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One for the Books

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Amazingly enough, the sun was shining outside.

And I didn’t mind that one little bit. We didn’t get enough days like that. Although I loved the cool green damp of the typical northern coast in the City, my body occasionally craved the sunshine, even if my eyes weren’t used to the shock.


Rest and relaxation.

It’s why we were here.

Bay City wasn’t Maui or Tuscany or Acapulco, but it would do. Close enough to drive to and far enough away from the City to relax. Get away from our usual haunts and our usual work and just spend some quality time together.

Andy stirred against my side, drawing my attention away from the sunlight streaming in through the curtains. He made little comfortable sleepy noises and clutched my arm against his chest while his cute firm little fanny rubbed against my hip. Him and his cute little fanny could distract me from anything and frequently did. My partner was not at all above using that sweet body in his relentless pursuit of making me both healthy and relaxed.

I didn’t mind that at all, either.

Leaning over, I kissed the top of his head and whispered into his hair.

“Love you, sweet boy.”

“Mmmmm…” He sighed happily in his sleep again and squeezed my arm.

While we lay there cuddled together in the morning sun my mind briefly wandered back home. Through the door of our building and up the stairs. Past our office and up to the apartment. Around the bed and to the dresser.

Third drawer down. Where I kept my t-shirts.

Hidden in a corner was a small velvet box.

Two silver rings inside. One of which had an inscription.

Simply, it said “He gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket.”

The misquotation was a little obscure, but I figured if anybody would get it, Andy would.

Just waiting for the perfect moment. I hoped it came soon.

I was ready.

The sunlight was making the entire room ablaze in bright yellow colors.

It looked like it was going to be a pretty day.



I wasn’t… far from it. But I sure felt that way.

While I wasn’t averse to being naked around Andy at any given time of day or night… as a matter of fact if I was in the same room with him it was how I wanted to be… I was not used to this feeling out in public.

I had no hat. No coat. No gun slung under my shoulder. Not even my backup piece strapped around my ankle.

All I was wearing was sweatpants and a t-shirt and running shoes.

Considering the amounts of people I saw in shorts and sandals I was actually a lot more dressed than most of the beach-side crowd.

But I still felt goddamn naked.

And old and tired and creaky. I raised my hands in surrender.

“I give up, Andy. I’m done.” Breathing heavily, I leaned against one of the weighted trash cans at the edge of the sand to try and catch my breath. One by one I slipped off my sneakers and dumped the sand out of them. I could feel my hip and my back protesting as I moved.

Despite my protests, it had actually been a really good morning so far. This first day of our vacation. My lover, partner and best friend in the world had awakened with a smile when I had returned to the room with a carafe of fresh coffee and two cups. After I had poured us each a cup and returned to bed he’d given me a long lingering kiss and slipped first his hand then his head down under the covers not to resurface again until I had filled his mouth with my prick and his belly with as much of my come as I could produce.

The coffee had cooled considerably by the time we returned to it, but neither of us minded.

Back home in the City we would have retired downstairs to the gym in the bottom floor of “our” building for our morning workout. Absent that amenity, Andrew decided a long run along the beach would be ideal. I will admit I did love running with him. He had such a sweet athletic body I just loved watching him move. My mind would just drift away watching the muscles under his skin flex and flow and stretch. A blissful nirvana which took my mind off the fact I was a decade older and a lot more banged up than he was.

But three miles along the beach was enough for me. I’d kept up for the two miles up and half the way back before all the broken bits of my body held together with screws and plates began to scream in protest. Being the professional he was and the considerate lover he was, Andy just slipped my arm around his shoulders and we walked back to the little bed and breakfast where we were staying and plopped me down in a steaming hot bathtub to help me relax again.

It worked. Even if the tub wasn’t big enough for two. Andy brought in a low stool and sat beside the tub, his fingertips playing along the skin of my arm and shoulder and occasionally up into my hair while I soaked.

“Happy, lover?” I opened one eye and glanced at him.

“The day started out well, for sure. If you’re done trying to kill me now, I’m sure it will get even better.” He smirked and pinched my ear, then leaned over and kissed the side of my head.

“My poor old grumpy bear. If you’re that worn out already I’ll just sleep on the couch tonight and let you get some rest.”

“Now you’re just talking crazy.” He laughed.

It was a good day.

