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“Is there anything else on the radio?” Audrey politely asked from the rear seat.

Her father laughed, “My little pumpkin can’t handle a bit of classical now and then.”

Rachel backed her sister, “Oh come on Dad, we’ve had your choice for the last twenty miles, in fact longer than that, even before we got to the snow line.”

Jacquelyn looked through the glove compartment and found a C D, “How does, Best of Cher, suit everybody?”

Rachel was quickest, “Yes that will do, anything but slay ride.”

The road wound slowly up the hill; the forest on the left and the valley to the right looked a picture in the late autumnal snow.

Albert Beamish had been married to his second wife for just three months, they and his two daughters, Rachel eighteen and Audrey nineteen, his girls from his first marriage had decided on a family bonding weekend to the hills, they had managed to get, well what looked like from the pictures, a very nice holiday home, a weekend let, It was up in the hills, they had brought plenty of wine, some nice easy to cook food and were just going to spend a few days, as Rachel would put it, chilling out.

Jacquelyn sounded excited as she squealed, “Look It’s snowing again.”

Albert patted her leg, “How old are you three or thirty three.”

From the rear seat Rachel tapped him on the head; “Don’t be so horrid just because you’ve gone fifty, an old fuddy duddy like you should think himself very lucky to have three beautiful women with him, I really don’t see what Jacque saw in you.”

Albert snorted, “Money, which, with you two beautiful women, is running out fast.”

Their laughter was cut short as the back end of the car slid in the now heavily falling snow, “Whoops;” Albert laughed trying to reassure the women, as the snow swirled around the car.

Albert looked down to turn on the headlights, there was a loud bump and he swerved to the right, the car slid in to the water ditch at the side of the road and the engine cut out.

“Christ what was that”? Albert cursed as he struggled out the door, the women looked at each other as Albert walked around in the snow, a few minutes later he opened the door, “We hit a deer, a big deer, the trouble is I don’t think it’s dead, our problem is the car head light is bust fortunately that’s the only damage, the rest of the car looks alright.”

Suddenly there were voices, men’s voices shouting, the language was not what the family was used to.

Albert swung round, the women heard him ask, “Can I help you gentlemen?”

A loud gruff voice yelled, “Are the fuckin dude that hit my deer?”

Albert was taken back, “Your deer, I thought they were wild up here and yes it ran in to my car, and can you keep the language down as there are ladies present.”

“I don’t care if the Queen of fuckin Sheba’s here, I been tracking that deer for the last three hours and its antlers were mine, now you and your fucking city motor have smashed them.” Just then a shot made everybody jump as another man put the quivering animal out of its misery.

He turned to the two arguing men, “C’mon Jeth the critters dead, no point in getting all pissy with the city folk, them just as dumb as this dead fuckin deer.”

The women hadn’t said anything, Jacquelyn had told the two girls just to keep quite but that all changed when three unshaven filthy faces pressed against the windows, Albert moved them away, it was then that the girls noticed they all had hand guns as well as hunting rifles.

Albert got back in the car and started it, put it in gear but all that happened was the wheels just spun, they could see the three men watching, then, out of no-where another set of headlights lit the scene.

Albert stopped the car rives and just sat, three other men jumped out a battered old four by four truck. First they looked at the dead deer, then they all stood talking until one headed for the car, Albert lowered the window about two inches, the man spat tobacco out and said, “You folk gonna camp there for the night or wanna tow, where’s yah business?”

Albert showed him the agents sheet, he laughed, “You gonna need a tow, with this snow you won’t get nowhere in this pansy wagon, we’ll take you, ladies hold on to your beavers.”

He turned away and shouted, “Le-Roy, Pip, put a chain on the city folks fancy motor, can’t see three pretty beavers freezin out here.” He grinned back at them over his shoulder, Jacquelyn felt uneasy she didn’t like the smirk on his face.

With the car doors locked, the family waited, first they put the deer in the back of the truck then a chain to the car, before they all piled in, the family braced it self, two hefty jerks and the car rolled free. For about twenty miles Albert and Jacquelyn had to endure the grinning faces of the three men they had first met as they stared at them from the back window of the truck.

To every-bodies surprise, their truck pulled them in to the drive of the house; one man jumped out and uncoupled the chain and next thing the taillights of the truck just disappeared in to the forest. The four of them just sat and looked at each other until Audrey quietly said, “I think we should go in before we freeze to death.”

The house was quite well fitted out, not exactly mod cons but nice and homely all beamed out, log cabin style. They soon had a log fire going in the parlour and candles lit everywhere, and to warm themselves three bottle of wine were quickly polished off.

They had a big lunch on the way so some cheese and bread was enough to complement the fourth bottle; Albert had lit a fire in his bedroom, commenting on the big old rocking chair in there. The girls had small but nice rooms each and he lit a fire in both of theirs.

They all changed in to some comfortable nightclothes, Albert in T-shirt and shorts and dressing gown. Jacquelyn in a black high necked pyjama set with gown and the two girls in long T-shirts and thick knee length white socks with their matching dressing gowns so their they sat there, cosy, fed, warm, chatting noisily a bit worse for wine, especially Rachel, so nobody was surprised when she was the first to need her bed.

As she went to her room Audrey heard her say, “Dam the fires low and there’s no more logs, oh well.”

The other three finished the fourth and uncorked a fifth, Jacquelyn was giggling with laughter as Albert and Audrey joked with each other, Audrey was telling Jacquelyn lots of silly things about how she imaged her father got his considerable wealth, as he never told anyone, was it from bank robbery or was he a porn magnet because he certainly wasn’t bright enough to have earned it.

Suddenly Audrey stopped the funning and said, “Did you hear that?”

Nether Albert or Jacquelyn heard anything, “What was it?”

Audrey got up and looked out of the window, “It sounded like a animal cry or a shout I can’t be sure.”

Albert said, “How could you hear anything with the wind in the trees.

Then Jacquelyn said, “No, listen there are voices, and I’m sure it sounds like men but I did hear a animal scream, are they hunting at this time of night?”

Albert said, “Don’t be ridiculous of course they wouldn’t hunt in this weather, any-way what is there to hunt round here at this hour, come and sit down your wines getting warm.”

Audrey came away from the window, “Yes your right it’s the wind playing tricks, pour the last of the wine, I’ll check on Rach.”

Audrey slid her slippers on and went through the corridor to the little room on the end, she peered in, the bed was empty, the fire had gone out and the big window was open, Audrey went to the window, sure enough she could just see the out-line of footprints under the still falling snow.

Audrey called but she knew it was a waste of time in this wind, she stamped her foot and thought, that stupid girl has gone for logs, oh well better find her before father goes bananas.

She climbed over the low window ledge, she could see the log shed, just down the side of the house and over to the left and there was a light on.

By pushing herself close to the house wall she kept out of the snow, just a quick dash across and she would be at the shed, she made for the side first, there she could slide round under the roof covering to the shed door, she counted three and took off.

