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Skatepark King

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Leonard Hazard was the King, no doubt about it. Lots of people were telling him he was so good at all of the extreme sports that he should be in national competition.

What he loved was his skateboard, he could do things on it that appeared to be impossible.

There was even a local competition which he had won so easily it wasn’t even a competition really, when he went up the ramp and caught air he was a good two feet higher than anyone else.

They even had an announcer that day, screaming about him, calling him “Hazard!” over the loudpeaker.

The nickname stuck.

One day he was at the park, a set of concrete stairs went down halfway, then made a sharp turn. A heavy steel railing ran down beside it, Leonard could come flying up to the top, somehow land on the railing. When he hit the turn he just tipped into it, then sailed off the end.

Sometimes he would do a spin, sometimes he would just grab air and reach down to hold the board.

Easy stuff.

He had made the run at least a dozen times before, then one morning he arrived at the park and May Lou Hansen was there.

She was barely eighteen, already she had a set of boobs that were impossible to hide. Mary Lou was just one year younger than him, in her senior year in high school.

She clapped as he ran down through the concrete section, getting very high in the air each time.

Leonard really liked Mary Lou, he decided to impress her, so he went up to the park up above and began the long run down to the handrail. He landed perfectly, completely in control.

When he hit the turn, he tipped into it, with timing that was spot on, preparing himself to do the full flip and land on his feet at the bottom, right in front of her.

Something caught his wheel, he tried to recover but then he was off.

The drop was a full eight feet, he tried to roll but never made it.

The world went dark.

The lights were very bright when he woke up, no idea at all where he was. Then he saw a shadow, it became a face looking down at him.

“Well! Good morning, young man!” A female voice said.

“Where am I?” He asked.

“You are in the hospital, it seems you had a nasty fall.” Leonard tried to remember, something about being on the railing was in his head but that was all.

They brought him some food, he started to sit up but something had him tied down. He looked down and saw both of his arms were in casts to his shoulders, there was some kind of heavy bandage on his left shoulder. Looking down, one leg was in a cast, it stuck out of the covers, held up with a sling of some kind.

The nurse touched a button and the bed tilted forward. Then she began to feed him with a spoon.

“I can do it!” He protested.

“Actually, you can’t, honey.” She smiled, shoving another spoonful into his mouth.

Later, he took stock of things, and it wasn’t good. Both wrists shattered, his right leg and knee broken, a broken collarbone. Plus four cracked ribs, which he discovered quickly when he tried to roll over slightly.

They had his arms crossed over his stomach, and the cast was one piece. He could not move his arms at all, plus his leg was strapped up in the air.

That afternoon a Doctor came in, looked him over.

“How long am I stuck here?” Leonard asked.

“About 3 weeks before we can change the casts on your arms, then another 3-4 weeks after that. Your leg can come down in 3 weeks, too.”

“That long?”

“Yes, I am afraid so. You really made quite a mess of yourself, you were in surgery for over 8 hours repairing your wrists.”

“Am I going to recover?” He asked.

“I don’t know, son. It’s going to take some time at least. I doubt you will ever get on that skateboard of yours again with that knee.” The Doctor said, peering through his glasses at some papers.

Then he left.

That night he was lying there, his Mom and his brother had just left. He heard a voice at the door.

“Can I come in?” He looked up and saw it was Mary Lou. Now that was a surprise, he had maybe said four words to her in his life.

“Sure, come on in.” Leonard was actually pleased that she was there.

Mary lou sat down in the chair by his bed, her hands in her lap.

“I wanted to tell you I am really sorry, I didn’t think.” She looked like she wanted to cry.

“Sorry? About what? You didn’t do anything?”

“Yes, I did! I saw you coming as I got to the park. I was chewing a big wad of gum and I didn’t want it in my mouth when you got there, so I stuck it on the railing, out of sight!” Now she did have tears in her eyes.


No wonder.

“They said you could have died! It’s all my fault!”

“Naw, I am pretty tough.”

“Well, anyway, I wanted you to know I am really sorry. I didn’t know you were going to…” She flushed, got up to leave.

“Hey, Mary Lou?”

“Yes?” She turned back.

“Will you..can you maybe come to see me…visit? I am stuck here for a long time.”

“OK. I would like that. I will come by every single day!” Then she blushed again and hurried out.

She did, too. A few times she was there when his Mom dropped by, once she asked Leonard if that was his girlfriend when Mary Lou stepped out for something.

“No, just a friend, she was there the day I crashed.”

All his Mom did was nod but she had a small little smile on her face.

Leonard had been stuck flat on his back for a week, other than the nurses coming in to move him and check his back, there was nothing he could do but watch TV. Every few hours they came in to remove the little bag and replace it, and reset the catheter. He really didn’t like that part at all, it hurt. It was also terrible when three of them came in and lifted him carefully to use the little pot, then they washed his behind for him.

