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Our First Date

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Jessica sat there and shook her head. This girl was so beautiful, but so naïve. No matter how much she hit on her, Karen wouldn’t take the hints. Sitting on the couch, the two had been talking for over an hour now. Karen always just within arms reach, no more.

Every time Jess pulled her close she scooted away. She pulled Karen over again, wrapping an arm around her. “Listen, you’re beautiful, why don’t you believe me?”

Karen went scarlet and shook her head. “I am just not used to hearing such compliments, especially not from another woman.”

Jessica smiled, she was so innocent. She wanted her, bad. She took Karen’s chin and turned it to face her. Jess looked into Karen’s beautiful blue eyes, becoming lost in them. Karen squirmed slightly uncomfortable under Jess’s gaze. Jessica finally shook her head and smiled. “Listen Karen, I gotta tell you something.”

Karen nodded slightly. “S.. Sure.”

Jess shook her head. “Words are terrible, does this say enough words?” With that she leaned close kissing Karen gently on the lips, moving close to her, pulling her into the kiss.

Karen went rigid, she was being kissed, her first kiss, by a girl at that! She didn’t know what to do, so sat there a moment. She suddenly realized how aroused she was, but that wasn’t possible, women were not meant as lovers, yet this girl was kissing her. She finally kissed back, startling Jessica only slightly. This move emboldened Jessica into running a hand to Karen’s shoulder and brushing her long beautiful hair aside. Karen felt herself spiraling out of control and into Jessica’s.

Jessica grinned, nibbling the other girl’s neck, licking it, feeling a rush at every moan and shiver elicited from Karen. She kissed her bare shoulder and quickly undid the buttons on Karen’s blouse then her own. She kissed the tops of Karen’s breasts, elated at the soft moans Karen made. Jess ran her hands behind Karen, quickly unfastening her bra, kissing her chest a few times. Karen’s breasts were beyond amazing. Jess dragged her tongue across the tops of Karen’s breasts getting a louder, throaty moan from that.

She grinned and pushed Karen onto her back, kissing her chest and belly as she did so. Jess slid a hand up Karen’s leg, up her skirt and into her panties, making Karen squeal slightly as she ran a finger over her clit. Jess grinned and gently tested a finger inside of Karen’s pussy. Karen immediately moaned, arching her back, her eyes wide. Jess giggled to herself, Karen was a virgin, a total virgin. She slowly slid her whole index finger into Karen’s pussy, then slowly dragged it out, Karen squirming and moaning the whole time. Jess slid down Karen’s silk panties and lifted her skirt and tentatively teased her clit with her tongue. Karen moaned and spread her legs for her. Jess grinned and gently licked at Karen’s pussy for a moment then slid her tongue inside her. Karen closed her eyes and moaned softly, biting her lip.

Jess sat there, gently running her tongue in and out of Karen’s pussy, teasing her clit now and then. Jess brought Karen within a moment of climaxing over and over, never quite letting her finish. Karen by then was begging for her to finish, begging for her to make her cum for her first time. Jess grinned and slid a finger into Karen’s pussy gently, causing Karen to moan quite audibly. Jess pumped her finger in and out, quickening as she did it, kissing Karen’s stomach and breasts as she did so. Karen gasped ready to climax and Jess stopped again. Karen whimpered slightly, begging for her to let her cum. Jess licked down Karen’s chest to her pussy and drove her tongue deep into her, massaging around with it, driving it in and out while teasing her clit with her left hand.

Finally Karen gasped and climaxed. Jess grinned, all too happy to clean up with her tongue. Karen lay there panting, thinking the time was finally over. Jess grinning and suddenly drove her middle finger into Karen’s pussy, causing her to squeal in surprise and pleasure. Jess drove her finger in and out slowly, not trying to make Karen cum.. Yet.

She stopped then gently licked at Karen’s clit, her right hand gently caressing her ass. Jess drove her tongue deep into Karen’s pussy just as she squeezed her ass tight, making Karen moan loud enough to alert anyone nearby whom would be listening. Jess pulled back slipping her middle finger into Karen’s pussy again, then pulling it out, pushing it in, pulling it out, then licking her pussy gently. Jess squeezed Karen’s ass gently, running her left-hand middle finger gently over her pussy, teasing it. Taking Karen’s hips, she flipped her onto her stomach gently, Karen was confused but didn’t complain.

Jess smiled. “Okay love, now, arch your back for me, and scoot your knees under you a bit, then pull your elbows in too. That’s it, perfect.” She gently licked Karen’s pussy having a new angle and gently caressed her ass. Karen moaned pressed back into Jess, which of course, turned Jess on even more. As she licked at Karen’s pussy, Jess ran her finger up and down Karen’s ass, teasing at the hole as well as her pussy, pulling her tongue away when she did. Karen moaned and squirmed slightly. Jess grinned and licked long and hard from Karen’s pussy up to her back then back down. Karen gasped, the air taken right out of her from the sensation.

