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Ordeal of the Mother

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The mother of Debbie and Maria was named Evon. She was, in my opinion, a good looking, plump woman in her late forties. Her tits were full, heavy orbs that frequently displayed her huge nipples through even the thickest of clothing. Her arse was firm and round. A pretty face with full lips complimented her green eyes and long brown hair. She extruded a sexual aura that was palpable with nothing more than the swing of her hips as she walked.

The conquest and breaking of her daughters was but an act of supplication upon the altar of her flesh. By taking her I would complete the circle.

This is how it was done…

Debbie and Maria were now mine. Having raped them into submission my will was their own. I did not seek their compliance I ordered it and they obeyed without question. So I ordered them to let me in to their house after their mother had gone to bed one night. It took no more planning than that. I entered the house with my cock already hard and a variety of tools in a bag I called my rape kit.

The three of us crept into Evon’s darkened room as she slept, she didn’t stand a chance. Before she was even fully awake I had a plastic bag over her head and her hands tied behind her back. I punched her in the stomach and tied the bag around her neck. She bucked against the constraints while the bag rapidly cut off her air supply. She fought for her freedom far more than her daughters had done. But it was to no avail. “Switch on the light.” I ordered Maria. Even through her obvious discomfort Evon’s eyes widened when she saw her two daughters standing next to a man with a raging hard on, all three naked and all clearly enjoying her suffering.

“Time to begin.” I said. I took a small knife and made an incision in the bag, not wide enough for Evon to breathe properly but enough to keep her gasping for air without passing out. Then I took out two dildos from my rape kit and applied a thick lubricant to them in full view of my captive. They were both 8” long and buzzing loudly, set as they were to full power. Gently I forced the first one into Evon’s pussy, she tried to stop me by crossing her legs but I had her girl’s hold them wide open. Her pussy smelled sweet and her labia and clit were larger than either of her daughter’s, I watched her genitals engorge with blood and slowly grip the dildo. A good sign I thought. Biding the girls to stretch their mother’s legs up and back, nearly folding her in two, I then inserted the other dildo up her arse. She didn’t like that, she didn’t like it one bit to judge by the squealing. But that didn’t matter, she wasn’t supposed to.

Next Maria tied her mother’s arms and legs, spread eagle, to the four bedposts and set her head so that she had no choice but to look at me. Then she and Debbie got on their knees, my cock was only inches from their lips, it twitched in time to the rushing beat of my pulse, a single drop of precum crowning it’s swollen head. “Your daughters are going to show you how I like my cock sucked.” I told her. “Begin sucking!” I commanded and so they did.

First each girl took a turn licking my cock from the balls and shaft up to the head, then they licked it together until it glistened with their saliva. After that they took turns feeding it to each other. One would work the head vigorously with her mouth and tongue. While the other wanked the shaft slowly, pulling my foreskin way back till it almost hurt and then holding it there on the threshold between pain and pleasure. This made Evon cry. She didn’t like to watch her precious daughters act like cum sluts, it shocked her to behold such debauchery. I saw this in her face and it pleased me. Occasionally, just to break the rhythm of their pleasuring, one of them would suddenly deep throat my cock. Taking it all the way down and then letting it rest clasped tight in her bulging little mouth.

I let this continue for some time, certainly until long after the girl’s enthusiasm for the task had gone. Then I looked at Evon and said, “Now it’s your turn.” I straddle her chest, taking her head by the hair and shaking it, whilst slapping her about the face until her eyes welled with tears. She wailed at the prospect of what was going to happen and pleaded with Debbie and Maria to help her. But they were no longer hers to command. At my instruction Debbie took position on the right and Maria on the left. They removed the bag, allowing Evon to gulp in some much needed air, and each grasped a dildo. Then they began to roughly work them in and out of their mother’s pussy and arse in time with each other. With their other hands they each played with one of her big, brown, erect nipples. Their purpose was to force their mother to orgasm against her will. Mine was to fuck her face clean off.

I showed no mercy, it was my way. I thrust my rock hard prick into her mouth and felt her trying to resist the penetration with her tongue. I kept her fighting like this for a long time, enjoying the sensation of torment. Then, when her resistance began to weaken, I rammed it home straight down her throat in one go and began a savage pumping of her face. Holding her head in my two hands. “You fucking dirty whore!” I intoned, each thrust yielding a slopping sound. “Crying won’t get the cock out your mouth little girl. Only when daddy has pumped all his filthy spunk down your throat and into your belly will that happen!” Evon just struggled to contain my cock in her throat. I made sure she gagged hard and often upon it.

“I don’t believe it!” exclaimed Maria “Mummy’s pussy is getting wet, look!. She is a bad slag and must be punished!”

