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Neighbor Fun

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It had been a long day. I had stopped over at my parent’s house to mow the lawn and check on the dog while they were away. After finishing the lawn and cleaning up I stepped outside to have a cigarette. I hadn’t been out there very long when I noticed a gorgeous lady about three houses down looking in some distress.

I assumed she was just waiting on someone who was late since she was looking up and down the street rather franticly.

Just then she spotted me and started walking towards me. I couldn’t help but notice that the little white tank top she wore was almost see through and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were bouncing back and forth as she hurriedly walked towards me. As she got closer I tried my best not to stare at her erect nipples straining against the cotton of the little top. My eyes went down her body to see very tight and trim legs coming from her very tight jean shorts.

Approaching me she explained that she had just moved in and needed help arranging some furniture and that her friend was supposed to come over and help her but she was supposed to be there a few hours ago. She asked if I would be willing to help and I agreed. She thanked me and introduced herself as Anna. As we walked back to her house I got a perfect view of her tight ass straining against her shorts.

My cock began to respond to the tightening of her ass and calves as she walked. She looked back and caught me staring at her ass but didn’t say a word but did put a little extra sway into her walk. I tried to concentrate on something else because the loose shorts I was wearing wouldn’t conceal my growing hard on.

Once inside her place she started telling me what needed to be where trying to act like she didn’t notice the bulge in my shorts but I noticed her eyes dart down from time to time. We got most of the furniture moved and the work sort of took my mind off of her body for a while. We just had a coffee table to bring in from the garage. It was only four feet long but had a marble top so it was rather heavy. She got on one side and I got on the other.

When she bent down to pick it up, I couldn’t help but take a peak down her top and see her naked breasts hanging down. The sight got me so excited that when I lifted the coffee table I bumped my half erect cock on it. I tried not to flinch but couldn’t help it and she giggled a little.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” She said playfully. I just blushed and we moved the table in front of the sofa. “If you don t mind staying a bit longer I have some pictures to hang and could use someone to hold my rickety old ladder.” She hung a few pictures and I loved being close to her gorgeous legs as she climbed up and down. One really large picture she had to climb pretty high to get the nail in the right place. I loved watching her ass as she climbed up the ladder.

When she reached the right height her ass was right in my face and her thighs brushed against my arms as the ladder swayed a bit while she set the nail. Just as she was starting down she lost her footing and I wrapped my arms around her waist. My face planted in her back I slid her down my body. My nose ran up her neck and through her hair. Her legs were parted a bit so my now fully engorged cock slid between her legs. I couldn’t help but gasp a bit as it slid over her crotch and poked out the other side once she was on the ground. We just lingered there a moment.

I backed up and away embarrassed not knowing if I should apologize or what I should do. She simply turned and stared at me with an unmistakable look of lust in her eyes. I was confused about what I should do, should I grab her and kiss her and act on my feelings of lust or should I apologize for my lack of control and leave.

“Would you like a beer?” She said in a daze staring straight at the tent in my shorts. Shaking her head like coming out of a dream she looked me in the eye and smiled saying playfully, “that is if you are old enough to have one.”

“Sounds good, and by the way I m 24.” I shot playfully back. “Looking as innocent as possible.”

“Oh, well then you’re a big man. I knew that thing didn’t t belong to a little boy.” She said sarcastically. She went to the kitchen to get a beer and I took a seat on the sofa trying to adjust my self so my erection was less noticeable. I had just thought her nipples were erect earlier but now when she came back into the living room they were sticking out like little spikes, almost poking through the thin cotton of her tank top.

She handed me the beer and sat down right next to me placing her hand on my upper thigh as she sat down. My arm was already resting on the back of the sofa so she settled in close to me letting her hand move down to my knee and her elbow rest right up against my raging hard on. As she felt it against her elbow she looked down at it and then back into my eyes with the same lustful look in her eyes and her lips slightly parted.

She slowly licked her lips and said, “Would you like to go for a dip in the pool?” She said.

“Sure but I don t have any swim trunks.” I replied. “Just wear those shorts. They’ll be fine. Let me go change. Go ahead and get in and I’ll be out in a bit.” So I went out back kicked off my shoes and took off my shirt and jumped in the pool. The cool water helped to push down my erection. I swam around for a bit getting used to the water and as I came up on one side I saw her emerge from the house wearing a top that looked more like two eye patches that barely covered her nipples than a bathing suit and a little wrap around her waist.

