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He was just an online fuck buddy. I have maybe thirty on my IM. When my husband is at work or when he’s just not scratching that itch I can get online and be sure that one or two of them will be online and ready to talk dirty to me, to play to my fantasies or to watch me on cam as I make myself cum harder than I ever could alone. He was just one of many.

True he pushed my buttons harder than anyone else ever had. We would voice chat and his gravelly voice and accent would just melt me. I would soak my panties before I even touched myself. I loved pleasing him, and he had a ravenous appetite for me. He was good looking. Not too old, not too young. Dark brown eyes, olive skin, big arms – arms big enough to hold me down – and an amazing cock. Sure he made my stomach flip every time he signed on and my clit would throb when he messaged me “Come here pussy cat..” But I truly never ever thought I’d even get a chance to fuck him. We were worlds apart.

It was cybersex pillow talk. Something he did when many others didn’t. So sometimes he felt more like a friend than just a fuck-buddy. I was sitting in my chair, my little skirt hiked up around my waist, my pussy gaping after having been desperately fucked by three of my fingers. “What are you doing next week? Will you be online?” I asked him.

“I’ll be out of town baby – sorry to disappoint. Business trip to Hawaii.”

My stomach did that flip thing again. My pussy throbbed.

“Hawaii? Next week? No way….”

“Why? Can’t I go to Hawaii?”

“I’m … traveling through Hawaii airport next week. The end of the week. I’m going home to visit my family for a few days,”

I waited. There was such a long silence I thought I might have scared him away. Finally he replied, “I fly out Friday evening. Will I miss you?”

“I fly in Friday afternoon.” I knew this was leading somewhere dangerous. It was too good to be true though! It felt like fate. I didn’t care and I couldn’t stop it. I felt like a train trying to brake, heading toward the bridge that was washed out.

“Are you wet again? Thinking about where this could go?”


“Mmmm Kitten. I want you. Can I have you?”

I didn’t hesitate.

“Where and When?”

So that was how it happened. I need you to know I don’t make a habit of this kind of thing. I swear Hawaii airport has never seen a better dressed traveler. I know because I was drawing the stares of all the business men. We were even flying on the same airline, so we agreed to meet in the airline lounge. I was a little early, but that made me feel a little better. I checked my bags then went to the lounge where I freshened up in the bathroom and ordered a drink at the bar. We knew what each other looked like so there was none of that awkward “I’ll be wearing such and such and carrying a blue bag” stuff. I was dressed to kill though. In the little skirt he liked. Grey tartan and almost too short for any kind of modesty. And a black figure hugging shirt with a scoop neck that showed off my chest. A red jeweled crucifix nestled at my collar bone drew the eye to my neckline. Heels, lacy panties and bra completed the outfit. I perched on the bar stool and sipped my drink. I watched the clock. Checked my cell.

Then suddenly I was aware that there was someone behind me. Close to me. Pressed against my back. “She’ll have another bartender” I knew that voice. But it felt so strange to hear it so close to my ear. He really was here! This was happening! God he smelled fantastic.

The bartender raised an eyebrow but slid me another drink. My friend slipped into the stool beside me. I must have looked like a doe in the headlights. I panted. He was eating me with his eyes. Every inch.

“I don’t know if I can wait for you to finish that drink,” He growled at me. I gulped and took a few big sips. “Lick your lips.” He ordered me. I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth and wet it. “Uh-uh,” He shook his head no, “Stick your tongue out and lick them.” I looked around, hesitant. Nobody seemed to have noticed, though the bartender was eyeing us.

I slipped the tip of my tongue out and wet my lips. Then, a nervous habit, I chewed on the corner of my bottom lip.

“Now take another drink and spread your legs a little wider” There was no question of disobeying him. He just demanded it and it made me giddy. That and the alcohol. I spread them wide enough that he could glimpse my panties and I leaned along the bar, pressing my breasts against the cool counter and sipping my drink. He reached out and traced a long sunkissed finger over the jewel in the center of the crucifix. My throat fluttered. I know he noticed. “Finish it. Now.” I gulped it down and it burned my throat. My eyes watered. He pushed our ticket to the bartender and grabbed my hand. “Where are we going?” I hissed as I tottered after him. He pulled me around the corner and down a hallway. “Don’t ask questions! Just do as I say. You need this and I can barely contain myself so if you don’t want to be ravaged in this hallway in front of God and everybody you better walk faster.”

