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Sister Mary Theresa opened the door to the bathroom a crack and peered out into the dim bedroom. She was sure she’d heard something like a door closing, but she was supposed to be alone. The usually familiar and comfortable confines of her bedroom seemed alive with menace now. She was far too conscious of the string of break-ins that had occurred in the complex over the last six months.

Everything was still. Only the monotonous sound of the ceiling fan as it slowly rotated broke the quiet. It was hot out and she felt a bead of sweat trickle down her back. The cowl seemed tight and the dress stuck to her body as the seconds lengthened into minutes. Still nothing. No sound. No movement. Maybe I just imagined it, she thought to herself. Or maybe it was the apartment next door. The walls were paper thin, but both her neighbors were single and worked nights. Of course, it was Halloween. Trick or treaters perhaps?

The final rays of sun disappeared, plunging the room into darkness. The single thirty watt bulb in the bathroom did little to dispel the gloom. The overhead light was by the door, which was totally cloaked in darkness. Berating herself for being such a fraidy cat, Theresa plucked up her courage and walked towards the door. As soon as she was out of the weak light coming from the bathroom doorway she felt a thrill run up her spine. She couldn’t see anything and was reaching for the light when an iron-like grip closed on her wrist. She didn’t even have time to scream before her body was twisted into a tight hold and a gloved hand closed over her mouth.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” A raspy voice gloated.

Her assailant was several inches taller than Theresa’s four feet, nine inches and easily outweighed her by forty or fifty pounds. Still, she relaxed slightly. The voice was gravelly but undoubtedly feminine.

“That’s right. Just relax, Sister. I’m gonna take my hand off your mouth now. Scream and I swear, you’ll wish you hadn’t.”

Theresa felt the hand leave her mouth and slide down her body to her hip. She shivered at the sensuousness of the caress. The intruder’s hand slipped to her arm and twisted it behind her back, catching both wrists in one hand and returned her free hand to the small woman’s tummy.

“You got a tight little body there, Sister. Always wondered what you girls wore under your habits,” she drawled as her hand clenched the fabric and began to haul it up.

“You can’t!”

“Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do, Sister,” she growled, her voice taking on a hard edge. “I spent twelve years in catholic school. I didn’t listen then and I’m not about to start now.”

“Please, don’t do this.”

“Awww, Sister, that’s not very charitable. I’m just trying to find out what you wear under your habit,” she said with a smirk.

Theresa could see her lips in the wan light and her strong jaw, but little else. Her big hand found the smaller woman’s woolen belt and deftly undid it, allowing both the belt and her rosary to slide down her hips to the floor. Theresa tried to pull her arms free, but she was not even strong enough to make the big woman slow her advances.

Theresa bit her lip when the woman’s large hand slid down her leg, caught the soft serge material of her habit, and pulled it up her body. The tall woman snorted in frustration when she saw that the underskirts still obstructed her view.

“Tell me, Sister, how does one get out of that rig without help?”

“Practice?” The small woman mumbled, lowering her head.

“You got a smart mouth. Let’s see if you know what to do with it,” she growled as she spun the small woman around and forced her to her knees.

She unbuttoned her black jeans and shoved them down, leaving only the black silk boxers covering her privates. Theresa turned her head, but the woman just laughed.

“Look up, little sister. See what I have for you,” the tall woman commanded.

Theresa hesitantly raised her face, her eyes going wide in shock. A broad black girdle was slung around the big woman’s hips and suspended from it was an imposing black dildo. The strap split and ran between her stout thighs, leaving her pussy exposed as well. Theresa had never seen anything like it and wondered fleetingly where the woman even found such a thing. From the way she was holding it, it was obvious what she wanted.

“Please,” Theresa begged.

“No need to beg, Sister. I’m gonna give you all the dick you want,” the woman laughed.

“Please, no.”

“Enough with this shit. Is please all that comes out of your mouth? I got a better use for it!”

She grabbed the wimple and pulled Theresa’s head to her crotch. The small woman didn’t resist, knowing the fragile garment would tear if she did so. The tall woman was holding the faux cock straight out, and pressed it insistently against Theresa’s tightly closed lips.

“Awwwww, now we were doing so good. Open those pretty lips and suck my cock, Sister! Don’t make me get rough with you,” she added in a menacing tone.

