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Red-Eye Surprise

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My name is Beth and, at the time this took place, I was one of those harried post-doctoral students you hear about, scrambling to get my career started. The previous two and a half days had gone like a whirlwind. Into San Francisco Sunday afternoon, then two days of conferences, my paper to present, conference dinners, workshops to schedule and now, on my way back home to New York. I had a 10:00 AM meeting on Wednesday with the head of my lab about the results of the trip and the follow-up research I’d be supervising while she was in Europe for three months.

The paper I presented at the conference had created a little stir and I considered the trip a success. I hoped that my mentor would as well.

As I boarded the American Airlines jet for the 10:00 PM red eye back to JFK, I figured that with a little luck I could catch five or six hours of sleep. The good news was that this was a non-stop flight and, thanks to frequent flyer miles, I was booked into business class. I had made it to the airport early enough to change out of my business clothes, into a cotton, button-down-the side skirt, loose knit top and sandals. I looked forward to settling into my seat and dozing off. I was sorry to be leaving San Francisco so soon. I had never been there before and would have enjoyed seeing some of the city, but as a barely employed post-doc, I didn’t think it would be smart to miss the boss’s meeting!

I had an aisle seat on the left side of the plane. The boarding area had been pretty empty and I mentally crossed my fingers hoping that no one would claim the window seat next to me. Easing all five feet five inches and 110 pounds of me into the seat, I closed my eyes and actually had started to doze off, when I heard a soft voice say

“Excuse me, but I think I have the seat next to you.”

I opened my eyes to see a beautiful girl, with peaches and cream skin, blonde shoulder length hair and a lovely figure looking down at me. I guessed her to be about 18 or 19. Dressed in a light blue skirt with buttons down the front, a pale yellow knit top and little white sandals, she looked good enough to eat. To top it off, she had pert little breasts (32B maybe) and, since her nipples seemed ready to poke right through the material of her top, I assumed she wasn’t wearing a bra. The girl must have mistaken the surprise she read on my face for annoyance, because she blushed a little and said

“I know the plane is almost empty up here, but I really do hate to sit by myself. Do you mind?”

Of course I didn’t and quickly made room for her to get by. She brushed my knees with her legs as she slid past me and I felt an electric shock shoot up my body. I watched her as she put her carry- ons under the seat and settled herself. She was beautiful, willowy. Now, I know that I’m pretty, but there are some (though probably only a few) men and women who don’t find my dark eyes, dark hair, olive skin and obvious Italian heritage appealing. This girl, though, was something else: the perfect white chick. Everybody falls in love with a girl like this, including me; I got wet just watching her.

As she was getting settled, I introduced myself and asked her name. She said it was Elizabeth, but that she preferred Lizzie, mainly because it drove her mom crazy! She said that with an infectious, impish smile and we both laughed. We chatted for a while as the plane taxied and finally took off. I told her about the conference and a little about my research. Lizzie, in turn, told me that she had been visiting her dad (her parents had divorced years before.) He was a surgeon of some kind, who lived up in Marin County. She was heading back to Manhattan and her mom who taught at one of the law schools in the city. Lizzie teased me about all the things I had missed in San Francisco and the wine country by not having time to sightsee; I thanked her for rubbing salt in my wounds! I knew we were going to get along.

After about thirty minutes or so, the last three days started to catch up with me, and as attractive as I found Lizzie, the thought of some sleep was even more appealing. So, when one of the stews (Paulette, very cute) came by, I asked her for pillows and blankets for the two of us. When they appeared a couple of minutes later, I told Lizzie I was going to get a little rest. She said wanted to read for a while and asked if I minded having her reading light on. I told her nothing could keep me awake (found out later that was wrong!) and in a few minutes, I was out.

It seemed like I had only been asleep for a short time when something caused me to wake. Our little section of the plane was dark; Lizzie had turned out her reading light. I looked at my watch and saw that it was just past midnight; I had been asleep for about an hour. As I slowly came awake, I looked around trying to figure what had roused me. In the dim light, I could see that Lizzie was laying back in the V where her chair met the cabin wall. Her eyes were closed, but as I looked at her, I noticed that her breathing was a little labored and more rapid than it should have been. As my eyes adjusted, I noticed that her right leg was bent at the knee and pulled up onto her seat. I could see that her right hand was moving rhythmically under the blanket. Looking around, I noticed a lump of what looked like crumpled white cloth tucked against the bag under the seat in front of her. Looking back at Lizzie I suddenly realized that my traveling companion was masturbating! At 40,000 feet in a plane at least half full of strangers, she was diddling herself!

