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Unbelievable. I must be dreaming. There is no way that what just seemed to have happened, happened.

Here I am sitting on a box in the basement of my store. I’m surrounded on three sides with old, unsold, Christmas merchandise waiting for the next holiday season. My pants are down around my ankles and my dick still standing semi-rigid. If you had asked me thirty minutes ago if this situation were possible, I would have laughed my ass off.

I looked at the floor where there were several wet spots in front of me where my spunk had landed. Some were nearly four feet away.

No, I didn’t jerk off, just in case you were wondering. I wouldn’t be writing about something so mundane. Although, dream or no, this little episode will supply many wanking sessions with fantasies for years to come.

I pinched myself. It hurt. Okay, so it’s not a dream.

If anything, that only serves to make this situation even more, unbelievable.

* * *

I’ve owned a small department store for about thirty years, ‘Mel’s Discount Madness’. In that time I’ve married, had several kids and been widowed for the last eight years. I still have a daughter that lives at home. She is sixteen and I seldom see her between school and her active social life. I never dated after my wife passed, mainly because my daughter didn’t want me too. Now that I’m close to fifty and a bit (okay, quite a bit) out of shape, she’s told me to go for it.

Gee, thanks, kid.

Two weeks ago I had a cashier quit without notice. It seems she had some sort of emergency during her spring break that required her attention down the shore with her boyfriend. Being so close to Easter, that’s a bad time to be short handed. You don’t want people walking out because there are long lines at the checkout. One of the other cashiers, Angie, said that she had a friend in high school that was looking for a job and asked if I wanted to interview her.

“Sure,” I replied.

She snapped out her cell and called the girls’ cell.

Isn’t technology great?

“She’ll be here in five minutes,” she said, as she closed the phone and slipped it into her smock.

Wow, instant interviews. What’s next?

Four minutes later, in bopped a girl still in her school uniform, complete with skirt, knee high socks and black and white saddle shoes. She was carrying on her back, what appeared to be the most over stuffed school bag that I’ve ever seen. Angie pointed me out to her, and the girl bopped over to me, stopping inches short of plowing into me. She pulled off the book bag and let it drop. It landed behind her with a thud, scaring the wits out of a customer that had been looking at magazines at the checkout counter.

“Sorry!” she said, and thrust a hand at me. I shook it.

“Hi! I’m Paloma!” she said enthusiastically, as she pumped my hand hard and then let go. “And you be?”

“I’m Mel, I own the place,” I replied, flexing my hand to make sure nothing was broken. “You’re looking for a job?”

“Yeah! It’s funny too, because at lunch today, Angie and this girl Sally were sitting there talking about their jobs, and I was like, ‘Damn I need a job,’ and Sally who’s my friend, but really isn’t, but thinks she is, says, ‘You’re too stupid to get a job,’ and I’m like ‘Screw you,’ and she says…”


“… ‘you bitch’ and I tossed my salad…yes?”

“Have you ever used a cash register before?” I asked, regaining control of the conversation.

“Oh sure. I was great. I worked for the burger joint across the street. ‘Do you want fries with that?’ I hated asking that stupid question all the time. And people would be like, ‘If I wanted fries I would ask for them, bitch,’ and I would be like, ‘Well, if that’s the way you’re going to be about it, then…'”


“…’don’t get the fries’…yes?”

“Why did you stop working there?” I asked, with my head starting to spin.

“I found out that I was allergic to the oil they used to make the fries. It was always cooking and that stuff gets into the air. Then I noticed a rash starting and it was like, all over me and I looked like I was from some horror movie. One guy pulls up to the window to get his order and looks at me and before he could pay he…”


“…puked at the site of my face…yes?”

“Do you have working papers from school?” I asked, again interrupting her verbal onslaught.

“I don’t need them. I’m nineteen. I got held back in kindergarten. Can you believe that? I had the best party for my birthday. There were like twenty people there and it was a blast. My brother got us a quarter keg and we went nuts. Oh, and Mary had a crush on some guy, so we locked them in a closet together and then we…”


“… opened the door and took pictures… yes?”

“You’re hired.” I motioned for Angie to take her to the back and give her a smock.

“Aw, thank you, Mel,” she said, as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. “Angie was telling me the other day how cool you were. She said that you were the nicest guy to work for. We were in the movies and there was this guy who was sitting behind us, throwing popcorn at us. He managed to get some stuck in my hair and I was like, ‘Hello, what are you doing…'”

She was still going on with her story as Angie dragged Paloma and her heavy school bag to the back.

