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Private Party

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Sharon stood in front of her closet, sliding hangers one way, then the other. She really had no desire to go out tonight, but Jeff had made it very clear, this evening was important. If he was ever going to make the right connections in the company or have any chance of moving up the Corporate Ladder, this was the going to be the first rung.

She’d been to dozens of these parties, and it was always the same. Middle-aged women wearing heavy cologne that choked the very air from your lungs, while their paunchy husbands groped at whomever and whatever was closest. She sighed and finally pulled out her black sheath. A single strand of pearls and her hair pulled up in a tight French knot should be just the ticket. Jeff always wanted her to look like a “showpiece” and tonight would certainly be no different. “Make them look twice, honey.” She’d heard it a hundred times before. …”this ought to do it”. Sharon laid the dress across the bed and headed for the bathroom. Jeff would be home in just over an hour. He’d barely have time to change his clothes and she wanted to be out of the shower before he got home.

She was just stepping out of the shower when she heard his car pull in the drive. “Perfect timing” she smiled to herself and headed back toward the bedroom to start the process of becoming “provocative but elegant.” The dress clung like a second skin, so it was important to pay attention to every detail. She slipped her legs into the black satin thong, then a matching black satin bra. Sheer black stocking and her favorite strappy heels and the outfit was nearly complete. Her make-up was light. Just a touch of blush on the cheeks and some shadow and mascara to highlight her already striking green eyes, and that was all she needed. She smiled as Jeff came into the bedroom “You better shake a leg, honey. We have less than an hour to be out of here if we’re going to make an entrance.” Jeff nodded and headed straight for the bathroom. “Quick shower and I’ll be ready.” As the bathroom door closed, Sharon looked back into the mirror, satisfied with the end result, then began to knot and twist her long auburn hair. She chose a pair of faux pearl hair clips and in no time at all had created an perfect knot at the back of her head. Once again, she sought approval in the vanity mirror.

As she slipped the black sheath over her arms and reached back for the zipper, she heard Jeff calling from the bathroom.

“Lay out my gray suit, will you please, honey?”

Sharon finished zipping the dress and opened the closet door, muttering to herself. “Gray suit….gray suit…ahhh, here we are.”

She chose a soft blue dress shirt and striped tie. With onyx cufflinks and tie tack, this would be perfect. She laid it all out across the bed, smoothed the suit coat with the palm of her hand then proceeded to slip her high heels on. She gave a quick glance in the mirror, turning one way then the other, running her hands down over her backside. She smiled at the end result. “Not a single line.” More to herself than anyone else.

“What was that, honey?” Jeff questioned as he emerged from the bathroom.

Sharon did a quick turn in the middle of the floor. “Well, what do you think?”

Jeff’s smile broadened with approval. “Perfect! Absolutely perfect.”

They arrived at the country club right on time. As they entered the private ballroom, Jeff was immediately flagged from across the room.

“Get yourself a drink, will you honey?” he motioned toward the bar, and was gone. He disappeared into the sea of people so quickly, Sharon couldn’t even begin to find him. With a despondent sigh, she made her way to the bar and slid up onto a nearby stool and ordered.

“Bourbon and coke, please”. The bartender smiled as he poured the amber liquor over ice and then topped it off with a nothing more than a splash of cola. Sharon smiled as she took the first sip, then placed the glass back on the bar, turning to scan the room for her husband. With still no sign of Jeff, Sharon once again turned her concentration back to the bourbon in her hand.

“Well, that’s a discouraged look if ever I saw one.”

The voice was soft but low. Sharon turned, to see a familiar face and smiled.

“Oh thank God! I was beginning to think I’d be stuck here alone on this damn stool all night.”

Janet Driscoll was around the same age as Sharon. Their husbands had come to work for the company at the same time and over the last few years they’d met at several of these social affairs.

Janet’s smile was warm, friendly. No matter how much time passed between their encounters, they always seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

“Not a chance, lady. I’m bored beyond words. Charlie disappeared into that labyrinth almost half and hour ago and I’ve been wandering around here lost ever since. When I saw Jeff in the midst of the madness I knew you had to be here somewhere.”

Sharon laughed as she spoke. “So you figured I’d be here lushing at the bar, huh?”

Janet chuckled as she picked up Sharon’s bourbon and helped herself to a gulp. “Care to get the hell out of here?”

Sharon smiled. “You don’t have to ask me twice! Where are we going?”

“Anywhere but here, sweetheart…anywhere but here”, Janet laughed as she made her way toward the edge of the room and out the door into the lounge.

It was Janet who spoke first as she flopped into an overstuffed chair. “God, I’m really beginning to detest these things.”

Sharon looked over at the woman and nodded. “Beginning? What took you so long?”

