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Her lover had been so naughty lately. Even though, she knew it wasn’t really his fault, he had been spending way to much time away from her. He knew when he didn’t spend time with her how horny and mischievous she got. When she had too much time on her hands she would think of ways to get even for his lapse of attention to her needs and he knew she was a very needy lady.

He had a business trip planned today that he could not postpone, even knowing he was going to be “in for it” when he finally got back home that evening. He could see the determination in her eyes as he quickly kissed her soft lips before reluctantly pulling away and heading for the door.

“I promise to hurry home as fast as I can and will spend the whole evening with you doing anything you want,” he promised as he stopped at the door and kissed her again.

This time the kiss they shared was lingering and his tongue played a teasing game with hers in a promise of things to come. He playfully cupped her generous buttocks and pulled her into him, letting her know by his hardness that he still desired her and didn’t really want to tend to anything but her. She offered him her full wet mouth and melted into his arms. She could feel herself getting wet and knew it was going to be a tuff day alone. He finally extricated himself from her clinging arms and dashed out the door before she could persuade him to stay and play instead of doing what he had to do that day.

She leaned against the door frame, as she was still feeling a bit weak in the knees from the heated kiss they had just shared and watched him run down the walk to the car. She had always admired his sexy ass, his nice muscular legs, and his broad chest, but seeing his butt cheeks bounce a bit as he was leaving her triggered an idea for her revenge.

She waved and called out to him as he was backing out of the driveway. “See you tonight, hon and remember your promise, of anything I want.”

He seemed to have an aversion to normal mundane sex, so she took this in to account when she started to plan her revenge for his neglect of her in the past week. She quickly decided this was going to be a night of butts, no buts about it! She closed the door, chuckling to herself and started making preparations for their promised evening together.

She decided to have everything ready when he got home, including herself. After getting everything ready in the bedroom for later, she puttered around the house some, doing a few chores and day to day housework. It was past lunch time before she realized it. After eating a sandwich and enjoying a diet Pepsi, she had a smoke break before heading off to get herself ready. In the master bath she turned on a radio station that played oldies and lighted a few scented candles to set the mood. She got her bath water run, extremely hot the way she liked it, and added rose scented bath salts, bubbles, and baby oil to the mix. Once her bath water was ready and steaming, she got her medium sized butt plug out of her toy bag and her enema bag from under the sink.

After laying a towel on the floor along with her plug she filled the bag with very warm water and hung it on the hook on the wall and allowed the tubing and nozzle to lay on the towel in readiness. She decided on her smallest vibrator and quickly got it from her toy bag along with some KY jelly and tossed them on her towel, too.

She stripped off her clothes and lay down on the towel, turning on her left side, and drawing up her right leg, allowed her to reach back and put a dollop of KY on her tight anal ring. She pushed her finger in and out a few times, trying to loosen up the muscle before taking the nozzle of her enema bag and shoving the lubricated tip deep into her bowels. She could feel herself stretch a bit to accommodate the ½ x 8 inch long apparatus. She eased it in and out a few times, enjoying the feel as it grazed her anal muscles.

Reaching over and up, she clicked the release clip and felt the warm water start to rush into her bowels. This felt ever so good and she just lay there enjoying the sensation, rubbing her belly with one hand to keep from getting cramps. It didn’t take but a few minutes before the bag was empty and she eased the nozzle out, replacing it quickly with the lubricated butt plug. This would keep the liquid from releasing before she was ready and help stretch her anal ring a bit more in preparation for tonight.

She turned onto her back and opened her legs wide, placing her feet flat on the towel near her hips. The 4″x 1″ tapered butt plug and the water in her bowels were making her feel pleasantly full. She took a finger and reached down to her dripping wet pussy and slid it up and down her puffy lips, then rubbing her engorged clit, sending a jolt of desire rippling through her body. Her stomach was rumbling a bit as the water in her bowels was really starting to work, so she took the vibrator and eased it between her lips, entering her vaginal walls, and stroked it in and out a few times.