She set the towels on a chair near me and with her back still to me untied the wrap and let it fall to the ground revealing the smallest g-string I had ever seen. She bent over from the waist to pick up the wrap giving me a wonderful view of her ass. I could tell she was looking at me as she bent over to make sure I was watching and to see my reaction, which was incredibly favorable. I couldn’t believe what was happening as she slowly walked to the deep end of the pool. It was now obvious she was trying to seduce me. She dove into the pool and swam to me. She came up right in front of me letting her body rub against my engorged cock.

Once on her feet she asked, “Do you like my new suit? I just bought it and haven t got anyone s opinion yet.”

“It’s incredible!” I stammered, “You’re incredible!” She just smiled, turned and swam to the other side of the pool. Once on the other side of the pool she turned and faced me. With a mischievous smile on her face she motioned for me to come over there with her finger.

I swam over there trying to conceal my eagerness. Once I got to her I turned the tables on her and ran my face up her knees to her crotch where I released a puff of air, which caused her to shiver then slid my body up hers letting my cock get caught between her legs again and push up on her most intimate area. She gasped and rolled her head back with her lips parted slightly.

“That feels incredible.” She said as I ground my cock head over her covered pussy. Our lips immediately locked and we kissed passionately. Our tongues danced as she ground her hips on my cock. I started to nibble her ear lobe as my hands found her breasts and freed them from her top. Her hands were wrapped around my head as I kissed down her neck to her waiting nipple. I sucked it in rolling it in my teeth gently. My hand went down to her ass and found its way under her g-string and between her legs letting my fingers play with both holes.

Her back arched and she slumped back over the edge of the pool while my cock head still ground into her pussy. She reached down and into my shorts grabbing the base of my cock and guiding it to stimulate her swollen clit. She pulled my head up and reached down and pushed my shorts off of me. Before she could do anything else I turned her around and slid my hand over her bottoms and played with her through the fabric letting my cock rub in between her ass cheeks. She laid her head back on my shoulder as I kissed her neck and played with her nipples with my free hand. I then slid my hand under her bottoms and began to finger her pussy.

Letting my fingers slide over her swollen lips and my thumb play with her clit. As I fingered her pussy her moans got louder and her breathing got quicker. All at once she began to convulse and her ass cheeks tightened around my cock. She moaned loud and her pussy walls clamped on my fingers. Even with the water I could feel her juices flow over my fingers as she came.

With her other hand she slowly pulls my fingers from her pussy and turns and leads me by my cock over to the steps of the pool. She directs me to sit on the top step. The step is just high enough that my cock is completely out of the water with the water just under my balls. As she stares me directly in the eye stroking my cock painfully slow the water laps at my balls.

She bends her face down to within inches of my cock and says, “Whatever should I do with this thing? It looks tasty. Should I taste it?” She leans over and licks my cum hole lightly. “Mmmmm, I think I may have to put this whole thing in my mouth. Would you like that?” She says coyly as she rubs my cock head over her nipple. She leans over further opening her mouth so close I can feel her hot breath on my wet cock. Just before it reaches her mouth she pulls her mouth back and gives me an evil grin.

Then in an instant she plunges her mouth over my cock and swallows my entire length. She lets her throat muscles flex over my head before pulling up and sucking hard until my cock pops from her mouth with a loud noise. She takes it back into her mouth and proceeds to bob up and down as I run my fingers through her hair. She takes one of her hands and runs her nails over the base of my sack. She continues to bob up and down giving me the most intense and incredible blowjob I have ever experienced. As she continues she lets her nails trail down to my ass hole.

Once there she swirls her finger around my opening causing me to shiver. My moans get louder and my cock tenses up and she cups my balls just before I let out my load shooting deep into her throat. She expertly swallows all I have to give, the first time. Once I have shot all I am going to she pulls my cock from her throat but my erection does not fade.

“Oh my.” She says. “I must have gotten you really excited with all the teasing today. We can t have you walking around like that, now can we. What ever could we do to sate this beast?”

