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“Well buddy, it’s been a long time. Come on I’ll buy lunch.” Ralph said. “We have a lot to catch up on. How’s Sally? Still as gorgeous as always? I sure would like to see her again.”

We went around the corner to a greasy spoon restaurant, sat and ordered burgers and fries. Having not seen each other for a couple years we had a lot to catch up on.

“What are you doing in town?” He asked.

“Business at the old office, just some old paper work to catch up on.”

We talked, mostly about inane things, knowing that what was really mostly on our minds. Finally I brought it up.

“Do you and Sandy still have pool parties? Have any “good” fun with neighbors or any of our old friends?”

“Now that you mention it, YES. The couple that bought your house are in their forties and are very nice. We met them the day they moved. Doris is a big busted red head, a bit loud. Jack is usually quiet, tall and thin. They have twin girls, eighteen, built like you wouldn’t believe, as only teenagers can be. Both had their mothers red hair. The women visited back and forth every few days for coffee and used the pool once in a while. That gate in the fence made it easy.” “Half the time when I came home from work they were in the pool or sunning by it. Doris wore the smallest suits passable to cover her ample body. Most of the time her tits over flowed and threatened to fall completely out. Some times the twins were there too, sexy as hell in their own tiny bikinis. I found out later that when the twins weren’t there that Sandy and Doris went naked to improve their tans.”

“Wow.” I exclaimed. “I guess we moved too far away, Missed a lot of fun didn’t we?”

“You sure did.” He told me. “Here’s how we started with them. About two months later we invited Mike, Andy and their wives over for a pool party and some sexy fun. We were all naked and very involved in some serious fucking and sucking when Doris opened the gate unexpectedly and came into the yard and saw Sandy sucking on Mikes big cock. She just stood there watching. I saw her look around at the rest of us, eyes wide, then slowly remove her bikini and move in to join our orgy.”

I was jealous, Sally and I had not done any swinging since we moved. We had talked about finding a compatible couple but none suited us. We had a few chances but didn’t. Either I wasn’t attracted to the women or Sally didn’t like the men. One couple we did come close with but. Oh well, don’t cry about it. We still had the best, each other.

“Did she join right in?” I asked.

“She dove right in as if she hadn’t had any for months. I had just finished fucking Jane and sat back when she came in. She made a bee line to me, sank to her knees and swallowed my sloppy wet, cum and pussy juice covered cock. That woman could suck. She had me hard in a few seconds, tongued and sucked me to a fantastic come. She swallowed every drop and tried for more. Andy was laying on the grass with Ruth sitting on his face. His cock sticking up. Doris lowered her hot cunt on his waiting cock and lustfully fucked him.”

“Damn it. Some times I wish we had never moved, I missed the fun and Sally said she did too. You should come and visit with us and renew old friendships. Sally would love to see Sandy and you again.”

“You are coming to supper, I’ll call and tell Sandy that we will be having a guest but won’t tell that its you. It will be a pleasant surprise for her. Steak all right?”

“Sounds great, I was thinking of calling you but was busy till this afternoon. Now everything has worked out. I have a few more things to do and then I’ll drive over. OK?”

“OK, be there around 5. We’ll be waiting.” Ralph told me.

“Do you think you can introduce me to your neighbor Doris? I could use a little fun. If she would be willing.”

“I’ll check about that. See you then.”

Driving down the old street I almost turned in my old drive before pulling into Ralph’s place and parked in the drive way. I rang the bell. The door was opened by Sandy, she let out a cry and jumped into my arms, kissing me. “Where have you been, I’ve missed you, come on in. I’m going to kill that man for not telling me it was you he invited for dinner.” Leading me by the hand thru the house she called. “RALPH, you shit head, you bastard. You didn’t tell me my favorite lover was coming.”

A smiling Ralph came in the room, handed me a cold beer. “Welcome back buddy, my house, your house. Or should I go further and say. My wife, your wife? Your choice.”

“No choice.” I said, turning and kissing Sandy. “Want to go fuck?” I asked. “It’s been a long time.”

Stripping as we three went to the bedroom, naked we jumped in the bed with Sandy in the middle as she eagerly reached for our cocks. “I want one in each end, just like we used to do. Screw me, my two studs, screw me.”

Eagerly we rearranged ourselves on the king size bed. Ralph laid back at the top, Sandy knelt to him and started to suck his cock. I got behind her and guided my stiff shaft to her open, eager waiting pussy. Thrusting my cock into Sandy I realized how much I missed her. The soft, wet, slippery pussy felt great. Her pussy seemed to grab my cock, sucking it deeper, till I hit bottom. Beautiful. I had always enjoyed fucking Sandy but this was better than I remembered. As my cock explored the depth of her sweet cunt she thrust back at it, asking for more.

Watching her head bobbing up and down as she sucked on her husbands cock as I pounded into her was extremely exciting and I knew I was going to cum soon. How right I was. I felt the pressure in my balls and with a final deep thrust shot my load of hot cum to her. Shuddering with pleasure I came and then shot more. Her pussy couldn’t contain all the cum, it flowed out between our bodies and ran down her legs.

Ralph continued to enjoy her sucking. Our ladies were great cock suckers. The best part was that they loved cum and loved drinking all they could get. Holding to her head he let go and filled her mouth. Sandy turned around and kissed me. I could taste cum on her lips, she forced my mouth open with her tongue and fed me her mans cum. No choice, I took it and swallowed.

