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Rose’s Awakening The Final Chapter

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For those of you following this story this is the final chapter. It’s been a pleasure to write this story thus far but I felt it was time to complete the story. For those of you wondering there is a chapter 11. All you must do is go to the incest section and go to the R section it’s listed chapter by chapter there. Thank you once again. MV.

Tyler awoke to the chilling sensation of his daughter’s head on his chest and her naked voluptuous breasts pressed against his side. Her little hand was resting on his thigh and as he gazed down upon her angelic little face he still was in total disbelief of his good fortune. Just a few short weeks ago he was trying to deal with his wife, Julia, leaving him and filing for divorce. He had also been trying to avoid his daughter with failing attempts to ignore her blossomed young body.

Rose being 18 and still every bit a daddy’s girl had been reluctant to date any boys thus far in her life. She had dated but never allowed much to happen with these boys at all. Finally she had hit the breaking point. She decided she wanted to be her father’s submissive little plaything and lover and she would go to any extent necessary to achieve her goals. When it had come down to it her mother had readily complied with Rose’s wishes and left the house long enough to give Rose time to seduce Tyler and get him to take her as his newest submissive.

Tyler watched his daughter sleep and each time her chest rose he could feel her breasts and nipples brush against his stomach. There was no greater feeling than feeling his little treasured daughter naked next to him. Things had started abruptly between them and what had started as a severe spanking had ended up leading to her submission and a lot more. Tyler reflected on what had transpired in the last week up to this point and he felt his cock stiffen just as he remembered the way his daughter’s pussy had clamped down on his cock as son as he had penetrated her for the first time. He had taken each of the girl’s virginal holes and claimed them and numerous times up to now.

Rose slowly stirred awake and looked down as she opened her dazzling blue eyes. Just below her gaze was her father’s rapidly hardening cock and she felt the butterflies in her stomach start again. Every time she saw his hard member her little pussy twitched and her mouth watered. She could also hear his heartbeat beneath her head and she knew that her father was awake and his desires were thriving. Rose debated whether to just jump up and straddle the big shaft or if she should give her father head first. Either way she was determined to suck his big meaty shaft and taste his cum as well as have him pound a load inside her before they ever left the bed this morning.

Presented with such an ordeal Rose dealt with it the only way she knew how, she quickly dropped her head down to Tyler’s stomach and grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around the helmet. Even as she did this she was turning her body to enable her father to slip his fingers inside the molten wet center of pleasure between her legs. Her lips pursed around the helmet as a vice as she suckled the flesh of her father. In no time at all his hips were pumping up as she swallowed the length of his shaft. Her tongue would slip out around his cock every few swallows and she would tickle his heavy cum filled balls with it. Soon enough she was tasting more and more precum oozing from her father’s cock slit and she knew he was about to fill her stomach with his morning offering.

Tyler looked up and saw Rose’s pretty little pussy only inches from his as her mouth devoured his cock. What a site to wake up to he thought, a woman with love and adoration in only pleasing him. Her pussy was already dripping in anticipation and her mouth was ravenous in her attempts to drain him of his manly essence. He quickly slid two fingers into her pussy and started working them in and out. In only a few moments time he was bucking to meet her mouth and his hands had clasped her tight little ass and pulled her around enough that he could bury his tongue inside her.

Rose felt Tyler’s tongue and her body immediately started to give itself over to the pleasurable sensations she was feeling. She had learned in the past week that she could cum simply by sucking her father’s cock but when he showed her tenderness and lapped at her pussy it sent tingles through every part of her body. Now was no different she was being stimulated in two areas at once and she couldn’t fight the impending orgasm any longer. With a shudder she moaned around Tyler’s shaft and started pumping his cock with her little fist as she sucked the exposed portion of his cock with her mouth. She braced herself for the inevitable orgasm her father was about to release and Rose was thankful she had because he let loose with no warning a torrent of cum that shot past her hungry mouth and deep into her belly. Rose pulled back just enough that the head of his shaft was in her mouth and then she jerked his cock hard and ran her tongue just below the head of his shaft. She knew that this would gain her a few extra spurts of his delicious cum this morning and she devoured him with joy as he finished cumming with a load groan of pleasure.