“Why don t we bury him in your tight little pussy for a while and she if he quiets down after that.” That was all the encouragement she needed. She flung her leg over me and grabbed my cock rubbing the head over her lips then slowly lowered herself onto my engorged member. Inch by inch and millimeter-by-millimeter she lowered herself painfully slow until my entire length was buried deep in her hot pussy. She first ground her hips around and around then slowly pulled up and came back down. Steadily she picked up speed, as her pussy seemed to dance around my cock.

My hips rose to meet her until we were slamming together. The water splashing up and licking my balls and splashing so high it lapped at her pussy. I placed both my hands on her breasts and massaged each one rolling her taut little nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Our hips became a blur with our speed as our hips pounded into one another.

Her breathing became fast and her moans louder as she breathed, “HARDER, FASTER, FASTER, yeah, yeah, fuck me, fuck me!” All at once her body collapsed and she fell on top of me as she continued to grind her pussy into me. She wrapped her arms tight around me as I continued to hammer her pussy as she climaxed.

After her sighs had silenced I pulled her off of me and we stood up and I led her to the little table next to the pool. I bent her over the table forewords and plunged my cock into her again. As I once again began to slam into her she grabbed the edge of the table for leverage and slammed back into me. I reached my hand around her waist and began to play with her clit. She looked back and stared into my eyes as I hammered my cock into her pussy. Her juices ran all over my hand and I pulled it up to my mouth and licked her juices from my fingers. I then swirled my thumb over her little asshole as I plunged into her bottoming out with each stroke.

She told me to stick a finger in her ass so I licked my pinky and slowly slid it into her tight little ass. I matched strokes of my pinky with my cock so they both plunged into her with unison. I pulled my cock from her pussy and pushed my thumb in getting it as wet as possible then I pulled my pinky from her ass and as I pushed my cock back into her pussy I slowly pushed my thumb into her waiting ass hole. The feeling was too much and she came again and again her juices flowing over my cock and down my balls. Her pussy clamped down like a vice on my cock and I could take it no longer and I shot another load into her sweet pussy. We finished our orgasms together. I pulled my thumb from her ass just before I collapsed on top of her.

We lay there for just a few moments until we heard soft moans coming from the house. I reluctantly pulled from her and we stood up and turned towards the door to see her friend with her dress around her waist fingering her pussy and playing with her nipples. She burst into laughter and walked over and offered her friend a helping hand. She immediately kissed her friend, whom I later found out was named Kristi, as she covered her friend s hand with her own. I just took a seat by the table and watched these two gorgeous women kiss as Anna’s hand replaced Kristi’s. Kristi started kneading Anna’s breasts just as she got closer. Soon after that she came in wave after wave. Anna’s knees weak almost collapsed but they turned to me with an evil grin and slowly walked towards me. Anna whispered something in Kristi’s ear and they both giggled.

I didn’t know what was in store for me but I knew I wasn’t going to argue. My cock once again sprang to attention seeing these two heavenly bodies approach me. Anna stood me up and walked me over to the deck chair sat me down and leaned the chair all the way back. She then straddled my face and lowered herself onto my waiting mouth facing Kristi. I immediately dove into her pussy licking and sucking on her clit. All of a sudden Kristi plunged her mouth on my cock and I moaned with Anna’s clit tightly between my lips. The moan caused a visible shiver so I did it again just to see her reaction. Anna’s hips began to rock back and forth getting our juices all over my face. I pushed my tongue deep into Anna and spread it out cupping it to lick out as much as I can. This caused her pussy lips to spread apart.

I licked her like a hungry man eating his first meal in days while Kristi was expertly giving me a wonderful blowjob. I reached up and used my arms to clamp Anna’s pussy to my face as I continued to ravage her pussy with my mouth. Kristi let go of my cock with her mouth and plunged it into her pussy. These two beauties kissed and fondled each other while riding me, one on my face and the other on my cock. Before I knew it they were both moaning loud and then their moans turned into screams as they both came at the same time.

The sensation of Kristi’s pussy clamping on my cock with her juices running down my balls and Anna’s delicious cum running all over may face made me cum hard. Completely spent they both removed themselves and lay on either side of me caressing my chest and playing with my nipples. We continued on later and eventually I had them both in as many ways as could be imagined.

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