Her bodily fluids quickly lubricated it and now it would be plenty wet enough to do the job at hand. She alternated sliding it into her sucking pussy and then letting it vibrate a few seconds on her clit. It took only about 3 times before her insides started to heat to the boiling point. Her orgasm sent waves of heat rushing out to her extremities and then chill bumps back washed across her shoulders. Her vaginal walls were clutching for something to hold onto and her anal muscles were clamping down on the butt plug. Her face flushed and her labia and clitoris turned a bright red from the blood rushing to that sensitive and stimulated area. She lay there in the after glow of her orgasm for a couple of minutes, catching her breath and letting her heart beat slow.

She made sure the butt plug was seated firmly before rising and sitting on the toilet. She pulled the plug out and expelled her bowels and liquids, till there was nothing left. She wiped herself carefully before getting into the still steaming tub and just lay back and enjoyed the heat relaxing her further.

When the water got a bit cooler, she shaved her underarms, and her legs. She stood up and turned the shower jets on and washed and conditioned her hair before finally getting out and wrapping her head and body in big fluffy towels. She was singing along with a song on the radio as she combed her hair and applied scented lotion to her body. After drying her hair, she quickly cleaned up the mess in their bathroom and went to her drawer to find something provocative to wear.

She decided to generously lubricate and re-insert the butt plug to help keep her stretched for later. She finally decided on a pair of thong panties made of black shear material and a push up black lace bra. Glancing in the mirror she noted her 38C breasts nicely rounded and almost pouring out of the bra and her white ass cheeks contrasting with the black panties. Putting on a blue silk robe to cover herself modestly she went to put the finishing touches on the dinner she had put in the crock pot earlier that day.

She knew it was almost time for him to return so after setting the table and lighting the candles she quickly dried and styled her hair and added a few spritzes of Navy perfume to her body. Dashing back to the kitchen she set the crock pot full of roast beef, onions, potatoes, and carrots on the table along with a salad. She barely had time to get it all set when she heard the car pull up in the drive way and went to the door to greet him.

He could see her standing there at the door as he walked up the walk and smiled brightly to see how fresh and pretty she looked. He quickly gathered her into his arms and smothered her in a big hug and passion filled kiss.

His cock instantly got hard when she whispered to him, “Dinner is ready, and your punishment for ignoring me all week is going to be my dessert.”

“Oh, is that so,” he quickly responded before nuzzling her neck and nibbling on her ear lobe.

Scrunching up her neck, she giggled before breaking away saying in a teasing tone, “Oh yes, you are the dessert I have been planning on and craving all week and I might as well punish you while I take what I want from you.”

He was thoughtful as he followed her to the dining table, wondering what she had in store for him. So far his sexy lady hadn’t failed to keep him on his toes and very satisfied in bed, but he was a bit uneasy about that funny sparkle in her eyes. Something told him he might be in for more then he bargained for tonight. He had to adjust himself before sitting down. His cock was still hard, and just trying to figure out what the evening would unfold was keeping him aroused.

He noticed her smiling as he wriggled around trying to get comfortable and realized she was enjoying his discomfort.

He smiled back at her trying to seem normal and complimented her on the nice dinner she had prepared, “Everything looks and smells great, sweetheart.”

She just smiled even more. “Go ahead, hon, and eat your meal, you are going to need all the strength you can muster for your punishment later.”

Knowing there was no use in trying to ask what she had planned or trying to change those plans, after he had promised the evening was hers to spend as she wished. He never went back on a promise if it could be helped, so he decided to take her advice, filled his plate, and started to eat his dinner. She joined in and they quickly washed down their meal with iced tea and light banter about what had transpired on his business trip that day. She was the first to finish and lay down her fork. He noticed the gleam in her eyes and stalled through another small helping of roast beef that he didn’t really want.

“It’s no use stalling, “she laughed, “you are not going to get out of what I have planned for you tonight.”

He finally pushed his plate back and she could see the light bulb go off in his mind. “Hey wait, don’t I get any dessert?”

She quickly responded, “Nope, you have been bad by neglecting me all week long while you have been working and bad boys get punished and do not get dessert.”

