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Sarah’s Awakening

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The party had been going well until Sarah put her hand on her husband’s leg under the dinner table at their friend’s house. She was surprised when moments later he gently pushed her hand off. She brushed off the encounter and continued talking and laughing with their friends.

There were four couples at the dinner party; a group of old friends that got together a few times a year for good food and a late night of drinks.

Each of the couples had children that were either in college or would soon be entering and they were determined to enjoy their newfound freedom as married couples without the daily responsibilities of parenthood that had dominated their lives for so long.

Sarah got along well with everyone and enjoyed the adult conversation but the encounter under the table left her feeling hurt and vulnerable. To help her take the edge off she drank a little more wine than she usually would over dinner.

After dessert it was time for coffee. Sarah’s husband Jeff offered bring it out and she decided to follow him into the kitchen under the pretext of helping, hoping to steal quick kiss.

“Sarah, what are you doing?”

“I just wanted a little kiss, that’s all.”

“Our friends are out there, this is not the time.”

“It’s never the right time with you anymore Jeff!”

Pouting she swung her hips around flaring out her dress.

“Don’t you think I look good tonight?”

“Sarah, I think you might have had too much to drink. Maybe I should take you home so you can sleep it off.”

“Why don’t you loosen up a little and have some fun?”

“My idea of fun isn’t making out in front of our friends Sarah.”

“You know Jeff, you can be a real jerk sometimes. I’ll get my own ride. You stay here and have fun without me.”

Sarah grabbed the tray and stomped off to the dining room. At the table she refilled her wine and send her son a text message asking him to pick her up. She hoped her son would be available because ever since he came home from college for summer break he had spent most nights out with his friends. She turned to the table and said that she was tired from a long week and that she would be leaving early but that Jeff would be staying behind. Twenty minutes and two more glasses of wine passed before she got a reply. She did her best to act like everything was ok but she felt insulted and embarrassed.

She and Jeff had always had a good sex life but she felt like she was always the one who had to initiate everything. She was hoping that the atmosphere of the night would loosen him up a little but clearly she had been wrong.

The text from her son said that he would be there in a few minutes and that she should wait out front for him.

Pulling up to the house Jason saw his mother leaning against the house under a porch light holding her high heels at her side. The fact that his mother was still pretty hot at 37 wasn’t lost on her eighteen year old son. She usually dressed conservatively around the house but whenever she wore a tight shirt he couldn’t help but noticing her ample breasts. They had a pool in the backyard but his mother only ever wore boring one piece suits that showed off her sexy body without showing too much skin.

Sarah had long red hair that framed her head like a lion’s mane. She was about 5’7″ tall with long lean legs. Childbirth left her with hips that were wider than she liked, but gave her body a perfect hourglass figure. On that night she wore a simple black cocktail dress that clung to her bosom and stomach but fell loose around her hips.

Jason could tell that she needed help getting to the car and walked up the path to retrieve his apparently drunk mother.

“My hero!” She gushed as she threw her arms around his neck.


“Every girl dreams of having a strong young man rescue her.”

“Did someone drink a little too much wine tonight?” He teased her.

She fell into him with her arms tied around his neck. Jason was in no hurry to push his mom off of him but he knew he couldn’t stand there with her breasts pressed against him all night.

“Ok, let’s get you home, your chariot awaits.”

Walking down the path to the car was a challenge. Jason did his best to hold his mother up and ended up wrapping one of her arms around his neck and one of his arms around her waist before she was able to regain her balance.

Jason lowered his mother into the car seat and watched as she awkwardly pulled her legs into the car giving him a generous view of her red panties before closing the door. Sarah noticed her son staring but didn’t realize until he closed the door that she must have just flashed him.

Sarah thought to herself through her drunken haze “What a naughty boy… Sneaking a peak at mommy’s panties…”

She felt her face get flush at the thought of someone other than her husband Jeff seeing her panties. She was even wearing her sexiest pair hoping to seduce her husband that night.

Jason saw that his mother had lowered the back of her seat as far as it would go and had already closed her eyes by the time that he got into the car.

“Mom, you need to put your seatbelt on before we go anywhere.”


He poked her arm and got no response.

“Great” he thought “she passed out.”

Sarah was not asleep and wasn’t quite sure what compelled her to pretend but she could feel her body quiver when her son’s warm breath caressed her neck as he reached across her for the seatbelt. His right hand briefly rested on her thigh and his left arm brushed against her chest as he brought the belt across her lap to buckle her in. Sarah’s heart was racing.

She was no virgin when she married her husband but had remained monogamous through the years. Over time her sexual appetite waned to the point that she had become satisfied with the few times that her husband still wanted to have sex with her each year. The intimate warmth of another body against her, even if it was her son’s, had jump-started her memory and suddenly she felt long forgotten feelings flow through her from whatever place she had kept them locked up over the years.

On the drive home she peered through half open slits in her eyes and thought that she saw her son stealing glances at her legs. She was always proud of her long legs and enjoyed showing them off. Years ago she wouldn’t wear anything but short dresses or skirts that barely covered her. Now she mostly wore pants or long dresses. The dress she wore that night was the shortest one she owned and even that nearly came down to her knees.

Sensing an opportunity for a cheap thrill, like the good old days, she slid her body several inches down on the seat and pushed her knees further apart.

Jason was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road. His drunk mother was passed out in the passenger seat and the way that she was sitting was giving him a great view of her long beautiful legs. He slowly approached each intersection hoping that the light would turn red and allow him the chance for a better look. When the opportunity finally arrived he put the car in park and openly ogled his mother. Her dress had inched up her bare legs which were spread out in a lewd display. His eyes lingered on the soft curves of her inner thigh. Thoughts of the red panties that he knew were hidden underneath her dress played through his head.

His revelry was broken by the sound of a car honking behind him. He quickly snapped out of it and put the car in gear. The vehicle lurched forward as his foot stumbled on the accelerator.

Sarah felt a rush knowing that just a glimpse of her legs could distract her son like that. She knew she had a great body, especially for her age, she just forgot how to use it to turn men on.

Back at the house Jason walked around the car knowing that she would need help getting inside.

“Mom, we’re home” He said as he gently nudged her arm.

Sarah slowly shook her head from side to side pretending that she was just waking up.

“Huh, where are we.”

“Mom, you’re home now. I picked you up at the party, remember?”

“Oh yeah, my hero.” She cooed with a smile.

“I think I’m going to need some help, do you mind?” Her voice was noticeably slurred.

She held her arm up for him and swung her right leg out as far as she could. Again Jason stood froze as his mother’s red panties came into view. With her dress still pushed up from the ride he could now see all the way up to the waistband of her panties.

Her heart fluttered as she watched his face. Sarah pretended to struggle so that she could prolong the show but eventually kicked her other leg out and let her dazed son pull her up out of the car. Jason had to put his arm around her waist again as they made their way up to the front door. As he struggled with his keys his mother dropped her purse and turned around to retrieve it. She knew that his eyes would be eating her up as she bent at the waist while keeping her long legs straight. The hem of her dress rose up over her firm round ass as she shifted her weight from side to side.

Jason couldn’t believe his luck. First, he had two good looks at his mom’s hot red panties then she didn’t even realize that she had her legs spread wide apart during the whole car ride, and now this! He watched as her dress rose up her thighs until it was only barely covering her red panties.

Sarah reached for her purse but the alcohol had left her a little more wobbly than she realized. As soon as she began to lose her balance she felt a pair of strong hands grab her hips and hold her tightly. He could feel her panties through the thin fabric of her dress.

“Be careful down there!”

Still bent over she craned her neck around and demurely said “What would I do without my hero.”

Jason couldn’t believe that he was holding on to his hot mother’s hips like this. He had lusted after her for years and spent many nights thinking about her while he played with himself. And here he was. He didn’t want to let go and she didn’t seem like she was in any rush to get back up.

After what felt like an eternity she slowly lifted herself back up. Jason held on tight to her hips leaving her dress bunched up around his hands when she finally stood up. Sarah spun around before he could let go and his hands slid around her waist as she turned towards him. She paused inches from her son with his hands on her hips holding up her dress. Breaking the moment she reached passed him and pushed open the front door.

