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Poppi’s Pet

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I’m a sucker for a deep authoritative voice. Few men understand how powerful their voice is or the effect it can have on some women. Like me. The right words uttered in a certain tone are guaranteed to snatch my breath away and cause an instant puddle between my legs.

In such a mood, I don’t want to be asked what I want.

I want you to show me you know how to handle your new little sex kitten. A firm tone is an aphrodisiac. It creates havoc in my blood.

You must earn your prize. The harder you work to master me the more you will appreciate my gift.

I want your hands on me taking and touching wherever you like, while you tell me exactly what you want from me and how you’re going to make me into your little sex toy. How you plan to use me for your pleasure because you know that’s what will bring me the most pleasure. And pleasuring me is what makes you smile.

I want to be guided to my knees and allowed to love your beautiful, hard cock with my mouth while listening to your low, sexy voice telling me what a good little girl I’m going to learn to be for you.

I imagine you spreading a towel over the end of a table and laying me down on it, all the while listening to you assure me that you know what a naughty little girl I’ve been, how badly I need a good spanking and that you should have taken me in hand long ago.

Your voice is low and erotic, sensual to the point of hypnotic. I don’t object to anything you do. You work methodically settling me low on the table with a pillow under my head and another under my ass.

It’s but moments before you’ve secured my arms to the table and pushed my little skirt up exposing my bare pussy. I try to close my legs but you quickly find my clit and pinch the delicate bud. “Open them, little one. Give your Poppi what he wants.

When I shake my head and close my eyes you grab my chin and force me look at you.

“Close your eyes again and I’ll take you over my knee and give you a taste of my whip.”

I’m not sure I’m ready to challenge that threat so I fight to keep my eyes open even when my face flushes red as you pull my legs open and secure my ankles with Velcro bands attached at each corner of the table. Two more straps are attached just above my knees which you use to pull them up opening me even more. I’m spread obscenely wide.

Without a fight, just using your voice you’ve managed to restrain and expose me, leaving me defenseless and utterly at your mercy.

You walk to the stand holding your suitcase and began rifling through it. I can hear things being laid on the bedside table but your body is blocking what you’re doing. After several minutes you walk into the bathroom, moments later I hear water running.

Bound and spread open I try to control the rising flush working it’s way up my body as you stand in the doorway surveying your handy work.

Setting the bowl of water on the table you draw a chair to the edge of the table and settle yourself between my sprawled legs.

For the longest time nothing happens and I watch as you just sit there taking in the view before you. How utterly helpless I am. I open my mouth to speak but you hold up a hand and shush me. I fall silent as I realize you’re basking in your power. You’ve earned the right. You’re male and you’ve taken your prize.

With a pleased chuckle you reach into the bowl for the hot cloth and wring it out before applying it to my mound where it rests for about a minute before you remove it and carefully begin shaving my pussy.

I’m mesmerized as I lift my head and watch you pull the lips out and run the mini shaver along the edge and along the sensitive inner ridge. I shiver as I feel your slick fingers brush my clit.

All the while you keep talking to me, telling me how much I’m going to love pleasing you. How you’ll teach me to be your little cum kitten. Your very special little girl.

You lay aside the razor and shaver and looking into my eyes you slide your finger along my wet slit while the fingers of your other hand stroke my clit until they coax my hardened little nub to poke up. Grasping the sensitive bud you carefully begin jacking it off between your finger tips.

I’m already under the thrall of your voice. My pussy is dripping wet and I can’t keep still.

“Do you know how you look laying there all open to me? Your pussy all swollen and glistening wet, begging to be fucked. But not yet little one. We’ve got lots of training to do before you find release.”

I don’t think there’s any way I can keep from coming. Just your eyes devouring me, your hands all over and sliding inside me. Just one finger at first but soon I feel another then yet another push its way deep inside.

“If you come without permission you’ll be punished.”

Oh God. I know I’m going to cum. I can’t help it. Your fingers are playing over my flesh teasing, pinching, pulling, opening and exposing me to your hungry gaze.

