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Roughing It With Maggie

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Maggie and I went camping at one of our favorite sites in the mountains, a secluded campsite that never seemed to be visited by anyone else. It was as deserted as it usually was, and the weather was perfect. We settled in and began enjoying the beautiful afternoon sunshine. Maggie was sunning her gorgeous nude body on a rock outcropping at the edge of camp and I was sitting under a tree with a beer enjoying that stunning sight.

She has dark, shoulder-length hair that frames a sexy face. Her full, 36C breasts sit above a tight slim waist, and her legs and ass are second to none. I was thinking “It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

I didn’t hear anyone approach, but suddenly I heard a male voice behind me exclaim, “Holy shit guys, look at this campsite, it comes equipped with a naked chick!” I was so startled that I dropped my beer, while Maggie sat up and quickly tried to cover herself – rather unsuccessfully as her large heaving breasts spilled out from around her arms. Four young men came walking around the tree as I struggled to my feet. Before I could even stand though, they had gotten between Maggie and me. They appeared to be in their early twenties, white, maybe college age. They were equipped for a backpacking trip wearing full packs, hiking boots, shorts and no shirts. They looked like friendly, healthy, clean-cut young guys out for a weekend in the mountains. The other thing I immediately noticed was they were all quite large and muscular. Football players, perhaps? The smallest one stood taller than me and easily outweighed me – and I’m 6’1″, 215 lbs. The biggest one was just huge. Plus, they were all twenty years younger. I felt a little intimidated, but they were smiling and laughing as they stood there admiring Maggie’s plight. She may be 40, but she’s equipped with a body that a 20 year old girl would envy. Obviously, they were enjoying the sight in front of them.

I cleared my throat to get their attention. “Hey guys, you sure gave us a start there. Didn’t hear you coming up. Would you mind turning around for a second so my wife could get some clothes on?” None of them even looked around to acknowledge my request. The biggest one chuckled, “What, and miss the best scenery in these mountains?” He called up to Maggie, “C’mon down honey, we won’t bite.” The other guys laughed and one added, “Not too hard, anyway.”

I was starting to get worried at this point, I needed to get control of this situation, fast. If these guys stood gawking at Maggie much longer it would be a cold day in Hell before she ever went naked in the woods again, and that was a joy I could not give up. She often stayed nude when we were camping in an isolated area, as long as the weather was agreeable. “So fellas, where are you guys hiking to?” I asked. I was desperate to get their attention away from my naked wife, and get them moving along. I started to walk around them to go over to where Maggie was, intending to stop at our tent and grab the clothes that she had left there. As I passed the guys, however, I felt a strong hand grab my shoulder and spin me around to face them. The biggest one looked at me for the first time. He was still smiling, but his face had changed to a look that sent a chill through me. “I think we found our destination for the day, buddy.”

Before I could react one of them moved behind me and twisted my arm behind my back. It felt like he could snap it at any moment. He turned me around to face Maggie and called up to her, “Hey lady, why don’t you come on down and party with us, or would you rather stay up there and watch us have fun with your old man?” I was struggling to get free, but he held me with little effort. “We’re not gonna hurt you a bit, you look too fine for anything like that, but this guy ain’t useful to us at all, except maybe as a tackling dummy.”

I could see the fear in Maggie’s eyes as she stood and started to climb down off the ledge. I jerked against the guys grasp and called out to her “Maggie don’t, turn around and run…” A beefy hand clamped down on my mouth. “Hey man,” he hissed in my ear, “She’s got nowhere to run to, no help is gonna come, nobody can even hear you out here. We haven’t seen anyone else for miles. Just cooperate and nobody gets hurt, not even you, understand?” I nodded agreement as he eased his grip, maybe he wasn’t going to break my arm after all. Maggie got down to the ground and stood there, trying to keep her herself covered. The biggest guy walked up to her and stood towering over her. She’s only 5′ 3″ and he must have been 6′ 6″. She looked scared out of her wits and was visibly trembling. His face softened and he said in a gentle voice, “Gee lady, don’t look so afraid, we’re really not gonna hurt you guys, we just wanna have some fun. Why don’t you relax and enjoy it. The only way anybody gets hurt is if your old man over there tries something stupid.” He turned back to the other guys. “Lets make sure that guy doesn’t have a chance to be a hero. Strip him, find some rope and tie him to that tree he was sitting under. It’s nice and shady and he’ll have a good view of the party.”