He let go of her and tried to compose himself as she leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks for helping your mom get home safe and sound” She whispered into his ear before walking into the house.

Her perfume lingered in the air after she had gone. Jason’s head was swimming by the time he got up to his room. His cock was already rock hard and he needed relief.

“Jason, can you come here for a minute. Your mother needs a little more help.”

Her voice rang through the second floor of their house.

“One minute” He frantically threw on a pair of pajama pants and went over to help his mother only to find her door closed.

“Come in” she replied to his knock as he pushed the door open.

Sarah was standing at the far end of the room in front of a full length mirror with her back to him.

“I need your help with this zipper”

She was holding her crimson hair up with both hands exposing her neck to him. Her eyes followed him across the room as he walked up to her pausing for a moment before nervously reaching up to the zipper.


“Yes, mom”

“Do you think I’m attractive?”

“Wwwhhat?” He stammered while holding the zipper in his fingers.

“I don’t think your father finds me attractive anymore, what do you think?”

Feeling his face reddening he said “Well, yeah I think you’re attractive. You’re much better looking than any of my friends’ mom’s.”

“I don’t mean like that. If I wasn’t your mother would you think I was sexy?”

His hand slowly pulled her zipper down as they spoke. Inch by inch her soft skin was revealed as the back of her dress opened for him. His eyes hung on the red strip of fabric that stretched between her shoulder blades until his hands rested at the small of her back.

Sarah turned to her son holding her dress up to her chest with her arms.


She dropped her arms to her sides letting her dress fall to the floor. Jason was stunned at the sight of his gorgeous mother standing before him in nothing but a red lace bra and matching panties.

Sarah was thrilled to see the tent forming in her son’s pajama pants. His eyes widened and his mouth opened while he took in the sight before him.


“I guess that’s as much of an answer as I’m going to get out of you.”

She stepped closer to him and in a low voice said “Does this make you uncomfortable Jason?”

He weakly shook his head.

“I’ve always liked it when men look at my body. It’s a big turn on for me to know that someone is thinking about my naked body. Have you ever thought about what I look like naked?”

Jason nodded.

“I thought so”

Sarah reached out and pulled on the elastic waistband of his pants pushing it down past his hips.

“It looks like you’re enjoying the show young man.” Her voice wavered but was getting more steady.

After a brief pause she spoke up again “Do you like to touch yourself.”

Unsure of what to say he feebly nodded.

“Have you ever thought about me when you did?

Jason again nodded nervously.

“Can I see what you do” Sarah surprised herself with the forward nature of her question. The wine had clearly gotten to her head.

Jason stared at his mother for a moment before he nervously reached up and took his penis in his hand.

“Like this?” He asked while slowly stroking his cock.

“Yeah, just like that”

Sarah stepped back and unclasped her bra. She had been blessed with breasts that though they were large had never sagged. Her hard nipples pointed straight at her son who was still stroking his cock. Sarah had always liked using her body to get men to do what she wanted but years of marriage has dulled her sexual desires. As much as she enjoyed sex, an even bigger thrill for her was using her body to control men. She had learned at an early age that a pretty face goes a long way, but a little bit of skin can make men do just about anything. All of her old desires came back to her that night while she watched her son rub his hard cock in her bedroom.

While her son’s pace quickened she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs. She watched as her sons lips tightened and moved her hand to her hairy red pussy massaging herself while he kept stroking.

“ohhh” She lightly moaned at her touch.

His hand stopped abruptly as a ribbon of cum shot out of his hard cock. Sarah felt a hot glob of her son’s sticky cum hit her thigh and run down her leg. Jason resumed his stroking while his cock continued to empty itself onto his mother’s bedroom floor.

Sarah let him bask in the moment for a minute before reaching for his pants and pulling them back up. She leaned into him again and gave him a soft kiss on his lips before whispering into his ear “I think it’s time for someone to go to bed.”

She stepped back again so that he could take in her body one more time and led him to her door.

“I don’t know what I would have done without you tonight. It’s nice to know that there is such a gentleman in the house. Goodnight honey.”

He managed to say “Goodnight mom” as she closed the door behind him.

He stood outside of her door for five minutes before heading up to his room and jerking himself off again, with the image of his mother’s naked body burned into his memory, before going to bed.

Sarah soaked up the adrenaline as she slipped into bed with her favorite vibrator. She barely even touched herself before her body shook from the biggest orgasm she had in years. She drifted off to sleep thinking about the fun she was going to have reasserting her sexuality. Her husband might not be interested in her anymore, but she knew that plenty of other men would be.

The next morning Sarah sauntered into the kitchen where her son was finishing up his breakfast. She poured herself a cup of coffee in a travel mug and grabbed her car keys before saying that she was going out for the day and would be back later.

Jason couldn’t keep his eyes off of her body as she walked through the kitchen. She wore a pair of tight leggings and a tight white t-shirt that looked at least one size too small. He wasn’t sure what would happen that morning but he expected it to be awkward. He was actually relieved that she didn’t mention what happened between them the night before. He wondered if she blacked out and maybe didn’t remember.

Sarah did, in fact, remember. She knew that if she was going to have any more fun teasing Jason, or anyone else for that matter, she was going to need a new wardrobe.

She spent the day at the mall shopping for everything from every day clothes, which now would mean short skirts and tight revealing tops, to lingerie and sexy underwear, to new bathing suits.

After finishing her shopping for the day she popped her head into the living room to check on her son. Jason and two of his friends, Mark and Tony, were on the couch watching TV. She expected him to be alone and had planned on giving her son a show. Her disappointment quickly faded as the thought of showing off to Jason and two of his friends started getting her really excited.

“Are you guys busy?”

“Not really, what’s up mom?”

Jason’s blood pressure rose immediately when she walked into the room in her tight outfit. He still couldn’t shake the image of her naked body.

“Well, I just got back from shopping and wanted to get a man’s opinion of something.”

“Sure, whatever mom.” He tried to be nonchalant.

“Great, I’ll be right back down.” Sarah turned and practically skipped out of the room.

“Dude, your mom is so fucking hot!”

Jason punched Tony in the arm.

“C’mon, that’s my mom.”

“Yeah, your hot mom!”

After a few minutes of Jason fruitlessly trying to get his friends to change the subject Sarah walked back into the room. All three of them froze immediately.

“What do you think?”

She was wearing a white string bikini that was tied high on her hips and came together into a small panel in the front just big enough to cover her hairy pussy. The top consisted of two thin triangle panels that only covered half of her breasts and a small gold loop that connected the two side together between her mounds.

“Wow, you look great Mrs. Walker.” Tony was the first to speak up.

“Yeah, that suit looks real good on you.” Mark chimed in.

“I’m glad you like it, I wasn’t sure if I should keep it or not. What about you Jason, you haven’t said a word.”

“Uhhh, yeah you look good mom.” It was hard for Jason to hide his lust for his own mother in front of his friends who were clearly enjoying the show.”

“What else did you get today Mrs. Walker?” Tony decided to push it a little.

“Oh, just a few things. Do you want to see my new shoes?”

“Yeah, why don’t you go get them?”

“OK, I’ll be right back.”

Turning to leave the room she made a conscious effort to move her hips with every step. Sarah felt her pussy getting wet just thinking about those three young men openly leering at her nearly naked body like that. She recognized the look in their eyes – they wanted to fuck her.

Minutes later she walked back into the room wearing the same bikini with a pair of shiny black stiletto heels. She paused in the doorway before walking into the center of the room. She could feel the tension in the air as she stood before them. Their hungry eyes were devouring her body and took in her every curve. Standing in the middle of the room she slowly turned her back to the couch and spread her legs apart before bending over until her hands touched the ground.

“How do they make my legs look?”

“Your legs are fantastic!” Tony boldly continued.

In that position all three boy could clearly see the mound of her pussy and the outline of her hair pressing against the thin fabric of her bikini. She stayed like that for nearly a minute before slowly standing back up and turning to face the boys again.

