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Saturday Morning

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I came out the depths of my dreams with an erection as usual, but the sensation was especially wonderful this morning. As I knocked the residue of the nocturnal world back to the real world, I realized a hot, wet mouth was sucking me into the waking world. Her mouth was moving slowly and deliberately with a suction that was beckoning my essence out of me. My Mistress was preparing me for what she promised would be a most memorable weekend.

I shifted slightly, and the strips on my ass rubbed against the silken sheets. With my behind soundly fucked and paddled, the silk almost felt like sandpaper. Suddenly, I was receiving a sensory overload as the sun peeked in through the curtains in the window. As she deliberately took my cock into her throat, her hands rubbed my stomach as they crept up my chest. Taking her long nails, she started tweaking the nubs on my chest. My body betrayed the urgency within, and my hips involuntarily started pumping. Her long nails started pinching my nipples like her favorite nipple clamps.

She stopped momentarily, rising and saying, “Don’t even think about coming yet. I want to make sure I keep your attention all weekend. You are denied release at least until tomorrow, sweet.” With that, she resumed sucking my now rock-hard erection. She shifted a bit, and motioned me to spread my legs. Stopping again, she stopped long enough to say, “Knees up, my sweet slave. I need to have complete and total access to all of you.”

As she resumed sucking me, her finger snaked down to my rosebud and started teasing my stretched hole. Her finger started parting me. She crouched up on her knees, and started sliding her hand on my cock, now slick with her saliva and leaking precome. She gazed down at me with a Mona Lisa smile on her face. As she began talking, she almost absent-mindedly continued her slow, sensual stroking of my cock and finger-fucking of my ass.

“Good morning, sunshine. Now that I have your undivided attention, let me tell you your duties for today. First, you will be my bathroom servant today. You will draw my bath and wash every inch of my body with your hands, mouth, and tongue. When I pee, you will lick me dry. You will apply body lotion and my favorite scented powder all over my body. In a word, you will pamper me absolutely and completely.”

“I will have several orgasms today, and you will be ready at all times to accommodate my needs. Again, your tongue will lick my nectar during and after every orgasm. After my bath, I will be meeting with my personal trainer. He has a very handsome and large cock, so I will be letting him give me a good fucking. Before I leave, I will bind you firmly to the bed with a vibe in your ass. When I return, you will be waiting here on the bed, and clean me thoroughly with your tongue.”

“What a great start to the weekend. Before you start my bath, my pussy needs your attention.” She pulled her finger from my ass and shifted around with her knees on each side of my head. Her hand still kept an agonizingly slow pumping of my cock. As there was some residue left from last night’s lovemaking, the musky smell of her nectar was made even more pungent by the aged smell of one day old sex.

“Tongue out, my sweet. I want your tongue to be like a little cock. Put it in as far as it will go and keep it rigid.”

She slowly lowered her pussy onto my rigid tongue and started posting on my tongue-cock. As she took my tongue inside her, her rosebud came in contact with my nose. She ground her hips into my face, then rose again to repeat the same motion. The combination of my tongue and nose were mimicking a miniature double penetration.

As her passion increased, so did the amount of nectar dripping from her love hole. The wetness of her passion began dripping into my mouth, and I had to swallow on her upstroke. Her persistent stroking of my cock was stimulating me almost to the point of no return. I started moaning softly as her motions became faster and faster. Recognizing the signs of my impending orgasm, she stopped and pulled down on my balls, which she knew would stave off my orgasm.

Quickly reaching over to the nightstand, she retrieved the spiked cock ring and binding and wrapped my genitals to prevent an accident. She then sat up putting her hands on my chest. By doing so, her ass became more firmly planted on my nose as she posted. Her motions got more feverish, and she started tweaking and pinching my nipples as her motions got more intense. She shifted her hips and started a backward and forward movement. Taking my cue, I started teasing her clit on the backstroke, licking across her wet, pouting lips, and ending with my tongue teasing her rosebud. As her motions became more urgent, her breath became ragged and little moans of passion accompanied the rustling of the satin sheets.

As if on cue, the wetness of her pussy started increasing the closer she came to orgasm. I kept my tongue moving to make sure that all her sensitive areas were getting attention. Finally, she started pinching my nipples as a low moan started increasing in volume. Then a gush of wetness flooded my face as intense wet heat bathed my entire face.