We’d done all the touristy stuff. Walked the boardwalk. Gone to the antique stores. Fed the seagulls. Found a little Mom n’ Pop restaurant which wasn’t half bad at all for lunch. In a thrift store I found an old leather jacket which actually fit me. It was long and had eleven freaking pockets. I loved it.

Twenty bucks. Imagine that.

On our journey we had noticed a “retro music” store on the corner. My lover was inside losing his mind. Andy loved the old hair bands of the 80’s and was happily adding to his collection. For his birthday this year I had managed to find him a rebuilt turntable stereo and some really good speakers to indulge his mania.

Me, I didn’t care much for the music.

But I did love watching him dance.

God, he was hot… The guy in the record store had put on a Bon Jovi album and I watched through the window as Andy bumped his sweet ass from rack to rack while he shopped. Just watching him move made my blood pressure do some wild things.

Suddenly there was a commotion.

“Look out!”



I slipped sideways around the corner. My instincts took over and everything slowed down to a crawl.

Young guy. Mid 30’s. Unshaven. Olive complexion. Maybe five six and one thirty. Running pell mell down the sidewalk trying not to lose a small backpack over one shoulder. Four more men behind him, running just as fast. The two in front wore black BDU’s and boots like they were SWAT and the two behind were Bay City cops, running with their hands on their duty belts.

Half a second to decide. No contest.

My arm came up, forearm catching the guy just under his chin. I got to see the surprised look on his face as his feet left the ground and he ran in midair for a fraction of a second before my other hand gripped his shoulder and I brought him crashing to the sidewalk flat on his back. Luckily for him the backpack kept his head from hitting the concrete solidly but the impact still knocked him completely silly.

By the time the four chasing him caught up I’d rolled him face down with one arm in a hammerlock and I’d patted him down for weapons. Except for whatever might be in the backpack, he was clean.

“Thanks, pal. I got him.” One of the cops put a knee in the guys back and cuffed him after tossing the backpack to his partner.

The taller of the two dressed in black pointed to the man on the ground.

“That’s our collar, Mac. Make sure it goes in your report.” The cop pulling the shaken suspect to his feet grinned and hooked a thumb in my direction.

“Looks more like it’s his to me…” I raised my hands and shook my head.

“Just try to help out here, fellas. This is your show, not mine.” A police cruiser had pulled up the the curb and the man was being shoved in the back seat. “Desperate criminal, was he?” The other officer opened up the pack and showed me the contents. It was stuffed full of hundred dollar bills. All neatly bundled and brand new, from the look of them. He shook his head.

“Just a jackass, mostly. This idiot managed to print off a lot of these on his computer and was passing them all over town. Mostly to the tourists.” He shook his head. “Hundreds. What an idiot.”

“It’s still our collar, MacDonald…” The officer waved a hand and chuckled.

“Yeah yeah yeah… And you’re still a pain in my ass, Dex.”

The younger of the two dressed in BDU’s came up and offered me his hand. His grip was firm and strong. A second glance was well worth the effort. He was cute. Maybe five feet tops with a firm compact body, dark brown hair and soft brown eyes.

“Thanks for your help. Turns out he was… a little faster than we thought. I’m Michael Bernstein. This grumpy looking character is my partner, Dexter Ford.” He tossed a thumb over his shoulder at the taller lankier guy with a scar running across his face. One hand dipped in a pocket and slipped me a business card. “You ever need a private detective, call us.”

It was a nice card. Professional. I grinned as I read it then reached for my own wallet. As I did, a hand I would recognize anywhere landed on my shoulder. I traded cards with the smaller guy.

“Alex Cable.” I tipped my head to the side. “My partner, Andy Jones. You guys ever find yourself in the City, call us. Deal?” Michael laughed as he read our card.



It was nice meeting some professionals. It was even nicer knowing locals. Michael and Dex knew a great place for dinner.

It was dark and done in that weird old Spanish conquistador style which had been so popular back in the late 60’s. Lots of black painted wood and fake swords and simulated square nails and dark leather.

Plus they had a prime rib which would practically melt in your mouth.

Dinner had been mostly shop talk and war stories. Dex gave us an abbreviated version of how he got the scar which ran from the bridge of his nose almost to his ear and I told the tale of how I ended up with medical retirement from the City force. About halfway through dessert Andy had brought up the subject of facial recognition and when Michael brought out his laptop he moved to put their heads together and they began talking in geek speak which neither Dex nor I understood. I’d made my partner leave his own computer at home and he was… appropriately… jonesing.

