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Night Swims Ch. 02

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I guess I felt a little funny the next day. The nighttime skinny-dipping and my surrender to gay sex ran through my mind and into my dreams all night. I was still pondering it all in the morning.

Mike was the first man I had ever had sex with. His was the first cock I had put in my mouth. I found myself wondering just what this meant about me. Was I gay, or bi? I wasn’t sure.

I enjoyed fucking my girlfriend, but there was no denying I was definitely aroused by what had happened. I was amazingly turned-on while it happened, and even now I couldn’t work up any regret. Confusion remained in my thoughts.

In the back of my mind, another issue was how submissive I had been in my encounter with Mike. I had knelt and sucked him off with great enthusiasm and swallowed his spunk gratefully. He never even offered to reciprocate, and it certainly didn’t occur to me to ask him to. I had been curiously thrilled to hear myself admitting to him that I was “his little cocksucker”. This seemed to have many further implications as well.

The next morning I had the day off. Around 9 in the morning I got a telephone call. I was surprised that it was Mike.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last night.” Mike said in his cheerful way.

“Me too.” I shyly admitted.

“Got any plans for the day?” he asked.

“Nothing much. I was going to do some laundry. Not much else.”

“Good. Want to come over to my house?” His voice took on a slightly different tone. “Susie is out-of-town.” He left that information hanging in the air, with what it might imply.

“Sure. Why not?” I tried to keep the excitement out of my voice.

“Great. Be here in an hour.” He stated that as more of an order than a request. “Oh. Better bring what stuff you need to stay overnight.”

When I heard that, I felt a strange erotic tingle. I don’t know if I was more interested by the sexual possibilities, or the way Mike just took it for granted that I would comply with his orders.

In just under the required hour I was at Mike’s door. He answered the door with a huge grin, and a twinkle in his devious blue eyes. He was dressed in a black t-shirt, tight jeans, and barefoot. Even barefoot he stood easily six inches taller than me. The snug clothes only emphasized his long rangy physique, topped by his mop of thick black hair.

I stepped inside the doorway with my gym bag carrying a change of clothes and a few toiletries. Mike took the bag from me without saying a word. He reached over and set it on the floor. Turning back, he took my head in both his hands and planted a huge wet kiss on my lips. My eyes got wide in surprise. (Why I was surprised I’m not sure, given our antics the previous night.) I drew a breath and he started a deep wet kiss, feeding me his long and agile tongue.

I enjoyed the hell out of this, kissing him back. He pulled me into his embrace and his big strong hands began to roam all over me as we fell deeper into an almost unending kiss. I felt like I was melting into him, and this time I didn’t have the excuse of being stoned, like last night. I was intoxicated, but it was by the sheer eroticism of the experience.

Mike left arm wrapped around me possessively and pulled me into him even more strongly. His hand gripped my ass cheek and kneaded it with passion. He whispered in my ear, “Tell me what you are again, babygirl…”

I looked him in the eye and smiled. There was no doubt in my mind.

“Mike, I’m your little cocksucker.” I looked down, feeling a strangely demur.

“That’s right, babygirl.” Mike grinned. “You are my own little cocksucking bitch, aren’t you?” I nodded. He kissed me deeply and fed me his tongue. I moaned in pleasure

Still kissing me and stroking my hair, Mike walked me over to the living room couch. His big hand kept gripping my rear end.

“Now I want you to prove what you are, baby.” He released me and sat down on the couch.

“Strip for me, Gary.” Mike ordered.

I felt a little awkward, but I was quite excited as well, so I pulled off my shirt, shoes and socks, and then my pants. I was only in my snug black briefs, when Mike said, “Hold it right there. Pose a little for me, like a good girl who wants to turn on her man…”

So I struck a couple of model-type poses, coyly turning away and jutting out my ass, putting my hands across my chest like I had boobs to hide and lifting my left leg to conceal my hardening cock in the tight briefs. Of course it was silly. One part of me felt very foolish, but I have to admit that another part of me was intensely aroused. That part of me must have been connected to my cock, which was getting very hard.

Mike watched my gyrations and posing with his typical grin. I could see that he had a big hard-on in his snug black jeans. Somehow that spurred on my lewd behavior as I faced away from him and mimed being mounted from behind while I stroked my ass through the snug briefs.