They both laughed as Janet fished a pack of cigarettes out of her purse, lighting one then handing the pack and her lighter to Sharon.

Sharon pulled the slender cigarette from the pack, lighting it and handing them back to Janet. “There has to be a better way. All this “climbing the corporate ladder bullshit is enough to drive me to drink.” Sharon laughed as she took another hard gulp of her bourbon.

Janet looked over at the woman she had become so fond of. Although they really didn’t know each other well, Sharon had always been the one she seemed to gravitate toward. She liked Sharon’s ease, the way they clicked almost instantly. “I have an idea.” Janet stated almost emphatically. “Follow me.”

Sharon watched as Jan made her way toward the door, then stood and followed her out into the parking lot.

“They’ll never miss us.” Janet said with a grin. “And I know just the place to spend a nice quiet evening.. We’ll take my car, and leave yours for Jeff and Charlie.”

Sharon giggled, realizing she was still carrying the bourbon in her hand and followed Janet to the car.

“Where the hell are we going?” she questioned between giggles.

“C’mon. It’s a surprise.” Janet laughed as she unlocked the doors of her SUV and convinced Sharon to climb in.

“Okay, Jan. Whatever you say.”

Janet liked the sound of that and grinned. She was glad it was dark and Sharon couldn’t see the look on her face as she pulled the car out of the lot.

It was less than a 15 minute drive before Janet shut off the engine. Sharon looked around. Everything seemed to be in total darkness. “Where are we?”

Janet smiled then turned the headlights up. In front of them stood the most darling little cabin Sharon had ever seen.

Jan continued to speak. “We bought this place a couple of years ago, so we could get out of the city on the weekends. What a joke. Charlie never has time to get up here. Seems as though the only time it gets used is if I come up here myself, just to get away from the rat race and make sure the place is still standing.”

Sharon opened her car door and slid out of the front seat. She felt her dress slide up her thighs and smoothed it back down as she walked toward the door.

“It’s adorable! God, I’d be here every weekend if it were mine.”

Jan smiled. “Well you’re always welcome, sweetheart. Anytime you want to join me, just say the word.”

Janet unlocked the door and turned on a dim light in the main room of the cabin. The room was fairly large and well decorated. Janet had such good taste when it came to things like this. She had been in the woman’s home only once but had fallen in love with the décor. Janet just seemed to have a flair for making everything feel warm and homey.

“Gosh, it’s just darling, Jan.” Sharon bubbled as she walked around the room. “Can I see the rest?”

Janet smiled as she led Sharon thru the cabin. “There isn’t much more to see. The kitchen has a small eating nook and there’s 2 bedrooms in the loft.”

Janet looked up as she spoke, flipping a light switch near the bottom of the stairs.

Another dim light came to life in the loft.

“Shall we?” Jan smiled and motioned for Sharon to make her way up the stairs.

Sharon stepped quickly, making her way to the top of the stairs, then gasped as she looked down over the railing.

“Ohhh, Janet! It’s just wonderful.” She was almost gushing as she took in the entire downstairs from high above in the loft.

Jan smiled as she walked toward the master bedroom and flipped on a light. “This is our room.”

Sharon gasped at the décor. The room was a soft blue, the trim and bedspread matching patterns of Hydrangea.

“Oh Jan, it’s simply beautiful. You really have a knack for this.”

Sharon ran her hand across the quilted hydrangeas and sighed.

“What’s the matter, honey?”

Jan’s voice was soft as she spoke. Her footsteps barely audible in the thick carpet as she moved closer to Sharon’s back.

She had already kicked her heels off and as she stood behind the woman, was still nearly as tall. Her hands were soft, her fingers long and slender and her desire to reach out for Sharon was almost overwhelming. It was at that moment Jan decided. “If I don’t do this now, I never will” and in a split second her fingers were gently pulling on the zipper of Sharon’s dress. Her breath was warm against the woman’s shoulders as she stepped in closer. Sharon’s sudden intake of air made her stop briefly, fully expecting the woman to turn and tell her to “stop”.

When it didn’t happen, Jan simply smiled and finished slipping the zipper the rest of the way down.

The woman’s hands felt like velvet as they slipped the black sheath from Sharon’s shoulders and slid it down over the curves of her body. When it landed silently on the carpet, Sharon never made a sound, but stepped carefully out of the dress, feeling Jan’s fingers at the back of her bra. It seemed as though the hooks nearly opened themselves, and without a word, Sharon slid the straps down her arms and let it fall to the floor beside her dress.