Audrey made it in six long strides, she lent against the wall thinking, this is ridiculous, out here in night-clothes in the middle of a snow storm, I will brain Rachel, suddenly through the wind she heard a muffled squeal then men’s laughter, she looked around, yes, there was a crack of light to her left, she made her way to it.

It was a knothole, quite big, and if she stood on tiptoes she could see in to the log shed, there was more laughter as she put her eye to the hole.

She stifled a scream; in the middle of the shed was Rachel, she was totally naked, her arms tied behind her then to a rope hanging from the roof beam, it was forcing her up on her toes and bent almost double. There was a wide black pipe fitted across her mouth holding it wide open, it was held by a rope passed through it and tied off behind her head, six men surrounded her, Audrey recognised most of them.

As her mind raced as she tried to take in the whole situation. All the men had ether a belt in their hand or a thin branch, she watched as one of the men behind Rachel, she thought it was the one called Le-Roy, put his hand between her legs, Rachel squealed and turned, as she did her ass was the perfect target for another man to whip with a branch, that made her turn again spinning in her little circle but only to be hit by a belt, the men laughed as she spun escaping one only to be hit by another.

The men had brown bottles which they swigged from all the time, laughing at each other as the spanked the sweet girls ass, watching the marks as they reddened her ass, others put their hands under her and pulled and pinched at the hanging defenceless nipples.

Audrey wanted to rush in and do something, anything, but she didn’t, she knew she would be out numbered, but when she heard the one called Jeth say, “Well that ass-hole fucked up my deer so I reckon it’s only fair we fuck up his little dears ass-hole,” Audrey bolted for the house.

They must have heard her as they scooted out after her but she was through the door and locking it, she screamed at Albert, “Those hill-billies have got Rachel and their going to rape her, she’s tied up in the log shed, phone, use the mobile.”

Albert screamed, “It’s in the car,” all of a sudden there was a bang on the door, Albert picked up the hunting rifle.

Albert pushed the lace curtain back with the barrel, Jeth was staring in, “You city folk now how to use that thing? because we do.”

Albert levelled the rifle at him, “You better just bring my daughter back here or your dead.”

Jeth just laughed, “Oh you want cutie-doll do you? Well you just wait there and I’ll see if she’s ready to come see you.”

Jeth disappeared back; then they heard an engine, it roared up to the front of the house. Tied naked to the twin bull bumpers of the old truck was Rachel, her arms wide, she was crucified on the top bar, as where her legs to the bottom bar, obscenely tied back at the knees, the awful tube gag pulled her face in to a grotesque mask of terror, Jeth stood beside her, “Looks kind of cold, think she should come in side and warm herself up by the fire, you want to open that door and throw out the shooter.”

Albert looked at both women; then back at the scene outside, suddenly Jeth shouted, “Looks like we better warm her up, he don’t seem to want her,” the engine rived and the truck drove to the side of the house and disappeared round the corner.

Jeth ran after it shouting, “Be careful Zak don’t you go hittin nothin especially not deer, they can fuck up the front of a motor real bad.”

Albert and the two women peered in to the snow, Albert looked at them, “You two better get in the rooms and lock yourselves in, this is going to be difficult,” they didn’t say anything, the look on Albert’s face was enough, they just did as Albert had said, both women locked their doors as they heard the roar of the truck coming back.

Audrey heard the men yelling and shouting, then the engine was switched off, Jeth’s voice could be heard above the others, “You want us take her fer a spin through the trees reckon that should break some bits,” Audrey jumped as she heard the clatter of her dads rifle hitting the porch, “That’s a nice shooter, here Pip catch, C’mon daddy-o get your butt inside, Le-Roy get cutie-doll ready, she needs warmin up, better be bringin some logs,” Audrey chocked back tears as she heard the men laughing.

Jeth pushed Albert back in to the house, “Loose the gown daddy-o, that’s it, Zak bring that chair in fer the master of the house, there you go, sit yourself down and make yourself real comfy, he’s all yours Zak do your worst.”

Albert was pushed down on to the chair, “Where’s my daughter? You said you would let her go.”

Jeth stood at the door, “No I said we would bring her in to get warm, well here she is,” as Albert’s arms were lashed to the chair he saw Le-Roy and another drag his young daughter in. They had retied her to a length of timber like a yoke, her wrists at each end and the back of the tube gag tied to it in the middle, he could see the agony in her face as they pulled her in to the middle of the room.

She was laid on her stomach, then each ankle dragged up, bent and tied to each thigh, now in a bent kneeling position she was lifted up and turned to face the fire, a rope was thrown over the middle beam and down, one side tied to her left wrist the other to her right, she half knelt and half hung naked facing the fire unable to speak or move.

As Albert’s legs where forced up under the chair and tied off around the back and up to his neck Jeth shouted, “Put some wood on the fire, little cutie-doll will catch her death,” Pip put three logs on the fire, they immediately crackled in to life, Jeth smiled at the tightly bound Albert, “Shouldn’t take long we soaked them in paraffin first.”

A black tube gag was rammed in to Albert’s mouth, the rope tied off then down around his elbows then down and under to his bent up legs, there was a loop in it about half way down between his neck and elbows, Zak pushed a two foot tube through it, suddenly Rachel groaned.

Jeth stroked the top of her head, “Sounds like cutie-doll is back with us, must be the warmth, Pip put another log on for cutie”, the fire was burning fiercely, Rachel shook her head trying to escape Jeth’s hand, then she froze, squealed, suddenly she realised she was getting hot, very hot.

Her eyes grew wider as Pip threw two more logs on to the fire, they immediately burst in to flames, Albert screamed at them choking on the gag.

Rachel with only her knees to pivot on, swung wildly, the sound’s of the young female voice echoed round the house, her eyes pleading with the men gathered round her, Jeth moved to her and squeezed her breasts they were hot, he smiled at the struggling Albert, “These chestnuts is roastin up a treat.”

His eyes never left Albert’s face as he slid his hand down to her cunt where he started rubbing it hard before he took his hand away, lifted it to his face, then he licked his finger, “Mmmmmm nice maybe we should ask the other two candy boxes to join the bar-B-q.”

Jeth went to the back of the struggling girl, “I’m gonna take this gag out, you wanna call for them two other beavers to join the party,” he bent to her ear, “Listen cutie-doll if you don’t believe nothing else, believe me when I say, you ain’t movin till they’d out here enjoyin our company and if they don’t, well we got plenty more logs, ain’t we Pip.”

As soon as the tube was pulled free, she screamed, “Stop it, stop it please it hurts, I’m burning,” she cried uncontrollable, at a single nod the men moved back, leaning against the walls.

Audrey could hear her, she banged her fists once on the door before throwing it open and racing in to the room, screaming, “Stop it, stop it, leave her alone she’s only a —,” before the end of the word, Zak had swung his hand and caught her across the wind-pipe.

