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There is no comparison in the way this day began and the way it ended up. In fact, this day changed my entire life as well as the lives of most of the rest of my family. I’m sure most would say all was progressing quite innocently up until the time when I went into the bathroom where my mother was taking her Sunday morning bubble bath.

I was after a towel since the other bathroom had run out of its supply. That was a common occurrence when my sister, Sissy, happened to take a bath before me. Admittedly, she has beautiful long blonde hair, but it takes three, sometimes four, towels to get it dry enough to suit her.

Barging in on Mom while she was soaking in her bubble bath was not a shocking event in this household. She was usually covered all the way up to her chin in the suds so nothing revealing was there to be seen. Today, however, she was sitting higher in the tub when I entered, and I got a very good view of what she had been hiding all these years. Both knees were protruding from the thick cover of suds as was her left shoulder and the better part of her left breast.

The sight was quite arousing for me being a young man of nineteen. I was well into puberty now, and even the right smile on a woman’s lips caused me to develop an erection. I had already accepted the fact that I had no control whatsoever over my hormones, so when Junior wanted to flex his muscles I just let him.

The major difference this time was that he and I had an onlooker. Mom was just about eye-level with my crotch when I stretched over the tub to retrieve a towel from the rack high above the rear end of the tub.

“Tommy,” she said very softly, “there is a bulge in your jeans, and it is getting bigger and bigger.”

“I know,” I said apologetically. “I tried to prevent it from doing that, but when I saw your bare breast when I came into the bathroom I lost control.”

“Don’t apologize, Son,” Mom continued in her soft voice. “I just hadn’t realized that you had grown up so completely. That’s quite a bulge, young man.”

“Please, Mom,” I begged as I tried to twist away and hide my imposing manhood. “I didn’t want this to happen. I’ll go.”

“Nonsense, Honey,” she said unable to keep the broad smile from her lips. “So my bare boob turned you on, did it?”

“Mom,” I exclaimed. I think she was flirting with me.

“Come on now, son,” she said in a reassuring tone. “You’ve gotten yourself all worked up now so don’t you think you ought to let that big boy out of the barn before he hurts himself?”

“Do what?” I cried. I couldn’t believe my ears. My mom wanted to see my cock. This must be a nightmare. I needed to wake up.

“Come on now, Hon,” she cooed, “it’s just you and your old mom here so let the fella out before you hurt yourself.”

“But you’re my mother,” I reminded her.

“That’s right, young man,” she said in a good-natured but stern voice, “so we both know that I have seen your little wee-wee on hundreds of occasions in the past.” I hadn’t noticed, but her hand was at my fly. She tugged gently, and my zipper surrendered without resistance. She worked her forefinger into my pants, and with very little effort managed to flip my dong out into view. “Nice,” she said with a big sigh. “You have grown since the last time I played with this lizard.” She was smiling broadly.

I was standing erect now. Both my body and my pecker were erect. I think I had dropped the towel I was after into her bubble bath blowing away the majority of her sudsy cover. I gazed at both of her bare breasts as they floated on top of the water. My cock must have jerked with a spasm at the sight.

“Careful now, Tommy,” she teased, “Your thing is liable to explode if you’re not careful.” There was a sparkle in her eyes, and a broad smile on her face. She was truly enjoying our intimate encounter.

“This is embarrassing for me, Mom,” I sputtered. “It’s just not right.”

“Nonsense, Tommy,” she huffed. “If it feels good then it is good I always say.” She calmly tucked her legs beneath her full butt and lifted her body to a kneeling position. I was looking at my completely naked mother for the first time up this close. Her full breasts were gleaming from the soapy water, and the pubic hair at her crotch was still speckled with the bubbles. My balls were aching, and my cock was pulsating. I squirmed in response to the excruciating pleasure I felt.

“Take off your pants, Tommy,” she said in a voice that sounded husky and sweet at the same time. She had never used this tone with me before, but I liked it. I didn’t argue. I slid my jeans down my legs to the floor. My bare butt and my raging, beet red cock were totally free. “Come closer,” she said in that same voice as she reached out for my pecker. “I’ll make you feel much better.”

“Are you sure we . . .” I was asking as her mouth closed over the head of my tool. The sensation of her lips around my shaft and her tongue massaging my cock head was excitingly new for me. An extremely warm surge of heat spread throughout my body. I could feel my balls jumping in my sack. “Holy shit, Mom,” I gasped, “I’m going to come.”

She removed her mouth from my cock long enough for two short words. “I know.”

My orgasm was a show-stopper. My cock bucked in her mouth, but she didn’t miss a stroke. Her mouth traveled farther up and down my cock as I belched my wad into her throat. “Oh wow,” was all I could manage to say.

