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Oh Holy Hot Tub

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We had arrived in my husband’s home town. It was really a small village with a main street that looks like it came right out of a painting. The town was decorated for Christmas; all the lamp poles had colored lights running up and down them. A fresh carpet of snow blanketed the town; this place could really get you in the Christmas mood.

There were so many of his family members in town there was no room for us at his parents house so Don had already made reservation at a nice local hotel. This was fine with me as I didn’t really know any of his relatives very well. Don and I lived in New York and only had seen his family once or twice since the wedding.

We checked in and the first thing Don did was asked about the pool. He loved to swim and the hot tub sounded good to me after the drive we had just endured. After dropping off our luggage at our room and changing into our swimming suit we headed down the pool room.

When we arrived we found that we had the pool all to ourselves. Don jumped in the pool right away, I just grinned at him. He was a very nice guy and had a great job and education. He was well built and always had been good to me. He swam to the end of the pool and started another lap.

I put down my stuff and started the hot tub timer. I slowly lowed myself into the hot bubbling water, the jets felt good and in no time a heavy foam was forming all over the surface of the water. It felt like heaven, my legs hurt, my shoulders hurt, and my whole body ached. I was just starting to relax when a whole family of black people burst into the pool room. There had to be at least two families’ that entered together. A handful of kids jumped into the pool and the adults went to the far end to sit down their things.

I was annoyed at first but then I remembered it was almost Christmas and that a lot of people traveled on the holidays. The adults headed right to the hot tub. There were two older women maybe fifty or so and a man their same age. One of the men was much older and they all climbed into the water together.

I was just about to get out and find another place to relax when the older man smiled at me and said that his name was Zeck. He stuck out his hand and I took it with a shy grin. They all settled in on the other side of the hot tub from me and once again I started to relax. I found the sounds of their voices kind of soothing. I leaned back and was just about to close my eyes when Don came running into the hot tub. The other people in the hot tub had to shift to let him sit down next to me. This pushed the other older black man over to my other side.

“The waters great honey, you need to try it.” He said.

“I think I’m going to try it.” One of the ladies added and three of them left towards the pool. This left only the older black man, Don and I sitting in the hot tub. I noticed that the older black man didn’t move away from me when the others had left. There was now plenty of room on the other side of the hot tub. I found this rather odd, but I said nothing.

Don started a conversation up with him right away. They started talking about sports and I quickly became bored. Zeck move even closer to me while he was talking to my husband, I felt his leg up against mine. I was shocked at first at the unwelcome contact but I guessed that it was innocent enough. I closed my eyes for the first time and that’s when I felt it. The older mans hand had come to rest next to my leg just above my knee. I opened my eyes and looked over at him; he didn’t stop talking to my husband so I decided that he didn’t realize he was touching me. When I looked at him he quickly moved his hand away. Don must not have noticed anything because he just kept talking about football.

I lay back again and within seconds I felt his hand again. This time however his hand was on my leg it was higher up on my thigh and I had to fight not to jump up. I looked at him and again he seemed not to notice me at all. His hand moved away again and he never stopped talking to Don. I laid back my head again. I found my heart racing as I wondered if he was going to put his hand back on my leg. It only took a second before I felt his large hands on my leg. This time however his hand didn’t stay in one spot. I felt him moving his hand up my leg a few inches from my soft inner thigh.

I knew that I should jump up and slap the guy. He was now running his hand up my leg and I could fill his fingers making small circles on my inner thigh. I knew that I could scream out and stop this right now. Then I remember all the other people in the pool and my husband just a few inches away. I just kept quiet; I didn’t want to make a scene. I found myself wondering how far this older black man would go with my husband sitting right here. His hand felt kind of good and it sure had gotten my blood up.

The older black man slowly kept moving his hand up my inner thigh; I could feel his hand squeezing my soft tight flesh. I couldn’t believe how bold Zeck was; he was feeling me up with his family in the pool and my husband sitting right next to me. His hand kept moving up and I found myself getting excited. My blood rushed down between my legs and I felt a warm rush that had nothing to do with the water running over me. His stopped just a few inches from my crouch, his hand not only stopped moving but he removed it from my thigh.

My whole body was afire; I could not believe that he had stopped. I found myself wanting him to continue. I opened my eyes and kind of looked over at him. He didn’t even look my direction. Don was talking about some quarterback needing to get it together and when I looked over at Zeck. I felt his fingers softly touch me again. This time his fingers were inches from my crouch, they starting to work into the leg hole of my bikini. He even turned towards Don more so that he had a better angle to get his hand down between my legs. I was shocked at his actions. My body was afire, excitement rushed though my body as I felt his large finger suddenly touch the tender lips of my pussy.

I had to bite my lower lip to stop from making any noise. I laid my head back and tried to keep my eyes closed. I felt his fingers working under the elastic of my swimsuit. I knew that he could feel how slimy my pussy was and by now he knew just how turned on he was making me. It was so exciting. I had heard stories about women who had been molested in the bus or on the train and never thought it could happen to me. Now here I was sitting in a hot tub a day before Christmas letting some guy that I had never met before touch my pussy. I was on fire, I found myself lifting my ass a bit off the bench to let him have better access to my hidden spot.