Zak and Le-Roy dropped on the choking girl, pulled her arms behind her, crossed them and tied them tight, then calmly stood and watched as she coughed and squirmed on the floor, Le-Roy looked at Jeth, “One down one to go.”

Jeth said, “Get daddy-o to call the last beaver, use the tunica.”

Le-Roy went up behind Albert and turned the tube stuck through the rope, dragging his feet up and pulling the gag back and down, he yelled incoherently through the gag as the tube forced his mouth open wide, choking him.

The whole room was alive with the sound of tormented suffering, Rachel pleading with them to move her away from the flames, Audrey still gasping in air and another turn from Le-Roy had Albert choking out a low rasping groan.

Jeth walked over to the bedroom door and knocked, “You causin an awful lot of pain out here, mummy-doll, you want us to carry on or you gonna come talk to us boys?”

Pip held another log to Rachel then turned towards the fire, the scream from Rachel was frenzied as she begged him not to, just then the bedroom door opened and Jacquelyn peered out, drew her hand to her mouth and bit hard on her knuckles as she stopped a scream.

Jeth nodded to Zak who grabbed her, pulled her forward then crossed and lashed her hands behind her, he held her as he pulled her in to the middle of the room.

The one who had towed them out looked Jacquelyn straight in the face, “Hello, my names Joel, my, my you are one hansom piece of hot box, thought so when I first set eyes on you, didn’t think then that you and me was gonna be this close, can smell that beaver from here, you up for some funning?”

She tried to remain calm, “Please leave us alone, we have money, more than you could think, we will pay you if you go now.”

His face broadened in to a grin, “Jeez that’s a fer speech for someone who’s got her big titties pointing at me and you havin a nice beaver hidin in them black pants, reckon is that you’ll pay me to go before or after me and you become good friends,” he turned to the older bearded man quietly stood at the back, “Pa you want to come with me and introduce yourself to a piece of this little hot box?”

He moved slowly towards them, Joel caught her arm, turned her and marched her back in to the bedroom, Albert made silly noises until the older man past the chair, a quick flick of his elbow whacked him across the back of the head as he grunted, “Plunderer,” before following Joel in to the bedroom and closing the door.

Jeth released the tunica, turned him so he faced the closed door then nodded to Zak, who picked Audrey up, then he looked at Pip, “Move her back from the fire, I’m sure we can come up with somit else to warm cutie-doll up, Rachel was dragged back along the beam until she hung back against the wall.

Jeth stood in front of Audrey, smiled at her then turned to look at Zak, “Hay Zak that little cutie looks hot, think you should take her temperature, you got one of them fancy thermometers to put in her sweet sucking little mouth?”

Zak stared at the helpless eighteen year old, “Nope but I’m sure I can improvise.”

Jeths cold eyes met Rachel’s tear reddened ones, “Hear that cutie-doll, Doctor Zak and Doctor Pip are going to look after you, while Le-Roy and me go see how nice things are with big baby-doll sister here, C’mon lets go have some fun with you in your room.”

As Audrey watched, Zak and Pip moved down towards Rachel, Le-Roy laughed as he saw the terror in her face, “Yous in for a good time cutie-doll, you and your candy box,” then he turned and pushed Audrey back towards her room.

Jeth followed only to stop before he went in, “Catch you in a while, just gonna have a little fun with daddy-o.”

As he walked back in to the parlour he looked at Pip, him and Zak were lifting Rachel up by the timber pole and securing it, the spare rope now round the timber and her shoulder’s holding her firm, Zak made sure her ankles were still tight to her thighs.

Her pink naked body was swinging from the beam face to face with Pip, all she kept saying was, “Please don’t hurt me,” but they weren’t listening, she was beautiful, firm full bodied, and only eighteen years old, and she was helplessly at their mercy, so why should they, all they wanted to do was fuck her.

Jeth moved towards Albert, who was sat with his back to them facing his own bedroom door.

Jeth grinned as he swung round the chair and sat on his lap, he looked at Albert who was now bright red from struggling, Jeth almost whispered, “Don’t you waste your time fightin them ropes, Zak’s used to ropin live big deer but you don’t know nothing bout that, you only mash em up, still enough of that lets have a peek in that room, lets me and you see what’s happin with that gorgeous mummy-doll of yours.”

Jeth opened the door, Albert first let out a loud groan which went to a low sob as he saw his beautiful wife, naked and sat on the big rocking chair, her wrists tied to the thick wooden arms. Her legs were open wide, the older man was between them, his face sucking at the lightly covered slit, then he was rubbing his chin in to her cunt forcing the big bushy beard, up and down the inside of her thighs, Albert could see her biting he lip, she was aroused.

Her head rolled back as Joel sucked on her nipples, Albert knew the look of the large pink puffy areolas as they pushed blood to her thick, now hard pointed nipples. Suddenly they heard her gasp as the beard rubbed hard on to her clit, the old mans head moving up and down then side to side, she squirmed on the chair as his beard tickled over her clit, Jeth looked back at Albert, “The old timer has a way with that beard, really does know how to use the best bits of some-one else’s wife, nope, I ain’t seen many love boxes stay dry when he’s working on them and them nipples on your Mrs could poke his eye out,” as he pulled the door shut he smiled, “And as for that mouth and ass,” the door clicked shut.

Le-Roy was enjoying being left on his own with Audrey, she was still traumatised with what was happening and she put up little resistance to his abuse. She lay side ways on her bed, her legs hanging off the edge and spread wide, with her hands tied all she did was stare at the ceiling as Le-Roy lay beside her, smelling her hair and licking her neck and face, he whispered in her ear, “Yous real pretty, yous gonna let me make yous candy box all wet and slippy, yous can’t do nothin and yous ain’t goin anywhere, you gonna let old Le-Roy fuck you up, bet yous a hot little mover when we get yous goin, I bet yous likin me doin this to ya right now?” His right hand was up under her night shirt playing with her cunt.

His left hand moved and held the neck of her night shirt as he stopped playing with her cunt, moved his right hand to the top of the night shirt, with his strength it was easy to rip the garment in two, it parted, exposing her gorgeous young body to him, “Oooooeeeeee, look at the size of them tits, jezese they is big, god now thems the kind of hills and valleys old Le-Roy likes to get lost in.”

He bent and licked at her nipple, he turned his eyes up to the impassive girl, “That’s right baby doll you just lay there while Le-Roy has some funnin with yous, licking this pretty body, yous gonna need all yous strength when Jeth comes back, he likes to fuck pretty gals, and he likes to fuck em rough and yous a real pretty gal.”

As Jeth moved away from Albert he laughed at him as he just sat staring at the closed door, “Don’t you go worry non we will open the door again soon, wouldn’t like you to miss none of your Mrs body parts funnin with the boys.”

He stopped as he took in the sight by the wall. Pip was fucking the hanging Rachel while he held her jaw tight making the sobbing girl stick her tongue out so he could tickle it with his. Zak was behind her fucking her ass his hands round pulling and rolling her nipples, her hands, still fastened to the end of the pole, flexed in pain and the side of her face ran with tears.

