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Rear in the Air

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So there I was with my rear up in the air, being fucked up my ass by a young lover. How did I get myself into this delightful position, you may ask? With a lot of lube, and a little manipulation. It had started with fantasies of relaxing so much in the moment that I would be able to take a nice, hard cock up my ass, where no man had gone before.

Recently I had told my online lover about the possibility of anal sex, and brought the subject up in one of our one-on-one talks. We have a casual, sexual relationship, and enjoy each others company solely for the purpose of mutual sexual gratification. JP is six foot something, and has the body of an athlete. What he sees in me I don’t know, but he enjoys my curves, and goes crazy when he sees my breasts and hips.

He also loves my hair and makeup, which is part of my routine before he comes over. When he arrives, I greet him at the door, like the proverbial desperate housewife, and we get started right then and there. I am wearing a yellow bra and thong, which highlights some smooth skin and a nice tan, somewhat covered with a white, satin short robe, which feels cool and smooth against all my shaven body parts.

JP doesn’t waste time on talking; he kisses me deeply, with a lot of wet tongue, and puts his large hands all over my breasts and ass. He towers over me and I allow him to turn me around, where he presses me against the wall and forces his body against mine. I can clearly feel his cock swelling against the small of my back. I feel helpless and excited, as he traces my neck and shoulders with his hands which are still cold from outside. He kisses my neck, and takes one hand from my ass, to pull back my head a bit by my hair. I tend to moan and occasionally wonder how much the neighbours probably hate me, but only afterwards, because I never have time to think about that during these highly erotic moments.

My helplessness abates and I start my active part by pressing against him, and by slowly undoing my robe, so he can admire my new underwear ensemble. He loves to kiss me everywhere, and proceeds to lick his way down onto his knees, constantly stopping at my double D breasts to pinch my nipples, or to suck on my slick, hard nipples. I moan and breathe heavily already. He turns me around to get access to my pussy with his tongue, slowly wetting the front of the thong fabric with his saliva, as my pussy gets even wetter and lubricates the fabric from the inside.

JP slips his fingers underneath the fabric and starts penetrating my pussy with his fingers while his teeth are pushing the thong aside, and his face presses deeper against me. His tongue now slides against my slit, and he moans about how slick and sloppy wet it is already.

It is a good thing I am being supported by the wall, as I get weak in the knees. I press his face with my hands against me and tell him how he needs to lick my pussy harder. I then decide to proceed to sit on his face, still in the carpeted hallway, all the while massaging my breasts and pulling on my nipples with my nails. I now want him bad, my pussy is all slick, my breasts are hot and my nipples hard and red from pulling roughly on them. I tell him that I need to be fucked, that I want his cock inside this sloppy, wet pussy, and darling that he is; he obliges me by fucking me hard from behind…

But I digress; I meant to tell you how he got to fuck my ass… We were talking one day about what we were going to do next time we would get together, and as we shared a truth or dare type of discussion I let him know, I might enjoy having anal sex, although I never had any. I said maybe we could play with my dildo, to see whether I could take it up my ass, and see if his cock could follow…

As always I get myself prepared for his arrival with a shower and follow the regime of a shave, a lotion and make-up application with blood red lipstick and heavy mascara. I apply Swedish massage lotion in slow circles around my asshole while I apply oil on my body, which of course gets me all wet and horny with anticipation, I can’t seem to stop myself and masturbate myself to the point of cumming, and stop right there… with my pussy juice flowing freely, making my hand slick, and making me want to penetrate myself with my fingers. The thought occurs that I could haul my dildo out pre-maturely to fuck myself hard with it, as I am just brimming with heat and wetness. However, I am trying to save myself for later, and like a good girl I put on high fuck-me heels and a little sexy dress which shows off my curves. I keep thinking that today might be the day he is going to try to fuck and fuck me up the ass.

He can’t believe my outfit today, he doesn’t even bother to kiss me for niceties sake, he slams me against the wall, nips at my neck, pushes up my dress pulls the thong aside to slam his fingers inside me, and says: “Oh, what a good slut you are, just look at this wet pussy; what exactly were you thinking before I got here, my slut?”

Of course I love when he talks dirty to me during these encounters where everything goes, so I answer: “Oh, I was thinking of your great cock fucking me hard, but I was a good girl and waited for you to make me cum”

JP of course whips his cock out of his pants, and roughly penetrates my pussy right then and there; without any warning, he shoves it right into my tight, wet, shuddering pussy. He takes no care at all, just presses his cock inside of me, with my face against the wall.