While we were out in the open about who we were what was left on the table unspoken was exactly what we were. Though it had been quite apparent from the touches and the looks shared during the meal we were definitely couples. The only one who had made any sort of commentary was the waitress who silently shook her head and seemed to think life was patently unfair.

Me, I was pretty happy with it.

Dex seemed as well contented with his lot in life.

We sat and sipped our beer and watched the lads chatter over the laptop screen.

“Like kids on Christmas morning.” He chuckled and nodded.

“We may have created a monster.” I nodded back and sat my bottle on the table.

“How did you two meet?”

“Walked into the wrong bar at the right time.” A flicker of a fond smile crossed his lips. “I thought it was going to be my last case. Turns out I was wrong.” He shot me a look. “And you?”

“My physical therapist. The best in the business. He doesn’t look it, but he can be one bossy little man. Never lets me rest for a minute.”

“Wanna trade?”

“Not for a million bucks.”

“Me neither, pal. Me neither.”


Soft, soft lips.

Soft, sweet, wonderful, kissable lips pressed against mine and strong arms around my neck.

Best dessert ever.

I was reclined against a small mountain of pillows and my lover was sitting astride my hips while I lost myself in his kiss and his touch. Andrews hard prick was rubbing against my belly and mine was trapped between those amazingly soft and equally hard ass cheeks of his.

He pulled back and whispered into my lips.

“You were amazing, Alex.”

“I haven’t done anything yet.” He chuckled and kissed me again.

“I meant capturing the counterfeiter. Like a ninja.” I snorted.

“Pssshhht… More like a linebacker.” Hips flexed and he rubbed himself against me in many exciting ways. The worlds most perfect ass rubbed up and down the shaft of my prick and I could feel a sticky trail of precome everywhere my meat touched him as well as the one he was leaving on my belly.

“My big tough studmuffin detective. Capturing criminals even on vacation. I can’t take you anywhere.” He smiled into my lips again. “My superhero.” Andy looked up into my eyes as my hands roamed up and down his back, reveling in the feel of his muscles.

“I want you so bad, Alex. I always do.” I groaned a little at his words. He always knew the right things to say.

“And I want you, Andrew Jones. Now, forever and always.” It was his turn to groan as he lifted himself up and reached between our bodies. I was so hard I felt like a bar of heated steel as his fingers gripped my shaft and pulled the head of my prick between his cheeks. A soft gasp and another groan as the tip of my cock settled at his entrance and he slowly lowered himself down. That tight little ring of muscle resisted as always and only slowly gave way to the relentless pressure until he gave a soft cry as I slipped inside his tight wonderful ass.

Never ever in my life had anything felt as good as Andy did. Especially when I was inside him. I marveled at and enjoyed every single inch until his thighs settled atop mine and I was fully inside. He panted softly and rested his forehead against my chest, a little shiver running through his body which made mine tingle all over. My lovers body gripped me inside of him like he never wanted to let me go.

That was fine with me.

“God… Andy, I love being inside you. I never want to be anywhere else and I never want to do anything in my life other than make love to you.” He gasped softly and I felt him squeeze me even tighter, which I didn’t think was possible. A tender little kiss dripped from his lips to land on my chest.

I slipped my hand in between our bodies and wrapped my fingers around his hard meat. My thumb made a little circle on the head of his prick, aided by the copious flow of slippery fluid leaking from the tip. Andrew had opened his mouth to say something but at my touch all that came out was a long shuddering moan and his eyes rolled back up in his head. He bucked his hips hard against my lap and let out a cry and suddenly my fingers were coated with his warm sticky happiness.

Mercy… the boy was a little tightly wrapped tonight.

I don’t think he’d ever come that fast for me before.

I liked it.

My thumb kept up a steady motion while he gulped and wriggled and gasped in my lap, that delightful little bottom of his squeezing my meat as he sat impaled. Once the flow of his joy had slowed to a trickle, I transferred my grip down to his shaft and held him tight while my other hand went to his chin, tipping it back so I could see his eyes.

My lovers eyes were only half open and glazed a bit with lust. I gave his prick a little bit of a squeeze, making him hiccup and squeak.

