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Room 422

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‘Old Vinyl Classics – The station that brings you the greatest hits of the 60s, 70s and…’

The old car stereo in my car crackled as I turned it off and parked my car alongside the curb. Once again I was in a familiar part of town; it was a place where I had parked my car many times during the past two years or so. Once again, I was on my way to band rehearsal, and again I was running a bit late, as was the case more often than not. To be honest, I really didn’t care that much. A few months ago, things had been different.

Our band had picked up some momentum; the ‘right’ people had started talking about us. We had even had a few interesting offers from two or three record labels, and things had been looking pretty good. But, our expectations had been if not dashed then at least considerably dented. Some of the offers had been, shall we say, less than serious, and the one that looked most promising was turned down after Paul and Andy had decided that the record label in question was not ‘our style’… Since then, the atmosphere in the band had taken a turn for the worse. Paul and Andy’s reluctance to the record company naturally played a big part, but there was something else brewing underneath, at least between Paul and me. Ever since we played at his mom’s birthday party a little more than three months ago, he had acted a bit weird whenever I was around. But let’s face it – why wouldn’t he? Things were not the same anymore. Heck, I wasn’t the same anymore! What happened at that party was a secret of mine, a secret shared only by Paul’s mom, Mrs. Freemont – Amy. The passionate, sexual encounter that she and I had that summer’s day was between me and her alone, but Paul’s suspicions were as painfully obvious now as they were then.

This night was grey and damp. It had been raining all day, and the streets were still wet. Small drops of water were still falling, and they reflected the yellow glow of the streetlamps as I walked the short distance from my parked car to the building were we used to rehearse. It was an old building, pretty worn down, with very few tenants. Paul and Andy rented a big loft four stories up together, so it really was a combined apartment and rehearsal room for them. Although the loft was originally laid out as one, big, single room, Paul and Andy had used curtains and sheets to split it up into separate sections. They both had a ‘room’ of their own, and besides the part of the room where our instruments were set up, they had also managed to create a sort of a living room and a make-do kitchen with just a hot-plate and a microwave oven. The place simply shouted out ‘bachelor pad’, but still it actually had a cosy feel to it.

One bad thing about this building was that it had no elevator. So, as I started walking up the stairs I couldn’t help but wonder if this was just another one of those nights. The sessions during last couple of weeks had not been so much about rehearsing as it had been about arguing and bickering. Somewhere deep down we were all hell-bent on taking this band to great heights, I guess that’s why we kept on going after all. But lately there had been so many different opinions about everything that I felt that I was coming closer to a point where I would have to decide whether or not to stay in the band. The way things were now, I really couldn’t see the point anymore, but I was still willing to give it another chance.

Having ascended the staircase, I reached the entrance to Paul and Andy’s place. Without knocking or anything, I went right in. That was they way I used to do it. Taking off my shoes and coat, I called out a hello. I heard the guys reply from the ‘kitchen’, which was adjacent to the entrance. I went in and found them all three gathered there, Paul, Andy and Greg. Greg lived at his own place, but it was just a five-minute walk from the loft. I was the only one who had to drive to get there, so I was the one who was running late most frequently. Tonight I was about fifteen minutes late, so the guys gave me the usual treatment.

‘Glad you could show up’, Andy said in a sarcastic tone of voice.

‘Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve had a lot to do today, and got a little held back at work. The company had the paperwork on a big order screwed up bad, and as usual it’s always the blue collars who pays the price by having to work overtime…’

‘Ok’ was the group’s mutual, short reply. Andy was the one who said the actual word, but looking at Paul I could see that he was just as bugged at me for being late as Andy was. Greg, as usual, felt the tension and stepped in to mediate.

‘Oh, it’s no big deal, is it? John’s only fifteen minutes late, and we’re running a bit behind too, aren’t we?’, Greg said to Andy and Paul. Then he turned to me:

‘We’ve had company here tonight, so we’re not really ready to begin rehearsals either.’