Tyler not being a young man felt his cock start to go a little limp almost as soon as he had exploded the last of his load in Rose’s mouth. He desperately wanted to fuck her this morning but he thought if he were to progress her training one last bit he would deny her any further sexual pleasure besides a little mixture of what pain would bring her. He slowly pushed her away and slid out of bed quickly before she fully recovered from her orgasm.

“Rose,” he spoke solemnly, “we have a busy day ahead and you need to go and get a shower and get dressed.”

“Yes, Daddy, Sir,” she responded quickly as she wondered why he hadn’t fucked her hard like he usually did after she had given him a first rate blowjob.

“I will lay out what you are to wear today and then after your dressed come down to the study and get me.”

Rose quickly agreed and ran to the bathroom to shower and prepare herself for whatever her Daddy had in store for her today. She figured he must have a devious plot or he would have kept her in bed all day and fucked her until she couldn’t walk. She also let her mind wander as she stood beneath the shower spray about how last night had gone for Kim and her uncle Mike. But that could be what daddy slipped away to see she figured as she washed her little body clean.

Downstairs Tyler quickly dialed his friend Charles up and told him that he wouldn’t be taking the final installment of Charle’s wife’s punishment today. He told Charles that he had other plans that couldn’t be broken and he would be more than happy to loan Charles Julia and Annie for the day for his two subs to rule over as they saw fit. He also added that it may become more of a permanent arrangement sometime soon for the two if things went well. Charles agreed and said he would send them over later this evening to collect the two sluts for the night.

Mike came slowly down the stairs and walked into Tyler’s study. “Hey bro,” he smiled, as he wiped the remnants of sleep from his eyes and stretched, “how’s it going with you today?”

“Just fine Mike,” Tyler responded, “how was your night with little miss Kim?”

Mike bellowed a laugh, “That girl nearly fucked me to death last night, every time I came up with a new idea to try she would go with it and then expand until finally I think I passed out in mid stroke.”

Both men chuckled at this and then Mike confessed that he thought he may have truly found the perfect submissive lady for himself in Kim. Tyler was more than thrilled to hear this knowing his brother needed to find a woman to relieve frustrations after a arduous day of work. He was also happy at the thought that now they were sharing more than just money and blood, they had shared a liking in the same areas and that could cement more of a common ground when they got together from now on.

“Tyler,” Mike started slowly, “I um think that Kim and I are going to head back north today. You see I want a chance to show her around and acclimate her with her new surroundings before I have to go back to work.”

Tyler nodded, “I figured as much Mike and I wish you two the best at least stay and have breakfast though and say goodbye to the girls.”

The two men walked into the kitchen and were overwhelmed by the smell of breakfast as they sat down at the table. Immediately Julia and Annie entered carrying plates of steaming hot eggs and bacon and a freshly brewed pot of coffee. Tyler ordered them to go and prepare for a overnight meeting with Charles’ subs and let them know of his expectations for them. After breakfast everyone sat around and talked for a while before Mike announced his plans to head back up north with Kim to all. Rose was slightly disappointed but she knew this was for the best and now she would be alone with her father in the house for the night. That thought alone made everything just fine with her.

Tyler pulled Mike to the side and spoke, “Hey Mike, I think you could stay around for a little while at least until the other’s are gone. Go enjoy a swim and relax for a bit and leave later on this evening it’s not that far after all.”

“Sure thing Tyler,” Mike responded.

As soon as the other’s had ventured off Tyler stood behind a quivering Rose and leaned down and whispered in her ear to prepare for an interesting day. They were to go have lunch at her favorite restaurant and she was excited when he said they were also going shopping.

Twenty minutes later they were out the door and headed to the nearest dress shop. Tyler picked out several dresses for Rose to try on and she did so modeling each for him. She never failed to let him peek through the curtain in the dressing room as she changed either given him glimpses of her bald little pussy or her tight ass. She was a tease and they both knew and loved it. Finally they settled on a low cut dress that had a slit all the way up the side of her thigh and as Tyler paid for it Rose went to slip back into the dress to go to lunch.

As the hostess showed them to their table Tyler sat down next to Rose and without a word ran his hand up the slit of her dress and slid his finger over the cleft of her tiny little sex. Her pussy tingled and her juices started flowing almost instantaneously as her father’s fingers found her clit and captured it between his fingers and rubbed the sensitive little love button with deft movements.

