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“Come closer.”

She stood by the doorway, teetering slightly on the outsoles of her heels. Peering towards the corner, she made out the silhouette sitting casually in the leather sofa in the corner. Her eyes had not yet adjusted to the light, but the shaggy mane and the scent of clean musk were enough to tell her he had managed, yet again, to enter her home. She knew it was pointless to ask how. More important was why.

“Closer, my dear. That skirt is very becoming on you.”

Alarm bells peeled in her head. The last time he had invaded her house, her screams and moans had the neighbours calling the cops. She’d had to wear trousers for a week to cover the bruises on her thighs. The teeth marks on her breasts had taken a month to heal. But just the sound of his voice, now, and her pussy was dripping. She felt her womb clench in desire, and knew she would comply. She let her purse fall to the floor and slowly stepped forward.

“Ah, lovely. Your legs have become rather tanned this summer. Let me see the rest. Leave those pretty shoes on, though.”

Wordlessly, her hands went to her blouse, and worked the little pearl buttons through the holes. Cool linen fell from her shoulders and spilled to her feet. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She stood in front of him now, in a plain cotton bra with a small amount of lace trim, and matching panties. She knew he liked to do the rest himself.

He sat forward and pulled her hips towards his face, stuffing his nose firmly into her crotch. He laughed, quietly.

“Your cunt is already soaked.”

He pulled the front of her panties up, hard, so the fabric dug fiercely into her, slicing her nest in half. He moved his face back in and found her clit through her panties, throbbing in its tight bondage. He clamped his mouth down on it overtop the fabric and bit it hard. Her knees buckled as she groaned. A broad wet stain appeared in her panties as her pussy let out its first deluge of juice.

He pulled her roughly into his lap and she felt his hard cock pressing up against her bitten and swollen clit. Instinctively she ground against him despite what she knew was to come. His hands tore at her bra, leaving it dangling from her shoulders. She pushed her breasts towards him, even offered them to him with her own hands, while bracing for the pain. He covered her mouth with one hand while savagely grasping at the first globe, flawless ivory, and descending upon it with his violent kiss. Her muffled scream into his palm, as he pulled her nipple with his teeth, made his balls boil.

He pushed her forcefully down on the sofa, pinned her shoulders with his weight and descended upon her flesh, sucking and biting, marking her as his own. Her throat quickly bore the evidence of his passion and her pale skin blushed with the abrasions of his unshaven chin. Her right breast already bore five perfectly oval bruises from his hand squeezing it tightly while he chewed on the wine-coloured nipple.

“What do you say, darling? What do you want?”

“Fuck me,” she moaned. She knew it was all she was allowed to say. “Fuck me, fuck me.”

“Oh, I will fuck you, you know I will. I haven’t decided how yet. But I will fuck you well.”

He pushed her to her knees and bent her over the back of the sofa. With his bare hands, he tore the thin cotton panties away from her body. Her white ass still bore marks from the whipping he’d given her last time with his belt. He remembered watching her pussy gush during the lashing. He had made her part her cheeks wide with her own hands so he could whip her cunt too. God, how she had howled…and then soaked herself. He’d fucked her pussy hard that day and wish he could have fucked her ass too, but he was spent. Today he would make up for it. He was prepared.

He removed his clothes and pulled the belt out of his trousers. Stepping back, he took aim at her ass and smacked it with a crisp, audible, sting. She yelped and pushed her ass higher into the air. Panting already, like a dog.

“We can’t have you yelling again, can we,” he said quietly.

“F-f-fuck me,” she replied.

“Yes, darling. But let’s take care of that little scream of yours.”

He balled up her torn panties and stuffed them in her mouth, and tied her bra around her face so she couldn’t spit them out. Then he stepped back again with the belt and landed another blow on her ass, now burning with one bright red stripe. Crack. Two stripes, now. He could smell her cunt filling the air. Decided to take a closer look.

Kneeling behind her bent form, he examined her inflamed lips, the deep red colour of her snatch, the aromatic liquor glistening over everything, clit, lips, even her thighs now. He probed into her with his finger and she squirmed on it, sucking him inside her. He added another finger, and another, and fucked her gently, moving his fingertips into that spot inside her that would have her relinquish whatever control remained. Her hips pushed back on his hand, demanding more. Little whore, he thought inwardly, with a smile.

He stuffed his fourth finger insider her and stroked harder, then folded his thumb into his hand and began to push that in too. She bucked in surprise at the added pressure and her cunt tried to force his hand out, cringing in fear.

“Not so fast. What do you want?”

Through the panties, she tried to make out the only words she had. “Fuck me,” she said. Hardly audible, but he knew what she would say.

