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Nothin’ You Don’t Like

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It’s been a sizzling hot day, and I was looking forward to an air conditioned couple of hours at the movies, but it’s cranked up way too high and I’m freezing in here. I’ve got on the sun dress I wore at the park, and sandals…and goose bumps. I have to go get my sweater out of the car.

There’s a side exit to the parking lot. I explain to the doorman that I’ll be back shortly.

I have to get something warm to put on. I step out into the still sultry night air. Nights like this remind me of the tropics, the familiar sounds of Spanish, my cousins and I hanging out on the beach. The air is delicious.

I walk toward my car, at the far end of the lot, where it’s darkest. I hear laughter and turn to see three young guys sitting on the hood of a beautifully restored 1950s sedan, parked right next to mine, beautiful, brown-skinned men like my own family. I smile and they smile back, watch me go by. I can feel their eyes on my body, the way it moves under my dress. I bend over to put the key in the door, and know they’re looking. I reach in, pull out a cardigan and close the door.

When I turn, one of them has slid off the car. He’s blocking my way, grinning. I turn and look at the others, and I see that a bulky guy in short sleeves has slipped off behind me. I’m hemmed into the narrow passage between our two cars. My heart starts to race. I’m tensing my body, ready to kick, bite, shout, knee someone in the balls.

The one in front of me, he’s got a light blue baseball cap on, and big brown eyes, laughs and holds his palms up.

“No, no, Mami, ” he says. “We don’t mean any harm.”

“Then what do you mean,” I ask, still ready to fight, calculating the first blow.

“Me and my buddies, we never tasted an older woman. We wanna find out if it’s true that pussy just gets sweeter. We don’t wanna put nothin’ inside you. We just wanna taaaste you.”

I glance toward the theater. The door is firmly shut and a long way away. I look back and glare at him.

“Te juro por mi madre, that’s all we’ll do,” he says. And as I hesitate, the guy behind me jumps forward, wraps one arm around my middle and clamps his other hand over my mouth.

“Pero te juro por mi madre that we’re definitely doing that.”

My legs are shaking. The man behind me has me locked. I can feel his cock through his pants, pressed against my bottom. The one still sitting on the car slides down and stands behind blue hat, eyes shining, excited. He’s younger than the others, skinny, in a green t-shirt. Blue hat steps forward until he’s just an inch from touching me, put his hands on my sides and runs them down my body as he squats. He touches my bare knees and slides his warm hands up to my panty line, traces the edges with his fingertips, til he reaches the crotch. Suddenly I can feel the blood pulse in my yoni. He’s watching my face as I start to flush.

Green shirt steps forward, lifts my skirt, and blue cap pulls the crotch of my panties to one side, leans in and pauses, then I feel his tongue flick my clit and I gasp. I try to press my legs together, but quick as a flash his big hands are between my legs, pressing outward, one shoulder wedges in, and he hooks his finger in the elastic, does it again, just a flick, and another.

Green shirt runs around the car to stand behind the big guy who’s got me pinned. He kneels down and wraps an arm around each of my legs, pinning them to big guy’s legs. I’m spread wide open for blue hat and trembling, waiting for the next flick. Instead he licks my whole cunt in one broad stroke from bottom to top, and again, and again and stops. I am dripping wet with excitement and fear all bound up together. He touches the opening with the tip of his index finger and I jump, or would if I could move. Then he licks his finger. “Delicioso, mama.”

Now he runs his tongue in a wide circle all around my clit, but careful not to touch it. Breathes on me, but that’s all. I can’t help it. My pelvis moves forward.

“Uh, uh, uh,” says the man behind me gripping me tighter. “He ain’t gonna give it to you til you say please.”

Blue hat tells the young guy, “Feel how wet she is.”

Green shirt lets go of my legs and blue hat pulls my panties down to my ankles, lifts one foot, leaves them dangling round my other ankle. I feel a slender finger reach between my labia from behind, rub my slit. This is too much! I suddenly try to break free, struggle wildly.

Big guy grips me hard and says “Flaco, tie your bandanna across her mouth. I need both hands.”

Flaco takes a carefully pressed bandana out of his shirt pocket, unfolds it, says “Excuse me, señora,” and in one movement, big guy takes his hand away and Flaco reaches over his shoulder and has the cotton in my mouth before I can draw breath to yell. Big Guy keeps one arm wrapped around my waist and the other is across my chest, then he takes my nipple between his finger and thumb.