“Oh, yes, my little tongue slut. Take my wetness. You love it, don’t you? I’m going to give you everything you need and more. Eat all of me!”

With that, she let out a long moan and ground her pussy and ass all over my face.

“Oh, my, my, my… You are my prize pupil. What a great eye-opener for this beautiful morning. Accompany me, my pet.”

She reached back and caressed my check as she arose from the bed. I watched her sensual ass as she strode languidly toward the bathroom. I followed her in the bathroom and she turned and stretched as she stood in front of the toilet. As she sat on the toilet, she pointed to the edge of the toilet between her legs and a said, “Put your chin right here, my darling. It always feels good to pee, but I want your tongue teasing my clit as I pee. That will make a common chore extraordinary.”

I placed my chin on the toilet seat and snaked my tongue toward the top of her perfectly shaved pussy. As my tongue lightly teased her spread lips, a stream of pee started trickling from my Mistress.

“Mmmmm…. Delightful, my sweet….”

Little stray drops splashed about as the flow increased. She put both hands on my head and directed my ministrations as she relieved herself. When the flow stopped, she pushed my head lower and my tongue started caressing her damp lips.

“Get all of it, my sweet.”

She spread her legs a little wider to allow deeper access into her pussy. I started lapping her like a thirsty dog, and her breathing became more urgent and labored. I recognized that she was searching for her second orgasm of the morning, so I renewed my oral search at the altar of my worship. With both hands holding my head, she directed my tongue so that her orgasm came quickly.

“Ahhh, yesssssss….,” she hissed.

“On your back on the bath mat, my sweet slut.”

I fell backward and she followed straddling my head. She reached beneath her hips and spread herself as she lowered her wide open pussy onto my mouth.

“Lick me good, and I may make some allowances for today.”

I stuck my tongue out and tasted her pungent nectar. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts, and I gently teased her nipples as my tongue did it’s work. She spit in her hand and grasped my rigid cock and started her signature agonizingly slow hand-job.

“You’ve done such good work this morning that I believe I want you to share breakfast with me. I am awfully hungry this morning, aren’t you?”

She bent down, and we were now in the classic 69 position. She started licking my balls as her hand continued it’s stroking of my member. As my tongue danced around her pussy, her mouth started mimicking my actions. When my tongue dove into her openness, her mouth consumed my cock. When I licked around her clit and lips, her tongue licked my rigid meat in the same manner. We were becoming synchronized in our efforts to take each other to orgasm.

“Very good, sweet… I want you to come with me now.”

With that our mouths delved into each other and we both sprinted inexorably toward our goals. For those few moments, we were equal in stature in the world. Both of us were trying to coax the best that we could out of each other, and to transport each other to the highest of conscience levels.

Her wetness was becoming more profound, and I knew she would be ready within the next moment or so. Her mouth and tongue were expert in their efforts, and I turned on the internal switch which would allow my release. Like two ravenous animals, we feasted on each other.

Her thighs started clamping my face, and I knew she was there. My cum boiled in my balls and I was savoring the eminent release. Just as she started her low moan, my come started exploding up through my core. For a brief moment we both froze in ecstasy, and we both released our juices to be savored by the other. We let out a mutual moan of release as out mouths stayed firmly planted on each other.

I lapped all of her wetness, being mindful that her clit was usually extremely sensitive right after orgasm. My licking transitioned to kissing and I made love to her private offering to me. Meanwhile, she took all of my essence into her mouth and as the ring of her mouth slid gently up and down my shaft.

There was a brief moment as we nursed on each other that was like no other in the common experience of human beings. There was such a feeling of openness and extreme vulnerability which made me in awe of this other person with me. At that moment, it was easy to understand how the most intense relations in the human condition is that of lovers.

She pushed herself up and spun around to cuddle with me on the bathmat on the tiled floor. She cuddled next to me, and our bodies fit together like puzzle pieces. She reached up, caressed my cheek, and placed a kiss on my lips. As her lips met mine, her tongue snaked out and forced my lips open. Her taste was salty and pungent, and I recognized that she had not swallowed my come, but was feeding it to me. As she rolled on top of me, both hands went to my face and she opened our mouths to a full, hot kiss. Our tongues jousted in a pool of my come, and she emptied all of my essence from her mouth to mine.