Shrugging and smiling sheepishly he got up from the table. “Oh well, I had to give it a shot.”

She put her hand on her hip in a mock stern voice and told him, “Go to our room and get out of your clothes, I want you naked and on your face in the middle of the bed when I get in there. You have exactly 20 minutes before I finish clearing off the table and doing the dishes and then I will be in there to administer your punishment.” She didn’t even wait for a response but turned to take the plates off the table.

Oh shit he thought, what the hell has she got in mind? His mind started gong 90 miles per hour wondering what she wanted him on his stomach for. Surely she wasn’t going to treat him like a kid and spank him. He had smacked her ass in the throes of passion before, but not as a punishment. The thought kind of excited him and he had to shift and jiggle his hardening cock again before he could manage to walk to the bedroom. He glanced at the clock and decided he had time for a quick shower. Not wanting to be late for his punishment, he stripped and jumped in the shower in record time.

Getting out of the shower, he brushed his dark hair, brushed his teeth, took a quick leak, and splashed on a bit of cologne. He glanced at the clock again and realized he was still going to have 5 minutes to spare before she would be in there expecting her pound of flesh for his misdeeds. He was still a bit damp from the shower but decided to lay out on the bed anyhow and let the ceiling fan, over the bed, finish drying him off. He had passed thru the bedroom so quickly on the way to the bathroom that he hadn’t noticed the things she had evidently done that day while he was gone.

He stopped cold when he saw the restraints attached to the foot and head boards and the items layed out on the bedside table. His eyes got bigger when he saw the small and medium sized vibrators, KY jelly and oils all lined up. He could feel his stomach start to flutter and his heart race almost out of his skin. It raced through his mind to go back on his word and tackle her first thing when she came in the room, but he admonished himself for even thinking that. Resigning himself to what ever fate she had in store for him, he lay down across the bed on his belly and tried to relax, but all kinds of naughty thoughts kept him from total relaxation.

He was still wondering what she had in store for his punishment when she walked in the room and started lighting more candles. After she had about 8 lit, she walked over to the bed and asked him ever so silkily, “Are you ready for your punishment, darling?”

He had his head turned and had watched her movements around the room, so was ready when she asked him, and nodded and quickly said, “As ready as I am going to get, I guess.”

She smiled that wicked grin of hers and quipped, “No, sweetie, not quite,” as she took a pillow off the head of the bed and told him, “slide this under his belly to make it will be more comfortable for you.” She giggled a bit to see his eyes widen at the veiled threat in her words.

He did as she instructed him. “Are you sure about this,” he almost whined.

“Oh yes, very sure, now stretch out your arms and let me attach these scarves to keep your hands from interfering with what you have coming to you.”

It took a few minutes for her to secure his arms amid his protests and slow compliance. “You know you don’t have to tie me up, don’t you?”

“Yes, dear, but I want to, just in case,” she quietly yet firmly explained as if to a child.

He was bursting with curiosity and finally asked, “What are you going to do to me that you think I have to be restrained?”

She didn’t answer right away but told him as she moved to the foot of the bed, “Now your feet dear,” and proceeded to tie each ankle to the foot board. He was now on his belly, arms and legs stretched out and restrained and his midsection was propped up on a pillow. His head twisted and turned trying to see every move she made.

She stood back and admired her handy work, and noted how lovely his ass looked and how his balls and cock kind of dangled off the edge if the pillow and how she could see his tight brown hole peeking at her through his butt cheeks as he twisted and turned.

“OK, OK, let’s get this show on the road,” he mumbled, “the suspense is killing me.” “Now that you have me all trussed up like the proverbial sacrifice, what have you got planned for me?”

He strained to watch her every move as she walked over to the bed and reached down and stroked his ass with feather soft fingers. She laughed to see him craning his neck around to see her and wiggling around at her least touch. “Don’t you worry, lover, I am going to warm that nice ass of yours up in no time.”

“Christ,” he muttered, “I haven’t been ass whipped since I was a kid.”

She busted out laughing and then asked him contritely, “Who said anything about an ass whipping?” Her laughter bubbled over again as he butt cheeks immediately tightened and tensed.