He put an arm around Maggie’s bare shoulders and led her over to the picnic table while the other guys dug through our supplies and found a coil of rope. With little effort they held me down while one of them unceremoniously yanked my pants and shirt off. They sat me down at the base of the tree, pulled my arms behind me and tied my wrists together on the far side.

I looked over to where Maggie was sitting on the picnic bench, the big guy was still sitting next to her with his arm around her, talking softly to her. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but she looked to be relaxing somewhat, occasionally glancing my way and then down at the ground again. She had given up trying to hide herself and her large tits were on full display for all the men to see. As the other guys approached he told them, “All right boys, looks like we got a ready made campsite for the night, grab that cooler over there and pass out some beer. Get one for Maggie here as well, she’s ready to party.”

The men made themselves at home with my beer, my food and my woman. They sat around the table drinking and laughing, cracking jokes and having a good time. They encouraged Maggie to chug her beer and cheered when she drained it. They quickly got her another one and she seemed eager to slam it down as well. Soon she even cracked a smile or two at some of the funnier remarks. Watching from my position at the tree the scene looked like any another campsite with some good friends enjoying themselves, except of course, my beautiful wife was sitting stark naked amongst four male strangers. One guy had his arm casually draped over her shoulders, while the one on the other side appeared to have his hand on her thigh, slowly moving it up higher and higher. She looked over at me then turned to say something to the big guy, but I couldn’t hear what. He nodded and she got up and came over with a beer to where I was sitting. She held it for me and let me drink a few swallows to quench my thirst as she whispered “These guys don’t seem too bad, maybe if I let them play a little bit they’ll go on and leave.”

“Not too bad?” I spluttered. “Maggie, we’re stark naked, and I’m tied to a tree while they feel you up. You know they have every intention of fucking you before they’re through, then they’ll do God knows what to us.”

“Well, Jim says if I cooperate and show them a good time, they’ll leave us alone.

Besides, I’ve been thinking, you’re always fantasizing about watching me fuck other guys and it looks like this is going to happen – we can’t stop it at this point.” She leaned over and kissed me lightly. “I guess what I’m saying is you might as well enjoy the show, there’s nothing we can do about it. I’ve decided to go ahead and blow these guys minds, just watch and remember you’re my only love no matter what happens here today.” With that she reached down and gave my quickly hardening cock a squeeze. “See, you’re already getting turned on.” She gave me a deeper kiss and got up and walked back to the table, this time swinging her hips a little.

“Hey baby, get over here if you wanna feel a real tool.” the big guy named Jim said as he grabbed her and pulled her down on his lap. His hands started rubbing all over her body, squeezing her tits, probing between her legs. She sighed and leaned back into him, opening her legs and exposing her glistening pussy. “Shit, Jim” one of the other guys exclaimed. “You do have a way with women. She looks like she’s ready to give it up, man.”

I watched with rapidly fluctuating emotions as this stranger who had barged in on us, humiliated me and tied me to a tree, proceeded to shove a huge fat finger into my wife’s pussy. Of course I was angry, but a growing part of me was betraying my lust at the scene unfolding in front of my eyes. Nobody at the table noticed my rising cock, however, as they were transfixed by a now moaning Maggie writhing about on Jim’s lap as he fucked her with one, then two fingers deep into her hole. “Oh yeah, she’s hot for it now,” he said. “Her cunt is dripping wet.” Indeed, I could see from where I sat that his fingers were glistening and her pussy lips were swollen . “Check out this hot hole guys.”

Jim said as he reached down and grasped her legs behind her knees. He pulled her legs up and held them wide open as the other guys took turns feeling her up. They shoved their fingers in her, and pulled her lips apart to get a good look up her tunnel. Maggie was moaning quite a bit now, her eyes closed and her breath getting ragged. She leaned her head back on Jim’s chest and wrapped her arms around his neck above her head. The men were crowded around her feeling her tits and pussy. They blocked my view of her but I could hear her gasps and see her toes curling.