“Oh, silly me. You can’t even see my shoes from there.”

Sarah walked up to the coffee table and put one heel up on the low table and turned it sideways so that her legs were spread apart and her inner thigh was visible to them.

“Well, do you like what you see boys?” She teased.

All they could manage at this point was enthusiastic nodding and a few “uh huhs”.

Sarah felt her juices dripping out of her wet pussy while on display for her son and his friends. The heady smell of her sex was filling the room and she knew that they could all smell how hot she was. She moved one hand between her legs and gently rubbed the fabric into her mound until she felt it getting damp from her juices. She then slipped her thumbs into the waistband and pulled it away from her body just enough to give the three young men a glimpse of her untamed fiery red bush.

“You don’t think it shows too much do you?”

“Uhhh… No, not at all Mrs. Walker. You have a beautiful body, why should you hide it?”

“Why thank you Tony. I agree!” She said with a devious smile and then abruptly turned around and left the room swaying her hips as she walked.

As soon as she left the room Jason’s friends started talking about his mom.

“Dude, you’re mom is a fucking MILF!”

“Totally, I would definitely fuck her”

“Come on, that’s my mom!” He pleaded with them.

“So what? Don’t even try to tell me you don’t think she’s hot.”

“Don’t be a pervert”

“That’s fine with me, if you don’t want to fuck her then there is less competition for us!”

Mark and Tony broke out laughing while they continued to tease Jason for the next hour. Eventually they went home leaving him to lick his wounds. The rest of the afternoon passed by uneventfully until he heard his mom calling out for him. He knocked on her bedroom door before entering.

“Come on in honey. I need your help.”

Jason pushed the door open and walked over to his mother. She was sitting on the corner of a small wooden bench in front of her vanity getting ready to go out for the night with her husband. She was wearing a white corset with black shoulder straps and a black silk ribbon that ran up the back tying it together. The only other thing that she wore was a pair of gauzey black lace panties that exposed her porcelain skin through the thin material.

“I need your help with this corset, I just can’t reach around like I used to”

“I’m not sure I know how to do that”

“Nonsense! It’s just like lacing a shoe. I need you to come over here and start it all over from the top.”

She turned her head to him and from over her shoulder she flashed him a quick smile that melted his resistance. Jason walked over and straddled the bench behind his mother and took the two thin silk ribbons in his hands. Sitting behind his mother with the straps in his hands he looked down and saw that the deep valley between her two firm ass cheeks was clearly visible through her practically see-through panties. He hesitated long enough for her to get a little impatient.

“Come on Jason. Just untie it and start from the top”

After a little fumbling he managed to do as she asked. He began to slowly feed the ends of the ribbons through the little holes on either side of the corset and pull it together.

“Make it nice and tight, ok?”

As he pulled the material tighter together his mother leaned forward giving him more leverage. In order to reach the ribbon in this new position Jason had to push himself forward until his crotch was pressing against her backside. Jason quickly regretted wearing a pair of loosing fitting shorts as he felt his mother’s tight ass pressing against him. His legs were spread out on either side of her pressing against hers. He wanted to finish up as quickly as he could so that he could get back to his room and jerk off again but no matter how fast he tried to go, it was a complicated process that took some time.


She demanded as he pulled the material as tightly as he could. He heard a gasp of air escape her mouth as he tugged on the ribbons. Jason was just about halfway finished when he felt his mother’s ass slowly moving around as if she was gyrating her hips. He brushed off the thought and kept at it as her movements became more and more noticeable.

“Are you ok? This isn’t too tight for you is it?”

“Oh yes, that feels real good Jason. Don’t stop.” She said with a slight quiver in her voice.

He pulled the ribbons tighter again and Sarah moved her hands from her knees to his to brace herself. Jason didn’t think much of it at first until he felt her hands slowly drift from his knees to his thighs. By now his cock was growing harder and was pushing against his mother’s grinding ass. He knew that she must be able to feel him through his shorts. Her hips moved in wider more deliberate circles as her hands trailed up his legs and onto his inner thighs. Jason was nearly finished when his mother’s fingers pushed past the edge of his shorts and under his boxers. With realizing it, Jason had begun to move his hips in synch with hers and found himself grinding his hard cock into her. Sarah’s hands kept moving until her fingers brushed against the base of his cock. She was moving her ass against him faster with each passing second until he finally pushed the ribbons through the last hole and tied it together.

“Is that good mom?”

Sarah leaned her head back against his shoulder and pushed her hips forward. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around the base of his cock while she cupped his balls in her other hand. Jason could feel her panting as she leaned back into him. His mother continued to massage his cock and balls until he couldn’t take it anymore and erupted into his shorts. She didn’t release him until he finished cumming and then said.

“Oh yes. That was very good son.”

He didn’t know what to do. Jason didn’t move while his mother slowly composed herself and eventually got up and walked into her closet. From his vantage point he couldn’t quite tell but he thought he saw his mother lick her fingers as she walked away from him. It wasn’t until she left the room that he noticed that the bench they were sitting on had four small posts with decorative balls on each corner. Jason wondered if his mother was rubbing herself into one of the balls while her tied up her corset. His thoughts were interrupted when she reappeared in the room wearing the corset as a top paired with a very tight black mini skirt that clung to her hips and a pair of five inch silver heels.

“How do I look?”

“Wow” Was all he could managed to get out.

“That’s what I was going for”

She looked herself over in the mirror and facing her son she bent forward while craning her head back to see what it looked like from behind.

“I was afraid of this. This skirt is just too tight to wear panties.”

Still facing her son she stood up and reached under her skirt. She pulled her panties down and tossed them onto her bed before fixing her skirt. It was pushed up just high enough to give her son a brief glimpse of the bright red hair between her legs. She grabbed her purse and walked over to her son. Sarah leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Thanks for your help Jason. And thanks again for last night. You’re my hero!”

“Anything for you mom”

She put her hand on his thigh again.

“It’s just nice to know that someone thinks your mom is still attractive”

Jason froze for a moment before blurting out.

“What are you talking about? You know you’re hot. All of my friends think so too!” He didn’t know why he said that last part.

“Is that right?”

“Yeah, they wouldn’t stop talking about you after your fashion show earlier today”

“I hope I didn’t embarrass you earlier with my outfit”

“Don’t be crazy. You look great and you can wear whatever you want. I know my friends certainly didn’t mind.”

“Well if it doesn’t bother you to see your mother show off a little skin…” She trailed off before giving him another kiss on the lips and then left.

“Have a good night Jason, don’t wait up.” She said as she left the room.

“Let me know if you need another ride.”

After he heard the front door close he walked over to her bed and picked up her panties. Now he knew for sure that she was rubbing herself against the pole on the bench. The crotch of the material was drenched and was rich with the heady smell of her juices. He couldn’t believe that his own mother made herself cum while his hard cock was pressed against her. While holding the moist fabric to his nose his cock instantly sprang to attention. Jason pushed his shorts down and stroked his cum covered cock until he exploded onto her rug again. Jason spent the rest of the night hoping that his mother would call him for another ride but eventually passed out after jerking off twice more to the smell of her panties.

The next morning Jason found his mother in the kitchen making pancakes. She wore a light pink satin sleepshirt that looked like an oversized men’s button down shirt. Several buttons at the top were unbuttoned but otherwise it wasn’t too revealing. Jason sat at the kitchen table and watched his mother bounce around the kitchen preparing his breakfast. He payed extra attention every time she reached up into a cabinet for something as the bottom of the shirt would travel up the back of her thighs and stop just below the round curves of her firm ass. Over breakfast Jason mentioned that he was going to be running errands all day and his mother added a few things to his list. He was still struggling with their encounters over the past two days, but his mother seemed very at ease and casual as if nothing had happened.

After Jason left Sarah decided to spend the day out back by the pool and changed into her white bikini from the day before. Usually bikinis come with an extra layer of fabric sewn on the inside of the suit, but she decided to cut it out of this suit so that the material would be thinner. She was just about the get out of the pool when she heard a voice coming from the house. It was Tony, one of her son’s friends from the day before.

