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Nothing More Gratifying

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There’s nothing more gratifying than watching a man lick his cum off your stocking feet. Especially if he has begged you for the privilege of putting it there in the first place. I love the feeling of power as I look down upon him enthusiastically performing an act that some would consider humiliating. Most men won’t even consider eating their own cum, but here mine is greedily lapping up his spend from my nylon encased toes.

His tongue working diligently to pull each tiny strand of his creamy white seed from between my red polished toes. As I gaze down at him I can see he is totally enraptured by this special opportunity. I can see how thankful he is that I’ve even allowed him to cum and can tell that he wants to show how grateful he is by dutifully cleaning my toes back to their original perfection. Mmmm I love that feeling.

I’ve been getting this treatment from my loving husband for sometime. He’s always had a thing for my feet and bit by bit I have made them his full time hobby. I receive daily foot massages, weekly pedicures and all the most fashionable shoes, boots, and hosiery I can handle.

Putting my shoes on has become a daily ritual for us. In the morning as I get ready for work I require my husband to fetch my footwear for the day and place my selection on my feet. He goes into my closet and finds the appointed pair then kneels before me until I tell him to begin. He begins by kissing the top of my left foot then gently and carefully putting on my left shoe then kissing the top of my shod foot before repeating the process with my right shoe. Following this, he buckles a gold ankle bracelet around my left ankle and then buckles an identical bracelet around his left wrist. He then helps me to my feet, kisses me on the cheek and thanks me for letting him help me get ready and we proceed downstairs to breakfast.

The foot massage is my most basic pleasure and I receive one nearly everyday if I want it. Sometime in the evening, usually after dinner I sit down in “my” chair, a big comfortable leather chair with a matching ottoman that is perfectly situated in our family room with good light for reading, a prime view of the TV and near to the phone. As soon as I sit down my husband will offer to massage my feet. He varies his approach each night, but it always includes a deep massage of my arches, toes, ankles and heels. As part of his treatment he frequently applies lotions to my skin which over time has made my feet as soft as a baby’s bottom. The length of the massage will depend upon my mood, but usually takes around a half hour during which time I read, watch TV or talk on the phone. Sometimes I make him do it much longer, which is a treat for both of us. Sometimes I pass altogether either to tease him or because I’m simply have other things to do. In any case, it’s a wonderful way to relax and spend some quiet time together at the end of the day and watching him take care of my pleasure often puts me in the mood for more heart racing activity later.

When he feels like he is done he asks if I’ve had enough and once I’ve agreed he will ask if there is anything else I would like him to do. Sometimes I’ll ask him to go down on me. He loves to do this for me and happily repositions himself to give me his best oral service. It depends upon my mood, but whenever I’ve requested it, I will always keep him busy until I’ve had at least one orgasm, and sometimes many more.

How long this might take depends as much upon my mood as his ministrations (after all these years of practice, he’s become pretty darn good). After already receiving a relaxing foot rub, I sometimes find myself in a languorous mood and am more than happy to keep him down there for a good long time. Other nights I’m happy to keep it short and sweet and move on to other things. In any event, I decide when we are done. Unlike some of the stories one reads, I don’t “demand” an orgasm every night as if I’m some kind of sex addict. Sometimes I’m in the mood, sometimes not. It might be weeks before I ask again, it could be hours. I ask for what I want, he’s happy to fulfill my need. What more could lovers want of one another.

Often when we’re done, if there aren’t other demands on our time, he’ll ask if he can continue to rub my feet and kiss, lick and suck my toes. Most of the time if I’m just watching TV or maybe talking on the phone I’ll let him do that. If I’m feeling a little mean, sometimes while he’s worshipping one foot I’ll use the other one to lightly rub the tip of his cock. This always leaves him highly aroused which usually pays dividends in him remaining particularly attentive to me for the rest of the evening.

Sunday night is reserved as pedicure night and over time my husband has become every bit as good as a professional. Each week he removes my current polish and replaces it with a new color of my choosing. I have about 50 that I choose from and buy new ones whenever I see them. He gives me the whole treatment — loofa, soaking, cuticles, shaping etc. He’s very attentive to making sure my feet are absolutely perfect.

After we retire to bed for the evening, sometimes I’ll ask him to pleasure my breasts, which is my favorite form of sex and never fails to bring me to orgasm. My breasts are very sensitive and several minutes of him kissing and fondling them or gently sucking my hardened nipples always sends me into orbit. Normally I have him lie on his back as I straddle his body with my 36Bs dangling in front of his face. From that position he’ll gently caress them, one in each hand, while administering soft kisses, to all my arousal points. As my excitement crests I’ll demand that he begins sucking on my hardened nipples. He does this gently at first, then more firmly and finally — usually at my urging of “harder, harder”, he sucks them intently until I collapse upon him in release.