“Time for din-din, after that workout you must be starved?” Sandy stated. “Lets go to the patio and cook some steaks”

Naked we went outside. This wasn’t the first time we were naked out here. This was where we had most of out fuck parties. Ralph started the grill while Sally got the steaks. Putting on aprons he said laughingly. “Don’t want to burn the wrong meat.”

The steaks were tasty, done just right. And sitting with two old friends naked made them even better.

“HELLO.” Came a call from the side of the yard. “Is the pool open or are we disturbing you?” It was their neighbors.

“Hi, come on in. We just have an old friend here and he is one of us.” Sandy called to them. “He’s OK. Come in and meet him.”

In through the gate came four people, three women and a man. The guy was tall and thin. One woman was a bit heavy, red hair, big titties with huge nipples. Two younger girls with reddish hair lovely shaped bodies, nicely formed tits and a sprinkle of red hair over their pussies. I could tell all this cause they were all stark naked.

Walked casually to us and Ralph introduced them as, Doris, her husband Jack, and the twins, June and Jane. They were not bashful about ours or their nudity. Sandy just laughed and said. “They are very, very close friends and came to swim and party with us. I called and told them who you were and that you wanted some fuckin fun.”

I opened my arms and Doris came to me, reaching for my soft cock and hotly kissed me on the lips, french kissing me. Using her tongue skillfully with mine, thrusting and twisting. She was a wonderful kisser. My cock started getting hard with the kiss and she slowly jacked it up full strength.

Off to the side I saw Sandy go to Jack. He was a tall man and his dick hung down about seven inches soft. Sandy knelt to him, lifting the lengthy organ she kissed the head and licked around it. His cock quickly rose to greet her. Eight, nine ten, ten inches of hard, stiff, angry looking cock stood at attention for her. Ten inches long and as big around as her wrist. A cock to be proud of. Sandy wasted no time before she started to worship it. Using her tongue to get this cock wet and opening her mouth wide enough she slowly engulfed the head. One hand went to his low hanging balls to caress them while the other wrapped around the huge shaft. Sandy let his cock fuck her mouth as her hand jacked and twisted on it.

Poor Ralph was stuck with the twins. Poor hell, he had two gorgeous girls to play with. Sinking to the soft grass Ralph laid back as one twin sat over his face so he could eat her pussy while the other started to suck on his cock.

Doris and I had our own ideas. I wanted this woman. I wanted to eat her pussy, wanted her to suck my cock, wanted to fuck her, over and over again. We both were ready. Sitting her on the table I lowered my mouth to her sweet pussy. Licking and sucking at the nectar flowing from her. Doris grabbed my hair and pulled me tighter to her hot cunt. “Oh-Oh- Ooh, more, please, your doing it right, eat me.” She was enjoying my eating her as much as me, maybe more. The more I sucked, the more she flowed. Climaxing time after time, finally with a deep sigh, relaxed.

Standing, I was at the right height to penetrate her cunt with my ready cock. I slid quickly in her cavern and started to slowly fuck. She was wet and my cock entered her easy. From the size of her husband I figured that she would be loose but her strong pussy muscles gripped me tight adjusting to my smaller cock. Slowly we fucked, wanting it to last as long as we could. Nice, solid, great fuckin. Her pussy seemed to milk my cock. Squeezing and releasing, squeezing again, over and over, as I moved in and out.

She must have climaxed 4 or 5 more times before I thrust my hard cock in, stopped deep and gave her my cum. It felt as if it came from my toes. I quivered and shuddered as I unloaded in her. WOW, what a great fuck.

I felt hands running over the cheeks of my ass. It was Sandy, she and Jack were watching me fuck his wife. As I pulled my dripping cock out of Doris’s filled pussy Sandy knelt down and fastened her mouth to the open, cum leaking slit and licked at the cum I had just deposited there.

Jack asked me. “Was she a good fuck? Did you enjoy her?” Before I could answer he reached for my dangling cock, wrapped his hand around it. “Is this the cock that was in her?” Saying that he went to his knees and stuffed it into his mouth.

Jacks tongue swirled around my cock, soft but starting to rise again. I’ve been sucked a lot of times but Jack was one of the best. He worked my cock, tongue and lips, back and forth he let me fuck his mouth. His hand moved to my ass and a finger teased my shit hole, testing. I spread my legs allowing him access and he slowly inserted it. It was nice, I like my ass done once in a while, felt real good getting my cock sucked and my ass fingered at the same time. I could tell that Jack liked cock because he did so great. I had just cum in his wife a few minutes ago so I didn’t thing I could cum again soon but he was sucking so good. Sooner than I wanted I started to shoot. Jack got the first spurt and sucked for more. He drained me.

Drained dry, cock needing a rest. I looked around me.

Ralph had moved to Doris and was fucking her as she was still on the table. She had her legs spread and he was giving her his all.

Sandy and the twins were entwined, each sucking at a pussy, connected in a erotic circle. Licking at the cunt in front while getting eaten themselves. Wish I had a camera to get pictures of them, they looked so great.

Grabbing a cold beer I sat back to watch, too fucked out to do more than just watch. Ralph joined me. “Well, what do you think about our new neighbors? Aren’t they great, and the twins are fantastic.”

Flying home the next day wondering how much I should tell Sally.

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