The young men’s excited voices drifted over to me as they fondled my exposed wife…”Check out how hard her nipples get”……”Dude, have you ever seen such a fine set of pussy lips? Can’t wait to wrap ’em around my dick.”……”I’m gonna put my tool up this tight ass. Stick you finger up there, man, she’s as tight and smooth as they come.”

After a few minutes of this, two of them plucked her off Jim’s lap and laid her out on the picnic table, her ass a few inches from the edge. They stood on either side of her, holding her legs up and open – her wet, swollen pussy fairly glowing as her lips separated and her hole winked open. One of them said, “Jim, no way we’re letting you go first this time. After you get through with a pussy she’s so stretched out I feel like I’m fuckin’ her with somebody else’s dick.” The big guy laughed and said, “OK Jake, this little hike was your idea after all, so why don’t you take the honors of first fuck.” He grabbed her leg from Jake, and the smaller guy -he was at least 6’3″- stepped between Maggie’s legs and dropped his shorts. His dick was already standing straight up, and I could see it wasn’t really much bigger around than mine. But, he had at least three inches in length on me.

It looked like he was standing a foot away from her as he placed his swollen cockhead against her pussy. He eased it in a few inches and Maggie shuddered and started to moan. Standing between her open legs, he grasped the shaft of his cock and worked about half of it into her. He moved it around in a circle and I could hear her juices slurping on his cock. He slowly pushed into her and managed to get almost all of it in before she gasped and begged him to go no further. He pulled all the way out, and plunged back in in one stroke. She cried out, and I pulled hard against the unyielding ropes. But her cries were already changing to mewls of pleasure as the muscular young guy increased his tempo and started rocking hard into her. She was soon thrashing about on the table, screaming “Fuck Me!! Oh God Fuck Me You Bastard!! Oh ShitOhShitOhShit!!” The two guys holding her were having a hard time with her strong legs flailing around so they let go and she went into full fuck-machine mode – as only my Maggie can. Grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs open as wide as possible, she offered up her pussy to the young stud pounding away in her. “Gimme that dick, gimme that cock you son of a bitch. Pound it into me!! Split me open!!” She was really screaming it out now – I couldn’t remember the last time – if ever – I had seen her so turned on. Jake suddenly tensed up and grunted once, then groaned loudly with a surprised look on his face as his balls emptied steaming hot sperm juice deep within Maggie’s cunt. He stepped back quickly, panting hard for breath. “Holy shit guys, her pussy …it’s wild…it just sucks the come right up out of your balls.”

The other guys laughed, and kidded him about his “endurance”. “Fuck off, you shits, you’ll see. Besides I ain’t done with her, I got lots more where that came from.” Jake retorted.

Jim said, “Damn Jake, I don’t see how, look at that load you left behind.” All eyes were drawn to Maggie’s pussy which was gaping open and obviously stuffed full of come. Gobs of it were leaking out of her and pooling on the table under her ass. “Man, what a mess,” one of the other guys said, “I don’t mind sloppy seconds, but that’s a bit much, Jake.” They laughed and we all watched for a moment as an another large gob of come slowly oozed between her quivering lips. Maggie moaned and asked, “Who’s next boys? I need some cock in me. Please?” Jim laughed. “Look what we’ve got here, boys, a full-blown nymphowhore!” He turned to Maggie, who was still holding her legs open – her hips grinding and bucking off the table – “No more cock for you, slut, till you get cleaned up. Go over there and get your old man to give you a bath. Make sure he gets all of Jake’s spooge out of you.”

Maggie quickly sat up and walked straight to me, a dazed, happy look on her face. I could see the come running down her thighs as she approached. She stopped right in front of me, her pussy level at my face. I looked up at her and realized I didn’t have to ask her if she was all right. The wild lustful look in her eyes told me all I needed to know.

“Suck his come out of me, baby. Get me clean so I can have some more cock.” she said in a throaty voice. She grabbed my hair and jammed her pussy onto my face. “C’mon, lick me please.” She clamped her wet thighs around my head and ground her cunt hard into my face. Behind her I could hear the boys hooting and laughing. Semen was pouring out of her directly into my mouth, and I had a hard time swallowing and breathing for a second or two. She held herself there until I had swallowed what felt like a pint of come then pulled herself off. She wiped her dripping wet thighs on my head and face then turned around and told me to lick it off her ass. With a trembling tongue I licked the thick streams of jism off of her butt cheeks and from around her asshole. As I swallowed the hot, salty juices the completeness of my humiliation overwhelmed me. Yet, at the same time I had never felt more excited and alive.

