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Police Duty

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I had just got off work and I was exhausted, at least my mind was, though my body was still very much awake. I hated working the night shift at the club, it always screwed up my inner clock and now I had to deal with it. At least I didn’t have to close the place though.

It was around midnight so I still had plenty of time to unwind at bar closer to home. If I was lucky enough, I could find someone to help me relax.

That thought sent a tingle through me. It had been days since anyone has touched me. My boyfriend, was out of town again, working. He’d already been gone three days and he wasn’t sure when he’d be back, another day or two at the most. It never sounds like a long time to be apart, but when it happens it feels like an eternity. We’ve always had a great sex life so when there isn’t any, I go a bit stir crazy after a couple of days. This was one of those nights that I needed some satisfaction or I’d never get any sleep.

I walked out of the club and headed towards my car. Looked around the lot for a minute to see if anyone was around, a habit I learned from Jeff, always be aware of your surroundings. Better safe than sorry. I didn’t see anyone in the lot. Next, I looked into the car before unlocking the door, nothing. Everything was fine so I unlocked the door, got in, started the engine and locked the doors.

Sitting there I was debating as to where to go; which watering hole I was going to check out. There were a couple places to chose from that were close to my apartment, and I wasn’t sure which one I would have better luck at. The more I thought about it, the worse it got, I felt another tingle pass between my legs and I knew that I had to go looking. I started to drive in the direction of home, knowing that I would make up my mind on the way and just stop at one of the local bars.

I had only been driving about ten minutes or so when I saw flashing strobe lights behind me. I couldn’t believe that the police was stopping me. I didn’t do anything wrong, not that I could think of anyway.

I just got off work, so I hadn’t been drinking. They must be doing random checks tonight or something. Without hesitating I pulled over off the main road on to a side street, shut off the car and started to look for my license and all the paperwork that they always ask for. Among the other things I’ve learned from Jeff, one was, “don’t piss off a cop, always be polite and just do what they tell you, everything works much better that way.”

I rolled down the window and waited for the officer to get to me. It seemed to take forever. I was trying to see the car through the rearview mirror, but all I could see was headlights, a spotlight and flashing strobes. Finally a figure emerged from the driver’s side and started walking toward my car.

The officer shone a flashlight in my face, almost blinding me and asked me for my documents. I handed them over before I registered that the voice I heard was from a woman. A female cop, rare around here. I don’t think that I’d ever seen one working this area at night. No matter though, still a police officer, still go through the routine.

She asked me where I was and if I’d been drinking at all? I answered her honestly and she handed me back my paperwork, telling me that one of my parking lights was out and that’s why she had stopped me. With a sigh of relief, I thanked her and told her that I’d get that fixed first thing in the morning; I had no idea it was out. She stood there for a minute and flashed her light in my face again; I squinted against the bright light, it almost hurt it was so bright. That’s when she told me to get out of the car.

I was baffled as to why but I stepped out of the car as told. Once I was out, I could see her better since she wasn’t shining her Maglite in my face anymore. She had blonde hair, but, tucked under her hat, I couldn’t see how long or short it was. We had pretty close to the same stature; 5’7”, slim build, but her breasts were somewhere around a 36b, much larger than I was, and I noticed her name tag said Brooke. I couldn’t see her eyes very well as it was dark out and the hat that she wore shadowed her face too much, but from what I could see, she was an attractive woman all in all. Almost a model type, and it seemed odd to see her as a police officer.

She told me to stay against the car and she walked back to her patrol car. She learned into the driver’s window and was talking to another officer in the passenger seat. I looked over at the car and tried to make out the other officer, but the headlights were too bright and all I could see was a shadow. Still not knowing what was going on, I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, why hadn’t she let me go yet if all I had was a burned out parking light? It made no sense to me, but I stood and waited for her to come back.

She was done talking to the other officer and walked back over to me. Told me that they couldn’t let me drive my car home at night with the burned out light, it was too dangerous. I was about to protest, when she told me that they would give me a ride home instead and I could retrieve the car in the morning. Driving during the daytime wouldn’t be as hazardous and I could then get it to a shop to have it fixed. I was thinking, what kind of bullshit is this and started to shake my head, there goes my whole night, so much for getting any satisfaction tonight.