After several minutes of my performing these antics, Mike stood up. He gestured me to come to him. As I stepped to his side he leaned in and kissed me while he gently tickled my bare nipples. They were quite erect. Then he ran an index finger along the length of my stiff rod that was tenting out my briefs.

“Take those underpants off.” He said authoritatively. I lowered the briefs and stepped out of them, wondering what was in store.

Mike reached and took my wrist in his hand. Without saying anything, he started walking to the rear of the house, bringing me with him, my cock bobbing in the air. We went down the hall, and into the bathroom.

“Fill the tub.” He said to me. So I started running water and fiddled with the plug. As the tub began filling he pointed at it and told me, “Get in.”

I was surprised at this but I did what he ordered. As I was settling into the very hot water, Mike reached into a cupboard and pulled out a box of some sort of bath salts, which he poured in the water.

“First, soak for a while.” He said as he reached over and turned on a radio on the counter. Soft jazz music filled the room. “Then I want you to shave everything smooth below your eyebrows.” He laid a pink razor and a can of shaving cream on the edge of the tub. He leaned in and kissed me deeply for a few moments. Then he left the bathroom.

I was trying to process this turn of events as I lay back and felt the hot water relax my muscles. I guess I could see where this was going, but frankly it excited me more than upset me. Somehow it seemed perfectly reasonable that my man (my man!!) would require me to demonstrate that I was his little babygirl, as he enjoyed calling me. I suppose it should have distressed or humiliated me, but as I relaxed in the water and soothing lavender smelling bath oil it seemed perfectly appropriate.

After fifteen minutes of soaking I started the shaving process. I am a very fair redhead without much body hair, and what there is of it is rather fine. I actually enjoyed the novel experience of shaving my legs, arms, and underarms clean and smooth. It was trickier to shave my pubes, genitals, and butt crack. There wasn’t much hair on my chest and it came off quickly. I shaved my face last. It was baby smooth.

As I was finishing up Mike leaned in the door and put a bottle of “body lotion” on the edge of the tub.

“Pat yourself dry, and then rub in this lotion all over your body. When you’re done come back in the living room.”

The cool lotion made me shiver a little, but it was soothing and had a pleasant flowery odor. Soon I was done and padded naked into the living room. I felt even more than naked, shaved smooth as any girl. I was bare-assed in broad daylight in Mike’s house as I stepped into the living room.

Mike was still seated on the couch watching me as I entered the room.

“Smooth and sweet.” He observed with a grin. “Let me see.” I turned slowly. In the open air of the larger room I was suddenly keenly aware of feeling very bare with no hair on my body. My shaved legs and especially my pubes made me feel truly naked and exposed in a way I never recall experiencing before.

“Here. Put these on.” Mike tossed me something. I could see he was watching me carefully for my reaction. I spread the cloth in my hands and saw a pair of shiny smooth pink spandex panties. A tiny white bow was sewn at the flowered waistband over the crotch. I looked at Mike, confused.

“They’re Susie’s.” he said simply. “She’s not here, but you are. Put them on, babygirl.”

I didn’t even question his order. I just stepped into the spandex pink panties and slid them up my smooth legs and onto my hips.

The panties didn’t fit too badly. I momentarily recalled that Susie was a very petite woman, but generously proportioned, so it made sense that her hips were wide enough that these panties fit my somewhat bigger, but skinny frame. Well, they fit pretty well, except that my cock was now back to it’s full stiffness and was stretching out the crotch of those dainty pink underpants, trying to pop up out of the waistband.

I looked up at Mike. His eyes were heavy-lidded with lust. He smirked at me. Without saying a word, he snapped his fingers sharply and pointed to the floor in front of the couch, and between his long legs.

In the tiny pink panties, shaved smooth as any harem girl, I knelt between my man’s legs.

Mike sat back like monarch.

“Kiss, my crotch, my little babygirl.” He whispered.

What could I do — but just what I wanted to do anyway? So I scooted in and began smothering his big bulge with kisses and rubbing my face against the filled-out jeans.

“Undress your man, you sexy little slut,” he ordered.

I pulled his shirt off and admired his lean and muscular torso for a moment before I began planting wet kisses across his chest. I stopped to tickle his nipples one at a time with my tongue. He groaned in pleasure when I did that. Meanwhile my hands had found his button and zipper while I was still licking his right nipple. His pants were open, and I looked down realizing he wasn’t wearing underwear. Somehow this seemed incredibly erotic to me. I sank back down to floor on my knees and hurried to pull down and slid off his sexy black jeans.

