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Ruth and Her Daughter

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I’ve been working as an escort in Cardiff for a few months now. I was a late starter — I’ve just turned 54 years old — but I’ve been surprised just how much business I’m getting. I used to do it part-time, but I’ve given up my job as a school secretary now and see men every week day. I only work during the days, not evenings, and my dull husband Don doesn’t suspect a thing.

My name’s Ruth, but my clients know me as Gwyneth. My photographer and occasional lover Gwyn has helped me set up my Adultline profile, with lots of very sexy photos in my private gallery. It’s amazing what some people will go for — I can even sell my old panties on the site for ten pounds a time. I started off doing just incalls, in a little flat Gwyn owns, but I now do outcalls to city hotels too. I walk in dressed like a businesswoman, but with my sexy underwear beneath the power suit. It’s a treat being in a comfy hotel room, enjoying a glass of bubbly from the minibar then giving my client a bloody good time.

I’m not what you’d call conventionally attractive — short, a bit plump with a big chest — but my regulars seem to like what I offer. Most of them tend to be older gentlemen, but I’ve also given more young lads their first real sexual experience than I can count. They tend to be a bit nervous at first, but once I’ve given them a nice massage and a blow job they relax, and they’ve got so much enthusiasm and stamina! After years of being sexually repressed in a boring marriage, I feel like I’ve suddenly turned into this wild animal. I feel happier and fitter than I can ever remember, I’ve started going to a gym and shed a few pounds, and I’ve had sex in some positions I wouldn’t even have dreamed existed!

Recently I’ve started watching a series on satellite TV called The L-Word. It’s about a group of glamorous lesbians in Los Angeles who see to spend most of their time making smart remarks and jumping into each other’s beds. There’s one character in it, she’s a pro tennis player, who’s the spitting image of my 27-year old daughter, Suzie. They’re both tall and slim with long pretty faces and beautiful brown hair. One night, after this character, Dana, had had a particularly raunchy scene, I had a dream where she went down on me then fucked me with a huge dildo. Only, as I came, I looked up into her face and it wasn’t Dana, it was my Suzie grinning down at me. I’d never had sex with a woman, but watching the TV show and that dream started me thinking about it for the first time. Before long I was frigging myself in the bath, fantasising about my own daughter licking me out.

Suzie’s 27, and married to a muscular salesman called Darren. She’s also got a sweet 4-year old son called Rhys. Darren sometimes goes away for a couple of days at a time, on sales trips, to conferences, that sort of thing, and I occasionally go round to keep Suzie company. The thing is, one time — ages ago this is, before I even went on the game — I was browsing through their DVD collection and I found a few porn ones, including a couple which appeared to have totally lesbian content. I remembered that when I was thinking about Suzie, and the most wicked idea came into my head. If the last few months has taught me anything, it’s taught me that if you want something you have to go for it, so I started to work out a little plan in my head.

A couple of weeks back, when Darren was on one of his trips, I visited Suzie. I went straight from my apartment, as she lives in a nice modern housing estate on the edge of Cardiff. Suzie likes red wine, so on the way I picked up a couple of bottles. I deliberately went for a variety with quite a high alcohol content. Suzie looked lovely, in an off-the shoulder top, a knee-length skirt and bare legs. Her boobs are tiny compared to mine, but she’s got great, very long legs. We had a nice meal, then, after Suzie had put Rhys to bed, we cracked open the wine. Before long we were both feeling pretty mellow.

Suzie grinned at me and said, “Well, I must say Mum, you’re looking very well. What’s brought the colour to your cheeks, you got a new feller or something?” I gave her a coy smile and sipped my wine, saying nothing. She shrieked like an excited teenager. “Mum, no way! Really? Come on then, tell me all about him.”

I decided to play hard to get. “I dunno if I should Suze. I mean, I wouldn’t want your father to suspect anything.”

She gave a cynical snort at that. “Oh come on Mum, you know me better than that. Me and him aren’t exactly close, are we?” I knew only too well that Suzie can’t stand her dad; in fact she’s told me more than once she doesn’t know why I stay with him.

