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She’s A Handful!

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“You sure that’s okay, Joe? You don’t mind?”

I thought to myself for a minute. What the hell was there to mind? My business partner, Frank was simply asking me to look after his daughter for a few weeks – well, asking me and my wife, Jenny – while she attempted to get over her latest disastrous affair. It seemed that Frank wanted to put a bit of distance between her and the low-life that she had been seeing, and my house out in the country seemed like the obvious choice.

Besides, his daughter and my wife were fairly close in age and we thought it was likely that they would get on together okay.

“Sure, Frank. Honestly, it’s no problem. Sally and Jenny will have a great time together. She’ll have forgotten all about this latest guy in a week or so!”

“Great! Thanks a lot, Joe. She’ll drive down on Saturday, okay?”

Assuring my friend that his daughter would be in good care, I put the phone down and smiled to myself. Sally was a nice, young brunette and deserved better than the guys that she habitually seemed to date. I knew that we would all get along fine!

Saturday came and Jenny and I welcomed Sally like an old friend. Jenny had made up one of the spare rooms and our charge seemed overjoyed at the small amount of trouble that we had taken to ensure that she was comfortable.

“Listen, Sally,” I said as my wife and I left the girl to unpack her bag, “I know you’ll most likely want to spend some time on your own, but for tonight I’ve booked us all a table at Luigi’s. I hope that’s okay?”

Sally nodded enthusiastically and threw a warm smile at me that melted my heart and stirred my loins. I had to be careful here. Apart from the fact that she was an extremely attractive girl, and had made a pass at me on several occasions, I knew that she was very vulnerable right now and I’m just not the sort of guy to take advantage – well not much advantage, anyway!”

Dinner went well and we all chatted freely and openly. Frank and I had been right; Sally and Jenny got along famously and on occasions I felt a little left out of their girlie chat.

“No. I’ve gone right off men!” Sally had consumed quite a lot of wine by the end of the meal and it had loosened her tongue a little.

“I mean it!” she continued, “apart from Joe here, I think all men are pathetic!”

“Oh, I don’t know!” Jenny countered, smiling cheekily at me, “Men have their uses!”

My heart seemed to miss a beat as I felt my wife’s foot run slowly up the inside of my leg. I turned and saw that look in her eyes.

“Even so,” Jenny continued, now looking back at Sally but still massaging my leg with her foot under the table, “maybe you’d like to join me and some of the local ladies for a girls evening at the house?”

“What? You mean talking about cooking and holiday plans. That sort of thing?”

“Ah, no, not really!” Jenny laughed.

For a moment, Sally was quiet until she finally caught on.

“You don’t mean -?”

Suddenly there was silence. I had known that Jenny was almost certainly going to try to initiate her new friend into the close circle of females that met every Wednesday at our home, I just hadn’t expected her to act so soon.

I’ve always known that Jenny was bi-sexual. I’m not the jealous sort and it has never bothered me. Bothered me? Hell, it’s a real turn-on!

The rest of the meal was finished in relative silence and I wondered if she had pushed Sally too hard too soon. But Sally didn’t look offended, just composed and deep in thought. But we had already arrived back at the house before she really spoke again.

“You know what you were talking about earlier, Jenny?” She suddenly asked as we sipped drinks in the lounge.

Jenny’s eyes immediately locked onto the younger girls’ and smiled. She nodded.

“Well, I think I’d like to try!”

That was it. The ice had been broken.

“But I don’t think I’m ready for a whole bunch of strangers yet. Could you teach me by yourself?”

“You mean here? Now?” Jenny answered

Sally nodded and looked demurely down at the carpet. She really was a good looking young woman.

“I glanced over at my wife with a “do-you-want-me-to-leave?” look on my face. But, mercifully, Jenny shook her head before once again addressing Sally.

“If it’s what you want, honey. Of course. It will be my pleasure! You don’t mind if Joe stay’s, do you? I think he’s getting a little excited at the thought!”

Jenny wasn’t wrong! And as Sally smiled her immediate consent I could feel the start of what I knew would develop into a very solid erection.

Jenny didn’t waste any time – perhaps she was worried that the younger girl might change her mind. She rose quickly and joined Sally on the sofa while I looked on from my favourite arm chair. My wife’s arm snaked along the back of the sofa around Sally’s shoulders and I saw our friend’s body react sharply as she felt the first skin on skin contact.

Jenny continued her slow seduction. Her finger tips lightly touched Sally’s bare shoulders and gently stroked the young skin of her swan-like neck. Sally’s eyes closed and I heard a soft moan escape her painted lips; this sound being muffled as Jenny’s face lowered and their lips touched briefly.

Sally wanted my wife; that much was clear. Her arms curled around Jenny’s neck and pulled her down harder. The girls’ lips were locked in a wet embrace and I could see Sally’s tongue slowly extend from her own mouth and start to probe deeply between Jenny’s lips.

“Mmmmm…can I see your breasts please Jenny?” She gasped as the kiss was finally broken.

“I knew that my wife would never be able to resist such a request. She loves showing off her perfectly formed womanly globes, and she immediately pulled down her tight fitting top.

I watched with growing excitement as my wife’s bra-less boobs sprang free of their confines. Slowly, she took Sally’s hands and placed them on the warm globes. At first she used her own hands to show the younger girl how she liked to be touched, but Sally was a fast learner and after only a few seconds, Jenny was able to leave her star pupil to explore by herself.