“You love it now, don’t you, you horny, fucking slut? Tell me you fucking love it” Because he stops and just stand still with his cock shoved up inside my pussy without moving, I whimper: “Oh God, fuck me please?” “Oh, you want to be fucked now, do you? I think I have to show you where I am going to fuck you next” and he slaps my ass hard with his free hand and grabs my ass cheek hard. “Feel this, don’t you? Is it nice, red and hot yet? You wont feel like asking for another assfucking again soon, when I am done with you”

He manhandles me to adjust my position, so he can just bend me over, pushing my head down and slamming his cock into my pussy a couple of times for good measure. I can’t believe I am treated like a common slut, and I absolutely want to cum: “Oh God, you’re making me cum, please don’t stop, you are driving me crazy” He spanks my ass a couple of times, very hard; you can hear the slaps echoing off the hallway walls, and says: “Fucking cum for me, you whore. You want a young lover to take you, don’t you? This time I am the one giving the orders around here, and I will teach you a thing or two!” “Oh, holy fuck” I cry out, “Oh God, I am going to cum, I can’t believe it, right here, oh Fuck me, oh God here it comes” Indeed, I reach an intense orgasm, and I cum long and hard, and drip all over his cock. I can barely stand, as he is giving me another couple of pumps, regardless that I am done. He pulls his cock out, takes off the rest of his clothes, and orders me to do the same. We make it into the bedroom finally, and he touches my clit, lazily now, yet still rubbing it hard in a circular motion: “Do you think you’re actually done? Get your dildo for me, right now!”

I get the dildo out, and he tells me turn around, and to lift my ass in the air, with knees wide apart. He enters my now sloppy pussy with the dildo, and methodically pulls it in and out. Occasionally, almost as an afterthought he spanks my asscheeks a few times, yet still continuing to fuck me with this knobbly dildo. I am not allowed to move, as every movement is met with another slap against my ass, but I can’t help myself, I push my ass towards him and his rhythmic dildo.

“You like that, don’t you, slut?” For me, at this time there is of course no other answer but: “Yes, please fuck me with the dildo; please also fuck me with your cock?” I can hear in his voice when he replies that he is actually smiling: “Oh, now you’re begging, I think you deserve to get fuck up your round ass” He proceeds to lubricate his fingers with my pussyjuice, it feels like there are no boundaries, nothing matters but getting him to fuck my ass. “Please, Oh God, please, fuck it now, fuck my ass?” He sticks his fingers up my ass, and I can feel him stretching it, but good slut as I am at this time I adjust and relax, wanting to come again right now. His cock, now engorged and hard to the extreme, presses against my cheeks. I picture the head of his big cock pressing against my asshole, finding no entrance. Somehow the dildo is still inside of my pussy and I am thinking I just might possibly go insane if he won’t fuck my ass soon.

He pushes the head of his cock against my ass harder, and I can feel it starting to penetrate this little jewel which wants to be violated. As he pushes against the entrance his balls actually push at the base of the dildo, and at the thought of a double penetration I go crazy, and push against him, even though my ass hasn’t stretched enough to take his head in. Somehow the pain pleasure is exquisite, but he actually slaps my ass again: “You impatient bitch, you really want this shoved up your fucking ass hard, you slut? You want me to rip this ass apart with my cock? Do you?”

He sops up some more pussy juice with his fingers, slathers it around my asshole, and spits, and as the saliva hits my ass I feel as if I can hear it making a hissing sound when it hits my hot ass. He presses in deeper, and his whole head is now hurting me, I say: “Oh, fuck, it’s too hard, God, You’re too big” “Too late now, you already have it in your ass, and I am going to cum inside of your fucking virgin ass, one way or another, so hold still bitch, and relax!”

He actually pulls on my hair now, when he says that, and I feel trapped and so full, with a dildo in my sloppy pussy, a cock in my ass, and a hand pulling my hair back so there is no escape; just surrender to the pain and the pleasure warming the insides of my pussy and ass.

He slowly presses further into my ass, now reaching the second entry point and he doesn’t let up, just slowly puts all eight inches in. I can’t believe I am taking it, I can’t believe I let him fuck me like this! He suddenly drives his thick cock further and all the way to the hilt. I am now filled to capacity, having both holes stuffed!

“Now, my dear slut, I am going to fuck your ass! Feel this, don’t you?” JP starts fucking this ass rough and doesn’t care now whether I get pleasure pr pain, he just takes his own. He rams his cock hard up my ass hard and with it driving the dildo deep into my sloppy pussy. I press against him, urging him to “Fuck me harder, damnit, give it to me, I can’t believe you’re fucking my ass like this” As he is thrusting harder and harder into my ass, he starts to sweat and grunt, and all I can do is hold on, as he is fucking me harder than I have ever been fucked in my life.

I scream when I cum, it’s g-spot orgasm, his cock and the dildo hitting me just right, and the pussyjuice is coming out in hot, liquid squirts. The searing female ejaculate hits him steamy against his balls, and I scream out my pleasure, as the warm, steamy water like fluid streams out of my pussy in rhythmic gushes. JP screams: “Oh, you fucking cum slut, I am pulling this cock out of your ass and come on your ass cheeks.” I love it when the stream of hot, white, milky cum shoots out of him, and hits me all over the hair, shoulders and ass, of course.

We lovingly rub it into my asscheeks, lay back, and wonder when we can do it all over again.

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