I smiled again, and said, “Well, it’s not a new bloke as such, more in the way of being a new career. Thing is, I’m not sure you’ll approve. You’ve got to promise me you won’t breathe a word to a soul.” Suzie was intrigued now and, taking a big slurp of wine, crossed her heart and hoped to die. I led her over to her computer and, when we’d booted it up, logged into the Adultline website, then sat her down in front of my profile. Suzie literally did a double-take, and read through my profile with her mouth hanging open in astonishment. Her eyes nearly popped out when she saw my services include anal!

She turned to look at me with big eyes. “Mum, I just don’t believe this. You’re a prostitute? Let me have a look at your private gallery.” I opened it up for her and for a moment I thought she was going to choke. There’s one particular picture of a 22-year old Russian stud Gwyn hired sliding his oiled 10-inch cock into me, and Suzie blew that one up to full screen size and examined it. I noticed that as she did she was literally licking her lips.

We went and sat back down and, over another glass of wine, I told her how I’d got into the work. After I’d finished she shook her head, absolutely amazed. “Well, I can’t say I disapprove Mum, I mean it’s your life, it obviously makes you happy, and I believe in empowerment; but it does make me feel, I dunno, a bit weird knowing that my old mum’s screwing dozens of men every week.” I then told Suzie how much I was earning from my new career. She flopped back on the sofa and murmured “Fucking hell!” Then she raised her glass in mock salute, said “Well, fucking good luck to you, you dirty old cow”, drained her glass and collapsed into a fit of giggles.

If my plan was to have any chance of success I needed Suzie to be drunk, not comatose. I said, “Tell you what love, I could murder a cup of coffee. Best make yours a black one.” She stuck her tongue out at me, but tottered off to the kitchen to boil the kettle. While she was away I scuttled over to the shelf where the DVDs are kept and picked out one called Ladies Night 2. By the time Suzie walked back in with a tray of coffee and biscuits it was playing, with two statuesque blonde girls unconvincingly flirting with each other. Suzie gaped at the screen, then at me. “Christ Mum, what are you watching?”

I winked at her. “One of your DVDs love. Do you enjoy watching this kind of stuff?”

She flopped down on the sofa beside me and shrugged. “It’s more Darren’s sort of thing.” There was something about the way she said it that made me wonder. Either way, she didn’t turn the film off, but pretended to be totally occupied with her coffee.

After a few minutes I decided it was time to start my move. Casually I reached up and started stroking one of my daughter’s bare shoulders. She shivered, but didn’t stop me, just stared into her coffee cup. I stroked my fingertips across her pale skin in very lightly, which I know some of my clients find incredibly erotic. Gazing at the screen, making my voice soft and soothing, I murmured, “Do you ever watch these films and wonder what it’s like with another woman? How it must be to feel her soft skin against yours, taste her breasts in your mouth, feel her fingers inside you and her lips on yours? I know I do.”

I noticed that the combination of my words and my stroking was beginning to make Suzie blush. Her skin was getting warmer, and she was beginning to breathe more deeply. Not looking at me, she mumbled, “I used to wonder.”

That caught me totally by surprise, and for a moment I stopped stroking and squawked at her, “What do you mean you used to?”

She was very red in the face by then and, turning her coffee cup in circles between her long thin fingers, she almost whispered, “Well, you know my friend Linda?” Linda was at school with Suzie, and works as a secretary at Darren’s firm. Suze looked me in the eye, and continued, “The two of us went out on a girls’ night out once and…I mean, it only happened twice, and that first time we’d both had a lot to drink.”

Trying to ignore the chock I felt at Suzie’s confession, I resumed my gentle voice and slid my hand across her back, stroking the nape of her neck with my fingers. “That’s all right love, I mean when it’s two girls together it isn’t like it’s really cheating, is it? And who wouldn’t enjoy that?” I glanced back at the screen, where one of the blondes was rubbing her pussy hard onto the other’s face.