“Did you like that?”

“Fantastic,” I muttered and I sank slowly to my knees.

“Get in,” Mom said as she moved back in the tub to make room for me. “We’re going to have some more fun.”

“But I’m getting limp. You took a lot out of me,” I said as I stepped into the sudsy water.

“Don’t you worry about that, my boy; I can get you hard again when the time comes.”

We were sitting facing each other in the tub, and her magnificent breasts were there for the taking. Mom must have read my mind.

“Go ahead, Baby. Touch them. Kiss them. Suck on my nipples and watch them get hard just like your pecker does.”

“Really,” I muttered in sheer wonderment as I leaned forward to experience this phenomenon for myself. Her breasts were indeed soft and warm to my touch. Mom was breathing heavily now as she took my head in her hands and pressed my mouth firmly against her boobs.

“That feels wonderful, Tommy. Now suck a nipple into your mouth and let your tongue play with it. It will get harder when you do.”

I had always obeyed my parents, but I had never before been so eager to do so. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, I heard Mom gasp, and I felt the little nub getting harder. I massaged her tits gently as I sucked on her nipples. We were both breathing heavily now.

Mom reached under the suds and felt my cock. It was slowly reviving because of our titty foreplay, but her hand on the tool definitely accelerated the process. She leaned forward and put her lips next to my ear. “Touch my pussy, Tommy. My pussy wants to feel your hand on it.”

I was just a little nervous about feeling my mom’s pussy, but I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity for anything in the world. I eased my hand beneath the water. I felt Mom’s hand on mine as she guided me to where she wanted me to go. I recognized the abundance of pubic hair as my hand reached her crotch. Mom pressed on until my fingers were embedded in the slit guarding her vagina. Her lips were still at my ear.

“Put a finger in my pussy hole, Tommy. Put two fingers in there and feel around.” She gasped softly when I did as I was told. She squeezed my cock gently, and it responded like the horny little tool it was. “Keep doing that, Tommy, and we are going to fuck in just a few minutes. Would you like that?”

“Oh yeah,” I sputtered. I pushed my fingers deeper into her pussy. Without realizing I had done it, I had three fingers inside her. She was moaning and grinding her pussy against my hand.

“Are you ready to fuck Mommy, Tommy?” She was breathing heavily and now she was gasping and panting as she spoke.

“The sooner the better,” I admitted. “I’m as hard as a rock.”

“I want you to fuck your Mama like the bitch she is, Tommy. Doggie style.” With that she unplugged my mouth from her tit and my hand from her crotch. She released my cock and turned and presented herself to me on all fours. I was staring at her swollen pussy when I heard her say, “Do me, Baby. My pussy is begging for you to come inside.” I know it was my imagination, but I could have sworn her puffy pussy winked at me.

I rose to my knees and placed the head of my cock at her puffy pussy door. I pressed forward.

“Welcome, Sir,” she cooed. “There’s plenty of room. Come on in.”

I pressed forward until my body was tight against her buttocks. I ground my pelvis against her making my cock head move about

“Ooooh, I like that. Now pump away. I want my son to make me come for his first time. Come on. I’ll help.”

Again, I did as I was told. The faster I would drive my cock into her the harder she would rise to meet my thrust. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was nudging her cervix frequently. She was grunting with nearly every stroke. I grunted with every stroke. Then the inevitable arrived. My balls sent their message that Mr. Orgasm was on his way. Sure enough he banged at the door.

Bang, wham, boom, pow. Spurt, trickle and ooze. The deed was done.

“Don’t stop, Tommy,” Mom cried. “I’m almost there. Keep pumping. Please.”

I was still hard so I did as I was told. In fact, I was so turned on from this coupling thing that I literally pounded away at my mother’s hole with a sweet vengeance. Moments later Mom’s commentary convinced me that her time had arrived. She was wiggling her ass wildly, and singing the praises of total satisfaction. Obviously, I had done well.

At the same time I had spent a considerable amount of my energy in satisfying, in her own words, my mother the bitch. I liked that doggie style we use, and I knew I would be using it again in the future. At this moment, however, I was laid back against the back end of the tub regaining my strength. Mom had assumed of position between my legs with her back pressed along my front torso. My flaccid cock was moored comfortably underwater in the upper crack of her ass.

“Am I interrupting something?” the sweet young voice asked from the bathroom doorway.

“Oh shit,” was the only intelligent thing I could think of to say under the circumstances. My little sister was leaning against the door jamb and observing our nakedness in the tub.