“You came for me, beautiful man.”

“Mmmm… yes… aaahhh… yes, I did, Alex… I… mmmm…”

“Now I want you to do it again…” Slowly I began stroking him and moving my hips just a little, moving my prick in and out of the most amazing ass ever created.

“Ohhh… Oooohhh… god… yes, Alex.” Andys arms tightened around my neck and he began moving with me, both up and down on my cock and pumping himself into my fist. It felt as if there were another fist inside of him wrapped around my prick stroking me while I stroked him on the outside. He was using those wonderful internal muscles to his full advantage, squeezing me on the outstroke and relaxing on the in with an amazing little wiggle somewhere in the middle which made my hair stand on end.

In my seated posture I really couldn’t move much more than my hips and those just a few inches, but it was one of our favorite positions. Letting Andy do “all of the work” as he put it on those times when I was just supposed to relax and enjoy. But making love to my best friend never allowed me the option to just lay back. I always wanted to put my best into it each and every time and this one was no exception. My free hand went to his sweet butt and clutched him in my fingers as I used the grip for leverage to pump up into him while he bounced up and down. The hand gripping his cock slipped up and down in the sticky mess between us and my fingertips played across the head as it slid in and out of his foreskin.

He’d never even really gone soft after his first orgasm and the recuperative powers of the young were often quite startling. Just another thing I loved about him. He made me feel like the superhero he claimed I was. Very little in my life made me prouder than keeping this young beautiful amazing man hard and wanting.

My prick swelled even larger and I could feel myself coming very rapidly to the edge. As much as we both would probably enjoy one of those epic fifteen or twenty minute porn film fucks the truth was I always had to bite my lip to keep from coming almost as soon as I was inside of him. The little gasps and moans and whines which were coming form his mouth as well as the way his movements got shorter and shorter told me Andy was also getting close again.

It took a second to realize what he has gasping in my ear were words, they were little more than breaths against my skin.

“Come in me… come in me… come come come in me… oooohhh please…”

Well, that did it.

My hand clamped down on his ass cheek and the other on his cock as my vision grayed out and the whole world went away in a raging maelstrom of pleasure. I think I cried out his name, but I wasn’t quite sure and the way his ass rippled around my prick just made the waves wash over and over me. At the same time my love cried out and his whole body spasmed as he sat astride my hips. His delightful bottom clamped down, making it hard to breathe and the very edge of my consciousness noted yet another wave of sticky mess sliding down over my fingers and all over my belly down into my crotch.

I kept my fingers moving slowly against his member, making him twitch and squeak until we finally crawled to a stop. Andy lay his head against my collarbone and we panted together in the aftermath of our lovemaking.

God… that was good.

From between our exhausted bodies came a wet sticky sound and I could feel my hand covered with his fluids all the way up past my wrist.

Parting my lips I said “We need a cleanup on aisle three please…”

From somewhere around the vicinity of my chest I heard a tired but very contented giggle.


He was giving me the look.

You know which one.

If you have ever been with a partner of any sex who occasionally did or said things “for your own good” then you knew which look he was giving me.

The look which said “You’re supposed to be on vacation, Alex. Relaxing. Not working.”

Then he actually said it.

“Alex, you’re supposed to be on vacation. Taking a break, not working.” Poor Michael waved his hands and looked distressed. Dex stood by the door trying to do his best stone faced trained killer look with only a raised eyebrow.

“Hey guys, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble. We just thought… I mean… Ummm…” Michael looked down at the ground for a moment then said “We could kind of use the help.”

That did it, of course. The love of my life couldn’t walk away from someone in need if his life depended on it. Andrew was such a healer it was a part of his soul. Hell, he’d saved my life in more ways than one and I didn’t want to do anything to change that part of him.

Self preservation. That’s all it was.

Now I just had to find a way for all of us to save some face and still get the job done.

Turning, I took Andy’s face in my hands.

“Andrew Jones, you are the greatest love of my life.” He sighed and smiled.

“And you are mine, Alex Cable.”

“You want me to be happy.”

“Yes, Alex. Of course I do.”

“When am I the happiest?” He sighed again and the look softened.

“When you have a new case.” I leaned in and kissed him quickly.

