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Playtime with Nicole

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Sadly, this is merely something that took place as a messenger conversation between a Nicole and I. I have changed the style into a more reader friendly story.


I sneak up behind Nicole, grabbing her sides, tickling her. She gives off a surprised squeal, and I tickle her more intensely, making her squeal even more, squirming around in my hands.

I push her to the ground gently, tickling her as I lay her down and she squeals loudly, curling up on the ground still squirming.

I roll her onto her back and sit on her hips, my fingers tickling and squeezing the sides of her stomach, a big grin on my face.

– “Stopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstooooop!” She giggles insanely, squirming with what she can.

I slide fingers under the shirt, slowly sliding the fingertips over her stomach.

– “Nah, I don’t think I’ll stop …”

– “Whyes?!”

She’s still giggling, panting from all the tickling.

– “Because I like you squealing and squirming …”

My fingers squeeze the sides of her stomach again, slowly sliding further up her chest. I smirk and barely contain a small laugh.

– “Something sexy about a girl squirming and panting …”

– “Well…” She squirms a bit more. “I get out of breath easy… and you tickling me… Doesn’t help.”

– “Aww … well.” My thumbs run slowly along the lowest ribs, the other fingers still on the side of her chest. “If you’re out of breath, it’s easier to get my way …” I grin again, then intensify my tickles.

She squeals louder, laughing almost insanely, squirming almost desperately, panting from the laughter, clawing at the ground.

– “See … can’t hardly put up a fight …”

I slide backwards on her thighs, ending up just below her knees, hands still tickling. She tries to pushes herself up on her knees in an attempt to get away from the tickling fingers, or trying to roll over, eyes closed tightly, laughing loud. I use my hands to grab her arms, pinning them to the ground, as I bend forward, lifting her shirt with my teeth. She pants heavily, laughing slightly still, eyes still closed. I run soft kisses around her belly button, my beard scratching slightly along her skin.

– “Hey hey hey… Whaddaya doin’?” She grins down at me, tugging at her arms a bit.

I look up with a devious look in my eyes and run my tongue slowly over my lips, then I run it around her belly button again.

– “Oh nothing special …”

She quirks an eyebrow, smirking, shifting her legs a bit as well as she can.

– “Nothing special, huh?”

– “Just … this …”

I inhale sharply, put my lips to her belly button and blow hard. She squeals and giggles happily.

– “You’re silly.”

– “And then some …” I grin and move my kisses slowly up her stomach.

– “Don’t have too much fun…”

– “Oh? Why not?”

– “Cause.”

– “So … I shouldn’t move further up? Or down?”

– “Mm… Naw.” She Stretches slightly.

– “No? What’s the fun in that?”

I lean forward quickly, placing my mouth just over her right breast*

She squeaks and gasps softly, grinning.

– “I dunno.”

I look up and talk softly, beard slowly stroking her shirt as I talk.

– “I mean .. it’s so tempting to just … bite …”

She sighs and rolls her eyes, still grinning.

– “Oh fine…”

I push my mouth over her breast, about covering her nipple under the clothes, slowly closing my mouth with a smirk. She closes her eyes slightly, grin turning into a calm smirk.

– “You can take off my clothing, you know…”

– “Really??”

– “Mhm.”

– “I acctually… Kinda feel like being.. Tied up at the moment…”

I let go of her hands, sliding my hands slowly up her arms to her shoulders, then slowly down the side of her chest. She giggles slightly.

– “You like to take your time, don’t you..?”

– “What? You don’t like patience?” I grab her sides again, threatening to tickle.

– “I just have next to none of it myself.” She smiles like only young girls can do when they try to be coy.

I slide up her thighs again, sitting just below her hips, then I slowly start to pull her shirt up. She holds herself up on her elbows, so I can remove her shirt easier, smiling slightly, shifting her legs a bit again. I slide the shirt up her arms, then hold her hands together with my right hand.

– “Hmm … tempting position this …” She grins.

– “Got rope?”

– “Nope …”

– “Damn …”

– “But Who needs a rope?”

I start undoing my belt with my left hand. I slowly pull my belt off, resting the cold metal buckle on her stomach.

– “Of course … question is, how firmly do I need to tie you down?”

– “Depends on what you plan on doing to me.”

– “Oh …” I say with a grin. “I’m not sure yet …”

– “Then I’d say tightly.”

I slowly drag the buckle up her chest.