“If you struggle,” he says in my ear, “I’ll pinch. Hard.”

Blue cap’s been rocked back on his heels. Now he leans forward and every nerve is keyed up for whatever’s next. He fastens his mouth to my cunt, his whole tongue moving back and forth and then thrusts it inside me. I moan, my legs giving way under me, but he stops again. “Te gusta?” he asks.

Green shirt reaches his hand in again, cups my pussy, says “Damn, she’s wet! She likes it, alright.”

He puts the tip of his finger inside me, stirs. I feel my face go all hot, but there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. Blue hat puts his hands on my hips, nods to big guy and all at once they lift me and lay me across the hood of the car. I feel the warm metal under my bottom. Big Guy is half lying on top of me, hold me down while green shirt runs to the other side to grab my wrists. Before he gets up he puts his mouth on my nipple, sucks on it through my dress, then he moves down, pushes my skirt up, exposes my wet pussy.

Blue hat reaches to hold my legs, but big guy says, “You think I can’t take her?” I press my legs as close together as I can and he laughs, elated. He wants me to struggle. I have my thighs clenched tight, but he just pushes his face in hard and his long thick tongue thrusts between my labia, touches my clit. I twist away, but his huge hand wedges in between my thighs, until his finger reaches my cunt and he starts to tickle my slit while his tongue still darts in above. He’s everywhere. My muscles give way and my legs fall slightly apart. In a flash he’s in there, his whole mouth sucking and licking me and I know I’m going to come any second, when he stops.

My pubic hair is drenched, my clit quivering. I’m gasping for breath. Big guy gets up, licks his lips and pushes my knees apart.

“You keep them just like that, you understand? Paco’s going to do you real nice now and you’re going to lie just like that with your legs apart.” He doesn’t wait for an answer. He steps aside to make room for blue hat and reaches across to get my nipple between his fingers again. He presses it lightly, not enough to hurt.

“Flaco, go watch. Watch and learn, kid.” Flaco lets go of my wrists. I start to lower my arms, but big guy gives me a warning pinch, so I leave my arms raised, which makes my breasts push up. Flaco kneels next to blue hat, who is letting me cool down for a minute.

“OK, Flaco,” he says. “I’m going to let you finger her while I make her come,” and I feel Flaco’s finger push inside me.

“Keep it still. Just feel her come.”

I’m breathing hard, but I don’t move. I know big guy means business. Finally, blue cap licks me from one end of my cunt to the other, again and again in a steady rhythm as a great wave of pleasure begins in my womb and washes over me, and just as I come, he puts his whole mouth over me and holds still. I can feel my muscles contracting against his lips, around Flaco’s finger.

As the orgasm subsides I feel another wave of heat come over me, of burning mortification. I’m splayed across the hood of a car with a stranger’s finger up my cunt, a stranger’s mouth on my pussy and another one pinching my nipple, my labia swollen and slick from coming, wide open for them to look. They wait a minute, then Flaco pulls his finger out, walks over to big guy and offers it to him to suck.

Blue cap gets up, says “That’s a beautiful thing, feeling a woman come in your mouth.” Flaco comes back, kneels down, looks closely at my cunt.

“You gotta wait a minute. She can’t take it yet.” Flaco nods, and slides his middle finger slowly into me, bends it up and down, fast, and as he pumps my g-spot, I come again. He looks up at Paco and grins.

“It’s a beautiful thing to feel a woman come on your finger,” he says mockingly as he pulls his finger out, and blue cap swats at his head.

Everyone is quiet for a minute, then big guy starts playing with my nipple, rolling it between his fingers.

“You like that?” he whispers. I turn my head to look at him.

“You like it?” he asks again.

It’s as if there’s a string straight from my nipple to my clit. He leans in close to my ear and whispers,”We’re not going to fuck you. That would be wrong. That would be against the law. We won’t do anything you don’t like.”

His face is very close to me.

“So do you like it?” Finally I give a tiny nod.

“And you want me and Flaco to eat you out, too? You want all of us to do you, don’t you?”

I don’t answer. He calls out to Flaco,”She can’t answer with her mouth right now, but she can tell us what she wants with her pussy. One of you put a finger in her.”

Blue cap gets down on the asphalt and slides his finger into me, and my pussy tightens.