I could feel my nipples hardening under my bra and my pussy begin to moisten as the lips became swollen and started to open. Watching Lizzie’s face intently, I waited for the first indication that she was about to cum. I noticed her left hand moving up beneath her knit top, rubbing the nipple of first one, then the other breast. Her breathing was still labored, but she didn’t seem to be getting any closer to orgasm. I longed to lift the blanket, so I could watch her at play, but I was afraid to move even a muscle, and risk startling her.

After a couple more minutes (which seemed like hours), Lizzie’s hands slowed and then went still; apparently she had decided that it was the wrong time or place and that she wouldn’t be able to make herself cum. I’m still not sure where I got the nerve to do this to a perfect stranger, but I reached out my hand and put it on her right leg, which was pulled up on to the seat. Her eyes flew open at my touch, but she didn’t seem alarmed, just a little startled. Stroking her leg through the blanket, I looked her in the eyes and said

“Sometimes, you just need a little help.”

Taking her right hand out from under the covers and looking down, she brushed it lightly across the top of mine. Then her eyes came back up to mine and she said

“I’d love to have you help, that is, if that’s what you want to do.”

What I wanted to do, was kiss her on the lips and put my tongue in her mouth. I wanted to peel off her clothing and explore every part of that beautiful body with my fingers and my tongue, but….what I wanted and what I could get away with were two very different things! I’d have to settle for some gentle fingering. But it would do.

Lifting the arm that separated our two seats, I straightened up and had her lean back against me, so that the top of her head was just at my cheek. I spread the two blankets over our laps and whispering into her ear, I asked her to spread herself for me by putting her right leg on top of my left. Reaching down under the blanket, I undid the last two buttons on the front of her skirt and then ran my hand between her legs. Caressing her thighs lightly, I let my hand inch upward, until I felt the first strands of her pussy hair. Turning my hand, I cupped her mons and gently rubbed it, then parted her moist lips with my middle finger, pushing it a small way inside her. I was rewarded with a sharp intake of her breath and a soft moan. I turned my lips to her ear and whispered

“Do you like this, too?”

As I asked the question, I slid my left hand up under her top and gently began to circle her nipple, running my fingers across the top of the swollen aureole.

“Yes, oh, yes”

she sighed as I began to pinch the nipple and then cupped her entire breast. With my right hand I had been rubbing the lips of her pussy. Now I moved it up and started circling her clit with my index finger. Every few seconds, I ran my fingers back into her pussy to lubricate them so I could continue to play with her now swollen rosebud. Lizzie was squirming under my fingers, and her breathing was coming faster and faster.

“Yes, yes, oh yes, rub it, please rub it!”

she moaned. Her clit was fully erect and free of its sheath and begging for my full attention. Then I felt another set of fingers touch mine. Putting her hand over mine, Lizzie pushed my fingers down between her pussy lips, saying

“Here, put them inside me and fuck me with them, please.”

Inserting first two, then three fingers between the lips of her pussy, I pushed them in as far as I could, and starting pumping them in and out. I heard her moan in satisfaction. In the meantime, she was circling her clit with her fingers and rubbing it; occasionally our hands bumped against each other as we both worked to bring her to climax. It felt deliciously naughty to be “doing her” together!

Lizzie was now thrusting her hips up at my fingers, as I tried to bury them deeper and deeper inside of her. Her breathing was shallow and rapid and I knew she was on the edge. My left hand pulled at her nipple; I rolled it between my fingers and squeezed it as she moaned. Suddenly, her whole body went stiff, and I could feel her muscle spasms as she started to climax.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes”

Lizzie just kept repeating those words and it seemed like she would cum and cum forever, but finally, her muscles relaxed and she let her weight fall back against me. My right hand was still gently rubbing her swollen pussy and my left was cupping her right breast. Turning her head towards me, she sat forward and then kissed me on the cheek.

“That was wonderful, Beth. I don’t think you learned that just by practicing on yourself!”

She moved her leg off of mine and slid back into her own seat, curling her legs up under her and wrapping a blanket over her unbuttoned skirt. Laying the side of her head against the back of the seat she just looked at me and smiled.

“No” I answered her. “I love making love to other women and I’ve had a fair amount of practice.”

Lizzie just smiled, and then said

“I can tell.”

