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Rubbing More Than Elbows

Category: Incest
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“You won’t have even have to deal with his cock at all,” Susan said. “I’ll handle all of that. I just need you to be eye candy and help out on the rubdown. And you’ll get half.”

Jenny listened to her college roommate’s pitch skeptically but curiously. Susan had been putting herself out on an online classified advertising site for “sensual massage” for a few weeks and had brought back a good amount of money. Now one of her customers was requesting that she bring a friend for a “four-hand” massage, and Jenny was who she turned to for the assist.

They would be quite a complementary pair, Susan with her lush, voluptuous body and cute brunette bob, Jenny with her lean, tall build and long, curly golden hair.

“But I don’t know anything about massage,” Jenny said. “I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“You’re worried about the massage?” Susan said with a giggle. “These guys don’t care about the massage, that’s just to kill time until you jerk them off! He just wants two cute girls to show him their tits and put their hands on him. I’ll give him a handjob, and we’ll get $150 apiece. It’s so easy, and he’s a nice guy, I swear.”

The cash certainly sounded like a good idea to Jenny, and it wasn’t as if they were going to have sex with him, not real sex.

“I don’t know, it still makes me a whore, doesn’t it?” Jenny asked, half-mockingly, but half-seriously.

“You were born a whore, bitch,” Susan joked, giving her a playful slap on the shoulder. “Come on, let’s do this. It’s just an hour, in and out, easy.”

Jenny pursed her lips. “OK, where are we going exactly?”

* * *

On their way to the hotel, Jenny checked herself in the mirror as Susan drove. She was surprised that they weren’t dressed provocatively, but Susan said that the client liked her to arrive in casual clothes, perhaps to avoid suspicion. The clothes would be off when the massage started, anyway.

Displaying herself to a stranger would be a new experience for Jenny. She had always been a shy girl, gawky as a youngster because she was tall for her age. At 5-11 she could be striking, but she didn’t walk with the confidence of women who knew they were desirable. But in private like this, in secret, she thought she could get handle it.

“Do you want to use a fake name?” Susan asked. “Remember, he knows me as Adrienne.”

“Adrienne? That’s so stupid, where did that come from?” Jenny said, chiding her friend. “I’ll just be Jenny, it’s not like I’m ever going to see him again.”

“Well we might, if he likes it!” Susan said. “This is already my third time with him. He’s kind of my ‘regular’ now.”

They pulled into the hotel parking garage, and Susan called up to the room on her cell to let the client know they had arrived.

* * *

“OK, remember, just let me handle everything, he knows this is your first time.” Susan said as they arrived at the suite.

“Yeah, you’ll ‘handle’ it all right,” Jenny said, sticking out her tongue. They knocked.

And when the door opened, Jenny was face-to-face with her father.

“Adrienne, this is your friend?” Alan said with a puzzled look on her face. Jenny searched his expression, but it seemed both of them were too shocked to blurt out the seemingly mandatory, “What are YOU doing here?!”

“Yeah, this is Jenny,” Susan said, flouncing her way into the room, with no idea anything was amiss. “I told you she was tall. Isn’t she a hottie?”

“Uh, yes, you both look lovely,” Alan said. It seemed he and Jenny both preferred not to tell Susan the awkwardness of the situation, as it would only bring their embarrassment into the open, rather than remain a secret only they would know. Turning to his young daughter, Alan said, with more than a little interest, “Susan tells me this is your first time doing something like this?”

“Oh yes. I’ve never done anything like this at all. But,” she said, looking her father in the eye, “I think it could be fun. It’s just a nice little backrub, right?”

“Kind of!” Susan said flirtily, letting her hand travel down from Alan’s chest to his crotch, where she gave him a quick squeeze while she kissed him on the cheek.

* * *

As they made their way toward the bed, Jenny’s mind was buzzing with a thousand thoughts. How often did her father use whores? How long had he been cheating on her mom? Why wasn’t he yelling at her? Why did she find the situation so exciting?

The perversity of it was certainly a little amusing. But was she really still going to go through with this? For what, just for Susan’s sake? Did she really want to see her father naked? Alan was a good-looking man, in great shape even approaching 50 — it might not be so bad. The absurdity of the situation was kind of intoxicating, and she knew it would be the wildest thing that had ever happened to her. Just for that reason, she couldn’t turn away, somehow.

Alan handed Susan an envelope, which she slipped in her purse. That was the $300, Jenny surmised. And then Susan came up from behind and grabbed at the hem of Jenny’s top, pulling it up over her head. Jenny had thought it would be sexier to arrive braless, so she was now standing topless in front of her dad, with her friend squeezing her breasts from behind. “Isn’t she a doll?” Susan said as she lightly nibbled at Jenny’s ear, something she wasn’t expecting.

“Beautiful,” Alan said, staring intently at his daughter. No one moved for a minute as Susan kept nuzzling at Jenny’s neck. Alan never broke eye contact with Jenny, as if he were still deciding what to do. Then he began to unbutton his shirt, and Jenny felt a rush of heat crash over her body, as she realized they were both going to play this game of chicken to the end.

Alan quickly got undressed, turning around as he removed his boxers and laid face-down on the bed. He looked over at the girls as Susan undid her own top, then her bra, to free her spectacular double Ds. Alan loved those big tits, but he couldn’t keep his eye off Jenny’s pert, shapely b-cups as she pulled off her jeans to reveal a skimpy black thong.