“OH NO YOU DON’T, ” he almost sputtered.

Still laughing she walked around to the head of the bed and slipped a dark scarf around his head and tying it in back, very effectively blindfolding him.

“Hey now,” he yelled, “this isn’t fair!,” and proceeded to try to dislodge his blindfold, but to no avail.

“Come on honey,” he tried cajoling her, “Let me up now, this has gone on far enough. I promise not to ignore your needs any more.”

She almost felt sorry for him but then decided to let him suffer a few minutes more, remembering how lonely and horny she had felt while he was off tending to everything and everyone but her.

She smacked his butt cheek with her open palm, causing him to jerk in surprise. “Now stop it, you promised, are you saying you are going to break your promise to me,” she asked.

“Well, ahhhhhh, not exactly, but…”

“NO, buts about it, Mr. I always keep my promises,” she mimicked. “Are you going back on your word, Yes or No?”

“Well, not exactly, but…”

As soon as he said ‘but’, she let him have another smart smack on his other butt cheek, “It is very simple,” she said, “Yes or No, which is it going to be?”

“Damn woman, No, I am not going back on my word, but remember pay back is a bitch!”

“Good, then I can get on with warming your ass up.”

He sighed and mentally and physically resigned himself to whatever she decided to give him as his punishment. Being in the dark, so to speak, really made it difficult for him to cope with what that might be, though. He lay real quiet and tried to discern what she was doing by the sounds she was making, daring not to think of his vulnerable ass and the 2 vibrators he had seen on the bedside table. He tensed up again just thinking about it, but tried to relax again, knowing it would be even more painful if he was tense.

She watched his body tense and relax, tense and relax as she got the bottle if cinnamon oil ready. It was kind of exciting knowing she had the power and permission to do what her heart desired to him at this moment and also knowing the only thing in her heart was to give him pleasure. She smiled wickedly to herself knowing he didn’t know what was in her heart right now, though.

Pouring the cinnamon oil in her hands and keeping the bottle within reach, she rubbed it onto his butt cheeks, massaging gently at first, and then a deeper, harder massage. She let her fingers splay out and her thumbs would run up the crack of his ass, opening his cheeks a bit more with each up stroke.

He could smell the cinnamon oil wafting through the air as she massaged his back side. This odor was gradually mixing in with the scented candles, but the perfume and scented lotion on her body was noticeable when she got closer to him. He could hear a bit of rustling and guessed she had slipped off her robe to avoid getting oils on it, but soon she continued to massage him. He was starting to relax when her fingers got a bit close to his forbidden hole and he could feel the cool air on it as her thumbs eased apart his cheeks during the massaging strokes. This felt really good, but his ass was not supposed to be probed and prodded, and certainly Not with a vibrator, he thought to himself.

It hurt when the doctor shoved a finger up his ass during exams. He figured if a finger hurt like hell, then a vibrator, even the smaller one would probably rip him open. Next he felt one of her thumbs graze his tight ring, and he gasped but tried not to jerk or move, hoping it was an accident and she would just keep on massaging. The butt massage felt really good, he thought, but he wasn’t sure about going any further.

Mentally shrugging, he knew there was no way he could stop her if that was what she had in mind, short of yelling loud enough for the neighbors to hear and call the cops, but no way would he want the cops breaking in and finding him like this. He figured he would rather hemorrhage to death from having his asshole ripped out then to have anyone see him in this predicament.

She was teasing and tormenting him and loving every minute if it. She was deliberately getting closer and closer to his precious asshole, knowing how funny he was about it. She knew if he would let her, she could bring him such pleasure. She spread a bit of oil on his thighs and massaged them, then ran her hands all the way up, cupping his cheeks one time, then on the next run would let her thumbs push between his oily butt crack, letting them slide across his sensitive hole. She continued this for about 5 minutes, letting him get used to the slight invasion.

She next added oil to calves and started to massage them, working on the tight muscles. Finally his feet were oiled and massaged from toes to heal and back. She paid attention to each toe, massaging them firmly, and kneaded his insole and heal. Taking her time she started making her long run, again, this time starting at the foot and running her hand up to caress his butt cheeks on the first go round, and thumbing his crack on the second.

