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Redheaded Delight

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Rose was a 19 year-old college sophomore with a problem. She had a huge crush on an older student in her chem lab. His name was a Ken, and he was Japanese and in excellent physical condition. He always dressed nicely, and she loved to watch his muscles work under his thin dress shirts slacks. But he was at least a junior, if not a senior, and had a photo-perfect smile, whereas she thought of herself as a kid with a retainer.

She liked to think her coppery red hair was pretty, and she often characterized her pale blue eyes as haunting when describing them to new people on-line, but she also thought she was pale and she hated when her freckles showed themselves. She was also small, only 5’4″ with a small, tight ass and breasts which were a little large for her frame but still smaller than she wished they were.

Still, even if she thought Ken was out of her league, Rose did her best to flirt with him. She smiled at him, teased him, laughed with him, complained with him about the lab assignments — all the usual stuff. Then, she would go back to her dorm room, shut the door, and touch herself, thinking about what it would be like to feel his strong arms around her, his firm lips on her flesh, his sculpted ass between her hands. She long to taste his caramel colored skin, and often took to kissing and sucking on her own arms and flesh while masturbating to simulate the sensation.

She supposed it was this self-tasting that really got things started. One day, after bringing herself to a raging climax, she was still not satisfied, and she started sucking on her arm, then running her fingers all over her face, licking them and moaning. When she tasted herself on her fingers, she was not turned off, like she expected to be. She found her own scent intoxicating under this circumstance, and she eagerly lapped the juices from her fingers and sucked them clean. When she came for the second time it was with her left hand in her pussy and her right hand at her mouth.

At lab the following week, Ken went to get some testing equipment for their table, and Rose sighed with pleasure as the sight of his strong glut teal muscles. She wondered if he’d ever felt a redhead’s tongue in his asshole.

That was when she noticed the attentions of another girl at her table, equally focused on Ken. This girl’s name was Christie. She, too, was a red-head, though her red hairs were more orange and her head of hair was shot through with blonde and brown hairs to give it a rich texture that Rose admitted was interesting, if not as lustrous as her own. Christie was tall, a little older than Rose, and very thin, but she must have worked out regularly because her tight jeans and long-sleeve t-shirts showed off an athletically feminine figure. And, as Rose had already noted, she was obviously attracted to Ken.

But who wouldn’t be? Rose looked at his well-composed face as he returned with the equipment, trying not to stare at his beautiful brown eyes which always seemed to have a spark of mischief in them. Oh, how she longed to caress those strong cheek-bones and subtle chin.

But now, she thought, she had a rival. She had a whole school of them, but seeing the spark in Christie’s eye, right there at the same table, made Rose all the more conscious of the competition.

To her frustration, Rose realized that every move that she made was countered by Christie. Rose would tell a joke; Christie would tell another. Rose would tell a story; Christie another. Rose would smile and act like a flirty little girl; Christie would double it. Rose would brush her hand up against Ken; Christine would brush her hand up against him and let it linger longer.

It was in that spirit of frustration of anger that Rose returned to her room and started frigging herself viciously after lab. Her mood translated into a frustrated fantasy in which she would be kneeling before Ken, sucking on one of his balls gently, but Christie would arrive, start sucking on the other and flicking her tongue around the outside. Rose would cover Ken’s strong, bare chest with gentle, wet kisses, stroking his sturdy shaft with her little, pale hand — and Christie would start sucking on his nipple while massaging his balls and running her long, thin finger between his ass cheeks.

Tears of sexual and relational frustration in the corners of her eyes, Rose thought of herself tonguing Ken’s ass, and then Christie, pressing her cheek into Rose’s, their tongues meeting within his asshole. Suddenly it was no longer frustrating. It was arousing.

She brought her right hand up to her mouth and started devouring her cream and running her tongue amongst her own juices while her left hand tweaked her own clit. She thought of herself and Christie naked, Ken between them. His bronze body pressed between their soft pale flesh, their long red hair falling all over him. His strong, golden instrument was inside Rose, pressing her little cunt’s walls apart. Christie was behind him, fingering his ass-hole with her elegant middle digit. They looked at each other over his shoulder as the three of them lay on their sides. And they leaned in, their faces close. And their tongues reached out. And touched.

