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Pretty Vivi

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Vivienne couldn’t believe it. How the hell could she lose her keys again? This was the third time she couldn’t find the keys to her apartment in the last 4 months. And as she dumped everything out of her purse onto the floor, the grim reality set in. She was locked out. It was 2am. She was tired from work. AND, the super would be gone for 2 days so there’s no way she could even get another set of keys.

She would’ve called the locksmith but it was too late, and her celly was dead. The charger was in the apartment.

“Damn it!” she cursed and bent down to pick up all the contents of her purse. There’s no way she was going to sleep in her car. Not in this neighborhood. She considered her very few options. Driving to Maria’s was a possibility, but by the time she’d get to her girlfriend’s house it would be after 3, and the girl has to get up for work early. Bad idea. She could try to break into her apartment by climbing the fire escape and smashing the window. Very bad idea. Her only other option was waking up her next-door neighbor, Julio.

Viv knew that Julio lived alone. He was a few years older than her, but still young (27). Puerto Rican and Cuban. Good-looking, but she knew he was involved in some gangs in the area and into drugs. She tried to stay away from those types. Plus, he made her uncomfortable cause every time she’d run into him he’d look her over and make some lewd comments. He’d never give up, either. But he was her last resort.

When she walked up to his door she could smell the cigarette smoke from the inside and hear faint music. She knocked hesitantly. Hearing footsteps, she knew he was up. She heard a banging noise and cursing in Spanish. Then the door opened.

“What’s up, mami. What you need at this time? Hmm? you fine thing you..” He said looking her up and down.

She was so sexy to him. He loved her long layered chocolate brown hair, beautiful light green/grey eyes, full lips, small but perky breasts, thin waist, wide hips, juicy ass, and sexy thighs. “Mmm mm mm..” he thought to himself.

Vivienne stared at him. He was standing in the doorway leaning against the door, no shirt so his tattooed body was on display. Nice 6 pack, bulging arms..very fit this one was. He had his long hair braided, and he was wearing a pair of really baggy sweats. He was barefoot and smoking a cigarette.

“Listen Julio, I’m really sorry to be knocking on your door at this time, but I’m locked out and there’s nothing I can do about it was thinking that..maybe..possibly..” She didn’t get to finish because he smiled and said, “You can crash here for the night, ma. Don’t even stress it. I got you.” And with that said, he held the door open for her and she walked inside. The door locked behind her.

The apartment was nice. She’s never been inside before. Not that she hadn’t been invited. It was plain but modern and surprisingly clean. Candles were lit in a few places and apart from the cigarette smoke the place smelled good. He led her to the bedroom and pointed to the bed.

“You can sleep here, pretty Vivi. I’d join you but I’m going to try to be a gentleman and give you privacy. If you want, I can give you a tshirt or somethin to sleep in.” He offered. Vivienne politely declined, smiling to herself at him calling her “pretty Vivi”. She was surprised at how much more comfortable she felt being there. Maybe he wasn’t such a perverted asshole after all.

“Well, I’m gonna go knock out on the couch. Holla if you need anything, mamita. Good night.” he said and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

She was alone in the room, most of which was filled up by the huge king-sized bed. There were mirrors on the wall by the headboard, and more on the ceiling. A desk in the corner held a laptop, a few speakers of different sizes, a radio and his colognes. Pagers and cellphones littered the shelf above the desk. His bedroom was pretty clean apart from the big piles of clothes by the closet that itself seemed to be overflowing with clothes and sneakers. “He has more clothes than me” she thought.

Very tired from work, she needed to sleep. Not about to sleep in her uncomfortable clothes, she slipped off her heels, took off her black slacks, followed by the tight white stretch buttondown shirt. Left in black knee-highs, a black g-string and a nude lace bra, she took off her jewelry and let her hair loose, and climbed into bed. Viv was asleep within minutes.

Julio couldn’t fall asleep. He lay on the couch staring at the ceiling trying not to think about the sexy female in his bed. His big cock grew harder as he thought about fucking Viv from the back. How her ass would jiggle as he fed her his meat. His dick was fully erect, tenting the front of his pants quite nicely. He needed to fuck her.

Walking to his bedroom, he listened through the door and heard her light snoring. Slowly opening the door, he walked in. The light from the street light outside shone through the window, enabling him to see her sprawled out in his bed. She was laying on her side, her back facing him. The comforter covered most of her body but he could see a bit of her bare ass peeking out. He walked up to the bed and gently pulled the comforter off her body, exposing her.

“Daaaamn..she’s so fuckin fine” he thought as he looked at sexy figure. Those smooth tan thighs looking so soft and delicious, that g-string..mmmm.. He thought for a moment about his actions, but he didn’t care. He needed her right now and didn’t care whether she would protest or not.