I arch off the table trying to keep contact with your hands but they’ve moved up to my breasts. Now they’re pinching and twisting my nipple. You never stop talking to me. Your words painting vivid scenes in my mind of what you have planned for me.

“I know how badly you want to come, little one but not yet. I have something that will help.”

I lift my head trying to see what you’re doing between my splayed thighs. The light flashes along what looks like a thin glass pipette. You tug on my little pleasure pearl until it’s once again poking from it’s hood then I watch you carefully place the clear tube over my clit and taking the open end of the tube in your mouth you begin to suck with a steady pressure. I watch, fascinated as my clit slowly fills the cylinder.

I can barely stand the sensations created by this but you’re not done. You remove a small eyedropper from a bottle sitting beside you and hold it close to the end of the glass tube. My clit has risen almost half-way up the slender tube, it’s glistening with my juices and I swear I can see it throbbing.

The liquid filling the eyedropper looks like liquid gold and I watch as you give one more mighty suck on the open end of the tube bringing my ass off the table with the intense sensation it creates in my gut. Placing a restraining hand firmly on my mound to keep me still, you quickly replace your mouth with the dropper. Two then three drops of the shimmering liquid are squeezed into the tube and onto my engorged clit. Immediately my clit feels like it’s in the fires of hell and I open my mouth to scream.

But you’re ready for my reaction and quickly move to my head and slide your cock deep down my throat effectively cutting off my cries.

Pinching my nipple you draw back and looking deep into my watering eyes you smile and slide your beautiful cock between my lips and down my throat.

Every moment your mouth isn’t locked to some part of me, you’ve been praising, explaining, threatening and coaxing me. Now you explain that the liquid will numb my clit for a few minutes while you finish getting me ready.

I realize you’re right. I can still feel my clit burning but it’s also a bit like having a shot of Novacane at the dentist. You remove the pipette and quickly snap a tiny silver ring around the base of my engorged clit.

We both stare at my erect little clitoris looking like an angry glistening miniature penis poking impudently from it’s protective hood. You lean forward and breath lightly on it. Your breath is like lava searing over it. I can’t keep still nor can I hold back the deep moan the heat rips from me.

“Like that do you? It’s a little elixir I concocted using tiger balm and glycerin. I think it’ll come in handy during your training.”

I don’t know whether I can take it or not. But then again, I’m not being given an option.

You’ve brought your cock back to my mouth and I open automatically to receive you. I love the feel of you pumping my mouth. My body betrays my arousal writhing on the table as you bury your hands in my hair and guide my head up and down your shaft.

I can feel you start to swell and know you’re close to an orgasm. I try to pull away so that you don’t come in my mouth. You grasp the back of my head and continue guiding me even as I try to pull back. Your thrusts become jerky and I know you’re getting close.

I don’t realize that your guiding me with only one hand until you grasp my clit and begin sliding your slick, wet fingers up and down it. I gasp at the exquisite pain/pleasure it creates and my mind spins out of control from your cock fucking my mouth and your fingers jacking my clit. You roar as you shoot, I pull back but you stroke my clit faster and faster while burying your cock to the back of my throat. Your cum gushes down my throat even as you loosen your hold on my head. Reaching down you twist and pull my nipple as I swallow the last of your cum.

” And that, little girl was your first lesson in sucking and swallowing.”

I groan in frustration. I want to cum. I need to cum. “Please . . . . ”

“Please what, Pet?”

“Please, I’m so close.”

“Not yet. You’ve kept me cooling my heels for months you’ll wait until I’m say you can cum.”

“I plan on using you often. You think you’re horny now? Hell, I’ll have you climbing the walls and begging me to fuck you.”

I don’t care if I look like the town slut at this point, I can’t control my body. I can feel my pussy pulsating. I can even imagine the site of it as it gapes open searching for your hard cock to fill it, then snaps shut on nothing but air.