– “Hrmm … should I tie your hands here .. or behind your back … or to something …”

– “I’d say behind my back.. Or above my head to something…”

– “Yeah, behind your back would be best. Then I can use them against you as well later …”

– “Hm?”

I shift a bit, turning her on to her stomach, then guide her hands behind her back. She grins, letting me manipulate her hands. I wrap the belt around her wrists, pulling it tight through the buckle, then fiddle a bit to secure it.

– “Might not hold you constantly, but well enough.” I give her ass a firm slap. “Remind me to bring cuffs and chains next time …”

She jumps slightly at the slap.

– “Yes sir..”

– “Good girl …” I grin and rub her ass gently.

– “Acctually… I may have a pair of cuffs in my purse.. Sir.”

– “Hrmm …” I reach under her, and pull her pants down slowly. “Well, I’ll get to that in a few …”

She nods as I pull her pants off, taking her panties with me at the same time.

– “So tender … so tempting …”

I run a single soft digit over the small red spot on her ass and she shivers a bit, as if tickled, shifting herself for comfort, closing her eyes. I squeeze the red spot slightly, then I slap the other cheek firmly with my other hand.

– “So very tempting …”

She jumps a bit again, grinning to herself. I look around for her purse while rubbing and squeesing her ass firmly.

– “And I am curious if I can’t find your toy box as well …” I grin widely. “There’s something we both want to know I think …”

– “Purse is on the chair… My little box is under the bed… Sir.” She Purrs softly to herself.

– “Do you know what I have I mind?”

I lean forward, planting a soft kiss just below the bra strap, my hands stroking and caressing her cheeks gently, more tickling than anthing else.

– “Nooo..” She holds in a little giggle, squirming again.

– “You sure you don’t know?” I squeeze a bit, parting the cheeks slightly.

– “Yea.”

I lean back a bit, parting her cheeks firmly, then blow a gentle breeze between them the full length of the gap.

– “Well … you’ll find out of course… won’t you, girl?” I grin as I give her cheeks another firm slap before standing up.

– “Yes, sir…” She grins to herself again, shifting to a more comfortable position for herself.

I look around and quickly find her purse, then her box of toys. I turn and face her with a grin on my face.

– “Oh … my. What lovely toys you have Nicole …”

– “I try…”

She giggles to herself, between the purse and the box, there’s just about any toy she could have thought of. I pull the cuffs from her purse.

– “Well, these’ll definately come in handy …”

– “I have blindfolds, too…”

I firmly lock them around her wrists and remove the belt.

– “Wonder what I can use the belt for … maybe an improptu whip of sorts?” I let the rounded end of the leather belt run slowly up her back.

– “Maybe …”

I let it rap gently on her right ass check.

– “Like that? Or firmer?”

– “However you’d want, Sir …”

She braces herself slightly, shivering a bit. I grab the cuffs by the chain, pulling it upwards, pulling har along with it.

– “Come on, girl. Stand up.”

I keep pulling the chain upwards to about her regular shoulder height. She squeaks and scurries herself up to stand, shifting her legs a bit. I kick her legs apart, about shoulder width.

– “And stand pretty …”

I grin as I let the belt slide slowly up and down her ass, wondering where and how to hit it. She opens her eyes slowly, trying her best to keep her legs spread as I want them, licking her lips as if awaiting something. I turn her around slightly, placing her box of toys just under her head.

– “Now, be a good girl and take any four toys from your box. Put them next to it when you’ve picked it up. ”

– “With my mouth…?”

I give her ass a firm slap.

– “Yes!”

She jumps slightly, digging through her box, setting some things aside to get to the bottom. Ending up pulling out some simple anal beads, an odd looking vibrator with a little ‘y’ shape close to the switch, something that looks like a dildo that could expand inside, and a set of clips in various sizes.

– “Interesting choices …”

– “Heh…”

I bend down, picking them all up, then I put them the small of her back.

– “Stand still, so these don’t fall off.”

– “Yes sir..” She holds very still, glancing around with her eyes.

– “What’s with this one?” I hold the odd looking vibrator under her head, as my left thumb slides between her ass cheeks, slowly down until it finds the entrance.

– “Just a vibrator.. And it hits the clit when it’s inside, too…” She shifts her weight from one leg to the other slightly.

– “Ahh.” I smile as I slowly let my thumb rub small gentle circles against her sphincter. “Pretty sure that’ll come in handy … don’t you, girl?”

– “Yes sir …” She shifts her weight back and forth again.