“Why don’t you join him on the bed, Jenny?” Susan said as she finished undressing and went to her bag for massage oil. Jenny sat beside her father’s naked body, wearing only her panties, and lightly began to rub his neck. Susan knelt across from her, giving Alan a quick smack on the butt before pouring out some oil onto his back and starting to work it in.

Susan made some small talk with Alan and started working on his legs as Jenny just let her hands travel across his back, giving him a light but pleasant backrub. Susan rubbed him from his butt down his thighs to his calves, and then back up again as Jenny worked his shoulders. Winking at Jenny, Susan let her hand fall between Alan’s legs and brush his balls, giving him a little tease that she knew he liked.

Susan took Jenny’s hand and brought it between Alan’s legs, and he let out a deeper moan as he felt both girls running their fingertips across his balls lightly. Jenny held them in her hand as her fingers tickled up his hardening shaft. Jenny massaged his balls as Susan took her spot rubbing his back for a while, before Alan rolled over to lie on his back.

* * *

“Oh, sweetie, you’re so hard already,” Susan said theatrically, tickling Alan’s shaft with her fingers. “You must be having a good time. Isn’t this a nice cock, Jenny?”

Susan started to stroke the thick shaft lightly, taking over those duties as promised. “It’s huge,” Jenny said, not taking her eyes off it. “It looks beautiful.”

Jenny gently rubbed Alan’s thighs as Susan ran one hand up his chest and kept slowly stroking his stiff cock. He reached out to put one hand on the ass of each girl, feeling the soft curves of their bodies, but looking straight at Jenny. Susan leaned over toward Alan so he could get his hands on her heavy, swaying breasts as usual, and he took advantage, squeezing them gently as she continued to tease his hardness.

Jenny rubbed his inner thighs, occasionally brushing her fingers against his balls as Susan stroked him. Feeling her father’s hand gripping her ass was a little strange, but perversely thrilling. Then Susan took Alan’s hand and guided it to Jenny’s chest, and suddenly he was fondling her breasts as well, pulling at her erect nipples, and the indecency of it flooded over her. Nothing had ever turned her on like being groped by her own father, with an audience. And when she looked at his impossibly hard cock, she understood why she and Alan both were still there: Because they wanted to be.

She looked down to his big, throbbing cock, watching Susan’s hand cover barely the bottom half of it as she jerked it, saw the head straining upward, so hard and purplish, and she lost all impulse control. Cradling his balls lightly in her palm, she bent down and took the head of her father’s cock into her mouth.

This shocked everyone. Jenny herself couldn’t believe what she was doing, Susan never expected such a thing, and Alan let out an “Oh my god!” that almost made Jenny stop running her tongue in circles around his hot, smooth cockhead. Almost.

“I guess she likes it,” Susan said, still stroking the shaft from the bottom as Jenny sucked the tip of it. She took Susan’s hand away so that she could work her lips farther down and take more in. Soon her mouth was full of cock, her father’s cock, and she moaned deep in her throat as Alan continued to fondle her perfect little breasts. “I think you like it too,” Susan said to him.

Jenny worked her mouth up and down on him, cradling his balls as she did. Susan brought her breasts up to Alan’s face so he could be smothered in her big tits and kiss her nipples as Jenny sucked his cock. He let his hand wander between Jenny’s legs, and when he reached his pussy, she felt Jenny take his hand and guide his fingers inside her. She took control of his hand, using it as her own sex toy, as the depravity of what she was doing rapidly sent her over the edge. She had to pause for a moment, pulling her lips off his cock as she came wetly on his fingers.

As her wave of pleasure passed, Jenny turned her head to rub her lips up and down her father’s shaft, smacking her lips for noisy wet kisses. Alan put his hands on Susan’s shoulders to move her out of his way, allowing him to watch his daughter finish her blowjob-for-hire. Susan went back to slowly rubbing his chest as Jenny took his cock back in her mouth. Alan ran his right hand through Jenny’s hair, moving it out of the way so he could watch, and began to fuck her mouth, guiding it up and down. When the time came, he said, “You’re going to make me cum,” as a warning.

Jenny turned toward her father and said, “I want it, Daddy. Cum right in my mouth.”

Instantly, the first burst of jizz shot from the tip of his cock onto Jenny’s lips and across her cheek. She quickly lowered her lips back onto him to catch the next spurt, and the next, and the next, swallowing them down as quickly as he could fill his daughter’s mouth with cum.

Jenny looked down at her father, smiling with her cum-spattered lips, a line of his semen streaking across her cheek. Susan looked at her and only whispered, “Holy shit.”

“Su-, Adrienne,” Jenny said, catching herself. “Come here and taste it.” Susan gave her a surprised look, but closed her eyes and leaned in. Their lips came together for their first kiss, and it was christened with a warm, sticky dollop of cum. As Jenny shared the taste of her father with her friend, and felt their tongues come together softly, she heard Alan exhale and quietly murmur again, “Oh my god.”

* * *

After they were all dressed and the girls had a chance to clean up, they said their goodbyes. Susan gave Alan a kiss on the cheek and a friendly hug as he promised to call her again soon. Jenny embraced him warmly and whispered in his ear, “Someday you’ll fuck me, Daddy.”

Alan closed the door behind them. Susan looked at her friend, who had just displayed a nasty side she couldn’t have imagined before. “You like calling older guys ‘Daddy,’ huh?” she said. “Pretty kinky.”

Jenny smiled enigmatically and said, “If you only knew…”

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