It had been a long time since I’d had an orgasm just from touching someone else (probably high school!) But Lizzie really had an effect on me. She looked so beautiful when she started to cum! I had felt the churning inside me come to a boil and, to my surprise, had my own mild climax. Now, looking at her laying back against the seat, with her legs curled up, I felt my pussy start to stir again. She looked gorgeous, I could have lost myself in her blue eyes.

Smiling, she said

“What are you thinking?”

“That it’s a long time since I came just from touching someone else. You really got me going.”

“Well, you stirred me up, too!” she laughed, adding

“I hadn’t been with another person since I left Manhattan, but you were worth the wait.”

I know I blushed, something I seldom do, and to change the subject I asked how old she had been when she first became aware of sex. Lizzie, said that she had been about three. I know my face registered surprise and probably some disbelief, because she said it was really true. She remembered her father tucking her into bed at night and after he left the room, she would take one of her stuffed animals and put it between her legs and go to sleep that way. Her mom and dad had split before she turned four, so……I was amazed.

Lizzie paused for a moment and I saw her hand move a little under blanket (stroking her pussy?) Then she said her first encounters with another person started when she was about five. Lizzie had a babysitter named Tracey, a high school girl, she really liked. She said Tracey would always play games with her, watch silly television shows and generally do things a five year old liked to do. The best things, though were the baths and the “tickle fights.”

“She would go into the bathroom with me, and while the tub filled, she would help me undress and the get into the water. Tracey would wash me all over with a cloth, tickling me and making me giggle. Then, she would have me stand up and spread my legs a bit.”

Lizzie paused a moment, and I saw her hand moving again under the blanket. I felt myself getting warm and, unbuttoning my skirt a little, slipped my right hand into my panties.

“Tracey would lather up her hand and starting rubbing my pussy. She called it my cunny. She made sure to run her fingers between the lips and spent maybe three or four minutes doing this. Of course, I couldn’t cum, but I sure loved the way it felt!”

Lizzie said that after her baths, Tracey would dry her and help her on with a nightie (not pajamas.) She never put underpants on her. Then, they would go into Lizzie’s bedroom, where at some point, Tracey started a tickle fight. The tickling covered all parts of Lizzie’s body, but always came back to her pussy and especially her clitoris. She said Tracey called it her “rosebud.” Occasionally, Tracey would let Lizzie tickle her through her panties or under her blouse.

Tracey had told Lizzie to keep the tickle fights their secret, or they might have to stop, so she’d never said anything to her mom. Tracey went off to college when Lizzie was eight, and Lizzie said that’s when she started to masturbate.

“I didn’t come, of course. In fact I didn’t even get wet until I was about eleven, but I missed Tracey – the rubbing had gotten much more exciting as I got older – and I didn’t want to go without.”

I looked down and saw that Lizzie’s hand was still doing it’s gentle massage under the blanket. Meanwhile, my index finger was gently caressing my swollen pussy lips, and I felt a fire slowly starting to build inside of me. After a moment, Lizzie continued with her story.

“When I was almost eleven, I had an experience that really changed things for me. I woke up one night with a tummy ache and couldn’t sleep. Though it was well past midnight, I went to my mom’s room to see if she would rub my stomach for me, to ease the ache. As I got near her room, I saw her door, normally open, was all but closed, though her light was still on. Getting closer, I could hear what sounded like moaning.”

“I knelt by the door and looked in and saw my mother laying nude on the bed. Her legs were bent and slightly spread and she was rubbing what looked like a pink tube, with a rounded end, over her pussy. I could hear it buzzing. Her other hand was pulling at the nipple of her left breast, rolling it between her fingers.”

“As I watched, she stopped playing with her breast, and reached down by her side. Her hand came up with another pink tube, which she put between her legs and then pushed into her pussy. She started moving the second tube in and out, faster and faster, while holding the vibrator on her clitoris. I was fascinated; her butt was moving in circles, and at the same time, thrusting up to meet the dildo as she pushed it in. Her moaning got louder and louder, until finally she made one long sound. Her body went rigid and her legs shot straight out. I’ll never forget how her toes actually curled!

“The spasms that shook her body finally subsided and, after a minute or two, she started to sit up. My stomach ache was gone and I thought I should get back to bed before she saw me at the door. As I hurried back to my room, I could feel a wetness between my legs and I thought I must have peed. But when I got in bed and started to touch myself, I just felt all slippery……making it much easier to play with myself.”