“So here’s the deal. We help out our friends here. Just a day or two, tops. Next year you get to pick our vacation and I’ll even let you pay for it.” That right there was a big concession for me. Andrew had scads of money but my big macho ego always fought against him spending any of it on me, preferring to use the money we had made together.

Before he could say anything I added “Besides, Def Leppard and Styx are doing several dates in London next year. Maybe even Motley Crue.” His eyes lit up with delight.

“Oh! Alex… I love you.”

It was several long minutes before we remembered we had company in the room.

They didn’t seem to mind the wait.


My eyes swept over the rack of weapons and things, all neatly stored.

Michael and Dex had managed to find a building to rent with a big safe about the size of a walk in closet. One side was filing cabinets and the other was racks for their gear. Dex, being former military police and somewhat of a gun aficionado, had quite a collection.


I did admire a man who knew how to accessorize.

Being more of an old school purist kind of guy myself, I didn’t really go in for all of the tactical gear look with all of the kevlar and nylon webbing and stuff. But they definitely had some things which caught my eye.

After all, my toys were locked in our safe back home in the office.

A man did have to protect himself.

While I wandered through and talked muzzle velocities and calibers with the tall veteran, our partners were hunched over keyboards and computer screens. A little projector hooked to the ceiling and being run by the computers (I don’t know how…) was showing a blowup picture of four different signatures on a blank space on the wall.

Andrew was using the mouse to point out different spots in the writing. “See the differences here and here and here and here? These two are authentic… supposedly, anyway… and if we assume they are then these two are forgeries. Have you read Raveneau’s book on forged documents? Or Blackburn’s?” When Michael shook his head Andy waved a hand and started clicking away at the borrowed computer again.

“There.” He said. “I sent you PDF copies of mine. Some of them are hard to come by. They’ll help if this comes up again. Anyway…”

My sweet helpful and completely crazy man had a photographic memory and could pull up any book he had ever read in his mind. It was astounding and occasionally irritating but I loved him anyway. He’d bought a book on forgeries and it was in French. Since he didn’t speak French, he bought a book on that and then memorized it. Then he translated the one he wanted…

See where I’m coming from? Mad as a hatter.

At any rate, it was kind of relaxing not being the lead investigator on this caper. Dex and Michael already knew who and what and why and where. All they really needed was Andy to prove their suspicions and me for some extra backup muscle.

I could get used to this, I think. Of course I’d go anywhere Andy wanted to. Happily. Willingly. I’d live in a mud hut on the side of Mount Kilimanjaro fighting crocodiles and covered with leeches as long as that beautiful man was by my side.

I shuddered slightly.

Leeches… Ick.

I’d still do it.

At any rate, Andrew and Michael seemed to be forming a fast friendship. They were both about the same age and intelligence levels (way above mine) and it seemed they loved having someone to talk computer language with. I had a feeling I was going to have to use a shoe horn to separate them when it was time for us to go home again.

Dex wasn’t a bad guy, either. Once you got past that dour demeanor of his, anyway. Although he didn’t have my years of experience on the streets, his military training and his own smarts made him a pretty darn good investigator. It didn’t take me long to figure out whenever he got that down and faraway look in his eyes, all I had to do was mention his partner and Dex would smile all the way down to his heart.

Those two were in love like nobody else’s business. It was nice to see.

I couldn’t really see Andy and I leaving the City and it’s somewhat appalling crime rate for the warm sunny climes of Bay City, but I had a feeling we would be spending a lot of our free time down this way. If nothing else we’d be down here now and then for the company.

And hell… it rained often enough down here to make it feel like a second home.

So, anyway… Aside from taking the foolish hundred dollar bill counterfeiter off the streets, it seemed as if there was another type of forger at large in Bay City. It had started at the end of the previous year with the supposed “attic find” of a manuscript claiming to be the private journals of one Captain Hendrick Van der Decken and dated in the 1780’s.

The three hundred-plus pages of manuscript had caused quite a stir among the local naval historians as it laid claim to the captain and his somewhat infamous ship making several stops in the area of Bay City and even as far up as Seattle (or as it was known back then as “New York-Alki”) even though he was previously thought to never have left the north Atlantic ocean.

The supposed “finder” of this journal had loaned it to the local maritime museum where it had been subjected to only cursory testing before it was placed on display. After it had sat in legitimacy for six months the owner had put it up for auction. He scored two hundred thousand dollars, quickly turned it into cash and just as quickly disappeared.