He was really enjoying this massage and was softly sighing and moaning at the pleasure she was bringing him. He had almost forgotten about his asshole being invaded. Even when her thumbs grazed across it, it actually felt good to him now. He was so relaxed and comfortable that at first he didn’t realize that on the last pass, her thumb had lingered a bit and actually pushed into him a bit. It happened so fast and her hands were down at his feet now, so he almost thought it was his imagination, but his tight muscle ring felt almost tingly where she had eased it open some.

She was working on his feet, and calves again, but wondered if he even noticed her thumb sneaking into his anal ring for a second. It was encouraging that he hadn’t tensed up or let out a yell, so she figured she could get by with it again. She started her runs again, just massaging, but on the third pass, she let her thumb invade his asshole up to the first joint before withdrawing it and sliding her hands back to a lower area.

She noted that the ring was not as tight as the first time and stretched nicely and her thumb slid in ever so smoothly. Applying lots more oil to his butt cheeks she decided to give it another go. Three times in a row she let her thumb slide in and out of his ring, feeling it loosen and close slower each time. The fourth time she slid her whole thumb inside of him and wiggled it around a bit.

Oh God, he thought, that actually felt good. His cock started to harden for the first time since she started her anal assault, smacking his cheeks and berating him about whether he was going to break his promise or not. Holy shit, the doctor never made him feel like this. He felt a blush run across his body and hoped she didn’t notice it.

She noticed the rosy hue run across his body and smiled knowing he was not going to say a word, she wiggled her thumb around a bit more before taking it out and starting to massage some more. She chuckled to herself noting his cock starting to move around and getting hard.

One last time she decided to invade his hole, this time taking her middle finger and pushing it in all the way, as she eased his cheek apart with her other hand. She enjoyed watching him stretch and hearing his moan as she slid it in and out a few times.

Knowing he was more then ready, she started at his feet, first breathing on his sole and heal, and then licking the length of his foot. She watched him start to wiggle in protest, as the oil heated up. The oil was the kind that heated up when you breathe on it or it came on contact with moisture and she sucked each toe into her wet mouth, savoring his squirming. She then gave equal treatment to the other foot.

He couldn’t help moaning as she licked and sucked his feet and toes. They felt like they were on fire every time her breath or mouth came in contact with his tender flesh. Then before he had time to regroup, there she was licking up his calf and back down again. The flames were getting higher, it seemed. It was so exquisitely erotic and torturous all at once. Then her lips and mouth moved to his other calf, leaving a trail of fire along it. He tried to muffle his moans of pleasure in case she thought he was in pain and stopped.

Her tongue and lips were busy lapping up and down his calves, but soon they licked and kissed up his thighs. His pleasure was so intense, he was afraid to move for fear he screamed. He tried panting into the pillow and tried to concentrate on not making a fool of himself. He caught his breath and forgot to breathe as her tongue repeatedly darted across his butt cheeks lapping and kissing him wetly.

He actually bit the pillow when her tongue slid up his crack and set his hole on fire. He gasped for air as her tongue actually invaded his hole, darting in and out like a streak of fire. Oh god oh god, he thought, the vixen had set his soul on fire. He would have screamed in ecstasy, but he couldn’t think straight or draw enough oxygen into his lungs at this point to even moan, much less scream.

She was steadily enjoying the scent and flavor of his flesh mingled with the cinnamon oil and had almost zone out, not paying attention to what or where she was going, only knowing she wanted more of him to sample. When she finally noticed what was going on around her, she realized she had crawled between his legs and was holding his butt cheeks open. Her tongue was savoring his tight hole, actually reaming it out good. She came back to earth and listened for his screams of protest but only heard his soft panting. Realizing she might have a convert after all, she decided not to press her luck this time.

Glancing between his legs she noticed how hard his cock was, and how his balls had tightened up a bit. Chuckling she lay out across his back and whispered in his ear, ‘”If I untie you, will you be a good boy from now on?”

