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Amber opened the envelope again and looked at the key, taped to a note. The key fitted the door to the hotel suite and she swung the door open wide. On the table, directly in front of the door she could see a bouquet of perfect red rosebuds. Swinging the door closed, she picked the card up, from the table, and turned it over. There were only two words on the car “For You.”

She slipped the note out of the envelope and re-read the instructions. “Be at the suite at 2 pm. You will have all afternoon to get ready for dinner. I will pick you up at 7pm, Andrew.” She wandered into the bathroom and found that the bath was full of warm, scented, water. The perfume was light but heady and Amber stripped quickly, testing the water with a toe and slipping into the warm suds. She drifted sensually, buoyed up by the warm water and slowly caressed herself.

Clean and deliciously relaxed, Amber climbed out of the bath and wrapped herself in the long, soft, robe. She padded across the bathroom and into the bedroom where she saw a series of boxes along the edge of the queen-sized bed. The first box had a not attached, with just four words “for you to wear.”

In the first box, Amber found a tiny pair of panties, a garter belt and a pair of stockings in black silk. She slipped the garter belt and the panties on, feeling them slide over her skin like a lover’s caress. Then she opened the next box and found a long black dress, made in fine shot silk. The dress had a high collar, with a row of buttons down the front, slightly off-centre. Amber slipped the dress on and fastened the tiny buttons, then looked at her image in the mirror. Her eyes seemed to be bluer and more piercing when she wore the dress and she realised that it accentuated her figure as though it had been made just for her. She saw a beautiful, sophisticated, young woman. She sat on the bed and rolled the sheer silk stockings along her calves, fastening them to the garter belt. Opening the last box, Amber found a pair of spike-heeled pumps and a matching evening purse. Everything fitted perfectly and Amber could feel the caress of the silk against her skin. On the base of the last box, underneath the `sole of the shoe was a label. “Go to the dressing table.” It said.

Amber sat in front of the dressing table mirror and saw a tortoiseshell barrette for her hair a pair of single pearl drops for her ears and a bottle of expensive perfume. She unstoppered the perfume phial and caught a whiff of warm, exotic scent. She dabbed a little of the perfume on her throat and wrists, and just a trace behind her ears. Then she fastened the pearls on and began to comb her hair, plaiting it and winding it into a simple, but elegant chignon. The barrette held the coil of lustrous hair in place, off the back of her neck. Instantly Amber became a graceful, elegant mysterious lady, all traces of the girl submerged in this new womanly creature.

Propped behind the perfume phial, Amber found a final note. This was hand-written, just as the others had been. It said: “Dearest Amber, Thank you for trusting me this far. If you are reading this, you should be ready for dinner. You can still decline my invitation. If you would like dinner with me, and possibly spend the rest of the evening in my company, just dial 702 on the house phone. If you would rather not, you may leave and regard these gifts as tokens of my affection for you. Andrew.”

Amber looked at the note for a moment and cast her mind over the flurry of e-mails and the occasional meetings in chatrooms that she and Andrew had shared. She had seen his picture in the e-mail he had sent; she even knew he was an Englishman and a widower in his early forties. It had been her idea that they meet, when he had told her he was visiting the States. She had even rented a post-box, so that he could send her the note with the key in it. Now she had to make that decision. She looked in the mirror again, girl of nineteen? Or young woman nearly twenty? Amber took a deep breath and reached for the phone. She dialed and listened to the purr of the ringing tone for a few seconds. There was a click and a deep voice saying, “Good evening Amber. I was hoping you would call. Are you going to accompany me to dinner?”

“I think I would like that.” Amber answered.

“Excellent! I shall be up to escort you in a few moments.” The voice replied.

Amber put the phone down and let her breath out with a whooshing sigh. She had felt a strange jolt, just at the sound of his voice. His British accent and the deep honey-and-velvet timbre were like a caress and she could feel flutter in her tummy as he spoke. Suddenly Amber was a girl again. A deep breath, a glance in the mirror and she managed to compose herself.