As we walked back to the patrol car, the other officer got out and walked over to the driver’s side, getting behind the wheel. Brooke lead me to the passenger side of the car and before opening the backdoor, she told me that she need to frisk me first, just to make sure that I wasn’t carrying any weapons or anything, standard procedure she called it, even though I wasn’t under arrest. I looked down at my clothes and thought, where the hell would I hide anything? All I had on was a short skirt, a thong, a thin button down blouse and heels. I rolled my eyes, shook my head and turned around so my back was to Brooke. I placed my hands on the top of the car and spread my legs a bit so she could do her frisking.

She started at my shoulders and quickly worked her way up my arms, firm but gentle, being sure to feel every part. It almost felt like a massage and I was actually enjoying it. Brooke then put her hands in my armpits and started to work her way down the sides of my body, it had been so long since I had anyone’s hands on me that I almost had to gasp for air, just her touch alone was almost enough to get me wet.

She worked her way down my hips and then my legs, she seemed to be moving rather slowly now, but I was enjoying every second so I didn’t say a word. Then I felt her hands on my butt, it almost seemed like she was groping it, or maybe it was me wishing she was. I had no control over my body, it was reacting however it wanted to and a hot wave ran over me. Brooke then continued up my back and back to my shoulders, she stopped there, grabbed my right wrist twisted my arm back and slapped a cuff on it, then grabbed the other one and did the same. She then told me to turn around.

I thought that I would fall over, my legs seemed to be a bit weak now, but I slowly turned around and was standing there facing her now. I was breathing a bit heavy but was trying to hide it; I asked why I was cuffed. Brooke laughed and told me she wasn’t done just yet she still needed to do the front and it was safer if I was cuffed, for her that is. I thought that I was going to pass out, the thought that she was going to keep touching me and now on the front side of my body. I was helpless and even though I was restrained, my body was still starting to quiver.

Brooke started at the shoulders again and worked her way down my arms this time, being sure that she hadn’t missed anything the last time. She brought her hands back up to my chest and slowly ran them over my breasts.

I closed my eyes and started to breath heavier, embarrassed, knowing that my nipples were getting harder every time that she touched me. I was sure that she must be able to feel them through my thin blouse. I didn’t want to look at her while she continued to frisk me, she seemed to ignore my reaction and just kept doing her job, in a way I was relieved yet still disappointed.

Brook ran her hands down my legs, up my inner thigh and right between my legs, I thought I was going to fall over, my legs were having a hard time holding my weight now, my entire body was on fire and I couldn’t stop it.

Just when I thought that it was all over I felt her hands on my breasts again, slowly gliding over them but this time she stopped and squeezed a bit before continuing. I gasped and kept my eyes closed not knowing what to do or how to react I froze. Maybe I was imagining it, wanting it so bad that my fantasy was taking me over. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at Brooke, she was smiling and staring at my chest. Then she placed her hand over my breasts again and started to tease the nipples with her fingers until I groaned and thought I’d explode. She learned over and put her mouth next to my ear, she was breathing heavy too, almost as much as I was. She flicked her tongue on my lobe for a minute and then whispered to me that she was going to enjoy every minute of this.

I couldn’t believe it, my mind was racing and my body was shaking overwhelmed in something that I had never encountered before. Brooke continued to suck on my earlobe and then slowly started to undo my blouse. She kissed and sucked her way down my neck and across my throat, while cupping my breasts in her hands.

Sliding down my chest until her mouth was just inches away from my nipple. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter every second; the anticipation alone was killing me. She looked up at me and smiled, licking every part that she could around my nipple, then slowly she flicked her tongue across it. My nipples were so hard by now they almost hurt, she took the right one in her mouth and started to suck on it, while rolling the other nipple between her fingers.

She teased and licked, making me squirms harder and harder, groaning so loud that I thought I would wake up the town. Then I heard a noise next to me, I looked over and there was the other officer staring at us.

Brooke never stopped, she just continued to drive me insane with pleasure, and she was enjoying every minute of it, watching me squirm.

The other officer came closer and I was trying to make out the face, then I saw, it was another female. She was shorter and had darker hair, but still quite pretty with a small build. I thought that we’d be in trouble, but when I got a better look, I could she that she was grinning and was actually rubbing her own crotch.