Jeth called over, “You all havin fun?”

Pip held her jaw firm forcing her tongue to stay out and turned to Jeth, “Just teachin her tongue how to dance reckon it will be doin a lot of dancing on the business end of my rooter.”

Jeth roared with laughter as he made his way back to Audrey’s room.

He opened the door, there was Le-Roy his right hand pushing her left leg wide, his face lapping at Audrey’s cunt while his left hand squeezed and mauled her right breast, Jeth said, “You ain’t doin a good job of getting her candy box hot, not like Pa’s doin with the older one, you should see her cunt leakin like a bust water pump, anyway, ain’t no point in bothrein, I’m horny let me have her, I’ll wake little baby-doll up.”

Le-Roy knew better than to get between Jeth and a bit of beaver, so he moved back, Jeth grabbed Audrey’s ankles and hauled them up the front of him, the front of his overalls were already hanging down but his cock was up and hard as he moved forward. He started pushing Audrey back until her head hung over the other side of the bed.

He knelt on the bed ran his hands down the back of her legs until they were at her knees, he shoved them back to her breasts, lent forward and literally rammed his full length up the gapping cunt.

Although Le-Roy had made the entrance to her cunt wet with his licking, the inner wall was still dry, she screamed as his cock ploughed in, she squirmed from side to side rocking, trying to escape the invading meat, Jeth held her firm, “That’s it, ooooeeee baby-doll you didn’t let me down, loves it when they scream, c’mon little gal lets get your cunt movin some more, I loves fuckin me a wiggla.”

With her head hanging off the bed Audrey couldn’t see the grin on Jeth’s face as he fucked her as hard as he knew how, ramming his firm thick nine inch’s to the hilt. Audrey had some boyfriends and she was no virgin but nothing had prepared her for such a viscous fucking by this thick uncaring meat that she now felt was trying to rip her in half.

Her head rolled from side to side as she whimpered the word no over and over again, unfortunately for her the way her mouth moved brought the attention’s of Le-Roy, “Now yous got a pretty little mouth on you and yous looks like yous wants to do somethin with it, I have just the thing.”

With out warning he slapped her face hard, “Open yous preety mouth wide and I mean wide, yous got some suckin to do.”

He put his knees against the side of the bed, put both hands on her tit’s and squeezed real hard, she screamed, “That’s wide enough,” and he pushed his cock in to the girls mouth, “Yous just watch my balls as I they get closer to yous eyes, because I’m gonna get all of my cock down yous tight throat, this is gonna be one blow-job I ain’t never gonna forget and I reckon it’ll be the same for you.”

In the parlour Pip and Zak had filled Rachel’s ass and cunt and were lowering her down, Pip said, “Get her arms crossed and up you know the way, don’t think she’ll give you any trouble I think we fucked the fight out of this one, think it’s time for daddy-o to have another peek.”

Pip left his cock dangling out of his jeans as he went in front of Albert, “You wanna see what just popped little cutie-dolls cherry? She’s got a nice tight cunt, good fuck, you should be proud to have fathered such a good fuck and just to see if I was right I’m gonna fuck her holes some more, still that’s fer later fer now lets see what your old ladies doin”.

He grinned at Albert as he opened the door, Albert’s eyes saw Jacquelyn, her arms where crossed and tied to a rope that was around her just under her armpits virtually folding them half way up her back. Pa was sat on the chair, she was laying face down across his lap; he was finger fucking her with his right hand while whipping her ass really hard with a branch, his left hand really knew what it was doing.

He was rocking in time for Joel to be knelt, holding her head down just right for fucking her mouth, as the chair moved forward his entire length disappeared in to her mouth, she choked, tried to move her head, gagging until the chair rocked back letting her take a breath of air as some of the cock slid out.

“Ya got to give it to Pa he likes to get them sexed up and horny before he fucks em, he can make em really wet, believe me your Mrs will be real wet by the time she’s ready to let her cunt suck him up her love box.”

He started to close the door, “Well can’t stand here chattin all day, got me some young lady waitin to have her mouth full of my rooter, wouldn’t do fer me to be late, you understand,” he slammed the door, “That will make her jump as if she won’t be doin a lot of that soon.”

By the time he’d finished Zak had tied Rachel the same way as Jacquelyn, she was kneeling just about concusses to what was going on, Pip strode up to her, crouched down and looked at her, “You ready to suck me and Zak here?” he put a thumb each side of her mouth and pushed back and up, “Why that’s a hansom smile on such a pretty mouth, I reckon you could get two dicks in there, how’s about we try and you remember pretty gal, no teeth marks, just lots of tongue dancing.”

She pulled her head back and looked down, “No, please no, I can’t.”

Zak grabbed her hair and stood up dragging her up on her knees, “Ain’t no word as can’t, unless you want some more pain at least this way you get fed, now open your fucking mouth because that’s what it is.”

Both men slapped their hard cocks on the cheeks of the sobbing girl until she opened her mouth fully, first Zak rammed his in then he made way for Pip, Rachel’s head was dragged side to side as each man shoved in then let the other until Zak said, “Keep it open cutie-doll wees both havin some,” she swallowed and gagged as both cocks pushed the sides of her mouth in to distorted pouch’s.

Audrey’s mouth was receiving the same treatment from Le-Roy but she knew how to keep her mouth open and breath through her nose as Le-Roy, having her in the position he wanted, was determined to shove it all the way down, both men enjoyed the fact that all the fight had been fucked out of her, she just lay there and they knew they could do what they liked to her.

As Jeth spued his cum up in to the helpless girls cunt he grunted his satisfaction, “Nice little fuck, feel better fer that,” he just pulled himself out and stood back letting her legs drop back to the bed, he watched Le-Roy as he started to push harder building ready to fill her throat, “You happy with this un fer a while?”

Le-Roy tensed himself and shouted “Oh yes sir,” as his cock exploded its juice in to Audrey’s mouth.

He pulled out as she rolled to the side coughing and spitting the filthy juice from her mouth and nose, Le-Roy looked at Jeth, “Ya sure I’m alright with this un, I’ll play with her some more then fuck her ass, got me a feelin that cute hole ain’t been poked.”

Jeth laughed as he went out the door, “Only one way to find out is to go in.”

Le-Roy grabbed Audrey and turned her length ways on the bed, then fell on her; took the collar of her torn T-shirt and wiped her mouth, “Yous and me gonna do a little kissin and smochin before yous cute little butt gets to know my cock in a deep and meaninful way, and you better do some kissin back or I might git to hurtin these big pink nips yous got,” his fingers gripped her nipple as his mouth closed over hers.

Jeth walked back in to the parlour, heading for Albert. Pip and Zak were still attacking Rachel, face fucking her as hard as they could, a little driblet of blood ran from her nose testimony to the force the two cocks were using to fuck her mouth, the room was full of her, ahh, ahh, ahh as the cocks pushed at her, her hair held tight making sure she was unable to move away.