My daughter seemed to be having some sort of internal battle with herself. Her nipples were poking like little bullets through her T-shirt, and she let her head fall back, clearly aroused by my caresses. She groaned, “Mum, I know what you’re doing, and it wouldn’t be right, not between us. There are lots of other girls out there you could…”

Leaning in towards her I interrupted her. “I don’t want other girls Suze.”

I started softly kissing and licking her throat, while my finer moved round to hear and began stroking its contours, and my other hand gently cupped her left breast. She took a deep breath and whispered, “Oh fuck…” I thought for a moment it was going to be that easy, but then her eyes snapped open and she tried to sit up. Attempting to inject some authority to her voice she said, “Mother, stop this now. I mean it!”

She looked at me angrily and I moved in, cramming my lips firmly onto hers and taking advantage of her open mouth to slide in my tongue. Immediately she began to struggle against me and push hard with both hands in a real effort to try and force me off her. I had my arm wrapped around her neck though, and I was very determined. I slipped my free hand down under the waistband of her skirt and into her thong panties. One of my fingers found her crack, and without a moment’s hesitation I pushed it into her hot, wet quim. She squealed into my mouth and hit me quite hard on the shoulder. Then in an instant she stopped fighting me, just like that. Like a balloon with a pin pushed into it she went soft, and next thing I knew she was hugging me tightly to her and wrestling my tongue with hers. I managed to slip a second finger into her and started to really enjoy my first feel of another woman’s snatch. Suze moaned and slipped her hands under my jumper, stroking the bare skin of my back.

After a minute or so of me finger fucking her, Suzie dragged her lips off mine and, wrapping her arms around my neck, rested her forehead against mine, our noses touching. Breathing heavily, she whispered, “Christ Mum! At least let’s go up to the bedroom.” I had mixed feelings about breaking off, even for a moment, and giving her time to think about what we were doing, but it was she who led me up to her and Darren’s room, holding my hand all the way.

Once we were in the bedroom Suzie closed the door firmly, to try and avoid waking Rhys, and sat on the bed, looking a bit dazed, while I quickly stripped out of my clothes. She then stood, slightly unsteadily, and reached for the hem of her T-shirt, but I stopped her. I then proceeded to undress my daughter, for the first time since she was five years old. She lifted her arms as I raised the T-shirt over her head, then I knelt before her and unzipped her skirt. As it pooled around her feet I could see that her thong was tiny, and absolutely soaked with pussy juice. I eased it down to her ankles and, resting one hand on my shoulder, she stepped out of them. I found my face inches from Suzie’s shaved pussy, the sweet pink lips pouting at me, slick with her juice. Unable to resist, I reached around her, clutched her slim buttocks and buried my nose in her, breathing in the aroma of her arousal. She sighed and ground her snatch against me, her hands behind my head pulling me onto her. I felt slightly light-headed with lust, and stood and pulled her into my arms. We hugged tightly and kissed deeply, falling back onto the bed.

I was on top as we fell, but Suzie surprised me and flipped me over onto my back. Immediately she wrapped her lips around one of my tits and gave it a good long suck. Most of my clients do that of course, but my own daughter doing it to me was an incredible turn-on and I began to whine with pleasure as I tried to force more and more of my boob into her mouth. I felt her twirling her fingers in my bushy pubes, and moments later I tensed in anticipation as I felt her warm breath rippling my hairs. She teased me at first, blowing on my gash, tracing her fingers around my labia and dabbing at me with her tongue until I was writhing with desire and almost begging her to go down on me.