– “Think it should be wet before we use it, girl?” I hold the dildo closer to her mouth.

– “Maybe …”

– “When you’d better get it nice and wet, hadn’t you?” I press slightly firmer with my thumb, keeping its slow pace. “Go on – lick it.”

She opens her mouth and peeks her tongue out, licking the vibrator slowly, being sure to get it decently wet. I hold the dildo a bit closer.

– “Let me see you suck on it as well, girl. I’d like a preview …”

She closes her lips around it, suckling it gently, closing her eyes, fondling it with her tongue and lips slowly. I push a bit firmer with my thumb, almost pushing in.

– “Push against my thumb, girl …”

She whimpers very slightly, pressing herself back against my thumb eagerly. I smile as I feel the thumb slide into her ass, and slowly push the dildo a bit more into her mouth. She lets out a little gasp, almost eagerly suckling on the vibrator, shifting around very slightly.

– “Good. Very good. Now, make sure you don’t drop it.”

I let go of the dildo and I pick up some of the clamps. She holds onto it with her lips, sucking a bit more of it into her mouth, glancing around wearily. I slowly twist my thumb inside her ass, puling it slightly out pushing it slighty in.

– “Let’s see what else we can come up with, shall we?”

I give a soft laugh as I drag the top of one clamp along the curb of her left breast, thumb leading it slowly but surely to her nipple. She lets out a little moan, pressing back against my thumb, shivering as the cold clamp brushes against her skin, now just sucking on the vibrator because it gives her something else to concentrate on. She feels me open the clamp against her skin, slowly dragging the ends on to each side of the nipple, then slowly closing it.

– “Wonder if this is one of the mean looking ones, girl?”

I grin and slowly flex my thumb while turning it around. She lets out a little pained gasp, shifting her weight from one leg to the other more, almost desperately sucking on the vibrator.

– “You getting wet, girl? Eager for someting in your pussy as well?”

I slowly slide my hand from her breast to her pussy, cupping it gently, middle finger resting against her lips, palm against her clit. She nods slightly and is rather wet, squirming around more as she feels my hand on her, whimpering softly, eyes blinking open and closed a few times before remaining shut. I grin and slowly curl my middle finger between her lips, slowly pushing it into her pussy, my hand making small circles against her clit. She moans softly, very slightly jerking herself back against my hand, tiny pussy nice and warm, head bowed, vibrator still clutched tightly between her lips.

– “Oh, this is nice. Warm, wet, velvety feel to it.”

I slowly stretch my middle finger inside her pussy, pushing it against the back wall, nail gently running against it.

– “Think I could feel my thumb through here, girl?”

I slowly turn my thumb around, then slide the soft side back and forth against the inner wall. She gasps loudly, the vibrator almost falling out of her mouth, catching it at the last second and pulling it into her mouth again, pressing herself back against my hands almost desperately.

– “Awww.” My voice is almost cooing. “Does Nicole want to cum?”

She nods slightly, whimpering again. I change my stance a bit, and she can suddenly feel my breath on her pussy from behind.

– “Now, I’m going to slide my thumb in and out of your ass. You can’t cum until it’s the tenth time in. Is that clear, girl? ”

She whimpers and nods again. I curl my middle finger firmly against her front wall, then drag it out slowly as my thumb slides slowly in. “One …” Then slowly out to the knuckle, only about and inch in and out. She whimpers again, squirming slightly, her toes curling in concentration, roughly sucking on the vibrator, trying not to focus on the sensation.

I slowly lick her juices off of my middle finger with a loud “mmmmhmmm … tasty. So very tasty.” My fingers firm their grip on the small of her back as my thumb slides slowly in. “Two …” and slowly out again. She moans, the vibrator nearly slipping from her lips again, just barely catching it this time, her breathing deep, trying to stay calmed.

My middle and index finger slowly pull back the hood from her clit and I blow slowly across it as I push my thumb slowly in and then out again. “Three …” She jerks her hips slightly, letting out a loud whimper, squirming more, barely keeping her legs in the same position. She can feel the tip of my nose barely touching her lips, then my beard, then the wet tip of my tongue against her clit. Just as it makes contact, I push my thumb firmly and fast into her ass. She moans very loud, panting slightly now, shivering, fingers tangling with eachother, eyes closed tightly, really trying not to let herself drop the vibrator or cum, but seems to be looking that battle slightly.