Jeth announced his arrival to Albert by a swift smack on the back of his head, “How’s it goin daddy-o?”

The hate in Albert’s eyes was obvious to Jeth who slapped him again, “I’ll fucking show you what hates all about before you and I see day light again.”

He went to punch him, but said, “No this should hurt far more;” he opened the door.

Jeth couldn’t have been more right if he had tried, as the door opened Jacquelyn was half bent, half knelt at the side of the bed; Joel was knelt on the bed his cock imbedded in her mouth, Pa was stood behind her, his knees bent behind hers, he held her around her hips driving his cock hard up her cunt.

What hurt Albert the most was her hands weren’t tied. The fingers of her left hand were wrapped round Joel’s cock pumping it in to her mouth, her tongue licking all over the head then her mouth sucked it greedily in.

Her right hand was between her legs holding the old mans hands against her cunt forcing him to play with her, she was groaning at every thrust.

Jeth didn’t need any encouragement, “Ooooeee just look at that hot box go, your Mrs is taking it all the way, both ends and she’s lovin it, told you Pa had a way at getting them ladies hot and your city bitch ain’t no different, when they’s got a wet cunt any cock will do,” as he laughed in Albert’s face Pa took his cock out and jerked it all over Jacquelyn’s back, Jeth turned from Albert and walked in to the room, “She still looks mighty hot, let’s have me a feel of her fun box.”

Jeth put his hand between Jacquelyn’s legs, she immediately bent allowing him to push two fingers up her, “Ooo yes sir, this is one hot wet cunt and it wants more.”

He looked back at Albert, “And she’s gonna get more, you don’t mind do you daddy-o if I just fuck this pretty hot box Mrs of yours?” he let the clip off the overall strap and pulled his rampant cock free, bent behind her and guided himself up and in, “This is one snug sucking cunt, come on mummy-doll ride the bone.”

Albert had never seen Jacquelyn like this, her hips were pushing up and down, her hand was rubbing hard between her legs as her mouth now totally covering the hard cock pushed at Joel’s stomach, both men enjoying the uncontrollable passion that this woman was in the throws of.

Zak and Pip held Rachel between them as they stood behind Albert watching the show that Jacquelyn was putting on for anybody to see.

Rachel was to exhausted to stand on her own so each man had her held under each of her bound arms, the blood had dried on her top lip, her face had the marks of the beating it had just had, but her eyes had focused on the scene, Pip whispered in her ear, “How long you reckon before we have you like that? Can’t wait to see cutie-doll all sexed up and cock hungry, I reckon you will be making two or three of us work hard to get you off, look at me cutie, it will happen,” he gave her a shake, her tear filled eyes looked at him, “Oh yes it will happen,” as if to enforce his remark he let his other hand take a handful of cunt hair and gave it a tug.

She tried to cross her legs to stop him but he just held tight until she gave up the struggled. Further abuse was saved by the arrival of a sobbing Audrey, propelled by Le-Roy; she looked in horror at Rachel’s marked face she looked at the pitiful sight for just a moment before everybody looked in to the bedroom.

They looked as Jacquelyn screamed out, “Fuck me you bastards, fuck me god I need to be fucked harder, come on harder, you’ve got a cock use it,” Jeth was fucking her really hard as she was pumping Joel’s juice on to her face and over her hanging tits with one hand, they saw her other hand still buried between her legs.

Pip looked at Le-Roy, “Got us a hot one there, how’s baby-doll?”

Le-Roy slapped Audrey’s bottom, “She’s still sore from the ass fucking I just gave her, first time wasn’t it baby-doll, yous don’t worry you’ll get used to it, maybe yous even getting a liken for it, most women do.”

The younger men’s chatter was silenced by Pa, “Seems like mumma’s hot and horny, let’s use it, string the youngins up, facing each other, I got somethin to get, you boys get some booze in here I’m reckonin this could be a long fun night.”

Jeth kept Jacquelyn busy while the other four tied Audrey and Rachel, arms up, to a beam, they followed Pa’s orders and looped the rope so the girls could be moved closer or apart along the beam whenever they waited.

Pip put some logs on the dying fire as Pa came back, “Turn him so he can watch, Jeth you still got mummy-doll sexed up?” They all laughed as they heard some grunting from the bedroom. Pa reached in to the big pockets on his overalls, he put the two corncobs on the table then the jar of horse liniment, “They’m a bit hard for eating but they should still have a use.”

As Jacquelyn was heard screaming in to her next orgasm Pa stripped the leaves off the cob, the slim green corn seeds looked hard. Pa cleaned it all but left some of the hair on the top, took off the top of the jar and smeared a little of the oil over the top end, then did the same to the other, “You can bring that cock crazy bitch out here Jeth.”

Jeth emerged from the room, both of them looked exhausted, Jacquelyn didn’t look at Albert she just looked at the floor as Jeth guided the naked beauty towards the centre of the room. Pa stood between the two girls both of them looked terrified as Jeth pushed Jacquelyn at him, “Well you are a hot assed fuck factory ain’t you mummy-doll?”

She tried to back away from him but Jeth was right behind, his hand grabbed her ass, she jumped forward and whimpered, “Please, no more.”

Pa laughed, “Oh plenty more, next is to see if these two love boxes can get as hot as yours and I reckon your just the gal to do it, kneel down between them.”

Humiliated already by what they had forced her to become she didn’t look at the two suspended girls but knelt in front of Pa, he looked down at her, “Mam you sure do have a cutie mouth, but that’s for later, boys pull the little girlies legs apart.”

Le-Roy and Joel pulled Audrey’s, Zak and Pip had Rachel, “O K mummy-doll see these here cobs, I’m just gonna put a bit more liniment on them, you know lady this is used to warm up any muscle problems we has with horse’s and it gets warm real quick and these here hard corn seeds, they’s real good at excitin places where the sun don’t shine and I leaves some scratchy hair on the top, just to make sure all them places gets a ticklin.”

Jeth looked over at Albert, “Told you he had a thing about gettin love boxes hot, it’s a kind of hobby with him.”

Albert just stared straight ahead as Pa continued, “Now little lady you are goin fuck these two younguns until we say stop, if you don’t then we will do something else to them,” he left here kneeling with the corncobs in her hands as he went behind Rachel, “Just pull the younguns legs open a bit more and slightly forward boys.”

In a split second his belt was in his hand up and across Rachel’s ass.

“Yyeeeeeee, yeeeeeee, yyoowweeeee,” Rachel screamed as the belt connected with her, sending a searing pain through her ass cheeks, “Owowowooo, aaaahhhhyyeeee.”

As more strikes landed, “We sure got us a screamer,” Pip sniggered.

Pa walked around behind Audrey, “Just to show there ain’t no favouritism.”

His wrist flicked and the belt snaked out across Audrey’s soft ass, “Oooowwee oooowwhhha, it hurtsssss, it, it hurtssss, aaaaaahhhhh nooo.”

