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We were separated in our relationship by a long distance but kept a hot romance going through our regular correspondence on the Internet. This not only made the time apart a little more bearable, but it certainly led to spicy meetings when we did have the chance to get together. Jane was a very loyal correspondent and hardly a day went by when she didn’t write. Sometimes we would just write about work, our daily lives, kids, etc., but often times Jane would stimulate things by writing a hot steamy story about the two of us together.

She was an incredibly sensual woman who had been divorced for nearly 16 years. During this time she devoted a considerable effort to raising her daughter and working long hours to make life for the two of them as rich as possible given the circumstances.

During much of this time, Jane had put her own sex life on hold because of greater responsibilities. When she discovered the Internet she began to explore her sexuality vicariously, and that is how we met. I received a somewhat forward e-mail that was so inviting I just could not resist the response. The rest is history.

Since the opportunities for us to get together were few and far between, I tried to put extra effort into planning every rendezvous. I enjoyed the planning immensely and it served to heighten the anticipation of getting together in person. Most of our get togethers were long romantic weekends, usually spent at some out of the way resort location. We savored every minute together and used the opportunities to relive several of the fantasy stories we had written to each other. Jane was an excellent writer and since I did a lot of writing for my work, it was easy for us to communicate our desires. Jane often wrote very descript stories of exactly how she would make love to me. She was a very tender person and just the site of her name in my inbox usually provoked a rather immediate reaction in my loins.

She often wrote of giving me a sensual massage, including the most unbelievable descriptions of her oral abilities. This woman could write about a blowjob and make you believe it was actually happening while you read her words. Coupled with her incredible massage technique, a night with this woman was an experience I continue to relive in my mind, over and over.

I replied with my own detailed descriptions of our love making, and also vivid descriptions of my feelings for this woman. Whether you believe it is possible or not, I had fallen deeply in love with this woman through the efforts of our correspondence. It was quite an amazing experience and certainly one that is difficult to put into words.

Jane was what I would describe as a very conservative person. A lot of this is due to her lifestyle and the effort that had gone into raising her daughter as a single parent. As our relationship blossomed we found ourselves telling each other about our sexual fantasies, which seemed to heighten the stimulation of two innately conservative people.

In a recent e-mail Jane alluded to the fact that she had never been in a threesome and had thought that might be an exciting addition to both our sexual experiences. This had been a dream of mine for a long time, and one of the tales I had related to Jane in my correspondence was about a time that I had come very close to having this happen, but not quite. From what you read and hear, it is quite common for men to think about such an experience, however, for me it was quite different to discuss this issue with a woman, especially your sacred lover. I found the topic rather stimulating and as a result was actively involved in the planning of making such and event possible the next time we got together.

Our next planned rendezvous was still a few weeks away, so I had plenty of time to plan and think about exactly just how this might actually come to pass. Since Jane lived in Idaho, it was logical for me to pick a place somewhat close to where she lived for our next get together. Idaho has some spectacular locations and summer was the perfect time to take advantage. I had selected a “cabin” near Coeur d’Alene that I had found on the Internet. A perfect location since it was not too far from where Jane lived and was known for its beautiful lake, often described as one of the five most beautiful in the world.

The “cabin”, as it was described had three bedrooms including a Master suite of immense proportions, a spectacular living room, a large deck overlooking the lake, and a hot tub said to be an astronomers dream at night due to its location away from well lit areas. We certainly didn’t need three bedrooms, but I selected this particular home because of its secluded location and its luxurious amenities.

Having made the selection, I set upon my next task. That was to find the perfect person with whom the two of us could enjoy this setting. That was not going to be an easy task and of course there were sensitivities about the subject just because of its nature. It is certainly one thing to talk and write about your fantasies, it is certainly quite another to make the actual plans.

Since Jane was really into giving the worlds best massage I thought it might be appropriate to find someone whose profession was the same. My thought was that the best way to make an introduction of this nature might be to provide Jane with her own special masseuse.

I set about this task by first searching the Internet. I knew that this was a risky maneuver, but given my distance from the location, there just was no better way. The typical search engines turned up mostly either therapeutic massage responses or escort services. I knew I would have to delve deeply into these selections if I was to make this effort pay off.

Western Idaho and Eastern Washington are the home to a number of Universities. During one of my searches, I came across the name of a massage therapist by the name of Kerry, who it turned out was majoring in exercise physiology at Washington State University, not all that far away from Coeur d’Alene. On the side, she did sensual massage as a means of paying for her college expenses.

I had sent about a dozen e-mails to various candidates and got either a canned response, from the escort types, or no response at all. However, the response from Kerry was much more personal and I decided to pursue providing her with an explanation of exactly what it was I was trying to accomplish. Her response was not canned and her credentials as a masseuse, at least on her web site, were very credible. This was an important consideration, because my surprise for Jane might turn out to be nothing more than a great professional massage.

Kerry and I struck up a correspondence on the Internet and as a result I found her to be most understanding and in fact quite interested. During the course of my explanations I shared several of our e-mails so Kerry could learn more personally about our relationship and the sensual nature of her potential client.

Kerry was very professional and told me that she had developed a loyal clientele, basically limited to regular customers. Her specialty was sensual massage, and she told me that among her clients were a number of women and couples. Given her background as an exercise physiology student and her talent as an amateur athlete I knew I was on the right track. She told me that women were among some of her favorite clients, and that to her knowledge she had never disappointed anyone. The picture she provided over the Internet showed her conservatively dressed in a pair of athletic shorts and a tank top. She appeared to be tall, about 5’8″, with shoulder-length brown hair highlighted by lighter streaks from her time outdoors. Her skin was tanned but not weathered. She had the firm stomach of an athlete but not the muscled look of a gym rat. She had a prominent chest, probably enhanced by all of her aerobic activity, but also what appeared to be firm large breasts hiding beneath her loose fitting top. If looks were the judge of this project I knew I was off to a good start.

Kerry told me that she would have to charge a little extra for her “therapy” due to the distance she must travel. She was very explicit that her fee was not based upon time and that she was available for as long as the session lasted, which she indicated depended to a large degree upon Jane. She wanted a “booking fee” up front, but do to the relationship we had developed and my distance from her, I found it just as easy to pay for everything up front. I also thought that would send a positive message of trust. Things were falling into place.

The trip was still a few weeks away and I took some of this time to try and explore more of Jane’s thoughts about a sexual three-way. Her responses were what I considered positive so I felt confident that I had not gotten myself into something I would regret. The worst that could come of this was an expensive massage.

On the day of the trip, I flew into Pullman, Washington which was the best alternative given the remoteness of the location. I could not help but be reminded that this was where Kerry lived as I checked out my rental car from the airport. Jane and I had arranged to meet at a restaurant in Coeur D’Alene, since neither of us was sure of the directions to the house. It was a glorious August day and the restaurant had an outside patio overlooking the lake. It was the perfect setting in which to meet your lover were it not for the sexual electricity that flowed between us. While I was anxious to relax, I was also anxious to find our way to the cabin to take advantage of some private moments together. We both had an edge that needed to be removed and for the two of us that meant only one thing.

The lunch, as I remember it was pretty good, but the hand holding and casual touching is the part I remember most. Jane has this sensual nature about her that even the subtlest brush of a hand on a hip or thigh can cause a lightening bolt of electricity to flow through your body. By the time lunch was over, I was whipped into quite the frenzy and past experience told me Jane was too.