“Oh, hi Mrs. Walker. Is Jason home?”

“No, he’s out running some errands. Do you want me to tell him you stopped by?” Sarah was climbing up the ladder leading from the pool as they spoke.

“That’s ok, I just stopped by to see if he wanted to go for a swim.”

“Well, you’re welcome to stick around for a little while and take a swim if you want.”

She thought about it for a moment and then continued.

“In fact, I could use a little help. I just washed all of my sun tanning oil off in the pool. Would you mind helping me put some on my back?”

Sarah always had to go out to find men to seduce and take advantage of before, but it was beginning to dawn on her that she had a perfectly good supply of younger men right here in her home thanks to her son.

“Sure thing”

Tony didn’t hesitate to follow his friend’s mom to her lounge chair. As he approached her he noticed that her nipples and hairy pussy were visible through the thin white material since it was wet. He almost stopped dead in his tracks as he took in the sight of this gorgeous older woman who was practically naked in front of him. He figured that she didn’t realize how revealing her outfit was and he didn’t want to her to go inside and change so he tried hard to pretend that he didn’t notice. Sarah did know that she putting herself fully on display for her son’s young friend and she loved every second of it as she watched him stumble over to her. She took her position on the lounge chair and pulled her hair off to the side indicating that she wanted him to start on her neck. Tony knelt down next to her and squirted some of the oil into his hands. He tentatively reached out and gently rubbed her neck.

“Don’t be shy, I like it hard”

Tony couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He started rubbing her with more pressure until he heard a soft moan escape her lips. More confidently he applied some more oil and slowly worked down her back but was having a difficult time reaching across to her other side. He decided to be bold and got up from his position and stood over her with one leg on either side of the chair. He lowered himself so that he was sitting on her thighs. He waited a moment to see if she would resist before her resumed his work rubbing the oil into her back. He took his time and treated it more like a massage, which he was very good at.

“Your hands are very strong Tony. That feels good.”

“Just let me know if I use too much pressure”

“You can rub me any way you want Tony”

He took the hint and got a little bolder. Starting with his hands on her waist he pushed them up her sides until his finger tips rubbed against the soft flesh of her breasts that wasn’t covered by her bikini. His hands continued up her arms causing him to lean forward until he was lying on top of her with his growing erection pushing against her ass. He paused for a moment to enjoy the sensation of her warm body pressed against his before sliding his hands back down her arms. On the second pass he let his fingers dip a little further down and linger against the sides of her boobs. He was trying not to be too obvious but he couldn’t believe that she was letting him get away with feeling her up. After he massaged the sides of her breasts for a little while he moved down to her lower back. He again tested the waters by letting his thumbs slip under the elastic of her bikini and rub the top of her ass. Still getting no resistance of any kind he moved down to her thighs. It wasn’t long before his fingertips slipped inside of her bikini and then eventually both of his hands were kneading the oil into her ass underneath her bikini. She responded with a long deep moan and spread her legs a little further apart, giving him better access to her inner thighs.

Tony moved both of his hand to her right thigh and began massaging her from the outside and inside at the same time. As he moved up her thigh he pushed his luck by letting one of his fingers accidentally brush against the thin fabric that was covering her pussy. Again his touch was met with no resistance and he followed up the first contact with a more deliberate and forceful rub of his finger against her. Sarah pushed her legs even further apart which caused his fingertip to catch the edge of her swimsuit and slip inside the fabric. This time it actually was accidental, but she still didn’t stop him so he left his finger pressed against her soft skin. He kept up as if he was still massaging her, but he only cared about groping her at this point. He slowly pushed his finger further inside of her bikini pushing through her moist curly hairs. Sarah adjusted herself a little and the combination of her own juices and Tony’s oily finger created the perfect conditions for his finger to effortlessly enter her. He didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late and his finger was fully inside of his friend’s mother’s pussy. She let out a slight gasp and her body tensed up as he penetrated her but then she relaxed and pushed her legs further apart for him. He no longer kept up any pretense and began to finger fuck her like there was no tomorrow. He pushed the fabric aside to let his whole hand rub against her and slipped a second finger inside of her. She began to grind her hips against his hand as he fucked her with his hand.

“Hey guys what’s up?”

Tony looked up and saw Jason standing by the kitchen door. With his free hand he waved to his friend.

“I’ll be out in a minute”

“Don’t stop Tony. Don’t stop” Sarah’s voice trailed off.

Tony knew that he didn’t have much time so he made his move. With his right hand buried in her pussy he leaned forward and slid his left hand underneath her bikini top grabbing her breast. He roughly squeezed her breast while he pounded her with his fingers. He worked as fast as he could knowing that Jason would be out soon. Sarah’s body tightened up under him and he could feel her shudder as her pussy clenched around his fingers. He slowed down his pace while she came all over his hand. Nervously, Tony looked back up at the house just in time to see his friend walking towards them as he pulled his fingers out from inside his mother’s dripping wet pussy. By the time Jason got to the lounge chair the scene was innocent enough.

“What’s up guys?”

“Tony stopped by looking for you so I told him he could wait around while I get some sun.”

“You want to hit the pool Tony?”

“Sure, let’s go”

“Have fun guys, I’m going to head inside for a shower”

“Bye mom, see you later”

Sarah waited until the two guys were in the pool before she collected her stuff and headed into the house. She didn’t want her son to see that his friend cause her juices to drip through her bikini and down her legs.

From her bedroom, Sarah watched the two half naked boys wrestle in the pool while she gave herself another orgasm with her vibrator before finally taking a shower and cleaning herself up. Wearing a pair of cut-off jeans shorts and a t-shirt, Sarah ran into Jason and Tony in the kitchen getting ready to leave.

“We’re off to the movies”

“Oooh, I haven’t been to the movies in forever. Do you mind if I come?”

“I guess, I’m not sure if you want to see Avatar though”

“I don’t care what it is, I’ll take any excuse to get out of the house! Let me go throw something on. I’ll be down in a minute.”

Sarah ran upstairs and threw on one of her new outfits, a bright floral print dress. It had spaghetti straps and the top clung to her body, barely restraining her breasts. The short skirt flared out from her waist and ended a full foot above her knees. She put on a pair of bright red heels and ran down to meet the boys. She could tell by the look on their faces that they liked what they saw. The theater was a quick trip across town and she offered to treat. It turned out that Avatar was playing in the 3D theater so she happily paid the extra money for the glasses. The movie was about to begin when they arrived so they quickly filed into the theater and took the first three seats they found.

Sarah ended up sitting between the two boys with Jason on her left and Tony on her right. She was still feeling good from earlier and wanted to pay Tony back so she waited until the lights were low and everyone had their glasses on before she made her move. Since it was a 3D movie she knew that everyone’s eyes would be glued to the screen so she lifted up the armrest between her and Tony and moved her hand to his lap. Slowly she worked on unbuttoning his shorts enough for her to be able to fit her hand inside comfortably. She wrapped her fingers around his soft cock and gently rubbed him until he was rock hard. As soon as she gripped Tony’s fully erect cock she felt his hand on her right knee. She spread her legs apart for him while she slowly stroked his throbbing penis. To his surprise, Tony found that not only was Sarah not wearing any underwear, she had also shaved almost all of her pussy hair off. She left a little patch above her clit but was otherwise completely bare. His fingers eagerly slid across her smooth skin before he plunged one and then two fingers inside of her. It wasn’t lost on Sarah that her son was sitting right next to her so she tried to remain as still and quiet as possible, but thanks to the film the rest of the theater was making plenty of noises in response to the action on the screen. This gave her cover to moan as loudly as she wanted without anyone knowing that her son’s friend had his hand buried inside of her wet pussy.