“Do you know your clit will stay hard until I take that little ring off? I can keep it tingling all night with that solution. And I don’t think you can cum while it’s on either. I think it numbs the nerve endings a bit or else maybe it over stimulates them. Hmm. We should make some tests later to see which it really is.”

“No more. Please. Why don’t we go out and have dinner?” I suggest while trying desperately not to think about your fingers playing over and in my pussy.

“Oh ho. Lesson number two. You do NOT speak out during training.” Reaching back into your case you bring out a short, thin black stick with strips hanging off the end. In the next moment I realize it’s a small whip and watch in growing alarm as you position yourself between my open legs again and draw the thin leather strips teasingly over my perfectly groomed mound. I feel first one strip then another as they fall, one to each side of my over-excited clit. I draw a ragged breath as you slowly tease me with it.

I’m babbling as I beg for release. But at this point I don’t know if I want to be untied or for you to make me cum. I’m so absorbed in my efforts that I fail to see what’s coming as you bring the whip down on my defenseless pussy.

I open my mouth to scream and once again you quickly silence me with your cock. I’m momentarily amazed that you’re hard again already but the thought quickly evaporates as you slow your thrusts to take careful aim bringing the lashes down directly on my unprotected clit and pussy.

And again you bury your cock down my throat to muffle my cries.

“I’m sorry little one but it must be done. I’ve so much to teach you and this is only the beginning. When I’m finally ready for your orgasms, I’ll take them. As many as I want. Whenever and wherever I want. Do you understand me?”

I nod. I don’t know what else to do. I can’t answer with your cock buried almost to the hilt in my throat.

You continue to whip my pussy while you fuck my face and suddenly I’m amazed to realize that I’m on the edge of a massive orgasm. Your whip is stirring my clit and pussy into a frenzy. I’m going to come and I have no way to ask permission.

Permission is the last thing on my mind now as I blindly seek release. Maybe you won’t notice how close I am until it’s too late. Just a bit more. I can feel it building. . .Oh God, almost. . . .


OH GOD! One of the thin leather strips pierces my folds and flicks smartly against my inner wall bringing me off the bed and pushing your cock against the back of my throat to stifle my scream.

“You don’t have my permission to cum yet, baby girl, and I know that’s what you were trying to do and hoping I wouldn’t notice.”

Pulling your cock from my mouth you begin freeing my arms and legs. I’m not sure if I’m happy about it ending without an orgasm but maybe I can do it after you fall asleep. I’m just glad you enjoyed yourself.

Sitting up on the edge of the table massaging muscles too long restrained in unnatural positions; I try to figure out what we’ll do for the rest of the evening.

“Come here.”

I look up to find you sitting in one of the chairs with a pillow between your feet.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. I hate having to repeat myself. I said come over here.”

I push myself off the table and gasp. Looking down I see my clit sticking straight out of my pussy all angry red and hard. It’s odd trying to walk the short distance to you with it like that.

“Present yourself to me.” you command.

Embarrassed, I walk over to stand by your chair.

“That isn’t a presentation. Stand here, hands behind your head, spread your legs and tilt your pussy to me.” Sitting back in your chair a slow smile plays at your mouth as I move to stand between your legs and display myself as you directed.

“I think I like your clit like this. Easy access and I’d guess it must be exquisitely sensitive.” Lazily you reach out and grab my pleasure pearl, using it to pull me closer to you.

The intense sensation is almost enough to put me over the edge. I pull back seeking that final tug which will take me over the edge. I need to cum.

With the flick of your wrist I find myself across your knees, my bare bottom in perfect position for your hand while my clit is rubbing against the hair of your leg.

“I thought I’d made myself clear. You are not to cum without my permission and I know I haven’t given it yet. Have I?”


“No what?”

“No, you haven’t given me permission to cum yet.”

“Oh, little one. I’m so disappointed in you.”


“Tsk, tsk, I guess I haven’t done as well as I thought.” Your hand is exploring, fondling and kneading my ass. I squirm trying to bring my clit in better contact with your leg.