“I am not finished with you yet, but I need you on your back to finish what I started,” she purred in his ear.

He felt her weight on his back, her moist breath in his ear, and her nipples were almost as hot, poking him in the back, as the cinnamon oil had been. Mentally shaking himself and spitting the pillow out of his mouth, as calmly as he could, he cleared his throat, and would have promised her his soul if she had asked for it, but only said a weak, “Yes, I promise to be a good boy.”

She quickly rolled off of him and started untying the arm restraints, she noted he just as quickly ripped the scarf off his eyes and smiled down at her as she moved to his feet, removing those restraints, too.

He knew his eyes lit up when the full impact of what she was wearing registered on his feverish brain. Lordy, but she looked sexy, her breasts almost falling out of that lacey bra and her mons could be plainly viewed thru her wet sheer panties. Her butt cheeks shining white against the thong running between them.

She was a vision to look at with her mouth all wet and oily, and her lips all puffy and full from all that licking and sucking she had been doing a few minutes ago. If his cock hadn’t already been standing at full attention, the sight of her would have made it come alive in two seconds flat. He was in a quandary wondering what he wanted to do first, bury his face in her lovely dripping pussy or bury his cock in her tight pussy.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” she quickly said.

Damn could she read his mind, he wondered, and tried to look as innocent as possible before hanging his head and muttering, “What?”

“I saw you eying my pussy and you can just forget it,” she firmly stated, “at least for now,” she finished smiling at me.

“Oh, honey,” he begged, “don’t torture me any more, please.” “I promised to be good,” he cajoled, “just let me taste that nice hot pussy of yours, please.”

He as almost in a panic wondering what he was going to do with his raging hard on if she wouldn’t relent and let him get her in the mood by eating her pussy till she was weak enough to let him have at her hard and long. He wanted to fuck her brains out and was hornier then he ever remembered being.

He was ready to beg some more, when she started taking off her bra and when she turned around, and bent at the waist, pulling her panties down in one swift motion he caught a glimpse of something lodged between her butt cheeks. “Oh My God, “he gasped, “is that what I think it is?”

She had let him fuck her in the ass a few times before but he hadn’t asked her since the last time when she had requested he allow her the same privilege. He remembered watching her as his hard cock stretched her ass out and that thought was turning him on even more. He was almost afraid he might ruin it by ejaculating to quick in that tight hole.

“Well what do you think it is,” her question interrupted his thoughts.

“A butt plug,” he finally got out.

“Yup, you guessed it big boy,” she laughingly answered, “and you get your dessert for being such a good boy and taking your punishment like a champ.”

She watched as his face lit up in a huge smile. “I am all ready for you, inside and out,” she added, “all you have to do is pull the plug and insert that huge cock of yours.” “But,” she added, “go slow, please.”

He watched her walk over to the love seat they had in the room and realized she had pulled it away from the wall and her free standing mirror was angled just right so that she could see him mount and penetrate her.

She bent over it with her toes barely touching the floor and he knew he would have her at his mercy and off balance. “Well, are you going to sit there all night with that shit eating grin on your face or are you going to get your dessert,” she asked.

He was caught day dreaming again, but quickly recovered and hurried over to her. “Oh, yeah, I want my dessert, baby.”

He bent over and kissed her ass cheeks before pulling the butt plug gently out of her. She was at just the right level for him to penetrate her with ease. He watched as her anal muscles gapped a little after the plug slid out but he quickly touched the tip of his cock to it and pushed a bit. It was obvious that she had already put plenty of KY jelly in her hole and it was stretched a bit by having had the plug in there, but he was surprised as the head of his cock met a little resistance and then popped beyond that tight ring easier then he had ever expected from past times.

He stopped for a full minute letting her get accustomed to the added stretching and smiled at her in the mirror as he pushed a bit more of his cock into her hot hole. It was still tight as hell and his cock was already throbbing with the way her ring was clasping and milking him.