Rose exploded!

She was normally a fairly subdued climaxer, but today she gave a loud shout and squirted for the first time in her life, long jets of fluid spurting out from between her legs.

“Holy shit,” she said aloud in a hushed voice, her pale blue eyes unfocused. Never in her life had another woman entered into Rose’s sexual fantasies, but Christi sure just did, and in a major way. There wasn’t even a moment’s hesitation in her heart. She wanted Christie now almost as much as she wanted Ken. If she liked the taste of her own juices and the sight of Christie’s body, how much more would she like to taste that body?

It was a week until the next lab, but they had class on three other days of the week. Ken always sat in the back row of the auditorium with a group of other seniors, mostly guys except for a couple of girls that Rose inevitably framed as skanky sluts. She never got to see much of Ken during class, and certainly never to interact with him.

She did, however, get to see Christie. She watched the other girl walk down past her into a row further down in the auditorium. Christine definitely had a nice body. Skinny, perhaps, but she still had shape where a woman should have shape. For the first time, Rose noticed too how pretty Christie’s peaches- and-cream complexion was. She didn’t realize she was staring until the other girl looked back at her, and gave her a friendly smile.

Rose grinned back, conscious of her retainer, but still trying to dazzle the world. With her sudden fantasy about Christie, Rose found herself looking at other female students differently, as well, but she was captivated by the thought of Christie — particularly the thought of having both Christie and Ken at the same time.

Christie got up to let another student in the row, and her shirt rode up. Rose saw a tattoo of a fish in the small of the other redhead’s back, and noticed too that her jeans fell a little lower on her hips, revealing the top of dark blue bikini-cut panties. She must have felt the attention, because rather than sit back down in the same seat, she grabbed her notebook and walked up to Rose.

“Mind if I set next to you, lab buddy?” she asked. It was probably the first words she’d ever said to Rose.

“Sure,” Rose invited with a big smile. She started to get up, but Christie made her stay put, and instead just slipped past her. She paused a little, Rose was sure, when her very tight but very well-defined ass was right in the younger, smaller girl’s face. Rose didn’t complain.

“You know,” Christie said secretively once she sat down, “I’ve seen you looking at Ken in lab.”

“I’ve seen you doing the same thing,” Rose returned softly.

“Of course,” she laughed. “He’s hot.”

“He is definitely that.”

“But he also has any girl he wants,” Christie said pointedly, her green eyes sharp.

“I know that too,” Rose said tightly, wondering what the point of all this was.

Christie leaned in, whispering, “So we need an advantage.”

“Like what?” Rose asked in a similar whisper, though she thought it was pointless.

“Like… I doubt he’s ever had two redheads at once.”

Rose blushed — almost flinched.

“Does that shock you?” the slightly older girl asked with a chuckle.

Rose shook her head. “Not exactly.”

Christie touched the top of Rose’s thigh, as subtly as one could in a classroom auditorium. “Have you ever been in a threesome before?”


“With a woman?”


Christie smiled, sat back, her hand brushing very quickly against Rose’s soft cheek. “I’m surprised, a cutie look you…”

Rose could only blush deeper, trying not to let on that she’d been thinking of this very thing since the last lab.

The taller girl hummed softly. “Your freckles are cute when you blush,” she said.

“Thanks, I guess.”

“You want Ken bad enough to try and press our advantage?”

Rose finally had the courage to look at Christie’s face. She melted on the inside. The other young woman was certainly pretty, her features very delicate yet somehow not fragile. “I would love that.”

Christie smiled more, her huge dimples deepening. “Me too, honey, me too.” After a moment of thought, she said, “I’ll call you tonight with the plan.”

Rose couldn’t concentrate the rest of class, and when she went home, she went into her post-lab routine. She shut the door and started to pleasure herself. This time, though, she brought out a mirror, because she wanted to see her cunt respond to her touch, and imagine it was Christie’s.