As I said, I love having my breasts worshipped and it’s my favorite way to get an orgasm. In my opinion, it’s far more pleasurable than intercourse. Needless to say, I demand this whenever I need it, but don’t ask for it when I’m not in the mood. There’s nothing better then sex on my schedule and my schedule only. My husband is usually pretty attentive to my mood and often offers to do this for me even before I ask. Unless I’m really tired, or maybe on my period, I usually don’t refuse, but he knows that I can and this control of our sex life is thrilling to me.

The initial key to all this luxury was enslaving his cock with a chastity device. How I got him into chastity in the first place was a little bit of luck, but basically resulted from me offering to give him a foot job and then asking him what he’d do to earn one. He had confided in me long ago that he really liked foot jobs and while I was not into them near as much as him (really no pleasure for me, and lots of mess), I was willing to do it for him as a treat. Making sex a treat he could earn was exciting for us and ultimately became the basis of our relationship.

That first time, he accepted a week of chastity, and I spent the week teasing him mercilessly and demanding his sexual attention, which we both loved. We’ve continued to incorporate the chastity into our relationship, not as 24/7 thing, but rather as another way to keep some edge in our life (its sort of an annoyance if you try to do it all the time). The chastity was never really all that necessary, using a chastity device always been more symbolic than anything else, but when we do allows me to exercise just a little bit more control over our sex life.

Finally, about four years ago, we had a long talk about our lovemaking and he admitted that he loves foot jobs more than intercourse and I told him that I liked breast worship and oral sex more than intercourse so we agreed to focus our sexual energies on what we really liked rather than doing the ordinary. From that point forward I took full charge of our sex life and we gradually began incorporating little D&S games into our relationship. This has been incredibly rewarding and has helped our relationship immensely.

Even he agrees. He often tells me he can’t imagine going back to the old way which was based on the standard missionary position and unsatisfying compromises about when we’d have sex, how often we were having sex and what we’d do during sex. In short, our old life seemed to include too much discussion and disagreement and not enough making each other happy. Now, with me in charge, we focus all of our energies on our partner’s favorite activities maximizing pleasure and eliminating discussion.

We don’t really have many specific rules. If he keeps me happy and meets my benevolent demands, which he is always more than happy to do, I graciously grant him three orgasms a month. One of these orgasms is always a footjob, after which he has learned to beg for the opportunity to lick his cum off my feet (which itself evolved out of me hating the mess of this particular fetish).

Another of his three orgasms usually involves him masturbating for me and usually cumming on a pair of my shoes, boots or hose, after which I may demand that he cleans up his mess with his tongue, which we both agree is among the ultimate submissions. I love the power associated with forcing him to masturbate while I watch. I encourage him in various ways. Sometimes I taunt and humiliate him over his addiction to my feet. Other times I might make him beg to suck the heel of my shoes or to wear my pantyhose or some other minor embarrassment that feeds his passion. The best is when he’s all worked up and I deny him permission to cum, or make him wait until he softens before bringing himself back to the edge. He knows I control his orgasms and we both love the erotic tension that this produces.

His third monthly orgasm is subject to my whim. Sometimes I get him to beg for it in some specific way I’ve dreamed up or maybe I get him to “waste” it by teasing him to the edge with my toes, lips or breasts several times before finally bringing him off against his will. This is particularly gratifying to watch him try and try to hold back before finally succumbing to my ministrations. He always feels guilty for not being able to stop himself even though its exactly what I wanted him to do. A few times I’ve let him pick what he wanted to do which makes him feel like sometimes he has control over the situation even though we both know that if I didn’t like his choice I would get him to pick something different until finally he hit upon something I found interesting or amusing.

Some might find it odd for a happily married husband and wife to never have intercourse, but we almost never do. We both get more than ample pleasures from our unique interests and really don’t feel the need unless the mood strikes us, which does happen from time to time. Usually for our anniversary we have intercourse like “regular” people, but the fact is we both really prefer to get our pleasure in these other ways. For us, intercourse is just one of a number of ways to have sex so we do it when our passions move us there.

Mmmmm. Just writing this has made me all hot and bothered. I think I’ll plan something special for tonight. I’ll put on my sexiest lace bra and frilly, lacy panties that make me feel so pretty. Then I’ll slide my legs into a silky sheer pair of black nylons with a reinforced heel and toe, which I’ll attach to a lacy garter (tucking the straps though my panties to avoid trouble later). Then I think I’ll wear a low cut blouse, and my short red-plaid pleated mini skirt which never fails to get him all hot and bothered. I’ll have a hard time deciding whether I should wear my black patent pumps with the four-inch heel or whether I should go with my super sexy black knee-hi boots with the sexy stiletto heel which just screams sex.

