good bye. Then she began to kiss her way lower, taking quite a bit of time with fluttery kisses on the neck, as that was a favorite receiving area of her own. Sarah seemed to be responding favorably, judging by her little sighs and head rotations. Onward and downward went Eileen, paying homage to Sarah’s sweet little breasts with sucking and licking and the tiniest hint of biting. “Yeah, this is new to you,” moaned Sarah, with a hint of skepticism. “Hah!”

Eileen was truly enjoying herself. She was unused to being in a position of command and loved the feeling of strength it gave her. She kissed on lower now, starting with the underside of Sarah’s breasts and on to her tight stomach. She allowed her right hand to move on further south, finding Sarah’s labial lips, stroking them softly as if to say, “Here I come, get ready.” Sarah, meanwhile, was looking down at the highly erotic sight of Eileen’s full breasts swaying above her. She reached for them briefly and was able to give them a quick but firm squeeze.

And then, there Eileen was, her eyes wide open as she stared, inches from another woman’s private parts. She so wanted to do this right and started by exploiting a little white lie of her own. Eileen had, in actuality, checked out more than one erotic video and had picked up an idea or two. She started by kneeling beside Sarah and using her hand to gently pinch those lips, almost daring the clit to pop from its protective sheath. Sarah’s intake of breath let Eileen know her actions were having the desired effect. She lowered her head until she was close enough to blow a stream of air on the area and took a first, tentative lick at the baby smooth skin. She worked her finger in and followed it with her tongue. Eileen was licking a woman’s pussy and loving every moment. She was using both hands to spread Sarah wider and started using her tongue like a mini-cock, in and out, in and out. She felt her own passions growing as Sarah’s arousal became more and more obvious. The pushing at the back of Eileen’s head told her that Sarah wanted more — deeper and harder. When her tongue isolated Sarah’s clit, she made every move she could think of, surrounding it with swirls and sucks and probing darts. Sarah’s legs, bent at the knee, thrashed about and told Eileen what was coming. Namely, Sarah, who was kind enough to announce the fact, thusly, “Oh, Eileen! I’m . . . I’m . . . there! Oh, oh, oh . . . OH!” She stiffened, her toes digging into the mattress as her heels lifted. A marked increase in wetness and an electric-like quivering at the area under Eileen’s soaked mouth brought Sarah’s grand moment to a heavenly, and prolonged, climax.

Eileen moved immediately so that they were side by side and wrapped her arms around Sarah who returned the gesture. They lay wordless, two hearts pounding. Their bodies damp with perspiration, sated and more than happy to close their eyes and take in what they had just experienced.

About ten minutes passed and Sarah opened her eyes to find Eileen’s focused on her. They exchanged beatific smiles that told a story. Both women were comfortable and not at all regretful of what had transpired. Sarah reached across and cleared a stray lock of hair from Eileen’s forehead. “Hi,” she purred as she did so.

Eileen sighed and answered, “Hi yourself.” After a pause, she asked, “Was I dreaming?”

“No, Eileen. That was no dream. Just dreamlike. I have to tell you something.”

“Oh?” Eileen was suddenly worried. She needn’t have been.

Sarah hesitated, trying to find the appropriate words. Finally, she forged on. “You need to know. That’s not always that easy for me.” Eileen looked quizzical. “I just mean . . . cumming . . . orgasming isn’t something that just happens for me. I don’t think . . . no. I know I’ve never been so sexually excited in my life. I need to say thanks.” She looked a bit embarrassed but was glad she had said it.

Eileen hardly knew how to respond. “Sarah, I’m . . . honored. Really. But, it’s me who should be thanking you. That was just incredible.” She leaned across and kissed Sarah, briefly but fervently. Then a hug that felt heavenly for the two of them. “Hey. You haven’t seen my bathroom yet. There’s a shower in there plenty big enough for two. Care to?”

“I’m guessing we could both use a shower but I hate to give up the smell of you on me,” Sarah replied.

“I think you’ll be wearing Au d’Eileen again, at least I hope so. Come,” said Eileen, taking her hand and leading her to the shower, strangers no more.

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