She imagined the two of them going up to Ken after class, each one grabbing a different hand as they guided him into the women’s restroom. They would lock the door somehow, and all three of their pants would come up, underwear thrown recklessly aside. Rose would push Ken into a stall, shove him onto the toilet seat and started mouth-fucking the hell out of his cock with no preamble. She wouldn’t even take her retainer out, she would just let him glide along it inside her mouth, hoping that when he came his sticky semen would coat her dental appliance and ooze between it and the top of her mouth.

She would then grab Christie and pull her to the bathroom floor, all the while sucking Ken. Christie would spread her legs wide and Rose would plunge three fingers into her and jigger her mad.

Rose came with an explosion again, three fingers stuffed in her pussy and sucking on three in her mouth. She felt like a total slut, dripping with sweat, saliva, and her own juices, but she didn’t care. She was still not satisfied. Fantasy wasn’t going to cut it.

It wasn’t until eleven o’clock that Christie called. “We’re all set for tomorrow, if you still want to go through with this.”

“Oh, definitely,” Rose said, laughing mostly to herself.

“Good, here’s the plan then. It didn’t take much convincing. He’s had two girls once before, but they were both very very drunk, so he’s looking forward to doing this with two girls who are awake and responsive.”

“You mean, you just asked him, ‘Hey, wanna screw two redheads’?”

A brief pause. “Basically, yeah.” Another brief pause. “So you wanna hear the plan?”

“Go on.”

Christie laid it out, and it was all Rose could do not to start playing with herself again. She made herself hold out all night, and all through the next day. It was torture, but she wanted to make sure she was fully keyed-up for the main event. Ken’s requests had been pretty minimal, but Christie had a mind for these things and wanted it to be especially hot.

At the appointed hour, Rose got dressed in a purple sweater and grey cotton skirt. She wore now undergarments, so the sweater rubbed her nipples erotically. She had never gone out in public without panties, so she felt especially bold as she walked over meet Ken at the coffee bar on campus.

He looked her over. “You look nice, Rose.”

She returned the look, and the compliment. “You look great, Ken.”

He reached out, and took her hand, and they started walking together. Her insides soaring at her nearness to him and the feel of his strong hand holding hers, Rose whispered, “I’m not wearing any panties, Ken.”

She felt his grip on her hand tighten, but he said nothing. They walked quietly to Christie’s on-campus apartment, Rose just excited to be in his presence, and he struggling to conceal his anticipation at making love to these two redheads.

When they reached Christie’s apartment, they simply entered without knocking, per the plan. Ken and Rose both gasped, for Rose had known what to expect, but had not anticipated its impact on her. Christie was dressed in warm-ups, her hair down. She was being pressed against the wall by another girl, whom Rose immediately recognized as Amy, a glamorous brunette from their class. Amy had a body to die for and a face which was simultaneous elegant and child-like in its appeal. And that face was presently covering Christie’s face with wet, slobbery kisses.

Christie had her hands underneath Amy’s skirt, caressing her ass cheeks beneath the fabric.

Hearing them enter, Amy broke off, winked at the two who had just come in, and then left without a word. When Christie had asked Rose if she thought it would be hot to come in to the apartment and find her kissing another girl, Rose hadn’t known just how it would really be. For that matter, she hadn’t necessarily expected that it could be pulled quite that simply.

Rose let go of Ken’s hand and gave his cock a squeeze. He was very hard, and Rose shivered with the sense of his power that was running into that instrument right now. It was all she could do not to start jerking him off right in his pants, but she managed to settle for letting her hand linger and then letting go with a quick goodbye squeeze.

Christie walked up to the two of them. “You’re the center of tonight’s attention, Ken, but I think we need to make sure you’re good and ready for this.”

She embraced Rose, and the two redheads kissed. Rose found her first kiss with another woman to be electrifying. They kept it pretty tame compared to the way Any was kissing the tall redhead, but Rose was just enjoying the pleasant feel and taste of Christie’s lips and tongue.

“You girls are beautiful together,” Ken cooed, his brown eyes wide in fascination. Then he added, “I can’t wait to get in the middle of this.”