I slowly slide the thumb outwards in her ass as I suck her clit into my mouth wrapping my tongue around it, pushing the tongue slowly over it as I slowly push my thumb in again, pressing it gently against the wall as I turn it slowly around counter clockwise tracing against the inner, side and outer wall as it slides in. I hum as I slowly pull my tongue backwards over her clit and pull my thumb slowly out again. She lets out a much louder moan, the vibrator falling to the floor, her little body tensing and quivering with orgasm, leaving her panting and whimpering as she near collapses, shivering slightly.

I grin as I help her down to the floor, not sliding my thumb all the way out until she’s secure on floor.

– “For shame …” I laugh slightly. “that was only five …”

– “S-Sorry.. Sir…” She keeps her eyes closed, biting her lip, relaxing on the floor.

I gently stroke her cheek, then pull your head slightly off the floor and plant a soft kiss on her lips. She blinks and kisses back softly.

– “Quite alright. Just tells me how we do the little experiment I have in mind …” She whimpers slightly.

– “How, sir..?”

– “Well, my thumb will be replaced with my cock for one thing .. after you’ve put a condom on it. Your pussy will get the dildo from your mouth. Not sure if you should use your mouth for anything other than moaning and screaming though …” I grin and run soft fingers slowly up the sides of her stomach.

– “And… I assume I won’t be able to cum, either…?”

– “Do you desserve to cum?”

– “N-No, sir…”

– “And why is that, girl?”

– “Because I came when you said I shouldn’t, and I dropped the vibrator…”

I smile and run my hand back to her ass, caressing it gently. “That’s right …” She shifts a bit, trying to put less pressure on the clamped nipple. I look around the room a bit, pondering the usages. “Come …” I grab her unceremoniously by the hair, pulling her up. She squeaks and scurries to follow me, whimpering the whole time. I pull her over to the bed, the push her onto it, landing her on her back, her ass on the edge of the bed.

– “I figured out what I should use my belt for …” She whimpers again.

– “What, sir..?”

I lift her slightly off the bed, running my belt under her back,then put her back down.

– “Oh, just make it easier to fuck your ass little girl …”

I grin and lift her feet off the floor, pushing her knees towards her shoulders. “Hold your knees there.” She nods slightly, holding her knees back, biting her lip softly. I close my belt firmly arund her legs, keeping them firm against her chest, forgetting the clamp.

– “Now … where did we put the first dildo …”

– “I dropped it, sir …”

– “Ah, yes.” I pick it up and brush if off a bit. “Better clean it off again, haven’t you?”

I hold it to her mouth, my cock pressing hard against her pussy thorugh my pants. She sighs and parts her lips, sucking the vibrator back into her mouth slowly, looking up at me pitifully.

– “Something wrong, girl?”

I slowly rock back and forth against her pussy. She shakes her head slowly, suckling and licking the vibrator clean, whimpering softly. I pull out a small packet of condoms, placing it on her thighs as she sucks the vibrator.

– “Best find one of these …”

I smile as I take the vibrator from her mouth and hold the tip against her pussy lips, running it slowly between them.

– “Think it’s wet enough, girl?”

She nods slowly, whimpering again.

– “Yes sir… And.. My hands are bound, so I can’t exactly take out a condom, can I?”

I just smile and push the dildo slowly into her pussy, twisting slightly from side to side, until it’s snug and the extra tip resting against her clit. She lets out a little moan, slightly rocking herself against it, closing her eyes. I turn her around in the bed, pulling her head just over the edge of it, my crotch just in front of her face.

– “Now, be a good girl and find my cock, and I’ll find the condom for you …”

She whimpers again, opening her mouth, tilting her head back, glancing up at you as best as she can, a bit confusedly. I take one of the condoms, and start to unpack it.

– “Well. Open my pants, girl. You can reach easily. Just use your teeth – but don’t bite anything important …”

She nods and tilts her head up, finding my zipper with her teeth, pulling it down slowly, carefully, whimpering slightly. I reach down to the dildo, toying a bit with it, seeing if it can be turned on and how, finding a little dial type thing, the vibrator having a few different settings concerning the roughness if the vibrations. Nicoles small lips tug the zipper all the way down, pressing her lips to me when she can. I smile at the sound of my zipper, then turn the dildo on to its slowest setting. “Good girl.” I unbutton my pants and take a small step back, stepping out of my pants, then I drop my shirt as well. I roll the condom just over the head, then step back to her, bending the shaft downwards a bit.

– “Now, roll that on all the way down.”