It wasn’t until a month later when a BBC film crew was doing a documentary about the find did someone get suspicious and subject the papers to more rigorous testing. It took a chemical engineer and a gas chromatograph to finally figure out the forger had used a commercially made formula of tannic acid rather than the naturally occurring type to make the ink and the whole thing was denounced as a fraud.

But in the mean time half a dozen more “found” historical documents of several types had shown up all up and down the coast, from all the way up to Vancouver BC and as far south as Sacramento where someone discovered the original marriage certificate for Henry Heiken and Margaret Egan, which was considered quite a feather in the cap of the Sutter County Historical Society.

All of them of course were forgeries but undiscovered until the supposed owner had managed to abscond with a large amount of cash and disappear once again.

Since it came under the heading of “Interstate Wire Fraud” the case technically belonged to the FBI, but they were offering up to a hundred grand for information leading to the arrest or capture of the person or persons unknown responsible for the crimes. And as some of it had crossed international borders, INTERPOL was offering a sizable reward as well.

Maybe we could score enough for our next vacation after all. I shook my head.

Best not to be greedy. Michael and Dex had done all of the hard work in this case. We were just along for the ride. Andrew would have my butt if we accepted a penny of it anyway.

Knowing in advance how it would play out, I’d settle for another one of those prime rib dinners.


Since Bay City itself wasn’t really all that large compared to other places, their criminal element pool wasn’t all that large either. Sure, they had their share of dope heads and petty thieves and thugs just like any other town. There had been a few drug smugglers come through over the years, always looking for an easy port to bring in their goods. Hell… they’d even had their first murder in over a decade last year.

At any rate, it was kind of surprising no one else had managed to track the forgery ring back to Bay City. I guess it showed how much importance had been placed on the case with the feds. Our two local Hardy Boys had been working the case for months and they had developed some pretty solid leads. They had worked informants and followed up on tips and finally managed to locate the elusive forger in his lair.

Up a section of Old Highway 101 just a few miles north of Bay City’s only strip club was a crummy seedy little bar called “Rev’s” where a handful of the local bikers and the tougher hoodlums hung out. The place was run by some nutcase who had gotten ordained as a minister through the mail and whose avowed mission was “to bring the glory of the Lord to those who live on the road.” In all reality he just wanted to separate those who lived on the road from their dollars any way he could. He called his tavern a church and had been fighting the state for years to get a tax exempt status but had lost the battle year after year.

Nobody, it seemed, was buying into his bullshit.

Our erstwhile producer of forged documents needed a safe place to work and had rented the back room of the tavern and had hired a couple of the local bikers as bodyguards while he scribbled away, busily re-manufacturing history.

The boys could have just turned this all over to the FBI and waited to collect their reward, but it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fun, nor as satisfying.

Besides, they had done all of this work and it was a shame to see the credit go to someone else.

Once they were fairly sure they had found their man, Michael and Dex had installed a web of wireless game cameras to watch all the entrances of the building. Even when they weren’t actively watching, Michael had designed a program which kept track of how many people came and went from the tavern and stored snapshots to run through facial recognition later.

The young man was a genius, aside from being seriously cute.

I still wouldn’t trade for the world.

But I digress…

Sitting in the van out on the fire lane about a hundred yards away, we reviewed the video. Our suspect had met the day bartender at the door when he opened about ten this morning. Apparently he had things to do. Two other hairy refugees from a ZZ Top concert had pulled up on choppers a little while later. They had shown up so regularly they were either serious drunks with no place to go or our boy’s hired muscle. Either way they didn’t look like much of a problem.

There being only two ways in or out, we split up. Dex and I would go in the front while Andy and Michael covered the back. I fretted a little being separated from my partner, even though just recently he had shown he was more than capable of holding his own in a fight. Dex and his partner regularly practiced martial arts and armed as well as unarmed fighting styles and I was considering adding that to our morning workouts.

Andy, Dex and Michael were all dressed in tactical black. Nothing they had would fit me so I settled on jeans, a black t-shirt and my leather jacket. The pistol I’d borrowed from Dex’s armory dropped down in one of the inside pockets. We each wore little headsets allowing us to communicate during the action.

We were ready. Only four people inside.

The feds had been alerted and they had a couple of agents about fifteen minutes out.