Rose was finding it more difficult to sit still as she felt the juices of arousal run down her thigh and her daddy’s fingers as she stifled her moans through two orgasms. She couldn’t believe her father was sitting here calm ordering lunch as he fingered her soaked snatch beneath the table. He was incorrigible and she would have it no other way. His fingers stayed trained on her clit throughout his discussion with the waiter as he fingered her. She fought but lost the battle to stifle another squeal. The waiter raised an eyebrow and smiled knowingly as he turned to go back and place their order immediately.

“Daddy,” Rose gasped, “you have to stop this or my dress is going to have a huge wet spot and the chair as well.”

“Now honey I know you think better with a finger working on your little love button and besides your ass belongs to me, I will do whatever wherever I please to you whenever the inkling hits,” Tyler said with an evil grin. “Get up,” he commanded.

Rose did was told and didn’t say a word as her father led her by the arm to the ladies room and had her go in and make sure the coast was clear first. As soon as she stepped back out and let him know there was no other patrons in the bathroom Tyler grabbed her by the arm and led her back inside. He flipped the lock on the door and as the lock engaged he pressed his raven haired little slut against the cool porcelain of the sink. His hands steady and sure as he reached behind her and unzipped her dress. Rose didn’t need to be told how this was going to go so she pushed the straps of the dress of her shoulders and then stepped out of it completely.

Naked before him and ready for anything Rose reached down and stroked his massive erection through his dress pants as best she could while fumbling with his zipper. Once his cock had been freed she turned around and presented her daddy her ass and pussy both ripe and ready to be taken by his huge cock. Neither uttered a word other than guttural moans and gasps as Tyler slipped his cock into Rose’s already soaked and dripping cunt.

Rose felt the cold counter top against her pussy lips and clit as Tyler thrust his big cock deep into her pussy over an over again. The simple act of how lewd and carefree they were acting already had Rose on the brink of cumming. It wouldn’t take long for a full blown orgasm to rack her body with spasms and convulsions at this rate.

Tyler marveled at the pleasure he derived from fucking this nubile young slut, who also just happened to be his daughter. Her pussy grasped his cock as he pumped in and out of her. He licked a finger and then slid it into her ass with no warning. Tyler could feel the way her ass clenched around his invading finger and he knew that he would be inside her asshole pounding away with his cock in moments as long as no one came knocking at the door.

Rose cooed, “God I love the way you fuck me daddy.” She kept pumping her little hips back grinding into his cock and against his fingers working in her ass now. She wanted him to take her like this to make her his complete obedient little slut when and where ever he would do so. Rose also wanted her father to slide that big piece of flesh that hung between his legs out of her quivering pussy and slam it into her tight little asshole with no warning whatsoever. She loved feeling like his helpless little fucktoy and she knew he derived pleasure from making her this.

Tyler was starting to really work up a sweat as his cock slid in and out of the moist little opening between his daughter’s legs and he could feel that urge to spew his manly cum deep inside her welling up inside. He could feel every shiver of delight inside her pussy against the smooth shaft of his cock and he decided before he shot off inside his little slut that he should fuck her ass right here in the women’s restroom. Tyler pulled his cock from Rose’s pussy and he could tell that she was more than willing to proceed with anything he had in mind by the way she kept rolling her hips even after he had left the juicy center of his precious daughter’s cunt. He took his cock in his hand and ran it up and down the sweet crack of Rose’s ass before telling her to spread her cheeks for him. As she did this he continued to rub his big shaft up and down before sliding it just inside that fleshy cushion between her ass cheeks and then pushing the head of his cock against the tight little brown winking hole before him.

“Go on Daddy,” Rose pleaded, “fuck my tight little ass please.”

“I will my sexy little wench just hold on,” he commanded.