The question of course hit me; who else was here? The guys were just putting some coffee mugs on a tray – five of them – and as we left the kitchen and headed for the living room, Paul said:

‘My mom is here for a short visit.’ He looked at me as if he was scanning me for a reaction.

In that same instant, I could have sworn that my heart skipped a beat. I continued to follow the guys to the living room, but although it took us just a few seconds to get there, thousands of thoughts had the time to fly through my head. For the past three months, I had not been able to stop thinking about Paul’s mom and what had happened between us. What we had shared had been more than I had ever experienced before up to that point, and the image of her in her sexy satin lingerie and white pearls had burned itself firmly in my mind. Not a day had gone by that summer and autumn that I hadn’t thought about her, and every time it had brought me to such emotional chaos. I had wanted to see her again, to touch her again, to fuck her again, but it had always felt so impossible, so unreal. The more time that had passed since the party, the more I had told myself that it had been a one-time thing. A wild, sexual adventure that she had used me for. For Christ’s sake, she was a married woman. Sure, she had told me that she and Paul’s dad were going through some hard times, but the fact that I hadn’t heard from her at all since then told me that she had wanted nothing more to do with me. And it was Paul’s mom… Every time that he had looked at me, I had felt such guilt. Not that I hadn’t loved every second of our time together, but the fact that I was her son’s friend made things unimaginably complicated. And now she was here. She was just a few feet away from me, and we were going to see each other again for the first time since I threw her a kiss as she lay naked on her bed. A thousand more thoughts shot through me; what was she wearing, how would she smell, what was she going to say, how was she going to act?

As Andy, who was going first, turned and went through the opening between a pair of curtains that lead into the living room, I heard that beautiful voice again:

‘That coffee will sure taste good. Thanks.’ Her voice was just as I remembered it.

I turned and came into the room, and there she was. I could feel my heart pounding like a drum as I looked at this sexy and beautiful woman. Her appearance was quite different from what it had been at the party of course, and her clothes were more casual. She was wearing a pair of dark blue trousers and a simple, light grey blouse with short sleeves to go with it. She wore her hair down this time, and it fell straight down to her shoulder blades. I noticed that the fringe of her hair was shorter now, but it still reached down to just above her eyebrows. The glamour of the black and white dress that I hadn’t been able to get out of my head since our last meeting was not there now, but now she radiated more of a business woman sexiness instead. Yet underneath it all, I knew she was the same, knock-out woman, and I couldn’t help but think about the feel of her tits against my skin, and her warm, wet pussy. That’s when I saw it; the one detail that was still there. She was wearing the same pearl bracelet as she had three months ago. The two strings of white beads and the golden clasp encircled her wrist, but this time it was on her left arm. As I looked at the bracelet, she gave me a look as if to remind me of how she had wanted to use her left hand to stroke my dick, and how I had asked her to use her right hand because I wanted to see the pearls. Now she had moved it, as if to compromise and give us both what we wanted. I must have been standing there as if in a daydream, but I snapped out of it as she suddenly said:

‘Oh John, so you’ve arrived too! It’s so nice to see you again. Thanks again for playing at my party, everyone appreciated it so much.’

‘Don’t mention it’, was all I could muster.

Just being in front of her again was so overwhelming. In this situation, it almost felt like a dream that she and I had fucked each other. With Andy, Greg and above all Paul present, she again took on the role as mother, and it was such a contrast to the image of her in my mind that I didn’t know how to act or behave. Feeling a desperate need to keep up appearances, I soon managed to continue:

‘So what are you doing in town, Am… Mrs. Freemont?’

How ironic. At the day of the party she had reminded me more than one time to call her Amy, but I had stuck on Mrs. Freemont. During the past months she had been nothing but Amy in my mind, and now that I really needed to keep my face, it almost betrayed me. I don’t know if Paul reacted to my near-slip at the time, but there and then it felt like the whole world immediately knew what had happened between his mom and me. She, however, played it cool and kept the ‘casual’ conversation going.