Lizzie paused for a second, and looked at me (her hands was still moving under the blanket)

“I know that probably sounds sick, but I never wanted to do anything with my mom, I was just really fascinated by what I saw and heard. So fascinated that when she went on a business trip a couple of weeks later, I snuck into her room after the sitter was asleep and “borrowed” her toys. I couldn’t get the dildo more than a couple inches into my pussy, but I had my first orgasm with the vibrator that weekend.”

“Later, at a slumber party, I told several of my friends about the ‘tubes’ I had seen my mom use and they all said ‘gross,’ so I dropped the topic. Later, however, when the lights were off, my friend Laurie, curled up beside me and said her mom had the same things and she told me they were called vibrators and dildos. She said that her mom used them when her dad was out of town. She also said that sometimes her dad’s sister, Tess, visited while he was gone and she and her mom used them together.”

“That really got my heart pounding and I asked Laurie if she had ever tried what her mom and aunt had done. She said she hadn’t but wanted to and invited me over to her house the following week. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to be introduced to sex with other girls.”

Lizzie paused here and closed her eyes. I could see that her hand was moving faster and faster under her blanket, and she had started to rock back and forth on her curled up legs, her heels pushing up into her pussy. My whole hand was under the elastic of my panties, by this time and my index and middle fingers were deep in my puss, while my thumb was circling my clit, faster and faster. I closed my eyes, too and as I felt the waves of a small orgasm wash over me, I heard Lizzie sight as she too reached climax. Slowly our breathing returned to normal and I finally opened my eyes to see Lizzie still curled up watching me, with a little smile on your face.

“You came pretty fast; I didn’t even realize you were playing with yourself.”

“Years of practice in unusual places, like dull PhD lectures.” I told her.

Lizzie laughed and said that it sounded like there should be a story there. I told her there probably was, but I was more interested in what had happened with Laurie.

Turning herself in the seat so she could face me more directly, she resumed her story. It seems that Laurie had things pretty well planned out when Lizzie came home with her the following Monday. Before Lizzie knew it, she said both of them were undressed and laying next to each other on Laurie’s bed. After some touching and lots of kissing, Laurie pulled her mother’s vibrator and dildo out of her night stand and used them on Lizzie. Lizzie said she thought she was in heaven and had the second orgasm of her life as Laurie buzzed her clit and moved the dildo in and out of her pussy. When she returned the favor for Laurie she said she learned what a turn on it was to watch someone else cum! She had another orgasm just watching Laurie.

Laurie also taught Lizzie to make love without the toys. Scissoring her legs, she showed Lizzie how her mom and her Aunt Tess rubbed their pussies together and used their fingers to play with their clitties. Lizzie closed her eyes for a moment and then opening them, she smiled and said

“Those afternoons with Laurie were wonderful, everything was new and fresh; every orgasm was different and shiny. It was great.”

Laurie and Lizzie stayed close through junior high and then Laurie’s dad got transferred to Houston. Lizzie said by then she had become more than a little interested in boys, but losing Laurie was still a blow. She had made other girl friends into lovers, but none had been as close to her or as much fun as Laurie. I thought I saw a little tear in her eye – hard to tell, the cabin light was pretty dim, but I reached over and patted her on the leg.

We were both quiet for a couple of minutes and then I told her that I really needed to use the lady’s room to wash my hands, especially the right one. We both laughed and then Lizzie reached out and touched my leg. Looking up she said

“You’ve been very sweet and I would love to return the favor, but I’m not sure we could get away with it here again. Why don’t I wait for about two minutes and then join you in the lavatory. You, can, uh, get ready for me.”

I didn’t need any coaxing. We agreed that when I heard two distinct knocks on the door, I would open it for Lizzie. Grabbing my handbag, I walked toward the restrooms. On the way, I passed Paulette, the stew who had brought us the blankets and pillows. She gave me a very, very bright smile and said

“Well, the two of you seem to be enjoying the flight! It’s nice when you have someone who can come along on these long trips, isn’t it”

I just smiled one of my own brightest smiles back and kept on going. I knew that Lizzie and I had been a little louder than we had intended but I didn’t know we had alerted the stews. I wondered what she would think when Lizzie followed me back in another minute or so.

The lavatory was vacant and I went right in. Undoing the buttons on my skirt, I pulled my soaked panties down, stepped out of them, and stuffed them into my handbag.