We must have kissed for five minutes as we our tongues danced with each other. We hugged each other and tried to pull each other into ourselves, feverish with the need to become one.

Finally, breaking the kiss, she looked directly into my eyes. For a moment too long, she said nothing, then she smiled and kissed the tip of my nose.

“That was SO hot, sweet. It is rather unconventional to have crème pie for breakfast, but that’s us, isn’t it? Unconventional.”

I smiled as she laid her head on my shoulder and we basked in the glow of each other.

“Enough loafing around, let’s get going”, she said as she slapped my butt and got up off the floor.

“Draw my bath while I put my hair up, sweet.”

I bent over the edge of the tub and started the water flowing in the tub. I poured a bit of the bath oils into the tub and swished it around. The sweet smell and the bubbles started emanating from the tub. I felt like the sorceress’s apprentice mixing a magical brew. I continued adding the oil until the bath was just the proper mixture.

As I turned, I offered my hand to help her into the tub. She took my hand and carefully stepped into the bubbling brew. As she squatted down into the burning mixture, she let a gentle hiss come from her lips as her body got used to the heat of the water.

“First use the loofa sponge on my back, sweet.”

I took the loofa and dipped it in the water and started washing her sensual back. She moaned softly as I traced circles on her back. After a few minutes, she motioned me to stop, and lay back in the tub as her body was swallowed by the bubbly water. She reached over and handed me her razor, and I started shaving her legs as she playfully splashed in the water and washed her face. After each leg was a smooth as silk, I placed the razor back in it’s place on the corner of the tub.

“I need your hands and mouth now, sweet. Use your fingers and play with me while you suck my breasts.”

I leaned forward and reached under the bubbly water and found her shaven snatch and used my fingers to gently spread her petals. I leaned over and suckled her breasts which were nearly floating in the frothy pool. I took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked it like a newborn babe. I felt her little pearl between her legs and started making little swirling motions around and around in the warm water. Ever so often, I would use my finger tips to coat them with her juices and mix it with the warm oiled water. As I did my manual ministrations, I alternated between breasts and licked, kissed, and sucked every inch of her silky smooth chest. I noted her breathing quickening again, so I awaited her next instructions as I maintained my bathroom duties.

“Very nice, pet, but I really need to get moving. Wash me thoroughly with my scented wash.”

She stood, and I applied her favorite body wash, taking extra care to apply it to her knees, elbows, and shoulders. I took the bath cloth and rinsed her body as I finished washing my Mistress’s body. She bent slightly at the waist and spread her ass cheeks.

“Use your tongue and clean my ass well, slave. I may want my trainer to fuck me there, and I would be mortified if I wasn’t squeaky clean.”

I stretched my tongue out and started licking and probing her beautiful rosebud. As I licked, she spread herself wider until my entire face was pressed against her beautiful butt.

“Mmmmm…. Feels heavenly, but time’s awasten. Fetch my towels, my sweet.”

She straightened up as I went to the rack to fetch her two, thick towels. I held the first one out like a cloak, and she turned as I hugged the towel around her. With the second, I held it out so that she might dry her face with it.

“Very good, sweet. Now run down to the kitchen and fix me some Oolong tea and juice, and maybe some fruit and croissant. I just need a few carbs before I head to meet my trainer. Ha! My trainer… kind of ironic, dontcha think, sweet?.”

She was still chuckling as I left the room. I went to the kitchen and prepared the tea and fresh orange juice. I sliced some melon and strawberries on a tray, with the butter and warmed croissant.

When I brought the tray back from the kitchen, she was finishing her preparations for me before she went out for her appointment. The cuffs and chains were laid in waiting at the four corners of the bed. The bottle of lube, the anal vibe, the cock ring, and her riding crop were in place on the bed side table. She was dressed in her training shorts and her favorite sports bra and tank top.

“Here, sweet, place the tray on the bed and kneel at my feet. I want you to paint my toenails while I have breakfast.”

