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Playing Husband & Wife

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I was spending the day at my friend Roger’s house, and was planning on staying the night. We spent much of the rainy day in Roger’s back yard, which bordered a rushing swollen drainage stream. Needless to say, we were soaked by late afternoon when Roger’s mom called us in for dinner. His mom made us strip off our wet, muddy clothes in the mud room just off the garage before she let us in the house. She had supplied two large Turkish towels in which to wrap ourselves.

As I pulled my wet shirt over my head, I couldn’t help but glance over at Roger, in anticipation, as he began to strip off his own wet clothes. I paused when I only had on my underwear, somewhat self conscious of fully exposing my nakedness in front of my best friend. But to my relief, Roger went right on and pealed his own underpants down his wet legs. My eyes were automatically drawn, perhaps through curiosity, toward his groin area. I was amazed at the sight which met my eyes. Roger had a very plump and perfectly circumcised penis to go along with his heavy and low hanging scrotal sac and thick tangled pubic bush. Mentally I compared the size and girth of his penis and balls with my own. At best I was two inches long when soft and only six inches when fully hard. And the amount of pubic hair he had far surpassed my own sparse bush. His egg sized balls hung much lower than my own smaller scrotal sac. Roger’s penis appeared to be four to five inches long when soft, and who knows how long when hard. And the thickness of his flaccid shaft appeared to be nearly as wide as my wrist.

As he nonchalantly wrapped the soft white towel around his waist, I quickly peeled off my own underwear, consciously aware that I had the beginnings of an erection, something which did not go unnoticed by Roger’s own curious eyes.

After we had showered and dressed we enjoyed a great dinner of fried chicken with all the fixin’s. We later went to Roger’s bedroom and listened to Motown records and talked about girls and sex. Finally, it was getting late and we were tired from a long and wet day outdoors. Roger’s parents had already gone to bed and had closed their bedroom door, which was directly opposite Roger’s bedroom. We both stripped down to our underwear and slipped beneath the cool sheets in separate twin beds.

After a few minutes of chit chat, with the house now dark and silent, my thoughts returned to this afternoon and Roger’s nakedness in the mud room. I began to develop an erection as I fantasized about his large penis.

I broke the silence, in a whisper, asking Roger if he had ever seen any girl’s titties. He said he had seen his mother several times, and that his whole family was very open about being naked in front of one another. (Roger had an older brother which I would intimately discover weeks later.) We both gossiped for a few more minutes, before I got up the nerve to ask him if it was OK for me to get into his bed, so we wouldn’t wake up his parents. He whispered back that it was OK.

I shivered as I slipped out of my bed and lifted the covers next to Roger, lying down on his right. The first thing I felt was the heat of his body. It was as if he was on fire. We continued to whisper and talk about sex. From time to time our naked thighs would brush up against one another. This only served to inflame my own passion, and by now I had a raging hard on inside my underwear.

I asked Roger how often he masturbated. He said he did it just about every night. I told him I felt like doing it right now. He said he did too. I reached down, lifting my ass, and slipped off my briefs, pushing them down my legs. He did the same. We were now lying naked, side by side, silently playing with our stiff erections. I could feel the bed shake as he stroked and pulled on his penis. As I rubbed my own stiff shaft, I could feel the pre-seminal fluid as it leaked profusely from the slit on the head of my penis.

Roger asked me if I was hard. I said I was rock hard. He then asked me if it was OK if he felt my penis. I hoarsely whispered back that it was OK. He reached over with his left hand placed his palm on the inside of my left thigh. I shook with lust as he slowly began running his fingers up my leg until he came in contact with my tight scrotal sac. He paused to gently probe my sac and roll my balls in his fingers. I cannot describe the erotic sensation one feels when another boy fondles your most private parts.

He then continued up until he grasped the base of my hard swollen shaft. He began to milk my erection and gently began to jack me off. His soft fingers worked their magic up and down my swollen shaft until I told him to stop before I ejaculated prematurely.