I looked on as Sally’s hands gently squeezed and fondled my wife’s breasts. Her nipples were getting harder with every second and both women had now started breathing a little more rapidly. Jenny’s hands were busy as well at the top of Sally’s dress. I could see her fingers tremble as she pulled the shoulder straps down and my eyes were treated to a second pair of boobs!

As My wife and her new friend began groping each other, the younger girl’s body was starting to react. I could see as she pressed herself up against Jenny trying to get as much physical contact as she could. Sally’s legs were also beginning to tremble a little too and her soft moaning had become a little more intense.

“Ohhh…Jenny!…that feels so good!” she murmured

But I could see that Jenny wanted to touch more than this girl’s breasts. Adjusting her position a little she managed to gently push Sally backwards and down onto the sofa. Her hands laid softly on the girls’ legs and gently parted them. Watching and waiting was agonising for me, but eventually Jenny managed to slowly push Sally’s dress up so that her panties were exposed.

Sally was now breathing hard as my wife began to kiss her way up those long, slender legs. Her fingers gripped the waistband of the undergarment and pulled them down with a flourish. I heard a gasp escape from Sally’s lips and her legs fell wide open as her hands rested on my wife’s head.

“Oh yes, Jenny!” She mumbled, “I want this…you know I want this!”

Jenny clearly couldn’t wait any longer and buried her face between Sally’s spread thighs. The younger girl moaned loudly as she felt my wife’s hot tongue on her clit. Her back arched and her legs shook. Her hips bucked forwards madly as the climax ripped through her lithe body.

Jenny continued to tongue Sally as she shook her way through a multiple orgasm. I watched in pure fascination as my partner’s daughter twisted herself back and forwards enjoying her first lesbian climax. As Jenny began to slow the lashing of her tongue, so the young woman began to relax her body. Her limbs still twisted and twitched but her breathing became slightly more regular and her voice returned in a horse whisper.

“Oh, Jenny! That was so good! But I want to touch you too! I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel!”

“Oh yes, baby!” Jenny replied as her head came up from between Sally’s open legs. “I was so hoping that you would say that!”

Quickly, my wife pulled off her skirt and panties. She lifted herself back onto the sofa gently and smiled down at Sally. Her legs opened slowly and she displayed her freshly shaved pussy. Sally may not have been experienced, but she quickly made up for this short falling in enthusiasm. She lowered her head down between my wife’s legs and, as her tongue gently lapped at Jenny’s hard clit, I saw the shiver that ran through her body.

“Yes, that feels nice, honey!” Jenny cooed as she began to pluck vigorously at her own nipples. “Mmmm…yes,…eat me baby, eat me!”

Sally complied willingly and laved her tongue back and forth over Jenny’s engorged clitoris.

My own erection was throbbing almost uncontrollably by this time and I saw my wife glance up at me. The bulge in the front of my pants must have been clearly visible.

“Mmmm…that’s it Sally,” Jenny’s voice was steady now and commanding. She was taking control of the situation.

“Why don’t you let Joe rub that nice big cock all over your pussy, baby? I know you’ll like that!”

I love my wife, but as she uttered these words my feelings went well beyond that. I watched as Sally turned her head towards me and smiled. The nod of her head told me exactly what I wanted to hear and I was on my feet in a flash. My jeans came off easily but my underwear was more difficult and I heard Jenny giggle as I fought to pull it over my throbbing hard-on.

As soon as I was free of my clothes, I moved up behind Sally and nudged my cock against her pussy. I heard a muffled moan from her as she continued to lap away at my wife’s pussy and, taking this as a sign of encouragement, I pushed the first couple of inches into her soaked slit.

This time Sally’s squeal of delight was clearly audible and I began to rock my hips backwards and forwards. Her pussy felt tight and warm and I knew that there was no way that I was going to be able to hold out for long. Inch by inch I pushed my cock further up into her body, edging the younger girl forwards all the time and maximising her oral contact with Jenny’s open cunt.

Suddenly Jenny moaned deeply. I knew that sound and was fully aware that she was cumming thickly onto our friend’s face. I bucked my hips sharply and thrust up into Sally. Again she gasped into my wife’s pussy and caused Jenny to cum a further time. It seemed like I was the only one who hadn’t released yet, but the girls had some ideas about that!

Quickly everyone seemed to change positions and I was suddenly left without a hole to bury my throbbing tool into.

“On your back, lover!” Jenny laughed as she pushed me back onto the sofa.

I complied simply and let the two women do all the work.

As soon as I was down, I could feel hands and breasts being pressed all over my cock. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on something non-sexual. But it was useless. Long, slender fingers cupped my aching balls and nipples rubbed sensually along my shaft and glans. I could feel the cum rising and I knew that I had passed the point of no return.

I watched the girls kiss deeply again and felt Jenny’s hand on my dick as she pumped my cum out and onto Sally’s hot tits. I groaned again, half from the pleasure of release and half from the sight of my cum splashing against Sally’s breasts. The thick liquid didn’t seem to know when to stop and within a few short seconds Sally’s nipples and tits were covered in my cum.

Sally stayed with us for a full two weeks more and it was her father who eventually spoke to me to ask if everything was all right.

“You sure she’s not getting on your nerves, Joe?” He asked when he telephoned me. “I know she can be a handful!”

I smiled back down the telephone and prayed that Frank would never find out how much of a handful his daughter really was!

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