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Sherri Goes Arse to Mouth

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I’d been overseas on business more than 2 weeks. The long flight got me home in the late afternoon. Big hugs from my wife and 9 year old daughter. After a long hot shower I came down for dinner. Sherri had prepared a special dinner, the table lit by candles, wine already corked and breathing. She was dressed to kill, low necked blouse, push up bra, short skirt, stockings, make up, the works. Before Annie came in, she groped me and said she had a special treat for later.

I was so tired that I barely made it through the first course. With an apologetic smile, I stumbled upstairs and into bed.

Four hours later I woke. My mind was listing all the things I had to do as soon as I got to the office. I needed to sleep, but couldn’t still my mind. For an hour or more I shifted and turned, trying to relax.

‘What’s wrong, love?’ I’d woken Sherri. I said I was dead beat but couldn’t sleep, jet lag maybe. Sherri held me for a few minutes, then whispered in my ear that she knew how to relax me. Her hand went to my groin and tugged and stroked my cock as she chewed my ear and kissed my neck. In a moment it was hard. She pushed the sheets back and knelt between my legs. She sucked on my knob for a minute, then went straight into deep throat mode. She must have been horny because usually she works up to this – my cock is quite thick, especially round the base, and she takes a while to get used to it – and I do love to see her lips stretched around me! I groaned as her nose pressed against my belly and her throat rippled around my dick. She slowly bobbed back and forth, her hands playing with my balls as she sucked. I knew she was going to prolong this for a while and settled back to enjoy it, hands going to my chest.

In the dim light I could see her eyes on me as I played with my nipples and I gave her a big smile. ‘Jesus, that’s good!’ I grunted as she did the throat ripple thing again. In response, she shifted a little and ran her finger down my perineum, stroking it for a moment, then around my anus. ‘Oh yeah, baby!’ I hissed as she circled the pucker and gently pushed in its centre. Her finger pushed and stroked, gathering enough sweat from my crack to grease my ring a little. She managed to get the tip in, but no more. She pulled it back then reached up to my mouth. Her eyes sparkled as she rubbed it over my lips then pushed it in, wiggling it around as I sucked all the musty flavours off. Once it was coated with saliva, she pulled back and fingered my date again. It slid all the way in and she twisted it about, probing deep in my rectum. I gasped and moaned as she brushed against my prostate, and I knew she could feel my cock twitching between her lips.

She eased back a bit and focussed on my cock for a while. I told her how good it felt, how I had been dreaming about her for days now. She could feel the tension building and started pushing at my prostate again. I squirmed and moaned as jolts went through my lower body. With her free hand, she reached up my chest, pushed away one hand and pinched a nipple between her long nails. What with her mouth bobbing up and down on my cock, a finger up my arse and my nipple being pinched almost in half, I tensed and went into a heaving groaning orgasm, bucking against her and jetting time and again into her hot mouth.

Sherri nursed my cock until it was soft and I was lying back panting. She eased her finger out of my butt and slid up until she was lying on top of me, the silk of her nightie cool against me, her breasts flat against my chest. She kissed me, opening my lips with hers, then pushing several dollops of gloopy cum into my mouth. We snowballed for a long few minutes, then she told me she loved me, kissed me good night, and rolled over. I spooned up behind her and in a moment was asleep.

I didn’t wake till mid-morning. Sherri had brought up a glass of juice and woke me with soft kisses. She’d taken Annie to her dance class, doing the usual pick-ups on the way. One of the other parents would bring her home around noon. While I drank, she pulled down her sweat pants and briefs. She knows how much I love those long straight legs with their perfect feet and chunky thighs – nearly as much as those pouting labia and hairy belly, not to mention the plump taut buttocks… A fantastic 34 year old body. She posed for a moment then took the empty glass from me and set it on the bedside table. Straddling my chest with those long limbs, she knelt over my face and lowered her puss. ‘You owe me one, buster,’ she said, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling my mouth against her parts.

I didn’t need any coercion and tongued and sucked the swampy gash. She braced her hands on the bead head and rolled her hips, smearing my face with her honey. ‘Christ I’m horny!’ she said. I grabbed her butt with both hands and held her still. Latching on to her fat clit, I sucked it while Sherri moaned. ‘Oh god!’ she gasped. ‘How quickly do you want me to cum?’ I eased back a bit and chewed on her labia for a couple of minutes, lapped up some juices, then went back to her clit. I flicked back and forth on the erect bud, holding Sherri still. She was making little pleasure noises and grinding down on me. I kept this up for a long few minutes, then locked my lips around the pulpy flesh once more. Sherri let out a long moan as I gently applied suction. ‘Use your teeth!’ she gasped urgently. I grated my teeth gently back and forth. ‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’ she wailed, squirming and pressing against my face, launching into a convulsive orgasm.

