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Obsessed with Ember

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Vincent didn’t have to wait too long for her. She was his favorite of them all. He didn’t mind the wait too much, he always thought she was worth it.

They came nearly every night, about five of them. He guessed that they were all friends. He didn’t mind the others, it was all about her.

She stood about five-four. He couldn’t be bothered worrying about her dress size, but she filled out her everyday clothes beautifully.

She was a carmel complexion, shoulder length dark brown hair pulled back into a high ponytail. Her eyes and her mouth were her stunners. Her mouth caught your attention but her eyes held them. Soft brown eyes with a knowing glint. Full lips smirking under a button nose.

Ember could have easily been thought of as cute, but her full lips placed her as sexy. Full breasts that tempted him every time he saw her about the town.

They shared a past, a past where she had refused him, but that was okay. In a couple of days he would be the only one on her mind. She was stubborn and somewhat foolish.

He knew she thought herself above the law, she was determined to break the rules concerning restricted areas blocked off by the military; which was fine by him, since it provided him privacy and exposed herself to him much sooner than he had originally planned, hard-headed, always…

Vincent and Ember had known each other a few years back, he had always had a thing for her, he had even gotten her to agree to go out with him once. Unfortunately that once was his downfall in their small town community. Too eager and over zealous, Vincent had ignored Ember’s signals and verbal rejections of pushing their date beyond her physical expectations, it amounted to someone responding to her screams and struggles to get Vincent away from her.

She didn’t want to press charges and his parents were adamant that charges were not required. Near the end of the investigation, it was suggested that Vincent take a leave of absence from the town. His family, namely his mother did not take this well. Being he was her youngest and was already posed to enter the local college at the end of their summer break. She knew this would end his future career of law enforcement, the trade they all expected him to take after his father.

Vincent’s father felt the military would suit Vincent best for the time being, seeing as it would give the incident time to be forgotten and Vincent time to experience life and mature without an attempted rape charge or accusations hanging over his head. Only thing was, you had to have character to do all that. Vincent had long ago foregone on any attempt to redeem himself inwardly.

During his time serving in the Marines, he had not only achieved promotions but also realized were the real action and money was, namely where the power was… Not long after finishing boot camp and completing his first assignment, Vincent dropped the idea of returning back to his hometown to appease his family in following in is father’s shoes of becoming an officer of the law.

Even now he laughs at how naive he was in thinking law was his destiny and also the mistakes he made with Ember. She was never really far from his thoughts. She had always been his idea of the perfect woman.

‘Yeah, SHE was the one that got away’… or ran away.

Though his ideas of a career may have changed, his intentions to reunite with her had not. He had through subtle inquiries with his mother and remaining friends kept abridged of her whereabouts, activities, and involvements. Before that tragic evening it had been his plan for them date exclusively, attend college together, then get engaged and marry.

Law enforcement was a respectable enough profession to support the life style he had planned for them. But now with the military, though his options had in a since been reduced, yet still in the military, other doors of opportunity had opened.

A door to meet people in obtaining old disbanded weapons, people needing a little mercenary action here and there to quealch any unhappy locals in third world territories, people that understood that money laundering was a highly fiscally rewarding practice, and that the movement of people was a better paying factor than even arms dealings.

Yes, the military was proving to be the better profession after all. Only his misses was missing. Only Vincent’s family and close friends knew where he was located in the military, and due to his letters and brief phone calls, he had given them the impression it was bet if his location were kept confidential. He always alluded to the notion that he was assigned to a top secret mission.

In actuality, he was really never too far from his home town, and once he finished his third year of his six year enlistment, he did not plan on reenlisting, but instead head out on his own and partner up with a man, the military had on a watch list. This man was had connections, money, and power. The things Vincent valued over all.