Sharon stood in silence, feeling Janet’s warm breath on the back of her neck as the woman began to place soft kisses along the strand of pearls. Without a sound, she felt Janet’s hands slide around her and gently cup the roundness of her breasts, her nipples immediately responding to the soft brush of Janet’s thumbs across them. As she closed her eyes, she felt every inch of her body begin to tingle. It was almost as if Jan could read her mind as the woman continued to tease at her stiffened nipples. Her fingers were soft but strong as she pinched and rolled them to complete erection. Sharon’s moans cracked in her throat as she felt her arousal grow hot between her legs. Her whole body had to come to life the minute Jan touched her, yet all she could do now was stand in silence and feel her body giving in.

Janet’s touch was strong, controlling as her hand slid up the middle of Sharon’s back. It was with complete submission that Sharon found herself kneeling in the center of Janet’s antique iron bed.

Janet moved silently around the room, dimming the lights and finally peeling away her own clothes. Wearing only a pair of black lace panties, Jan placed one knee on the edge of the bed and reached for Sharon’s arm. Again, the woman’s touch was gentle, but there was a command to the way she took Sharon’s wrist in her hand and reached for the iron headboard.

Sharon whimpered quietly as she watched the woman slip a soft velvet band around her wrist and fasten it securely to the iron post., then without so much as a peep, walk around to the opposite side of the bed and repeat the same movements. With her mind racing, Sharon watched as Jan crawled onto the bed. Her hands strong, yet gentle as they caressed Sharon’s tits as they dangled freely underneath her. It was the sudden sharp pain of being pinched that sent a current from Sharon’s nipples straight to her clit.

“Oh God” she heard herself moan as Janet twisted and tweaked each nipple between her thumb and index finger.

Janet never uttered a word, but hooked her fingers into the string of Sharon’s thong and slipped it easily down over the woman’s hips. Sharon felt the small strip of fabric slide between her thighs and down her legs. Completely vulnerable now, she could do nothing more than lower her forehead to the pillows. A small helpless whimper escaped her throat as she felt Janet’s hands caressing the round fullness of her ass as it raised in the air.

Sharon’s whimper quickly turned to a soft scream as she felt the sting of Janet’s hand on her ass. The slap of Janet’s hand sent a jolt through her body like she had never felt before. Only in her wildest fantasies had anything ever come close to feeling this good. Only in the darkest corners of her mind had she ever allowed herself to be here, yet now, it was no fantasy, and the dark corners of her desires were coming to life.

It was barely a whisper as Sharon heard her own words.

“Janet, please.”

Again, there was only silence as she felt the woman’s hands on the cheeks of her ass. They tugged gently, parting the soft mounds of flesh, exposing more and more of Sharon’s desire. Her juices glistened on the soft lips of her pussy. Her tight pink hole quivered as she felt Janet’s hands tugging…stretching the puckered rim of her tight forbidden hole.

Soft moans were the only sound that filled the room as Sharon felt Janet’s tongue start to make a path between her cheeks. Her asshole quivered with pure delight as she felt the woman’s tongue drag across it then circle gently, hot saliva wetting the rim with each slow lap of Janet’s tongue. As she felt her body give in to the soft pleasure of Janet’s tongue, the sudden sting of the woman’s hand sent another jolt through her body that seemed to end directly on the swollen tip of her clit. Her pussy felt as hot as the skin on her ass, and all she could do was moan and beg for more.

“Janet…oh Janet please!”

It was the softness of Jan’s fingers at her neck that sent a shiver of goosebumps down the middle of her back. She felt the strand of pearls slip easily from her neck and her immediate reaction was to reach up toward her throat. It was then that she was reminded of the velvet bindings around her wrists.

She would have never imagined those pearls giving her so much pleasure, but as she felt Janet’s hands once again start to part the cheeks of her ass, her breath drew in quick and deep. One by one, she felt the smooth round pearls penetrating her. One by one Janet placed them at the tight puckered hole and pushed gently, the soft tip of her finger probing carefully as the strand slowly disappeared. With her forehead low and her ass high in the air, Sharon’s moans were muffled by the pillow, until once again she felt the sharp sting of Janet’s hand. Her head lifted instantly from the pillows, her back arching hard as she let out a scream. Her mind was reeling as she felt the heat of Janet’s handprint on her ass.

“Oh, God. Oh my God!” Sharon managed to whimper thru short gasps for breath.

It was Janet’s hand tugging at her hair that jerked her head from the pillows this time.

With her head pulled back and her body arched hard, Sharon only whimpered. Her clit was throbbing almost painfully and the ache in her pussy went so deep she thought she would lose her mind wanting to be filled.

Janet’s fingers felt strong as they slid along Sharon’s pussy. Her juices coated them almost instantly and it was with ease that the woman entered her cunt with 3 long slender fingers.

“Ahhhh God, yes!” Sharon moaned as she felt the penetration.