Resisting the impulse to bury a couple of fingers in my pussy, I instead unbuttoned my blouse and then opened the front of my bra. My breasts aren’t huge (34B’s) but they’re firm, with long nipples that get even longer when I’m aroused. And I was aroused! As I waited for Lizzie to knock I pinched and pulled at them, feeling the excitement growing inside of me. I again resisted the urge to fuck myself, preferring to wait for Lizzie to arrive.

I didn’t have to wait very long. There were two sharp raps on the door and as I opened it, Lizzie slipped in. I sat on the sink, so she could get all the way inside. Taking her head in my hands, I pulled Lizzie’s mouth to me and we kissed. I had been wanting to do that since I first saw her. Her breath was musky, as her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, doing a tango with my tongue. I felt her hands go to my breasts, as first she cupped them both in her hands and then started to lightly run the palms of her hands over the tips of my nipples. I felt them burn from her massage and get even harder.

We were still locked together in a kiss and I ran my hands through her hair, then down the side of her face. Her hair was silky and her skin soft, like a baby. Up close, Lizzie was even lovelier than I had realized.

Her right hand had traveled down from my breast, across my tummy, to a spot just above my clit. I felt Lizzie flatten her hand against me, as she pushed down, between my legs and then curled it slightly to cup me. My clitoris was erect and I could feel how swollen and open my pussy lips had become. Lizzie gently ran the flat of her hand across the edges of those lips and I felt my internal pressure starting to build. Flexing her index finger, she pushed it between my lips and began moving it up and down. Almost of their own volition, my hips started to rotate as I strained to push down on her hand.

Breaking our kiss, Lizzie bent over and took my right breast in her mouth. I felt her tongue flick my nipple, and then her teeth nip at it. At the same time, her thumb started rubbing my clit, as she penetrated me with her index and middle fingers. I felt, more than heard, a groan of pleasure escape my lips, as my head swivelled back in ecstasy. I ground my pussy into Lizzie’s hand, willing her to push her fingers deeper and deeper inside of me. My breath was coming in great gasps and I knew I was making a lot of noise. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the pilots up in the cockpit could hear me!

Lizzie was now on her knees, her tongue leaving a wet trail down my stomach as it moved toward my clit. I spread my legs as far as I could, as I felt her cheeks come in contact with my thighs. I felt the wetness of her tongue flicking my rigid clit, as I pushed my pelvis forward to meet her. It felt like Lizzie had her whole hand inside of my pussy, as she fucked me, faster and faster. Looking down, I could see her other hand busy underneath her own skirt.

My hands, almost of their own accord, were massaging my breasts and pulling at my nipples which felt like they were on fire. Lizzie’s head was bobbing between my thighs as her tongue ran up and down over my clit and the top of my pussy lips. Those lips throbbed as her hand continued thrusting into me and I felt myself building toward a tremendous climax. Pulling my nipples straight out and pushing my pelvis into Lizzie’s face, I felt myself go over the top, as wave after wave pleasure washed over my body.

Lizzie continued to lick my clit and finger my pussy until I saw her suddenly throw her head back and groan as her hand brought her to her own orgasm. For a moment the two of us just sat, letting the spasms subside, as our breath and heart rates returned to normal. Then, reaching down, I put my hands on Lizzie’s face and gently pulled her up, so she would get to her feet. When she was standing, I looked at her, licked her cheek and then laughed

“Your face is a mess, it’s all shiny and it tastes like pussy!” I said.

Still laughing, I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. She brought her face close and we kissed, a long, satisfying, “I am so glad to be here, with you” kind of kiss and just held each other. Then we started thinking about getting cleaned up!

A few paper towels and a couple minutes of brushing, buttoning and snapping later and we were both relatively presentable. Thank God nobody wears makeup any more!

Lizzie left first and I followed a couple minutes later. A few people seemed to be watching us, but no one took very much notice. As I approached my seat, however, I saw Paulette walking towards me. She stepped into a row of empty seats to let me by. As I passed, she put out her hand and pressed a card into mine, saying

“I like people who know their mind. I hope I get to see both of you again.”

As I sat down, I looked at the card she had given me. It had her name and phone number and on the back she’d written

“Boys are good, but girls are even better. Call me, please. Paulette”

I showed Lizzie the card and she thought it held potential. Then, completely sated from the evening’s escapades, we leaned against each other, pulled our blankets around us, and as we sped toward New York, finally fell sound asleep.

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