At last I felt her tongue actually enter me, bringing the dream I’d had to reality. God, I’ve been eaten out a few times, but not by anybody as good as Suzie. Later I rally wondered about her claim that she’d only been with another woman twice. Her tongue seemed incredibly long, lapping deep into me, while she stroked my clit with one hand and my pussy lips with the other. I sucked at one of my own breasts and massaged the other until I had to put a pillow over my face to muffle my roar as I jumped and squirmed to a fantastic climax on my daughter’s tongue. Suzie wasn’t finished with me though. I felt her pushing at my pussy, and a moment later an almost electric buzz ran through me as her entire hand slipped inside me. Fisting is a new thrill I’ve discovered recently, and I love it. I could barely breathe as my lovely daughter pushed her fist up and down my pussy channel, stroking her fingers around me as she did so. She started sucking on my tit again at the same time, and the combination gave me a second heaving, trembling release.

I was still trembling with the aftershock of my orgasm when Suzie pressed her sticky hand to my lips. I sucked my cum off each of her fingers in turn, and she giggled. “I still can’t believe I’m doing this with my own fucking mother. Jesus, you’re a dirty old bitch.” We lay and snogged for a bit while I recovered my breath, Suzie massaging my boobs and wrapping a long leg around me to stroke the back of my leg with her toes.

It was late so I phoned Don to tell him I’d drunk too much and was sleeping over at Suzie’s. While I was on the phone she went to check on Rhys. When she returned I licked my way down to her chest and attached my mouth to one of her boobs. It was so small that the whole mound fitted into my mouth, and I sucked hard on it. Her head rocked back and she gasped, “Oh yeah!” I stroked my hand across her shaved pussy mound, loving the soft feel of her skin, then slid a couple of fingers into her. I felt around with my thumb until I found her clit, and started to stroke it as I fucked my fingers into her. Almost immediately she stiffened and started whimpering and her pussy tightened around my hand. I was amazed she’d come that quick, and continued fucking and sucking her. Before long she pushed on the top of my head and breathed “Pleeaase mama”.

I smiled to myself and slipped my head between her legs. She really has got a pretty snatch, all pink and puffy. I took my time, leaning in slowly and letting my tongue have a good taste of its first pussy before I pulled her lips apart and slid it in. Within moments she was rocking and rolling on my tongue and fingers, muttering over and over, “Oh fuck, so good, so very, very good.” She started to twist over and, rather than lose contact I went with her. We re-positioned ourselves so that she was literally sitting on my face, rubbing her snatch up and down me so that not only my tongue but my nose was rubbing her insides too. When I sensed she was close to cumming I pushed two fingers up her bum and started reaming her. I know that really turns some men on, and Suzie squealed with delight and began rocking back and forth, forcing my fingers harder into her arse until I felt her walls tighten again around my tongue. At the same time her bottom clenched on my fingers, and she fell forward with a huge sigh.

We slept in each other’s arms that night. I woke up at one point to find Suzie, quite asleep, with her lips attached to my nipple, just as if I was breast feeding her again. In the morning though, a bit hung over, Suzie seemed cringingly embarrassed about what we’d done together, and couldn’t wait to get me out of the house. When I phoned her later on, at first she didn’t want to even talk about it and tried to shut me up. After a few minutes’ coaxing, though, I got her to admit she’d had a good time, and by the time the call had finished she’d even agreed that the next time Darren was away we could “have another kiss and cuddle and see what happens”.

In the next month I slept with Suzie twice more. By that third time she was much more relaxed about it and we had got used to each other’s tastes, so we had an incredible session. She woke me up in the middle of the night and whispered, “Mum, I’ve got a little present for you.” The next moment I felt an enormous prick pushing into my cunt from behind. I looked over my shoulder in surprise and saw Suzie was wearing a strap-on dildo which she was slowly inserting into me. I rolled onto my tummy and she went with me, pushing my legs apart and pulling hers up so she was kneeling. As she built up a rhythm I heard a gentle buzzing and saw Suze was rolling her head with her tongue hanging out. I found out later the dildo had a vibrator at the other end which was sitting in her pussy as she fucked me. She went on and on pounding at me, massaging the small of my back with her hands at the same time, and we both came several timed before I finally had to gasp to her that I couldn’t take any more.

