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River Watcher

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It is a very hot summer day – over 90 degrees. The air is very thick and humid. The only relief to be found is near a water source. I happen to know of a semi-private swimming hole at a river near a waterfall. I’m Nicki, by the way. I dress in my favorite Bright orange string bikini top and matching thong (It shows off my tan). My long brown locks are pulled up in a high ponytail on top of my head. I grab my beach bag and head out to the river.

“Damn is it hot!!!” I think out loud. All of my windows are down in my truck and the sunroof is out, still the air is so hot. And it’s about a twenty-minute drive to the river. I finally arrive and surprisingly there are no other cars there.

I get out of the hot vehicle and begin the short walk down the path through the woods. Finally reaching the waters edge I strip off the T-shirt and shorts I was wearing. I jump into the river for a quick dip to cool off. I’m all alone here. This is really odd. I walk out of the water, my hair dripping. I spread my towel out to lie down on the soft sand and take out my spray mist bottle. It’s a good day for a tan. Lying down on my towel, I turn on my headphones and begin to listen to music. I don’t hear the stranger come down the path.

He stops just short of the path opening and stands to watch me. He’s handsome and tall, and has short strawberry blond hair, and is muscular and tanned. As he watches, I pick up my spritz bottle and begin to spray myself trying to keep cool and to enhance my tan. It’s not helping to keep me cool. I partially sit up, leaning on my elbows and notice that there is a rock under the waterfall that protrudes out past it a ways like a natural shelf. I notice that the spray from the falls is misting the whole rock. ‘Mmmm, I could lie there and keep cool and get the sun.’ I think to myself.

I stand up and look around nervously. “Good nobody here.” I say aloud to myself. I reach behind my back and untie the back of my suit, and then I reach for the neck untying that also. I let it drop to the ground. I then slide off my thong bending at the waist, not knowing that I’m giving the stranger one hell of a show. I walk slowly to the waters edge; my skin has become so hot again that the mountain water is so cold that it’s breath taking. I take a deep breath and just dive in, swimming almost the whole way across the hole under water. As I emerge I take a deep breath. Standing at the edge of the rock I take my hair down and lean my head back in the water to wet it so that it flows down my back before I climb onto the rock.

I reach my arms up onto the rock to boost myself up – It’s about at my chest level. I hop up out of the water and climb onto the rock revealing my naked back to him. I stand on the rock and walk to the waterfall as I turn he notices that my round supple breasts are still milky white and not tanned like the rest of me. I lean my head back and stand under the falls as if it is a shower. I let the water wash down over me. My nipples are very hard like little rosebuds.

He’s looking me up and down, admiring my firm breasts, flat tummy and toned thighs, but most of all my completely shaved, shiny, wet pussy. His cock instantly grows hard and his shorts are feeling very restricting, so he removes them. His 8-inch cock, springing free from its confines, stands at full attention. He lets out a deep sigh, covering his mouth so not to be heard.

“Mmmm!” I sigh feeling refreshed and revived. I sit on the warm rock just in reach of the spray from the falls. The heat from the rock is rising into my pussy, but the cold of the spray on my back is keeping me cool. I feel very free and wild sitting on the rock totally naked. I spread my legs a little and begin to run my hand down my abdomen to my waiting snatch. I Lean back on the other hand and arch my back to let my head fall back. My tits pointing toward the sky and my hair flowing down onto the rock. My skin is very tanned and shiny I’m getting very aroused as I let my middle finger slide down over my slightly raised clit and search for my wet pulsing opening. I insert a finger into my box and slide it in and out a couple of times. Then I bring it back up, moist with my pussy juices, to my clit and begin to rub it in little circles. I let out a moan – just loud enough for him to hear.

The watcher is attempting to move closer. He cannot believe what is unfolding before his eyes, but he would certainly like a closer look. He makes his way through the bushes up to the waterfall and is standing behind me watching, waiting for the right moment to join in.

My fingers are starting to move more feverishly now. Moving back and forth from clit to hole and back to clit again. My head is moving with the feelings of pleasure I am giving my self and I start to moan a little louder. I am so horny, I wish there was a good strong cock here to fuck.