“Yes, punish her!” chimed in Debbie

I needed no further encouragement and redoubled my efforts. Sweat beading on my brow as I controlled the face of the beautiful Evon and pounded it with my 7” bone. Debbie and Maria also increased the pace of their stimulation, frantically pumping the dildos in and out of their mother. Then it happened. Without warning, as if a dam had burst, Evon arched her back and screamed around my cock as it plunged in and out of her throat. She was having an orgasm and a powerful one at that! The potency of her cumming electrified my prick. I saw that her daughters had left off her nipples and were masturbating themselves furiously. Emitting little pants and groans as they did so.

Suddenly I too let fly my muck and came like a Trojan. It was as if the head of my cock had exploded. My whole prick and balls pulsed with each shot of hot, creamy spunk that I shot down Evon’s throat. She coughed it back up around my shaft and it dribbled down her chin. I just kept pumping, working it all back in and adding fresh loads for her to deal with. Finally the girls sank to their knees, sweating, their orgasms spent. I rolled off Evon and removed my flaccid penis from her mouth. She turned her head and vomited spunk onto the bed sheets.

The raw animal power of the situation overwhelmed me. I felt like a beast and now I wanted to fuck like one to. “Turn your mother over onto her belly.” I told the girls. They untied her bindings and did as they were told, then they replaced the straps. “Remove the dildos!” I commanded and it was done. Evon quivered, her throat punishment having made her docile and less inclined to fight back. I made the girls play with my dick until it was hard again and then made them help me insert it into their mother’s arse. Evon stiffened as my cock head went in, it was obvious she was in pain from just this minor penetration. I eased down on top of her and arched my backside, so as to be ready to stick it in real deep. Then I put an arm about her neck and squeezed.

Pleasingly, she began to choke almost immediately. That was the moment I chose to begin the reaming. I hammered her firm round arse sending my cock deep up inside her rectum. At the same time my iron grip throttled her. Leaving her too busy fighting for air to resist the anal assault. Clearly she had never been taken up the arse before. For me it was a joy, for her, it was very unpleasant indeed. She squirmed and let out plaintive cries for help, but I nailed her hard and fast, until the slapping of my groin against her butt cheeks was clearly audible.

Having stretched out her glorious arse I popped out my prick and inserted it into her cunt. She was warm and very wet and she gripped me like a hand with her tight fanny muscles. As I pumped her pussy I began a regime of squeezing her throat very hard to completely cut off her oxygen flow. Keeping her like that until she thrashed about in agony and fear, then letting go so that she could suck in lung fulls of air. By these means I made her dance beneath me, half struggling to try and stop me from hurting her and half fighting for enough air to stay conscious. This heightened my pleasure no end, it was exactly the response I was hoping for. Gradually, she began to succumb to my dominance and the trauma of the rape. When all resistance had ceased I let her breathe normally again and took turns thrusting my cock hard into her cunt and then into her arse. Alternating as I saw fit. All Evon did was cry softly into a pillow.

The final act was supreme. I got Evon up onto all fours and stood behind her to do it doggy style. Debbie wormed in between our legs, while Maria laid her head on her mother’s back so she could see my penis sliding in and out. In this position I could put my dick in Debbie or Maria’s mouth. Or in their mother’s cunt and arse. And I did not hesitate to do so. Both Debbie and Maria got plenty of arse to mouth and cunt to mouth action. They eagerly lapped their mother’s juices from my cock and I never tired of plunging it in Evon’s cunt or arse so as to get more for them to eat.

We kept this up for some time. The girls made sure their mother’s nipples were well serviced and they took turns teasing, with their fingers, whichever hole my dick was not in. Evon began to cum for a second time, incapable of resisting this sexual assault upon her genitals. I moved my prick alternately from Maria’s mouth to Debbie’s, letting them suck upon me as they forced their mother to have another orgasm. Eventually I could feel the spunk beginning to boil in my balls. So I spun Evon around to face me, still on all fours, and put my cock into her mouth. She took it without resistance and began to pleasure the head with her tongue. Debbie and Maria took hold of my shaft and began to wank me off into their mother’s mouth as she sucked.

When I came I pulled out of Evon’s mouth and let her daughters shotgun my cum over her pretty face. She closed her eyes and screwed up her face in disgust. That only made me cum harder. The girls milked my cock expertly making sure all the spunk had been pumped out of my balls. Only then did I let them lick my cum off their mother’s face.

Afterwards, I forced Evon to lick her daughter’s genitals clean. She almost seemed to relish the task in her broken state and lingered at their sweet young pussies long enough to make them cum. They then in turn lapped up my spunk from out of every orifice on their mother’s body. Repaying her in kind for the treatment she had given them. I just stood and watched, my cock in my hand, masturbating.

That was the moment Evon’s husband (Debbie and Maria’s stepfather) chose to come home from his late shift at work. He threw open the door and beheld the bare flesh on display. “What the fuck is going on here!” he exclaimed and not without good reason…

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