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Old Friends Become More

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My wife Debbie received a call from an old friend who said her and her husband were coming to town for a long weekend. Jane and Debbie were real close before we were married. Jane got married shortly after us then her husband was transferred out of state.

Her husband Tom and I hit it off pretty well but I only knew him for about six months before they moved. Debbie was excited about them coming to town and insisted they stay with us.

Jane is a very attractive woman and never had a problem getting a man. I have asked Debbie several times for some juicy details about some of their exploits, but all I get is a smile and then she says “Dear, whatever do you mean?” I have never thought of Jane in a sexual way because her and Debbie were like sisters. We always wondered why she married Tom. She had turned down many proposals before him, yet they only dated for four months and they were married.

They arrived at our house at just about dinner time on Friday, so we all decided to go out to dinner then to a club to dance. At dinner we all talked for hours and before you knew it, it was midnight. We were still up for going to the club but we all had so much to drink, nobody was in any shape to drive. Our house was only a couple of blocks from the restaurant so we walked home. As we stumbled and slurred our words, Jane was disappointed we didn’t go dancing. She said she was in the right frame of mind to “let it all hang out.” I suggested a board game, or cards. As soon as I said cards, Jane yelled, “STRIP POKER!” The three of us laughed and kind of let it drop.

When we arrived at the house, I asked everybody what card game they wanted to play, suggesting rummy, hearts, or spades. Jane again, with determination, strongly suggested strip poker. We all looked at each other and said what the hell, we’re all good friends. Jane then stated she was in charge of the rules. “First” she said “the first game everyone loses, the winner gets to ask the loser any question they want.” “If the loser refuses to answer the winners question, then that person immediately loses all their clothes.” “Second, everybody has four pieces of clothing to lose. If you are naked and you lose another hand, the game is over and you are the loser. Now, for my kinky rule of the night, if the loser is one of the guys then both guys have to do whatever us girls tell them to for the rest of the weekend, and vice-versa.” The three of us were sitting there with our jaws hanging to the ground. Jane had obviously put some serious thought into this little fantasy of hers.

We all agreed to her rules but Tom came up with a good point. What if the losers refused the orders from the winner’s. You see Tom and I thought that if we lost we would have to wait on our wives hand and foot and do all the chores, etc. Tom immediately saw this as an opportunity to live out every man’s fantasy and watch two beautiful women make love to each other. He could hardly contain his excitement.

The girls went to fix us all drinks while Tom was shuffling the cards. He took the opportunity to explain to me his plan. I was all for it, but we both wondered how far they would actually go. When the girls came back Jane said if the guys won and the girls refused their orders, they would have to have sex everyday for a month. If the guys lost and refused they would go without sex for a month. Everyone agreed. Jane then asked Tom what we were talking about when they were gone and Tom played it off and said “politics.” Jane replied “yeah, right.”

Jane won the first hand and I lost. She asked me what we were “really” talking about while they were gone. I told her we were discussing what we would do when we win. Next, I won and Jane lost. I asked her if she had ever been in a sexual encounter with more than one other person. She said she hadn’t but had thought about it. Tom won next and Debbie lost. He repeated my question to her and she replied “yes.” Tom and Jane definitely reacted with surprise and curiosity.

Well, after several more hands, Debbie and I were naked, Tom had his underwear let and Jane had her bra and panties still on. I LOST THE NEXT HAND! Tom was crushed that we wouldn’t get to see our lovely wives make love. We were nonchalantly ready to take our punishment of menial tasks when Jane told us to sit facing our wives. Then she asked Tom what we had planned if we had won. He told her that seeing two lovely women make love was every man’s fantasy. Jane then gently pushed Debbie on her back, looked at us and said “you mean like this?” She proceeded to put her face in Debbie’s crotch and started to lick her. My wife was caught by surprise but was then caught up in the fact that it felt soooooo good. Jane turned around and offered her already dripping pussy to Debbie who took the hint and started licking back. Tom and I got instant hard-ons. Jane lifted her head up just long enough to tell us that we were not to cum until she said we could.

Tom’s cock was huge. At least ten inches compared to my eight. Our wives kept at it until they both soaked each other’s faces with their cum. Jane sat up and helped Debbie up. Debbie looked at Jane with both surprise and lust written all over her face. Jane just gave her a sexy smile. Tom and I were both consumed with lust at the scene we had just witnessed. Our cocks were as hard as granite and dripping pre-cum with anticipation as to what would happen next. We lost, yet our wives made love to each other while we watched. This was GREAT!

Jane’s next words made us cringe. She told us to touch each other’s cocks and slowly stroke one another. Debbie didn’t react to Jane’s request but I knew she was getting excited seeing where this was going. You see, my wife has a fantasy of watching me and another man have sex. Tom quickly protested while I gave Debbie a knowing look, but Jane insisted. Tom and I reluctantly started to reach for each other’s cocks and just before we touched I told him not to worry because anything that happened here would stay here. The women readily agreed and said that what went on tonight would never be mentioned again. As we touched each other we instinctively closed our eyes. Slowly stroking each other we started to lose our inhibitions and concentrated on how good it felt.

Right after I heard our wives whispering to each other, Jane told us to stop and told Tom to sit on the edge of the bed. His large cock was hard and throbbing. Debbie told me to get on my knees between Tom’s legs. She then informed me that I was going to get my first lesson in sucking cock. She instructed me to start slowly licking Tom’s shaft. I licked from his balls to just under his head. Then, as instructed, I put my mouth over his cock and started to take him into my mouth. I was surprised how good his pre-cum tasted. Tom started to moan then stood up grabbing the back of my head. My wife put my hands on his ass so I could pull him in deep as he started fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. Jane got her finger wet with her own juices and pushed it into Tom’s ass. That was it. He came so hard it hit my throat and I started to gag. I swallowed as much as I could then he pulled out and blasted my face with another stream of his hot cum. The girls applauded.

Tom was so turned on he didn’t wait for his next instruction. He went down on me like he had craved it all his life. As he sucked my cock he kept telling me he needed my cum. He wanted it all in his mouth so he could savor the taste before he swallowed. I was trying to hold back as long as I could when Debbie jammed a vibrator in my ass. As soon as it was all the way in I blasted Tom’s mouth with a big load of my cum. He took it all in his mouth, savored his first taste of cum, then swallowed. The girls were so turned on they were masturbating each other and were soon having their second orgasm of the evening.

No one said a word. We were all in shock at what had happened. We were shocked because we had enjoyed it so much. While the thoughts ran through our heads, Tom and I were getting an obvious reaction from our cocks. We were already hard and ready to go! The girls saw this and got on top of their husbands and rode us hard. Tom and I both came at the same time, blasting our wives full of cum. Then, Jane and Debbie switched places and put their cum soaked pussies on our faces. I got to suck Tom’s cum out of Jane and he sucked my cum out of Debbie.

The four of us passed out on the same bed and I awoke the next morning with Tom’s lips doing a number on my cock. As soon as I came he offered his cock to me and I eagerly obliged his request. The girls were so excited by our actions that they masturbated while watching us. The whole room was filled with sounds of sexual lust and our wives climaxed together when they saw Tom cum in my mouth.

Needless to say, the four of us can’t wait to spend more time together. I think we will be vacationing with our friends on a regular basis..

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