At that moment I feel a pair of big strong hands on my back. I jump a little but I don’t stop – NO! can’t stop what I’m doing. He eases me down to lie on the rock. And climbs over me. Kissing his way down my body, my breasts, my belly, finally ending straddling my face with his cock dangling right there. I stick my tongue out and lick the head of his cock. I instantly reach my with my neck to take it into my mouth stifling a groan as his tongue bears down on my clit. THIS is what I’ve been aching for. I thrust my hips up to meet him. His tongue is so skilled, becoming hard on my clit and soft on my labia and then hard again as he explores my wet vaginal opening. His hands are wrapped around my thighs squeezing my ass cheeks and lifting them up to meet him. His face pressing hard into my snatch. I am sucking on his cock so hard and fast. Keeping the pace and rhythm he is setting with me. I bob on his cock and he is thrusting it into me so hard that it hits the back of my throat, occasionally making me gag.

I begin to Buck and grind on his face as his tongue flicks feverishly on my clit. “Fuck baby, slow down. I want it to last.” I beg of him. In response to that he stops, gets up and tells me to turn over on all fours. He then turns to stand behind me and begins to ram his fingers into my hot hole. I’m so wet and slippery; he slides his wet fingers up to my ass and lubricates it. Then pressing his thumb slightly against my anus he inserts the fingers back into my snatch. I moan loudly and am going crazy with this new feeling he is introducing to me. He slowly pushes his thumb in while his fingers are fucking my pussy – his other hand holding my ass cheeks apart.

I turn to look at him – my wet hair is draped across my back and the falls are still spraying and soaking us. His muscular chest very tanned and wet. His strawberry blonde hair catching the sunlight. He smiles a wicked smile as he shoves his thumb the rest of the way in making me scream with a combination of pleasure and pain. He then takes his thumb out and moves his hand to insert a finger. This sends an uncontrollable tremor throughout my body. I begin to moan and buck wildly as I spiral out of control – having waves of orgasmic pleasure. I move a hand down to my clit, stroking it in rhythm to his probing fingers. My back is arched pushing my ass against him.

He pulls his finger out and gently puts his rock hard cock against my rectum. He places his hands on my hips and holds firmly so I cant pull away from him. I hold my breath with anticipation of what’s about to happen. I tell him that I’m nervous. He tells me to just relax and breath, as he pushes in slowly and gently. “Oh my God!” I sigh as he slowly pushes in and pulls out. Penetrating a little more each time. The small thrusts of his hips are guiding him deeper and deeper into me each time. My moans are getting higher and higher pitched. He has past the point of no return. With a quick thrust he rams his cock all the way in. I let out a scream – then he stops, just holding it there for a few minutes as I catch my breath and calm down.

New sensations are flooding my senses. I’m dizzy in ecstasy. He begins to pump in me holding my hips very tightly. Gaining a slow steady rhythm long and deep. I’m on such a high right now – my head is spinning and my body is quaking all over with every thrust. Finally I begin to relax and go with the flow of his body. My body pulling him into me. He begins to pick up speed. It feels so easy now. Wet slapping noises coming from my cunt and ass as he fucks me and I play with my clit.

He has helped me past the hardest point. Now I’m in total rapture and don’t want him to stop. “Fuck me hard baby! I want you to cum in my ass” I beg as I buck against him. My ass slamming into his hips. He puts his hands on my shoulders so that he can plunge himself in deeper and harder. My breasts are swaying under me. We fuck hard and fast, pounding against one another, feeling his balls hitting my now swollen pussy lips. “Please, Baby please.” I scream as my cunt and ass muscles tighten around him. I feel as though I’m about to explode. His balls tightening, ready for release. My breathing is very heavy and he is groaning with every thrust, deep low growls.

“Give it to me!” I scream. “Fuck me, Fuck me, FUCK ME!!!”

He moans loudly as I feel his hot cum shoot into my ass like a dart.