Tony alternated between rubbing Sarah’s clit and finger fucking her while she slowly increased the rhythm on his cock. Sarah knew that she was almost ready to cum, so she picked up the pace with Tony. Her breathing was becoming fast and shallow as he pushed her over the edge at the same time that one of the aliens jumped out of the screen. The rest of the theater was screaming because of the movie, but she was screaming because of Tony. After she finished cumming he pulled his hand away. Sarah kept pumping Tony’s cock until she felt it expanding. She kept stroking him as he shot his load straight up into the air with the first ribbon of cum landed in the hair of the woman sitting in front of him. Her hand was covered in his cum when she was finished and she pulled it to her mouth and licked herself clean while Tony turned his attention back to the movie.

Sarah tried to follow the movie, but after missing the first twenty minutes of it she was lost. Feeling bored and guilty that she just jacked off her son’s friend she slowly lifted up the arm rest to her left side and rested her hand on her son’s crotch. After a few seconds she began to rub him through his jeans until she could feel how hard he was. She unbuttoned his pants and then slipped her hand inside, just like she did with Tony. Sarah was rubbing her son’s cock when she felt his hand on her left knee slowly working up her thigh. She pushed her legs apart again and waited for him to find her wet pussy. She hoped that he would just think that she was wet because she was rubbing his cock, not because one of his friends just finger fucked her moments before.

Jason was surprised how wet his mother was between her legs, but he just figured that she was horny. He pushed himself down on the seat cushion so that she could better access his cock. He too was surprised to find that his mother had trimmed her pussy, but unlike Tony he spent more time exploring the soft skin beneath the patch of fiery red hair that she left behind. Jason rubbed her clit for a while before he let his finger drift down into her slippery slit. He rubbed her juices all over as he explored every curve and fold of her pussy. Sarah looked over at Tony and saw that she was right about the 3D movie. Tony was so lost in it that he had no idea that his friend’s hand had replaced his between her legs. The gentle approach that her son was taking to her pussy was getting her more worked up than she expected. She couldn’t take the teasing anymore and with her right hand she took his hand and pushed him deep inside of her while thrusting her hips into him. Feeling his warm fingers buried inside of her pushed her into another orgasm. She screamed into the loud theater while her body convulsed. Eventually he took his hand away and she refocused on his cock. She pulled him out of his pants and stroked him with newfound vigor. She was weak from the orgasms, but wanted him to feel good too so she kept at it. It wasn’t long until his cock twitched in her hand and erupted all over the back of the seat in front of him. Again her hand was covered in cum and she licked herself clean.

After a few more minutes she found herself restless again and reached for Tony’s hand. He got the hint and began to finger her again. Sarah spent the next ninety minutes alternating between having her son and his friend finger fucking her until the movie finally ended. Afterwards she was spent. She had never in her life had so many orgasms in one day and could barely walk back to the car. She tried to pretend that she paid attention to the movie, but nobody really cared at that point. On the ride home she was keenly aware of how thick the smell of sex was in the car, she just hoped that neither of her two companions were on to her. Back at the house she thanked the boys for a wonderful time and practically ran up to her bedroom. She couldn’t stand a minute longer. Sarah passed out and slept like a log.

“Did you see that outfit? Your mom is so fucking hot!”

“Quit it, ok”

“I gotta go, but dude if I was you I’d be all over that!”

“Get out of here you pervert”

Jason spent the night thinking about his mother again while he jerked himself off to sleep.

The next day Sarah decided to have a little fun outside of the house so she planned a trip to the mall. She wore a short red wrap around dress that was split in the middle, which showed off her shapely legs with every step. She picked a matching pair of red pumps and left early to look for some excitement. Her first stop was one of her old favorites, the shoe store. She knew that she could get away with giving a good show in plain sight of everyone else. She browsed for a few minutes before settling on a pair of high heel leather boots. She chose them because she would need some help putting them on and it would be a good opportunity for her to put on a show. She chose the best looking salesman she could find and approached him.

“Excuse me”

“Yes, how may I help you?”

“Do you have these in a size 6?”

“I’ll have to check the back room. Why don’t you take a seat and I’ll be right back.” He pointed to an armchair against the back wall and disappeared into the stockroom.

After a few minutes he returned with a box and helped her out of her heels before taking the boots out. She could already see that he was trying to sneak a peek up her short dress while he slipped her foot into the boot. Sarah decided to make it easy for him so she spread her legs apart giving him a good view of her black lace panties. The further apart she moved her legs, the further her dress split in the front and before long the salesman was treated to a full view of her panty covered pussy. Sarah acted as if she didn’t realize that she was flashing him and peppered him with questions about the shoes. She enjoyed watching him squirm while he took in the view. After the boots were strapped on she made a lap of the store to test them out. Along the way, she picked up a pair of high heels that had a long set of ribbons that were meant to wrap around the legs to secure them. She asked the salesman to see if he could find the new pair in her size and waited patiently for him to return. As soon as he left she looked around the store and saw that she had an opportunity. She quickly lifted up her dress and slipped out of her panties before sitting back down. She stuffed them into her purse just in time for the young salesman to return.

She decided to build the suspense because she knew that he would try to sneak another peak of her panties. First he helped her out of the boots and she did her best to keep her legs together but she saw his eyes darting between her legs every couple of seconds. As soon as he held up the first shoe for her to put on she lifted her leg up so that it was level with his chest. This caused her dress to part in the front again but her leg obscured his view. He slipped her foot into the shoe and began to weave the silk ribbon around her calf and up her leg until he reached her knee. He tied it off into a bow behind her knee. As she put her foot down she let her legs stay spread just long enough for him to realize that she had removed her panties. She watched his mouth gape open as he stared right into her neatly trimmed pussy that was now glistening from her juices.

She waited a little while before presenting him with her other foot but this time she twisted her leg to allow him a clear shot of her dripping pussy while he laced the shoe up her leg. He took his time with the second shoe and she noticed that he was also taking more liberties with her leg. She could feel him gently squeezing and massaging her calf as he wrapped the ribbon around her. She was enjoying the attention and was ready to take it to the next level, by fingering herself for him, but she saw that the store was getting busier so she decided to cut the show short. She asked him how much the shoes cost and he offered them to her at a steep discount and she quickly made her exit into the mall desperate for some relief.

As she walked through the mall she thought she saw her son’s friend Mark browsing in Victoria’s Secret. No doubt he was looking for something special for his girlfriend. She waited until his back was turned and she slipped into the store. She worked her way over to him and pretended to bump into him from behind.

“Oh, I’m sorry” She apologized.

“It’s ok”


“Oh hi Mrs. Walker. Sorry, I didn’t recognize you at first.”

“It’s ok. Actually, this might work out.”

He looked puzzled.

“I’m looking for something special for Mr. Walker, and I could really use a man’s opinion. Do you think you can help me?”

“Uhhh.. Ok.” He stammered.

“Why don’t you tell me what you think is the sexiest outfit in here?”

He was holding something in his hand that he had picked out for his girlfriend and held it up for her.

“How about this?”

“Very nice, you do have good taste. Did you pick this out for your girlfriend?”

Mark nodded as Sarah took the outfit from him and looked it over. It was a black lace corset with a strip of pink lace running down the middle of the front from the cleavage to the bottom. There were four black garter straps dangling from the bottom and a pair of thin matching black lace panties. After looking at the size she commented.

“Well I think I need a slightly bigger size” As she indicated to her ample breasts.

Mark was speechless.

“If I try this on do you think you would be able to tell me how it looks?”

“Sure” He said weakly.

“I understand that you might be uncomfortable because I am your friend’s mom, but you will be doing me a huge favor.”


“Great, thanks!” She practically squealed. Sarah gave Mark a quick peck on the cheek and led him back to the dressing rooms. He took a seat in the hallway while she disappeared behind the curtain. He was able to see the bottoms of her legs from under the curtain and watched as she stepped out of her heels and then as her dress fell to the floor in a heap. He didn’t even notice that she didn’t remove any underwear because he was so turned on by the thought of his friend’s hot mom undressing behind the curtain.