There was a gentle tap at the door and Amber spun around on her seat. She stood and moved over to the door, a definite shimmy in her step. The heels gave her walk a distinct tilt, accentuating her calves and adding a sexy sway to her hips. Suddenly, she felt like a femme fatale. The lock opened with a click and she swung the door open. Andrew stood in the doorway, a very dark grey, almost black suit with a vest. His shirt was crisp white cotton, pleated down the front and his necktie was an old-fashioned bow. She looked at the dash of grey at his temples and then was mesmerised by his grey-green eyes. For a moment, she forgot to breathe and then looked at his lips, wondering if he would kiss her. Her reverie was shattered when he lifted her hand from her side and brought it to his lips. Brushing them lightly across the back of her hand and then releasing it. Amber closed her eyes as the electric sensation of his kiss ripped through her body.

He brought his hand from behind his back and presented her with a single, perfect, yellow rose. Amber took the bloom and inhaled the scent. Absently she noticed that the stem had been carefully trimmed and the thorns removed. She stepped back and gestured him to step inside.

“Good evening, Amber.” Said Andrew.

“Good evening.” Amber replied, blushing at the effect his voice was having “Would you help me with this?” she held the rosebud against the silk of her dress. She was sure that he would be able to see the hard points of her erect nipples pressing against the silk of her dress. His fingers lifted the silk and s delicately pinned the rosebud to her dress. She could smell the sharp tang of his cologne and, suddenly, she had an image of his fingertips against her bare skin. Then the pin was fastened and Andrew stepped back. Had amber imagined that his fingers had lingered on her breast, just a little longer than they needed to?

Andrew crooked his arm and offered Amber his elbow. Together, they walked out of the suite, pulling the door closed behind them. In the elevator, Andrew reached across and laid his strong fingers over her hand, the touch electrifying and robbing her of her breath for a moment. Beneath the canopy, a black limousine was waiting and a chauffeur had the door opened wide, as they descended the steps. Amber lowered herself into the seat and slid across, making room for Andrew. The door closed with an opulent clunk and the driver slid behind the wheel. Andrew leaned forward and spoke to the driver, “Charlie, just as we planned earlier. No rush, but don’t disturb us until we arrive.” Charlie nodded and replied, “Yes sir.”

Amber was wide eyed and turned to Andrew. “How? What? Why?” she asked. Andrew smiled as he replied, “How? A few calls and a little cash. What? An evening with a beautiful lady. Why? Because I wish to.”

He pressed a button and the car was filled with soft, romantic, and music. Amber felt his hand close around her fingers as he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it very gently. He lowered it to the seat between them, but kept a light hold upon it. Amber, for her part, was content to leave it there, feeling the warmth spreading through her from that tiny point of contact.

The limousine glided through the early evening traffic, Charlie guiding the large vehicle skilfully. The darkened windows prevented them from being seen by passers by and Amber felt cocooned and, oddly, safe. Andrew was content to hold her hand gently, without pressing for closer contact. Outside, the sky began to darken and in the roof lining concealed lamps glowed softly. The music seemed to seep into her very soul, making her feel relaxed, yet alert.

Charlie drifted the limousine noiselessly to a halt outside a very discreet, yet luxurious, restaurant, He opened the door and Andrew slipped out, then walked around the car to offer Amber his hand, as Charlie opened the limousine door for her. The Maitre’d greeted them and raised an imperious finger. An attentive waiter appeared at his elbow to guide them to a table on the upper level. Below was a polished dance floor, where a few couples were dancing to the soft music from a quartet on a small stage in one corner.

The waiter appeared with menus for them each, but Andrew waved them away. “I shall have the mushrooms au crouton, followed by the sole meuniere. My friend will order for herself. “ He said, then leaned forward to murmur, “Whatever you wish for, they will make it for you.” Amber looked into Andrew’s eyes as he spoke and, suddenly, everything else went far, far, away. “Er, I’ll have the same, “ she answered the waiter. Andrew gestured to him, “Make sure the sole are thoroughly filleted, and would you send the sommelier over?” he ordered, softly. The waiter bowed and, a moment later a distinguished gentleman with a huge wine list appeared. Andrew consulted with him and pointed to a selection on the list. The sommelier nodded sagely and almost scurried away.

The mushrooms arrived, and were delicious. Amber could feel the creamy sauce slip over her tongue like silk and each sliver of mushroom was perfectly cooked. She could have been eating cardboard and the quartet could have been playing jackhammers, because Amber was lost in unashamed fantasies about this man, Andrew, taking her back to the hotel suite and making love with her.