“OH YES, OH YES” I’m chanting as he takes me over the edge of oblivion and rapture. I erupt, squirting my own hot juices all over us. It runs down our legs. His hands squeezing, bruising my hips with every thrust as he convulses within me. I spasm around him. Slowly come back sown to Earth he begins to release his grip. He slides out of me and lies down on the rock beside where I have collapsed.

Exhausted we lie there with our eyes closed breathing heavily but slowing – again noticing the cool spray of the falls on our burning bodies.

“What’s your name?” he asks.

“Nicki, and yours?”


“Nice to meet you Bill.” I say with a slight giggle.

“Likewise.” he smiles back.

We begin to talk for a while – idle chitchat, just getting to know one another a little bit. Then we both stand and dive off the rock, playfully swimming together. He swims up to me and lifts me by my hips. As he looks into my eyes he asks, “May I kiss you?”

“Why not, I think we skipped that part before.” I smile back at him. He passionately kisses my swollen lips pushing his tongue into my mouth, probing and exploring. His hands pressing on my back, pulling me into him. I can feel his body heat even through the cold water. I run my hands and long fingernails down his back. Feeling the curves of his muscles down to his rock hard ass. His hands are wandering over my back, my shoulders, my neck, and in my hair as we continue this passionate hard kiss.

He starts to walk me, guiding me backwards toward the riverbank. We just reach the edge of the water and he helps me to lie down on the soft sand, still surrounded by about one to two inches of water. I can feel the heat of the sun on my breasts, belly and thighs, but the cold of the river flowing under and around me.

He stands over me looking down. “Mmmm, you are so gorgeous” he tells me in a deep sensual voice, making me feel very good about myself. He kneels down beside me and begins to kiss my belly with one hand massaging a breast and the other rubbing the inside of my thigh. He is teasing me, coming so close but never touching my love box.

I put my fingers in his hair- rubbing his head, gently nudging him downward toward my once again quivering snatch. I want him to kiss there again with that incredible tongue. It doesn’t take much convincing. He moves down willingly. His tongue just barely tickling the outside. I try to push his head sown and lift my hips to make him take more. He then turns to kneel between my legs and grabs both of my wrists to pin them down to my sides. He continues to tease me with his tongue and breath, blowing on my pussy, just barely licking, touching with his tongue. I again try to lift my hips to him – he pulls away. I’m going crazy, I just want him to devour me. He chuckles and says, “Relax, I want to take this one slow.” I try to relax but my body is aching to be touched, fondled. As he continues to hold my wrists – I dig my nails into the sand, moaning, begging him to take me. Finally he presses his tongue into my opening sending waves of pleasure through me. I moan loudly and lift my hips to meet him. He releases my wrists and slides his hands under my ass, squeezing and pressing me into him.

Then his hands slide down the back of my thighs lifting them up to his shoulders, as he straightens on his knees to slide his very swollen member into my pussy. He again teases me by placing just the head at the opening. He lets it rub and tickle, just barely pressing into me. I begin to play with my nipples – they are already hard peaks on my chest. I begin to pinch and roll them around between my fingers. My vaginal walls are throbbing, trying to pull him into me further. He advances a little more letting me feel his swollen head enter me. I’m so sensitive. I can feel every shape and contour from the mushroom shaped head to the vein pulsing against my walls and the smooth shaft penetrating further and further. Again my senses are heightened. I can hear the falls splashing and the water rippling over the rocks. I can feel the cool water rushing around my body and his body heat against my ass and the backs of my thighs. I feel the hot sun on my face, chest, and belly. I’m reaching climax already. My vision goes black with ecstasy. My mind feels as though it will explode with the overwhelming flood of sensations. In my groin all of my muscles begin to tighten as my hot girl cum runs down my ass and his legs.

That is exactly what he was waiting for. He pumps into me furiously as his own juices forcefully shoot into me. “BILL!” I scream his name as we orgasm together. His hips thrusting into me with every shot of cum. I quiver; my whole body shakes with the force of the orgasm.

As we begin to slow, the orgasm fades. He lies on the sand beside me. We rest for the remainder of the afternoon- just enjoying the sun on our naked bodies and each other’s company. As he sleeps I quietly dress and slip off down the trail never to see him again.

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