One hard thrust found Tyler’s cock buried a few inches inside Rose’s tightest of holes. She couldn’t stifle the scream that was a mixture of pain and pleasure as her father sodomized her right here and now in this expensive resturaunt’s bathroom. She could feel the length of his cock already buried inside her ass throbbing as she reached down between her legs and started sliding her finger’s deep inside her quivering pussy. Rose could feel her father’s cock sliding against the thin wall separating her pussy and ass as she sunk three fingers inside and worked herself into a frenzy she had never felt before. Her body felt like it was receiving numerous little electric shocks as her daddy fucked her ass harder than he had before and her fingers worked deeper and deeper inside her while her other hand was busy caressing her clit.

Tyler looked down and watched as the fleshy rod between his legs disappeared up inside his little girl’s tight asshole he didn’t know if she could take it all or not but he was more than willing to try and guide her to taking all of his cock deep inside her ass. With a few deep thrusts Tyler managed to bury his cock to the hilt inside Rose’s upturned ass.

“Oh Daddy,” Rose squealed with delight, “you fill me up so good.”

Tyler leaned forward over his daughter with his next thrust and caught her ear between his lips, as he sucked on the tender flesh of her earlobe he reached around her chest to tug at her nipples and roll them between his fingers. “Cum for me princess,” he whispered into her ear as he flicked his tongue against the tender flesh at the nape of her neck.

Rose knew that with her fingers working inside her quivering little pussy and her father burying his massive cock in her ass she was on the verge of cumming but now that he commanded it a few extra chills raced up her spine and her body started to shake as she had an explosive orgasm. Her tight little snatch clench at her fingers as she came and her ass did the same to her father’s cock as he stroked in and out of her sweet puckered little hole.

Tyler felt the wave of cum start its journey up from his balls and through his shaft and as he tensed he twisted Rose’s nipples hard as she came right along with him on a new wave of orgasmic bliss. Tyler pulled out as he shot the first few spurts deep inside her ass and jerked his cock wildly over her gaping asshole and between that sweet cleft where her ass cheeks spread. That small crack had been his downfall from the very beginning with her. He had been drawn in when he swatted her ass the first time and he knew he would be taking her anally many times still to come.

Rose was starting to slowly drift back to a conscious state as there came a knock at the door. “Just a second please,” Rose called out.

Both Rose and Tyler dressed hurriedly as Rose was wiping the cum from her ass Tyler was finishing putting back on his shoes and walking towards the door. Even though the girl was only half dressed at this point and her perky breasts were still visibly exposed Tyler opened the door and let the girl waiting to use the restroom in. Much to his amazement it was the cute little bartender the restaurant had hired and she seemed not shocked at all. She turned and looked him up and down as he stood in the doorway and then she walked directly to Rose and bent down as Rose was trying to fix the zipper on the back of her dress. In a flash Rose’s dress was up around her waist as the girl leaned forward and took one long slow lick up the swollen puffy lips of Rose’s pussy. As quickly as she had done this the bartender stood up and walked out of the bathroom only to look into Tyler’s eyes defiantly as she told him that a father should be ashamed of himself for fucking his poor defenseless daughter in a bathroom. Then with a quick wink she told him at least with no other lady in there to help guide the playing along.

Tyler just smiled as the bartender made her way back out to her post and then as Rose finished dressing he led her back to the table with one hand on her ass to guide her. Rose felt like daddy’s perfect little angel at this point and she was overwhelmed with the way that this made her feel.

As they ate dinner they chatted leisurely about this and that and things to come in the future. Also about how they both figured that Mike would be married to Kim in under a few months time if things went as well as expected.

Once the dinner was over they made their way out to the car and headed home. Rose was content to snuggle against her daddy as he drove them and she had to still fight the urge to pull out his cock and give him a blowjob on the way home. It was surprising to her that he didn’t order it either but apparently he was finally sated and content for the time being.

Tyler drove home watching the traffic flow around him and wondered just how many other fathers took the same liberties with their daughters as he was doing with his own. Not that it really concerned him because she had approached him about all of this and tried desperately to get him for a while before he had finally caved in and taken her as his submissive. Tyler also knew that even though the majority of the world would frown about their activities he could care less because he wasn’t doing the girl any harm if anything he was just guiding her until she found a lover of her own that would dominate and control her just as she desired.