He hated that part, too. But finally the catheter came out, he just did his business in the little pot. It wasn’t easy to do with his leg stuck out straight and his arms still held down flat across his stomach.

Things just plain hurt like hell if he moved very much.

Then an older woman came in, it was round 9 PM. She had a pan and some towels, she pulled on some gloves.

“I’m Alice. It’s time for a wash.” She announced. He hadn’t seen her before, she looked to be around 45 or 50, she was slightly heavy with silver colored hair.

She tugged on some latex gloves and first washed everything she could reach around his upper body. Then she washed down his left leg, for some reason that was the only part of him that had no damage.

When she tugged up the sheet and bared his privates, Leonard flinched like he always did. He had been overly modest about that for the first few days but finally managed to get numb to it all as nurses seemed to be constantly shoving those hoses in him. Still, it was always a shock to him when they reached down and uncovered his privates like that.

He felt the warm water, then her hands washing his testicles, she even slid back his foreskin and began to wash there.

The sensation was incredible, Leonard felt himself getting an erection. He tried to make his mind go blank, thinking of everything, anything else but her hands stayed busy.

“I’m sorry.” He told Alice, his face flaming.

“Relax, honey. I have seen so many of these things it doesn’t bother me at all. Besides, it’s a good sign, your body is getting back to normal.”

Then she actually giggled. Finishing up, she mercifully tugged the sheet back in place, smiled at him and left.

Leonard lay there mortified at having gotten a huge boner at a little old lady. It was still solid as a rock, he wanted desperately to reach down and give it a few yanks, make it go away but he couldn’t.

That evening when Mary Lou came in, he was still having some troubles. It didn’t help at all that she wore a skirt and soft pullover top that outlined her bra clearly. She was talking about her classwork and and upcoming field trip like she usually did, all Leonard could think of was those big breasts and the short expanse of leg he could see that showed between her knee and the bottom of her skirt.

She realized finally, glanced at his crotch which displayed a very large tent in the covers. She reached down and tugged on the hem of her skirt with no success, then she flushed again and fell silent.

Leonard could see that she was trying to not look but her eyes kept glancing at him. He wanted to hide, cover up, anything but he couldn’t move.

“I..I’m…Sorry, Mary Lou…I just…”

“It’s all right. I understand. I didn’t think, my skirt is too short. I won’t…” She fell silent, looked down shyly.

“You are really pretty, and nice. When I get out of here, can you and I..go out, maybe?” Leonard asked her.

“I would like that. Yes.” She smiled, then she got up and leaned down to kiss him on the forehead. She hastily left right after that.

That night Alice came in again, once more she had the pan and towels.

“Bedbath, honey!” She announced. Leonard again tried to think of everything under the Sun but once again he just could not stop himself from getting an enormous erection.

Alice washed him with the warm water, then she hesitated.

“I had better…You really look uncomfortable.” She said. She glanced at the door, then back.

“I will go ahead and relieve that if you want me to.” She smiled. Leonard was surprised, but he didn’t answer.

Alice reached down with the warm towel, rubbed it up and down his length. It only took a few seconds and he released in an explosion, groaning as he did.

Alice just kept on, cleaning him up. In a few seconds he let go the second time.

“You young men sure do build up a lot!” She said, with another small giggle. She finished cleaning his now limp penis, dried him off and pulled the covers back into place.

“There. Do you feel better now?” She asked.

“Yes, thank you.” Leonard told her in a small voice. Alice grinned and left. Leonard lay there for a long time thinking. He had never had actual sex with a girl, the closest he had come was he got to feel Janet Wilcox’s breasts through her sweater and a bra once. They were small, and he felt something there that really didn’t feel like anything but her bra.

But then she went out with one of the football player jocks and he bragged to anyone who would listen that she put out for him. Leonard had felt jealous when he heard that, then he realized that more likely the guy was full of shit.

Still, he never went out with her again, he instead got into his sports so much that he didn’t really think about girls.

Alice came in two nights later, and she did the same thing. It was always much later, after all of the visitors had left. Leonard was getting to be a lot more relaxed about it, even looking forward to it.

Then one evening she came in quite a bit later than normal, she had to wake him up. Once again she began the sensous administrations. Then she stopped and looked at Leonard.

“I shouldn’t do this, but…I want to!” She leaned forward, sucked him into her mouth. He head was bobbing up and down furiously, Leonard felt himself blast off with a feeling he had never had before.

After that, when she came in it was always fairly late, Leonard began to make sure he stayed awake, waiting for her.

Over and over, she would suck him in completely, swallowing it all every time.

One weekend she didn’t come in, one of the other nurses came in instead. Leonard asked her where Alice was, the woman told him it was her long weekend and she would be back on Tuesday.