When it was finally over, she slid down my body, put her sweaty hot face against mine, and kissed me hard. ‘God, I needed that!’ she said with a huge smile. She reached down between us, grabbed my hard cock, and slotted it into her wet box. ‘And now I need this!’ she said shifting so that I was buried deep in her. We both let out a long sigh and Sherri rolled her hips as we kissed long and lovingly. Her snatch felt so good on my cock that I wondered why I ever went away. She finished by licking her juices from my chin, then sat up, getting the last inch of my cock inside her, spreading her cuntal walls.

‘Oooofff,’ she grunted. ‘I can feel that up under my ribs!’ I chuckled and bucked my hips, making her go ooofff again. Then I pushed up her top and released her breasts from her bra. I squeezed the heavy mounds, massaging them and hefting their weight. Sherri pulled her top over her head and reached behind her to undo the bra. Tossing it aside, she leant back, resting her hands on her thighs so that her big tits lifted and thrust outward. I put both hands to work massaging and kneading. She has beautiful breasts, made bigger through motherhood, and hanging slightly with the natural sag of her age.

‘Have I ever told you how much I love your tits?’ I mused, brushing the fat nubs lightly, marvelling at how responsive they’d become through years of my abuse.

‘Only about a million times,’ she said, continuing to work up and down a few inches on my cock. ‘Mmmmmmmmm,’ she moaned as I pinched the nubs a little. ‘If you keep doing that, I won’t last long!’

‘That’s OK, baby,’ I smiled, pinching a little harder. ‘I plan on fucking you for a loonnngg time.’

‘I’ve been dreaming about that, lover,’ she replied. ‘But I want to fuck for a while before I cum again.’

‘OK, luv,’ I said, rolling her onto her back and hitching her knees over my arms. ‘If that’s what you want…’ I started to fuck her with long strokes, my cock thudding deep into her womb, touching her cervix on each downstroke, making her grunt. She pulled my face down for a hungry kiss then locked her ankles behind the small of my back, pressing them against me on each drive forward.

That action on her cervix pushes her towards orgasm so after a minute we eased back and I fucked her at a more leisurely pace. We kissed more and I sucked her breasts as my cock continued to stroke in her hot puss. We were working up a sweat and after another long kiss, I hitched her knees up again. She looked at me in anticipation, a damp strand of hair across her eyes, lower lip caught between her teeth. Her ankles locked behind me again and as my cock arrowed in and pounded her cervix, her eyes closed, mouth opened and head arched back.

In only a couple of dozen strokes, she came, going uuh, uuh, uuh between long drawn out wails, as I continued to pound into her. Then she heaved and came again, fingernails scrabbling on my shoulders, and I knew she was into one of those long rolling multiple orgasms that she sometimes gets. Continuing to thrust, I rearranged her slightly and leant down to kiss her. Her lips were hot and dry and she kissed me back desperately, her hands holding me tight by the hair as she drank at my mouth. She was bucking back erratically at me as the convulsions washed over her. I pulled back, pushed her thighs wide and steadily fucked away, watching her writhe and moan, hand now pressed against her open mouth.

Finally, she pushed at me, hand scrabbling against my chest. ‘Enough!’ she gasped. ‘Enough!’ I pulled back and she rolled onto her side, going into a foetal position, one arm clamped between her thighs. I snuggled up behind her and held her as she came down, kissing her sweaty neck lightly.

Eventually her breathing calmed and she twisted so she was facing me. We kissed deeply. ‘You have no idea how intense that was,’ she said, still panting a little. ‘Every time it happens, it nearly kills me.’ I kissed her again. She broke the kiss and looked deep into my eyes. ‘God, I love you!’ she said then kissed me again.