The welts on her ass turned quickly red, “Sings nicely that one, mam you want me to go back to the other’n or?”

Her hands trembling Jacquelyn took a cob in each hand, ran her hands up the inside of each girls leg and pushed the oiled ends at the entrance to their cunts.

She pushed and gently turned the hard vegetables until slowly the lips of the open slits folded round the ends, the hairy tops disappeared as Jacquelyn pushed harder, Pa came round behind her, “Got to see at least two third up them holes so quit stallin.”

The girls moaned and squirmed in their ropes, they knew it was pointless to ask for mercy the looks of perverted lust on the men’s faces as they held their legs apart told them that, they realized that for them, this was going to be a long dreadful night.

Audrey took the full length first, she started to squirm, trying to turn to close her legs but Jacquelyn carried on doing as she was ordered and started pushing the cob in and out.

Zak was the first to break the silence, “Baby-doll’s creamin nicely look how wet the cob is.”

Pip joined in, “This ones startin to do the jump,” the girls couldn’t remain silent soon they were moaning, pleading for them to stop as their hips started to throb, the liniment heating the inner walls of their most sensitive places.

The girls were trying to muffle their squeals as the liniment heated and the cobs rubbed hard in side them, Jeth was watching both of them, “Come on mummy, lets have you knelt up and working them beavers, oooeeee c’mon girlies wiggle them beavers, get yourselves all juiced up and ready for another fuckin.”

The girls hips were definitely humpin and their squeals becoming audible, Joel was next with the remarks as he ran his hand down and rubbed the top of her cunt, “C’mon little girl do some creamin, lets see some wet juice runnin, you cuties havin fun reckon you must be getting ready for a fuck, are you, eh, you both ready for a good fuck? I am.”

Pa was still stood in front of Jacquelyn, he looked down at the beautiful woman, he watched how easy it was for her to ram the cobs in and out of the squealing girls cunts, the juice covered hands doing the job almost mechanically.

Both girls were verging on hysterics as the young bodies humped at the invading vegetables, Jacquelyn’s eyes met Pa’s, “Just keep pumping the cuties up and lets have your mouth open, I’m ready to fill it some.”

Jacquelyn’s head lowered but a quick slap and it was back up and her mouth open, Pa gripped his cock and ran it around her lips, “Tongue out.”

She pushed her tongue out and under Pa’s cock so he could slide it in her mouth, “You one good fuck factory, Jeth she still hot enough for your dick or do you fancy shoving it up one of the others?”

Jeth knelt behind her, then ran his hands between her legs, “Her box is real wet, she could be getting off on fucking these two.”

Pa pushed in to the back of her mouth, “Is that right mummy? You keeping hot fuckin these two cuties, you enjoyin watchin them wiggle about, eh, you want Jeth there to help out? Give that pretty ass of yours a hard fuckin.”

Jacquelyn tried to protest but with her mouth full of Pa’s cock she just made the other men laugh with her gurgled squealing. Jeth was already knelt behind her pulling her ass cheeks open and rubbing a wet finger in to her hole, he aimed his meat at her puckered opening and pushed, the end forced at the entrance until he put his hands round grabbed both tit’s and pulled her on to him. Her squealing got louder until he got right in then it lowered in to a quite moan as he started to gently fuck her ass.

Pa smiled down as her eyes rolled, “Keep fucking the two holes and we will see to yours, you look like your ready to get hot again, you got a lucky husband if that’s what you been givin him,” he looked at Albert and smiled, then to the two girls rocking on the cobs, “I know it may look a pretty sight, me with my cock in this sucking mouth and all that but I never did think I’d ever have to point out to you boys that there’s two cutie movin ass-holes that need seein some attention.”

Zak and Le-Roy ended up as by-stander’s as Pip and Joel got at the two girls first, the fact that they had their ass’s fucked with in the hour and there was enough cunt juice on their thighs to push in their holes made entering them a lot easier.

The room was full of the girls moans and squeals, Le-Roy ambled over to Albert, “Yous gonna be able to tell them city folk back at yous office what a pretty sight you was watchin. Yous two pretty daughters hanging there havin the time of their lives being fucked both side, just lovin the way yous Mrs is usin them cobs on them tight little cunts and she sure do like a fuckin, oooeeee, just look at her ass wiggle with old Jeth up there all the way, pity we can’t use us a fancy camera, still spect yous gonna remember it.”

As they two watched Pa pulled out, he looked at the panting Jacquelyn and said, “Tongue out little lady and keep the mouth open,” he jerked his juice in to her open mouth then wiped the end up and down the exposed tongue leaving long trails of white bubbly cum, “There’s a good mummy, now lets put a little more funnin oil on them cobs so as these little love box’s keep real hot.”

Jeth held her up by pulling her hard back by her tits as Pa dipped the cobs back in the liniment. The girls squealed but with the attention their ass’s and tits were getting from the two men, they were unable to stop the renewed torment their cunts were about to get.

Pa made sure the cobs were firmly back up and Jacquelyn was fucking the girls hard enough before he walked away, as he did Pip drove himself hard up Rachel filling her ass again. By the time Pa had got back to Albert Joel was filling Audrey both girls had climaxed for the third time; Jeth was the last to cum filling the moaning Jacquelyn.

They all stood back but still forced Jacquelyn to carry on fucking the two girls until their squealing, begging and humping became uncontrollable.

Pa said, “O K pull mummy doll off, any-one want to take her in the bedroom,” Pip quickly grabbed her, pulled her up and half dragged, half carried her back in to the bedroom, Pa shouted, “Leave the door, don’t mind me lady but you do look good being fucked, as for them two, push them together, we gonna see some beaver rubbing and some serious smoochin, they little love box’s is gonna entertain us by gettin each other off, even daddy-o should get a hard on watchin these two fuck each other.”

The two squirming girls were pushed together, the men laughed as they jumped when their tits touched, Pa still in control said, “Now you two get your beavers rubbin and them titties movin while you smooch each other up, plenty of the old tongue in the mouth, the boys want’s to get hard again so as they can fuck you some more.”

Rachel, her cunt throbbing from the liniment moaned, Audrey looked defiantly at the men, the heat in her cunt made her bite her lip as she said, “No, we won’t do it, your just fucking perverts we won’t play your aahh, your sick game, oommm.”

Pa watched her, he knew her cunt was on fire by the way she moved her legs, squeezing at the dripping cunt; Rachel was the same, her eyes closed tight as her thighs moved and rubbed together, Pa smiled as he took in the sight of two sets of young magnificent breast’s raising and falling as the girls sucked breath in, trying to stop the feelings inside them.

Pa rubbed his hand over his beard, “Sick game eh, Zak, Joel go get two of them birch branches, see how long it takes to change old baby-dolls mind.”

The two men scooted away and were back in seconds each had a whippy branch, Rachel let out a small, “Nooo”, as they positioned themselves behind each girl.