“OK,” big guy says,”now tell me what her pussy says,” and he flicks his tongue back and forth across my nipple. My pussy tightens again.

“She says she likes that,” blue cap says.

“Now see if she wants more tongue.” Blue cap licks me and my body responds.

“She says yes, man.”

“See,” big guy tells me. “we’re only going to do what you want.”

Blue cap walks around and takes big guy’s place. “Your arms tired?” he asks, and when I nod, he moves them down to my side. Then he pulls the strap of my sundress down over my shoulder, draws the cloth back to expose my breast, and cupping it in his hand, sucks my nipple hard.

“I pinch as good as he does,” he says.

Big guy is squatting next to green shirt. My legs are hanging down, not touching the ground.

“Flaco’s going to eat you now,” he says.

I wait for his hands to open my legs, but the first thing I feel is his pointed tongue, moving up and down, really fast, across my clit. This one’s not going to tease me. He moves down, thrusts his tongue in and out, goes back to my clit, all fast, urgent, unsubtle.

Big guy watches calmly. The tension is building, but it’s rough, harsh, making me swell. I feel an orgasm building, and know it will be short, sharp, intense. As I start to come, he clamps down his lips on my clit and holds perfectly still while it jumps and twitches in his mouth, and thrusts his finger in again, crooking it up sharply so the sensation spreads across my pelvis, going deeper, harder.

He pulls away and I think I’ll get another breather, but the third mouth is on me right away, large, soft, hot. Big guy is Flaco’s opposite. He barely moves his mouth. Huge soft lips caress my clit. He holds his big tongue flat across my whole pussy,undulates it slightly, coaxing new responses from me. I feel like my whole insides are dripping out onto his tongue. Blue hat begins to suck my breast and I think I’m going to melt into a puddle.

Big guy starts to pick up the rhythm, a little more pressure, a little more friction, but still slow, and I feel the buzz begin to build up in my womb when suddenly he stops, stands up and before I know what he’s doing, flips me over.

“Get on your hands and knees, ” he says.

I’m terrified that he’s going to rape me after all. My knees buckle, but blue cap and Flaco lift my waist up, push my head down, and big guy spreads me, and starts licking furiously. I come, but he doesn’t stop, keeps licking, though the intensity makes me scream inside the bandanna, and then he tongue fucks me like I’ve never had it before. His tongue is huge and meaty and he shoots it in and out of me while I come, pulls it out and moves it back and forth across my clit, mercilessly, though I can’t stand it, then tongue fucks me again, while blue hat and green shirt each take a nipple to pinch, and I come one more time, shuddering, collapsing onto the hood of the car.

As I lie there, spent, blue hat unties the bandanna and uses it to wipe my crotch. We hear voices and realize the movie must be getting out. I sit up, look around. Big guy holds out a hand to help me down. Steadies me on my feet as I slide off the car. Blue cap straightens my skirt, pulls it down, brushes some dust off it. Big guy bends down and picks something up.

“You dropped your keys,” he says. Reaches down again. “And your sweater.”

Numbly, I take them. Blue cap helps me across to my car, takes the keys from my hand and opens the door. I stumble into the seat, put the keys in the ignition.

“Take your time, mama” blue cap says. “You don’t want to get in an accident.”

Flaco leans in the window and kisses my cheek. His eyes sparkle wickedly.

“Gusto conocerla, señora. It’s been a real pleasure.”

Big guy smiles a wide, slow smile. “Nothing you don’t like, just like we promised.”

I blush and reach for the key to start the car. He grabs my wrist.

“Nothing you didn’t like, right? We kept our promise?” I stare at him.

“Tell me that you liked what we did to you,” he says. “I want to make sure I didn’t break my word to a lady.”

He waits, then says, “Did you like having my tongue in your pussy?”

He’s got my pulse racing again, half shamed, and wholly aroused. I’m breathing fast. I inhale deeply, try to calm myself down. Then I nod, not meeting his eyes.

“Say it,” he insists. “Say, I liked it when you had your tongue in my pussy.”

I’m utterly tongue-tied with shamed, and furious that he won’t let me go til he forces consent.

And then I get a grip on myself. I’m in my car. There are people coming into the lot. I’m safe, and my pussy is still dripping. I raise my head and look him in the eye.

“I loved it,” I say slowly, “when your tongue was in my pussy. I loved every minute of it.” Then I start the car and drive away.

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