That’s when Don stood up and said that he was going to get back in the pool. I looked up in alarm that would leave me alone in the hot tub with Zeck. All this time in the back of my mind I knew that this wouldn’t go any farther because my husband was sitting right here. With Don gone, I looked over towards Zeck and he just put a finger up to his lips to tell me to keep quite. I felt his fingers start to work again. I felt him put his other hand on my breast; he acted as if he would never get caught. I couldn’t believe he would do such a thing with his family and my husband so close to us.

He worked his large fingers into my yielding flesh. I didn’t try and stop him; I just lay there with my legs open more than before. I looked up at him and I knew that he could see the lust in my eyes. He knew that he had me so turned on that I could do nothing to stop him now. He knew that he could do whatever he wanted to my young welling body. I turned towards him and opened my legs wider so that this strange black man could get to my opening easier. I was on fire, he was pinching my nipples softly and his finger was moving up into my soft warm flesh so fast now that he was moving the water around.

My hand came to rest between his legs and I could feel his cock under his swim suit. When he felt my small hand he quickly pulled his rod out of his shorts. I found myself holding the biggest dick I had ever felt. I couldn’t see it but this sixty year old black man had a cock that was much bigger than my husbands. That was all I needed, wave after wave of an intense orgasm ripped through my body. The orgasm hit me so hard I had to bite my lip again to keep from crying out, I found myself grunting like an animal as each wave hit me.

My orgasm had just finished when Don came back over from the pool. I was afraid as he walked into the water that he would know something was up. That somehow he would see the lust in my eyes, the redness in my cheek, my hand still holding the older black mans cock. The foam and bubbles hid all this from my husband. It also hid the fact that this black man still had his finger stuck deep up his young wife’s pussy. My husband had this big grin on his face.

“Hey Susan, I’m going to get some beer. Zeck, you want some too?” He asked.

I couldn’t talk at all; my mouth felt like it was full of cotton balls. I knew that Don didn’t know what was going on right before his eyes, or he never would have left his wife alone with this strange molesting black man. I was afraid to move, afraid to even let go of Zecks cock.

“Sure Don.” Zeck answered. “Hey Debra, give Don some money his going to bring us back some beers.” He yelled at one of the heavy older black women.

Don rushed over and took the money from the heavy black women and pulled on his shirt, then quickly disappeared out the door. Zeck waited for just a second and then he looked at me for the first time. He was easily three times my tender age of twenty. His hair was gray and was cut close to his head in a very clean cut, his eyes were sharp and bright, he smiled at me. I grinned back and found that I couldn’t say anything. He just moved closer to me and gently pulled his finger out of my satisfied pussy.

I signed. He spoke to me for the first time.

“Can you meet me someplace, so that we can finish this?” He whispered in my ear.

He stood up and walked towards the restrooms. I couldn’t help but see his large erection under the thin wet fabric of his swim suite. He turned it towards me on purpose as he walked out of the water. I swallowed hard. I watched him step into the dark hallway that led to the drinking fountain and the restrooms. I knew that this was an open invitation for me to follow him, to finish what we had started in the hot tub. I felt a strange tingling in my pussy as I thought about the fact that my husband was gone and that I didn’t know when he would come back. I felt short of breath as I stood up out of the water and saw just how bad he had stretched out my bikini bottom.

I walked toward the dark hallway where Zeck had disappeared. I nervously looked over to his family sitting on the other side of the pool. They never seemed to notice me at all as I quickly walked into the hallway. I noticed that the men’s restroom door was open just enough to see inside. What was I doing? I was about to walk into the men’s restroom on Christmas Eve to have sex with some strange black man that had just fingered me to an orgasm in the hot tub. My mind reeled as I thought about just how wicked this was.

I opened the door and looked in to see Zeck smiling at me. Without a word he pushed the door closed and leaned down and kissed me wetly. We embraced and I felt just how powerful this large black man was. He pulled down his swimming trunks and his large black cock sprang free, it bobbed up and down with the beat of his heart. I melted, I felt my knees weaken, and I felt like I was going to fall. When I slumped downwards Zeck put his hands on my shoulders and forced me to the floor in front of him.

“Now I was not hoping for his, little girl.” He said in surprise.

On my knees he pushed his swollen black dick towards my mouth. Surprised at myself I opened my mouth as the large hard head of his dick touched my lips. I sucked in his large cock and quickly found that I could just barely get the head of his black dick in my mouth. I grabbed a hold of his dick with my hands and started to jack him off at the same time. I worked my small mouth over his cock head. He had given me one of the best orgasms that I had ever had in my life and I was going to return the favor.

“Oh man!” Zeck said in an excited tone. “We don’t really have time for that now Susan.” He told me Standing me up and turning me around to face the sink.

I grabbed the sink and braced myself. I could see Zeck in the mirror as he lined himself up to enter my pussy from behind. With my swimming suit already ruined he easily pulled it aside again and I felt the hot tip of his dick touch my wet willing pussy lips. Even as big as Zeck dick was I was so wet that the head of his cock quickly slipped into my hole.