‘Oh, I’m just down here for a few days to see some friends. Sort of like a small tour of this part of the country, I have a lot of old friends down here since my college days. And of course I had to swing by and see Paul too. It was only a coincidence that I came on the same day as your rehearsing, but I hope you don’t mind having some audience?’

Audience… The last time she had watched us play I had barely been able to keep my eyes off her. And that had been before our ‘meeting’. How was I going to keep a straight face for two hours with her watching us rehearse? But, of course, that was not my reply.

‘Of course not, that’s ok with me.’

For the following two hours, I was a mess. We hooked up our instruments and rehearsed as usual. In fact, compared to how it had been lately, it was better than usual. Instead of arguing about stuff, we actually spent most of the time playing music. But my contribution was terrible. As I tried to keep myself from staring at Amy, I couldn’t stop all the thoughts in my head, and made at least ten errors in each song we played. Needless to say, the guys weren’t too thrilled about my performance, but at least we made it through the songs on our rehearsal list. When we were finished, Paul was the one who opened his mouth first:

‘Well, that was pretty bad. It’s a good thing we turned down that record deal, it would have been embarrassing sounding like this in a studio or at a gig.’

As I tried to come up with a quick excuse for my bad performance, Amy stood up and said:

‘Aw, come on honey, it wasn’t that bad. After all, isn’t this what rehearsals are all about anyway?’

‘Well, I guess so’, was Paul’s short response.

‘You guys keep at it’, she continued. ‘Even if it didn’t go that well tonight, I still think you have a lot of potential. Things will really start happening for you soon, I guarantee it!’

As she said those last sentences, she gave me a quick look. Then she picked up her purse from the floor and said:

‘Well, I have to get going now. I’m seeing a friend tomorrow morning, so I’d better get some sleep soon. I’ll just have to use the little girls’ room before I go. Paul, where is it?’

Paul pointed his mom to the bathroom, and she disappeared for a while. When she came out again, Greg had already left. Paul, Andy and I were standing in the hall, and I had already put my jacket on. As Amy went to put her shoes on, she managed to catch my eye. As I followed her with my eyes she gave me a special look and twitched her head slightly towards the bathroom, as if she wanted me to go in there. I was completely taken by surprise, but quickly managed to blurt out:

‘I’ll just have to use the bathroom too, before I go.’

Without waiting for a response, I went across the hall, into the bathroom and locked the doors around me. Looking around, I immediately spotted a small piece of paper that had been carefully placed on the toilet seat. I picked it up, unfolded it, and read the short message scribbled on it:

‘Call me’, followed by Amy’s cell phone number.

I felt a shiver run down my spine, and quickly put the piece of paper in my pocket. To avoid suspicion, I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. As I got out of the bathroom, Paul and Andy had returned to the living room. I went in to say bye, and noticed at the same time that Amy must have left while I was in the bathroom.

‘Bye guys, see you next week.’

I didn’t get much of a reply, just a low, grunting sound, as if to reinforce how less-than-enthusiastic Andy and Paul were about tonight’s rehearsal. Anyway, I left the loft, went down the stairs and out into the streets, back to my car. As I sat down inside, I let out a deep breath. What a night! I just sat there for a few minutes, trying to gather my thoughts a little. I started the car, but quickly stopped the engine again. I couldn’t wait until I got home; I had to talk to her immediately. I picked up the piece of paper from my pocket, and reached into my coat for my cell phone. As I dialled her number, I could feel my heart rate go up.

‘Hello?’, her warm voice said on the other end.

‘Amy, it’s John.’

‘God, I was hoping it was you. I have to see you again, John. Soon.’

I was a bit surprised by how eager she sounded. Knowing that we had gone past the point of no return already on our first meeting, I still tried to do ‘the right thing’, for some reason.

‘Is that really a good idea, Amy?’ I said. ‘Isn’t this whole thing just too complicated?’

‘I know what I want, and I know you want it too.’