After a few minutes her head poked out from behind the curtain. He was sure that she had changed her mind about showing him the outfit but she invited him in to help her with something. Mark nervously looked around the hallway to make sure that nobody was watching him enter the dressing room as Sarah parted the curtain for him. He saw her first in the full length mirror while she was still standing behind the curtain. He couldn’t believe his luck. His friend’s hot mom was actually standing inches away from him in the very same outfit that he was about to buy his girlfriend. He couldn’t wait to give it to her so that he could think about Sarah while he fucked his girlfriend.

Sarah moved to the center of the small room and turned her back to him revealing her smooth firm ass that was accented by the thin strip of material of the black lace thong tucked between her cheeks.

“I’ve never been able to attach these garter straps. Would you mind giving me a hand?”

“I… guess I can try” He fumbled over his words as he spoke.

“You’re such a sweetheart Mark” Sarah tried to sound as innocent as possible.

He walked up behind her and crouched down to get a better angle. It took him a little while but he managed to clip the loose garter clips to the tops of her sheer black stockings. He tried to be a gentleman, it was his friend’s mom after all, but he couldn’t prevent the back of his hands brushing against the warm soft skin of her thighs several times. At first, he was scared when his hand brushed against her but he loosened up when she didn’t say anything. After he finished the second clip she abruptly turned around to face him. He didn’t have a chance to move and was left with her crotch inches from his face with nothing but a thin piece of lace covering her womanhood. He stumbled and nearly fell back but managed to steady himself by grabbing onto her thighs with both hands.

“Are you ok Mark? I don’t want you to hurt yourself down there.”

“It’s ok, I just lost my balance for a second”

He couldn’t take his eyes off of the gentle slope of her crotch as he gripped tightly to her thighs.

“You did so well on the back ones; do you think you can help me clip the front ones together too?”

For the first time Mark noticed that her garter wasn’t clipped in the front. He released her left thigh and with both hands on her right one he let his hands slowly slide up her thigh to the edge of her stocking. Her body heat radiated through the thin material as he clipped it in place. He managed to briefly brush his fingers across her bare upper thigh before he moved over to her left thigh. He took his time, not wanting the moment to end. As he clipped it into place he noticed that her hand had moved over her panties. At first he thought she might be trying to cover herself up and then she said.

“I can’t believe how soft this material is. You really have good taste Mark.”

As she spoke she pushed her thumb inside the elastic of the panties and pinched the fabric between her fingers as she pulled it slightly away from her body. Sarah gave Mark a glimpse of her soft skin that disappeared beneath the fabric and a hint of her bright red hair.

“Don’t you think this is soft?”

She pulled the fabric out further as if to offer it to him. Mark was in a trance and without even thinking about it he found himself reaching out and taking the lace material in his hand. As he held it between his fingers the back side of his middle and index fingers rubbed up against Sarah’s warm skin.

“So, what do you think Mark?”

“Uhhh… you’re right Mrs. Walker. It’s very soft.”

He was afraid that she would get upset that his finger was lingering inside of her panties and slowly pulled them out. As he removed his fingers and the fabric pulled tight against her again he found that his thumb was still gently rubbing against her pussy through the material. Sarah put her hand on top of his while he rubbed her.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry Mrs. Walker I don’t know what came over me” Mark blurted out thinking how creepy it was that he was touching her like that.

She held his hand against her pussy while she said “I told you it was soft”

Sarah took his hand into hers and pulled him up. She looked into his eyes and asked if he liked the outfit. Mark was speechless. The corset had a plunging neckline and showed of most of her breast but kept them firmly in place. The material stretched across her body emphasizing every womanly curve. She turned around and bent over presenting her ass to the young man.

“I don’t know about the thong though. I think I’m too old to get away with it.”

“You… you look great in it Mrs. Walker.”

“Are you sure? I know I don’t have a tight little ass like the girls you’re used to”

Involuntarily he reached out and places his hands on her hips and slowly worked them around in gentle circles across her ass.

“Trust me, you look hot!” He was starting to get his confidence back.

Sarah stood back up and turned back to face Mark. She reached out and placed her hand on his crotch feeling his growing erection.

“I guess I owe you something for being such a help”

Sarah stepped forward and planted her mouth on his pushing him back with her hand as she kissed. Mark fell back into a chair against the wall while Sarah dropped to her knees. She crawled between his legs and quickly pulled down his pants. Mark just stared at the tops of her luscious breasts jiggling in the corset as Sarah’s mouth lowered onto the tip of his cock. She teased him by flicking the tip with her tongue before she swallowed the whole thing. He got the impression that she had plenty of experience as she worked her tongue around his rock hard cock and massaged his balls. Now wanting want him to cum yet, Sarah pulled her mouth away from him and stood back up. Mark watched frozen as his friend’s mom crawled up onto the chair straddling his lap. Mark instinctively reached up and grabbed her breasts through the thin lace material. While he massaged her breasts Sarah reached down to pull her panties out of the way before slowly lowering herself onto his throbbing penis.

“mmmmmmm” she moaned as he filled her tight pussy.

Mark still couldn’t believe that this was happening to him. He was fucking his friend’s hot mom in the dressing room of Victoria’s Secret.

“Fuck me Mark” she moaned into his neck.

That was all the encouragement he needed. Mark’s hands slid down her sides until they rested on her hips. He pulled her into him as he thrust his pelvis up into her pushing his cock deep inside of her dripping pussy.


She ground her hips into him as his cock pounded into her as far as he could. His hands continued to explore the older woman’s body migrating from her hips to her ass. His fingers were rubbing against the lace of her thing when he boldly decided to try one of his girlfriend’s favorite moves. He worked his fingers between her thighs from behind rubbing them into her juices. When his fingers were slick from her juice he moved his hand into the back of her panties and without warning pushed his finger inside of her asshole.

“Unnngggghhhh” She tried to muffle her scream into his neck.

Sarah had never had anyone put anything in her ass and was surprised how quickly she got over the initial shocked and began to enjoy it. The new sensation pushed her over the edge and she came on the young man’s cock. Her asshole contracted around his finger while her pussy clamped down hard around his cock causing him to cum inside of her. Sarah collapsed onto his chest as they both writhed in pleasure while cumming together. After a few minutes passed she quietly stood back up and slipped her dress over the corset. She walked over to Mark and gave him another lingering kiss before leaving him in the dressing room.

As she walked through the curtain she looked back over her shoulder at the half naked young man and said.

“You should come shopping with me more often”

He didn’t have a chance to say anything before she disappeared through the curtain. Mark realized that a half naked man caught in the dressing room would cause some problems so he quickly threw his clothes on and fled the scene of the crime. As he left the store he walked past Sarah at the register explaining to the cashier that she decided to wear the outfit home as she handed over her credit card.

The next day after coming back from doing errands Sarah saw both Mark and Tony’s cars in the driveway. From the kitchen window she watched them diving and wrestling each other in the pool for a while before she decided to get a better view from her bedroom where she could find relief from her favorite vibrator. She didn’t waste any time and began ripping her clothes off as soon as she closed her door. From her bathroom window she kept her eyes on the three young men’s nearly naked bodies as they played in the sun. Before long, Sarah held her vibrator in one hand while she rubbed her pussy with her other. As the tip of the vibrator was just beginning to press against her wet lips she saw Tony turn away from the other boys and walk towards the house. She could just barely hear him say that he was going to make a snack.

Seeing an opportunity Sarah dashed into her closet and threw on the first thing she found. She slipped her feet into a pair of silver high heels and ran down to the kitchen, hoping to beat Tony. Tony opened the kitchen door and turned the corner to find his friend’s mom bent over at the waist while digging through the back of the refrigerator. He froze in the door frame while he watched her shifting her weight around. He figured that she must not have realized that anyone else was home, or else she would certainly be wearing more clothes. Sarah could feel his eyes on her from behind. She knew that he was fucking her with his eyes while she pretended to look for something in the refrigerator. The thin outfit that she threw on barely covered her body; she might as well be naked in front of the young man. She wore a very short green babydoll that ended just high enough to reveal a hint of her panties when she was standing. Although, it didn’t matter that her panties were just visible under the hem of the babydoll because the material was so sheer that it hide nothing. Sarah knew that between her position and the length of the outfit that her ass was clearly on display for Tony. Under the babydoll she wore a matching green lace g-string. The fabric covering the front of her panties was also transparent and provided an easy view of her pussy.