When you live in the midst of a long-distance relationship like ours, the hardest thing is to resist the temptation of just jumping into bed when you do get together. We both had learned that part of the enjoyment of a long weekend together was taking it slow, forgetting about the clock, and never thinking of the passing of time. We had learned to act as if a few days together for us were more joyful than a lifetime together for some couples. We cherished every minute and never thought about leaving until it was absolutely time to go.

After a little frustration in getting the check, we paid the bill and headed out for the cabin. I followed Jane since she was most familiar with the area. It was about a fifteen-minute drive and with the windows down the pine scented mountain air served to heighten my senses.

The “cabin” turned out to live up to every bit of its reputation. The pictures of the view from the Internet truly did not due justice to the real McCoy. With the bright afternoon sun, the crystal blue water of the lake glistened as no picture could ever do it justice. The mountain air was clear and the light breeze refreshing. We took our bags from the car and as I took them upstairs to the master bedroom, Jane explored the spacious kitchen and living room, which adjoined one another. The kitchen had spectacular hardwood floors and a huge fireplace in a sitting area, which was actually part of the kitchen. Another even larger fireplace adorned the living/family room. Whoever designed this place knew that these two rooms would function perfectly together, especially when entertaining.

Outside on the spacious deck which was nestled below the large overhang of the roofline, was a complete outdoor dining area and a separate nook for the hot tub surrounded by gorgeous potted plants, comfortable chaise lounges and neat wooden cocktail tables tucked strategically throughout the arrangement. The deck area was larger than most living rooms and certainly doubled as a separate living area, at least during the summer.

While I was unpacking my bag and putting things in the closet, I felt Jane’s hands circle my waist. She had seductively crept up behind me and the thick white plush carpet had advantageously hidden her footsteps. In a somewhat startled fashion I turned and was greeted immediately with the softest, wettest kiss imaginable. I could feel my cock respond immediately, and as Jane knew it would too, she pressed he lean body closer to feel the response she had elicited. We stood there cherishing the moment for more than a few minutes. Gently I took her by the hand and led her to the large king size bed covered in a beautiful off white comforter and six king sized pillows also totally white. The master bedroom was essentially a large balcony above the living area and shared the same outlook. The large windows afforded a view of the lake and the crystal clear sky of that August afternoon. In the white surroundings I felt as if I were seated on a cloud overlooking the world. It was almost heavenly; with Jane here it was certainly a divine setting.

I pulled Jane to the bed and tossed several of the pillows aside to make room for the two of us. My 6′ 4″ frame consumes a large portion of the length of a king size bed and I wanted all of the room possible. Jane was wearing a light blue cotton sundress with spaghetti straps that accentuated her figure. I had bought it for her during one of my travels. When I saw it in the store it had her name written all over it. The shape of the dress accentuated her figure nicely, and the soft cotton fabric did little to hide her now aroused braless nipples poking firmly from beneath the dress. I cupped my right hand lovingly over a breast and felt the corresponding response from my cock. I loved a nice pair of tits and Jane had a lot to be proud of. They were not overly large, but the shape and proportion was perfect. They were firm, perfectly rounded and felt terrific in the palm of my hand.

While I was cupping her breasts and kissing her deeply she was holding me so tightly that I found it almost difficult to breathe.

I nuzzled my lips to her ear and asked, “What’s up with the grip?”

“I just don’t ever want to let go!” came the muffled reply.

“You don’t have to and I hope you never will,” I purred into her ear as her bear hug only served to increase my arousal.

I eased my hips closer to her pelvis so she could feel my bodily response. That got the desired results as her left arm loosened its grip and I felt her hand searching for my bulge. Jane had a way of touching me that made you realize it was difficult to find words to describe her touch. She could be both gentle and firm in alternating movements. Sometimes I felt like she would make me cum just by stroking the outer layers of my clothing.

As I lay on my left side, I propped myself up on my left elbow and positioned myself to gaze into her beautiful eyes.

I brushed a soft curl from her cheek to gain a better view and said with assuredness, “I love you more and more with each passing day. You don’t know what would happen to me if I could not open my e-mail each morning and find a loving note from you. It means so very much my darling.”

“Tres,” she said. “I know; I feel exactly the same way. I really could never explain this to anyone else, but I know we both feel the same way.”

We kissed more deeply, and as I had come to learn from previous experiences, her tongue was telling me that she needed to be fucked. It is funny how this word, which was seldom used by either one of us outside the bedroom, had become so perfect a description. Yes, she wanted to be fucked and since it was only Friday afternoon, there would be plenty of time for just that.

As her tongue begged for more, my right hand responded by sliding beneath the short hem of her dress. I moved my hand gently upward, taking the fabric with me, until she was exposed to the navel. She had worn a white thong that once exposed told me everything. The soft fabric in the front was already wet with her desire, so it took little effort to slide the dress up over her head when she arched her back expressly for that purpose. I tossed the dress to the floor and buried my mouth on top of one of her luscious nipples. I wondered if she could cum just from the sensation of my tongue. I thought to myself, sometime that will be a goal, but now is not the time.

As her dress was hitting the floor, I could feel her deft fingers undoing my belt and zipper. She loved to feel my cock and was wasting no time getting me exposed. As I sucked first one nipple and then the other, I raised my hips to invite the shedding of my pants.

“No fair!” were the words I heard. “How do you expect me to get you naked when your lips have me plastered to the bed?”

I eased my response and assisted her with her goal; she slid off my briefs and slacks in the same move, exposing an immensely aroused cock. As I sat up partially to slip off my shirt, Jane deftly moved her head to my stomach and began probing her tongue gently inside my navel. This only aroused me further and caused my hips to flinch upwards slightly in response. I knew what would come next and had learned to relax and “take it at Jane’s pace.” When it came to lovemaking between the two of us, there was no hurry. Yes, we experienced a few “quickies”, but they were almost always in our correspondence, especially when one or the other of us didn’t have time for our usual two-page letter. In real life, nothing ever happened quickly and every moment together was savored for the special moment that it was.

I felt her fingers work their way up the inside of my thighs. She inserted her left hand between my thighs in a fist like shape. Then I felt her thumb and fingers move in opposite directions inviting me to spread my legs. All the while she deftly moved her tongue to a more strategic position. Occasionally Jane would raise her head and glide her curls over my exposed flesh. She new this sensation drove me wild and caused my erect penis to bob up and down with the flexing of the muscles in my groin. When my cock “bobbed up” to the perfect position she encompassed it with her lips. Slowly she would lubricate my shaft with her moist mouth and gradually consume my rock hard erection further in her mouth.

Before I had met Jane, I had had my share of blowjobs, but nothing like she could offer. She craved my cock in her mouth and I knew from experience that her moist panties were probably now well soaked. While I wanted to find out for sure, she kept her pubic area strategically out of reach so that I had to concentrate on only her actions. She obviously didn’t want me distracted by her own desires.

Ever since I my first sexual experiences I had discovered that if I am aroused to the beginning point of an ejaculation and then the stimulation strategically stops, that I can remain erect for a very long time. I had described this sensation to Jane and I knew that this was the response she was now seeking. The throbbing in my cock felt so good. How can anyone ever describe exactly what this feels like? I am addicted to her tongue and the sucking mouth that knows just how too arouse me to the extreme. She could sense when I was getting close and just as the first drop of sperm was about to touch her lips she slipped her mouth off of my cock and planted a deep kiss on my mouth. With one movement she had completely changed positions so that we were side to side and my rock hard cock was nestled neatly against her soft panties. I wasted no time in removing the thong. I wanted us both on equal footing.