She quickly interrupted me before I could continue.

‘I’m on my way back to the hotel where I’m staying’, she said. ‘The Grand Bay Hotel, do you know it?’

‘Yes, I know it, but do you really think…’

‘We can talk more later. Come over there tonight, as soon as you can. I’m in room 422.’

She was right; I wanted it too. There was no use trying to uphold some ethics that I really didn’t want to follow. I knew I had to see her, right there and then.

‘Alright, I’ll be there in 45 minutes.’

I drove off into the night, headed for the more fashionable parts of town. All the way my mind was spinning in anticipation of what was ahead of me. Once again, I found myself locked in a struggle with myself, ethics fighting primal instincts. God, how I wanted to fuck her again! But all the time, there was the thought of taboo digging through my brain. Looking back at it now though, I’m pretty sure that only turned me on more. I parked my car a few blocks from the hotel. Sure, I knew that no one would recognise my car, or care about it if they saw it, but it just seemed smart to avoid leaving any evidence of my presence at the hotel. As I neared the hotel entrance, I focussed all my concentration on holding back the hard-on in my pants. When I went through the revolving doors and passed through the hotel lobby, I did my best to appear as casual as possible. Just moving helped me constrain my aching dick, so I headed up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Four stories up, I headed into the hallway. Trying to not look as if I didn’t know where I was going, I started walking down the carpet, just glancing at the door numbers along the way. When I finally reached number 422, I had almost reached the far end of the corridor. Moistening my lips and taking a deep breath, I then knocked the door quietly. It didn’t take long before it opened, and Amy appeared in front of me.

What a revelation she was! She wasn’t wearing the same clothes as she had been earlier that night; instead she had slipped into a black teddy. Black lace covered her perfect tits, but it couldn’t conceal her nipples completely. The lacy pattern ended just below her chest, and the lower part of the teddy was made of a delicate, sheer fabric, the kind which really does not reveal much but still shows you everything somehow. The teddy ended halfway down her thighs, and I could discern a black matching panty underneath. However, I didn’t have much time to admire her before she grabbed my shirt and literally pulled me inside the room and closed the door behind us. Without a word, she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. My hands immediately found their ways to her hips, and I began kissing her back.

We were acting like starving animals. For three months I had been wondering if I’d ever get to see, let alone touch her again, and suddenly our tongues were exploring each other again. Our lips remained locked as I started to run my hands through her hair. I could smell her femininity and how horny she was, and as she began to pull my shirt up from my pants she started to talk, still kissing my mouth and breathing heavily.

‘Oh God, John, I’ve missed you. I’ve been thinking about you and what we did every day for the past three months. I need you to fuck me again, John, I want you so bad!’

‘I’ve missed you too, Amy’, I panted. ‘I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again.’

‘We’re together now, that’s all that matters’, she replied. ‘But we can talk later, just shut up and fuck me now!’

Whatever ethics that had still been in my head as I had entered the hotel were blown away now. There was no little voice inside saying that this was wrong. It was pure instinct, and I knew that I had to fuck her right there and then. Amy pulled up my shirt from my pants and unbuttoned it, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on my chest and breathing loudly through her open mouth. She threw my shirt on the floor and ran her hands down my chest, but as she reached the button on my pants, I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall behind her. I buried my eyes in hers and held her in a firm grip, to show her that I wanted things to slow down. Her chest continued to heave up and down from her breathing, but she slowly calmed down in my grip. She gave me a teasing kiss and gently pushed me away from her. Glancing over her shoulder, she headed towards the bedroom. I just stood there for a moment before following her, letting my eyes explore her entire figure. Her sexy appearance was accentuated by that amazing piece of lingerie, which was low cut to reveal the better portion of her back. The two, thin straps crossed on her back and disappeared under her beautiful hair. As she disappeared through the bedroom door, I went after her. When I entered the room, she was standing by the bed, just waiting for me.