Andrew tasted the wine and having pronounced it fit, watched as the sommelier filled their glasses. He raised his glass and said, just loud enough for her to hear, “A toast. To the most beautiful lady to grace this restaurant, to you.” Amber blushed and, feeling very grown up and ladylike, touched the rim of her glass to Andrew’s. The crystal sang gently and she took a large sip of the cool golden liquid.

They had emptied their plates without realising and the waiters whisked them away, replacing them with their soles meuniere. Andrew had adopted the America way of eating with just his fork and he used his left hand to illustrate what he was saying. When he talked about the fit of the dress, his hand traced an imagined caress in the air. Amber blushed at her imagination moving the hand closer, so that the caress would become real. When he touched her hand, she thought that her heart would soar into her mouth.

Again, without realising, Amber and Andrew had emptied their plates. Andrew signalled the waiter to bring a light dessert and coffee for them both. The dessert was a ring of freshly cut pineapple, with a handful of strawberries. The strawberries and pineapple left her mouth sweetened and fresh.

Andrew pushed his plate away and glanced down onto the dance floor. He looked across to Amber, noticing her empty plate and stood, offering her his hand. She took it and he led her down the stairs and onto the dance floor. Amber seemed to melt into his arms, although there was still a small, but careful, distance between them. The y moved gently to the music, feeling the rhythm flow along their nerves. Amber moved into his embrace, pressing herself against him. She blushed furiously in the dim light as the tang of his cologne worked on her senses, making her nipples swell and harden. She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder, as the quartet noticed their closeness and smoothly segued into a slower, more sensual rhythm.

The dance seemed to last forever and Amber could feel the fluttering of her heart. She prayed that it was not too obvious, as Andrew led them back to their table. The coffee had gone cold, but Andrew signalled for the check and as the waiter hurried over, dropped a handful of notes, including a very generous tip onto the plate.

Charlie was waiting with the limousine and, again, he held the door as Andrew eased her into the back. When anew climbed in the other side, it seemed natural and, well, right, for Amber to slide an arm around his and snuggle against him. She could smell the mixture of freshly laundered cotton and his aftershave, with just a hint of clean sweat on his skin. A deep breath, almost a sigh, and she was surrounded by the scent that, from now on, she would always associate with him.

Charlie eased the limousine under the canopy of the hotel and opened the doors, touching his cap respectfully. Andrew gave him a grateful nod and told him that he would not be needed tonight and to go home. Then he led Amber into the elevator, pushing the button for her suite. He walked her to her door, Amber’s arm around his waist and his arm gently draped across her shoulders. He unlocked the door and dropped the key into her hand. Amber looked up at him and moistened her lips. “Would you er, would you like to come in?” she asked. Instantly giving herself a mental kick in the pants for sounding like a kid. Andrew smiled, “I was hoping you would ask,” he replied in a soft, almost growling tone.

Amber stepped back and pulled him inside, pushing the door closed behind them. Sliding her arms around his neck, she tilted her face upwards for him to kiss her. His lips brushed across her mouth and then he pressed against her, his tongue slipping between her lips, inside her mouth, exploring. She groaned softly, deep inside her breast and he devoured the quiet sound in his kiss. Amber felt her knees weaken and the sensation ripped through her, turning her insides to molten fire. She could feel the soft silk of her panties becoming moist, where they pressed against her pussy. They broke the kiss, both of them gasping a little. Amber stood, panting, within the circle of his embrace, head tilted back and eyes closed, offering her smooth throat for his kiss. She felt his fingers unfasten the high collar and ease the material aside, baring the base of her throat. His lips brushed the sensitive hollow and she moaned softly again, panting as his kiss became a little firmer and he very gently nipped the soft skin. She could feel the points of her nipples pressing against the silk of her dress and knew that they would be as red as cherries under the material. Andrew reached for another button, as amber loosened his necktie. Now, as he pushed the material aside, it slid over her nipple, the light friction sending sparks of excitement rippling through her body. Andrew smiled, his mouth curving against her skin and kissed the valley between her taut breasts as she fumbled the buttons on his shirt undone. Another button and Andrew could kiss the smooth skin between amber’s breasts. Still her dress did not fall around her ankles, because it was caught on the hard points of her nipples. Andrew slid the tips of his fingers under the silk and eased it over her shoulders, letting the dress slide down to fall in a heap around her ankles. Amber trembled as Andrew pulled the shirt from the waist of his pants and dropped it, with his jacket, on the floor. She rested her hands on his chest, feeling the rumble of his heart and the springy curls of hair that matted his chest. He cupped his hands over her breasts, trapping the pointed nipples against his palms. Amber leaned closer, pressing her breasts into his hands. His fingers were as soft as kisses against her skin, exploring the smooth silkiness. She gasped as he ran a fingertip along her chest, just beneath the swell of her breasts. He squeezed very gently, more like rippling his fingers over her skin. Releasing her for a moment, Andrew slowly slid around her, behind her. For an instant, Amber was reminded of a sculptor looking for the figure hidden in his piece of marble. The he leaned forward and kissed the side of her neck tenderly, as he slid his arms around her, his warm hands cupping her breasts. Amber glanced down and saw her erect nipples swelling between his fingers as he caressed her. She leaned back as he pressed her to his body, the hard bulge in his pants pressing against her bottom.