She teased my cock closer and I responded by caressing the inside of her thighs in my own teasing little circles. As I gradually approached the opening of her pussy, I could feel the moisture that now flowed out and oozed its way onto her thighs. I cannot tell you the turn on when I feel a woman this wet in anticipation. I flexed the muscles in my groin and Jane could feel my cock rise to meet her wetness. She slid even closer and her lubricated pussy lips parted slightly at the response of my throbbing cock. I moved my hips ever so slightly so that my shaft slid the length of her opening, the head meeting her clitoris with each stroke. She responded by wildly thrusting her tongue deeper into my throat.

I knew this was her signal to put my cock deep inside, but I wasn’t going to make it that easy. I began the easing of the hip movements and concentrated once again on her nipples. I moistened them generously with my saliva and then gently rolled first one, and then the other between my thumb and forefinger, gradually applying more pressure. Her nipples were as erect as my hard on and her whole upper torso responded to the action. Occasionally I would pull her nipples outward, elongating even further their erectness.

Jane’s hips were gyrating in a mock fucking motion. She wanted me inside and it was time to comply. I slid the shaft of my penis downward to where I could feel the most wetness. It was the perfect place to enter her, and even though we were both still on our sides my cock found its home without hesitation.

There is nothing, for me, quite like the feeling of initial penetration. Being inside Jane was like being home and I rolled her over to her back so I could gain maximum penetration. She was so hot, so wet, and so fuckable.

“Fuck me, please fuck me, I want it all,” were her words. “Oh God, I want… I need to be fucked. Fuck me, fuck me fuck me.”

She was really into the moment and I could sense that her words were a prelude to her orgasm. Sure enough, the quivering sensation of her orgasm began shortly thereafter.

With Jane I considered myself lucky to be able to sense not only her orgasms, but also their onset. It makes it so much more pleasurable for me when I can be an active participant. Some women’s orgasms were almost imperceptible, but not Jane’s. Not only were they volcano like, she could have them over and over under the right circumstances.

Jane’s timing with the oral had been perfect. I had a tremendous hard on and her well-lubricated pussy encouraged me to keep pumping. I raised my body and thrust myself in as deeply as I could go. You could feel her body respond with every thrust. She wanted it fast and hard and I was going to give her exactly what she wanted. I was going to seek out the next orgasm that I knew she needed in the worst way.

After several deep thrusts I eased my pace and withdrew my cock to the point of almost exiting, then I slowly slid it back in. I repeated this sequence several times and again her tongue told me what to do. She liked it deep and right now she wanted it deep and hard as another orgasm was building. I could sense the tightening of her vaginal muscles and responded by urging her on to eruption. This time her whole body quivered as she came and cried out my name simultaneously.

“Oh fuck Tres…you are good,” came the whimper. “God I needed that!”

“Me too,” I replied. “But now it’s my turn.”

I gently slid my legs over hers so that mine were on the outside. Using a little pressure I forced her legs closed and felt her pussy tighten around my cock. This provided maximum contact and stimulation and it wasn’t long before I could feel my own orgasm building. God it felt so good to cum inside of her. The orgasm lasted for quite a while and I pumped my hips until I had released every last drop into her grateful pussy.

I raised my head from her lips and could see tiny tears in her eyes. She pulled my face to her neck and whispered, “I love you Tres, and I am so lucky to have you. I cannot tell you how you have brought me to new sexual and new emotional heights.”

That last statement caused my mind to wander to my plans for tomorrow. I couldn’t help but think about how Jane would respond to Kerry and tomorrow.

I slid my self from on top and snuggled close to Jane’s body. Her fingers reached down and touched my cock now dripping with our combined juices. She put first one dripping finger in her mouth to taste and then the other in mine.

“I never thought I would find my own juices so sensual, but I do,” she said.

This was a new experience for me as well and before I could say anything more she said, “I have always wondered what another woman would taste like. Someday we are going to have to find out together. Remember how I told you that I would like to be kissing you while another woman sucked your cock, or vice-versa? We’re going to have to try that sometime.”

I smiled and thought to myself that maybe my timing had been perfect.

We dozed for what was probably and hour and when we awoke the sun was beginning to set over the lake. It was a beautiful sight, one for a postcard. I knew it was time to get up, so I planted a little kiss on Jane’s cheek, rose, and headed for the bathroom.

The shower was immense. It had a large frosted glass shower door with a tile wall opposite. The showerheads, yes all five of them, were to the left and the wall to the right was all glass from floor to ceiling. There was no need for a curtain or blinds as the window overlooked the pine forest below and the foothills of the mountains above. It was quite breathtaking.

I took a long hot shower. It felt incredibly refreshing and provided some badly needed rejuvenation after having had “my brains fucked out.” This was only the beginning I told myself, but now we need to get dressed and go out and do some grocery shopping.

I dried off and wrapped in my towel approached the bed where Jane had dozed off. I shook her gently only to find that she had been “playing asleep”. She jerked the towel from my waste and in one motion grasped my cock in her hand. Her touch elicited the desired response and as she bent over to take me in her mouth I said, “No, no, we don’t have time for that just now.”

If I hadn’t stepped away I know in a couple of seconds more I wouldn’t have been able to.

“Come on, it’s time to get dressed. We need to buy some groceries for the weekend,” I said.

Reluctantly, Jane rose for the occasion and headed to the bathroom. While she showered, I dressed and headed downstairs to explore the parts of the house I hadn’t seen. I was truly proud of myself for having found this house. It couldn’t have been more perfect. It was the perfect place to entertain and at the same time the perfect place for a romantic get away.

The house basically consisted of three bedrooms, the master with its own bath and a shared bath for the other two, the living area and kitchen, and another downstairs bathroom complete with separate shower and tub. The outside deck functioned like a separate living area. The two fireplaces complemented the decorating and I could imagine that tonight we would either end up on the deck in the hot tub or snuggled up in front of the fireplace in the living room. Storm clouds were building over the mountains and I could feel the temperature dropping, as the sun was moving lower towards the mountaintops. I was imagining that it might be a nice night for a fire.

Footsteps on the wooden stairway interrupted my thoughts. I turned to see Jane coming down the steps dressed in a white sweater and short navy blue skirt. The outfit, accentuated by open toed high-heeled sandals, complemented her lovely figure. The sweater was just tight enough to be accentuating without being too provocative. Her perky nipples told me that she had obviously neglected her bra

We headed out the door and to the store.

It was interesting that we should be grocery shopping together. In a fictitious way this was how we met. In one of her first letters to me Jane had described us meeting casually in the produce section of a supermarket. There she had nonchalantly brushed her hand against my thigh while reaching for some vegetables followed by her breast gently, almost imperceptibly, touching my shoulder. I remember her asking if I would have introduced myself. I don’t remember my exact reply, but I do embarrassingly remember that it was pretty lame. Now we were heading to the store together, something we did every time we got together. I suppose it was kind of like our own little celebration. We easily could have eaten out in a restaurant, but that was not our style when we had only a few days together.

