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Promises, Promises

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It’s been a long week. Friday has finally arrived and we’re able to relax and spend some time together. We’re dancing around the kitchen preparing supper together; or you are trying to prepare it. I’m trying to be helpful, but seem to be succeeding only getting in your way. You’ve scowled at me, flicked the dishtowel against my breasts, and slapped my bottom with a wooden spoon. I can’t help but wonder about the way this evening will end.

“Girl, if you don’t let up, I’m gonna’ have to whoop your ass,” you say with a raised eyebrow.

I’ve heard that before. It’s always been an idle threat and nothing has ever come of it. It’s become part of a verbal volleyball game. In a gentle and playful way, comments like that let me know where you stand on different things. It’s a fun way of communicating about sometimes difficult issues. If it was the only way we communicated, especially about difficult issues, I would be nervous and uncomfortable. But we also talk deeply and seriously about all of the things that are important to us, even the difficult issues.

I wonder why the fantasy of spanking holds a certain level of appeal for me as an alternative sexual experience. I think it might have more to do with control than either pain or punishment. In either case, I know that the thought of you bending me over your knee is very erotic. It does turn me on. I find my body responding to the mere idea of it. I can only imagine how hot the reality of it might be. I wonder if you feel the same way. Is that why you continue to tease me?

I’ve been pushing you even more than usual tonight on purpose. I want to see how this will play out. Will you deliver on the threats or continue to tease?

“Promises, promises,” I counter with a smile. Only you don’t look so pleased.

“Come here,” you command in a strong voice.

I look up, a little surprised.

“Why,” I ask tentatively.

“Just, come here.”

I walk toward you wondering if I’ve finally gone too far. You look very serious. I stop just in front of you. You reach out and pull me tightly against your body. With one hand you firmly grip both of my hands tightly behind my back. You look down directly into my eyes. There isn’t a hint of a smile anywhere in your expression.

“If you persist in pushin’ my buttons, girl, I’m seriously gonna’ have to show you who’s in charge here. That is a promise.”

Before releasing my hands your mouth opens and claims mine for a very demanding kiss. Your hand, the one holding both my hands tightly behind me, moves to the small of my back and presses me solidly against your groin. I can feel the hardness of your penis beneath the thick fabric of your jeans. You push me away suddenly. I am breathless and a little bit shaken.

The verbal banter between us has always been one of the most seductive and stimulating forms of foreplay. Tonight is no different. But there is a definite edge to tonight’s exchanges. I am deliberate in my attempts to get a rise out of you. I can see that you are trying to remain ever the southern gentleman, but that your patience is wearing thin.

As we sit down to eat, I’m chattering away about this, that and the other. You are obviously distracted by something. I continue to chatter through supper After clearing the dishes you wander into the family room and sit down. I hear the TV come on, but continue to chatter.

“That’s it. Get your sweet ass over here, now.”

I stop in mid sentence. My mouth hangs open.

“I said, get over here. I’m gonna’ whoop your ass; no more talking about it. And I’ve got something to shove in that pretty little mouth of yours if you don’t shut it.”

I get up, walk slowly toward you and stop just out of your reach.

“Take down your jeans.”

I look at you very unsure of what is happening and how to proceed.

“Take down your jeans,” you repeat. “Don’t make me tell you again.”

I slowly unzip my jeans and slide them down over my hips. I still have my shoes on, so I can’t take them off easily. Instead they act like a loose restraint around my ankles.

“Come closer.”

I do. Without warning your arm comes forward and you rip the front of my shirt open. Buttons go popping everywhere. You stand suddenly and your arms come around me. I’m thrown slightly off balance by the suddenness of your movement and the jeans around my ankles. Your mouth comes down on mine and your kiss is deep and insistent. Your tongue thrusts into my mouth demanding a response. I can feel your teeth against mine. I am breathless as your mouth opens further to devour mine.

I can feel your fingers trying to unhook the back of my bra. Finally, success. You push away from me and yank it off exposing my breasts. Your hands reach down and immediately begin to squeeze my nipples between your thumb and forefinger. Your mouth is all over mine. There is a sense of urgent demand in your touch. Your mouth finds my neck and I feel your teeth bite into the soft skin. You suck hard for a moment and then move on, gently nibbling your way down to my breasts. One hand grabs firmly on one breast, your mouth takes the other. I feel your teeth against the hard little points of my nipples. I cry out, surprised at the feeling.

You look up into my eyes and chuckle.

“Nervous,” you ask.

“A little,” I admit.

“Good, that’s what I want you to feel.”

I am a little nervous; more so than I had anticipated I would be if this ever happened. While I had been fantasizing about this type of controlled sexual encounter, the reality of it was certainly feeling very different than the fantasy of it. In the fantasy, I was still in control. It was my fantasy. But this is reality and you are clearly in control. You are bigger and stronger. You could hurt me easily, without even trying. Is it the edge of danger that provides a different type of stimulation?