He was so busy watching her asshole stretch out and glancing up watching her face, that he almost missed her asking him, “More sweetheart, give me more.” And she wriggled her butt to emphasize her request. He slowly added another inch of his length and wondered if she would be able to take all he wanted to give her this time.

He eased himself in a bit more before pulling out and quickly pushing back in deeper this time. He gave her a few shallow strokes to get her used to it and watched her face as he added yet another inch. He could hear her expel air but she didn’t try to pull away, so he felt confident enough to add yet another inch. One more push and he would have it all the way in. He wanted to feel his shaft buried in her as deep as it would go and his balls hitting her thighs.

She felt as full as could be, and stretched to the max, but she had prepared for this and was going to enjoy it to the end. She could see him push into her all the way and see the sweat pop out on his forehead as he strained to get it all in and not rush his climax. Reaching down she rubbed her clit, sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body.

He couldn’t stand much more of this, he needed release soon or he was going to faint from lack of oxygen to the brain. His whole being was centered on that tight hole and his raging hard cock, slowly pumping in and out. He just had to pump in and out faster.

She could feel him fully in her now, his balls tickling the back of her legs, and the steady pressure inside of her. Then he started to go in and out faster. Little moans and expelled air burst out of her each time he drove into her all the way. Her hole was almost turning inside out each time he withdrew. It was like a tight grasping mouth trying to suck him back into her depths. Then he would plunge back into her, stretching her again.

She would feel his cock start to throb and swell a bit more and see his balls tighten and draw closer and knew he was ready to explode deep in her bowels. She started rubbing her clit again and this time she went over the edge. She actually felt faint, the orgasm was so intense. Then his burst of hot sperm hit deep inside of her, and again, and again. She wondered if he would ever stop ejaculating.

“Oh Jesussssssss,” he roared and pumped one last time before he stopped and held himself buried in her tight hole. He could feel his orgasm washing over him, his cock pumping out his hot sperm, the blood rushing around, and down to his groin. His knees wanted to buckle so he lay across her back, still buried to the balls in her depths and let his breathing and heart rate slow.

He was kissing on her neck, nuzzling her ear; his breath was still a bit ragged. “Oh baby, that was the best ever. I loved fucking you in the ass and watching you watch me was so erotic.”

She could feel his weight on her back, making it harder to catch her breath after so intense an episode and his cock was slowly shrinking in her ass. Her body was hot, flushed, and way sensitive everywhere. His sperm was oozing out of her, cooling, and running between her legs, almost like each little sperm was swimming down her crack and inner leg tickling her over sensitive body for spite. Not to mention what his mouth and lips were doing to her right now. Trying to breathe was becoming more difficult so she started wriggling a bit hoping he would take the hint. Talking was not an option at this moment; she needed air in her lungs to do that.

“Oh, sorry baby,” he said and pushed off of her back, “I guess I am a bit heavy, huh?”

She gasped a lungful of air as soon as he took his weight off of her. “Yeah, I was starting to see stars there for a second,” she giggled. She looking in the mirror and saw his cock slide out of her and the white goo seep out of her gaping rectum.

He glanced over to see what she was looking at in the mirror then down to the real thing. He could see her hole looking almost like a mouth; muscles still moving, constricting some, and expelling more of his offering, as it started to go back into shape. “Damn, baby, I really did a number on your asshole, huh?” “Did it hurt,” he asked.

She could see the wonder and concern in his face and quickly let him off the hook, “No, hon, it felt great.”

“It felt good when you let me massage your ass and stick my finger into it, didn’t it,” she asked. She held her breath waiting for him to answer and looked at his face for the emotions to show true.

He hated to admit it, especially out loud, some things shouldn’t have to be admitted he thought. But he was afraid if he didn’t tell the truth, one of two things might not happen again. One, she might not stimulate him with her finger again, and two, she might not let him fuck her ass again.

“Well, yeah, it did,” he finally said, while hanging his head a bit so he wouldn’t have to meet her eyes.

She had finally gotten what she wanted and could feel her insides warming and fluttering in excitement. “Just remember, if you are bad, you will be punished, again.” Giggling, she continued, “And next time, maybe it will be your ass that gets reamed out real good.”

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