The grocery shopping took about forty minutes as we casually shopped through unfamiliar surroundings. Afterwards we headed back to the house in what was now total darkness. There wasn’t much moonlight as the rain clouds had now settled over our area. Just as we arrived back at the house the raindrops began to fall. Our timing could not have been more perfect. A few minutes later and we would have gotten soaked.

The thunderstorm produced a spectacular light show. Every now and then it would light up the darkness that was the lake below. It was quite impressive and the setting for a perfect mood in which to prepare dinner.

Jane set her purse on the table and after digging a little took out a couple of CD’s, She walked to the stereo and put them in the disc player. I would bet a hundred bucks it was Kitaro. Sure enough in a few seconds the eerily relaxing music of Kitaro filled the room, a perfect accompaniment to natures light show.

I unpacked the groceries and put them away except for the steaks I was going to prepare for dinner. The deck was complete with a Weber cooker and when I first saw that I knew that I would be doing at least part of the cooking. I was a Weber fanatic and used it at home probably more than my oven.

Dinner was very casual. While I did the steaks, Jane prepared a salad and some fresh vegetables. It was a simple meal, but special because of the setting and the fact we were together. We toasted each other with a glass of red wine and thanked God for being so lucky.

“Life is good,” I thought to myself.

During dinner the rain stopped. We went out on the deck, but the chill in the air made it less than comfortable. We moved back inside and I made a fire in the fireplace. Jane found a big blanket in the downstairs closet and spread it out in front of the fire. We sat down and for several minutes just stared into the flames holding hands and not saying anything. Somehow in a circumstance like this, things are best communicated by not saying anything.

We started up a conversation, which began to flow rapidly from one thing to another. Since most of our correspondence was through e-mail, most of our daily conversations were one way. When we got together they seemed to change to questions and answers. We seldom had the chance to ask one another a question and then get the opportunity of an immediate response. Now we were bantering like two teenagers at a sleepover.

We talked about just about everything under the sun. The time flew by and before long it was midnight. We had been talking for nearly three and one-half hours and neither of us had noticed. It had been a long day, for me especially, so I suggested we retire. Jane agreed, rose up, and then helped pull me to my feet. We headed up the stairs hand in hand just like this was an everyday experience. In reality it was but just in our own imaginations and in a very vicarious way

Jane retired to the bathroom. This was no surprise nor was what she would be wearing when she came out. I stripped off my clothes, headed for the guest bath and freshened up before slipping naked under the covers. Moments later out came Jane, dressed in the sexy peach negligee I knew she would be wearing. This was no surprise since this had become a tradition as the result of one of her fantasy stories. Every time we were together and only when we were together, she wore the peach negligee.

She climbed into the bed on the same side scooting me over to make room. I could feel her now firm nipples brush against me as she slid in next to me. She put her arms around me and gave me one of those inviting kisses that said “fuck me all over again, please” She could be so very proper.

I don’t know if the next hour was part dream or mostly reality. I had crawled into bed alone so many times and yet Jane was always there with me. My dreams became the context for many of my letters and tonight was no different. The sex with Jane was incredible and many times when she made love to me in my dreams or in her letters she told me not to open my eyes for fear the moment would evaporate if I did. Tonight was no different and I drifted of into a comfortable yet restless sleep thinking only of my Jane.

This time when I awoke in the middle of the night I knew it was no dream. There beside me with her arms wrapped around me was my lovely Jane. She smelled of the sweet scent of sex and I smiled knowing that my dream had been real. This time when I drifted back to sleep it was deep and restful.

Part Two

We both slept well and when I awoke and glanced at my watch it was almost 9:00 A.M. Life with Jane was good and the pace much more relaxed. I lay in the bed for a minute just looking at Jane’s face. I could feel her breasts close to me beneath the covers and once conscious of this felt my body being to respond. I told myself that today was going to be different, and that because of my plans for the afternoon I had better get myself out of bed and soon.

I slipped out quietly, so as not to disturb Jane, and headed to the bathroom to shower and shave. Thirty minutes later I was dressed and heading down stairs. Jane was just beginning to stir. I hurried my efforts to retreat downstairs because I knew if I didn’t I would end up back in bed all over again.

I fixed us both a breakfast of fresh fruit, juice, and coffee and took my portion out to the deck to enjoy the morning sun. The house faced west, so the deck was cast in the shadow of the roofline, providing the perfect breakfast location. There was nothing to disturb my relaxation except the scent of the fresh mountain air.

Shortly thereafter, Jane, who looked radiant in her tank top and white shorts, joined me. She was wearing her running shoes so I anticipated that a morning walk would be in the works. It was now 10:00 and I had scheduled Kerry to arrive at 2:00 that afternoon. This gave us plenty of time for a hike in the foothills above the lake. We finished our coffee and headed out the door.

What a gorgeous location. The air was crisp and clean and you could feel the temperature warming as the sun rose higher. We both enjoyed walking so we set off on a brisk pace to explore the area. The conversation flowed easily and I found this the perfect time to tell Jane that I had scheduled a little surprise for her in the afternoon.

“I know how much you enjoy giving a massage, so today I have scheduled a little surprise for you. It is your turn to relax and I have hired a masseuse to come to the house to give you a massage,” I told her.

“She comes very highly recommended and I think this will be a perfect way for you to relax and enjoy our surroundings before we make plans for the evening.”

“Tres, you are so thoughtful. I love your little surprises and as much as I like giving a good massage, I never seem to have time for me to enjoy one myself. You know I really do enjoy a good massage, especially by someone who knows what they are doing.”

We walked on for about forty-five minutes before turning around to head back. I think we could have easily ended up in California the way the conversation was flowing. When we were together like this we totally forgot about time and just enjoyed being together by ourselves.

When we arrived back at the house I was thirsty so I fixed us both a tall cold fruit punch. I was thoroughly stress-free, but thought a little time in the hot tub sounded relaxing. I stripped off my clothes and headed to the tub, drink in hand.

Jane was hungry, so she set about preparing a light lunch for the two of us while I spoiled myself in the warm swirling waters of the tub. It was a beautiful vantage point and I thought that I was glad I was in the hot tub and not in the cool waters of the lake. There were people out water-skiing, but most wore wet suits due to the cool temperature of the water. I was happy just sitting in the tub and relaxing.

Jane called, “Lunch is ready. Do you want me to bring it outside?”

I replied, “No, I am finished. I need to come in and get dressed anyway.”

I toweled off and headed inside. I told Jane that I wanted to run upstairs and put on some fresh clothes before I sat down. I headed upstairs and quickly slipped on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, a pair of sandals, and returned downstairs to eat.

We finished our lunch about 1:00 and I wondered to myself if the next hour or so of waiting might be a little awkward. When I had mentioned Kerry on our walk, Jane hadn’t really said much so I don’t know exactly what she expected. Since our relationship was about as open as a relationship can get, I figured I’d just spill the beans about the whole purpose of the setup if the conversation came up.

The opportunity never presented itself because just after my thoughts we heard a car pull up to the house. If this was Kerry she was almost an hour early. I went to the door and sure enough it was she.

She greeted me with a cheery, “Hi, I’m Kerry.”

I responded, “Hi, I’m Tres. You’re early. Come on in.”

“Sorry,” she replied. “I didn’t know how long the drive would be and I didn’t want to risk getting lost and being late.”

“No Problem,” I said. “Come on in and I will introduce you to Jane.”

Kerry had a large duffle bag and a portable massage table. I sprang down the steps to help her with her stuff.

