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Polly Said

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Girls like her should come with warning labels, the kind you see on coffee these days,

Caution: Hot.

This girl was molten. I, of course, had no clue just how right I was, but I would of course be schooled quickly.

She was the type of girl I would’ve envied back in high school. She had long blonde hair which was straight and parted perfectly. Her lime green eyes shone like jewels as she looked around the bar. She looked lost. Yes, lost like she didn’t belong in a lesbian bar. Like some date, some cruel boy thought it would be funny to leave her in a swarm of ravenous dykes. I eyed her with suspicious and furtive glances. It wasn’t until i had two Cosmopolitans slung back I decided to approach her.

It was early spring in Detroit, and I was left not really knowing which set of clothes to wear. Tonight when dressing I chose a zebra print sun dress and neon pink leg warmers. Judging by everyone’s reaction, I was making an intensely bold statement. My roommate, who started hauling my ass away from the computer to this place on Saturday nights to see the drag show, said I dressed like a five year old getting dressed in the dark. She may have been right, but damn if I didn’t make it look good. I approached her table and asked if I could sit next to her. She looked at me, then at the table of loudmouths I had come from and nodded. I smiled down at her as I arranged myself in the folding chair next to my blonde bombshell.

I looked over at her and asked, “So, what’s your name?” The lanky blonde leaned forward placing her lips to my ear.

“Polly,” her whisper caressed my eardrum, and I shivered. The whir of the bar seemed to be getting louder and more intense.

I leaned into her and whispered back, “My name is Lisette.” Polly smiled and slipped her arm around me. Her arms were thin yet strong, and I liked how this night was going.

My friend Carrie a fledgling drag king was premiering her act tonight. Carrie was my first girlfriend. We were still friendly. Tonight I got to see her transformed as Christopher. He (she) danced and lip synced to Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe,” dressed in her brother’s old prep school uniform. Polly seemed quite impressed with the act as she set two crisp dollar bills on stage. I quickly followed suit and laid down a five spot. Christoper winked as he went by. Polly watched like a mesmerized bunny, her nose twitching every so often especially when Christopher looked at us.

When the waitress came by I ordered Polly another Gimlet declining another drink for myself. I figured I should at least be able to stand up right tonight. Polly peered shyly at me as she spoke in a soft voice so delicate that I had to strain to hear, even up close. She told me she was new in Detroit and had moved here from Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s where she’d grown up, she proclaimed proudly. She came to Detroit to start a punk band. Polly said she also hoped to meet Jack White while she was here. She said one of her co-workers at the salon, told her about the place. Polly spoke until she was breathless. Poor thing, I wondered if this was her first time picking up a woman.

Since I knew my friend was done for the night I suggested that Polly and I go outside.

“But it’s chilly. You’ll freeze,” she declared, her southern drawl flaring slightly.

“Good point,” I said thoughtfully, not really sure if we could carry on conversation in the bar. Polly and I sat quietly for what seemed like ages. Then suddenly I felt her hot breath against my ear. It felt wonderful.

“We could go to my car…” Her voice sounded hopeful yet scared, like I would say “Ew, no!” Instead, I nodded and took her by the hand. Making our way out of the club was difficult, and I almost lost Polly to the crowd twice, despite our holding hands.

Polly’s car was a newer bubble gum pink Beetle. I grinned seeing it there, I had always loved Beetles. I wanted one but would never get it. Polly, who was quickly becoming the girl of my dreams had a Beetle, and I loved her for it.

“Pink is my favorite color,” she said, giggling as she opened my door so I could climb inside. “Mine too,” I said as I adjusted my pink leg warmers. She smiled and closed my door. The inside of the car was dark and smelled vaguely of mint and roses. I inhaled deeply. I wanted to remember the smell; I wanted to remember it for a long time.

“What else do you like?” Polly asked climbing into the car her leg grazing mine. A spark lit between us, and I knew I would know Polly for a long time.

“Well,” I said licking my lips, on which I recently applied cherry gloss. “I like punk music, and don’t laugh, dolls,” I said looking away from her a little bit.

“Oh, that’s cute,” Polly tilted her face toward mine like she was studying me for deeper meaning before brushing my lips with hers. We kissed for only a second. It was electric, her tongue snaked its way inward and intensely probed my mouth. Fuck, this girl could kiss. I was doomed, and I knew it.

“What are your favorite bands?” Polly asked. I could see her pale eyes glowing. Her breathing sounded whispery and gasping but hot at the same time.

“The Buzzcocks, The Ramones, Nirvana.” I added that last one because it was true I liked them but the song “Polly” had been going through my head all night.

“Cool,” she whispered as she slid into my lap. “Can you play anything?” Before I could answer, Polly’s mouth found mine. Succulent and ripe, her lips devoured mine. Her teeth bit my full pouty lips, and our tongues bumped and slammed in a wet mosh pit of spit. I could feel her hot pussy grinding on my leg as my fingers expertly grazed and then tugged her nipples. Her moans echoed deliciously through the little car.

“Oh, Lisette yes!” she cried as my left hand went down the front of her bikini briefs. My fingers explored her glossy wetness bumping at her clit every so often. My mouth and teeth found her neck a supple, tasty treat. Polly’s gasps and moans become lighter and more urgent. I could tell this wasn’t her first time with a girl as her tongue lapped my nipple through the filmy sun dress. I grunted, sucking on my nipple was one sure fire way to make me cum. Polly’s feverish gaze met mine as two of my slender fingers went inside of her, making a deep slow circle. Her pussy clenched tight around my fingers.

“We can spread out more in the back.” Her voice was breathy and full of need.

“Good idea,” I said with a Cheshire Cat style grin. I watched her climb over the seats. Even in semi-darkness, I could see the darkened wet spot on her panties. The overwhelming scent of her arousal sparked my divine hunger. I would not rest until Polly had begged me to stop eating her. That was the wordless vow I made climbing over the seats myself.

I was in a crouching position on the floor of her car, kneeling amongst CD cases and soda bottles, but I didn’t care. What I cared about was faintly illuminated before spreading her legs, feet resting on the edge of the seat. She had tossed her panties aside, and her bare, shaved cunt waited. Polly sat there holding her knees, ass raised slightly off the seat. She looked at me, her eyes begged me to come eat what she had quickly whipped up for me. I obeyed, crawling to her. My tongue brushed along her slit, getting that first addictive taste. I was hooked. Her tangy sweetness was heaven as i lapped at her clit. Polly moaned above me; I could tell she was holding back.

“Go on, fuck my face baby,” I cooed, barely moving my lips from her pussy. She must’ve heard me because in seconds she was pushing her pussy to my mouth. Her hands left her knees and her thighs fell covering my ears. I couldn’t hear her moans anymore, but I could taste her juicy little clit throb against my tongue. I could feel her tugging my hair urging me on. I slowly eased my tongue against her wet hole, wriggling inside. I felt her wanting more. Hell, she had turned me into a greedy little cum slut. I wanted more; I want Polly to cum on me.

My hands reached out, and I grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her closer. My tongue pumped in and out rhythmically as she fucked my face. I knew it was coming. I knew she was cumming, jerking strangely as her cum slid down my tongue. We sat like that for a moment. Slowly she drew back onto the seat, releasing me and I could hear again. I stayed there, my face slicked with her cum, just smiling.

“To answer your question, I can play guitar,” I said softly. Polly just smiled at me.

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