Deciding to go with the boots I do my makeup in and add a spritz of perfume. He always knows that when I wear perfume I’m in the mood for plenty of lovin’. I add a little jewelry and then look at myself in the mirror. I look pretty darn good and he knows as well as I do that I’m going to be getting some second looks when we go out tonight.

During dinner I’ll tease him with lots of ideas about what I might do to him that night. I’ll tell him that I want at least three orgasms tonight but will taunt him as to whether he will be getting one or not. I’ll ask him to beg me for one right there at the table. From time to time I’ll reach over and give his poor imprisoned cock a nice firm rub just to make sure it stays good and hard for me. I’ll remind him that I’m getting all hot and bothered and can’t wait for him to bury his face between my legs until I scream with pleasure. I might even dip my finger into my juices and make him lick it off right there at the table while I tell him how bad I want it.

Somewhere along the way I’ll start rubbing my booted legs up against him and tell him that I can’t wait to feel his lips sucking on my nylon covered toes and feel his hands slide up and down my calves and feet. I’ll remind him of how delicious my feet will taste and smell after being wrapped in nylon and leather all afternoon. I’ll make him describe to me how much he loves smelling my feet as soon as they come out of my boots and I’ll make him beg me to put both feet across his nose and mouth so he can inhale my luscious smell the minute I take them off.

I’ll agree to his request, but then I’ll make a demand of my own. Reaching into my purse I’ll pull out a pair of stay-up stockings and panties. I’ll slip these to him under the table and tell him to take them to the restroom and put them on. When he returns having fulfilled my demand, he’ll pay the bill and leave. His hard cock will be visible to anyone who looks as we make our way to the door.

All the way home I’ll keep him hard and will tease him with my legs. I’ll push up my skirt and rub myself in front of him and tell him how bad I want him to bring me off. When he asks if he’ll be allowed to cum I’ll tell him that he will need to do a really good job and then maybe after a lot of begging I might let him masturbate for me, which I know is not what he really wants, but will be more than sufficient incentive for his best efforts.

By the time we get to our house I’ll be on fire. I’ll order him up to the bedroom and tell him to strip down to his panties and nylons and kneel on the floor in front of me. While he does that I’ll position my ass on the edge of the bed and dangle my booted legs over his shoulders. I’ll heighten the tension by ordering him to sniff my drenched panties and beg for permission to remove them and eat me to several orgasms.

By the time I let him do it, I’ll be ready to explode. No sooner do his lips brush across my aroused clit then my body begins to quake and tingle. I’ll hold his head firmly in place and grind my already engorged clit against his face, lips and nose selfishly seeking more pleasure. Minutes later with his tongue buried in the moist folds of my labia and his nose pressed firmly against my clit I’ll reach my first orgasm. It will feel like I’m soaring and I’ll probably scream out as my juices begin flowing freely and the scent of my arousal begins to fill the room.

Not content to stop at one I’ll urge him to continue. I’ll use my nylon covered legs to lock his head against my soaked groin and will order him to use his tongue harder and faster on my super sensitive clit. He’ll try to take his time. But soon I’ll become insistent and he’ll not want to risk his reward just to tease me. My body is absolutely blazing by now. Every inch of me demands pleasure and I can feel every sweep of his tongue on my clit. I can feel his mouth against my moist labia, sucking and kissing each fold. My senses have been super-heightened. When he reaches up and slips a couple of fingers inside, another orgasm races over me in an instant. I scream. I shake. My vulva convulses in a spastic fit of pleasure that leaves me spent and shattered.

I order him up to the bed to hold me and caress me while I calm down. We make a funny sight on the bed. Me still fully dressed although my skirt is all pushed up around my waist. My long legs still taunting him in their nylon and leather covering. My man however, is nearly naked wearing just stockings and panties. His black panties tented by his trapped penis.

Tonight my passions are such that even that last powerful orgasm isn’t enough to quench my desire. I want more and I want it in my favorite way. I push him back down on the bed and straddle his stiff cock. Sitting on top of him, his cock is just a thin sheet of nylon away from its coveted goal. Unfortunately, the stiff plastic of his chastity device prevents him getting anywhere near as hard as he would like. I can see his frustration and I revel in the power that it gives me.