“Beautiful day,” she said.

“It was a beautiful drive and I didn’t have any trouble with the directions like I thought I might,” she said as we walked inside.

“Kerry, this is Jane, your client for the afternoon,” I introduced.

“Kerry, your job is to make Jane the most pampered woman in the world this afternoon.”

Jane smiled a big grin and said, “Don’t mind him, he’s just a tease. Nice to meet you Kerry, I’m Jane. Since you are early can I get you something to drink?”

“Sure,” replied Kerry. “I would love an ice tea or something cold.”

“Coming right up,” came the friendly reply from Jane.

“Can I help you with your gear while Jane gets your drink,” I said.

“That would be nice,” replied Kerry. “Where do you want me to set up?”

“I thought upstairs in the master bedroom would be the best,” I said as I grabbed the bag and table and headed for the stairs. “I’ll be back down in just a sec.”

As I carried the table and bag up the stairs I thought Kerry was even more beautiful than the picture she had sent. Today, Kerry was dressed in a short tank top cut just above the midriff, slim fitting athletic warm-ups and running shoes. She was wearing a bra, and it was plain to see that although she was a very sexy woman, she was dressed conservatively for the task at hand. She had a professional demeanor about her. And, she had an absolutely gorgeous figure with perfect breasts quite a bit larger than Jane’s.

I put her bag at the foot of the bed and placed the unopened table nearby and hurried back downstairs. Jane and Kerry had already struck up a conversation and seemed to be at ease with one another. They were talking about the house as Jane explained that I had found it on the Internet and that it turned out to be even more perfect than advertised.

We casually strolled around the kitchen, living room, and out onto the deck so Kerry could gain an appreciation for the view.

“Great place for a romantic weekend,” Kerry said. “I assume that’s why you are here.”

“Exactly,” said Jane and then went on to explain some basics about our long-distance relationship and the fact that we only had the chance to get together a few times a year.

“The massage is a nice surprise. I am into massage also, but don’t really get the opportunity to be on the receiving end very often. In fact, I am thinking of attending massage therapy school so that I might have a new career opportunity to fall back on sometime in my future.”

“It’s a lot of hard work, especially at first,” Kerry chimed in. “During school, your muscles can get really sore at first. You might not have as many problems as some since you apparently already do massages. A good school can be a very good experience, especially since you are able to learn new techniques from the different staff and other students. I personally really enjoy a good massage and seem to learn something new every time I have one. Shall we get started?”

“I am available to give a massage to the both of you if you wish. I assume Jane will be first,” said Kerry.

“Tres, do you want to join us upstairs to watch while I give Jane her massage? I find that watching a good massage can be almost as relaxing as actually getting one. I know most massages are given in private, but from what you have told me about your relationship, I think you might each enjoy watching.”

Jane contributed, “That’s a great idea. I’m ready, let’s go.”

The three of us headed upstairs, the two women first, followed closely by me.

Kerry said, “Jane why don’t you go into the bathroom and change. Tres, you can just position yourself anywhere; on the bed if you wish.”

Jane headed to the bathroom to change, Kerry set the portable massage table up at the foot of the bed, and I positioned myself across the bed propped on my customary left side, facing the massage table so I could watch.

After Jane exited the bathroom Kerry told her to place herself on the massage table. While Jane slipped up on the tabled, Kerry put the towel that had been around Jane over Jane’s backside from her mid back to the tops of her calves. Kerry pulled a smaller folding table from the duffle bag and on it proceeded to set up a variety of creams and massage oils.

She also pulled out a stack of CD’s and asked, “Tres I noticed the disc player. Would you mind putting some of these in the machine? I’m sure the quality is much better than that of my small boom box. While you are doing that, I’m going to freshen up a bit in the bathroom. Why don’t you also close the drapes a little and light a couple of the candles that are in here? I’ll be right back.”

I jumped up and went to the CD player. It was a small but very nice six disc CD. Rather than sort through the handful of discs, I decided to put them in the player in the order they were handed to me without really paying attention to what they were. I then went to the wall switch beside the bed and closed the drapes in front of the panoramic windows. They were on an electric switch because of the size of the windows, and because you would have to go downstairs to close them otherwise. Because of our private location the drapes were meant to control light, not provide privacy. After closing the drapes I went to the two bedside tables and lit the 5″ diameter candles. The setting changed dramatically from what it had been before and was now much more conducive to the undertaking of a relaxing massage.

As I was moving to close the drapes, the opening strains of a Loreena McKennet CD began to fill the room. I went to adjust the volume slightly just as Kerry was exiting the bathroom. While she approached Jane, I repositioned myself on the bed in the position I had been in before.

It was obvious from the very minute Kerry started her work that she was a true professional. On the little table she had a candle warmer that she used to heat massage oil. She placed a generous amount of clear oil in the top of the candle warmer and then lubricated her hands generously with a white cream.

“Jane I’m going to first massage your skin with this apricot based exfoliating cream. You will find it quite stimulating and also if the level of pressure I apply is more than you like I want you to tell me. Remember this is your massage and to be successful I need you to provide some feedback.”

Kerry folded the towel down Jane’s back so that the fold rested just above her buttocks. She started with wide circles on the upper back, testing for Jane’s response. With the almost immediate relaxing of Jane, Kerry proceeded to apply a bit more of the cream.

“I’m going to work rapidly on a large portion of your body first. The purpose of this phase is to ready your skin for the sensitivity oil I am going to apply in just a minute. OK?” said Kerry.

There was a relaxed “uh huh” from Jane who was obviously already into the experience. “I like this music,” murmured Jane. “It’s perfect for a massage.”

“Loreena Mckennet is one of my favorites and she also helps me really get into my work,” replied Kerry.

After rapidly dealing with Jane’s back she moved to her thighs and legs. Kerry unfolded the upper portion of the towel and folded up the bottom to just below Jane’s buttocks. Kerry continued to work rapidly and professionally covering each leg with the exfoliating cream. You could tell she was already into her work and it was as if I wasn’t even in the room. Just watching caused me to relax considerably and the music added to the feeling.

After finishing with the exfoliating cream Kerry took out a hand towel and wiped off any excess of the cream. You could tell by watching Jane that this felt good and every once in a while I could hear what I thought to be an almost imperctible moan of pleasure coming from Jane.

Kerry moved back to Jane’s upper torso. She repositioned the towel and began applying the special massage oil.

“This is a product I discovered from one of the other masseuses I work with occasionally,” Kerry said quietly. “I think you will notice a heightened sensitivity in your skin almost right away. If it’s something you do not like, just say so, otherwise I’ll keep going.”

Another “uh huh,” quietly came from Jane’s mouth. You could sense there were going to be no objections. As Kerry worked the oil into Jane’s shoulders you could see her muscles relax. My vicarious experience was almost as good as an actual massage. If I had been a cat I certainly would have been purring.

Kerry’s expert fingers worked each group of muscles in Jane’s back thoroughly. She paid particular attention to the small group of muscles in the very lower back just above the coccyx, but professionally avoided the muscles of Jane’s buttocks, keeping that location discretely covered with the towel.

Following the back she moved on to the upper left arm, shoulder joint and then down to her fingers. Jane’s head was facing me, but her eyes were closed. Even so I could tell she was really enjoying things so far.