I did. We came to a door and suddenly I realized we were in the shower suites. Of course! He opened the door and we slipped inside and it was like we had just entered our own private hotel room. I didn’t but half a second to look around as slammed the door and thrust me against the tile wall and bit down on the top of my breast. I moaned as his hands explored me. “God you’re such a slut for me. Look at you!” He pulled back as I stared at him panting, wanting his touch. He reached out and grabbed the front of my skirt and ripped. A button popped. “HEY!”

“I hope you have a change of clothes,”


“Shut up!” And his mouth covered mine and devoured it. I surrendered. The skirt was ripped completely from my thighs. He was strong. And pushing me so hard into the wall I couldn’t breathe. I felt his hard cock pushing intently at the fabric of my panties as those long fingers grabbed either side of my neckline and RIPPED, literally TORE my shirt open. He grabbed my hair and turned me to the side so he could pull it from my arms. Tugging it and throwing it on top of the skirt. I stood shivering in my heels. Then with one hand he pushed me back agasint the wall and took several steps back. Just staring at me. I flushed all over. I could see myself in the mirror behind him. I did look like a doe in the headlights. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm little girl you are too sexy.” he said as his eyes moved over my stomach and thighs. He sat down on the toilet, with the cover down, and pulled his pants down to his ankles and then he motioned to me “Here kitty kitty” and I stepped towards him, feeling sexier than ever before.

“Kitties don’t walk on two legs” he growled and I knew exactly what to do. Dropping to all fours and crawling toward him like a cat – slinking my body along the floor. I reached him and put both hands on his knees, and flexed my claws – digging my nails into his knees. He reached out and grabbed my hair pulling me up onto my feet and forward until I was sitting on top of him. I settled into his lap. My lace panties were the only thing protecting my pussy from his straining cock. I had a feeling they were about to be torn too and sure enough it took him just one hand, one pull. I gasped as the fabric burned my skin as he tore it. One of his hands slid down over my shaved pussy and that long finger delved deep into my wet, wet pussy. “AaAhAh!” I grabbed for his shoulders for support. He worked that finger fast and hard. All I could do was hug his shoulders and hold on. I was panting harshly in his ear. He finger fucked my pussy hard and fast over and over, working his finger into my g-spot until I was about to explode. I was so close to cumming all over his hand. I tipped my head back, my eyes rolled back.

That was when he lifted me and forcibly impaled me on his cock. One stroke. I let out a yell – choked and pained as his huge cock spread my little cunt. “FUCK!”

“Look at me you little slut when I fuck you. I want to see what I’m doing to you in your eyes when you cum,” And with that he tipped me backwards, lowering me down onto the floor. He followed me with his body till he crushed me. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. His cock pushing deeper into me than ever. I wrapped my legs around him. Clinging on for dear life. He worked his hips back and forth, forcing his cock in and out harder and harder. One hand came to my throat, wrapping those fingers around my neck. My moan was choked out and I couldn’t breathe. He fucked me harder and harder till tears ran down my cheeks. His only reaction was to press himself closer to lick them from my cheeks. Then to kiss me hard and force his tongue into my mouth. His brown eyes staring into mine, penetrating my mind.. my heart even as he penetrated me with his cock. Over and over. I convulsed and he shook me. “LOOK AT ME!” I forced my eyes open as I came. Obeying him even as every other piece of sense, reason and logic fled from my mind. My pupils dilated and my face shook. He bit down on my lip as he pistoned into me one last time, coating the inside of my ravaged cunt with his hot seed. I sobbed with release and he pulled out, just sitting back and watching the cum seep from my cunt. He smeared it over my lips with a finger and thumb. I blushed in humiliation and adoration. I licked them one last time for him. My tongue slipping over my lips and tasting his seed. “Perfect.” He said and he pulled out a hand held camera and before I could realize what had happened he had taken a picture of me like that. “I’ll miss my flight little Kitty,” was all he said, “But you were PERFECT!” and he was gone. Just like that. I looked around and remembered I had checked my bags and I did not have any kind of change of clothes with me. Fuck!

When I finally arrived at my destination in my torn clothes, the people were staring at me like I was a hooker, and a cheap one at that. I turned my cellphone on as I dragged my bag as quickly as possible to a bathroom. My mother didn’t need to see me in this shape. It beeped at me and I opened the message to see the picture of me he had taken as he left. There I was lying in my bra and heels with my clothes ripped from my body. Cum on my lips and leaking from my pussy, red marks all over my body. My nipples hard and a far-away look in my eye. That was me. It really had happened. The picture proved it. The text message read “You’re my screen saver now. What do you think? When can we do this again?”

“I fly back in two weeks” I texted back with a shaky thumb.

Beep-Beep went my phone.


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