Andrew released her and took Amber’s hand, leading her into the bedroom, right up to the huge four-poster bed. He turned her to face him and hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties, sliding them down past her stocking tops. Bringing his hands slowly up the front of her thighs he caressed Ambers taut belly, kissing her mouth gently but deeply at the same time. Amber felt the shock ripple through her nerves and she fell back onto the bed, her thighs parted to show Andrew her tender, swollen pussy. She watched, fascinated, as he unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. Her eyes widened at the bulge in his tight cotton briefs and she flushed scarlet as she imagined the feel of it inside her. Andrew pushed his briefs down to allow his hard cock to spring free. Andrew reached down and took ambers hand, placing it on the base of his cock. She felt the velvety skin move over the hard flesh beneath and slowly curled her fingers around it. It was no longer than her boyfriend’s but where her fingers could just circle his shaft comfortably, on Andrew they did not even meet.

Andrew helped Amber to sit up, bringing her mouth level with the tip of his erect cock. Tentatively, she pursed her lips into a pretty pout and kissed the tip, her tongue flicking out to taste him. Andrew reached sown and unfastened the barrette from her hair, letting it cascade over her shoulders. Keeping her head still with a gentle hand, Andrew swivelled his hips slowly, pressing the tip of his cock against her lips and easing it into her mouth. Amber fastened her lips around the bulb and sucked him as far into her mouth as she could, her tongue dancing and darting over the surface. Andrew groaned softly and caressed her sleek and shining hair. She pulled away, a loud plopping sound breaking the quiet, as his cock slipped slickly from her mouth. She stroked his cock slowly and leaned forward again, sliding her mouth over the bulging head. She took him deep within her mouth, almost gagging as his cock stretched her lips. She could feel the tightening of his balls and eased back, blowing gently on the damp skin.

Andrew gently pushed her back onto the bed and began to kiss her breasts, slowly nuzzling her nipples, first one, then the other. She could feel the tip of his tongue lashing against the hard points and swirling around the base. She groaned softly as his mouth released her nipple and he began to kiss down her belly, feeling the tight muscles flutter as he kissed her smooth, milky skin. She could feel the tips of his fingers, opening her pussy lips and exposing the tight bud of her clit. She shuddered as he blew gently on the moist nubbin, feeling the caress of his hot breath. She closed her eyes as her pussy flooded with sweet juices, a few drops trickling between her buttocks. Andrew arrowed his tongue and thrust it into her pussy, tasting her and lapping at her hot wetness. He gently opened her pussy with his fingertips and began sliding two fingers inside her. Slowly, very gently, he worked his fingers in and out of her pussy, stretching it a little at a time. Amber leaned back and spread her legs wider. Andrew licked the tips of her pussy, slowly, teasingly, swirling the tip of his tongue over her clit. Amber felt a swelling in her pussy, like the pressure building behind a dam. Andrew closed his lips on the base of her clit and, as he slowly pushed his fingers deep into her pussy, sucked slowly on her clit. Amber arched her back in a spasm of delight as the orgasm ripped through her nerves and tightened her pussy. Almost in the instant she collapsed back onto the bed, limp and gasping.