Her hand went down between us and grasped my sticky wilting cock. ‘Poor baby hasn’t cum yet,’ she cooed. I gave her an unhappy look. ‘Mummy going to look after poor boy, don’t worry.’ I gave her a happy look, settling into the game. ‘But mommy’s little pussy is all stretched and sore!’ I gave an unhappy look. ‘What can we do?’ I looked puzzled. ‘I know!’ Happy. ‘Mommy can rub your little pee pee with her fingers.’ Sad. ‘Oh. No good?’ Shake of the head. ‘Well…’ thinking, ‘Mommy could lick your pee pee.’ Sad face. ‘Hmmm, what else could mommy do?’ Hopeful face. ‘Oh no! You don’t want to put it in mommy’s bottom?’ Big happy face. ‘In mommy’s dirty bottom where poo poo comes out?’ Even bigger happy face.

‘OK then, baby,’ she said. Huge toothy smile ‘But first mommy needs a big glass of juice and … a little smoke.’ I looked puzzled. Sure, on rare occasions, we smoked a bit of weed as part of our love making – especially if we were planning a bit of butt fucking. But I always got it through a mate in the cricket club and I knew we were out. Sherri giggled. ‘I got some from Mandy. She said it’s really good stuff.’ Oh, Mandy. Our good friend Mandy, who was the major source of gossip amongst our circle of friends. Mandy who always drank too much at parties and went a little wild. Mandy who Sherri has coffee with at least once a week. Mandy, in her mid-forties, whose youngest child is best friends with Annie. Yeah, OK. ‘And don’t worry, dopey,’ continued Sherri. ‘Mandy’s taking Annie home after dancing and will keep her as late as we like!’ I gave another big smile. ‘Now get me that juice, sweetheart, and maybe put a shot of vodka in it.’

When I came back upstairs with a pitcher of harvey wallbanger, Sherri was sitting cross legged on the sheets rolling a joint. A little zip lock baggie was next to her along with a bottle of scented massage oil and a tube of anal eze. She lit the joint and took a long drag as I poured glasses. We settled back on the pillows. The weed was certainly strong and, what with no breakfast and the alcohol, my head was soon buzzing. Sherri took one long last drag, held the smoke while she butted the roach out, then kissed me. This last long toke almost lifted my head off and I slumped back on the pillows. Sherri giggled and lay sideways to me. She splayed her legs and ran a finger up and down her slit. One foot rested in my groin and her toes kneaded my cock and balls. I reached across and stroked her breast, all soft now and puddled.

We grinned at each other dopily. ‘Baby want to drink mommy’s milk?’ she said. Big grin from her boy. I knelt beside her and slobbered around a nipple before sucking on it. ‘Ummmm, drink up,’ she said lazily. I sucked a little harder and reached down to play with her clit. ‘Ooohhh,’ she said. ‘Baby must be very hungry!’ I squeezed her breast so it peaked and started to pull her nipple lightly with my teeth. It began to respond and harden and her clit, slippery under my finger, pushed a little out of its hood. Sherri moaned and her head went back in pleasure. Her hand felt for the tube of anal eze and she rubbed the blunt end up and down her labia, teasing the entrance to her cunny. I switched breasts and slowly brought the other nipple to attention as she cradled my head with one hand and worked the tube around her snatch with the other.

‘Mmmmmmm, baby,’ she eventually said. ‘I think mommy’s boobies are all empty now.’ She rolled over on to her front and I picked up the bottle of oil. I spent a long time on her neck and shoulders, then down her spine and worked the areas each side just above the pelvis. Finally onto the buttocks and thighs. I knelt between her legs and pulled apart her buttocks, revealing the deep cleft and pink/purple anus. Even though it had seen a fair amount of use, the ring looked tight and virginal – it never failed to turn me on. ‘Is mommy’s pooper clean, baby?’ she said in a muffled dreamy voice. I took this as an invitation and leant forward, washing my tongue down her crack and circling her puckered prune. ‘Mmmmm, that’s nice,’ she said.

For the next ten minutes I reamed her butt, kissing, sucking and tonguing the pulpy opening. ‘Well, the outside is clean,’ I said, then kissed and nipped her buttocks.

‘But what about the inside?’ she grunted. ‘Mummy went to the toilet before and maybe I didn’t get it all clean.’ I licked down her crack and wiped my tongue back and forth over her pucker. She reached back, put a hand on the back of my head and pressed. ‘Clean inside mummy’s poo poo,’ she said and I felt her anus blossom as she bore down. My tongue slid easily through the ring and she let out a long sigh. Her rectum was humid but clean and when my tongue was deep in it, she clenched her sphincter and pushed it out, before relaxing and letting me spear through again. ‘Yyaaarrggghh,’ she groaned each time I pushed through the rubbery muscle; then ‘Uuunnnnnnhhhhh,’ as she forced it back out. She really loves this kind of tongue fucking.