Tony watched for what felt like a lifetime as Sarah fumbled through the refrigerator. Her legs shifted from side to side providing him with occasional glimpses of the thin sting of green material that was tucked between her ass cheeks. He wanted to run up behind her and fuck her right in the kitchen. Even though she jerked him off in the movie theater while he fingered her he was still nervous about making a move. He didn’t want to scare her off.

After waiting a tortuous several minutes, Sarah decided to turn around and give the young man a real show. She grabbed a can of diet soda and slowly stood up. As she turned around to face Tony she could see the familiar look of lust in his eyes as he began to fully appreciate just how flimsy her outfit was.

“Oh hi Tony. I didn’t realize you guys were here.”

“Uhhh.. Hi Mrs. Walker. Yeah, we were out back by the pool. Is that ok?”

“Of course. We got the pool so people would use it”

Her voice trailed off as she strode across the kitchen, past Tony, to the sink. She put down the can of soda and grabbed a kitchen towel before turning back to her son’s friend. Tony stood by the door wearing just his bathing suit. He didn’t even realize that he had dripped all over the floor until she mentioned it.

“Tony! You’re dripping all over my kitchen floor” She said in a gentle but assertive tone.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry. I’ll clean it up”

“It’s ok. I can do it.”

As Sarah approached him she reached out and began patting the cloth towel against his bare chest as if she was interested in drying him off. With the towel in one hand she ran her other hand over his muscular chest. Tony didn’t move while Sarah rubbed his torso with her hands and the towel. After she dried off his chest she worked down his body and began to give his legs the same treatment. During the course of watching Sarah and her rubbing him, Tony’s cock responded and was now pushing against his bathing suit creating a very noticeable tent. Without warning Sarah moved her hands up to the drawstring of his pants and tugged on it while pulling the waist band down.

“That should do it”

She looked up at him from her crouching position and smiled.

“Doesn’t it feel better now that you’re not dripping all over the floor?”

Looking down at her face, only centimeters away from his throbbing cock, he could only manage a weak nod.

“Oops! It looks like I spoke too soon.” She smiled and rubbed her finger across the tip of his cock. She collected the cum that was already leaking from his tip and brought it to her mouth. While sucking on her finger she used her other hand to push Tony back against the kitchen counter. Using both hands she pushed against his thighs until his legs were spread apart enough for her to move between them. Still on her knees she looked up at Tony while she began to lick his penis. She started at the base of his cock and took each of his balls into her mouth before running her tongue across the length of his manhood. In an instant his cock disappeared into her mouth as Sarah swallowed his entire cock into her mouth.

Nervously, Tony looked over his shoulder into the yard to see if anyone was coming. He was relieved to see that both Mark and Jason were still in the pool. He knew that he didn’t have much time before they got suspicious so he grabbed Sarah from the back of her head and pushed himself deeper into her throat with each thrust. He pumped his cock into her as fast as he could as he exploded into her mouth. She expertly slowed her pace and began to swallow every ounce of cum that poured from his cock. After he finished cumming, Sarah licked his penis clean before looking back up at him. Tony couldn’t believe his luck. He knew that he was going to be spending much more time at Jason’s house during the summer.

Sarah loved the taste of cum and relished every drop that he gave her but she was surprised that his cock was still hard long after he finished cumming.

“What’s wrong Tony? Wasn’t that good for you?”

“What do you mean? That was fantastic Mrs. Walker.”

“But you’re still hard”

Tony didn’t have a good answer for that either.

“It would be a shame to let that hard cock go to waste”

Sarah stood up and walked over to the counter. She leaned forward and supported herself with her hands on the edge of the counter while she spread her legs apart for Tony. She braced herself as Tony took his position behind her. He grabbed her hips underneath the thin babydoll and guided his hard cock between her legs. He easily pushed past her panties into her dripping wet pussy. Sarah closed her eyes as he penetrated her. Tony slowly pushed his cock into his friend’s mom’s tight pussy until his hips were pressed against her firm ass. He paused for a moment to enjoy the feeling of being inside the older woman before he pulled back out. He stopped with the tip of his cock still inside of her and pushed back in more forcefully than before.

“Oh yesssss…..” She moaned as he slid deeper inside of her.

He developed a slow rhythm mixing long thrusts with brief pauses before pushing in or pulling out.

“Harder” She snapped.

Tony picked up the pace and pulled her hips into his with each thrust, allowing him to go deeper into her pussy. Sarah looked out the window and watched her son and his friend playfully wrestling in the water.

“YESSSS!!!” She screamed as his cock drilled deeply into her.

Tony’s pace had picked up enough so that each thrust caused a loud slap from the contact of their skin. Sarah pushed back into him grinding her hips with each thrust. She was watching Mark in the yard rubbing lotion on his chest when she felt her body explode in a crushing orgasm. Her legs quivered but Tony held her up by her hips. Her pussy clenched tightly around his cock as it burrowed deeply inside of her. Her juices flowed down her leg as she came on his cock but he didn’t slow down. Tony kept pounding into her. Harder and harder, faster and faster until he felt himself on the edge. He slammed his body against hers so hard that she almost lost her grip on the counter. He leaned over her and moved his hands up her body until they came to her breasts. The material was tight enough that he had to force his way into her top, ripping one of her shoulder straps in the process. With his chest pressed against her back he massaged her breasts while pumping her full of his hot sticky cum. The combination of him being rough with her and the feeling of him shooting his cum deep inside of her pushed her into another orgasm. Her pussy squeezed his cock as he came ensuring that she drained him of every drop of cum. They stayed motionless with her bent over the counter and his dick buried inside of her for a few minutes until they could hear Jason and Mark walking up to the house.

“Oh shit!” Tony hurriedly pulled his softening cock from her pussy and ran to grab his bathing suit. He looked over at Sarah as he pulled it up his legs. As she stood in the middle of the kitchen, the sunlight coming in through the window offered the young man a tantalizing view of the mature woman through her sheer babydoll. Her thighs were glistening from their combined cum that was leaking out of her and her right breast was exposed from where he ripped her outfit. After a moment she turned and left the kitchen just as the door opened around the corner and Tony’s two friends walked in.

“Dude, you made a fucking mess!” Jason walked across the kitchen to the sink and grabbed a paper towel. While he sopped up the puddle of his mother’s pussy juice Tony made a half-assed apology.

Sarah’s heart was racing when she closed her bedroom door. She didn’t know what got her more turned on, the hard cock pounding her pussy or the thought of getting caught. She stripped off her torn outfit and took a long shower.

Mr. Walker, who Sarah was now largely ignoring completely, was out of town for business for the night so she made plans to go out for drinks with some of her girlfriends later in the day. Her favorite time to go out with friends was in the early evening, before the drunken assholes filled the bars. Later that day, Sarah left the house wearing a pale pink satin halter top with a ruffled collar tucked into a short floral print skirt that hung loosely around her hips. She accented the outfit with a wide light brown belt around her waist and a pair of gold high heels. As she left for the night she poked her head into the living room where the three guys were watching TV and told them not to wait up for her.

At the bar, Sarah had drinks with three of her friends but was distracted by the thought of those three young studs waiting at home for her. Her friends tryed to convince her to stay out late with them and go to a club but she just wasn’t interested. It was about eleven o’clock when she finally returned home and found the three young men in the same position as when she left.

“Don’t you guys ever do anything else?” She teased.

“Mom” Jason interrupted. “Is it ok if Mark and Tony spend the night? We’re planning on going fishing early tomorrow and we want to get out as early as possible.”

A wicked smile flashed across her face as she responded.

“No problem. With your father out of town for the night I’ll feel much safer with three strong young men to protect me. Well if you’re both going to spend the night I’ll need some help getting the basement ready. Tony, why don’t you take the guest room upstairs and Mark can help me make the bed in the basement.”

“Thanks mom”

“Come on Mark, I want to get this over with before it gets too late.”