Next Kerry started on the legs using a generous amount of the warm sensitivity oil. She kept the towel professionally positioned but when she was at the end of the table she gently placed her hands on Jane’s ankles to spread them a little further apart. Jane got the hint and almost beat Kerry to the punch, opening her legs until her ankles were just at the outside edges of the table. Kerry began working the large muscles in Jane’s thighs, kneading them to perfection.

A weak voice from Jane whispered, “This is the best massage I have ever had.”

Kerry replied, “It’s awfully early to judge that, I’m only just beginning. I gather I’m not using too much pressure?”

The question went unanswered and Kerry knew things were fine too. Moving on to the feet you could see that Kerry knew just how to get the maximum pleasure from every body part. She first did one foot and then the other. She then paid special attention to the ankles before moving back up to the thigh area. Even though the towel covered Jane’s buttocks, Kerry must have had a pretty good view of Jane’s labia.

By now Kerry was well over a half hour into her effort. She seemed unhurried and from all appearances you would guess she was just beginning. As she moved to the left side of the table to work the left thigh, she slid the towel up just a little more so the buttocks was still completely covered, but so that she could more easily work the inner thighs. From my vantage it was difficult to see what was going on, but I could see that her thumbs were on the outside of the thigh and the fingers on the inside. If she was verging on forbidden territory Jane gave no sign.

Just as I was thinking that, I heard Kerry say, “You still comfortable?”

“Absolutely,” came the feeble voiced response I had become used to. “It feels wonderful.”

In my own way I could imagine it did and I was still in my purring cat mode, enjoying the experience vicariously. I was treated as invisible and for all intents and purposes I felt invisible.

Kerry applied more oil and entered the inner thigh area on the left side once more. Judging from the position of the hands I could see, she had to be only millimeters away from the labia. There has to be a little stimulus there and sure enough I could sense just a slight occasional rise in Jane’s hips. This has to be a natural reflex for anyone being massaged like this.

I could imagine a little moisture developing in Jane’s pussy and just the thought made me note that Kerry’s actions were beginning to get a rise out of me too. I didn’t move and I am sure that neither woman was in a state to care about me.

Kerry next incorporated the muscles of the left buttocks into her routine. Sliding her hands beneath the towel, in one move she began massaging the area and had moved the towel completely off Jane’s beautiful ass and into the small of her back. Jane didn’t even seem to notice or probably more accurately care. Kerry worked the large muscles of the Gluteus Maximus from the inside to the outside. Her firm fingers moved from Jane’s crack outward. At the lower end of the buttocks Kerry’s fingers had to be rubbing against Jane’s labia each time they went deep between her thighs. Jane’s response was clear as she arched her hips upward very subtly allowing Kerry’s hands maximum stimulation.

Kerry switched sides of the table now and continued the same routine on the right upper thigh and buttocks. The towel remained in the small of Jane’s back and now was little more than a decoration in this process. Kerry’s left hand disappeared from sight between Jane’s thighs with every move and you could see, with more frequency, the subtle rises in Jane’s hips. My guess was that Jane was beginning to enjoy the frequent brushes against her labia.

Next Kerry flexed the right leg at the knee and then flexed the entire hip. This later move had to give Kerry a pretty good view of Jane’s pussy, which I imagined by now, was probably freely lubricated. Kerry repeated the process with the left knee and leg. I wondered if this view was beginning to have any effect on Kerry.

Kerry lifted the towel from the small of Jane’s back and held it out in front of her and told Jane, “Time for the other side.”

Jane rolled over and Kerry professionally kept the towel between herself and Jane professionally blocking any view of Jane’s upper body. With Jane in place, Kerry positioned the towel to cover Jane from the tops of her breasts, to the tops of her thighs. She commenced her massage again beginning with the neck and shoulders. Her thumbs deftly, yet with just the right amount of pressure, probed the sensitive muscles surrounding the clavicle.

Being on the right side of the table, this time she did Jane’s right arm. She provided special attention to the hand and fingers and then gently placed Jane’s arm back on the table beside her body.

“Are you comfortable having your breasts massaged, or is that something you would prefer to skip?” asked Kerry without a change in the tone of her voice.

Jane’s reply was, “I don’t know, I’ve never had that done. But everything has been so wonderful so far. Sure, go for it.”

I watched with an ever-growing bulge as Kerry folded the towel down so that the fold line was about even with Jane’s navel. She applied some more warm oil and professionally cupped both hands around the right breast, massaging the tissue expertly.

“I love to have my breasts massaged,” Kerry said in stride. “I think it is particularly good for the soft tissue that comprises most of this area. That is to say nothing about how good it feels too.”

A gentle moan escaped from Jane’s mouth in response. She obviously agreed with the latter part of Kerry’s statement.

“This feels so good,” were the barely audible words that followed.

Kerry gently began to work on Jane’s nipples, which were by now quite firm. I knew from my experience that this was a particularly sensitive feature of Jane’s body and could only wonder if she were having the normal response down below.

As Kerry leaned into her work, she strategically brushed her thigh against Jane’s hand, which lay at the outermost area of the massage table. I caught the subtleness of this move and I also saw Jane’s fingers move ever so subtly to flex against Kerry’s thigh. It was as if she were sending a message about how much she enjoyed the experience so far.

After thoroughly stimulating each breast, Kerry folded the towel down even further to just above Jane’s pubic area. She applied a generous amount of oil to Jane’s stomach and began with large circles of both hands.

“Judging by your flat stomach, you keep yourself in pretty good shape,” said Kerry.

“I try,” said Jane. “I enjoy the outdoors and also try to swim regularly.”

You have a very attractive body Jane,” were Kerry’s next words as she continued her massage.

Her fingers moved lower and lower until they were on either side of Jane’s pubic bone. Her hands made smaller circles and her fingers concentrated in the small area just above and on either side of Jane’s neatly groomed pubic area.

I thought to myself that this must feel really good. I knew it would if it were I.

Kerry repositioned the towel and moved to the foot of the table. She added more oil and began working her way up feet first. You could see the strength in Kerry’s fingers as she massaged first on foot then the other. She gradually worked her way up to Jane’s thighs and commenced with moves similar to what she had used on Jane’s backside. Kerry’s hands regularly disappeared inside of Jane’s thighs and I imagined her strategic contact, even though occasional had to be having a stimulating affect.

After a few more minutes I heard Kerry say, “Still comfortable?”

“Yes, very,” came the reply from Jane.

“I’d like to move on to the next phase if your wish. For this it is much more comfortable for me if you move to the bed. Is that OK?” asked Kerry.

Jane replied, “Sure, this has been wonderful so far.”

“While you move from the table, I’m going to go to the bathroom and wash my hands.

“Tres, would you be so kind to cover the bed with these towels,” she said reaching for a stack of large fluffy towels in her bag. “I don’t want to get massage oil all over that beautiful comforter,” she said.

I agreed and slowly rose from my relaxed state to help out. Kerry headed for the bathroom and Jane got off of the table. Jane helped me as we positioned the large beach sized towels on top of the bed.

Kerry was still in the bathroom while Jane positioned herself in the left center of the bed. As she moved her naked, oil glistening body into position she gently brushed my hand and whispered, “Come here.”

I complied, Jane planted a wet kiss on my lips, and uttered, “Thank you, Kerry is really wonderful. This is the best massage I have ever had. She is very attractive, but I imagine you have already noticed that.” she said with a wry smile.