Unbuttoning my blouse and unclipping my bra I let my breasts swing free and begin teasing my nipples to pointy stiffness while he watches. “Suck them” I demand and thrust them into his face giving him no choice but to comply with my desire. He obeys. Again I feel my passions rise as his moist lips caress my sensitive nubs. I let him work his magic with his tongue and pretty soon my clit begins to pulse with need. I rub my crotch against his imprisoned panty covered crotch while I urge him on. “Harder, mmmm, Harder please. Suck them. Suck them.”

I’m totally into my own pleasure now. My breasts tingling, my clit throbbing, my heart pounding, building towards relief. Bit by bit I climb the mountain again until finally he brings me to the peak. My body begins buzzing with pleasure as I approach my release. My head bobs back and forth as I seek my rapture. All at once, I’m there. I scream as air rushes out of my lungs the momentary breahlessness heightening my pleasure. I cum so hard I start to see stars. My legs jerk back and I collapse on top of him. My body stiffens and I can feel every spasm deep inside of me – once, then again and then a third time a little softer, each jolt an electric shock. Panting I try to return to normal as my tensing vulva continues to discharge occasional spasms as I come down off my high.

He caress me tenderly as I relax. I feel sated. Awash in a post-orgasmic glow, I tell him to reposition his face at my feet and assist with the zipper as he removes my boots and places my richly scented nylon feet over his nose and mouth. He sucks in deep lungfuls of my essence. The whole room is a charged with my scent. My overheated vagina, my secretions, the leather of my boots and the sweat clinging to my hose. He drinks it all in. He breathes it deep inside of him worshiping my scent, making it a part of him. His chest rises and falls with each breath while his hips vaguely thrust into space as he overloads his nostrils with my aroma.

After a few minutes of this I idly reach down and begin playing with the tip of his penis. I rub its sensitive head through the soft nylon of his panties and can see that he has managed to ooze a little pre-cum despite his confinement. I could tease him for hours, but watching him submit himself to my nyloned feet and taking pleasure in his oral worship of my toes has begun to rekindle my passions. The buzz I get from controlling him sexually is starting to rebuild and I want to push it along.

A part of me wants to just keeping teasing him and making him prove his lust for me over and over again. My feet alone could keep him under control and he would bring me to as many orgasms as I wanted before I’d fall asleep exhausted. But tonight my ultimate pleasure is the same as his. I want to feel him cum upon my feet. Feel my power over him surge as he begs for the honor of cleaning his spend from between my toes.

I order him to stand at the foot of the bed and I slide myself down so that my feet are right in front of his rigid cock. I take a moment to unlock his chastity and free his penis from its confines. It surges to a new size and he nearly loses his balance from the sudden pleasure. I tell him to stand still at the end of the bed, arms to his side and remain silent. He does as he is told wearing nothing but his sexy stockings, which have begun to sag, in response to the nights exertions.

Softly I slide my feet up and down the length of his shaft, the smooth nylon gliding across every inch of his stretched skin. He dares not cum until I order it, but we both know he won’t last long. Cupping my toes around the head, the toe seam and the reinforced nylon slide through his precum which has begun to flow from the tip. Dragging my other foot across his balls I hear him take in a sharp breath and my own breathing begins to accelerate as I know what’s about to happen. I keep it up for another minute…and then two. His cock is super sensitive and I know he’s holding back with every effort of his being. My control rises with each second. My vagina is beginning to pulse as my sexual power over him increases.

Finally I say it, the words he’s longed to hear from the beginning of the night. “Cum, Now!” I order. He responds immediately and his quick reaction to my command, his inability to contain himself for even a second stirs me deeply. I feel his hot cum shoot deep into my cupped toes. He twitches once, and again each time ejaculating more seed into my stocking, deeper into the fabric that will soon be between his lips. I take pleasure as I watch his face contort in relief. After another couple of small jerks, he’s completely spent. He’s given me everything and now I’ll order him to submit to me one last time.

“May I please clean your feet my love,” he asks sweetly.

“Yes. Do it. Don’t miss a drop.”

I recline and gently rub myself as he slurps up the big white globs clinging to my toes, my soles and my arches. As the milky whiteness disappears he busies himself with the more difficult task of extracting his fluid trapped in my stockings and from between my toes. I know it will take awhile and during that time every inch of my foot will get a thorough soothing lip and tongue massage. As I watch him drift into his own little world, I begin fingering myself to one last orgasm. An orgasm that only a woman who has watched her man lick cum from her feet could appreciate.

As I bring myself to climax my toes curl and my foot jerks briefly pulling it away from his swollen slippery lips. He looks up at me as I drift through the throes of yet another orgasm and he smiles. I return his smile lovingly appreciating the depths of our relationship and the special way we pleasure one another. Our way may not be for everyone, but it works well for us. We know in that moment that we love each other deeply and with incredible passion.

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