As the jeans came off I paused for a moment and looked at the beautiful man sprawled on the couch before me. Everything looked perfect, most of all his large semi-erect cock sticking up out of his dark black pubes. Mike looked at me and smiled. Without a word his eyes moved to his prick. I didn’t need any further instruction.

I gently kissed the tip of Mike’s beautiful cock. My fingers lightly stroked up and down the full thickness of his solid prick. The big cock twitched a bit at the attention. I made eye contact with Mike. I was eager that he should see how much I really loved doing this.

From there I licked wetly all along this wonderful cock and moved down to lick and gently suck on his big dark-haired balls, first the right one, and then the left. Finally with some difficulty I got both big nuts in my wet mouth. I nursed softly on them as I slowly jacked his swollen prick. Mike moaned with pleasure as he reached down to run his fingers through my hair.

“Mmmm, babygirl. That is so sweet. You know just what your man likes…” he sighed. “First my little girl is going to swallow a big mouthful of my cum …and then you know what we are going to do. …Don’t you?” He raised an eyebrow.

With his large balls stuffed in my mouth, I looked at him and blushed, nodding slightly. It was obvious what was going to happen before this visit was over — and I wanted it.

I began gently sucking again. Mike closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head and arched his back as I returned to his big hard cock. I sucked on the full dark pink head as I massaged his cock with both my hands. I was drooling spit and that lubricated his sloppy blowjob… I just couldn’t get enough of this beautiful cock and giving pleasure to this man. The more I sucked the more the saliva flowed, and wetter his wonderful cock and balls became…

My fingers stroked his balls gently, and then massaged them. His prick stiffened further into my mouth (if that was possible) as I palmed and cupped his big balls with my left hand.

I picked up the pace bobbing up and down while stroking Mike’s cock with my right hand. My strokes followed my mouth action up and down his rod, with some twisting action. He sank deeper in my mouth with every downward movement. He began a lazy circling motion with his hips, timed to direct my cock swallowing, and subtly direct his big prick ever deeper. My whole body was moving in time to this action and the rest of the world receded from my consciousness – there was nothing but my mouth and hands worshipping cock. His big beautiful cock was the only thing in my universe and it was sufficient.

Finally the circles became upward thrusts, more insistent as the cock slide into my throat and I fought the urge to gag, trying to time my breathing and swallowing. My nose was buried in Mike’s dark full pubic bush as my throat massaged his lovely manroot. And then I managed some air before his cock returned to my throat.

The thrusts became short and urgent and then a long loud moan came from Mike’s lips. His hand clamped on the back of my head and I could feel his prick pulse and swell as it shot a huge load into my throat. He backed off slightly on the second, third and fourth shot so that the ocean tasting warm bitter spunk filled and swirled in my sucking mouth. I looked up gratefully at Mike, opened my mouth so he could see his cum on my tongue and lips. I made sure he was watching before I made a big show of swallowing my mouthful of his jism.

“Clean me up, now.” He ordered. So I leaned in again and with a slower and more sensuous style began licking up and down his somewhat softer cock, kissing and slurping up the wet remains of my own slobbering and sucking. Mike groan in a deep and pleasurable way as I tongue bathed his entire cock and balls, several times over.

“Okay…” Mike sighed with a satisfied tone. I looked up from his balls, which I were still licking. He patted the couch next to him, indicating that I should take seat. Still in my panties (my panties!!) with serious boner, I crawled up on to couch next to him. He reached around my shoulders and pulled me in close. He gave me a long slow kiss as he toyed with my hair… We kissed for a while longer. I found it so gratifying to yield to his movements, to suck his tongue, and let his hands roam across me.

Finally he whispered in my ear.

“You know a line has been crossed today, don’t you?” I nodded and murmured, “mm-hmm” in affirmation. “You must understand, that you belong to me now. Tell me that.”

“Yes, Mike. I belong to you now.” I could feel myself blushing, as I do easily with my fair complexion. I was both embarrassed by this admission, and exhilarated. And in once sense scared at what it might imply for the future.

“What are you, babygirl?” he lifted chin in his large hand so I looked in his large brown eyes.

“I’m your little cocksucker, Mike. And I belong to you.”

“That’s right. And before this day is done,” he tilted his head to look at me with that sexy and yet slightly mocking smile, “you will be so much more…”

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