With his military training, Dex was of a mind to kick the door and follow the sights of his pistol into the building. In my opinion, a softer approach might buy us a few more seconds of reaction time and possibly save some property damage on the outside chance our quarry wasn’t here or we were wrong after all. He saw the logic and agreed.

So we pushed the door open and walked in rather casually.

The two bikers were around the pool table and the bartender was behind the bar. When they saw us one biker raised his pool cue and the other reached a hand under his vest. The bartenders hands went down below the bar.

Okay, so much for the subtle approach.

“BADOOM!!” The Desert Eagle .50 I’d borrowed made an ear-splitting noise in the confines of the room. All three of them froze and their eyes tracked first to the dinner plate sized hole I’d just blown in the floor in front of the pool table and then to the massive hole which comprised the business end of the barrel. The laser dot from Dex’s H&K .45 was just a little south of the bartenders clavicular notch and while the barrel of my gun was only ten inches long from their perspective it must have looked like an artillery piece. One which just so happened to be pointed at the biker with his hand at his waistband.

He’d turned so white and was standing so very completely still I almost expected to see ice crystals forming on his skin.

“I do suggest you gentlemen keep your hands where we can see them and move very slowly.” Three pairs of hands tried their best to touch the ceiling.

The little plastic speaker crackled in my ear and Michael’s voice came across.

“We got him. No problems.”

Half an hour later the place was swarming with cops of all sorts and a handful of the local media. The Bay City cops had picked up the owner of the bar and his live in girlfriend on suspicion of harboring a fugitive as well as conspiracy charges. The lab techs were hauling out box after box of material from the back room.

Our little forger definitely had aspirations. They showed us an unfinished Declaration of Independence, what appeared to be a Magna Carta and what purported to be a diary written by John Dillinger.

They were all very good. I’d give him that.

My partner’s hand on my elbow steered us away from the lights of the reporters and we watched from the shadows while Michael and Dex got their exposure. As usual, Dex stood back and let his partner do all of the talking. We tried to let them take all of the credit for the bust but Michael managed to slip in a line towards the end of his interview.

“We couldn’t have done it without the help of the Jones and Cable Detective Agency from the City.”

Damn… I might have to pay for that steak dinner after all.


I couldn’t even wait for Andy to get his clothes off. Or mine.

I’d been growling in my lovers ear since the end of the press conference. Working an op like that always got me more than a little wound up and I needed some serious alone time with my beautiful sexy man to work off the pressure.

From the looks of things, Dex and Michael were in the same boat and they didn’t seem to disappointed when we begged off having dinner and drinks to celebrate. I just handed Dex the weapon I’d borrowed and mumbled something about coming by in the morning to clean it, then grabbed Andrews hand and drug him out of the room.

I wanted him.

But then I always wanted him.

Just as soon as the door to our suite was shut and locked our jackets hit the floor and Andrew was in my arms with his lips open hot and insistent pressed into mine. One hand held the back of his head as he tipped it up to me and the other hand tugged his skin tight t-shirt out of the waistband of his pants and almost up to his armpits. I wanted as much access to as much of his bare skin as I could reach at the moment. His wonderful soft smooth skin felt like it was on fire with his need and I could already feel droplets of sweat forming on my brow.

My partners hands went from the small of my back and wiggled in between our bodies. Little nimble fingers undid my belt and snatched it out of the loops and tossed it across the room. The top button of my jeans surrendered moments later and my fly was barely down before his warm hand dove inside my pants to wrap around the shaft of my prick. He damn near bent me in half getting my meat free of my pants as I was already hard and he struggled then jerked my jeans down over my hips. I moaned into his mouth as his strong hand gripped and stroked me.

The sweet gorgeous little man who was normally so loquacious, especially while we were making love, didn’t utter a sound as he pulled away from my lips and dropped to his knees. He just tugged back my foreskin and sucked the head of my prick between his lips. Andrew’s eyes gazed up into mine as he began sucking my cock avidly with one hand sliding up and down my shaft.

Oooohhh… holy snap.

How did I end up being so lucky?

Even my wildest fantasies before we met never imagined a lover as perfect as Andy.

I was just dealt a royal flush, rolled double sixes, hit the grand prize jackpot and won all of the lotteries in the world all at the same time.

Ka-ching! I wanted to pump a fist in the air and do a little victory dance.