Christie, whose athletic clothing clung to her thin, tight curves, smiled and said, “Let me just get changed first.”

She went to her bedroom, leaving the other two alone. Ken sat on the couch, eyeing Rose hungrily. The nineteen year-old couldn’t believe the animal hunger coming the man she so coveted, so she started to dance for him, slowly, caressing her own curves, and revealing more of her flesh, inch by inch.

By the time Christie returned, Rose had her sweater pulled up to her midriff and the top of her skirt pulled down to the very top of her neatly trimmed bush. Both girls could see the strain that Ken’s cock was placing on his trousers. They could also see the wet stain of precum spreading near the tip of that pole.

Christie was now wearing a skirt of her own, black and knee-length, and a silk blouse with no bra and no panties. She reached over and gently caressed Rose’s exposed tummy. The younger, smaller redhead shivered at the touch, and suddenly felt a trickling of her own arousal seeping down her leg. Christie drew closer, inhaled slowly through her nose. She smiled, her green eyes alighting as only they could.

“I think Rose is almost ready for you, Ken,” she said, her tone somehow both soft and teasing, almost nasty. “Let’s see if I’m right…”

She reached down and slowly lifted the hem of Rose’s skirt, exposing the younger girl inch by inch until her damp bush was on display. It was humiliating, and Christie knew it, and Ken knew it too. But Rose could tell that Christie was getting off on the power-play, and that Ken enjoyed the thought of Rose being used as a sexual rag doll. Their sexual excitement surged inside of Rose and turned what would otherwise have been unpleasant and distasteful into cause for further heights of arousal.

She quivered and felt another big drip of her juices flow down before their eyes. Ken started to stroke himself through his slacks, and that made Rose smile. Christie took her free hand and reached in to touch rose. “Mmm, she’s as wet as she looks and smells, Ken. She’s definitely getting ready for you.”

So far Rose had keeping up with the plan. It was all roughly how Christie had laid it out on the phone the other night. Suddenly, things took a wild deviation.

“Ken, did you know this is Rose’s first time being sexual with another woman?” Christie’s fingers curled up inside Rose’s bush, and the younger girl blushed, now feeling the humiliation a bit more acutely.

“Really?” Ken asked distantly, watching the two as he kept rubbing himself.

“Really,” she said, using two fingers to pry Rose’s moist lower lips apart, displaying her red, lush cunt while her other hand continued to hold up the skirt. “I think she likes it, though.” She stuck a third finger inside Rose, and Rose shuddered, find it hard to maintain her balance. Between the building humiliation and arousal, she was going out of her mind. And now that they were off-plan, she didn’t know what to expect.

“In fact,” Christie said, leaning in and running her tongue around the perimeter of Rose’s face, “I think Rose is willing to let… anyone… do… anything… to her.”

And before Rose could figure out what was going on, Christie was down on her knees, her face inches away from Rose’s pussy, Rose’s grey skirt covering her head. Rose was no virgin, but she’d never received oral sex before, and when Christie’s thin, pouty lips closed in on Rose’s puffy labia, and when Christie slid her tongue out between her lips and Rose’s, burrowing into Rose’s love hole, the young redhead closed her eyes and screamed.

“Hot damn,” Ken said. Rose peered through half-closed lids and saw the young Japanese man releasing his cock and stroking it. He was already coating it was a good slick of precum.

Just then she felt Christie tongue make contact with her clit, and she screamed again, falling down on top of the taller girl as she came.

Christie pulled her head out from under Rose’s skirt. She was smiling, her face was read and covered with Rose’s juices. “Yeah,” she said, looking almost nasty, “she’ll let anyone do anything to her.”

Rose was totally in the other girl’s control now. Christie rolled her over onto all fours, forced her to raise her ass. The grey skirt fell down to her waist, exposing her ass. “If you like what you see,” Christie said to Ken, “you can play along any time.”