Andrew lifted his mouth from her pussy and leaned over her. The tip of his cock slipped, with a little guidance, easily between the tender lips of her pussy. Kissing her deeply, his tongue sliding into her mouth, Andrew pushed slowly, stretching her tight, but yielding, pussy. Amber could feel him filling her, stretching her pussy with his cock. She felt his hands pressing down on the bed beside her breasts as he thrust slowly and firmly into her pussy. She could feel his cock forcing the wetness out of her pussy, making it seep between the cheeks of her ass. He sank deeper inside her until she could feel the hard tip of his cock nudging against the opening to her womb.

Andrew began to slide in and out of her silky pussy, rearing over her, so that his cock rubbed gently against her aching clit. Amber could not help herself and, for a moment, forgot to breathe, as another orgasm ripped through her. Her pussy closed upon Andrew’s cock, the tight muscles rippling and massaging the length of his shaft. Andrew jabbed into her pussy piercing her deeply until she shuddered again. Her clit was aching and her pussy sore from being stretched and, she murmured to she, “Fucked”. She pushed against his chest and shook her head. Andrew moved back and his cock slipped out of her pussy with a loud slurping noise, just like somebody sucking up the last of their milkshake through a straw. She looked down at his glistening cock, expecting to see it stained with blood from her pussy. She felt as stretched as she had when she had surrendered her virginity and was sure that she had felt something break when Andrew had thrust against her womb the first time.

She was limp and helpless as Andrew turned her onto her belly, she could only murmur weakly and she was not sure, in her own mind, whether she wished him to stop or just to take her again. She felt Andrew’s fingers dip delicately into her pussy and collect a generous helping of her pussy juice. She flinched a little as he spread it between her buttocks and over the puckered ring of her asshole. Andrew gently spread the slippery, slick, liquid over the dark, puckered opening, lubricating her. Each pass of his finger pressed a little harder, and, very soon and without realising, Amber was opening her tight asshole to his caress. When his fingertip finally penetrated her ass, Amber just whimpered softly.

Now he took the lotion from the dressing table and squirted a little directly onto her tight asshole, making his fingers slick and slippery. A gentle push and his finger slid inside her, just the tip and then past the knuckle. Andrew used his other hand to spread the lotion over his cock.

Amber could barely keep still and Andrew judged that the tine was perfect. Taking hold of the base of his cock, he pressed the tip against the opening and leaned slowly forward. He looked down, where he could watch her tight ass stretching over the end of his cock. The whole bulb was almost inside her and she looked into his eyes and then he thrust, a single movement taking him deep into her ass.

Amber cried out in a mixture of pain, joy and surrender. The pain was, for a moment, incredible. It hurt far worse than giving up her virgin pussy. She thought she was burning, her ass the seat of the fire. Her seducer from the internet had plundered her mouth and ass, taken the only virginity she had retained.

Andrew stayed perfectly still, his cock filling and stretching Amber’s rectum. Slowly she became used to the feel of him buried deep in her ass and the initial burning subsided to dull warmth. He eased back and she felt her tightness straining to keep him stilled within her. Then he thrust forward, very very slowly and she could feel her bowel filling. She strained against him but all she did was open her anus and allow the full length of him into her ass. She clutched at the bedclothes as he began to move in and out, riding her tight ass with his cock buried deep.

Her ass was too tight for Andrew to last very long and she felt his cock swell inside her, jerking as it began to pump hot strings of thick cum into her tight bottom. He rammed once, deep, producing a mixture of pain and orgasm that ripped through her so intensely that she fainted, for a moment.

Slowly, Andrew’s cock shrank, slipping out of her ass, leaving a slimy trail of cum against the tops of her thighs, trickling down to stain the tops of her stockings. Carefully he slid off the bed and slipped into the bathroom. He showered quickly and ran a warm deep bath, throwing a handful of salt in to soothe Amber’s aching pussy and bottom. Then he gently helped her to her feet, sweeping her into his arms and carrying her into the bathroom, lowering her into the warm water.

When he had sponged her clean, he helped her into a soft robe, led her back to the bedroom and slipped into bed beside her. As she snuggled drowsily up to him, he wrapped his arms around her and rocked her gently to sleep.

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