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It’s been one day since you touched me.

You came home from work today, ate a quick dinner and went immediately to your study, shutting the door behind you. Several hours later, my tentative knock is met with, “Go to bed, pet.” I hoped that you would wake me when you came to bed, but you did not and the next morning, you left without awakening me.

It’s been two days since you touched me.

My skin feels as if it could fly apart at any minute, I crave your touch so. You come home tired and grouchy, muttering about grades to report, a thesis to read and presentations to prepare. Once more, you go directly to your study and shut the door. I go to bed alone but cannot sleep. You come to bed but lay with your back to me, probably thinking that I am sleeping. I hope that you will turn and take me into your arms, but you don’t and I hear your breathing change as you fall asleep.

It’s been three days since you touched me.

My need for you is like a living thing coiled inside me. You are tired and silent when you arrive home and silence me when I ask about your day. Once more, the door of your study is closed between us. You cannot see my tears of frustration and I stand outside that door, wondering what to do. I wait for you in bed and it is very late when you come in. You lay down and I reach out to caress you, but you move my hand away. I dare another touch and you grab my wrist in your strong hand, moving my hand away once more and then say, “Go sleep in your own room tonight pet”, then silence me when I protest, not seeing my tears in the dark.

It’s been four days since you touched me.

Even punishment would be better than living without your touch. I don’t meet you at the door tonight and you find me asleep on your bed, exhausted from my tears. You touch my shoulder and I awaken with a start. I realize what I have done and swiftly slide to my knees on the floor at your feet, knowing, with a sinking feeling, that I must be quite a sight with my makeup cried off and my hair a mess. You just stand there, looking at me, and tears come to my eyes again.

“Please forgive me, forgive me, Sir.”

“For what, little pet? It would seem that I am the one in need of forgiveness here tonight. I have neglected you shamefully.”

You bend and lift me from the floor, sitting on the edge of the bed and holding me in your lap as I cry. You hold me for a long time, making gentle soothing noises and stroking my hair until my sobs finally taper off and then stop.

“Go, fix your face and brush your hair, then come to me, little one.” I fairly fly out the door to obey your command.

When I finish, I find you waiting beside the bed, nude, and the sight of you takes my breath away. You take both of my hands into yours and pull me closer.

“What do you need pet?”

“Touch me, just touch me, Sir.”

You pull me close until the long line of your body is against mine and begin to stroke me gently. I feel like my body may melt into yours with the sheer pleasure of it, but after a few minutes, you notice that I am trembling.

“What do you need, pet?”

“Kiss me, Sir.”

You kiss me gently, your tongue exploring my mouth as my lips part under yours. I moan softly and you pull back a little. “More, please more” I beg and you kiss me again, with more intensity, sliding your hand into my hair. My arms tighten around your neck and your kiss deepens even more, until I am moaning softly and kissing you back, my tongue delving into your mouth, demanding more, more, more.

“What do you need, pet?”

“Spank me, Sir.”

You look at me in surprise, but the need that has lain in my belly for the last three days has begun to uncoil and the primal feeling screams inside me. Swiftly, you position me over your lap and I give you my hands so you may hold my wrists securely. Your first blow descends and I shake with the intensity of the feeling inside me. You cover my ass and upper thighs with hard smacks, pausing occasionally, only to hear me beg for more, as you tame the beast within. Finally, you stop and rub my reddened ass cheeks gently.

“What do you need, pet?”

“Bind me, Sir.”

You place me on the bed and lock my wrists into the cuffs that are fixed to the headboard. Although I know that they will hold me, I still pull against them as if to confirm that I cannot escape. You rise and swiftly return with lengths of soft white rope and work quickly, binding my ankles close to the backs of my thighs on both sides and then pulling my knees up and apart until I am spread open before you. I feel exposed and vulnerable, a slave under the gaze of her Master. I am wet and ready.

“What do you need, pet?”

“Take me, Sir.”

You position yourself over me and then enter me in one long, smooth thrust. My back arches and I cry out with the sweet pain of it, begging you not to stop. You hips piston in and out in a rhythm you know will drive me over the edge, a few short thrusts followed by deep hard thrusts for a while and then deep, as deep as you can get. You feel me tighten around you as I come hard, but you don’t stop your pounding rhythm and my orgasm goes on and on as I cry out in ecstasy. Finally, still hard inside me, you stop and look down at me.

“What do you need, pet?”

“Come for me, Sir.”

You withdraw from me and swiftly unlock the cuffs on my wrists and untie my legs, then position me on my hands and knees. You enter me once more and my swollen pussy can feel every inch as you push into me. Your hands are tight on my hips as you slide in and out of me and a slight adjustment of your angle means that you hit that special spot inside of me with each thrust of your hips. I have lost my ability to speak as you jackhammer into me and I think that I may die from the pleasure of it. Your orgasm hits you and you come hard, shouting, as you spill into me.

We fall into an exhausted heap and I somehow end up in your arms, with my head resting on your chest. You stroke my hair gently and touch the collar that I wear.

“What do you need, Sir?”

“Only you pet, only you.”

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