I took Amy in my arms. Ever so softly, I let my hands move from her arms to her shoulders, just barely touching her warm skin along the way. We continued to gaze into each others’ eyes as I continued to caress her. I worked my way down, but I didn’t make any effort to remove the teddy. It was just too sexy for that. The black fabric fell beautifully against her tanned skin, just barely revealing the outlines of the black pair of panties underneath. As I slid my hands in under the cloth, it was like an electric spark ignited when my fingertips touched her skin. Standing on my knees before her, I caressed her stomach and let my hands pass up her torso. With an outward circling motion of my hands, I felt her tits against my palms again. The black lace, with a pattern of small flowers embroidered in it, was running over the back of my hands, and I could feel the perky tips of her nipples as I began kissing her abdomen through the sheer material. Amy soon grabbed my head and started to run her hands through my hair, and after a while I could hear her whisper:

‘John, lick me. Please, lick my pussy.’

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I lifted the bottom of her teddy, just enough to reveal the sexy panties. I gave her labia a quick kiss through the front of the sexy thong, and then let them slip down her thighs. When they reached the floor, Amy kicked them away and lay down on the bed. I was still on my knees as she spread her legs apart and signalled me to come closer. I eased towards the bed, bent down and started kissing her left foot. Amy’s breathing became heavier, and her voice was no longer whispering.

‘John, I can’t wait any longer. Lick my pussy!’

Amy didn’t have to ask me twice. Working my way down her leg, I closed in on her warm entrance. I could smell her juices as I carefully touched her clit with the tip of my tongue. Amy’s whole body tensed as if an electric spark had gone through her, and she threw out her arms on the bed spread and grabbed it firmly. I continued to stimulate the pulsating button just above her crack, switching between circling around it with my tongue and kissing it softly. After a while, Amy started to lift her pelvis to my face, begging me with her movements to give her more. With my fingers I gently eased her labia apart, giving me access to the pink walls inside. With one hand still keeping the slit open, I slowly inserted two fingers and began fingering her. I looked up at Amy, and she was still grabbing the bed spread to live out the pleasure running through her. Feeling confident that she enjoyed what I was doing, I began kissing her clit again, still running my fingers in and out of her pussy. She was incredibly wet, and when I finally pulled my fingers out, they were utterly gleaming from her juices.

I crawled up and lay down beside Amy, whose breathing was as heavy as ever. As I watched her chest heave up and down from her panting, I held out my wet fingers. Without a word, she engulfed them with her mouth and started suckling feverishly.

‘You taste it’, she said with foggy eyes, as she took me by the wrist and guided my hand to my mouth. As I sucked my fingers clean from that mixture of her oral and vaginal juices, I felt her hand grabbing my cock. An intense feeling ran up my spine as she gave it a few jerks and slowly began crawling down my chest.

‘I want to taste you again, John’ I heard her say, almost as if she was speaking to herself. ‘It’s been three months…’

She didn’t finish that sentence before taking my cock in her mouth. With one amazing gulp, I felt her throat burying the entire length of my dick, and her lips came together down at the root. With a moan of pleasure, I let my head fall back and rest on the bed, while at the same time caressing her back with one hand. Mrs. Freemont – my friend Paul’s mom – was once again giving me the blowjob of my dreams. I almost couldn’t believe it! Her expert treatment continued, and she seemed completely engrossed in my cock as she continued to lick it up and down, swallowing it, and massaging my balls at the same time. Suddenly, with a small pop she released it and looked up at me.

‘Like I said before, it’s so nice to see you again, John.’ She repeated that line from earlier tonight at Paul’s and Andy’s place. But she was not the same woman now. Back there she was Paul’s mom, now she was my lover, and I knew that was what she wanted to say with those words. Sitting on her knees beside me, Amy continued to stroke my hard cock as she just looked into my eyes with a smile, looking so extraordinarily sexy in that black teddy. Without another word, she soon bent down over it again, and resumed her work. Simultaneously, she moved her body closer to me, and with my dick still in her mouth, she straddled my chest and gave me full access to her dripping pussy. I placed my hands on her hips and began eating her. With each touch of my lips against her pussy, I could feel her giving the root of my cock a little squeeze with her hand. Almost instantly, we both understood this form of communication. I could actually control her treatment of my dick through her pussy. It was amazing, and I don’t know for how long we remained in that 69 position, sort of getting reacquainted with each others’ bodies.