“When you answer me you always say Sir, or Poppi. Now, to bring that lesson home I think a good spanking is in order.” With that, your hand comes down smartly against my ass cheek. Again and again your palm meets flesh until I’m whimpering.

Finally the blows stop and you caress the reddened flesh stopping to dip your fingers into my sopping pussy before running them up between my cheeks. I clamp the muscles shut only to have you reach underneath and begin flicking and rubbing my clit. I’m lost. I don’t know which sensations to concentrate on.

“Do you know you’re humping my leg, Pet? Like a bitch in heat, you’re humping my leg like a bitch in heat. I think you’re going to make a perfect little cum slut for your Poppi.”

I’ve been so intent on your naughty words, on the sound of your voice and the finger beating my clit that I haven’t notice what your other hand has been up to until I feel you pushing against my bum. I try to pull away but that puts my clit directly into your other hand where it’s pinched, pulled and gloriously assaulted.

When I can’t take anymore attention on my clit and pull away it presents my ass once again for your ministrations. I realize I must look like a madwoman fucking the air. I don’t care. Stick your fingers wherever you want. I’m almost there.

“Not yet, little one.” You chuckle as you push me off your lap and onto the floor. “Poppi needs some attention.” you say wagging your cock under my nose.

“On your knees and spread them as far as you can. Hands behind your head. Now suck.”

I can feel my juices leaking down my legs as I kneel on the pillow in front of you with your hands guiding my head over your cock.

“Now if you’re a very good girl and do a good job maybe Poppi will give you permission to cum.”

I pay careful attention to the cock pumping my face. Teasing, suckling and licking it’s length before taking it back in and as far down as I possibly can.

“Very nice. Pet. Poppi loves fucking your mouth. Shooting his hot cum deep down your throat. Oh yes, I do. Wait til I take you in every hole in one night. Not tonight Baby Girl. I’ve lot’s to train you to before that. Oh yes.”

Leaning forward you grasp my nipple and begin pinching and tugging it in time to your cock pumping my face. I start humming in happiness. I’m close to an orgasm. This time you’re going to let me cum. You said so.

“Stop.” You pull your hands away.

I hear your command but am slow to heed it, I’m so close now. I let my hands fall from behind my head, slowly reach down and begin stroking myself.

I hear you give a deep sigh before you pull me to my feet by my nipple.

“Please Poppi. I’ll be a good girl. I will Poppi. Please let me cum. I’ll do anything you want. I promise. Just please let me cum.”

Once again you pull me across your lap and begin fondling my ass and letting your fingers dip into my sopping pussy for juice that you use to lubricate my ass. I don’t notice too much yet though because your other hand has been busy creating havoc on my clit.

“Now little one. I have a new toy for you.” I feel you running something smooth and cold between my pussy lips and up to my lubricated ass. You play there for several minutes until my sphincter muscles begin to relax, then grabbing me around the waist you start pushing it in. I clamp down, denying you entrance.

“You will take this and you will take it now.” Setting the new toy aside you spank me in earnest. Raining down blows until your hand tires and you stop to inspect your handy work.

I hear your deep throaty voice telling me how much it hurts you to have to use such harsh methods to train me. But it has to be done.

My ass is on fire. I cringe to feel your hands gently caress the flaming globes. Your voice soothes me as you use both hands on my ass and teasing my pussy.

“We’re going to try this again now, Pet. Don’t fight me. I bought this special little present just for you. You’ll take it for me now won’t you?”

I look back over my shoulder at my Poppi and nod. This time when you pull my ass cheeks apart and dip your fingers into my pussy juices to lubricate me I don’t pull away.

I feel you run the cold hard thing from my dripping pussy to my ass several times before you reach underneath and begin stimulating my pussy until I begin humping forward and back. Each time I rock back you push the thing further into me. By now I’m beyond caring how obscene I look. I couldn’t care if you’d sold seats for the nights performance.