Last week I got an interesting request from a client. I’ve had one or two requests before for a two-girl session, but as I’m quite new to the business I don’t know that many other ladies. However, this guy Bernard, one of my regulars who visits Cardiff on business, offered me a lot of money. I said I’d make a few calls and get back to him, hung up and immediately phoned my daughter. When I explained what I was asking her, she sounded genuinely upset. “For fuck’s sake Mother, it’s not enough that you’ve turned me into an adulterous, incestuous dyke, it’s not enough that you’re on the game, now you want me to start whoring as well?”

I tried to lighten the tone of the conversation. “It’s not as if I’m asking you to go full-time love, I’m just asking you to help me out this once. Look, he’s a nice guy with an eight-inch cock, and he’s offering me 500 pounds for two hours if I can find a partner. You can have 300 of it. Just to do things you enjoy, being fucked and having your pussy eaten.” Money’s always been important to Suzie.

She was silent for several seconds, then said, in a pained voice, “Jesus, I don’t fucking believe this. Eight inches you said?” I don’t know how big Darren’s equipment is, but I’m betting it doesn’t match Bernard’s. Suzie was quiet again, then said, “Oh God, I dunno, I’ll have to think about it. I’ll call you back.” I asked her when and she snapped “When I’ve thought about it” and put the phone down. When she hadn’t called back after three hours I rang her and she whined, “Damn you Mum. Yeah, Ok, I’ll sodding do it for 300. This is a one-off though, don’t you dare start getting any big ideas.” Trying not to sound too triumphant I told her to wear sexy underwear then called Bernard back, telling him I had an extra little surprise for him.

On the day Suzie turned up at my apartment half an hour early, as I’d asked, so we could discuss the booking. She was beautifully made up and wearing a simple green dress with buttons up the front. When she took the dress off I almost wished I could cancel Bernard and have her to myself! She had an ivory lace push-up bra which showed off her perky red nipples, and a pair of matching panties which I think were the tiniest I’d ever seen: the crotch had more or less disappeared between her pussy lips. These were finished off with sheer black stockings, a lacy suspended belt and four-inch high heels. Never mind that she’s my own daughter, I could feel my snatch twitching just from looking at her, so I knew my client would love her!

Suze had obviously had a couple of wines to steady her nerve but she was no more than tipsy and we talked things through, with me giving her a lot of reassurance. We’d just finished when Bernard arrived. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, then introduced Suzie as Dana (the name of the character in The L-Word) and told him my little surprise. His eyes positively lit up. “You two are really mother and daughter? Fucking hell, how kinky is that?”

Bernard stripped off his clothes in record time. He’s 42, a Welshman living in London. He’s only about five feet six tall, with a bit of a gut on him but covered in downy dark hair from his neck to his ankles. always likes to start off his appointments with a nice shared bubble bath to relax him. The bath’s small, but that just makes it more fun! I’d already run the bath, but Bernard surprised me. Hardly able to take his eyes off Suzie, he murmured, “Gwyneth, don’t take this the wrong way but, just this once, do you think Dana could give me my bath?”

Suzie and I looked at each other, and I was just about to get her out of it when she put her arm round him and said, “Course I can, pet. You don’t mind, do you Mum?” For the next 20 minutes I walked up and down in front of the bathroom door, ready to dive in if Suzie panicked. I started to relax when I heard a huge splash and she squealed with laughter. When they came out, Bernard had a look in his eyes that told me he’d cum, and Suzie chuckled “Mum, you told me Bernard had a big cock, you didn’t tell me how pretty it is, or how juicy.” I couldn’t believe it – in the course of a few weeks I’d turned her from my married daughter, shocked at my activities, to some cock-hungry slut I barely recognised!