Brooke finally stopped and looked at her they both had a wild look in their eyes. They took me down to a clearing just off the road and laid me on the grass on my back, still cuffed, I couldn’t do anything to stop them, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to. I heard Brooke call the other officer “Taylor”, and they seemed to communicate to each other without speaking much at all.

I was lying there stunned, nervous, excited, not knowing what was going on, what was about to happen. The thought of being raped by two women was almost enough to make me come right then and there.

I looked up and saw that Brooke and Taylor were kissing while they were undressing each other, slowly playing with each other’s breasts, getting the nipples harder and moaning with pleasure. They both stopped playing and continued to undress, and then they turned to look at me. I must have looked like a scared caged animal or something because they both started to laugh a bit, and look at each other.

When they came over to me they knelt down in the grass on either side of me, both of them put there hands on me and started to rub me all over, playing with my breasts and tweaking my nipples every once in a while to keep them hard.

Brooke moved down to my legs and lifted up my skirt exposing my black lace thong that was already drenched from my own juices. She glided her hands under the material and started to pull the thong down my legs until she had gotten it off of me completely.

Taylor sat back and watched Brooke, a while still playing with my nipples. When Brooke was done she came back up to my chest and place her mouth on my right breast, slowly teasing and sucking the nipple, flicking her tongue across it.

Taylor then followed suit with the left breast, two mouths on both nipples were almost enough to make me scream from the extreme pleasure of it all. My eyes were closed and my body was shaking so much that I thought I was going to have an orgasm, the intense pleasure was almost too much to handle.

I felt a hand wander down my body while both of the officers were still sucking and biting my nipples. I was so wet by now that when the hand reached my crotch I heard one of the officer’s moans. Brooke was breathing heavy and started to kiss and lick her way down my body, across my stomach and right between my legs.

Taylor continued licking my breast and starting to tease the other with her hand, rolling the nipple between her fingers. Brooke got between my legs and spread them as far as she could, she started to kiss my inner thigh and slowly ran a finger up the lips of my opening covering it with my juices. This drove her into frenzy and she couldn’t control herself any longer, she brought her mouth up to the opening and started to lick every part around my clit.

She inserted a finger into me and I groaned, just wanting more and more, never wanting any of these pleasures to stop. Taylor raised her head from my breast and placed her mouth over mine, darting her tongue deep into me, her breath hot, and her kiss firm yet passionate. Her fingers still rolling over my nipples driving me wild.

Brooke was pumping her finger in and out of me all the while licking the lips to my opening, trying to get every last drop of wetness that I had. Her tongue flicking over me in ways that I had never felt or imagined before, then she placed her lips over my clit and started sucking it. I thought I was going to explode, my body was shaking uncontrollably.

Taylor place her mouth over my right breast and started to trace circles with her tongue around the nipple, when I started to moan louder she nibbled at the nipple and pulled it with her teeth, gently but firmly, causing my body to react with hot waves of pleasure searing through me.

Brooke started to suck a bit harder on my clit and now placed another finger into me, pumping me with two instead of just one. She then removed one of the fingers and started to trace around my anus, slowly pushing against it, until, with some work, the finger slid in . I was squirming with more pleasure than I could have ever imagined and I knew that I was about to explode with the most intense orgasm that I could ever have.

Taylor and Brooke seemed to pick up on my body’s reaction and start to lick and suck harder, Brooke still pumping a finger in both my holes but faster and harder now. Taylor biting my nipple and twisting the other with her fingers.

I was moaning so loud now I was sure that anyone within a mile would hear me, but I didn’t care. I felt it coming, deep within me, a shockwave of pleasure so big it was almost frightening, I screamed and my whole body started to buck and writhe in pleasure, wave after wave of ecstasy washing over me.

Brooke and Taylor didn’t stop until my body started to clam down, once I had exploded I floated back down to reality and lay there with a smile on my face, still wondering if it was all a dream. I opened my eyes and saw Taylor and Brooke looking down on me, they kissed me, helped me to my feet and took the handcuffs off. We all got dressed and they told me that I could go home now in my own car.

I stood there dazed, looking at them and was about to ask them what happened, when Brooke piped up and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day. Jeff wanted you to know that he was thinking about you even though he’s not here.”

I sighed and smiled, thanked them both, got into my car and went home. I had the best sleep that night.

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