Jess gently slid her middle finger back in Karen’s pussy again, moving it around slightly, causing Karen to moan louder. As Jess pulled her middle finger out, she slid her index in, pumping it in and out. After a few moments, Jess slid her index out. Both her index and middle finger were thoroughly covered in Karen’s cum, and she had to mightily resist the urge to suck on them, but managed to do so. Being ever so gentle, Jess slipped both fingers into Karen’s pussy. Karen’s eyes opened wide as she gasped for air, she blinked, the wave of ecstasy taking her by surprise. Jess grinned and gently worked both fingers into Karen’s pussy. After a moment of adjusting, Jess pumped her fingers back and forth into Karen’s pussy. Karen moaned louder, arching her back more and raising her ass higher, pressing more against Jess’s fingers, causing them to go fully into her. Jess felt herself almost climaxing at just performing the act on Karen. Karen gasped and climaxed, breathing heavily.

Jess quickly removed her fingers and drove her tongue into Karen’s pussy. Karen squealed in surprise and moaned loudly. While driving her tongue as deep as it could go, Jess suddenly slipped her cum-covered middle finger into Karen’s ass. Karen made a short clipped squeal and squirmed slightly, not quite sure how to react. Jess wasted no time and pressed her whole finger into Karen’s ass, this elicited the desired effect, Karen moaned incredibly loudly, undoubtedly heard by a neighbor or two. Jess gently pumped her finger in and out of Karen’s ass as she licked and lapped at her pussy. After a short while Karen was very close to climaxing again Jess stopped with her tongue and knelt close behind Karen, her middle finger still going in and out. Karen’s moans were arousing Jess to near insanity. Managing to control herself, Jess slipped her index finger ever so gently into Karen’s ass as well. Karen winced only slightly, her own cum working as a lube.

Jess reached around Karen’s right leg, teasing her clit with her right hand, as her left pumped her index and middle finger in and out of her ass. Karen moaned louder with each passing moment, and finally she gasped, climaxing again, begging that it would never end yet begging that it had. Jess pulled her two fingers from Karen’s ass and grinned. She was clean as a whistle, either she had anticipated or was very hygienic. Jess sucked her fingers clean of Karen’s sweet essence and grinned, kicking off her skirt and thong, both of them naked now, Karen on her elbows and knees, Jess between her legs up against her ass. Jess leaned forward pressing herself against Karen, leaning down, her breasts on Karen’s back.

“After this, either you will never let me leave, or you’ll kick me off the couch.”

Karen blinked, very confused. Nothing, NOTHING could get her to kick Jess off the couch. Suddenly Jess drove her tongue into Karen’s ass. Karen blinked, gasped, and let out a low moan. Jess drove her tongue as deep as she possibly could, twirling it as she could when it was there and pulling it out then doing it again and again. The moans Karen emitted were loud enough to easily disturb neighbors but she didn’t give a damn, she had never felt anything like this before in all her life. She backed her hips into Jess, pressing her hips to her. Jess actually audibly moaned from arousement, driving her tongue deeper and deeper, suddenly slipping two fingers into Karen’s pussy as well. Karen moaned again, louder and bit down on her lip, her hands in fists trying to hold back her orgasm, but within moments she failed to hold it any longer and an orgasm ripped through her unlike any other, she moaned and gasped, it was rapture.

Jess flipped her over and lay between her legs, kissing her lips softly but hungrily, Karen knew she was almost exploding from her own needs and yet not once had she allowed Karen to help. Karen grinned and ran her hands over Jess’s ass. Jess blinked in surprise, moaning softly, laying against her. Karen grinned, this was definitely a huge turn on for Jess, why not exploit it a bit? She squeezed softly, which in turn rose a louder moan from Jess. Karen smiled, gently massaging Jess’s ass with both hands now, squeezing extra-hard now and then.

Gently and carefully, she slid a hand between Jess’s legs and rubbed her clit and slid a finger inside of her. It was obvious she had never had a man before, a woman maybe, but never a man. She kissed Jess passionately while one hand massaged her ass, the other slid a second finger into her pussy. Karen switched hands suddenly, pulling her right hand to massage her ass, her left to finger her. Then suddenly, without any warning she slipped her middle finger into Jess’s ass. This was a hell of a lot more than the desired effect.

Jess’s eyes went wide as she gasped, a low moan escaped her throat and rose to a scream of pleasure as Karen pumped the finger in and out of her ass. Jess’s screams were easily heard within many yards, as the window was open. Karen had found the biggest turn on Jess had, nothing could compare to her ass when it came to turning her on. Karen sped up slightly, then gently added a second finger. The moans and screams intensified, Jess arching her back, her head back, eyes closed. Karen pumped her fingers in and out of Jess’s ass and her pussy, while leaning up and sucking on her breasts. Jess suddenly shuddered and climaxed, her body relaxing for a moment. Jess almost was about to speak when she realized Karen wasn’t stopping yet. Karen sped up slightly, pumping her fingers in rhythm. Jess moaned and screamed, holding Karen’s shoulders for support, as if she didn’t she would fall at the rate Karen was fingering her. After another few long minutes of Jess’s screams echoing off the walls she finally climaxed again whereas she collapsed on Karen. Karen slid her fingers out of Jess’s ass and pussy, licking them clean.

Jess looked up, her eyes having a slight glazed look. “Karen… I love you.. I meant to say it before, I swear.. It’s just..”

Karen silenced her by kissing her softly, “I know Jess.. I know.. and.. I … well.. I love you too.”

Jess grinned and held her close, kissing her, her only thoughts on Karen and Karen’s on her as they dozed off.

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