We lay Bernard between us on the bed, each of us massaging him with our boobs while we kissed him and nibbled his ears and he finger fucked both of us. I could see Suzie was already making her way south, so as she straddled him and eased his seven inches into her pussy I swung a leg over his face and dropped my twat down onto his mouth. The main point of escorting is to make sure your client has a really good time, but it’s nice when they make you feel good too, and Bernard is one of the best pussy eaters I know. He licks across my clit, while one hand twiddles in my pussy and the other reams my bum. I love riding him and ground myself against him, feeling that familiar warmth spreading through me like an old friend. I could hear Suzie screaming with pleasure, and the way the bed was moving it was obvious she was bouncing up and down on Bernard. He convulsed as he came into her, thrusting his tongue off my clit and deep into me. God, that set me off, my belly twirling as I crashed to orgasm, but I kept going and Bernard gave me all he could, pulling me onto him with his hands around my thighs and licking me to another quick climax.

We all needed a bit of a breather after that, so I gave Bernard a relaxing back massage while Suzie lay next to him kissing him. Then he asked, almost shyly, “I know your Dana’s mum, but I don’t suppose the two of you…?”

I giggled, “Too right we do love. Do you want to join in, or just watch?”

Bernard smiled. “Actually, would it be okay if I took a few photos, just for my own use?”

I do let my regulars take snaps, but I wasn’t sure how Suzie would feel about it. She amazed me again though. “No problem, Bernard honey, just so long as you promise to e-mail us copies.”

For the next ten minutes Suzie and I had fun 69ing each other. Suzie started moaning almost immediately, and I realised she was putting on a show for Bernard, so I started acting it up as well. After a few minutes though I didn’t need to act. I really love Suzie’s pussy, and this time I could taste Bernard inside her. She came quite quickly then just relaxed, and we ended up with me sitting on her face, lapping away at me while I ran my fingers round her and nibbled her thighs. Suzie’s not as good at O as Bernard, but as she licked round my pussy walls and stroked my clitty I had another lovely mini-orgasm. Bernard just sat in a chair snapping away, and muttering, “Jesus Christ! I don’t believe this! Fuck, this is sexy.” Just as I thought we’d finished, Suzie surprised me again. She scissored our legs and started rubbing our pussies together, fucking me with her clit. She told me later she’d got the move from one of her DVDs. It felt amazing, and I could feel myself boiling yet again as I came onto my beautiful daughter’s cunt.

Even though I was grateful to Suzie for helping me out, I was actually starting to feel a bit jealous of her. Her eyes were glazed over from so much sex in such a short time and, after a bit more all-round snogging and cuddling I said, “Dana love, why don’t you go and make us all a nice pot of tea? There’s some scones in the cupboard too.” She tottered off to the kitchen and I lay on top of Bernard and gave him a deep, lingering kiss. Then I said, archly, “Bernard, you’re not going off me are you? You wouldn’t just want Dana in future?”

He actually looked quite shocked at the question. He hugged me to him and said, “Course not Gwyneth! Dana’s nice, and she’s sexy, but you’re bloody gorgeous. It wouldn’t be worth me coming to Cardiff if I couldn’t see you. If I lived here I’d be broke I’d want to see you so much.” Kissing me between almost every word, he said, “You’re a beautiful, experienced, sweet lady, and lovely shag too.” God, I wish my husband had ever said anything like that to me! Bernard rolled me onto my back, and gave me a lovely fuck after that. He’s got a nice meaty prick, and he likes to do it with long, slow strokes that prolong the enjoyment for both of us. He leaned up on his hands and we smiled into each other’s faces as we made love. When I came it was with a gently sigh, and I wrapped my legs around him, pulled him down onto me and we had another nice cuddle. It feels great when you can get truly intimate like that with a regular client. When he left he gave Suzie a peck on the cheek, but he hugged me, gave me a very affectionate kiss, and whispered, “I can’t wait to see you again Gwyneth.”

Suzie hasn’t gone on the game, although she has done one more double session with me — not with Bernard though, I’m keeping him to myself! I’ve also taken on one or two lady clients for the first time, and I’m learning more and more about how to make love with another woman. Suzie’s getting the benefit of that! I love what I do, I enjoy meeting nice new people, and I wouldn’t change a thing about my life right now.


Coming soon — Ruth’s gang bang!

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