He groaned as he entered my wetness, his cock was so hard it pushed aside my soft flesh easily. I looked into the mirror and found those sharp black eyes locked with mine as he pushed in deeper. He was making faces as he pushed his large black cock into me. I gripped the sink and pushed back, I was so excited I found that I wanted all of him inside of me.

“Girl, I wish we didn’t have to rush this, but we got people that will be missing us!” Zeck half whispered to me.

I felt him start to fuck into me; the first thrust was so quick that I let out a grunt. The size of his dick made me look up in shock as he started his assault on my pussy. My eyes pleased with him not to hurt me, not to be so ruff, but the next push was just as hard and quick. I could see lust in his face as he started to fuck me so fast that his balls were slapping up and hitting my clit with each thrust. He grabbed my hips and started a loud slapping attack on my pussy.

At first I was just trying to hold on and not get hurt, but as Zeck kept pounding into me I found that I was bucking back towards his cock with each thrusting motion. My pussy was on fire and my legs felt wobbly with all of Zecks weight pounding down into my pussy over and over again. I was shocked at how fast and hard an old man like Zeck was hammering me. I lowered my head as the first orgasm hit me. He never stopped or slowed down a bit as my body twisted in front of him. I think it turned him on more to see me Cumming because he grabbed a hold of my shoulders and started to fuck me like I had never felt before.

I looked up into the mirror and saw that the gentle elderly man was replaced by a grunting powerful animal. I felt his cock swelling up inside of me and the head of his cock started to bang right on the entrance to my womb. When I felt his cock hit my womb again another orgasm hit me and as I felt it come up from my toes I felt Zeck unload his sperm into my waiting pussy. He grunted out load and I thought I heard him say something about God. He pulled his softening cock out of me with a wet popping sound and without another word to me slipped out of the bathroom door.

I collapsed onto the cold bathroom floor. I caught my breath and tried to stand up, my legs felt like noodles. I had never been so well fucked in my life. I realized what I had done. I had just had sex with some old black man that I really didn’t know in the men’s restroom of a hotel on Christmas Eve. I pulled myself up and clean myself up with tissue paper as best I could. I was so satisfied, my pussy felt so warm and sensitive that I jumped when I touched it. I realized that Zeck had given me what I really desired but could never tell my husband about.

I composed myself and slipped out of the bathroom door to find everyone sitting around the pool drinking beer and talking. Don grinned at me and handed me a beer as I walked out of the hallway.

“Hey babe, miss me?” He joked.

I grinned at him, in the background I could see Zeck, he was talking to the women I believed was his wife and acting like he never saw me. I took the beer and knowing that my bikini bottom was ruined I said.

“Don I’m tired. I think I will go to the room, if that’s ok with you.”

“Sure babe.” He said “if you don’t mind ill stay down here a bit, I’ll be along later.” He added.

I walked to our room and quickly removed my bikini; I wrapped it up and hid it at the bottom of my suitcase. I climbed into the shower to clean up and I let the water wash all the evidence of what I had done away. I found that I didn’t feel guilty over what I had done with Zeck. Maybe because that old black man had given me what I had never gotten from my own husband. I climbed into bed and found that in my satisfied state I was quickly asleep.

The next morning I awoke with Don whispering Merry Christmas in my ear. We dressed and made the trip out to his family’s home. It was full of people and I tried to make everyone happy. We exchanged presents and ate and I found that I really did enjoy his family’s company. Ever time I was alone however; I found my mind slipping back to that bathroom. I would remember seeing Zeck behind me fucking me like I was some kind of cheap whore or something. I would feel a warm rush running over my body.

That vision kept coming back to me over and over all Christmas day. It help somehow knowing that I didn’t know who Zeck really was, that I didn’t know where he lived. It helped knowing that my husband had no idea what I had done on Christmas Eve in the hot tub.

That night Don told me that his family had a tradition of going to church on Christmas day for the evening services. I just grinned bravely as we loaded into five cars and drove the short distance to the family church. I found myself thinking that it was a large church for such a small town but shrugged it off as Don patents introduced me all around to the people they knew.

I met their preacher and his wife they seemed to be nice people and as we found our ways to our sits I noticed that the entire church was full. Don’s mother Alice told me that they always brought in someone special to run the services on Christmas. I set back into my seat next to my husband as the services started. As I looked up to the front guess who I saw sitting there? It was Zeck; he was dressed in a nice suite with a red tie. My mouth dropped open as I watched their preacher stand up.

“First I want to thank you all for coming on this fine Christmas day. Second I want to introduce to you our guesses for tonight, Reverend Zeck Warren. One of the most popular preachers in New York City has come to share with us tonight.”

Zeck stood up and shook the preachers hand as I poked Don in the ribs.

“I didn’t know Zeck was a preacher!” I whispered.

“Ya, he told me last night. His is a really nice guy, and guess what; he lives in New York too. I told him where we live and invited him over when we get home. He said he would come.” Don whispered back.

This was shaping up to be one of my strangest Christmases ever.

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