Well they wouldn’t be military for long, but then Vincent had a back up plan. His friend Vergara was very interested in old military firearms as well as new ones. It had been his squadron’s responsibility to oversee the disposal of old and outdated fire arms. But for a special price, those very same arms would find a home via he and Vergara to other countries not so friendly to US or even terrorist groups.

Vergara had thankfully set up a secret overseas account set up by Vergara’s accountant for Vincent. This account was fed by Vergara whenever transactions were completed as expected.

Normally hardheaded people, especially a female that thought she was better than him, those really pissed him off, but for tonight, he appreciated his girl’s lack of candor. And plus he figured he would have the pleasure of educating her of the ills of bad decisions. He was actually very much looked forward to those lessons.

But then Vincent counted on her being hard headed… it would place her within his grasp.

There was a tranquil waterfall that fed the river within the restricted area. But Vincent chose to ignore the river’s other four secret swimmers, there were certain nights she would actually bathe alone.

The first time he discovered that, he nearly burst upon her as she began to undress. His military superiors had directly informed all citizens and military personnel that the surrounding area was off limits. Yet, she had determined herself to be too special to adhere to such rules. people always wanting fucking special treatments. Well he had something special for her too.

He knew her schedule by heart. She would be there for her every other night to bathe.

It was a Wednesday and she had already given her friends the impression she would not go to the falls alone, following the military’s posted signs. Taking an old path from the back town that led twisting and winding to the waterfall river bend, she led her horse. It was an easy trail to follow during the day, but a bear to trace once the sun began to set.

Once she arrived, she did a body check. Two towels, some soap, second pair of underwear in her saddle. She figured she’d just leave her clothes by the riverside. She wasn’t too worried about being their alone, she had her toothpick of course. It would be all she needed for late night dips, because she believed she had enough protection… her five inch ‘Arkansas toothpick,’ that is what her daddy called it when he swore her to carry it where ever she went. Her daddy was a good ole country boy.

Vincent waited, he had no doubt they would not be interrupted, though he had all night, it would not be enough, but it would have to do in a pinch, and this was a pinch for him… for now at least.

She led her mount to the old burnt out tree to tether her horse. Ember slipped down from her leather saddle with the slightest creak. She noted that she was all alone as she began to undress by the riverside.

Vincent moved stealthily among the trees. He had come prepared… wearing a black long sleeve t-shirt, black sweat pants, with black moccasin boots.

This night would accomplish so many things for him concerning her, she will learn a lesson about going out at night alone, she would become more familiar with him though unbeknowing to her, and give him a taste of his future.

He was so anxious, he slightly snorted with anticipation as he watched her approach the water. She paused, as if suddenly sensing a presence… his presence. Ember looked about herself, glanced at her toothpick… then swiftly turned and dove into the river.

Vincent eased over to her pile of clothes, taking her blade, her pants and top… he left her her undies, curious as to what she will do once she discovered her things had been disturbed and her weapon missing.

Once he had her clothes and her knife, he returned to his hiding spot to watch her swim and bathe. As she passed under the small waterfall which signaled her bathing was complete, he waited not realizing he was holding his breath.

She waded to the edge of the river, then once again she scanned the thickly wooded forest, her eyes seemed to look right into his face, but she did not even notice his face hidden among the foliage. once satisfied she was alone, she emerged from the river completely.

She tilted her head to he side as if allowing water to run from her right ear, then she bent forward with her naturally curly shoulder length hair hanging down in front of her to in an attempt to gather her wet hair to put into hair scrunchie.

Leaning back, she grabbed her wet hair and wrung it out on the damp soil where she stood. the night was perfect, too bad her friends were not here to share it with her.

Ember turned and waked to her pile of clothes. It became very obvious she noted the change on the ground. She paused in mid stride a few feet from the pile, bent to retrieve her things. Quickly trying to locate her knife, not finding it she stopped in her frantic search to once again scan the riverside clearing.

“What the fuck was going on?”

‘Please let it be a damn raccoon that did this.’

But in the back of her mid all she could conjure up was “Run!”