I positioned myself back on the extreme left hand side of the bed with my head propped on my arm and a couple of the pillows. At about the same time Kerry exited the bathroom. She had shed her athletic slacks and was now barefoot and dressed in brief running shorts and the same midriff length tank top. I noticed that something else was different too; she had obviously taken off her bra and her nipples were poking prominently at her top.

Kerry repositioned the table with the oils near the bedside and said, “Now on to phase two.”

“How many phases are there,” asked Jane.

“As many as you are comfortable with,” was Kerry’s reply, not missing a beat.

Kerry blew out the candle warmer and switched to a massage oil in a light blue plastic tube.

“This is a different oil and will cause you to relax,” Kerry said as she applied the oil to her hands.

She deftly moved to the bed and straddled Jane’s hips so she could position herself to work on Jane’s back and upper body. As she leaned forward I could see her gorgeous breasts expand in freedom beneath her top. If she noticed my stare, she never let on.

Jane was more relaxed then ever and “limp as a noodle,” was probably the apropos expression. Her hands were positioned at her sides and her toned muscles appeared totally relaxed. A second Loreena McKennet disc was emanating its sounds in the background adding to the mood.

Kerry now slid off to the right side and went to work on the thigh area once more. This time my view of exactly where her fingers probed was much more clear. I also had a perfect view of her face while she was working. While her outward attitude hadn’t appeared to change at all, I noticed a much more relaxed being about Kerry. While she was working Jane’s legs I even caught her taking a quick glance in my direction. Her pose was incredibly sexy and I found myself thinking about her beautiful tits and what lay beneath that short cutoff top.

I also caught a glance from Jane as she turned her head in my direction, opened her eyes, and displayed her un-ignorable pleasure. Her hand reached out briefly and touched mine, then returned to its original location.

“Time to roll over,” was the word from Kerry.

Jane turned over slowly, exposing her naked front without any shame or hesitation. Kerry again straddled Jane’s waist and I could tell from the look on her face that Jane had noticed the absence of Kerry’s bra too. This time Kerry took Jane’s breasts in her hands as if it was totally expected. The reaction, from my close-up view, was immediate as Jane’s nipples began to harden immediately. The two gorgeous women were coupled pelvis to pelvis and Kerry was massaging Jane’s breasts with re-born enthusiasm.

“This is the first time I have ever been touched like this by another woman,” said Jane. “It seems more natural than I might have expected. With you it seems totally natural, Kerry.”

“Thank you,” were Kerry’s words. “You have very touchable tits as I am sure Tres would agree.”

This time the feeble “Uh huh,” came from my lips. My cock was now rock hard and there was no way of hiding it.

Jane’s hands responded almost automatically by reaching out to touch Kerry’s bare back.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” came the words from Jane’s mouth almost immediately as she pulled her hands down.

“Don’t be,” replied Kerry. “I like it more when you participate. I like being touched by the right woman. Have you ever felt another woman’s breast, Jane?”

“No, not really, I haven’t, but I wouldn’t mind touching yours. I feel so comfortable right now.”

Kerry reached down, grasped both of Jane’s hands with her own and placed them underneath the bottom of her top at the base of her own breasts.

“Please, be my guest,” Kerry urged.

For the first time in her life Jane found herself fondling another woman’s tits and I was there up close and personal.

Kerry removed her hands from Jane and reached with her right hand for the oil at the side of the bed. She then instructed Jane, “Hold out your hand,” as she proceeded to squirt it nearly full of oil.

“I love the feel of this oil on my nipples,” said Kerry.

Jane said, “I don’t want to get this all over your top.”

Kerry’s reaction was immediate and the top came up over her head without further ado.

Jane was now free to massage Kerry’s gorgeous tits while Kerry reciprocated. This was getting more erotic by the minute. Jane was totally naked and was being straddled by Kerry who only wore her brief running shorts.

As Jane’s nipples remained firm to Kerry’s touch, Kerry leaned forward, took one nipple into her mouth, and began to suck gently. The reaction was automatic from Jane and the unmistakable rise of her pelvis was greeted by equal pressure from Kerry’s own.

After a few seconds of sucking, Kerry slid her torso further down Jane’s legs and deposited her tongue on Jane’s stomach just above her immaculately groomed pubic hair. It was only a second or two before Kerry’s tongue found its way to the now soaked pussy in front of her.

Deftly Kerry moved her weight from on top of Jane’s legs, to in-between them. Jane responded by widening her stance allowing a more natural access. She was now thoroughly out of control and from my observation, very close to her first orgasm. That moment came almost immediately, even before I anticipated that it would. Jane was now thoroughly giving her body to another woman for the first time. The reality was that it had taken less than a minute of tongue action to bring on the onset. Obviously she had reached a highly stimulated state during the course of the massage.

As her climax subsided, Jane’s eyes moved to catch mine.

“I bet you are enjoying this almost as much as I am,” she said with a grin.

“I am,” I replied. “This is one damned sexy experience.”

“It is a little unfair for us to be here naked and Tres to be fully clothed don’t you think,” said Kerry.

“What do you mean,” said Jane half jokingly. “I think I am the only naked person here.”

With those words, Kerry rose up, stripped off her shorts and said, “Let’s get Tres!”

The two women responded simultaneously and attacked me provoking a big laugh. Jane was pulling my t-shirt over my head and Kerry was attacking the belt and zipper of my shorts. I was on an even footing, clothes wise, in probably less than a minute.

“Nice cock,” said Kerry after the short process. “Happy to see us too, I think.”

“Yes it is,” said Jane. “I should know from experience. And, he is really sensitive when you take him in your mouth.”

Kerry needed no further urging and took my erect penis straight into her luscious mouth. Jane’s response was an immediate big kiss on the lips. The mixed sensations nearly caused an explosion in my body.

Jane, cut short her kiss and whispered, “You have always dreamed of this haven’t you?”

Indeed I had, and after nearly two hours of watching the events play out, I was as ready as I had ever been. I pulled Jane’s mouth back to mine. This time her tongue was sending the familiar “I want to be fucked message,” probing deeply and rapidly into my mouth.

I very gently urged Kerry off of my cock, and by grabbing her hand signaled her to rise to the top of the bed. She complied by softly sliding her body along side mine with her tits now reaching my chest.

I planted a generous wet kiss on her lips and said, “Thank you,” I think that is just about the best massage I have ever watched.”

“No need to thank me, it was and still is totally my pleasure. You two are very sexy and wonderful people and I look forward to being here for quite a while longer,” was Kerry’s reply.

With that she planted her own sexy kiss on my lips that more or less emanated the exact same message as Jane, “I want to be thoroughly fucked.”

“Kerry I think we should see if we can get Jane off again, don’t you?

“I agree,” came the reply.

I rolled on my side putting my back against Kerry’s tits and my arms around Jane. I started first by sucking Jane’s tits and turning up the heat a bit. Next I positioned my right hand between her thighs to see just how wet this pussy was for myself. My finger slipped inside almost effortlessly.

While I was tending to Jane, I could feel Kerry sliding even closer to my body. I could feel her own wet pussy pushing gently yet firmly into the back of my ass. It was warm, wet, and ever so arousing.

While kissing Jane, I massaged her clit in rhythm to Kerry’s movements behind me. Kerry was gently fucking my ass with her now very wet pussy and planting little nibbles on the back of my neck and the lobes of my ears. Her full luscious tits felt incredible pressed into my back.

Jane was simultaneously stroking my cock and the three of us moved in one motion enjoying the pleasure of each other’s bodies.