She handed me her favorite color of nail polish, and I knelt down akimbo at her feet. She took her right foot and placed it in my lap, grinding the heel into my cock. I shook the polish and carefully started tracing each nail. I focused my attentions on each toe as she had her morning breakfast. After her right foot was complete, I gently traded it for her left foot and went about tracing each of her nails. I took both feet and gently blew on them to dry the polish, and to thoroughly inspect them to make sure they would be acceptable.

“Very good, my sweet. They look marvelous! Now let’s get you ready so I can go.”

“I need to get your ass ready, and nothing is better for that than a good whipping. Now assume position #3 for me.”

I walked over to the stool at the dressing table and laid across it like a crab. My stomach was flat on the seat with my legs and arms spread out in a table-like posture. I heard her walking over to the bedside table and getting her crop. She took a couple of practice strokes, and I could hear the crop whizzing through the air. I heard her walking up behind me, and I felt the crop tapping the inside of my thighs, instructing me to spread my legs wider. She took the flapper on the end of my crop and started tracing my tight bud.

“We still have much work to do, sweet. Your are still a little tight ass. I want that little bud to be winking at me every time we are ready to play. There is still a lot of resistance in your body. It is my hope that these whippings will break you of those useless bad habits you still harbor.”

With that I heard the whizzing of the crop through the air, and then the first blow landed sharply on my right buttocks. The initial shock forced a gasp of air from my lungs, and before I could catch my breath, the second blow landed on my left cheek. She was really on a roll today, and she started whipping me with a staccato cadence that left me nearly breathless. I fiercely held on to not crying out, but the tears started welling in my eyes. As before, the pain started blending into a glass-like warmness, and I quit resisting the pain and simply went limp and accepted the blows.

After 20 of her best, she stopped momentarily and rubbed my hanging scrotum with the crop. She took her hand, and started tracing the stripes with her fingernails, and inevitably ended tracing my bud with her finger. I was completely surrendered to her offering, and I was hers to do with as she pleased. As she finished, a slight film of sweat was detectable on her upper lip.

“Better… much better, my little slut. I think the whippings are helping. That is very good… very good, indeed. Don’t you think that is a good thing, sweet?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you for helping me.”

She placed the crop down, and took the lube and started squirting it on her fingers. She reached down and placed one finger inside and started a little fuck motion. She dribbled some more lube, and added another finger to her ministrations.

“Oh, you’ve got such a nice ass to play with. If only it didn’t take so much to open you up. I think we’ll leave you with the plug-vibe today. While I’m gone, I want you to concentrate on keeping your ass open for me. It is my little playground, and I want to go in on a moment’s notice. Understood, sweet?”

“Yes, my Mistress.”

She took the vibrating plug, and started twisting the point into my anus. With a steady motion, she pushed the plug inside quickly. With a muffled groan, I adjusted to the intruder. With the steady pressure on my prostate, my cock was quickly engorged. She flipped the switch on, and there was an exquisite blend of heat and vibration which blotted out nearly everything else in the world.

“Up you go, my sweet. Let’s get you tucked in, and then off I go.”

I walked over to the bed, and obediently laid myself out in the X-position. The contact of the sheets against my warm backside seemed obscenely cold, but the heat radiating from my backside was now not at all unpleasant. She went about taking each of my limbs and applying the cuffs to them. Soon I was spread-eagled on the bed, like a large raft with my cock being the center mast.

“Hmmm… something is missing….. Oh yes, the clamps… can’t forget the clamps!”

She reached in the bedside drawer and brought out her favorite pair. These were the tip with the rubberized tips, and adjustable tension. Licking her fingers, she started tweaking each nipple until it stood at attention. As she applied each clamp, she adjusted the tension until I winced, and backed-off one half turn.

She looked down at her handiwork, and nearly beamed.

“My, my… not bad if I do say so myself.”

She went to the foot of the bed and crouched between my outstretched legs. She licked the palm of her right hand and started again with her agonizingly slow hand-job. With the other hand, she started tapping and turning the end of the anal plug.

“My goodness, I nearly forgot that you haven’t eaten yet. How forgetful of me. I should take much better care of my property. Well, don’t worry. I’ll bring you back a hot box lunch!”