And with that, she pulled her top off, and started kissing Rose’s ass cheeks. Her small breasts rubbed against the other girl’s ass cheeks, hardening her nipples on the soft flesh. “You like this don’t you, Rose?” she asked, slipping two fingers into Rose’s pussy and running her tongue up onto the crease between her ass cheeks.

“Yes,” Rose whimpered, her face buried in the carpet. “God, yes!”

Suddenly, Christie plunged her tongue into Rose’s asshole and added a third finger to her pussy. From the couch, Ken now bounded up, naked, and lifted Christie’s skirt to her own waist and, see that was as wet as or wetter than Rose, plunged his erection deep inside her, taking her doggy-style while she ate the other girl’s ass.

As the fucking got harder, Christie couldn’t keep up with her work on Rose, and just stayed there on all fours, in a stupor of pleasure. The Japanese athlete’s cock was thick and he used it at an expert angle. She had never felt another man so thoroughly inside her. She felt her tight inner walls being rearranged. Suddenly, he hit that magic spot and she let out a loud scream and started bucking back against him, just as hard as he was thrusting forward.

Rose, meanwhile, rolled over onto her back and started palming her cunt, rubbing herself raw right underneath Christie’s face, as she watched the skinny redhead get plowed hard from behind. At first she was watching the look of animal passion on Christie’s face as the other girl fucked and got fucked and tried occasionally to reach her tongue out to taste the fruits of Rose’s masturbation which were right under her nose.

But then Rose looked up at Ken and remembered why she was here in the first place. He was as beautiful naked as she had imagined. Perfect skin, almost glowing with sweat and energy. Smooth muscles rippling all over his athletic body. His face was a mask of passion, but also of control. He made eye contact with her, gave her a little smile, and then plunged his cock into Christie as deep as he could, forcing her forward. Christie collapsed forward, her face buried in Rose’s lap, moaning loudly as she came. Her ass cheeks shook with her muscle spasms, and she groaned from deep her throat. The sensation of this on Rose’s juicy cunt was Rose over the edge, and the other girl came too.

For his part, Ken was still in control of himself. He pulled out, still rock hard, glistening with his own precum and all of Christie’s juices.

“Take of your clothes,” he told them, stroking himself gently. Rose couldn’t take her eyes off the pulsing head of his cock as she slipped out of the skirt and sweater. Christie took a moment to collect herself, and then she too pulled off her skirt, and then they were naked, looking at him in anticipation.

Ken stepped closer, rubbing harder on his erection. “You girls are so beautiful,” he said in soft, firm tones. “I like ’em pale. If you’re gonna have white pussy, make ’em pale,” he laughed, stroking even harder, stepping even closer. “And your red hair makes you look even whiter.” He was now right in front of them. “Kiss,” he commanded. “Kiss each other again. I like that.”

The girls, sitting on the floor before their standing male lover, embraced and begin kissing. At first they were show kisses, lots of tongue play outside their mouths. But as Rose tasted herself on Christie’s tongue, she became more hungry and more forceful. The kisses became closer, deeper. Both girls kept their eyes open so they could look at each other and look sideways at Ken.

“Yes,” the young man encouraged them. “Yes, yes!” He was beating himself harder and harder. They kissed harder and harder. Rose kissed so hard that her own saliva began to dribble down her own face.

“Fuck, yeah!” Ken said, and they saw his face tighten, his strong abdomen clench — and he came, shooting his load first onto Rose’s face, then moving to shoot the rest on Christie.

The girls moaned. Christie loved taking cum shots on her body, and while Rose normally didn’t like cum on her face, she found it incredibly erotic in this situation. Particularly as Christie begin licking it off her. Taking the cue, Rose put her own tongue to work. Soon their faces were a flurry of tongues, and Ken was already getting hard again.

“Get me ready to go,” he told them. He eyed Rose. “I’ve gotta have Rose.”

As if acting out a fantasy, the two girls turned to him and began by licking remnants of cum off his slowly resurging cock. Their tongues met more than once, but they didn’t allow themselves to get distracted by one another. This was all about Ken now, as had been their intention all along. Rose dove in and began licking his balls, sucking gently on them, rolling each one about in her mouth, then rolling them both together in a wash of saliva. Christie, meanwhile, was mercilessly teasing the tip of cock with her tongue. The two girls’ bodies became intertwined underneath Ken, who began to squat over them to accommodate their ministrations.