She squirms slightly, whimpering, sliding her lips over me, prodding the condom to roll down the shaft carefully. I gasp loudly at the sensation, a big grin growing on my lips. “Like that, yes. Good girl.”

She smiles a bit, scooting to be able to press more of the condom down on me, havning to bring me down her throat, making an effort to cover me completely. I push slightly forward and hold on to her ancles.

– “This is nice … VERY nice …”

I sigh heavily then let go and back off a bit again, letting her have control again. She closes her eyes, sighing, pressing her lips all the way down to the root, rolling the condom out as far as it will go. I pull back, then kneel down, placing another soft kiss on her lips.

– “Good girl. Ever put on a condom like that before?” She shakes her head slowly. “I will almost guarantee, that if you offer to put one on like that, any guy will want to wear a condom …”

I smile and stroke her cheeks gently then I turn her around on the bed again, putting her ass just over the edge of the bed.

– “Now … wonder how fast this vibrator can go …” I turn it up a notch, keeping my eyes on hers.

She smiles and squirms around, letting out a loud moan, closing her eyes tightly, jerking her hips up slightly, toes curling again.

– “Oh … you like that, do you?” I let go of the dildo and holds the tip of my cock against her ass. “Think we can do it like this? Or do we need some lube first?”

– “Uhm… I.. Think we’d be fine without l-lube, sir…” She lets out a soft moan, squirming.

– “Okay … it’s your ass on the line …” I smirk at her and push slowly inwards.

She whimpers and presses herself to me, quivering, biting her lip. I put my left hand on her shoulder, using my right hand to steer it straight as I pull her a bit firmer against my cock.

– “You need to push out if you can … otherwise it’ll be more difficult to get it …”

She nods and pushes out slightly, firmer against me, letting out more whimpers, squirming slightly more, desperately, biting her lip so hard it nearly bleeds. With a groan I push the head past her sphincter, and I stop pushing, letting her adjust to it. I smile at her and turn the dildo up to three.

– “Good girl. Very good. Now, relax and adjust to the feeling …”

Her little body tenses again, leaving her panting and squirming once more, looking slightly ashamed of herself as she collapses down on the bed.

I look at her with a slightly dissapointed look, then use the collapse as a perfect opportunity to slide my cock slowly deeper inside her ass. She yelps slightly, moaning loudly, jerking her hips up against me eagerly, panting.

– “Oh, you like that do you, girl?”

I smile and push firmer in, pushing until my stomach pushes against the end of the dildo. She lets out an even louder moan, arching her back, orgasming harshly again, breathing very heavily, eyes closed very tightly.

– “Oh my …” I stiffle a laugh.

I groan heavily as I slide slowly back, then I turn the dildo to max, pressing the outside tip against her clit as I slide back in, this time pushing as far as I can with both cock and dildo. She lets out something just softer than a scream, jerking her hips up, shaking near uncontrollably, breathing in loud gasps, moving her legs around desperately, trying to force herself closer to me. I slide back out slowly then push hard in, slowly out then hard in again, stopping as I jerk slightly with a small groan as I orgasm. She arches her back more, pulsing tightly around me and the vibrator, head tilted far back, lips parted, gasping desperately for air, squirming still against me and the vibrator inside of her.

With a silly smile I bend over her body, planting a soft kiss on her forehead, then I carefully slide back out of her, taking the dildo with me. She collapses down on the bed, cum rushing from her pussy, still breathing heavy, opening her eyes slowly, relaxing down as best as she can on the bed, purring to herself. I gingerly undo the belt holding her curled up, then dispose of the condom.

– “Well … don’t know about you, but I certainly had fun …” I laugh slightly.

– “Mhm…”

She lays herself down on the bed, smiling, giggling a bit. She shifts her shoulders a bit, whimpering at the reminder of the clip and her hands bound behind her.

– “Oh … I’d forgotton about that one …”

I gingerly release the clamp, running my tongue very gently around its indentations in her skin, before blowing cool air across it to sooth it. She lets out a gasp and a whimper, squirming around almost pained. I fish the keys out of her purse then pull her to a seated position and unlock them.

– “There we go …”

I gingerly blow across the nipple again. She puts a hand over her breat, massaging the nipple, whimpering, looking slightly pained, but grinning, leaning over to kiss me softly. I smile and lean into the kiss for a few moments, before leaning back, catching her eyes.

– “Can’t speak on your behalf, but this made me hungry …”

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