But I was seriously busy at the moment.

And was about to get even busier.

My hands closed on the sides of his head and stilled his motion. Even if I was holding his head still, Andrew’s tongue kept lashing around and around the head of my prick, making my heart do a little samba in my chest. If I’d been getting an EKG at the moment, the doctor would have been reaching for the paddles.

“Ooohhh… I want to fuck you, Andy. I want to fill your ass with my come.”

When those words left my mouth my lover let out a squeak and a moan which transmitted vibrations through the head of my prick like a megaphone. He made me feel as if all of the sperm which was roiling around in my balls was going to come spurting out of my ears like someone had stepped on a tube of toothpaste.

“Come up here, boy.” My hips pulled back, removing the temptation to shoot into his mouth and my hand grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him to his feet. As he came up my other hand went down and for once my aged fingers didn’t disappoint me as the front of his tight pants opened easily. Both thumbs slid into his waistband and I jerked his pants down almost to his knees. He gasped slightly at the ferocity of my movements then gasped again as one hand gripped his prick and squeezed. My love was hard and wanting and having him in that condition always made me a little proud.

Keeping my grip on his big hard prick, I used it like a tiller on a boat and turned him towards the bed while my other hand went to the middle of his back and pushed him face down onto the mattress. I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and shot a quick dollop onto the head of my cock then slipped it between his firm little ass cheeks and presented it to the puckered opening of his ass. Andy’s legs shook and he gasped and moaned and wiggled as he tried to fight his body’s natural resistance to the intrusion and let me inside as the head of my prick levered open his snug little opening. I pressed determinedly and finally a little yelp came from his lips and I slipped inside of him, pressing forward and feeding him all of my cock until those wonderful ass cheeks of his pushed into my belly.

Haaahhhh… holy fuck… holy fuck… holy fuck… holy fuck… that felt amazing.

If we had any neighbors our moans would make it instantly clear what was going on in our room at that very moment.

Neither of us seemed to care, either.

As one hand gripped his prick beneath his body my other one took hold of his shoulder hard enough to leave bruises as I began thrusting into him. Andy’s internal muscles gripped and squeezed and rippled against my cock as it slipped in and out of him and the motion of me fucking him caused his hard shaft to slide up and down in my grip. I could see his hands fisted into the bedspread and his head rocked back and forth with the strength of my thrusts.

Just beneath the sound of our moans and the slap-slap-slap of flesh against flesh I could hear a litany of lust whispering from his chest.

“Oooohhh yes… oh god… Alex… yes… fuck me… fuck me fuck me fuck me… Ooohhh god…”

It was music to my ears, creating a sweet tempo I used as a rhythm, driving us both quickly towards a massive orgasmic crescendo.

Oh fuck… I wasn’t going to last very long.

But then Andy’s ass always felt so wonderful I never did. Most of the time I had to fight from shooting off as soon as I got all the way inside of him.

I could read the signs, though. From the way he was gasping and the feel of his body tightening up beneath me and the way his prick swelled up in my grasp I could tell my lover was rapidly approaching his peak as well. A counterpoint litany came leaking from my own lips.

“Come for me, boy… come… come… come… come for me… oooohhh…”

His body stiffened and his head came up as he squealed and moaned. That incredible butt clamped down on my cock as he shuddered hard and I felt a sudden warm stickiness on my hand beneath him as his cock erupted over and over again. The feel and sound and scent and vision of my lover reaching orgasm with my prick deep in his ass sent me over the edge and I let out a howl of pleasure and began filling his wiggling butt with my own sticky hot ecstasy. I shivered and moaned and shot wave after wave of come into his body, trying my very best to fill him up completely.

Almost all of the strength went out of my body and I collapsed across his back, laying my head between his shoulder blades while I panted and gasped and shivered. It was all I could do to keep my quivering legs from giving way and dropping me to the floor. Unconsciously, my fingers kept moving against his softening cock making him shiver and squeak beneath me.

“God…” I murmured against his spine. “I love you, Andy.” His voice was a little muffled as his face was pressed into the mattress.

“I love you, Alex. Now and forever…”


Bay City certainly wasn’t Rome or Paris or even Mazatlan, but it would do.

We’d made new friends and had an adventure and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, both in and out of bed.

As vacations went, it was one for the books.

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