With that, she kissed the tip of my cock, winked at me, and sprinted out of the room. I heard the jingle of her keys as she got them from the counter. The door shut, and I heard her car start and recede from earshot.

The humming continued, and I eagerly awaited her return.

I jumped as I heard the door close. It must have been close to three hours before her return. In the meantime, the vibe in my ass was driving me crazy. The stimulation on my prostate had promoted a steady flow of precome, and my crotch was soaked. The pressure in my bladder was building up to add to my misery. I was overstimulated, and needed relief in so many ways.

As she sauntered in the room, I noticed that her clothing was soaked in sweat from her workout, especially her shorts.

“Hi there, sweet. What a great workout today! I’m about to pop though. I’ll be right there. Be patient just a little longer.”

As she was talking, she was doffing all her clothing and throwing it into the clothes hamper. She padded over to the bathroom, and I heard the steady rush of pee, which only added to my torment.

As she came out of the bathroom, she was taking down her hair and shaking it briskly as she was walking back.

“Oh, I’ve been looking forward to this all afternoon, my little tongue slave. Ben, my trainer, bent my like a pretzel today. I made sure to rub up against him in all the right places, and sure enough, he gave me our little added bonus. He road me like a jockey on a racehorse. Mmmmm, it was absolutely wonderful.”

As she reached the bed, she briefly checked all the cuffs, then she climbed on the bed with her ass on over my face.

“Look at what I brought home for you, sweet. A freshly fucked pussy. I know how you love that. And you know how I love to make you eat it. He must have come at least twice in me. Now tongue out, babe. I really want to enjoy this.”

She took her hand and used my copious precome to start her signature hand job on me as she slowly lowered her pussy toward my face. Her pussy glistened with come, and I could detect little white clots of come coating the lips. The smell was a exquisite blend of sex, sweat, pee, and musk. With my tongue extended, she stopped briefly when the tip of my tongue made contact with her glossy lips. She started a slight backward and forward motion as she used my tongue to split her petals open. I scooped several gobs of come which had collected on her nether lips and swallowed them down. After her fucking this afternoon, her pussy was open and inviting.

“Is my little tongue slut hungry? Tell me what you want, sweet.”

“Please feed me your come-filled pussy, Mistress.”

“Do you love it, sweet?”

“I love it and need it, my Mistress.”

“Make your tongue real hard for me, and I’ll let you have it all.”

With that, she started settling down on my face. My rigid tongue went into her as her asshole rested squarely on my nose. My tongue was immediately barraged with thick, hot come as she began fucking my face. As she settled back, she grabbed the nipple clamp chain, and started tugging.

“Whenever I pull your nipples, I want you to worship my clit.”

I pulled my come-covered tongue and started teasing her swollen button. She moaned softly as I teased and kissed her clit. The tension on the chain stopped, so I stuck my tongue back in her love hole. Another tug, another lapping of her lips and clit. And so it continued as she controlled her own ascent to her orgasm.

“Oh, God, sweet. Lick me, you little slut!”

Her grinding became more pronounced as she coated my entire face with the lotion of her ardor. As she moved, her rosebud was being fucked by nose. I nearly ran out of breath several times as she covered my face and ground herself on me. Her motion became frantic as she reached the pinnacle of her passion.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,……….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Her body tensed as her orgasm consumed her. She pulled the chain so hard that the clamps slipped off my nipples. I let an unheard cry up inside her as her open pussy consumed my face. A rush of wetness poured from her and drops of she-come dripped off my ears into the pillow.

“FUCK, THAT’S GOOD!”, she wailed.

She collapsed on top of me, and I was able to catch a blessed gulp of air. She fell forward toward my feet, and I could feel the cleavage of her breasts enfold my rigid pole. Her nipples were hot little pebbles boring into my lap. I could feel her racing heartbeat transmitted to my body like a sounding board.

As she reveled in the afterglow of her orgasm, I stayed motionless so as not to distract her from her euphoria. We both lay motionless as she went through what the ancients called “the little death”.

A few minutes later, her hand started stroking my thighs, and I could tell she was coming back to this world. I glanced at the clock which showed 11:59. Saturday morning was nearly over. My only hope that Saturday afternoon would be just as glorious.

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