Pulling into the driveway Tyler saw that Melissa’s car was their and he expected that the two burly construction workers had come to claim their prize for the evening. Even as he was pulling up the driveway the women and their master’s for the night were exiting the front door and making their way to the car. Tyler pulled up along side the vehicle and placed his own in park. Rose started to get out and wish the other’s well when Tyler stepped out on his own side. “Take good care of them you two,” he instructed as he passed them without casting a sideways glance in their direction. He wanted the two women to know that even though he owned and cared for them they had now just become property.

As Rose stood outside for a few moments and talked to her mother and Annie she told them of what had happened earlier and asked about where Kim and Mike where.

“Oh honey Kim went over to her apartment to get some things with your uncle Mike before heading north,” Julia said.

Desperate to see them both one last time before they left on their trip home Rose ran in and asked Tyler if she could take the car and go say goodbye. “Well,” Tyler said with a coy smile, “I guess you have earned that much of a right today.”

In a flash she was gone and a few moments later Julia came back in as the Melissa’s car pulled out of the driveway. “I am going to catch up with them in a few minutes,” she told Tyler, “I forgot to pack a few important items and rather than hold them up any longer I just let them know I would meet them shortly.”

“That’s fine my pet,” Tyler retorted. “Come over here for a moment.”

As Julia crossed the distance between them Tyler was already removing his shirt feeling as they were to stuffy when he was in the house. Julia didn’t speak she just stood up on her toes and kissed Tyler deeply. His hands went down her body as he returned her kiss and suddenly her short skirt was lifted and his hands were cupping her well toned ass. He squeezed her tender flesh and broke the kiss to nip at her neck as he worked one hand around to stroke her already moist pussy.

“Oh Tyler, Master,” Julia smiled, “I love you.”

Tyler rather than respond pushed his pants down and sat down on the couch and pulled her over his lap. In just a few short seconds she managed to reach between them and stroke his cock before gripping it and rubbing it up and down the length of her wet slit. She was indeed aroused and ready to take him inside her as her husband and Master not just her tormenter.

Suddenly the door burst open to the front of the house and in rushed four armed assailants wearing masks. “Where is your money pops?” the largest of the men asked.

“Get out before you make a grave mistake,” Tyler replied as he pushed Julia to the side. He quickly rose to his feet and as he did shots rang out. Tyler and Julia were struck numerous times each and fatally wounded.

Epilogue: As they stood together all friends and family Rose looked upon her parents faces as their coffins were slowly shut and their bodies lowered into the ground. She looked up at her uncle Mike with tears streaming down her face and the look of disbelief still on her face. “Why uncle,” she pleaded through her tears, “why did they have to be taken now?”

Mike although on the verge of tears himself just pulled her close and hugged her tightly. “Honey, everything will be alright even though they have passed and are in a better place now, you are set for life, Tyler, sorry, your daddy made sure of that a long time ago.”

Sure enough a few weeks later as things slowly started to return to normal Rose found out that she had inherited everything in her parents possession. She was now a millionaire in her own right and she owned a successful gym and had no worries in the world. Yet as each passing day went by she was acutely aware of the emptiness in the house and all around her. Of course she could and had picked up guys from the gym and brought them back home but none of them could face the demands she had. She wanted to be spanked and treated as a submissive and yet she couldn’t find any man that could step up and take her father’s place in this area. Uncle Mike had visited once or twice with Kim and they had had fun and she had been allowed to temporarily release that pent up anguish deep inside and just give in to her uncle’s demands but as soon as he left it was right back to that empty void.

A few weeks later Rose had hired a manager for the gym to report directly to her and she had decided that even though she would never need to work she would go to college and get a degree in the arts department and perhaps some other area. She may as well have something to fall back on when she either depleted a little of her money or just was to bored working out and traveling around the gym in search of a fuck partner everyday.

It was difficult at first being that far away from home as she had decided to attend college in NYC but she had reckoned it was best to just branch out all on her own and see if she could survive. A few days after arriving in the city she managed to stumbled across one of her psychology professor’s who took a intimate liking to her and after a few classes asked her out even though he was twenty-five years older than her and had a daughter nearly her same age.

The professor turned out to be deeply into the underground BDSM scene and after a few dates she had submitted completely to him.

Thank you to everyone that voted and followed this story but it had to end eventually. Rose and the other characters may resurface again at a later date but as of now this story has reached its grand finale. Please remember to vote and send feedback. MV

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