I felt Kerry rise from her position and move to the other side of Jane. While I was massaging her clit with my middle finger, Kerry lowered her mouth to Jane’s wet mound. Expertly, she inserted her tongue and I raised my finger to allow her more room. The sensation of being stimulated by my finger and Kerry’s tongue was too much and Jane’s body exploded in her second orgasm.

Kerry did not release her grip and seemed to know that if she kept up the activity that it might lead to another.

Expertly Kerry slipped her index finger inside Jane’s wet pussy while keeping her tongue in place. I followed the lead motions of Kerry and massaged Jane’s clit in a gentle circular fashion.

The efforts were taking their toll and Jane cried out. “Fuck me you two, eat my pussy, I want to be fucked and sucked like never before.”

Kerry’s reply was, “We are going to fuck you and suck you until you beg us to stop. Until you beg us to let you fuck us the same way. You’d like that wouldn’t you Jane?”

“Yes, yes I want you to fuck me and then I want to fuck you back.”

Her words ended with another quivering orgasm that racked her body from head to toe.

She could take no more and pushed Kerry and me away from her tremendously dripping, throbbing, and engorged pussy.

Jane took a deep breath and said, “Oh God, I need to recover for a sec. I’ve never cum like that in my life.”

“Relax Jane,” said Kerry in a very soothing tone. Relax and enjoy your feelings.

“Besides I would like to take in some of the action of Tres’ cock. He looks like he’s ready for a little of his own. Wouldn’t you like to see Tres put his cock inside of me?” asked Kerry enthusiastically.

Jane never imagined all that had happened thus far, but the one thing she had thought about, that did turn her on, was the thought of watching me put my cock into another woman, right there in front of her.

“Kerry, I really do want you to fuck Tres. I want to watch his big cock disappear into your wet pussy.

“However, there is something I need to do first to make sure Tres has something left for me.”

I knew what Jane was referring to and almost immediately felt her lips encircle my cock.

She sucked for a few seconds and then said, “Kerry come here.”

Kerry put her head close to Jane’s, and gently put her right hand on my engorged balls.

“If you suck Tres just until he is about to cum, but don’t actually take it that far, he will stay hard for a very, and I mean very long time. It is something he wrote me about not long after we first started talking about sex and it is something I have learned to do with great expertise. You have to take it slow, even though he is the one often in a hurry,” instructed Jane.

Kerry watched with interest. She was watching someone of championship caliber perform oral sex. Without even thinking Kerry said, “Damn, I wish I could have someone suck me like that. Damn, you are good.”

“Here Kerry, enjoy.”

Jane let my penis slide out of her mouth and Kerry replaced it in a single motion. Jane looked at Kerry and smiled. She knew she had me. A couple of more strokes by Kerry and Jane took over again in one fell swoop pulling my pampered cock deeply inside her warm wet mouth.

“He’s just about there……………now,” and she stopped sucking my rock hard cock, which was ripe with anticipation and just about ready to cum.

“Fuck him Kerry. Put that big wet cock in your pussy,” were Jane’s words.

Jane slid aside slightly and Kerry climbed on top of me.

“I’m so ready to be fucked,” she said aggressively while simultaneously inserting my cock in her pussy.

Jane looked on with heightened enthusiasm. Gently and almost effortlessly she rose up on my shaft and gently, yet with just the right amount of force she lowered herself onto me to full penetration. Her athletic legs provided her with the physical ease to fuck me in a way I had never quite experienced. Jane could not resist the sight of Kerry’s tits moving up and down and moved to position herself directly behind Kerry. While I was reaching up with my hands to feel Kerry’s well-rounded tits, I felt my hands being replaced by Jane’s. Jane expertly cupped and caressed Kerry’s tits while Kerry continue to pump my cock. The dual sensation must have been incredible for Kerry and it wasn’t long before the expected.

Kerry came with the emotion of a climax that had been slowly building throughout the afternoon. “Pinch my tits Jane”, she urged as she came in pure unadulterated enjoyment.

It was indeed an erotic site to see two such beautiful women naked in front of me; one mounted on my erect penis, the other gently urging her companion on to her orgasm. For a first timer, Jane had certainly gotten into the experience and was enjoying every moment. I ventured to think that there has to be a little “slut” in each of us. I certainly didn’t mean this negatively; I found it simply like the word “fuck” the only adequate way to describe the circumstances. From a purely sexual point of view, it certainly seemed to bring out the best in Jane, who was by now a most willing participant, actively seeking more.

Jane moved from behind Kerry as Kerry dismounted my cock and Jane, at Kerry’s urging, exchanged places. This time it was my beloved Jane riding me with Kerry enjoying the pleasures from behind.

I heard Kerry ask, “How does it feel to be fucked and felt by another woman at the same time?”

“Go…od,” came the almost incomplete word as Jane was now concentrating on her own pleasure. Kerry had now placed her head close to Jane’s ear and was nibbling on her neck as Jane rode my cock.

I needed a change of position and signaled so to Jane by raising my hips. I wanted to be on top. Jane slipped off and rolled instinctively onto her back beside be. I rolled over on top of Jane and I could feel what had to be Kerry’s hand guiding my penis into Jane’s sopping hole. Somehow it seemed to signal the approval of the sharing process and certainly served to arouse my desire to climax.

I loved being on top of Jane where I could exercise maximum penetration. Jane loved a variety of positions, but knew that I must by now need a release. As I pumped Jane from on top I could feel Kerry stimulating my balls. Before long I could feel Kerry totally behind me grinding with me in the same rhythm. I have to admit her tits felt incredibly good rubbing on my naked skin.

The combination of senses and the memories of all that had taken place caused me to concentrate on the orgasm that was beginning to happen. I could feel the pent up desire release with one powerful spurt after another. While Jane didn’t experience yet another orgasm, I could tell she enjoyed having me inside.

At the end of my climax I collapsed aside Jane and Kerry joined me alongside Jane on the opposite side. I planted a kiss on Jane’s lips and shortly there after Kerry did too. Kerry’s wasn’t a romantic kiss, but more of a thank you, which were the words that came from her mouth shortly there after.

“No, thank you Kerry, and you too Tres, for the experience. It was incredible.

“Somehow, I think there was more to the planning of this than I already know,” said Jane.

A simultaneous wink came from Kerry’s face as if to acknowledge the truth. She went on to tell Jane how she and I had corresponded in preparation and to my surprise how turned on she had gotten just reading a few of our letters I had shared with her during the preparation. She told us both how greatly she admired our relationship and how privileged she was to share this experience.

We all began to chat in a relaxed fashion as the mood of the experience swept over us. As the room darkened, from the sun moving ever lower in the afternoon sky, I asked Kerry, “When do you have to leave?”

“I don’t have any particular schedule in mind. Actually in all honesty, I don’t very much like driving in the dark and would love to stay if I would not be too much of an intrusion.”

Jane and I looked at each other and, “I was hoping you might say that,” came out of both of our mouths at exactly the same time. I smiled and Jane giggled.

Kerry chimed in, “Besides, Tres still hasn’t had his massage.”

“Now that we have gone this far there are a few other things I might want to try before the weekend is over,” said Jane.

“I’m feeling a little bit more adventuresome now that I have gotten some of my inhibitions out of the way.”

As I began to wonder what ever that could mean, I felt another stirring begin in my loins.

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