“… and he was like, ‘What’s your problem, bitch’, and I said, ‘Your mom must lock you away when company comes’, and…”

A few minutes went by and Angie returned. “She called her mom and can start work now if you want.”

“Does she always talk that much?” I asked.

Angie thought about her reply and then said, “Not all the time. She was nervous and when that happens she deals with it by talking. Don’t worry, she’ll calm down. Do you want to start her now?” she asked.

“Sure, train her on the register,” I replied.

Angie went to the back where the employee lounge was and brought her out. Paloma winked at me, bopped her way up to the register that Angie was using and watched Angie ring on it. She stood with her hands folded in front of her at the waist, twisting slightly from side to side with a big grin on her face. Several times she looked in my direction and winked again.

At least she looked like she was having fun.

Later that evening when Angie settled her register, it came out even. Paloma had rung on it for almost four hours after watching Angie and it was perfect. She was fast too, but boy did she talk. The customers didn’t mind, as long as she didn’t slow them down. She was a natural for doing two things at once.

* * *

Easter came and went, and it was now time to change over to spring and summer sundries for sale. With Paloma being such a quick study on the cash register, today, I decided to see how well she did working on the sales floor with me, merchandising the summer line.

The two of us had set up nearly half the seasonal displays in record time. All the while, she never shut up. No subject seemed to elude her as she espoused on virtually everything you could think of short of sex.

“My dad lost a chunk of money when the dot coms went bust…”

“There’s going to be a lunar eclipse this Friday…”

“My mother doesn’t use vinegar in her potato salad…”

“The Phillies will choke again this year…”

“My dad is a distant cousin of Fidel Castro…”

“I don’t use hot wax, I shave…”

“I think global warming is a bunch of crap…”

“My cat just had kittens…”

As we waited for two of my stock clerks to bring up the grills and picnic supplies for the next department we were going to set, I took the opportunity to really look at her.

“You know, my brother Bill goes to Temple, and he has a roommate that likes to sleep with…”

She was about five foot three, with mid back length natural blonde hair, even though she says she is Cuban.

“… a stuffed Nemo doll and snores so loud that…”

She had no hint of an accent. If anything, she sounded like a Valley Girl.

“… my brother can’t sleep at all, so he has to go to the school library to…”

She has sparkling blue eyes, a wide mouth with thin lips and the whitest teeth.

“… get any sleep and the librarian keeps telling him he has to leave, so…”

She is slim, but not skinny. She has small breasts, a flat stomach and nice legs that show under her uniform skirt.

“… he has to go from room to room to find someone that will let him crash.”

“Boss,” said one of the two clerks. “We can’t find the grills down there.”

“They’re in the back of the basement next to the leftover Christmas decorations,” I replied, repeating what I had told him five minutes before.

“We don’t see ’em,” came the reply, with the other clerk shaking his head behind him in agreement. “Can we go for something to eat? We’re starved.”

“Go ahead,” I sighed, in response. “Come on, Paloma, let’s go find those grills.”

“So he finally finds a room with two girls in it that let him stay there. They won’t let him get any sleep…”

We went down the steps and headed to the back of the basement.

“… because they’re constantly trying to play with his dick. I mean he can’t get a moments peace.”

I had been scrounging around in the semi lit area and was brought up short with that revelation. “What?”

“Yeah, they always want to see him shoot a load. He has such dark rings under his eyes and he says his dick’s raw,” she said, standing there holding her hands in front of her and twisting from side to side with a big grin on her face.

“Okay,” I said, as I went back to looking for the wayward grilles.

“Your daughter says that you are going to start dating again,” she said.

“Maybe,” I replied, moving boxes around. I never even gave it a thought that Paloma might know my daughter at school. I should have guessed that, since Angie knew my kid before she even started working for me.

“She says that you haven’t dated anyone since her mother died. She says that she’s caught you jerking off and you don’t even know it… and she really feels bad for you and…”

“Let’s just look for the grilles, huh?” I replied, trying to change the subject.

She came over to my right, moving boxes around. “She says that you’re kind of shy, and man I can see that.”

“Here they are!” I said, after moving several rows of boxes blocking them in.

“Great,” she said, grabbing hold of my arm and turning me to face her.

She was standing within an inch of me. She put a hand on my chest and pushed me back into the boxes of Christmas carryover.

“So, I’ve decided to help break the ice,” she said, as her hands went to my belt, and pulled my pants down to my ankles.