I need to hang on to the one thing that I am most sure of – you. I trust you and I trust that you will not hurt me. I trust that because we have shared our fantasies and even talked specifically about this you will understand it is only role-playing, not representative of the day to day reality of our relationship.

Push me further to the edge than I have ever been perhaps, but not hurt me. We’ve talked about the thin line between sexual pleasure and pain. You know that I often like to go right to that line. I’m not into pain, but take me close and the orgasms are mind blowing.

It’s the raw, primal urge to mate with the most powerful male in the pack that fuels me. The alpha male is clearly stronger than all the others. He is proud and fully confident in his prowess.

You are an alpha male.

But you are not an animal. You are a man. You have a brain that you will use to balance your basic instinctual urges. At your core, you are sensitive and kind. You will take me with all the passion and power of your maleness, but moderate your physical strength with the discipline of your mind and the compassions of your soul.

All these thoughts are swirling through my head.

“You were cruisin’ for a bruisin’ and now you’re gonna get it. Turn around and bend over.

I do, stumbling a bit with the jeans twisted now around my ankles. Without warning, the backside of your hand meets the soft flesh of my bottom. The sound and the feel is muffled only slightly by my thin panties. Again your hand meets my backside. Your hands grab forcefully, digging into the soft flesh of my hips and pull me back against you. I can feel the heat coming from your crotch. I can feel the stiffness of your penis.

You back up a step and fall back into the chair.

“Over my knees,” you command.

I turn my body sideways and lean against the rough fabric of your jeans. My breasts are pressed hard against one thigh; my bottom rests on the other.

Slap. Your hand comes across my backside again. I shiver against your legs. Your hand doesn’t leave my bottom. Your fingers begin to knead the soft flesh of my cheeks. You grab the panties and pull them up into the crack of my bottom. With one hand holding tight to the waistband of the panties, the other hand pinches my now red bottom.

Slap. Slap. My bottom is beginning to sting a bit. The one hand, holding onto the waistband of the panties, pulls them taut. I can feel the fabric against the tender flesh of my vulva. Your fingers probe and push into my soft tissue. There is a different kind of sexual tension in the air.

I begin to raise myself off your knees. Your hand comes down quickly on my back.

“Stay where you are until I tell you to move,” you say gruffly and plant another slap on my bottom.

Time passes. The house is dark and silent. Your hands continue to knead the soft flesh of my bottom. My body is tense, waiting. Will there be another slap? What’s coming next?

“Stand up,” you order. “Bend over, facing away from me and grab your ankles.”

My bottom is sticking out in front of you. I hear you move. Looking through my legs, I can see you rise from the chair. I can hear the zipper of your pants go down. In an instant, your rock hard penis springs forth from the confines of your jeans. Your hands reach forward and pull me roughly against you. I begin to lose my balance; my jeans restricting my movements.

“Stay still,” you command as you shove your penis against me. “Is this what you want? You want my dick in your ass? Not yet. Maybe later. For now, turn around.”

You sit back down on the edge of the chair.

“On your knees and suck. You know how I like it. Do it exactly how I like it.”

I lean forward and take your penis into my hands. There is a bit of semen that has escaped. I reach down to lick the tip. I love the taste of you. I love the feel of you in my mouth. My tongue begins a slow descent down the full length of your magnificent shaft. I feel each and every vein throbbing. My tongue slides around the crown and under the ridge at the tip. Up and down covering each special spot with my mouth. I know you like it really slippery, so I work up as much saliva as I can and keep adding moisture as I go. My mouth is hot. Your penis is hotter still. Over and over I move against you. I take the whole length and girth of you into my mouth and suck hard, wrapping my lips around my teeth. I continue to suck and reach under your bottom to urge you deeper into my mouth. But we both know that the angle is awkward and will not allow for the deep throating that we both love.

“Get up,” you say suddenly.

I do and without asking, extricate myself from first my shoes, then my jeans and finally my panties. You rise again from the chair and drop your jeans beside mine on the floor. You drop to the floor and pull me down with you. Once on your back, you order, “Kneel over me. I want your mouth on my dick and your pussy above my face.”

Without another word, I do as you ask. This is a familiar position. One that we both know provides for maximum penetration of your penis in my mouth. As I slowly prepare to go down on you, I feel the backside of your hand slap my bottom again.

“I haven’t forgotten’ about your whoppin’ girl. Get my dick down your throat.”

I lean into your crotch and take the full length of you deep into my mouth. We both can feel the tip of your penis against the back of my throat, and moving down. I relax my mouth as much as I can so as not to gag, and slowly slide the tip of your penis around in the warm, moist recess of my mouth. I can hear you moan.

“That’s it girl. Don’t stop. That feels fuckin’ incredible. Don’t stop.”

But I need a deeper breath than I can get through my nose, so I pull my mouth away.

Slap. Slap.

“Girl, I said don’t stop.”