Eventually she rolled onto her back and pulled me down for a kiss, her mouth sucking my tongue to get a taste of that backdoor flavour. ‘Baby, you do that sooooo good,’ she said breathily. I kissed her again and her hand went to my groin, stroking my cock and bringing it to life. I broke the kiss and moved round until I was kneeling behind her, knees either side of her head, holding my semi-hard cock to her lips. ‘Feed it to mommy,’ she said, opening her mouth and tilting her head back. I shifted a little, then shuffled forward. Her lips grasped at it but I kept going until it was fully in her mouth. At this angle she could take it all. I began to fuck her mouth and was soon fully hard. She was doing that throat rippling each time I pushed all the way in. I leant forward, grabbed a meaty tit in each hand and began to hump her mouth, my balls puddling on her nose on each down stroke. She got a hand between her legs and a couple of fingers started circling her clit.

I pulled at her nipples, making them hard. She groaned and I took this as encouragement to give them the kind of workout that she sometimes likes, twisting and pinching, pulling them out til they were stretched as far as they’d go. She was making an animal growling sound and started to use her teeth on my dick. I paused with just the knob between her lips and she nipped and chewed on it as I worked those nubs extra hard, both of us groaning and panting. After a few seconds, I couldn’t take any more and slid deep into her throat again, letting her do her throat thing while I rubbed her breasts soothingly. Then it was back out for some more knob chewing and nipple torture. Sherri was getting close to orgasm. As always, the grass had heightened her sexual response time, but slowed mine.

When she came, she twisted away from my cock, huffing and gasping while rubbing her twat. It wasn’t as intense as earlier and when it was past, I tried to slip my cock back into her mouth. But she pushed me back onto my haunches, wet cock bobbing against my belly. ‘Not yet, baby,’ she grinned. ‘You’ve got some more work to do before you blow.’

‘Come on, honey,’ I pleaded. ‘We’ve been fooling around for more than an hour. Let me cum. You know I’m good for more.’

‘I know, baby,’ she said soothingly. ‘But I want another big load like last night. You don’t know how it turns mommy on to have your cock spurting and gushing in her mouth.’ She ran a tongue around her lips and made yum yum sounds.

I gave a rueful smile and she knelt beside me offering up her mouth for a sloppy kiss. Then she reached for the baggie to roll another fat joint and I filled our glasses again. We smoked slowly, taking big lungfuls and holding it. Sherri held out her blotched reddened titties and made a pained pout and I did the same with my gnawed cock. We both had a fit of giggles and I ended up lying in her lap, looking up at the ceiling as she finished the joint.

‘You ready to fuck mommy’s arse?’ Sherri said, stroking my face.

‘Uh huh,’ I smiled up at her lazily.

‘OK, baby,’ she smiled back. ‘But first I’ve got something else Mandy gave us.’ She reached under the pillow and brought out a little brown bottle. ‘It’s amyl,’ she explained, holding it up. I could read the label – RUSH. ‘Gay guys use it a lot.’

‘How come Mandy has it?’ I asked, kind of bewildered.

”Cos she uses it. It makes anal sex easier and Gary has a big cock. He used to nearly kill her but now, after a bit of grass and some amyl, she has a good time.’

‘But you don’t have any trouble with anal sex. You’ve always loved it.’

‘Yeah, I know. But I want you to really pound me, fuck me hard.’ Her eyes were glistening, mouth slightly open. Normally I spend a long time preparing her with tongue and fingers, then easing my cock in. I rarely go all the way in, as the thickness of the base of my cock causes her sphincter to stretch painfully. For the same reason, I never fuck her that way very hard – it tends to be controlled and shallow.

‘Wow, honey,’ I said, eyebrows raised. ‘I’d be afraid of hurting you.’

‘Well, let’s try it,’ she said gaily, breaking the seal and unscrewing the cap.

‘What, both of us?’

‘Sure, babe,’ she said with a wicked grin. ‘Mandy says it makes Gary quite wild.’ She held the bottle to one nostril, pressed closed the other with her forefinger and took a long slow sniff. Then she changed nostrils and took another long sniff. She tossed her head a little then handed me the vial. I did as she had done. It had a kind of chemical smell, but not very strong. For a moment nothing happened. I looked at Sherri lying on her back, massaging her boobs. Then the blood started to pound in my veins and I felt my face getting hot. A sense of sexual abandonment came over me and I looked down at Sherri, recognising it in her too. I knelt by her face and she sucked in my cock voraciously. As she sucked it to full hardness, I picked up the anal eze.