Theresa closed her eyes and hesitantly parted her lips. The fat head forced her to stretch her jaw open until she felt the tiny pop in the joints by her ears. When the widest part finally entered her small mouth, her lips involuntarily closed on the thick shaft. For a while she merely held it in her mouth and her captor seemed content to just stare at her soft red lips closed around the shaft.

The woman’s big hands trailed lovingly over the black lace pinned to the wimple, then over the linen that covered Theresa’s head, eventually caressing her bare cheeks.

“Don’t just hold it in your mouth, Sister Angelica. Suck my cock!”

Theresa dutifully hollowed her cheeks and began to suck on the ebony toy. The tall woman smiled and began to slowly undulate her hips, forcing a little more in with each motion. Theresa gagged when it hit the back of her throat, but relaxed her muscles and after some trial, took most of it. She placed her hand on the big woman’s stout hips to steady herself and matched the motions of her head to the woman’s slow fucking.

“Always knew you could suck a mean dick,” she chortled.

The tall woman suddenly pulled out of Theresa’s mouth. The small woman coughed and tried to wipe the accumulated saliva from the corner of her mouth, but the big woman caught her hand, picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. She landed on her back and before she could move, the tall woman straddled her small body, easily pinning her down.

The intruder crawled up the small woman’s body, carefully avoiding damaging her habit. When she reached Theresa’s head she turned so she could look down the girl’s body. She moved her knees to either side of Theresa’s head and then grasped the toy, pulling it up towards her belly. Theresa had a fleeting glimpse of the woman’s fat, hairy mound and slick lips before they settled onto her face.

“Eat it, baby.”

Theresa had no time to protest. The big woman’s pussy was very wet and she began to ride the prone woman’s face almost immediately. Theresa opened her lips and stuck her tongue out, trying vainly to find the big woman’s clit. It was useless, she was too far gone, her hips flying. Her musky flavor filled the small woman’s mouth, even as her velvety pussy glided over Theresa’s now slick lips, cheeks and chin.

Her movements quickly became disjointed, riding down hard and mashing her pussy to Theresa’s lips. The tall woman groaned as she came, riding down so hard that Theresa’s nose and mouth were totally covered by her sex. She panicked when she found herself unable to breathe, pushing vainly against the big woman’s bulk with her small hands.

The big woman rose with some difficulty and Theresa sat up, sputtering and gasping. The big woman was gasping too, but recovered before her small captive. She pushed the nun over onto her stomach. Her long arms wrapped around the small girl’s waist and easily pulled her to her knees. Her big hands captured the hem of Theresa’s dress as well as both underskirts and jerked them up, tossing them across her back.

A pregnant pause ensued, followed by a long low whistle.

“Always knew you oh-so-saintly girls were whores under the black robes,” she growled.

Theresa shivered as the woman’s hand roamed over her ass, taking shocking liberties. She wore a very thin pair of black silk panties and she cringed when the big woman’s hand closed tightly on them and ripped them off. This left her wearing only her frilly black garter belt and lace stop stockings.

The woman’s blunt fingers pushed between her lips and roughly massaged her damp pussy. Thrills of pleasure shot through her, causing her to moan softly.

Theresa felt the thick head of the dildo replace the woman’s fingers and shivered when it seated at her entrance.

“Cross yourself, Sister. Mama’s fixin’ to show you what you been missing,” the large woman commanded.

Theresa hesitantly did so and gritted her teeth as she felt the woman’s hand slide to her hips.

With a brutal thrust that forced the air from her lungs and sent alarm signals racing from her pussy to her head, the woman drove the thick cock into her. She barely had time to gasp before the woman pulled out almost the length of it and slammed it back into her abused pussy. In and out, the woman used long, powerful strokes that caused little grunts to escape her clenched lips with each thrust.

“I see I’m not your first, Sister. Always knew it was bullshit, a hot little number like you walking around without someone tapping that ass,” she grunted

Theresa didn’t reply and the big woman seemed more into fucking her now than humiliating her. The long even strokes continued but no longer seemed aimed at driving the big toy through her body. The woman held Theresa’s hips and pulled her back onto the toy with each thrust.

Theresa bit her lip and tried hard not to get into it, but the big bitch knew exactly what she was doing. She was adding a circular rotation of her hips each time the big toy was fully in Theresa’s tight channel and was varying the angle, making the big toy seem even bigger. As she pulled out she was pushing down with her hips, dragging the length of the slick toy along the small woman’s clitoral hood. She was relentless, driving into the small woman with an almost machine-like repetition.