Without a look back Maggie pulled away and walked back over to the watching men. She knelt down in front of one that I had heard them call Kenny and placed her hand on his crotch. “May I suck you, please?” she asked in a girlish voice. He responded by unbuttoning his shorts and letting them drop, revealing a rather ordinary cock. Maggie practically attacked it and I could hear her grunting and moaning as she took as much of it down her throat as she could. He grabbed her head and started thrusting hard into her mouth, forcing himself deep. She gagged a couple of times and then seemed to accept it as he fucked her throat, his balls slapping her chin. After just a little of that he abruptly pulled out, however. She was gasping for air, streams of saliva dripping from her used, open mouth. “Shit, I almost ended up like you, Jake.” he panted. “This slut is good!” He slapped the fourth guy on the back. “Give her a try, Tom.”

The fourth young man was almost as big as Jim, and extremely muscular. When he dropped his shorts even his cock looked like it hit the gym everyday. It was so thick, there was no way Maggie could get anything more than his head in, not that she didn’t try. After a couple minutes of her licking and stroking it he picked her up like she was a tiny doll. He held her in front of him in his massive arms and slowly lowered her onto his pulsing shaft. As it entered her pussy, Maggie started gasping and writhing around, but he just steadily held her as more and more of his cock invaded her. When he was fully inserted he paused for a moment then slowly lifted her until just the tip of his rod was in her. He gave her a little grin, and let go of her. She plunged down on his shaft, and her scream echoed through the woods. “Maggie! Are you OK?” I yelled. She looked over in my direction and without really focusing on me sighed, “Don’t worry, baby.”

She looked back up at Tom, “Please do that again, sir.” she purred. So he did. Again and again. Maggie went into an ecstatic trance. She was whimpering and clawing at Tom’s chest as she was bounced repeatedly on his huge bone.

Kenny came up behind her and took hold of her. Tom let go and leaned back on the edge of the picnic table while Kenny started stroking her up and down on Tom’s cock. It looked like he was jacking Tom off with Maggie’s body. She was moaning continuously and obviously loving it. My own cock was throbbing in time to the action in front of me.

Tom lay back on the table and pulled Maggie down onto him. Kenny positioned himself behind her and placed the tip of his cock at her asshole. “You want it slut?” he growled. “You want my cock in your ass?” Maggie could barely speak as she gyrated her pussy on Tom’s huge dick. “Oh please…make me your slut…stick you nasty cock in my ass!” Kenny grabbed her hips and with one thrust slammed his cock straight up her asshole. Maggie went completely nuts. Screaming and crying she begged them to fuck her harder as they simultaneously rammed their huge tools deep in her pussy and ass. Relentlessly the two large men pounded into her as they sandwiched her petite body between them. Big Jim seemed content to sit in my lawn chair to the side drinking my beer and watching for the moment. He looked over at me, “Hell of a woman you got there, buddy. First class slut!”

Jake had recovered enough to get up on the table and grab Maggie by her hair, turning her head towards his crotch. Instantly her mouth came open and he stuck his cock down her throat. He grabbed both sides of her head and used her mouth to jerk himself off. The three young men stayed like that for what seemed forever, never letting up or tiring as they rhythmically stroked their organs into my beautiful, sexy wife. Watching her get all her holes thoroughly filled by man-meat was giving me goosebumps. It was extreme torture that I couldn’t even touch my swollen, aching dick.

I think it was Jake who started coming first, but soon all three men were grunting and thrusting even harder and I realized they were blowing their wads together into Maggie. Jake was holding her head against his stomach as his cock was shooting come deep down her throat. Kenny and Tom’s cocks were pistoning in and out of her ass and pussy so fast they were a blur. Jake’s cock in her mouth was stifling her screams but I could see her body spasming and knew she had to be coming herself. Tom was coming so much his semen was spurting out of her cunt around his cock and flying through the air. Kenny finished dumping his load in her ass and pulled out with an audible pop. From where I sat I could see her asshole standing wide open and a pool of steaming come deep within. Jake climbed from the table down leaving a long string of come hanging off her chin.