I rocked back onto my haunches and coated the full length of my cock with the gel. Sherri sat up and reached for the amyl. We each took another long snort then, tossing her hair, Sherri got onto her hands and knees. ‘Grease me up, big boy,’ she said wiggling her butt. I knelt behind her, head pounding, and quickly smeared gel around that dark date, then pushed a couple of globs through the ring. ‘Come on, baby,’ she said hotly. ‘Fuck my arse! Give it to me hard!’

I quickly got in place and lodged the straining head of my dick against her back door. In one long slow steady thrust I buried it in her, pushing through the resisting sphincter, through her rectum and up into her bowel. She grunted as the last couple of inches stretched her anus till the skin was white, then we both sighed as my thighs came to rest against her taut cheeks. I ground against her as she got used to the size, then leaned my weight on her back and reached for her hanging dugs.

‘You want it hard in the arse?’ I said mauling those fleshy tits.

‘Oh god,’ she panted. ‘You’re so big!’

I bucked my hips and pinched her hard nipples. ‘Tell me you want to be fucked hard in the butt,’ I demanded, then captured her ear lobe between my teeth.

‘Uh uh uh!’ she grunted. I ran my tongue into her ear and humped her arse a little. ‘Oooohhh!’ she wailed. ‘Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!’

I gave her nipples one last pinch then straightened up, put my hands firmly on her hips and started to fuck that tight arse with long steady strokes, making her cheeks ripple each time I thudded into them.

‘Uuuuuuuhhh!’ she wailed as I pistoned into her.

‘Hard enough?’ I grunted, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her head back until her spine was a taut bow.

‘Uuuuuuuuhh!’ she said. I took that as a ‘yes’ and pounded away, watching my cock as it plunged back and forth between those magnificent buttocks, spreading my wife’s greasy rosebud, and arrowing into her bowel.

I leant my weight on her back again and caught those swinging dugs. ‘You’re arse stays open even when I pull out,’ I hissed into her ear, continuing to pound away. ‘It’s so slack I could drive a truck in there.’ She moaned and I tugged those hard nips. ‘I oughta spank your butt for being so slack,’ I hissed. She moaned again. ‘Is that a yes?’ I asked. ‘You want me to spank that fat arse?’

Not waiting for an answer, I knelt upright again, tightened my grip on her hair, and started to slap and backhand her pale buttocks, once for each thrust in and once for each pull out. ‘Ow … ow … ow!’ she wailed. But she didn’t ask me to stop and as her cheeks got redder and redder she started to rotate her hips and push back at my thrusting dick. I released her hair and used both hands to punish her butt, letting her time the rhythm by fucking herself on my cock.

She was going faster and faster, yelping with each blow. Then she put her forehead down on the pillow and wailed, ‘Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming!’ Her anus was spasming round my cock, and I thrust even harder to force through the resistance. I felt my own orgasm approaching and jacked into her heaving rear a dozen more times, pulled out and shuffled quickly up the bed.

Sherri collapsed onto her side and I held my cock to her lips. ‘Suck me!’ I commanded urgently, holding my greasy penis at its base. Sherri opened her mouth and, for the first time, took my cock straight from her butt. She sucked on it hard, her hand taking over from mine and jacking at the base. ‘Yyyuuuurrrggghhh!’ I yelled, feeling a flood of semen surge up from my balls. Sherri sucked and jacked harder as I jetted jizz into her mouth, then lowered her hand to my balls, mashing them and getting a last couple of jets.

She suckled on my softening cock for a while, then opened her mouth to release me. Her hand was busy at her puss, rubbing round and round. I could see thin traces of my spunk between her teeth and in the corner of her mouth. ‘Kiss me,’ she said. I lowered my face to hers and our lips met. She put her hand behind my head and held me as her tongue pushed a warm wad of spunk past my lips. I sucked it from her and she moaned. We swapped it back and forth and I lay along side her.

‘Oh honey,’ she sighed. ‘That was soooo good!’ I smiled into her twinkling eyes and we kissed again. Then she rolled over and snuggled back, spooning her backside against my groin.

As I drifted off to sleep I wondered if the next time we used the amyl I could get her to lick my arse…

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