When she washed him, he got the usual erection and he wasn’t bashful about that at all. Expecting her to reach down and stroke him, he was disappointed when all she did was wash him underneath the sheet. She had a dry towel she placed over the damp one to keep him covered, and was done is seconds.

She looked at him oddly as she finished up and stripped off her gloves.

By the time Alice was back, Leonard was in pretty bad shape. Once again, she relieved him, by now she wasn’t coy about it at all, she used just her bare hand now and stroked him firmly, squeezing at the bottom of each motion. Then she leaned down and sucked him off.

She was staring at him when she did that, her eyes lightly glazed looking, her mouth open, red lips sliding up and down his length.

As he blasted off with another enormous orgasm, her own eyelids fluttered and she appeared to have a small climax herself.

“You sure do have a big beautiful package there!” She smiled, then tittered.

Then one day several nurses and a Doctor came in, they cut off the casts and poked and probed him for what seemed like hours. He got to move to a wheelchair, and from there to crutches.

Mary Lou was tickled when she came in and found him walking up and down the hallways on his crutches. They talked for a long time that evening, and even held hands. Mary Lou also kissed him on the forehead each night as she prepared to go home, this time he was standing up on his crutches, he leaned down and she tipped her face up and their lips met.

It made his head swim, her lips were soft, puckered slightly. She leaned back, smiled, then kissed him again. It was much later than normal when Mary Lou left that night. He saw her stop and talk to Alice way down the hallway, thought nothing of it since he was intent on exercising his leg.

Leonard began to work very hard, he wanted out of this place. In just a couple of days they came in and moved him to a therapy center, it had a big swimming pool. He could walk fine in the pool, and now he could use his arms. At first it was just dog paddling, but in a few days he was making longer strokes, then he was swimming.

Alice of course worked in the other section, and since he could bathe himself he now never saw her. He had to take care of himself, the first couple of times it was difficult but as his wrists became stronger it became easier.

“Well, it’s time to release you.” His Doctor announced one afternoon. They gave him a long list of instructions, his Mom showed up to pick him up. They did make him use a wheelchair to go down the hall but he didn’t really need it by then.

Alice stepped out of one room as they went by. She was dressed is street clothes, Leonard had never seen her in anything other than her nurse’s smock.

She spotted Leonard and smiled.

“Ready to go, I see?” She said.

“Yes, I am released now. What are you doing here so early?”

“I am visiting a girl friend of mine who is ill. Well, I have to say I enjoyed your company, and I am glad to see you are getting better so quickly.”

She patted him on the shoulder and went on down the hallway.

“Who was that?” His Mom asked.

“That is Alice, she was my night nurse.”

“Oh. Well, she seems nice.”

“Yes, very nice.” Leonard said, unable to stop himself from a laugh, getting a sidelong look from his Mother.

Then they went on out to the car and went home.

Two weeks went by, Leonard got stronger every day. His Mother did throw a fit when she caught him out in the driveway rolling down towards the street, but gave up and went back inside when he jumped the curb and rode down the length of it and nothing broke.

Mary Lou came by the house nearly every day, they sat outside and talked a lot. By now they spent quite a bit of time necking, his Mom had all of the figured out and made herself scarce when she came by.

She had already told him she really liked Mary Lou, and it was obvious she considered them a likely permanent item.

The Senior Prom was coming up, Leonard asked her if he could be her date, she readily agreed.

His Mom looked at him with pride that evening, carefully adjusting his tie and clothing. Then she handed him the keys to the car, kissed him on the cheek.

Leonard drove over to Mary Lou’s house, it was going to be their very first real date. She answered the door, he looked her up and down, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He slid his fingers carefully inside the bodice of her gown to attach the corsage he had bought her, just like his Mom had told him to. He was cautious with his fingers, she had a much larger expanse of breasts showing than he was used to.

By then he had had both of them in his hands several times, and quite bare, too, but still he was careful.

“Come on in and meet my Mom, honey.” She asked him.

Leonard stepped in, then came to an abrupt stop.

“This is Alice, my Mom. I think you might have already seen her at the hospital, she works the evening shift there.” Mary lou introduced her.

“Oh..yes, we have met. A..uhh…couple of times..Nice to see you…uhh..Mrs Hansen.”

“Mr. Hazard here was a very good patient, I really enjoyed working with him!” she told Mary Lou, with a huge smile on her face.

“Uhh..thank you.” Leonard said, feeling his face flush bright red.

“You can call me Alice, honey. You kids have a good time now, take care of my little girl.”, She said.

They turned towards the door, Leonard glanced back at her.

Alice stood there with a smile, then she winked at him.

Leonard couldn’t help himself, he winked back.

He realized that if his relationship with Mary Lou worked out?

There were going to be some family secrets.

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