I love what you’re making me feel. I’ll do and take whatever you say. I just want to make you happy so you’ll allow me to cum. I push back hard and instantly feel the thing breach me. You twist it to make sure it’s properly seated then praise me. I’ve accepted your dominance of my ass and mouth and my pussy is yours as well.

“That is so erotic.” I look over my shoulder to see where you’re looking. You’re admiring my ass and grinning from ear to ear.

“I’d say you’ve earned your cum, Little One.” with me still over your knees you begin playing with my pussy and ass again. I’m fighting to stay across your lap and find my release.

“Imagine that’s me getting ready to fill your pussy and one of my buddy’s pushing his way into your ass. Does that get you going Baby Girl?”

I moan, desperate for the frustration to end.

“Well Pet, I think we need to put you back on the table now.”

“NO! Please Poppi. I need to come. Please!” I beg you, practically sobbing as you place me back on the table and once again secure my arms and legs.

“I think this time we’ll forget that you spoke out during training. I realize first lessons are a lot to take in.”

Reaching back into your bag you pull out a large, ridged dildo.

“I think I’d like to be pumping your face while you cum.” With that you straddle me on the table facing in the opposite direction. Aligning your cock with my mouth you push yourself between my lips and begin to slowly fuck my mouth.

I tip my head back to give you a better angle as you slide one hand down to play with the butt plug in my ass and slide three fingers into my pussy stretching it until I feel uncomfortable then you twist your fingers until you find my G-spot and begin to tickle it.

I almost choke on your cock when you begin suckling on my clit. So many incredibly intense sensations at once! My senses are almost to the point of overload.

Your mouth suckling on my clit is just shy of painful. The plug filling my butt and being rhythmically twisted, pushed and pulled on was making my head swim. I’m overwhelmed with sensations.

You raise your head and laugh as I twitch under you.

“That’s right my beautiful little cum slut, suck my cock while I make you cum.”

I feel as though I’m about to shatter into a million tiny pieces any moment. With a final thrust you pump load after load of cum down my throat. I’m swallowing in reflex my mind completely consumed by what you’re doing to my body and the next climax that’s already building.

“That’s a good girl. Suck me clean then it’s your turn.”

I suck frantically. cleaning every drop of cum from your cock so that you’ll fulfill your promise.

As I finish you push the dildo in right up to the plastic balls while you continue to work the plug and suck on my clit. I’m over the edge in seconds. Your cock is still buried down my throat and I automatically begin sucking furiously on it as wave after wave of this incredible orgasm turn me into exactly what you want. Your very own wanton little sex toy who will do anything you want to please you.

After a few moments rest you climb down and sit in the chair between my legs. I figure it’s going to take you a moment to catch your breath before you untie me.

You give me a tired but satisfied smile. I smile back.

“Now. Let’s get back to it.”

“We’re done now right?” I ask from the table.

“Not so soon, Pet. We’ve still got some work ahead of us.” With that you lean forward and begin playing with me again.

“I bet you’ve no idea how you look right now, all trussed up and spread open for my amusement.”

“You do know that nice little girls don’t expose themselves the way you’ve done. They don’t let men fuck their faces or touch them the way I’m about to touch you.”

“Do you know what that makes you? It makes you my little slut, my little plaything. And you know what? That’s exactly what you want to be isn’t it. Poppi’s little cum slut. Oh yes. My own little pet to play with.”

With that you set to work proving your point. Over the next hour you play and tease my clit unmercifully while you fuck me with a cucumber, with a bottle, with your fingers, with the whip. Wringing climax after climax from my ravaged and exhausted body.

After bathing me in hot, exotic scented water, you lift me half asleep and settle me into bed where I snuggle down under the covers. I hear your groan as I take your cock into my mouth but you allow me to fall asleep suckling you.

I sleep with a smile of utter satisfaction, certain in the knowledge that sometime during the night I’ll wake to your hands buried in my hair and your cock thrusting lustily down my throat.

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