Rachel moaned then her thighs squirmed some more, “I’ll do it, please don’t,” as she went to finish Pa nodded and Joel stung her ass, “Hurrrraaaahhhht usss,” was the next sound before she started to cry.

Audrey stared at him, “You bastards you ooowwweeee,” as her ass felt the full force of Zak’s branch.

Both girls reflexively humped their cunts at each other’s; “There you go that’s what we want to see, some beaver pressin.”

Both girls were hopping at each other, their cunts rubbed together as Pa nodded to the boys to carry on stinging the two round cute ass’s for every bodies amusement. Le-Roy was loving it, “Ooooeeee look at them beavers go, man can they rub, let me have a go at them, I sure will make em dance.”

Pa said, “O K Zak, give Le-Roy the rod, nothing better than watchin two sisters get it on and these two are gonna get it on.”

Le-Roy grabbed the branch from Zak then pulled Audrey’s hair back, “I ain’t stopping till you and little cutie-doll over there are smoochin and rubbin cunt and tits, how much I sting yous ass is up to you.”

He stood back and delivered three hard slaps on the defenceless ass as Audrey screamed for mercy.

Audrey pushed herself at Rachel rubbing herself side to side over her tits as she forced her cunt mound on to her sisters, Le-Roy brought the branch down again, “oooowwwwee, noo.”

“That’s it that’s what we wanna see some cunt rubbin, but don’t forget”, he brought it hard across her ass again, “Aaaahhhhtttt, stooopp.”

“I ain’t stopping, we want to see some kissin, real tongue kissin,” another whipping she cried out again, then he waited.

Pa looked in to the bedroom, Jacquelyn was on her back on the bed, Pip was on top, his cock buried deep up her cunt; Pa could see her hips were moving. Pip was kissing her tits then moving up and mashing his mouth down on hers as his fingers took his mouths place on her nipples, rolling them and pulling as she moaned and grunted unable to stop the response of her body.

He was brought back in to the parlour as Jeth shouted, “Oooeee look at them girlies go, they sure can smooch up with a bit of persuasion, c’omn girls lets see them tongues doin the dance and rub them beavers hard, Le-Roy’s still standin behind you, he’s itchin to sting some pretty ass.”

As the girls complied with the sadistic act ordered by the perverts, they kissed passionately; all the men could see the girl’s tongues, wriggling and flicking as the licked at each other’s mouths. As they did they were unable to stop their nipples harding as they rubbed against each other’s breasts.

Trying to keep as much balance, Rachel had pushed her left leg between Audrey’s thighs, as Audrey’s cunt rubbed on the smooth thigh of her sister her already hot cunt started to respond, her left thigh pushed forward for Rachel to rub, soon there were long wet juice trails on both girls left thighs, they began to hump on each others legs, their kissing was becoming stronger their mouths salved, wet with passion.

As soon as Audrey let out the first groan of lust the men started their cat-calls, Le-Roy, still standing behind Audrey had free access, egged on by the others in to putting his hand under her ass to her cunt and beginning to tickle her, forcing her to rub harder and faster on her sister, she groaned and kissed harder, her body was squirming all over her sister’s leg, he shouted to Zak, “You get yous ass over here and tickle some cunt, these little cuties is fucking up nicely, hot and ready and remember we never got to poke these pretty asses but the way these cunt’s is humpin they ain’t gonna stop us havin a pokin at them now.”

The two men tickled between the ass-hole and cunt, the girls wriggled and groaned as they carried on rubbing their tits together, grunts now coming from the locked mouths, Le-Roy managed to get a finger up Audrey’s cunt, she sat firmly down on it as she continued to rub, she was really wet and getting wetter. Zak saw what he had done and forced a finger up Rachel, she squealed and started to bounce on it trapping it up herself, Zak laughed, “Little bitch’s looks like the dogs on heat.”

Pa laughed, “Well maybe you two better get on heat and fuck yourself some cute hole.”

Le-Roy, with his fingers still stuck up her cunt pulled Audrey back, bent his legs between hers and shoved his erect meat up her throbbing cunt, she screamed as he fucked her hard, he could feel the heat of the liniment but she was so wild he just took her, his hands mauled her tit’s, but to his and everybody else’s surprise the girls kept kissing.

Zak did the same to Rachel, the others watched as the girls bucked, the men held the squirming hips as they drove at them, the girls stopped kissing and started screaming to be fucked, Le-Roy shouted at the top of his voice, “Told yous, it wouldn’t be long befer yous be beggin to be fucked.”

As if the men weren’t laughing enough at the two girls hanging by their wrist screaming for a good fucking, Jacquelyn started in the bedroom, the whole house resounded to women crying out to be relieved and men grunting, enjoying fucking them.

As Zak and Le-Roy flooded the two girls they burst in to tears, Audrey screamed at them, “What have you done to us, you bastard you fucking bastards,” she lent against her sister.

Pa sniggered and with sarcasm in his voice looked at the other men, “Seems little miss posh has learnt some new words, and I think your mother would take offence.”

The girls sobbed, Pa looked over to Joel, “For that last remark, lets really make em beg.”

Joel and Jeth untied the loops from the beam, as they collapsed on the floor they let their arms drop in front of them then tied the loop around their waist holding their hands tight to their stomachs, Le-Roy kicked Rachel’s legs open, dipped his fingers in to the liniment and spread it round the red puffy aroused cunt lips.

He stepped over her to Audrey; he knelt forcing her legs open, “Open wide let have a look, oh ya yous beaver lips is sure nice and full, you’ll like what this does, maybe to much.”

As he did the same to her swollen cunt she squirmed back trying to escape, “No, god no, you, you bastards haven’t you done enough.”

He grinned at her, put his finger back in the jar, “For that remark, try this;” he shoved a finger full of the oil back up her.

Pa told everybody to get them selves a drink and watch, he shouted Pip to come in and bring the fuck factory with him.

Joel got the cobs and pushed them up both girls who immediately clamped their thighs shut, holding them in, Pa stood beside Albert looked at the rest of the people, stroked his beard, “Any bets?”

The men all laughed as some shouted, “One minute,” others “Thirty two seconds,” Pip “Any time now.”

Pa looked at Audrey, “Think you could be right Pip, I think we got one hot beaver already,” Audrey drew her legs up, moving the cob, groaned and rocked on to her side, little, “Ahh, ahh,” sounds came from Rachel.

As Audrey rocked back the cob slipped out, she tried to retrieve it but her hands were fastened to tight to her middle, a little moan then the word, “No, this can’t be, oh no not a, a, again, you fucking shits do you want me to beg againnn?”

Pa moved forward and stood at her feet, “That would be nice, try me and say please.”

She jumped her hip wiggled, then she looked at him, “Please put the thing back in, oh, ohh Jesus Christ, put it in ma, me oohh.”

Pa smiled, as her hips wiggled some more, “No.”

As he said, “No,” Rachel moved and grunted, she tried to sit up but found it difficult, she fell back, as she did the cob slipped away from her, Pa smiled, “Bet you want it back up that hot box of yours don’t you?”