No matter what, none of us were nowhere near satisfied yet. We sat up in the bed, in a squatted position, and just looked at each other. Feeling completely natural, there was a pause in the action, as if we both needed to build up some strength before moving on. I leaned forward and gave Amy a kiss, and as she touched my cheek she said:

‘Let’s remove the bed spread. I want to crawl down under the sheets with you John, I want to make love to you.’

I don’t know if she noticed it then, but I immediately reacted to her choice of words. Up until now she had only talked about fucking, not making love. We both got out of bed, and threw the bed spread aside on the floor. Amy grabbed the quilt and pulled it aside, then crawled into bed again. She turned around to me and whispered:

‘What are you waiting for, John? Come join me!’

She reached out her hand, as if she wanted to emphasise her words. I took her by the hand, and she gently pulled me down beside her. Lying on our sides, facing each other, I let my hand run down her body, along the sexy, black fabric of her teddy. With one hand on my chest, Amy then pushed me down on my back and climbed on top of me. As she slowly began to rub her crotch against my dick, she gently scratched my chest with her fingernails as she said:

‘Do you want me, John? Do you want to be inside me again?’

‘You know I do, Amy’ I responded.

‘Call me Mrs. Freemont…’

I didn’t have time to reply to that before she reached down behind her and grabbed my cock. Holding it in a firm grip, she directed it towards her pussy. I felt her labia spread apart as she lowered herself down on me, letting my throbbing cock enter her slowly, inch by inch. Amy’s breathing grew heavier as I reached deeper and deeper into her pussy, until finally she had buried my entire cock in her. I reached up towards the beautiful creature on top of me, and I began playing with her tits. Amy started riding me, lowering and raising her body up and down my shaft. Her muscles were massaging my cock as she worked it with her pussy; I was in heaven. As she picked up the pace and her riding grew more furious, she looked down on me and grunted through her teeth:

‘Let’s get this teddy off me, John. Rip it off me!’

Her almost animal behaviour got straight to me, and made me even hornier. I grabbed the teddy between her tits, just where the lace formed a ‘v’ shape, and I pulled it apart. The sheer material offered no resistance, and I quickly ripped it off her. I felt Amy’s fingernails bury themselves deeper into the skin of my chest as I pulled the last piece of fabric off her, and as her tempo grew even faster, she started throwing her head back and forth, just as she had done in her and her husband’s room three months ago. As I grabbed her naked hips and helped her maintain the up-and-down motion of her body, I felt her entire body flex as she went into an orgasm.

‘Yes!’ she screamed. ‘I’m coming, John!’

Every muscle in Amy’s body became rock hard as she stopped humping me. With a moan she fell down over my chest, kissing me passionately while her orgasm wore off. As she came around, she took a few deep breaths and looked into my eyes.

‘More, John, I want more! And you haven’t come yet. Come on, fuck me from behind again!’

It took a little effort for her to get up again, and I could see that the orgasm had really sucked some energy out of her. But it didn’t take long before she was standing on all fours in the bed, looking back at me over her shoulder. Standing on my knees, I came up behind her and grabbed my hard dick. I pushed it in between her legs and let the upper part rub against her clit and slit for a few minutes, while I gently massaged the opening of her ass. Squirming and writhing in front of me, Amy’s motions were like a silent begging of me to penetrate her again. And after a while, I decided that I’d done enough teasing. Placing the head of my dick against her pussy lips, I then grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed inside her. Amy’s back arched as I entered her opening again. As I started to hump her from behind, I arched my neck backwards and moaned:

‘Mrs. Freemont, you’re so sexy, you’re so hot. I love fucking you from behind Mrs. Freemont!’