“That’s right, you *want* me to fuck you, don’t you. And I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you however I want.”

He reached over to the floor and dragged over a small athletic bag, unzipped it. Beads of fearful sweat trailed down her forehead as she wondered what was coming.

He held up her foot at the ankle, admired the little strappy sandal there, and kissed the back of her leg. She felt stiff leather wrapped around her ankle then, fastened with a buckle. He moved over to her other leg and placed another leather cuff around that ankle as well. And then, something heavy, some kind of metal. A bar.

He attached the spreader bar first to one leather cuff, and then the other. Her feet were at least three feet apart now, and there was no way she could stop anything from entering her body. The thought sent another rush of juice through her needy cunt.

“Now, where were we,” he whispered, shoving his fingers again into her wet hole.

This time, she couldn’t resist him. He worked his first four fingers insider her and then once again folded his thumb inside his palm and began shoving his hand into her pussy. Her thigh muscles tensed and tried to push it out, but the bar made it impossible. She was totally open. With his free hand he reached inside his bag for a small bottle of lube, and poured it over his hand and wrist. With each stroke he moved his hand higher into her passage.

Hanging over the sofa, blood rushing to her head, she pounded the floor with the heels of her hands. The pain was excruciating, but he wouldn’t let up. And even with the pain, her clit felt more enormous and fiery than ever. Every now and then he brought his hand up to it and flicked and it with his fingers, maddening it. And every time he did that, more cunt juice flowed through her, letting him up even higher into her. Finally, her body seemed to sigh in submission, and she felt his hand move so deeply into her the knuckle of his thumb pressed directly into her g-spot. He stroked his arm into her, hard and relentless, and she knew from the rumbling within her that she was about to have a bone-shattering orgasm.

Her body thrashing, her cunt lips swelled like rising dough as the waves took her. She cried out into her gag, a stifled wail that sounded, if you listened closely, like ‘fuuuuuuck meeeee.’

He pounded her cunt with his hand, each stroke going into her several inches past his wrist, marveling at how it disappeared into her body and came out, with each stroke, wetter and wetter. When he finally pulled his hand out her pussy was so widened he could look deep inside and see the walls pulsing and the slick waters flowing from her. He pushed his face into it and inhaled her aroma, licking the juice out and nibbling on the tender lips. Bit her clit hard, again, for good measure.

His cock throbbed, but he knew it would be no use shoving it inside her cunt right now. Instead, he set his sights on the tight hole above her pussy, puckering in synchronicity with each throb of her clit. Still, why fill just one hole when you can fill both, he thought?

Reaching back into the bag, he pulled out a large dildo, easily twelve inches in length and as thick as his wrist. He pushed it up her cunt, glorying in her moans, and held it fully inside her. He then retrieved the lube bottle and poured it first over the veiny shaft of his cock and around the ridge of the plum-head, and then tipped it over the entrance of her ass. He used his fingers to push a few drops inside her asshole and stretch it out for his cock. The slight opening permitted him to push the tiny nozzle of the bottle into her ass. He squirted it inside, filling her with cool lube.

Holding the dildo in her aching cunt with the top of his thigh, he pressed his cockhead against her asshole and forced himself inside. She hung there, light-headed, tears in her eyes as the sting of his entry quickly escalated to blinding pain. He didn’t wait for her ass to open and accept him. He just shoved his slick cock deep inside and began pounding it mercilessly.

She shook in agony. Her body swam in tortured confusion, knitting together her suffering with inescapable desire and the ecstasy of his fucking. She knew they were forever intertwined for her. She might fight the pain but her body betrayed her; it fed on it until it exploded in bliss. Even now, with his cock ripping her ass apart and the silicon invader in her cunt, she was torn between wanting to scream in despair and demanding he never, ever, stop.

Ramming into her harder and harder, he felt his balls slapping against her body. His thigh pushed cruelly against the dildo until it knocked past her cervix, sending another howl of pain through her. Her misery sent him over the edge. He knew he was about to cum; digging his nails into her back, he raked her skin as he pumped thick spasms of semen into her broken ass, gasping and groaning. The liquid heat spreading through her ass ignited her once again, and the rapture of cumming hard eclipsed her current pain. He couldn’t stop fucking her, even as he came, and watched as his own cum oozed and squirted out of her asshole while he continued riding her without pity.

Finally, he fell over top her, and loosened her gag. She sobbed and moaned; he kissed the back of her neck. “Oh, my darling, oh my lovely slut.”

“F-f-fuck me…f-f-fuck me-e-e,” came her quivering reply. “Please…please, fuck me.”

“Oh, I will, my love. Don’t worry. We’ve just gotten started.”

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