I go down again, taking your solid shaft deeper still into my mouth. It feels incredible on my end too, but after awhile does present a challenge in breathing. This time as I pull back, it is not off you, but just back to the up and down movement of my tongue along the full length of your penis. You are really wet and slippery. My mouth slides easily up and down you. I can feel the deep kneading of your fingertips into the softness of my bottom as my tongue circles your penis. This is amazing. Your strong hands play with my bottom, pushing and pulling my flesh. You spread my cheeks and pull my vagina close to your mouth.

Without warning I feel your chin against my clit. It is already swollen and hard. The roughness of your beard chaps my tender flesh. It feels like fine sandpaper against my skin. I raise my head from your penis for a moment.

Slap. Slap. Although the pressure of your hand has not increased, the sensation has deepened. My bottom is tingling and stinging.

“Don’t stop,” you order.

I move down to take you penis again in my mouth. I try desperately to concentrate on your penis in my mouth. It is so difficult to ignore the feelings you are stirring up between my legs. When I can take it no longer, I shift my hips away from your face, moving slightly to the side of you rather than directly on top of you. I continue to suck on your penis.

Suddenly I feel your fingers shove deeply into my vagina. My mouth doesn’t miss a beat and begins to mimic the pace you set with your fingers. Slowly now, in and out, up and down, my mouth on your penis, your fingers inside my vagina. Faster and harder your fingers thrust into me. Faster and more firmly my mouth goes down on you. It is a dance. You are leading and I am following. Our bodies are in perfect sync. The scents and sounds of sex fill the room.

I can feel your penis grow stiffer in my mouth, a sure sign that your orgasm is nearing. I lift my head and move in with my hand. Wrapping my full hand around the thickness of your penis, I begin to stroke you quickly in an up and down motion.

Slap. “Oh no girl, I’m not finished with your ass. Move around so I can get behind you. This isn’t over until I say it’s over.” Slap.

The carpet is rough on my knees. I lean my shoulders down like I know you like and feel you come at me. Your penis is like a heat guided missile. You know exactly where you want to be. I am ready for you. Your hands grab firmly onto my hips.

“Hold still, damn it.” Slap.

It’s so hard for me. I try to concentrate.

Your fingertips are digging into me, spreading my cheeks and pulling my bottom tighter against your groin. I can feel the steel rod of your penis pressing against my ass demanding entry. I am concentrating and holding very still. I feel you thrust deep into me. I cry out. In one shove, you push past the rim and the full length of your penis is buried in my ass. Before you begin to move, I can feel the pressure of your testicles against the cheeks of my bottom. You stop for only a moment and then begin to thrust, in and out. The full length of your penis slides easily in and out of my ass. I am so hot for you.

Slap. Slap. Slap. Your penis is firmly planted deep in my ass. Your fingers knead the tender flesh of my bottom. The minute you entered me, I could feel the quivering and tingling deep inside me. The intensity is beyond belief. My whole body is on fire. I am shuddering and shaking, inside and out. The tension is my body has been building from the first slap and is now about to peak. There is only one thing missing. You read my mind, reaching one hand around my groin to grab my clit. The second your fingers make contact, I am gone. My body explodes. You grab the stiff little tip of my clit hard between your fingers and squeeze. Your penis is filling up every inch of my ass. I can feel the power of the release in every nerve ending on my body. The fluids rush out of me and bath us in hot sticky wetness.

My knees buckle and I slide forward. My bare skin is chaffed by the rough carpet. But before I even fully hit the ground, you roughly pull me back.

Slap. Slap. “We’re not finished here.”

You begin to move again, your penis burying itself deeper into my ass, only to slide out and then thrust in again. There is no resistance at all. I am totally open to you. The fluids of my orgasms have only further lubricated the already easy entry. You pound and pound into me. The strength and depth of your thrusting is awesome. Your hands spread my cheeks and I can feel your testicles slap against me. I am raw, swollen and sore and still you keep coming. My body is still responding to you. With each thrust I moan in pleasure.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Come into me deep and hard. I want all of you. Harder. Deeper. Come in my ass,” I cry.

Is it possible that the intensity increases and the pace quickens? Slap. Slap. Slap. Your hand and your penis slap into me. Over and over again you pound into me.

Then, as suddenly as it all began, it is over. Your body stills. I can feel the last surge as your penis swells inside my ass. I can feel the contractions in your testicles as they press against me. I can fell the shuddering inside you. It moves from deep within you and out, through your testicles and down the length of your penis. The hot semen surges through your body and shoots into my ass. I can feel the 28mph force of your release into me. We are both sloppy wet, overflowing with our combined juices.

I hear a heavy sigh as you slowly disengage your body from mine. There is almost a popping sound as your penis leaves my ass. You filled me up and now have left a void. You flop down on the floor. My knees finally give way and I fall right beside you.

The house is quiet and dark. I hear the ragged sound of our breathing. Time passes. Slap.

Surprised, I look up. You’re smiling softy as me.

“You’re not finished girl,” you chuckle. “You got some clean up to attend to; other wise I might have to take you over for knee for another whoppin'”

I smile back. “Promises, promises.”

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