‘I know you do’, she replied with a panting voice. ‘I know you love fucking your friend’s mom! What would Paul say if he knew?’

She was talking dirty to me, and I loved it. She reminded me that this was ‘forbidden fruit’, and it was only making me wilder. My thrusts became more violent with every inning, and Amy started to scream from sheer pleasure.

‘Ooooh yeeees! Fuck me from behind, John! Harder! Deeper!’

I leaned over her and grabbed her tits, just as I hade done the last time. With my head resting on its side on her back, I continued to pump her pussy hard as I caressed her sexy tits, which were now swinging back and forth under her. I could feel my juices built up deep down, but I didn’t want to come yet. Instead, I gave her three, hard final thrusts of my cock, and then I slid out again.

‘Roll over, Mrs. Freemont’, I said as I pushed her down on her back. She made no attempts at all to fight me, and willingly fell down on her back in front of me. As I looked down on Amy, I could see that she was sweating all over, her face, chest and thighs gleamed in the pale moonlight that was shining in through the bedroom window. It was night outside now; we must have been at it for quite some time at that point… Amy pulled up her legs and spread them wide apart. With one hand she began rubbing her clit, as she invited me:

‘How about finishing off in good old missionary style?’

‘You read my mind, Mrs. Freemont’, I replied as I lay down on top of her.

A strain of hair had fallen down across her face. I gently brushed it aside, and gave Amy a deep kiss before positioning my pelvis on top of her. As I lowered myself down, I felt my hard dick disappear into her once more. Amy gave off a silent squeal under our kiss, and I could feel her legs wrapping around my lower back as I began to move in and out of her again. Her fingernails were now leaving scratch marks on my back, and she passionately started to nibble my earlobe as she moaned softly into my ear:

‘Come inside me, John. I want you to come inside me. Please.’

Right there and then, I was willing to do whatever she asked of me. Her voice reached a high-pitch register as she whimpered and moaned into my ear. That sound brought me to a climax, and as I felt my cum rushing, I gave her a few, final thrusts before I shot my load into her pussy. With my hands against the sheets, I pushed up, still inside her, and gave out a loud moan as my back arched and I emptied my juices into her. I felt my cock twitch inside her warm tunnel as it pumped out my seed, and then I fell back down on top of her, exhausted. Catching my breath, I felt like I had just finished a marathon race. My energy was completely drained, but I finally rolled of her, and my now limp dick slid out of her pussy. Amy leaned in over me, kissed me on the cheek and simply said:

‘Thank you.’

Then we fell asleep. When I woke up the following morning, Amy was already in the shower. I stayed in bed and waited for her to finish. As she came out, wearing a cotton bathrobe and with a towel wrapped around her head, I gave her a smile and said:

‘Thanks for last night, it was amazing.’

‘Thank you. I know, it was fantastic. And I want to do it again, but now you should get out of her. A friend of mine just called to say that she was picking me up for lunch, and it’s not a good idea to let her see you here.’

‘Sure, no problem’, I said. I got out of bed and put my pants back on. I figured I could just as well take a shower when I got home. The pieces of Amy’s ripped teddy were still scattered across the floor, and when I noticed them I looked up at her. She blushed slightly and gave me a coy smile, before throwing me my shirt.

‘Now get out of here!’ she said, still with a smile on her face, at the same time trying to sound serious.

With my clothes back on, I soon stood by the door, with Amy in front of me. Before leaving though, I had to hold her in my arms again. We shared a warm embrace, and with her hands in mine, I looked into her eyes and said something that I regretted at the same time they came out:

‘Mrs. Freemont, I think I love you…’

All of a sudden, I felt so awkward. Amy just smiled at me, then reached behind me and opened the door to the hallway. She gently pushed me out into the corridor, and just before she closed the door, she said:

‘I’ll call you.’

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