I couldn’t say anything. I was in a state of shock. She pulled down my boxers and pushed me down on an unopened box of multi-colored light sets.

She dropped to her knees and placed a hand on my shriveled and shocked mini-me. “Now I promise to be nice. Not like the girls that torture my brother. They just yank the shit out of him.”

She gently rolled me in her hand as the other caressed my balls. I started to get up, once the initial shock wore off.

“Where are you going? Sit down!” she commanded.

I set myself back down and tried to grasp what was happening in this totally unbelievable situation.

“You know I was on a trip to Six Flags with my brother and his friends from college. We walked around a bit until we found a ride where you get in a floating car and go into some kind of ‘Tunnel of Love’ and we girls all had a bet as to who could make their dates cream their pants before they finished the ride…”

Her hand was beginning to have an effect on me. She continued talking, but with a bit less intensity than before, almost as if to calm me.

“Jen said that she rubbed Henry too hard through his jeans and he had to use Neosporin on his dick for a week afterward. That’ll teach him not wear underwear. But he didn’t cum during the ride…”

She was using her fingers to trace the length of my growing member. They were slim and cool and sent a wonderful shiver up my spine in delight.

“Tina says that Jack blew a load in a minute, but we didn’t see any wet spots on his pants when they got off the ride. So we knew she was full of shit…”

She was looking at my cock intently as she tickled the head and continued to caress my balls. Now and then, between sentences, she would get close enough to it, that I could feel her warm breath on the head. That coupled with her cool fingers made for an incredible sensation.

“Now, Mary was with this big dork, Tim I think was his name. You’d think he had a ten incher with his seven-foot something frame. She couldn’t even feel it! She says that she rubbed and rubbed but couldn’t get a reaction out of the guy. Either he didn’t have one or he didn’t think much of what she was doing.”

I was now at full attention and her fingers were sliding up and down the shaft, slowly, as her other hand hefted my balls, testing the weight of the sack. Her head dropped a bit, as she was now looking over my nut sack as intently as she had my dick.

“Annette was with Neal and she wasn’t able to get him off until they were coming out of the end of the ride. Everyone saw him twitching as he let go in his pants. He had the stupidest look on his face!…”

God her hands felt good! This nineteen-year-old chippy was talking up a storm and doing wonderful things to me. I closed my eyes and leaned back to enjoy the feeling. She was sliding her fingers up and down faster now. The head was beginning to get sensitive. Every time her fingers passed over it, it caused me to jump a bit in my seat. She noticed, and changed the way she was stimulating me by stopping short of the head.

“Now, sophomore Marcie came with her older brother who was a junior. Neither had dates. That didn’t stop them. He got in the float with her and they disappeared into the ‘tunnel’. When they came out, he had a huge wet stain on the front leg of his pants and Marcie held her arms up as if it were some kind of victory. They won the twenty dollar pot, so I guess it was a victory, but… eeww,” she said with a shudder.

Her hand was beginning to tug now and then as her cool fingers continued to slide up and down the shaft. Her other hand was now simply holding my balls, as if to comfort them.

“You didn’t go in with your brother?” I asked.

“I’m a bad girl, but not that bad,” she answered, still looking at my rock hard cock.

She was giving me more friction than before, and she was pumping faster.

“I have heard from some guys as to how they like to be jacked off, but most really have no clue what they want. I like to keep the pace varied as much as I can. There’s no need to pull the darn thing off.”

She was now using a small ring of fingers to jerk just the head of my cock. I was having trouble keeping from gasping for breath.

“I really think it’s neat watching dicks as they go through all the different stages of an orgasm. First they get hard, then a bit of precum and then they begin to twitch and swell, depending on how much stimulation is being given. Some guys seem to be able to hang on forever, but eventually a weakness is found by changing the method of attack, and their balls surrender their spunk.”

She had gone back to sliding her fingers up and down. There was a tingling feeling beginning in my balls. That wonderful feeling hadn’t been brought on by a hand other than my own in nearly a decade.

“Oh! Well, I see I’ve found your weakness,” she snorted as she chuckled. “You seem to be turning purple down here. Okay, I want to see how much you liked this,” she said, as she turned herself to the side, out of harms way. “Some guys have pressure and some don’t. I think it’s more fun to see it shoot rather than dribble, don’t you?”

With that last question, she looked up at me. She had that same grin on her face and that took me over the edge. The twinge in the root of my cock went deep into my balls. They took over with a massive contraction of their own. She felt it, even before it started racing up and out of me.