Tom’s giant cock was still buried in her pussy when Jim said “Take her over there and let her get cleaned up again. I think she’s finally ready for me.” Tom got up with Maggie still impaled on him and walked over to my tree. He stood over me and I found myself looking up at his dick buried deep in her pussy. His large, hairy balls were hanging inches from my nose. Her asshole winked at me as a stream of Kenny’s come started dribbling out of it onto my face. Slowly, he raised Maggie off his cock until he popped out. I wasn’t prepared for the torrent of hot jizm that immediately gushed out of her gaping cunt. It splashed on my face and ran down my chest. Huge globs of it slid down my body and pooled up around my crotch. He held her there with her pussy in front of my face and ordered me to clean her off. I was used to the taste of come by now and so turned on that I eagerly started licking and sucking her trying to get all of it out of her.

After I was done, he set her down but stayed standing in front of me. “Your wife made a mess on me too, buddy. I think you need to clean it off.” His cock was hanging down right in front of me. It was shiny wet from his come and Maggie’s juices. He swung it and it heavily slapped against my cheek. Maggie crouched down beside me. “Go ahead baby,” she purred in my ear, “I’ll help you.” She took his dick in her hand and licked the come off one side of it. She held it up to my mouth and I found myself sticking my tongue out and licking the shaft from base to tip. “That’s it honey.” Maggie cooed. “See, licking cock isn’t so bad. I love it!” We took turns licking Tom’s cock until it was clean. I was breathing hard and my heart felt like it was going to beat its way out of my chest. She turned to me and kissed me deeply, sticking her come flavored tongue down to my throat.

She stayed there kissing me as Tom walked away. I heard heavy footsteps coming up to the tree and sensed a large presence standing over us. “OK, slut. It’s showtime.” Jim said as he unbuttoned his shorts in front of us. Maggie and I both gasped when we looked up at the largest cock I have ever seen. It looked like it belonged on a bull! Massive veins bulged out and throbbed around a shaft easily as thick as my arm. The swelling, purplish head was bigger than a doorknob; even the hole at the tip was oversized. Balls the size of oranges hung down in a huge hairy pouch. I could only imagine what that monstrous cock was going to do to my sweet little Maggie.

I started to protest that there was no way he could get that thing in her and leave her in one piece when I saw the hungry look in her eye. She was reaching up almost reverentially towards it, her small hand dwarfed by its size. She grasped it halfway up, unable to get her fingers even halfway around it. She shifted to a kneeling position in front of him, and lightly traced the length of the shaft with her delicate fingers. Veins like ropes pulsed and swelled under her touch and the entire thing was twitching like it was alive. She leaned forward and covered the tip of his head with her mouth, and tried in vain to fit more into her. There was no way she could get more than half of the head between her lips. She pulled back and I watched her swirl her tongue around the tip, then poke it deep into his pisshole. It was his turn to gasp as she used her tongue to fuck the inside of his dick. His hole was large enough for her to actually run her tongue in and out of it. I had never seen anything like it before. Apparently, neither had he. He grabbed her head and pulled her away, “Whoa lady that’s a bit intense.” She chuckled deep in her throat and kept a tight grip on his shaft. “What’s the matter big boy? Can’t take it?” She stood up in front of him, still holding his cock. In a sexy voice she said, “I think I can take it. If you go slow at first. I want my husband to see this up close, so why don’t you fuck me right here in front of him?” She turned to face away from me and bent over at the waist. Her swollen, used pussy glistened with her juice and streaks of come were drying on her thighs. I had never seen her look so sexy. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks with her hands, opening up both her holes. “C’mom big man stick that meat in me!”