After five minutes, Theresa began to moan. Soon she was riding back to meet her lover’s thrusts, oblivious to anything else. The thick cock was driving her mad, sending ripples of pleasure like shooting stars into her taut body. Her thighs and ass began to quiver and the big woman laughed.

“That’s it, Sister, cum all over my cock. You’ll be glad you did.”

Theresa didn’t hear her or just didn’t care. Her world was filled with explosions and fireworks. Her body quivered slightly and then she began to buck and scream as her orgasm ripped through her. She was so caught up in it she didn’t notice the big woman pull all the way out and only became aware of what she was doing when she felt the slippery head pressed against her anus.

“No!” Theresa gasped, lunging forward to try and escape.

A single hand on her hip was all the big woman needed to contain her. The lewd pressure increased and Theresa groaned, throwing herself forward with all her strength. She broke free, but only managed to land flat on the bed. Before she could roll over, the big woman’s hands landed squarely on the small of her back, and her great weight pinned Theresa to the bed.

“Don’t you dare,” the small woman panted, trying to wiggle free.

The big woman paid her no mind, realigning the thick cock and getting her weight behind it.

“Bitch,” Theresa hissed as she felt the fat head slowly expanding her sphincter. She couldn’t escape and fought to relax, knowing the pain would be much more intense if she didn’t. She whimpered as the head finally penetrated, and her muscles clamped down on the shaft. Slowly it pressed inward, defying her muscle’s attempt to keep it out. Inch after inch of thick plastic slid into her ass until the woman’s hips finally rested on her ass.

The big woman grasped her hips and pulled her back, onto her hands and knees. She then began to slowly fuck Theresa’s tender ass. The small woman groaned piteously as the big cock reamed her, but after a while she started to moan softly. The big woman reached around Theresa’s waist and started to massage her clit as she stroked into her hot ass.

Stinging tears blinded her and small barks of pleasure escaped her lips. Theresa heard the woman moan loudly and the strokes became wilder and wilder. With a strong lunge she buried it to the hilt, pinching the small woman’s clit as she did so. Both of them cried out in pleasure as their orgasms rocked them.


Her assailant pulled the thick cock from Theresa’s tight ass and rolled over on her back, panting heavily. Theresa felt her ass clench several times, like it was missing the thick intruder, before she slumped onto the bed and lay there trembling.

After a minute or two, the aftershocks ceased, and she regained control of her quivering limbs. She reached out, grabbed a pillow and proceeded to beat her assailant with it.

“Hey! Stop it! You’re gonna fuck up my make up,” the butch shouted, as she covered her face with her hands.

“And you fucked up my ass! Everyone at the party is going to think I’m trying to carry a corn cob without using my hands!” Theresa replied through a hail of giggles.

“Marking my territory. You know every butch there is gonna be trying to maneuver you into a private corner and cop a feel.”

“And the femmes will be doing the same to you,” Theresa replied, pulling off the coif and shaking out her thick black hair.

“You cross yourself the other direction, by the way,” Dana said as she rose and turned on the lamp.

“Don’t start on my ass. You’re the one who went to catholic school for twelve years, and you’re the one who had the hots for your 11th grade teacher, Sister Angelica the perpetually hot. I wouldn’t know rosary beads from anal beads.”

“I know baby, and you don’t know how much this meant to me,” Dana said, suddenly serious.

Theresa smiled and wiggled off the bed. Standing next to her wife and smiling broadly, she gently touched her face. With the makeup and dark western shirt, she really did favor the late singer.

“Yes I do. It meant the same for me last year when you swashbuckled your way into the apartment and took me over the table. I’m happy I could help make your fantasy come true, babe, but we really need to get cleaned up and go.”

“I still say you ought to put a pillow under your habit and go as the pregnant nun.”

“Jezzus, Dana, I’m not even catholic and that gives me the willies.”

“I’m not catholic either, and I think it would be funny as hell.”

“Then you do it,” Theresa said and stuck out her tongue.

The big woman smiled her crooked smile and wrapped Theresa up in her arms. They kissed then, long and deeply. The small nun and the tall Johnny Cash impersonator. It was Halloween, they were in love, a party was in the offering and the night was filled with the promise of more fantasies fulfilled.


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