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Meeting potential sexual partners on the Internet, while fraught with potential disaster, does have its benefits. My sexual tastes are very specific and often, it’s difficult finding someone with complimentary interests. Although you wouldn’t think it would be so difficult…after all, I love to suck cock and what man in their right mind doesn’t appreciate a good blowjob?

Actually, I’m such a man – for whatever reason I don’t particularly enjoy being sucked. I can’t quite explain it, but I’m much happier providing service than being serviced. And I’m not interested in fucking or kissing or making out – I just want a man to feed me his cock! But not so surprisingly, most men also want to suck and fuck.

Of course, if I do say so, I’m very suckable and fuckable. I’m in my thirties, but look like a college kid. I have dark, Asian features: a slim, short body and a boyish face. My large eyes, long eyelashes, and full lips add to my prowess as a cocksucker. My cock is on the smaller side, but smooth and uncut. Many men have wanted to fuck me and suck me, but I’m always happiest on my knees.

Which leads me back to the Internet. Using or, I’ll occasionally correspond with men who would love nothing more than to have their own personal cocksucker. But more often than not, they also want to fuck or rim or kiss. And many times, I’ll just get a creepy vibe from someone. If my instinct tells me to walk away, I usually do. And on top of my specific sexual preference, I have a fairly specific physical type as well (40-50ish, fit, masculine, nice guy, nice cock). It takes some time to find a match.

But about a year ago, I started chatting with someone online who was a match. He was around 50, tall, fit, intelligent, and had a big fat uncut cock. And he just had one sexual interest – getting his monster cock serviced. I had found my perfect man!

But incredibly, it took well over a year for us to connect. If it wasn’t our mismatched schedules, it was my faulty Internet connection, or some other kind of miscommunication. It seemed as if we were just not destined to meet. Until one Saturday night, I found him online. We hadn’t chatted in months and I was very excited to see his screen name pop up.

Our conversation was quick and to the point. A basic “Want me to come over and suck your cock?” was all it took for him to give me his address and invite me over. A quick shower and shave later, I was on my way.

He buzzed me into his building and I quickly walked down the hallway towards his apartment. His door was halfway open. I walked in to find my online friend standing in front of me completely nude. He was as promised – tall and rugged looking, with a sexy balding head and a healthy smattering of dark chest hair. His cock was pointing straight at me and was remarkably thick; at least doubling my own cock.

The apartment was dingy and dark – with a desk and chair in front of me as well as a small single bed off to the side. It smelled and felt like a library, and somehow added to the excitement: a strange apartment, a naked man, and a big cock. What else would I want to be doing on a Saturday night?

I dropped to my knees and examined my new friend closely. His cock was a beauty and his foreskin was still draped over the head. I gently pulled it back revealing the rest of his impressive manhood. My smallish hands barely fit around him.

I gazed at his penis intently. It was strong and smooth…his shiny cock-head pulsed as I slowly stroked him. His ball-sac was mildly fuzzy, although his shaft was long and hairless. But the highlight of this gorgeous specimen of a cock was its immense thickness. I’ve sucked god-knows-how-many cocks in my life (maybe 250?) and this was possibly the thickest of them all. To say my mouth was watering would be an understatement – I was salivating.

I looked up at my well-hung friend and softly kissed his cock-head. I smiled coquettishly at him as I traced my tongue on the underside of his shaft. His large dark eyes mirrored his desire; he wanted to get sucked as much as I wanted to suck him. I kept licking and kissing his shaft…making out with his member like it was a giant tongue.

I finally put him into my mouth and rhythmically bobbed my head over half his cock…working my way to a full deep throat. The closer I got to the base of his cock, the louder his moans became, and when I finally had him all the way down, he held onto my shoulders and fucked my face. I thought I would get his load right here…on my knees and still fully clothed. But my cock-suckee had other ideas.

He swiftly pulled me onto my feet and we both removed my clothing. I somehow managed to get my pants and shoes off as he pulled my shirt over my head. And just as quickly, he sat me down onto a chair behind us. He stood in front of me and parted my legs as he positioned his cock back into my mouth.

Being fairly close to the bed, I propped my legs up. My bare feet rested on the bed as I sat on the chair spread eagle. The face fucking continued in earnest and for well over twenty minutes, my throat got a thorough work out. His thickness was making even my experienced jaw sore, but it was well worth it. My own cock was hard as stone.

For much of this facial onslaught, he oozed copious amounts of a very tasty, salty pre-cum. I loved it. And when he finally removed his cock from my mouth, my lips and chin were covered with a combination of his pre-cum and my saliva.

When he pulled out, I figured he needed a break, but he really wanted to finish the job. He nudged me onto his bed and pushed me onto my back. Straddling my face, he continued where he left off. His pace was considerably faster, however, and within minutes, he let out a long, epic groan.

I felt several bursts of his cum hit the back of my throat and like a good cocksucker, I swallowed as much as I could. Much of it accumulated in my mouth however, and ended up oozing down my cheek. As he pulled out of my mouth, a final burst hit my lips. It was heavenly.

He collapsed next to me. We laid there in silence for a few minutes as his cock slowly subsided and cum ran down my neck. I didn’t even know his name.

“My name is Jim,” he said. “It was very nice to meet you.”

We chatted for some time, talking about politics, sex, and pop culture. Jim was an interesting guy and I enjoyed his cock as well as his company.

After a good rest, I cleaned up the now-hardened cum on my face and got dressed. At the door, Jim gave me a quick good-bye hug, and I playfully gave his cock one last good-bye tug. Or so I thought.

I could feel his cock growing in my hand. And the intense look in his eyes let me know that he wanted more than my hands on him. I dropped to my knees and treated myself to a second helping. There was no warm up needed this time, as I took him balls deep with little effort. I felt his growing cock-head pulsing at the back of my throat.

Making love to his cock the second time was just as exciting as the first, if not more so. Knowing that I could coax another erection out of him satisfied the inner slut in me, but getting another load out of him would provide supreme satisfaction.

I ended up sitting on the chair again – naked; my legs spread eagle just as before. I loved this position – sexy, slutty, and submissive. Being a submissive slut was a great turn on to me and Jim as well – he pistoned in and out of my mouth with a renewed vigor.

When he came this time, I was able to take it all down. Extracting the second load was a source of pride – a salty trophy for my efforts. As he withdrew, I coaxed a few more drops onto the palm of my hands. I made a show of sticking out my tongue and licking it up, as if I were licking frosting off a spoon.

Jim collapsed onto the bed, spent from his double draining. I felt exhilarated and proud, and I was still magnificently erect – I could have kept going all night. But Jim needed to replenish himself. So after two hours and two loads, I was headed back home.

I got home and added Jim to my online ‘buddy’ list. I knew Jim was going to be my primary source of cock and cum, and I wanted to be ready to service him whenever he wanted.

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