“Oh, yes, please Jan…please. I want it. I need it so badly”

A deep steady rhythm took Jan’s fingers in and out of Sharon’s wet throbbing pussy. Her hips rocked slowly at first, then harder as she felt the bindings tug at her wrists. With each thrust of Jan’s hand, Sharon groaned with pleasure, urging the woman to enter her again and again. With each thrust, Jan’s fingers made their way deeper and deeper, until she could feel the throbbing walls of Sharon’s cunt tighten and squeeze down around them. Sharon’s moans turned to pleas as she heard the words escape her throat.

“Fuck me, Janet…oh God please.! Fuck me hard!”

With thrust after relentless thrust, Janet plunged her fingers in and out of Sharon’s dripping pussy. Sharon’s panting was pure pleasure as she felt her friends fingers pumping harder and harder into her tight throbbing cunt.

“Make me cum…oh God, Jan make me cum!”

Through clenched teeth, Jan’s voice finally echoed in Sharon’s ears.

“Want it bad, Sharon? Want it real bad?” Jan moaned. “Mmm…such a naughty little slut aren’t you Sharon?” Jan teased as she plunged her fingers back into the woman’s wet pussy.

Sharon groaned as she listened to the low rasp in Janet’s voice.

“Oh, yes, Janet. Yes! I’m a slut. I’ll be your slut. Just please, make me cum!”

It was the sting of Janet’s hand on her ass yet again and the sudden pull of her hair that brought Sharon’s body arching off the pillows again.

“Beg for it, Sharon. Beg like the slut you are!” Janet demanded. “I want a slut in my bed tonight!”

Sharon’s whimpers became almost sobs as she felt the pain inside her. The need to release was making her pussy ache as once again she pleaded with Jan.

“Do it, Jan. Anything you want. Make me your slut and let me cum!”

Once again Jan’s fingers thrust their way deep into Sharon’s cunt, this time her thumb pressing in hard around the woman’s swollen pink clit.

With each drive of Janet’s fingers into her pussy, Sharon groaned and pushed her hips back to meet the woman’s hand. With each thrust, Sharon felt Jan’s thumb press in harder on her clit.

“Jan, Oh God, Janet please. Let me cum. I’m begging you, please! Let me cum”

It was the feel of Janet’s fingers against her warm tight asshole that finally sent Sharon over the edge. One by one Janet slid the strand of pearls from Sharon’s tight puckered ass. One by one they popped against the rim, opening it gently then letting it pucker shut before the next little bead made its way out.

It was the sudden fullness that Sharon never expected. With both hands planted firmly on the woman’s ass, Janet pulled Sharon back toward her. It was the thick hard latex strapped to Janet’s hips that made Sharon’s body jerk and arch. The entry was hard and deliberate. Jan’s hips slammed hard up against Sharon’s thighs and ass and the rhythm was immediately deep and steady.

“Take it, Sharon. Take it hard!” Jan commanded as she pumped the woman’s cunt full with the stiff latex hard-on.

With thrust after unmerciful thrust, Janet plunged the toy in and out of Sharon’s pussy. With thrust after thrust, Janet felt the pressure against her own swollen throbbing clit.

The slap of Jan’s hand on her ass only urged Sharon to rock back harder. The growl in her friends voice drove her back on the cock again and again.

“Fuck it, Sharon. Fuck my hard wet cock with that hot slippery pussy!”

Jan’s own body was on fire. The way Sharon gave in to her. The way she seemed to know exactly what Jan wanted and needed from her.

As she felt her thighs tense and tighten, Janet pulled back one last time, then lunged forward with the full thrust of her hips.

It was the full pressure against her clit that sent her over the edge. Her body went rigged as she felt the orgasm take over. At the same time, Sharon felt Jan’s thighs slam up against her ass and the head of the cock drive into her gspot and the full tip of her bladder. The sudden hot spurt from between her legs almost sent her flying. The warm trickle down the inside of her thighs felt so good she wanted to scream, but not a sound came from her throat except the low deep groan of her orgasm. As her body shuddered with relief, she felt the thick pool of cum between her thighs and her body collapse against the cool crisp bed clothes. With her wrists still bound, she lay silently waiting.

Jan’s legs were trembling as she made her way to the head of the bed and began to release Sharon’s arms from the iron posts.

Her voice was once again soft as she lifted Sharon from the pillows and kissed her gently. “Get dressed honey. We don’t have much time.”

Sharon looked at the clock on the nightstand and picked her clothes up off the floor. Trying desperately to resituate herself into the black sheath and stockings. With her hair down and tousled, she ran her hands quickly thru it and brushed it into place as best she could.

“Okay, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” Sharon giggled as they made their way back down the stairs.

Jan stopped at the bottom of the staircase and smiled at her friend.

“Funny, about an hour ago I was thinking exactly the same thing.”

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