Overcome with lust, I reached over and felt for his own penis, running my fingers down his stomach and through his coarse pubic bush before grasping the object of my desire. His own thick, erect penis felt like twice the size I had imagined. I grasped his swollen shaft in my fingers and continued to feel my way up until I reached the engorged head of his hose length member, rubbing my forefinger along the seminal slit which formed a deep, slick grove atop his plum sized glans. His clear pre-seminal fluid was leaking profusely and covered my fingers as I played with his erection. I couldn’t help but stick my fingers in my mouth to suck in his sweet nectar.

We both continued to pull and tug on each other’s stiff penis, pausing to fondle each other’s balls. His ample scrotal sac filled my palm as I gently rolled his egg sized balls between my fingers. We were both very horny and not sure what to do as we rolled over to face each other, our hands busily at work beneath the sheets.

It only seemed natural for me to ask if he had any Vaseline or KY jelly. To my amazement he reached into a bedside drawer and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. He said he used it a lot to masturbate with. I took the jar from him and opened it, dipping my fingers in, withdrawing a good amount. I ask him if he wanted to play husband and wife. He said sure. I told him I would be his wife and we were going to have a baby. I then began to lubricate his penis then lifted my knees up to my chest and reached down to rub the remaining glob of Vaseline between my ass cheeks. I then rolled onto my stomach and told him to put his penis in the crevice formed by my thighs and ass cheeks to play like he was fucking his wife.

Once on my stomach, Roger crawled onto my back side, supporting his body with his arms . . . his long glistening erection grazed my ass cheeks as he hovered between my thighs. I reached back and found his stiff shaft with my right hand, grasping and stroking his thick erection as it bobbed frantically up and down in anticipation of fucking my lubricated thighs and ass.

I carefully placed the head of his dick between my thighs, just below my balls and ass hole. I squeezed my thighs tight as Roger began to move in and out between my well lubricated ass cheeks. My own stiff penis was pressed into the sheets he worked his stiff rod in and out of my greased thighs. The feeling of a stiff penis rubbing up and down between your thighs, and occasionally bumping against your asshole, is almost indescribable. It is very erotic to say the least.

As Roger began to hump my thighs and ass more authoritatively, I could hear him grunt and breath heavily with lust. My own erection was being rubbed up and down on the soft sheets, and I could feel my orgasm begin to stir deep within my loins.

Roger slowed his movements and now became more rhythmic with long slow strokes. Every once in a while I could feel his stiff shaft slip from between my well lubricated thighs and bump up against my nether hole. This sent an incredible shock wave of pleasure through my body. Roger must has sensed my lust, because it seems he deliberately lifted himself to get a better angle as he deliberately placed the ultra slick head of his penis against my pouting virgin anus. Almost naturally I lifted my ass and pressed back against the luscious pressure of his swollen glans now insistently pushing against the sphincter muscle of my well lubricated asshole. Lust now overwhelmed me as I struggled to relax my ass muscles as he continued to probe my anus with his long thick dick.

Soon, the pressure of his hard, lubricated penis pushing forward, coupled with my own desire to relax and enjoy the sensation, allowed his swollen glans to slip inside of me. I groaned in both pain and pleasure which caused him to pause momentarily. After a few seconds, I started to become familiar with this large intruder in my ass, and lust caused me to reach back and grasp his buttocks in an attempt to pull him deeper inside of me, as deeply as he desired.

Roughly grasping his ass cheeks must have sparked Roger’s own orgasm because he whispered in my ear that he was going to cum soon. I whispered back to him to fuck me and to make a baby. He began to forcefully thrust his ass forward and back, sliding his long thick shaft deep into my ass then withdrawing it until just the head was inside. My own orgasm was rapidly approaching as well as I enjoyed the pressure of his penis rubbing against my prostate.

When I could no longer hold back I told him I was going to cum. This must have sent him over the edge because he whispered he was cumming as well. We both grunted and groaned simultaneously as my sperm dribbled out onto the clean sheets. I felt him thrust one final time, burying his penis deep within my bowels . . . releasing his thick white sperm deep inside my dark nether hole. I could feel Roger’s body stiffen as he pressed forward, groaning three or four times as his body was racked with orgasmic tremors, his heavy balls discharging his hot semen deep into my ass.

We both relaxed in post orgasmic bliss. We rolled onto our sides, careful to keep his still hard penis buried deep within my warm ass. As we spooned, we quickly fell asleep.

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