Jim moved behind her, his back to me, obscuring my view. He grabbed her and pulled her towards him, then backed up himself until he was leaning against the tree I was tied to. He was so tall that he straddled my head with room to spare, his balls bouncing against my forehead. Now Maggie’s pussy was right in my face, and I could smell the mixture of come and pussy juice wafting off of her. Jim reached down and grabbed her by the hips, lifting her up towards his cock. He held her out in front of him, her pussy looking very tiny as his massive pole pushed against her opening. Ever so slowly, he pulled her towards him and I watched in amazement as his cockhead pushed her lips apart, pausing as it met some resistance at the opening of her pussy. He didn’t let up, though, and kept pulling on her slowly until her pussy lost the battle and his head popped into her hole. Maggie drew in a sharp breath and arched her back. She let out a low growl from deep in her throat that built in volume until she screamed out, “OH FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! You son of a bitch, you’re so HUGE!!! Fuck me you bastard, stick that giant prick deeper into me!!” My legs were shaking and my dick was throbbing as I watched more and more of his log slide into my wife. He got about halfway in and started pumping her pussy slowly, but soon was sliding in and out of her faster and faster. He had been crouching somewhat to line up with her pussy but now straightened up, pulling her feet off the ground. She was literally impaled on his shaft as he was moving her back and forth, using her pussy to jack off his cock. His balls were slapping the top of my head with each thrust and I had a perfect view of his huge cock splitting open her pussy. Her lips were stretched to their limits and I could see her large engorged clit poking out from under its hood. Maggie was whimpering and panting as his cock invaded deeper and deeper into her. She was so wet that her juices were squeezing out around his shaft and dripping down on my chest. One of the other guys came over and stood in front of her. I could only see his legs so I didn’t know which one it was, but I could see that he had hold of head and was fucking her mouth with gusto. Jim was increasing his rhythm, pulling Maggie back and forth on his cock. The other guy stopped thrusting and allowed her mouth to just slide up and down the entire length of his pole.

Jim’s cock was making a nasty slurping sound as it powered in and out of Maggie. Suddenly, he stiffened and I saw his legs tense. He made no sound but he increased the tempo of his fucking and began driving up into Maggie as he pulled her down on his cock. I couldn’t believe it but he was slamming his entire rod deep into her, and I remember thinking that my wife’s pussy would probably never be the same after he was through. He began grunting and he pulled Maggie down hard on his tool and held her there. His balls hanging in front of me literally were quivering as he started blasting his come deep within her. After a moment of holding her still and pumping his juice in her he began wildly bucking and fucking into her. Streams of white lather squished out around his cock and rained down on me. It seemed like he came for ten minutes. I kept wondering just how much come one man could generate. With one last grunt he buried his dick all the way in her and stood there shuddering, still holding her off the ground. His balls had shrunken up to half their size and no longer rested on my head. The other guy fucking her mouth had disappeared, so I assumed he had finished, too.

Jim slowly pulled my whimpering wife off his glistening cock. As it finally popped out it flopped heavily down and slapped me square in the face. He stepped away and Maggie fell back, her gaping cunt landing directly on my mouth. Without even thinking about it I opened my mouth and began to drink the freely flowing come directly out of her pussy. I took several large gulps before I could come up for air and still the jism was pouring out of her. She stepped away from me and stood with her legs apart, come flowing down her thighs and splashing on the ground. She turned to stare at me with a look I have never seen before. A nasty, whorish look that made my heart race. I realized then that she had crossed over a line within herself and had been transformed into something I had previously only fantasized about. A complete, total, all-out slut.

My cock was truly aching and I felt ready to come with out even being touched. She glanced down and saw my plight. With a growl she dropped to her knees and straddled my upright tool. Holding herself above me I watched as Jim’s come poured out of her pussy onto the head of my cock. After it was covered in his steaming juice she bent down and took it in her mouth. Oh, sweet relief! I immediately began shooting off the moment her lips touched me and quickly filled her mouth with my come. With a sly smile she crawled up my body and grabbed my head and leaned it back. She took my chin and pulled my mouth open and opened hers above it. I felt and tasted my own come pouring down my throat as she emptied her mouthful into mine. Once she had given it all to me, she kissed me sweetly on my lips and got up. Looking down at me she said, “I’ll see if they’ll untie you in a bit, but if they do, you’re not to interfere if they want to fuck me some more, OK?” I nodded eagerly. “Good, I thought you’d agree.”

With that she turned and walked back to the table where the men sat drinking beer. Her hips were twitching in a way I had never seen before as she sauntered with the ease of a well-fucked whore.

She sat up on the table with her legs spread wide. “That was a fun start guys! What’s next?”

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