“Here goes,” she said.

I gritted my teeth as my groin contracted and the first rope erupted from me and sailed about four feet away before hitting the floor.

“Whew!” she uttered, as she continued stroking me as before.

Another and another rope of spunk shot out, not nearly as forceful, but just as voluminous as the first.

“Ye haw, Mel!” she giggled, as I continued to empty my balls as her hand milked the last drops out. “Now, don’t be shy anymore. If you want to ask someone out, just do it. If you ever feel that that you need to talk about anything, don’t hesitate to ask me to come down here to talk. I’m sure we can work things out.”

She grabbed a few grills and headed to the stairs. “You know, my mom always makes a roast on Sunday. I don’t eat meat, so she usually makes me a salad. This week, she forgot the salad dressing, so I had use…” she stopped half way up the stairs and looked at me. “Come on, these grilles won’t set themselves up on the shelves. Don’t you want to know what I had to use on my salad?” and she continued up the steps with me still sitting there completely dazed.

* * *

The spunk was now nearly dry on the floor, leaving behind small stains on the concrete. I stood and pulled up my boxers and pants and stood, still stunned from the whole experience.

“Come on, Mel,” shouted Paloma down the steps, “Let’s go!”

I didn’t move. I was just too muddled in my thoughts.

“Are you okay?” she shouted.

“I’m not sure.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked, as she walked half way down and stood on the steps.

“Maybe,” I answered.

She finished walking down the steps and headed toward me. “Well, I had to make my own dressing by using ketchup and mayo and cheese…”

She pushed me back into the Christmas carryover and pulled down my pants again. She sat me down on the same box, and started to pump my semi rigid cock.

“… so you know, it wasn’t the best Sunday dinner I’ve ever had, but it was okay. Oh, did I tell you that I’m a vegetarian? My friend Mary eats like a pig. Beef, beef, beef! I’ve never seen so much cow go into someone…”

I closed my eyes and listened, as she talked the whole way through my second pumping of the day. This time she wasn’t as gentle, as it took more friction to get a reaction out of me.

“Last month, Bill took me to the place he had been sleeping with those two girls, and introduced me to them. I guess if somebody’s rubbing your dick raw you want to show off to somebody. So, I went and met them and one of the girls is like, ‘duh’ and the other is…”

She paused, removed a wayward hair on my dick and continued.

“… quiet and sexy as hell. Why they’re messing with my brother, I have no idea. Well, I took off my clothes and, I told you I’m bi, right?”

No, but I didn’t care.

“…and my brother gets out his camera, and me and the two girls get it on right in front of him.”

“I thought you said that you weren’t that bad of a girl,” I croaked out, while feeling the beginnings of another major spunk shoot.

“Oh, believe me, I am a bad girl, just not bad enough to do it with my brother. I don’t care if he watches, though. So I had my tongue up the sexy ones’ muff, and I look over to Bill and he’s getting jerked off by ‘Duh’ and watching me put on a show. I could tell by looking at him, that with me watching, it turned him on even more. So, I switched places with ‘Sexy’ and leaned up against the wall opposite Bill and watched him get wanked by ‘Duh’ while ‘Sexy’ gave me the licking of my life.”

I was having trouble holding back. I actually wanted to hear the end of this story, but her hands were doing a sweet number on me. “You might want to look out,” I grunted.

“So, I was like, ‘Come on Bill, shoot your spunk. I want to see what you can do! Cum, do it for me! Come on, Come on! Cum now!”

She had moved to the side again, and just as she had commanded her brother, I shot another load with the help of her massaging hands.

“Hey, Mel. That was pretty cool. That’s almost exactly the same timing as my brother. He managed to launch some all the way over to my leg. You and him are both good shooters.”

With that, she stood and grabbed another stack of small grills and headed up the steps.

“… I can’t believe it cost thirty dollars to fill my dads’ car the other day. If I didn’t have a job, I’d have to suck somebody for the money.”

The image popped into my head. ‘Never happen’, I said to myself. ‘Can’t keep quiet long enough.’

“Coming?” she asked at the top of the stairs.

“I’ll be right there,” I replied.

She stood at the top of the stairs waiting for me.

“So, after filling the car up, I walk over to the jerk of an owner and let him have it with both barrels…”

I walked up the steps carrying some grills.

“… and he was like, ‘What do you want me to do about it?’ and I said…”

This is going to be an interesting summer…

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