“Hi, Sissy,” Mom said cheerfully like this intrusion was an everyday occurrence. Sissy was in her customary weekend attire. She wore short shorts and probably one of my T-shirts. Her braless boobs were evidenced by the vivid outline of her firm breasts and her perky nipples. “I just showed your brother how to get temporary relief from that perpetual hard on of his.”

“I know what you mean,” Sissy commented. “I’ve given him a few hand jobs here lately myself.” From the tone of the conversation you would think we were discussing last night’s TV movie at the breakfast table.

“Did you do a good job?” Mom asked seriously. “Tell me about it.”

“Well,” Sissy began, “I noticed on several occasions here lately about bed time that he was roaming around the house with this tent pole in his shorts. We discussed his problem as brother and sister should, and he told me the only way he could get relief was to beat his meat. He showed me how he masturbated, and it looked like fun. I did it for him that first night. We both had a good time. The next night we did the same thing, and had fun again. The third night for some reason he didn’t have a hard on when I came to his room. After a short discussion, I stripped off my clothes and watched his rod immediately grow and stiffen. That’s our routine now – nearly every night.”

“And what does he do for you?” Mom asked.

Sissy and I looked at each other before answering.

“Well, Sissy is usually between my legs so I can’t do much for her while she is jacking me off, but when she finishes I usually play with her titties or massage her pussy for a while. We don’t want to mess up her flower,” I added very quickly.

“How thoughtful,” Mom mused. “But I think it is time you two learned more about making each other feel good without jeopardizing Sissy’s virginity, Want me to show you?”

“Yes,” we cried in unison.

Mom looked over at Sissy still standing in the doorway, and then with a big smile on her face she said, “Show us your monkey, girl.”

Sissy hesitated for a second, but only a second. She stepped over to the tub in front of me. “You do my pants, Tommy,” she purred as she flipped her t-shirt over her head. I honored her request as quickly as I could. The sight of her firm young breasts and her recently shaved pussy were by no means a new sight, but they were definitely an arousing influence for a perpetually horny young man such as me.

Sissy’s nude body was such a distraction that I forgot until now that Mom was lying against my pecker.

“Tommy, you little rascal,” Mom squealed. “Sissy, your brother has already shot his wad twice this morning, and he’s loading his gun again. Look,” she continued as she stood in the tub. My cock head was at the surface of the bath water. Both women giggled.

“Watch this carefully, kids,” Mom said as she stepped out of the tub. She may have been forty years old, but she still had a terrific body. “Sissy, sit on the toilet seat, and spread your legs.” As Sissy did as she was told, Mom kneeled between her legs and begin lightly kissing her inner thighs. There was no doubt about Sissy liking what Mom was doing. She spread her legs wider, and started massaging her breasts. Her eyes were closed. My dick was standing tall and watching.

I was amazed at how Sissy’s pussy lips swelled as Mom tantalized her crotch. Mom briefly broke away with her pleasure with Sissy and looked at me watching every move the two women were taking.

“Stand up, Tommy,” Mom gasped breathlessly. I did so, and my flag was waving for all glory. “Watch this, Sissy,” she continued with bated breath and she clutched my erection and guided it into her mouth. Her head bobbed a few times oon my cock, and then she said, “Sissy, you take over.” Sissy’s head was about level with my cock so the connection was effortless. The effect was unbelievable. My sister was a natural cock sucker. Then, as Mom returned to lapping her pussy which in turn inspired Sissy to intensify her attention to my manhood. Now I was playing with my sister’s tits, and she had managed to find my balls and play with them between her fingers.

I’m no seasoned veteran at this game, and although my sister is also a novice, her tenacity and enthusiasm served her well. In no time at all she had my cannon exploding and belching gobs of goo into her unsuspecting mouth. The incident caught her off guard, but she recovered nicely so the only thing soiled was her – inside and out. Mom noticed the commotion.

“I see you two achieved your objective,” she said rather simply, “and I know I brought this sweet little pussy to at lease one climax, so I am going to turn it over to the two of you. Tommy, you need to get down here in you sister’s valley, and practice eating pussy, She likes it. You need the practice.”

That was our Mom. She was always in charge, and always looking out for us kids. The remainder of the day was fantastic. If it is scientifically possible, I think Sissy and I overloaded our genitalia. I learned a lot about eating pussy, and Sissy was well on her way to being the best cock sucker in the family. About mid-afternoon I fucked a very willing mother again, and Sissy convinced her that she remembered everything Mom taught her about oral sex.

We’re a much closer family now. Sissy and I both slept with Mom that night, and once in the wee hours of the morning the only way I knew I was eating Mom’s pussy was because of the pubic hair.

Ain’t life grand?

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