Christie began to tongue his asshole, massaging his strong, round ass cheeks, and at that point Rose went down on him, fucking him hard with her mouth. Her lips were tight, her tongue curled around his shaft, forcing him to glide up into her retainer and then against the back of her throat. She moaned over him.

“Now, Rose,” he said tightly, pulling her off him.

She got quickly on all fours before him, but he picked her up. He was even stronger than he looked. She leaned in on his chest, kissing his hard muscles as he carried her over to the couch. He laid her down gently, and she smiling adoringly up at him. “She’s a slut, I’ll take her wherever I feel the urge,” he said, looking at Christie, who was still laying on the floor. “You, I need to make love to.”

Rose closed her eyes, feeling as if she were being taken to heaven as he arranged her body, and then positioned himself between her legs. He kissed her face gently, then her breasts. He sucked softly on her nipples and began to ease his cock into her awaiting pussy. He trailed his lips slowly up from the tip of her breast to her throat and then began kissing her, his tongue searching hers out, playing with her retainer on the inside of her mouth. When he at last sucked her tongue deeply into his mouth, he plunged his thick rod deeply in her, and Rose gave out long, quavering moan.

Christie, meanwhile, was not altogether pleased at being the one to be humiliated. Still, as she watching Ken’s golden skin and Rose’s pale white skin intermingle, she had to admit that they were beautiful together. Rose’s legs drew slowly up, eventually encircles his waist, but his pace was slow and steady, and he needed no urging on. It was more like an embrace.

When Rose began to grunt with his stroke, he began to speed up. Christie crawled closer and watched the from behind, enthralled by the site of his bronzed rod peeling aside Rose’s puffy pink lips. She leaned her thin, elegant face and couldn’t help it. Her tongue darted out and touched his blazing hot cock, then slipped around to taste her steaming cunt. Both groaned more deeply from her tongue work, and she got more aggressive, lapping and slurping rather than just teasing.

To Christie’s surprise it was Rose who changed things up. “Christie,” she gasped, “he’s supposed to get us both at the same time.” She panted. “Get your pussy up here, girl.”

Smiling with her usual mischief, Christie clambering up onto the couch. Ken raised up from sucking on Rose’s puffy nipples, allowing Christie to slide down, straddling the other girl’s face and putting herself in position to kiss Ken. Forming a perfect triangle, Ken continued to fuck Rose, Christie to ride Rose’s face, Ken and Christie to keep deeply while Ken’s hands mauled her small round breasts and her fingernails pierced his back.

Rose was in heaven. She thrust up against Ken, loving the power his thighs between her legs and the force of his cock inside her. Every stroke seemed to hit a new, different, and better spot. Christie’s pussy, the first she’d ever tasted apart from her own juiced on her fingers, was delicious and addictive. The other girl’s thrashing around above her drove Rose mad, and she loved that she could tell she was making the girl feel good.

She decided to up the ante a little. Rose began writhing like a wild serpent, alternately shoving her head into the skinny redhead’s pulsing cunt and plunging her pussy around Ken’s throbbing rod. “Oh god!” she screamed, turned on by her own passion.

Her sudden outburst put everyone over the top. Christie came with quick, hard spasms, collapsing forward onto Ken. Ken’s straining cock exploded inside Rose, filling her up with so much cum that some of it flowed back onto him. Rose screamed loudly, screwing her eyes closed and biting down on her lip.

Each of the out of breath, too dazed with pleasure to speak, Rose sat up on the couch, allowing Ken to sit next to her. She then curled up on him, stroking his body loving. Christie curled up on his other side, her hand feeling the thumping of his heart. As the Japanese athlete sat on the couch with this two redheads cuddling on him, three apparently spent sexual forces, Christie and Rose made eye contact.

“Okay,” Christie said, “now we’re back on plan.”

Rose smiled, and her haunting blue eyes sparkled.

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