A pathetic, “Please,” was greeted by howls of laughter.

Pip and Zak stood ether side of Jacquelyn, Zak whispered, “You don’t need no juicing up, you real hot anytime,” he slid his hand down and tickled her cunt, she responded with a moan.

As her legs slighted opened, Pip said, “See that, drop of a hat,” he slapped her ass hard, “Later mummy-doll, later old Pip will make you cum again, don’t you fuss non you’ll do some screamin and creamin but fer now lets watch them two cuties do the business.”

The girls started to hump at nothing, grunting and pleading, Pa was still smiling, “You girlies been rued to us so you have to earn your pleasurins, lets have you both on your knees,” nobody even tried to help them as they squirmed and turned trying to get on their knees all the time their movements excited their hot wet burning cunts.

Finally they knelt in front of Pa, breathing heavy their lovely firm breasts heaved up, their nipples full, pointed and hard.

Pa crouched down and pulled on the extended nipples, “You girls gonna work your mouths on my cock, while ones sucking the others lickin and my balls better be real clean when you’ve finished and here’s the reward, when I’m happy you get the cobs back, then you can show us all what hot assed horny little fuckers you two is fer real by getting another fuckin with em, just fer me and the boys amusement.”

Audrey’s mouth closed over Pa’s long cock, Rachel knelt beside and started licking, little pumping and humping movement could be seen from the girls has they worked on the old man. Nice mmmm sounds slid past his cock as they rubbed their thighs together trying to gain some relief from the itching, burning sensation between their legs.

Soon Audrey was bouncing up and down, her mouth sucking greedily at the cock her ass slapping hard down on the back of her legs, Pa knew her cunt was on fire but he didn’t care he was enjoying the way her young succulent mouth worked on and devoured his cock, he could feel her trying to get him to come by tightening her throat muscles around his cockend.

All the time the young Rachel licked at his balls, pushing her head under his sack and tickling hard up underneath with her tongue, he smiled as her ass also rotated, her thighs opened and closed, slapping together on her heated cunt lips.

Pa pulled Rachel’s head away, “You want to be fucked?”

The panting gorgeous eighteen year old squealed, “Yes.”

Pa smiled, “Yes what?”

She said, “Yes please.”

The smile never left Pa’s face, “No, yes, what do you want us to do to you, now you tell Pa and the boys.”

Pa watched her as her body jerked he knew what happing to her and what she needed.

The lovely brown eyes looked up at him, “I want you to fuck me.”

Pa said, “Oh you can do better than that.”

She swallowed and twitched again, “I, I want my, aahhh, cunt fucked by all of you and ooohhh, I want to be fucked now, oh god.”

Pa pulled Audrey off his cock, “You hear your sister, you hear what’s she askin for, what do you think we should do to her.”

Panting and wiggling her ass on the back of her legs Audrey looked at him, “Do her do her good, fuck her, aahhh, ga, cunt, ass, mouth, and do, ooo, me too, I need, Christ, I need to be fucked, ooohhee, just fuck us both, fuck us both now,” her mouth pushed back on to the hard length of meat, her head moving as she drove herself to get Pa’s cum in her mouth.

Pa could feel the effect the young sucking mouth was having on his cock, he looked at Joel, “You get mummy-doll back in the bedroom, but you fuck her mouth, little cutie-doll here will see to her cunt,” he looked at the squirming Rachel, “You lick mummy out and make her scream, and while your on your knees with your mouth up mummies cunt Pip will fuck you with the cob or his, I think he calls it his rooter.”

The two females were taken in to the bedroom, Pa went back to the enjoyments of Audrey’s mouth, he nodded to Zak, “Give baby-dolls cunt a goin over with the cob, reckon it be to hot to stick anything else up it.”

Albert struggled as his limbs began to ache, unable to move or speak his hands and feet tingled due to lack of blood, his head looked left to see his younger pretty wife laying across the bed he should have shared with her. Her mouth sucking hard on a long thick cock, her legs wide open as his daughter ate her cunt, he could see his daughters tongue licking up in to the wet open slit.

Another man was fucking his young Rachel from behind, his eyes met his as he slapped her ass and pushed harder knowing Albert could hear the moaning, squealing and grunting accompanying the fucking they were getting.

In front of Albert his other daughter was on her knees sucking an old mans cock as another was holding her cunt lips open as he rammed a corncob in and out of her dripping hole.

First Jacquelyn screamed out, Albert looked back at the bed, her face was covered in Joel’s juice, she was holding his daughters head hard up between her legs pushing her cunt in to the young face as she squirted her juice in to the open mouth.

Pip had already blown his cum over her ass but he was finger fucking her enjoying making her come all over his hand.

The next sound was of Audrey screaming as she climaxed over the cob, Pa turned and looked at Albert his cock had pumped its self dry covering Audrey’s pretty face with its sticky juice. Albert groaned, he looked down in despair unable to hold him self any longer, not only had these men humiliated him now he was humiliating himself, he had relieved himself, the wet stain widened over his trousers.

“Well daddy-o, seein as you’ve gone and pissed yourself reckon its time for us to be goin, got a long, long way to go till we’em home, still be more interesting with the three extra passengers,” Albert started to struggle, “Oh ya, these fun fucks will be comin with us, I think that was the wrong way to put it, mind you they’ll be tied so cumin could be in there somewhere, looking at your Mrs though she may not have to be tied, hot assed little lady.”

Albert tried to say something but the gag never moved, “Just relax Mr Daniel Stratton, Attorney at Law, oh yes I recognized you, you didn’t think a new hair cut and a fancy name would fool me, not after you plundered everything from us, you and those phoney deeds, that gold mine was for all of us and we trusted you but you just disappeared with the lot, never left us nothin, nothing to leave our Grandkids, no legacy.”

He turned away then swung back and held the arms on the chair staring at the bound man, “Do you know how many men killed themselves because of you? Now what’s left are sweating in another hell hole just because you wanted the high life, well I got news for you.”

Pa took a deep breath, “ As I said you plundered from us, so what goes around comes around, we will be takin them, you don’t worry none, some evidence will be found near a frozen river, three holes, some clothes, you know how easy it is to disappear, oh and some-one will ring a garage about a broken headlight to fix tomorrow, and just for your information every day these three little cuties will service twenty two miners. You seen how easy they get sexed up, well we have some other things that will keep them like that for twenty four hours a day, and they’ll breed and your two look like they got a lot of years of breedin in them.”

He took another big breath, “If they have boys they will be set to work and their girls, not knowing who the fathers are then the men won’t care so they will certainly be working, you want to know something, up in the mountain’s at six blowjobs don’t look for no legal document and at eight to ten’s it’s a good age fer the men to be movin to another enjoyable site”, he laughed, then his face changed as he spat out his last sentence.

“And you just remember when you’re in your fancy home enjoyin our money that’s what will be happin to your Grandkids, that’s their legacy.”


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