“Coming” He bounded off the couch and followed the tipsy woman down the stairs into the basement. It only took the two of them a few minutes to get the pull-out bed ready and while his friend’s visibly intoxicated mother straightened out the sheet he made his move. Mark came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. His hands quickly made their way to her inner thighs. Before she realized what he was doing she felt his hands under her skirt pressing against her panties. Mark buried his face in her neck and whispered.

“I need you Mrs. Walker”

A wave of pleasure washed over Sarah as her young lover begged her to fuck him. His hands were already looped around the waistband of her panties pulling them down her legs. She turned to face him and fell back onto the bed. When she landed the front of her skirt had flipped up and exposed her waiting pussy. Mark threw his clothes into a pile on the floor and crawled onto the horny woman.

“Oh Mark”

She tugged on the bow behind her neck and pulled her halter top down to her waist, revealing her bra. Mark lunged for the buckle that held her bra together nestled between her breasts. As soon as he unsnapped it the taught material flew away from her body presenting her two globes of flesh to the hungry young man. With one hand between her legs he pressed his face into her soft chest. Mark bite and licked her nipples as she moaned beneath him. He guided his cock to her and with one swift push entered her. Sarah’s head was still spinning from the drinks. She never imagined that she would have had a cock inside of her so quickly.


She moaned, her body arching up as she received his long hard cock. Unlike Tony she didn’t have to tell Mark to go harder. He fucked her like only a young man can. With an endless supply of energy he pumped his hips into hers. Sarah moaned louder and louder with every thrust. Small orgasms washed over her body as he used her body for his pleasure.

“Oh yeah, take it Mrs. Walker. Take my cock!” He grunted as he fucked her with all his strength.

“Give it to me you stud!” She taunted him.

The room filled with the noise of the sofabed banging against the wall while they fucked. She grabbed his ass and decided that it was time for payback. Using her juices she lubricated a finger and gently pushed it right into his asshole. At first he stopped with his dick fully inside of her. She wiggled her finger back and forth until he slowly resumed. After a few seconds she pushed a second finger into the young man and immediately felt his body tense up as he pumped his cum deep inside of her. He made a few last weak thrusts while unloading himself and then fell down onto Sarah panting heavily. She withdrew her fingers and held the young man to her as he passed out. After a minute she rolled him off of her and tied her top back together before heading back upstairs.

“Is everything ok down there? We heard a lot of banging.”

“We got it. That one steel bar gets stuck sometimes. You need to work it real hard until it all comes together.”

“Where’s Mark?”

“He said he was going to bed early to get ready for fishing.”

“That’s a good idea. I think I’ll do the same.” Tony got up and walked past Sarah as he said good night.

“I guess that leaves the two of us.

Sarah was still drunk and her face was flushed from the fucking that she just had but she wasn’t ready for bed yet.

“I’m going to get a drink, do you want something?”

“I’ll take a soda”

Sarah returned with a large glass of red wine and a soda for Jason.

“It’s been a long day, would you mind rubbing your mother’s feet for a little bit?”

Before he could even reply his mother had flopped down onto the couch and propped her feet up on his lap. Jason was sitting with his back against the arm of the couch and had one leg up and one leg on the floor. Sarah sat opposite him on the couch with her knees slightly bent and her feet in his lap. She turned towards the TV and drank her wine while waiting for her foot massage. Jason didn’t have much choice so he slowly unstrapped his mother’s high heels and dropped them onto the floor. He started with her right foot and gently massaged her. His attention quickly turned from the TV to his drunken mother spread out on the couch. Her skirt had crept up her waist a little and Jason eyed her intently waiting for a shot of her panties. His eyes traveled up and down her smooth legs as his hands moved from her foot to her ankle. As he moved to her calf he positioned her foot so that it rested on his rapidly growing cock. Sarah pushed her foot into her son’s crotch while his hands traveled up her leg to her knee. She drained her wine and dropped her head back onto the arm of the couch enjoying the gentle attention after being fucked so hard by Mark moments before. Sarah adjusted herself by pushing he ass further down the couch so that her neck could be better supported by the couch. Her adjustment pushed her skirt further up her thighs leaving only a shadow covering her pussy from her son. He continued to massage his mother’s leg disappointed that he couldn’t see up her skirt yet. While working on her lower thigh her other legs fell off his lap and onto the ground startling him. He looked at her face and saw that she had passed out.

Jason shook her leg to see if she would respond, but nothing. After nervously waiting for a few moments he pushed her leg aside and stood over his passed out mother. He watched for a while as her slow breathing pushed her chest against the soft silky material of her halter top. her hard nipples were readily apparent through the thin material and he wondered if she was wearing a bra. Jason reached down and shook her shoulder and then her waist, but she didn’t respond at all. He boldly decided to put his hand on her thigh. He figured that if she did awaken he could say that he was trying to wake her up. His hand slowly moved up the smooth skin of her thigh and under her skirt. He gave her one last shake before pushing her skirt up to her waist. he knew that he wouldn’t have any excuses at this point, but he had to see her panties. Jason was shocked that not only wasn’t she wearing any panties, but also that his massage had obviously turned her on because she was dripping wet.

Jason’s hand moved from her thigh to her wet pussy. He gently caressed her before bringing his hand to his nose. She smelled just like he remembered from the other night but mixed in with her perfume was another more heady smell that he didn’t remember. He brought his hand to his mouth and tasted his mother’s wetness before returning his hand to her moist pussy. He knelt down beside her and pushed her legs further apart to get a better view. His fingers traced a path through the small patch of red hair that remained above her mound. Jason occasionally looked up to make sure that she was still out. Feeling more confident, he rubbed his finger along the length of her opening massaging her juices into her soft skin. Her body responded involuntarily to his touch. He checked her face again but she didn’t move. He rubbed her with a little more pressure letting his hand slide along her hot pussy. He leaned in with his other hand and rubbed her breast through her satin top. He wanted to feel her so badly but couldn’t risk waking her up.

She responded to his rubbing with heavier breathing but made no other motions. Jason took her left leg and put it over his shoulder while he moved his face closer to her crotch. Inches away from her wet pussy his senses were overwhelmed by the thick aroma of her juices. He slowly pushed his tongue against her, which forced a low moan to escape her mouth. He had crossed the line a long time ago and didn’t hold back. Jason eagerly licked his mother’s dripping wet pussy while she lay passed out on the couch. His tongue traveled the length of her pussy and rubbed against her clit. She moaned again and Jason felt her hips moving slightly beneath his face. He lowered his mouth to her opening and lapped up the juices that were dripping from her. Unaware that in addition to his mother’s cum he was also drinking Mark and Tony’s cum he happily swallowed every drop of the salty liquid. After a few minutes, Jason’s chin was coated with the combined cum from his mother and her two other young lovers. His rock hard cock strained against his shorts as he ate his mother’s pussy and he needed relief. Jason figured that if she hadn’t woken up yet that nothing could wake her so he pulled his pants down and climbed on top of her limp body.

On his knees between his mother’s legs he positioned his cock at the entrance to her well lubricated pussy and slowly pushed forward entering her. He stopped when he was half of the way inside of her and reached out to take her breasts in his hands. He massaged her chest while he slowly fucked her. Her body responded ever so slightly by rocking against his hips with each thrust but he was so worked up that he didn’t last long. After less than a dozen pumps into her he felt his cock expanding and release a massive load of cum deep inside of his mother. He held his hips against her while his cock drained itself and then slowly pulled his limp cock out. Feeling guilty about what he just did, Jason pulled his pants up and covered his mother with a blanket before practically running up to his room.

Sarah woke up in the middle of the night with a dull pain in her head from the alcohol. She remembered fucking Mark in the kitchen earlier in the night and Tony later in the basement but she couldn’t shake the dream that she had of her son licking their cum from her pussy and then fucking her. Her hand moved between her legs and she felt the warm familiar feeling of cum dripping from her pussy. She went up to her bedroom not quite sure if it was a dream or not, but one thing she did know was at this rate this was going to be one hell of a summer.

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