Standing quickly she ambled toward her mount, only to find him missing as well.

“Shit, whoever is playing games with me… this shit isn’t funny!”

Walking toward the edge of forest, she suddenly heard a rustle among the bushes, but is too late, she is picked up from off her feet from behind and hauled to the forest floor. She tries to jab her attacker with her left elbow, but he uses his full weight to bear down on her.

This pushes her immediately to the ground again with an “Oof!” forced out of her mouth.

“Keep still dar’lin, won’t hurt a much.” Was all her attacker would say at first.

He grabbed her wrist, placed them both in one of his hands as his other hand snaked around her waist in a lifting motion, not off the ground, but to her horror, positioning her onto her knees.

All Ember could think was ‘Oh this shit is not happening, oh fuck!’

One large muscular thigh came from behind her and was wedged between her bent knees.

“Spread your legs!” Was his next command.

She could not believe what was happening, everything was moving in slow motion. Once her legs were spread, his thighs rested on the inside of hers, preventing her from moving from the position he had placed her in.

The hand about her waist held her in place as his other hand cupped her mound. He grunted as his fingertips found her lips opening, he clumsily and quickly sunk his fingers into her pussy from the front of her body, fingering her clit.

“Not wet enough, fuck this!” He began to make little circles about her clit with his middle finger, then he ran it, in and out of her tight hole, the little act elicited the results he ached or, his finger drew back dripping in her arousal, she even gave an involuntary moan.

‘Aw, hell no, shit, where the fuck did that come fr…’. He once again entered her, this time with two fingers going in and out of her.

“No… no, stop, oh fuck!” Was what she could barely get out.

Smiling to himself, he removed his fingers, pulled his black sweat pants down, knowing his intentions, Vincent had gone commando. Once his pants had reached his thighs, he thrust forward, impaling her onto his cock.

She screamed, and tried to pull forward, but once again his arm was about her waist and held her in place. Her struggles only excited him more. His thrusting pace increased. His left hand that was holding her wrists together, released her hands go, only to shove his fingers into her hair to anchor her to him as he grazed his teeth along her shoulder enjoying her whimpers of submission.

She shook, not to release her, but as her approaching unwanted orgasm came alive. If she climaxed, then what the hell did that say about her?

She didn’t want to explode with a man forcing himself on her. But her orgasm hit her big, it rocked her as she moaned long and loud before she realized what she had just conveyed to her attacker. She fucking loved what he was doing to her… well she didn’t, but her damn traitorous body did. ‘Shit!’

Vincent only smiled the more after her sounds of completion echoed along the banks of the river.

She felt him shudder as he approached his own orgasm.

His grip on her hair believe it or not tightened harder than it had before.

As his climax ripped through him, it was as if he were attempting to rip her hair from her scalp.

“Shit girl!” Vincent growled in her ear as he pushed three more times into her.

On his final thrust, he gave her several stinging slaps along her butt cheeks. Each slap brought a scream or whimper from her, which were music to his ears. He laughed with pleasure at finally getting back at her for the shit she put him through. If only she’d not fought him then.

Vincent pushed her own to the dirt floor, holding her there with his hand on her back, “Stay put or we go for round two!”

He slowly got up, she should have stayed put, but she did glance up at his hands as they had held her hands together, there was something familiar about him, but what? It wasn’t his voice, or was it and she was too scared or confused to see what was right in front of her.

She knew her attacker, ‘What if he thinks I recognize him, shit! What if plans on killing me? Fuck, I was a stupi…’

Ember managed to hiss, “Ouch! Let my hair go you…!”

“Shut up Ember!” At the mention of her name, her struggles and screaming ceased.

“You were warned, but you wouldn’t listen!”

Fearing he may have said too much, Vincent pressed his lips together in frustration of his own eagerness. It was too soon to reveal his identity to her.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this? Please just let me go, I …” ‘I know that voice…’

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