Julio pulled his sweats off, letting his thick long dick spring out, and climbed onto the bed. He pulled her to the side a little bit so she’d be laying on her back, and as he did that, Vivienne’s eyes flew open.

“What are you doing? No..get the fuck off me you motherfucker!” She yelled, trying to push him off the bed.

“Shh mami. Calm down babygirl. You’ll love my dick. I’m gonna make you cum more than you can handle. Trust me, mami. You’ll thank me later.” He said with a smirk and grabbed both of her swinging arms and held then up above her head, while pinning her legs with his knees. She was still yelling so with one swift move, he ripped her flimsy g-string off and stuffed it in her mouth. Tears welled up in her eyes. But she was helpless. She was so small compared to him. She was 5’6 while he was about 6’2 and much stronger than her.

Not letting go of her arms, he pushed up her bra with his free hand and moved down to suck on her pretty pink nipples. She struggled hard but after a few moments of him suckling on her sensitive peaks, the struggling subsided. Still not letting go, he continued to suck and nibble at her breasts and lick around the now-hard nipples till he heard a quiet moan escape her lips. He pulled the g-string from her mouth and kissed her roughly, biting her lower lip before breaking the kiss. Viv’s eyes were glazed over and her cheeks were flushed. He knew it would be easy going from this point on. He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“ are so sexy, baby..I know you want me..Why are you denying me? Don’t struggle no more, ma.”

Then he licked down her neck, between her breasts, sweeping his tongue over her hard nipples, and then down to her belly, planting kisses around her bellybutton, before finally licking down her hairless pussy mound. She gasped as his tongue parted her pussy lips and flicked her clit.

“You like it when I lick your nani, don’t you baby” he said and continued exploring her pussy with his tongue, lapping up her juices, spreading her thighs more to gain more access to her hot box.

Vivienne couldn’t help but moan and squirm as Julio ate her cunt. It felt so amazing. Every stroke of his tongue against her clit and every time he plunged his tongue inside of her brought her closer and closer to orgasm until she finally came, moaning loudly and closing her eyes as her pussy spasmed and her juices flowed into his mouth.

“That’s right baby. Cum for me. Cum for papi. You taste so good. Mmm..That nani’s so wet..Yes baby..Que rica..”

She sighed deeply as the orgasm subsided, relaxing her muscles. She looked down and saw Julio looking up at her from between her thighs, licking his lips. It was so erotic. He made her feel so good. He turned her on so much, too. She loved it when he talked in Spanish to her in his deep voice. With that accent.

Moving up to her face, he kissed her, letting her taste herself. Precum was now steadily leaking from his cock, and he wanted to be inside of her. Pushing her thighs apart just a bit more, he guided the head of his dick to her pussy and rubbed it against her clit, making her moan again before sliding inside her. They both groaned as he pushed into her, his length and width stretching her hot pussy. It felt so good, so filling. And then he gradually began moving in and out as she gasped for air and pulled him towards her.

He kissed her sweaty forehead and moaned in her ear as she wrapped her legs around him, feeling as if she was melting because of the intense pleasure. Pulling him even closer, she gnawed at his shoulder, making him hiss with pain and fuck her harder. He grabbed her legs and pushed them back so her knees rested by her breasts, and withdrew his cock, plunging into her completely..again and again..She screamed and clawed at him..the pleasure so intense. She came hard screaming his name. Thighs shaking, pussy squeezing his dick so hard..he loved it. She was pure sex. He loved how she pulled on her nipples as she peaked. How she bit her lips and threw her head back, arching her back and bring those perky tits to his face. He knew he would cum soon, but he had plans for that.

“Baby, flip over on your stomach..I want you doggy style. Come on, mamita” he coaxed and helped her turn over. The sight of her juicy but tight ass was great. He put his hands on her shoulder blades and pushed down gently so that her breasts would be resting on the bed but her ass would be up in the air. And then, grabbing on to the back of her arms, he entered her, gasping at how good her pussy felt around his dick. He fucked her hard and fast, loving the way her ass would jiggle..loving the loud slapping noise as their sweaty bodies made contact..his balls and thighs hitting her soft ass as he buried his dick in that tight box.

“Damn mami..I’m gonna cum..” he grunted, pounding her harder, bringing her to another orgasm. And just as she climaxed, he pulled out and with a loud groan shot his cum all over her ass.

“Oh my god…” she managed to say, out of breath. “That was fucking amazing” and looked back at him with a smile. He smiled back, grabbing a towel to wipe his cum off her ass.

After he wiped her and himself off, he collapsed next to her breathing heavily. She flipped over on her back and lay next to him. They looked at each other in fulfillment.

“Give me a few minutes, pretty Vivi..I’m not done wit you yet.” Julio said, cupping her breast, watching her beautiful eyes widen in shock.

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